Parade releases its Celebrity Salaries list; Tyler Perry a top earner

Tyler Perry
Every year, Parade reveals its list of top celebrity earners in its “What People Earn” issue. This year, the list includes everyone from Jennifer Aniston ($27 million) to Tiger Woods ($110 million) and John Grisham ($25 million). Check out the full compilation below:

Jennifer Aniston $27 million
Alex Rodriguez $34 million
Kelly Ripa $8 million
Britney Spears $2.25 million
Patrick Drempsey $3.5
Tiger Woods $110 million
John Grisham $25 million
Rod Blagojevich $177,400
Will Ferrell $31 million
Sarah Palin $125,000
Chelsey Sullenberger $100,000
Beyonce $80 million
Taylor Swift $5.5 million
Carolyn Murphy $4.5 million
Jay-Z $82 million
Barbie $3.3 million
Michael Bloomberg $1 million
Tyler Perry $125 million
Danica Patrick $7 million
Rush Limbaugh $38 million
Tina Fey $4.6 million

from [Parade]

Parade doesn’t do a good job of explaining how they came to these numbers; I assume they are 2008 figures, and take into account the salaries the celebrities were supposed to receive directly (that is, no royalties were taken into consideration).

There are some surprises on the list, including Britney Spears’ lowly $2.25 million (though this may be due to her meltdown and absence from the entertainment scene last year). Even Taylor Swift was able to beat out Britney’s earnings. And I know Tyler Perry’s movies do well at the box office, but geez. $125 million is a lot of dough.

And talk about a power couple: Beyonce’s $80 million along with Jay-Z’s $82 million should make them a nice little nest egg when, and if, they decide to retire.

Say what you will about whether or not celebrities deserve the salaries they get; it’s always interesting to be able to compare the salaries of the celebrities themselves.

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Jennifer Aniston

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6 Responses to “Parade releases its Celebrity Salaries list; Tyler Perry a top earner”

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  1. Nudgie says:

    The figure for Jennifer Aniston is mind-boggling – only Ernest and Julio Gallo have made so much from being known for ‘whinery.’

  2. Vibius says:

    I have never understood why Jennifer Aniston is so popular. The dog put on a better performance.

    I love the Chelsey Sullenberger $100,000 addition. Shows how in our society the people who make the biggest difference (cops, fire fighters and teachers make half that) usually get shafted. My cousin just completed his first year in the Marines. Not even 35k.

  3. Enonymous says:

    Who on earth is Tyler Perry? $125 million? Tiger Woods $110 million? and all the others. This is grotesque beyond belief. UGH.

  4. j. ferber says:

    I think Barbie made 3.3 billion, not million. Since this is a gossip site, I’ll dish on Barbie. Her creator, Ruth Handler, actually based Barbie on the German Bild Lille doll. Handler said that when she saw Bild Lille, it was the exact idea she had in mind for her own Barbie doll. Wow, what a coincidence. So I guess that means she didn’t steal the doll, because Barbie was already a vision in Handler’s head (or something). I’ve never heard of any lawsuits, though, but now Mattel has successfully sued to get Bratz dolls off the market (I guess for copyright infringement). Oh, and the Bild Lille doll was based on a German prostitute and was meant for men, not little girls.

  5. Jennifer says:

    To Enonymous ( and the rest of you ) NONE of you would be saying this was outrageous if it were YOU making all that money!! LOL!

    Yes, it does suck that public service professionals don’t make that kind of money…..

  6. Imara219 says:

    I think it’s quite astonishing that Perry went from being homeless living in his car to topping this list. He owns his own production company in ATL, which produces his tv series and movies so yeah I believe 125 is an accurate figure. His movies always pull at list 50 million and that does not count his play productions. He is testimony that if you have the drive and visible plan it is possible to do it yourself and succeed.