Julia Roberts bans husband’s family from seeing new baby

The cover story in this week’s Enquirer is all about Julia Robert’s long-standing feud with her husband’s family. She is said to have forced them to go to therapy in order to work out what she perceives as their dysfunctional relationships. Her husband Danny Moder’s sister Jyl is an alcoholic and has often gotten into screaming matches with Julia.

Julia put her foot down and said that the whole Moder side of the family had to go to counseling or they wouldn’t get a chance to see their new grandson. She even wanted to go to therapy with them, but that idea was shot down. When she learned that they had discontinued their sessions, Julia freaked out, yelled “get out!” to her husband, and decided once and for all that they weren’t going to see her new baby.

“Julia has long felt that Danny’s family is dysfunctional – especially his sister Jyl, who has battled alcoholism for years now.

“Julia felt the counseling was necessary for the Moders so they could better fit in with HER new family and understand HER needs.”

She screamed :”Get out!” according to the insider, when Danny broke the news of the therapy lapse during a family vacation in Hawaii, just weeks before Julia gave birth to the couple’s third child, Henry Daniel, on June 18.

She’s so livid, says the source, the 39-year-old mom of three has now issued an ultimatum to the Moder family: Get back in counseling or you won’t see the new baby.

[From The National Enquirer print edition, July 16, 2007]

In January there was a story that Julia Roberts pissed off her in-laws by not telling them she was pregnant before she made an official announcement.

The Enquirer story says that some of Danny’s family blame Julia for their mother’s unexpected death from a heart attack. Julia famously snatched him away from his last wife and this was said to have upset his mother. Two years after Danny’s mother-in-law passed, Julia didn’t attend a memorial service for her due to tension with her sister-in-law, Jyl.

Family dynamics are always hard and you never know who did what, but it seems like Julia could at least let Danny’s family spend a few hours with little Henry.

Julia is shown in the header image out on 6/30 with baby Henry in a sling. He was born less than a month ago, on June 18th. Thanks to Splash News for this photo.

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