Rocco Ritchie, 15, absolutely refuses to visit his mom in NYC for Christmas


Every single one of us, and every single kid out there today has gone through a phase where we are total jackasses. I went through that stage early – I was a douchebag when I was 13-15 years old. By the time I was 16, I had gotten it all out of my system, pretty much. The tween and early teen years are those years when you hate your parents, you hate the world and anything involving parental supervision or “rules” is just THE WORST. Everyone you encounter will get to see your magnificent eye-roll and your death stare. And so it is with Madonna’s son Rocco. Rocco is 15 years old and he wants the world to know that he would much rather spend time with her father, Guy Ritchie, rather than his mother, Madonna. MOM!! LEAVE ME ALONE.

Madonna’s teenage son Rocco is sick of touring with his pop-star mom, so he’s refusing to spend the holiday break with Madge at her Manhattan townhouse. When Rocco, 15, disobeyed his mom’s demand to board a plane from London — where he’s staying with his filmmaker dad, Guy Ritchie — Madonna ran to court Wednesday to force the teen’s return to New York. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Deborah Kaplan ordered Rocco to come home, but Ritchie’s attorney made it clear that he would not voluntarily return to the US.

“He has expressed very clearly that he does not want to return to New York,” Ritchie’s attorney Eric Buckley told the judge. The comment annoyed Madonna, who tried to interject, but was hushed by her celebrity divorce attorney Eleanor Alter. A source close to the case said Rocco might not abide by Judge Kaplan’s order.

“This is a 15½-year-old strapping young kid, so we’ll see,” a source close to the case told The Post. The source said Rocco had been traveling with Madonna across the world for her Rebel Heart tour for the last two months.

“The boy said he didn’t want to stay with her,” the source said. “He’s not getting along with his mom, which is not a surprise for a child that age.”

There is also a pending court proceeding in the UK, where Rocco has his own lawyer. The Manhattan judge said Rocco would also have a court-appointed attorney in the New York custody case, where the teen could tell the judge whether he wants to live with mom or dad. But first he must come to New York and face his mom, the judge said. Madonna argued that the dispute belongs in New York, where she lives, and where the divorce agreement was registered in 2009. Kaplan told the superstar to discuss the dispute with her ex-husband before they return to court in the coming weeks.

[From Page Six]

Eh. While Madonna is not my favorite person in the world, I think she loves her children and she’s a decent mom. I don’t think Rocco is saying he doesn’t want to come to New York because of anything Madonna did or did not do. He’s just being bratty, and it’s sort of obvious that he’s going through a phase where he gets along better with his dad. I will say this – it’s probably really difficult to be a teenage boy and have Madonna as a mother. Not just that, but he’s been working on her tour for two months. He’s seen enough of her, in his mind. When you look at it that way, it’s sort of surprising that Rocco is as well-adjusted as he seems.

Also: I do think that 15/16 year-old kids are old enough to “choose” between divorced parents. I know that’s not a popular opinion, but if Rocco really wants to spend a few months with Guy and Guy is fine with it, then I do think Rocco should have that choice, regardless of court orders. This also just goes to show you – Madonna is going through a phase too. Her phase is “getting along with Sean Penn” and “still hating everything to do with Guy Ritchie.”



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  1. lisa2 says:

    It is sad when personal things like this are out in the world. Rocco may find that living with his father full time is a lot different than he may think. The Grass is always greener

  2. ickythump says:

    I think we’ve all seen enough of Madonna – literally.

    • JustJen says:

      ***This!!! I wonder if while she had him on tour with her, if she was abiding by labor laws and paying him accordingly.. In a couple of years, he’ll be a legal adult. He should be able to decide if he wants to stay with his dad. It’s my understanding that it’s a little easier to live somewhat normally in England anyway.

      • Snappyfish says:

        I read the book her brother Christiphor wrote. He managed her blonde ambition tour & decorated several of her houses. He said she is terrible about paying. He might have had an axe to grind but she expects family to feel honored to work for her.

        I can only imagine she would expect her children to feel the same. I’m guessing he was getting “spending money” at best. Children of divorced parents often crave the presence of the one they don’t live with especially when in their teens.

      • aurelia says:

        Imagine what a hard arse madge would be to work for. I swear she will be making her son work hard for his little allowance. Probably from 6am until 6pm Sea Org style. Rocco probably just wants a break, peace and stability with his father. And a bigger allowance. He is definately old enough to say who he wants to spend the majority of the remainder of his custody with. In New Zealand you are free from court appointed custody at 16. He is obviously counting it down!

  3. greenmonster says:

    The only thing that’s making me roll my eyes is the fact that she ran to court to force her 15 year old to come home.
    He is old enough to decide where he wants to spend christmas! Rocco is not out on the street, he is with his wealthy father and his family.

    • LAK says:

      That was my thought too.

      He isn’t running away. He is choosing to go live with his father.

      Forcing him to stay at mum’s house and getting the law involved is just plain stupid.

      • Borgqueen says:

        If Rocco decides to stay with Ritchie,then Ritchie can ask for child support and Madonna probably feels she has given him enough money.

    • AmyB says:

      Right?? That was my thought too!! He probably is just in this teenage phase of hating everything about his parents….been there, done that! I also agree that having a mother, like Madonna, especially for a teenage boy, must be….troublesome, disconcerting at times. Another good example would be Pamela Anderson’s teenage boys. When they become old enough to know about their famous mothers’ exploits (sex tapes, Madonna’s famous sex book, Playboy, Madonna’s sexual antics, list goes on and on) that has to amount to a serious therapy bill. I’m just saying! Let the kid stay with his father if that is what he is choosing right now; he is definitely old enough to make that decision!

      • atorontogal says:

        Pamela Aderson’s kids are 18 and 19 and they are well aware of their mother’s lifes choices. Also, they are loving and supportive of her.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Totally agree. I think it’s up to the parent not to let things escalate to WWIII when their child is being a brat. Unless she things he’s in harm’s way, just let him decide this one. He’s not a baby.

      My father is kind and wise, except for this one instance where he wanted my college age brother to get a haircut before coming home for Christmas. My brother refused, and it turned into this huge rift for years. My father realizes now that it was just a stupid power struggle, and they mended the fence, but it was very painful for our whole family over such a silly thing.

      • Bridget says:

        And could you imagine a power struggle with noted control freak Madonna?

      • Wren says:

        It’s usually the little things, isn’t it? Some minor slight, real or perceived, some request, unfairly made or not, that sets off the whole chain of events. I always wonder if it’s just inevitable, since the incident that sparks everything is usually so mundane and not even worth remembering. Like the power struggle was brewing anyway and something was going to set it off sooner or later.

      • Girlinbayou says:

        In other news; Wtf is he wearing in that last picture?

      • Dee squared says:

        @ girls bayou– mom jeans.

      • tmot says:

        Looks to me like he’s wearing Madonna’s eyebrows. 😉

      • Pondering thoughts says:

        There were rumours that Madonna didn’t even allow a birthday cake for her children because – nothing else but makrobiotic cooking. It is a bit too harsh. And if there aren’t even birthday cakes then I don’t want to know what her other parental rules are.

        And yes, in many countries teenagers can make some of their own choices at the age of 14.

    • Holmes says:

      Yeah, this is absurd. He’s 15, not 5. Evidently Madonna feels she hasn’t been getting enough attention.

      • ISO says:

        In most states, a child’s residential parent preferences are strongly considered by the courts baring overt endangerment. On a side note, my ex husband wears the non-ironic version of Rocco’s 90s style.

    • Lisa says:

      Oh, but this news is getting her attention, isn’t it? Too bad she had to shame her son in the process. Still narcicisstic, who would’ve thought.

    • Sabrine says:

      The kid is 15. He’s at an age where he wants to spend time with his dad. Forcing him to come back to New York is the worst idea ever. Let him be or risk resentment that could last for years. She’s not doing it for attention btw. She doesn’t need it.

    • Insomniac says:

      She’s really not used to being told “no”, is she? And I can’t imagine that dragging this to court would make the kid *more* inclined to stay with her.

      • saras says:

        Yes you are absolutely right! Nobody says no to her Madgesty! It makes her look like a nut to go to court and seems to justify why he would rather stay with his dad. Besides, Christmas in England is gorgeous and charming. I would love it!

      • stinky says:

        so this

    • Pinky says:

      We don’t know if Richie is a father who is too lax for Rocco’s well-being. We just don’t know the whole story. Maybe staying with his dad during the school year is not a good idea, for some reason. I don’t think we should be so quick to judge Madonna on this, even though I judge her on everything else.

      Lord, look at me defending this woman. That’s never happened before in my life.

      • Jay (the Canadian one) says:

        In what universe would it be a good idea to take your teenage son to court — at an age where flexing their independence is important to their identity and growth — to force him to comply to a court order established between one of his estranged parents? If spending Christmas with him was so important to her why not compromise and fly to London?

      • anne_000 says:

        Regarding the point about the school year, he’s not been in school these past two months in which he’s been working on Madonna’s worldwide tour. I don’t know if she has a tutor on the tour to home-school him every day. Maybe staying with Guy would give Rocco a more stable school year.

      • Tia says:

        Really Guy to lax!? so Madona dragging a 15 year old boy around the world ( her world) when perhaps Rocco wants some stability , is him being a Brat, or petulant and being with Guy ” during the school year isn’t a good idea” ? So what part of the school year does being on a World Rebel Heart tour fall in , I’m really curious? Perhaps , just perhaps Rocco knows more than us about what’s best for HIM, not her Magdge isty…… And Please spare me the ” seeing the world IS an education” , after 15 years I’m sure Rocco is totally Over IT.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        There is no getting around how hard touring is on a person, much less a 15 year old, though. There would be no one around that was his age. He have to either be hanging out with his mom, or older people that are employed by his mom, so they always have greater allegiance to her.

        15 is a time where you start really exploring your own interests that are separate from your parents. You form your identity. It would be hard to do some independent soul searching when you are in a traveling event that is focused on your mother.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Exactly. And this doesn’t seem to be a Kelly R. situation where a parent is keeping the child.

    • Addison says:

      I don’t think that it is much fun for a 15 year old to be hanging out with adults for two months. He probably has his own friends that he would much rather spend time with during the holidays.

      I don’t think he is being rebellious at all. I think he is actually making a great choice by wanting to live in a home rather than hotels.

      I don’t know why his mom does t see that this is better for him.

    • Sarah (another one) says:

      Yes. And Madonna also has plenty of $$ to fly to London to spend the holidays with him, if she chose to do so. Charter a plane, toss the family on and off you go. Rocco doesn’t say he doesn’t want to see his mother. He says he doesn’t want to spend the holidays with her nor tour. Sounds to me like he wants a real Christmas and not one on tour with a bunch of his mother’s hanger’s on (and possibly her abusive ex) hanging around.

  4. Josephine says:

    I would hope that she’s smart enough to keep the courts out of it and go talk to her son. Problem is, she apparently thinks that having a 15 year old cross the ocean on a court order is appropriate. She should go to him. I’ve been there, and 15 is plenty old enough to know what feels more comfortable and secure. I can’t imagine having been torn between continents as much as this young man. I hope she gives him a break and looks at things from his perspective.

    • Aussie girl says:

      Your right she should let him stay and go to him ( she has the $$ to be able to), when she can and talk to him. But I don’t think madonna’s ego will allow that.

    • funcackes says:

      It was reported on another website the Madonna usually have holiday parties with seventy people and Rocco wanted to spend a low key holiday with dad who lead a very private life.

    • Pinky says:

      Madonna has three other children. It might not be so easy to just go fly to London to tend to Rocco’s temper tantrum.

      • anne_000 says:

        If she can’t fly to see him, she can do video conferencing, like Skype, instead of doing this very publicly through the courts.

        If she hadn’t talked to him directly before getting the courts involved, that might make him more reluctant to return to face the judge.

      • sam1011 says:

        Since when spending a holiday with one parent instead of the other is tantrum throwing??? I think Rocco is tired of touring with mum for months and wants to have a peaceful holiday with his dad. This is not a big deal since you know in most cases of divorce, mother get a lion’s share when it comes to custody matters. Madonna should just step back and let him be where he wants to be. If in future he wants to live in the UK, again not a big deal, many children around the age of 15 and onwards move out of parents home due to work or school…Rocco could finish schoolling in the UK….he is not studying in NYU that he has to live there in New York. I know, from personal experience, how divorced parents (again from experience mothers more than fathers) try and control kids by calling out for their loyalities, taking them on guilt trip because they are MOTHERS and hence have this entitlment over fathers. She should be generous and the son will continue to love and respect her for that.

  5. antipodean says:

    This just smacks of entitlement and privilege all round. How ridiculous of Madonna to involve the NY courts in a simple battle of wills between her and her teen-aged son. I am sure the boy would rather stay with his “hip”, lenient father, who he is the spitting image of by the way, than be cooped up in Manhattan with Gristle, and Boiled Ham, who wouldn’t? In five or so years from now there will be embarrassment all round, that this laundry had to be aired in public by an over controlling and demanding mother.

    • GingerCrunch says:

      Yep, yep and YYYYYYYYEP!

    • Luca76 says:

      How do we know Guy is more lenient? Wasn’t there some controversy over her allowing Rocco to drink alcohol a while back? I don’t want to blast Madonna but I tend to cringe when people assume that so and so is a good parent despite the fact that they seem like they are awful in so many other departments, I think it just makes people feel better. The fact is we don’t know what the heck is going on and while Rocco may be out of line he might also have valid reasons for wanting to be with his father. And he is old enough to decide.

      • sam1011 says:

        I know right. Have the same opinion on this issue of parenting where custodial parents (usually mothers) are automatically assumed as better/strict/wise parents (media/society too portray dads as stupid, silly and lenient). In case of Madonna, I don’t think she is strict but rather a controlling parent. Just have a look around her and children’s social media to find out how “strict” she really is.

        Guy, probably considered “lenient” because he doesn’t really control Rocco unnecessarily but maybe more empathic to his needs. From experience, mothers specially in divorce/custody do control children via guilt trip and entitlement forcing them to choose/loyalties over fathers to the point where they should spend their holidays/birthdays.

        Living with dad, might allow him to be in a regular school with similar homework pressure and not staying out late. I don’t think Rocco living in New York aims to go to Columbia or NYU so what’s the big deal if he finishes high school here in London. I am sure he is not even a regular student (for exactly how many months he is on tour with mum again?). Common sense is all that is needed now to resolve this situation.

  6. Goldie says:

    I think he wants to live his father permanently, not just over the holidays. He’s old enough to have a say in where he wants to live, but he has to go through the proper legal process.

    • swack says:

      In the mean time, why not let him stay there. My grandson wanted to move in with his dad and until it was done legally. The legal end of it can take months to get done.

      • Goldie says:

        If Madonna and Guy lived close to each other, it wouldn’t be a big deal to let him stay with his father. However, Madonna and Guy live thousands of miles apart. Rocco will have to go to a new school; They’ll have to come up with a new visitation agreement. I don’t blame Madonna for wanting her son to return to NY while they figure everything out. I do agree with the posters who stated that Madonna should have flown to England to talk to her son in person, rather than getting a judge to force him back to NY.

      • lucy2 says:

        I doubt he’s going to school now, if he just spent 2 months touring with her.
        I wouldn’t be surprised if that was part of the problem, maybe he wants some stability, where he can go to school, make friends, play sports or activities. What could he possibly do during months of touring with her?

      • Linn says:

        Does he even go to school if he has been touring with Madonna for the last two months. That certainly wouldn’t be a life I could handle and maybe Rocco isn’t into it either.

        Not necessary because of Madonna but because of the lifestyle.

      • Goldie says:

        I’m pretty sure her children go the Lycee School in Manhattan. Madonna has posted photos of them in their uniforms. They might be tutored now that she’s touring, but it’s not like they never go to school. I can understand why Rocco might prefer to live with his father, where he’ll probably have a more normal routine. All I’m saying is the fact that Guy lives so far away complicates things. I guess I’m just surprised by how many people apparently think it’s ok for a teenager to just decide to move to another country permanently without at least coming home to discuss it with his mother first, unless they are fleeing an abusive parent, of course.

      • swack says:

        @Goldie, we don’t know, as others have said, the entire circumstances. Maybe he has tried to discuss it with Madonna and she has either ignored the request or told him absolutely not. And maybe he hasn’t discussed it with her. My point was, that even though there is an agreement out there, it can be altered if both parents agree. Been through this with my grandson, as far as changing the court document. Also, just because the parents live in the same city, doesn’t mean it is easy for a child to get to see the other parent when he/she wants. My grandson lives 30 miles from his mom (yes, I know it’s not 1000) but SOMEONE has to go get him and take him back when he wants to go to the other parent.

      • Goldie says:

        @swack, If the parents get along, then I agree that you can alter a custody agreement without going to court. Since it sounds like Madonna and Guy are not exactly on great terms, I can understand why Madonna would want to get an official court order with a visitation agreement in place before she lets her son move to another country.
        True, we don’t what’s been going on behind closed doors. Maybe Rocco has tried to discuss things with his mother. It just seemed like so many posters were so quick to condemn Madonna, so I’m just trying to offer another perspective,

    • Pinky says:

      I agree with you. Though just because a child WANTS to live with another parent, does NOT mean it’s in his best interest. It surprises me that so many people are voicing that opinion.

      Also, how much do you want to bet Kelly Rutherford tries to link her situation with Madonna’s in some way?

      Maybe Rocco’s sick of Madonna lying for Sean Penn….

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “just because a child WANTS to live with another parent, does NOT mean it’s in his best interest.”

        I totally agree with this. However, in this situation, I cannot imagine forcing a 15 year old to be on tour.

        First of all, it is the traveling Madonna show. At a time when kids are defining themselves and starting to do their own thing, it would be REALLY hard to be forced to be in the middle of a mom-focused circus. Secondly, tours are very lonely. So of course his mom would want him there to keep HER company, but it REALLY limits his ability to make friendships with kids his own age. If he wants a girlfriend, how does that happen on a tour?

        Having him on tour with her is a very selfish thing if he doesn’t want to be in that lifestyle. It might be different if he was an infant, but he’s 15.

  7. Aussie girl says:

    Could be a bratty stage and it could be that he is sick of touring or clashing with mum. Regardless the boy wants to spend time with he’s dad. IMO I think he’s at a stage where mads antics (stage and lovers) might be a bit much. All the pics I’ve ever seen of him with guy he looks super happy, whiles he’s pics with mads, ( especially Instagram) are posed all around her like its her show. I don’t think mads ego will take this well, especially been so public.

    • SydneySnider says:

      I agree, AussieGirl. Adding to everyone else’s comments, Rocco likely wants and needs extended time with his dad, as I believe it’s in these teenage years when boys, in particular, need the strong, positive influence and mentoring from their fathers. Does Madonnas want Rocco to continue touring/working with her, or to just be at home being looked after by nannies, since her tour is apparently not winding up until March? I think it’s a bit over the top that she had to get courts involved. Surely this could have been resolved by both parents in private? Then again, who knows, maybe they did try. I also think he’s old enough to decide where he wants to be for now.

  8. SamiHami says:

    Hm. A stable home with his father, stepmother and half siblings, or traveling nonstop, working on his embarrassment of a mother’s tour-where she strips down, showing off her gristly body and seeing a revolving door of guys just a few years older than him come and go. Yeah, there is no right answer here.

    • Kelly says:

      Exactly what I was thinking. Especially at that manor Ritchie has.

    • Jayna says:

      Wow, another sexist remark. She’s covered most of the time in pants, in a long dress, in a coat. Gristly body? Really? And it’s the most heartfelt and emotional and lighthearted Madonna has ever been on tour, with a little Madonna cheeky humor in some numbers, sure. But It’s getting rave reviews.

      And he has been seen in the audience with his friends enjoying her concert.

      By the way, she tours every three years. The last tour he begged to be on dancing. She said if he worked hard, she would let him on the appropriate songs. He did. He was having a ball. I saw her giving an interview after the show with a journalist she knew. She was tired and was sitting on the floor talking to him. Rocco kept hanging around and she made sure he had brushed his teeth, etc, made him go do it, getting ready for bed. He kept coming back and sitting with mom and just wanting to hang out and listen to the interview. There was a real love and warmth there between mother and son, and he clearly loves her.

      This tour he’s three years older and wanted to work backstage like Lola did as a teen. He is pulling away and it’s a different time and it is a time when mothers and sons can have battles. If he wants to live with his dad and connect with his dad as he’s approaching young manhood, I get it.

      But to dismiss her as a mom, give me a break. Teen years can be tough with kids. I’m watching my sister go through it with her oldest son, and it’s far different than the young boy who used to adore his mom. I feel for my sister right now. The battles with her son make her feel so unappreciated.

      • Loladoesthehula says:

        Thank you! The slutshameyness in that comment and Amyb’s comment left a very bad taste in my mouth. I doubt anyone would ever insinuate that a man’s sex life was emotionaly damaging his children.

        The old “won’t somebody think of the children” excuse to police women’s sexuality is so transparent.

      • Bridget says:

        Lola appears to be one of the most well-adjusted celebrity kids out there. Madonna and Rocco may be bumping heads in some pretty normal rebellion, but some of these comments are just out of line. “Embarrassment of a mother”? NO.

      • claire says:

        Good post, Jayna.

      • V says:

        I seriously hate the fact that when a mom, celebrity or otherwise expresses just a little bit of sexuality people seem to think she’s damaging her children. Is it really so humiliating for a teenage boy to know his mother is a sexual person?!

      • Fluff says:

        It’s illogical to state what a celebrity thinks and feels based on a PR-approved TV interview. I don’t doubt they love each other, but we don’t know anything about Madonna’s mothering skills and relationship with her son, or what her son thinks. Besides it was three years ago – you have to expect that a 15yr old is going to have different desires and ambitions than an 12-yr old. And part of being a good parent is doing what’s best for your child, not giving in to them. A child should be in a stable environment and in school, not on a pop tour.

        I agree with you that Madonna’s clothing choices and past sexual and performance history are irrelevant and it’s sexist to bring them up.

      • Dhavynia says:

        I agree, I follow her on IG and although I have not checked it as often as I used to,she’s always posting pictures of her kids and he’s the one that seems to be involved with her so I don’t think its because he’s fed up with her. I bet he thinks living with dad is so great now but give it some time and I think hell be back with mom sooner than we think. Between him and Lola, he seems to love the spotlight more than his sister and she always stuck around. Just my observation

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I am not a fan of Madonna’s, but there is no need to insult her body.

    • Bridget says:

      Last time I checked, movie directors aren’t exactly homebodies, and that job involves long, long, hours and location shoots.

  9. nicole says:

    I practice family law and lots of parents go through this and kind of erroneously think a court order will help but in reality no one is going to enforce a court order on a 15 year old and it’s just going to make the kid angrier. Kids are irrational though and parents get desperate for a solution.

    • Josephine says:

      Parents can be just as irrational, and even more extreme. I don’t think anyone should assume that the kid is being bratty, or that he is even the problem here. None of us can know, but I’ve seen enough parents make horrific custody decisions to know that many parents can’t get beyond their own hurt feelings to make solid decisions on the kids’ behalf.

      • nicole says:

        That’s true. It’s really complicated and emotions run high. Teenagers are notoriously difficult and parents can be difficult too, especially when it comes to kids/ex partners. I just mean that a lot of parents who feel helpless can rush to thinking a court order will make it better. It rarely does even when the intention is coming from a good place.

      • PoliteTeaSipper says:

        Agree. I was abused for years by my mother because everyone, EVERYONE excused my cries for help as “being bratty”.

        For everyone who knows what Madonna is like as a mom at home behind closed doors: how do you know? Are you sure? (Hint: no one knows except for Madonna and whoever is in the room with her.)

    • Loladoesthehula says:

      Thank you! The slutshameyness in that comment and Amyb’s comment left a very bad taste in my mouth. I doubt anyone would ever insinuate that a man’s sex life was emotionaly damaging his children.

      The old “won’t somebody think of the children” excuse to police women’s sexuality is so transparent.

      • I took it as putting themselves in the shoes of a 15 year old boy embarrassed by his mother. Madonna can do whatever she wants with her body/sexuality but her son and other people are free to feel however they wish about it. I empathize with the kid because when I was 15 my mom thought she was 20 years old not 40 and was going wild as a cougar. It was her right to do it…My right to be grossed the hell out by it because it was being shoved in my face.

      • Jayna says:

        @TentacleKitten, well, it’s ironic then that the most immature songs on Madonna’s album, Rebel Heart, are the ones that Rocco loved. Bitch, I’m Madonna, is his favorite, and he even did a cameo dance on Jimmy Kimmel or in her music video, one of the two, where he did a few hip hop moves.

        I think Rocco knows the music business pretty good, having been around it growing up. He sees Madonna the performer, but who he experiences in life is Madonna the mother, which is way different.

      • AmyB says:

        I did not mean to “slut shame” Madonna at all. My perspective is very much what @Tentacle Kitten said: putting myself in the perspective of her now teenage son and dealing with everything. Of course sexuality is normal and I try to demonstrate healthy attitudes about sex to my 15 year old daughter. But seeing your mother do the things that she has done (so publically and yes, as Tentacle Kitten said, shoved down your throat) and reconciling that with your own developing sexuality is a whole OTHER story. I think it is perfectly fine he wants to be with his Dad. My daughter is also a child of divorce and there are times that she wants her Dad more so than me; that’s normal. I don’t think Madonna going to court is the way to remedy this situation. I was simply trying to have sympathy for Rocco, who now seems like he is going to be a pawn in this power play between two parents: that is sad and pathetic to me. And the kid is the one that loses here.

      • Fluff says:

        Jayna, I agree with a lot of what you’ve said. But you keep saying “Rocco thinks such and such” and “Rocco likes this” and “Rocco clearly feels…” and “Madonna fears this” and “Guy is trying to do this…” If someone who didn’t know who these people are read that, they’d assume you were talking about close personal friends, the way you talk about them!

        Now, I do not follow Madonna at all and clearly you do, and I respect that you know more about her and her family than me. But none of us have the slightest idea what Madonna or Rocco think or feel. Interviews and documentaries exist for PR, not psychological insight. None of us have the slightest idea what any celeb really thinks or feels.

    • Jay (the Canadian one) says:

      @Nicole: out of curiosity, what would you have said to Madonna if she came to you asking to go to court to enforce the court ordered visitation terms for Christmas that her 15 year old son himself was adamantly defying?

  10. Lucy2 says:

    I too think he is old enough to have a say In who he lives with. At the very least, she should recognize that if he just spent two months on tour with her, maybe he just needs to be with his dad for a little while now. I have to think that running to court to try to force him to come back is only going to backfire.

    • Jordana says:

      Exactly Lucy2. Madonna should let go of her ego and think about the consequences of her ‘winning’ this battle. Happy happy family Christmas with Rocco? I doubt that.
      My parents aren’t divorced so I didn’t have this issue, however when a parent treats a child with disrespect and negates the child’s feelings and opinion, constantly and continuously through childhood and teenage hood, it does not lead to a good relationship between a parent and adult child. Adult child doesn’t magically forget mistreatment and unfair arguments the moment he becomes an adult. And as a result the parent doesn’t know the adult child as a person or respect boundaries.

      • Jayna says:

        Maybe Guy should have been the father he needed to have been and explained it was two weeks with him and now two weeks with Madonna and his siblings, that it’s her year for Christmas, and that he has to go back home. That after Christmas, if he wants to live with him, he will try to come to an arrangement with Madonna or start the process in court regarding change of residential custody. That’s how it should be handled.

        No. Guy encourages his son to defy his mother just because they weren’t getting along and defies the custody and holiday arrangement they have by law and forces Madonna into court. But not a bad word about Guy? A kid can do what he wants because he’s mad at a parent? I don’t care that he just turned 15. You don’t allow a kid to be bratty and back him up on it.

        Why isn’t anyone calling out Guy Ritchie on this?

      • LAK says:

        Jayna: that’s that’s hell of an assumption to make about Guy.

        Also, it’s not Guy taking their son to court which is why everyone is coming down on Madonna.

        Finally, going with your co-parenting scenerio, what if Guy *has* encouraged the boy to go to NYC and the boy still refuses. Teenagers do that you know.

        Or IF Guy is encouraging the boy to defy the mother, sometimes letting kids find out for themselves what a prick their other parent is, is the best thing to do. Let him go live with Guy. He’ll be back in NYC in no time. Forcing him to stay in NYC when he doesn’t want to, is the surest way to make Guy more desirable whatever games Guy may be playing.

  11. Em says:

    These two are literally going to let this boy send them to court during the holidays?! Whatever happened to 2 parents of a teenager coming together and showing a united front? Just my opinion but if he was being abused or seriously mistreated in some way it would have come to a head by now so imo this is about a kid not wanting to spend the holidays with their mother, which is fine, but has anyone explained to him that by making a stand and hurting his mother’s feelings like this during the holidays he might be burning a bridge that’s not easily repaired? I think it’s a shame that no one in the family was able to negotiate this.

    • Josephine says:

      If this burns a bridge with her, she’s no parent. Sorry, but I find it outrageous that the child has to be the bigger person here.

      • Aussie girl says:


      • Em says:

        I’m not saying the child needs to be the bigger person, it’s for the parents to do that. These 2 parents should have never let it come to this. When you’re 15 you may say things to your parents that you will regret later on in life or your parents may say or do something wrong but the average 15 year old has to work through it with their parents because they have no choice. Because this is so public and messy and involves the courts, it takes it out of the realm of average parent/ child tension. Now it’s going to become lawyer drama and I’m sorry if you disagree but I still feel as though, for the sake of this boy, both of these parents should have came together and found a solution not let the courts do it for them.

    • Tarsha says:

      I see it the exact opposite way around. What she is doing is selfish, destructive and counter-productive. By FORCING herself on him and making him go through court order, she will turn him against her completely and she is going to burn bridges. And she will only have herself to blame if/when that happens.

  12. Susan says:

    Those jeans. That shirt. That hair. Is this how young cool people dress now? It’s like David Lee Roth 2.0. Lmao.
    I’m old.

  13. Eleonor says:

    I think Madonna is a good mum, she values works and education. All of her children seem well adjusted, I think this is the bratty phase teenager: been there done that, trying to saying me “no” was a lost war.
    Now imagine your mum is Madonna. Try to say no to her.
    I don’t know why she went to court, I don’t want to judge, I think this shouldn’t be public.

    • Kitten says:

      Lourdes seems to have turned out well so far. She appears to have a good head on her shoulders, which is not typical of celebuspawn.

      • Tiffany says:

        But people seem to think that Madonna was a single parent. Carlos for all intents was very involved in their daughter’s. So her adjustment, he contributed to that as well

    • PennyLane says:

      Most custody agreement have the child alternate holidays with the parents, so that means Rocco spent Xmas last year with his Dad, and he will be spending Xmas next year with his Dad as well.

      Madonna went to court to enforce the custody agreement, but this is no solution to a bratty teenager’s bad behavior. He is just at “that age” where he needs some space and it would benefit Madonna in the long run if she could be willing to lose this particular battle.

  14. Meatball says:

    The boy has been by her side non stop for 2 months, why can’t he stay with his father? It’s not like he said he hates her and never wants to see her again, he just wants to live with his father. There are much worse things he could be doing or saying. Judging from their personalities, his father may have a less chaotic home and isn’t trying so hard.

  15. B says:

    Mom is globally touring and Dad is living in England and (presumably) a little more grounded…whatever they all figure out…

    • Salamander says:

      Ritchie spends long hours on movie sets. And I’m sure the new wife isn’t thrilled over having a teenage boy moving in with three little ones. And what about David? He’s Ritchie’s son as well. Kinda leaves him out, no?

  16. grabbyhands says:

    Jaysus, Madge-he is a 15 year old that made a choice. He isn’t a toddler that was kidnapped by his father and he is old enough to make a choice about where he wants to be at Christmas and it should be respected. This is one of those times where being a control freak is going to blow right up in your face. Do you really want a sullen teen around so that you can spend the whole time locked in a battle of wills? That is a good way to permanently damage your relationship, which previously looked pretty good.

    My jackass stage was a little later-I actually had a quite a bit of freedom as a teen, but I still managed to act like an asshole from about 16-17.

  17. Marianne says:

    Im not saying Madonna is a crap mom, but there has to be a reason why he prefers living with his dad over her. Perhaps his dad’s home is more stable because he doesn’t travel all the time. Maybe he’s embarrassed by his mom’s antics. Who know?

    And while Im sure theres a good chance Madonna did this because she loves her son and wants to spend time with him and what not, it does kind of feel like she only did this so she could “win” against her ex.

    • GingerCrunch says:

      That’s right. His family was destroyed by divorce and a teenage boy reallllllly needs his father. Let him be, ffs.

  18. Jwoolman says:

    This is ridiculous. He’s almost 16. He has the right to decide which parent to stay with right now. Why would a judge even listen to Madonna on this? He’s not off in a crack house.

  19. paolanqar says:

    Despite the fact that Madonna is without a doubt a great mother, I think Rocco misses his roots and the place he was raised in. He also has a new sibling and he probably wants to spend some time with Richie’s new boy/girl ( cant remember sorry).
    Maybe he likes to live in England because that is where he lived most of his life. He seems to get on well with his mum but she has an iron fist. I’m sure it’s not easy for Madonna’s kids to have her as a mother

    • Jayna says:

      A teenage boy wanting to spend time with an infant sibling? LOL That’s a new one.

      I can see wanting to go back and spend more time in England, but, more importantly, his father.

      They divorced in 2008. Rocco has spent half his life in NYC. So his roots? I don’t know. I’d say his roots are just as strong in America also. I think it’s a good age for a boy to be with his father as he’s growing into a young adult. A father’s role can be very important at that age. I also understand it is hard for the mother. It’s just the way it is.

      • supposedtobeworking says:

        I have a good friend whose 15 year old son has 2 much younger siblings from his dad’s second relationship, and he LOVES spending time with them. He wants to go be with them for 6 weeks in the summer.
        So, it’s not a new one.

      • RosesAreRed says:

        You’re not Rocco so you can in no way say how strong his roots are for either place. It’s very well he could feel a stronger pull to England. Also, it is certainly not abnormal for a teenage boy to want to spend time with his infant sibling if he’s been raised to believe that family is important. He doesn’t have to spend every waking moment with the kid but he very well could want to be around the kid and his other siblings. Not to mention his brother David would be around too.

  20. Jayna says:

    Sometimes you have to involve the courts. I think Rocco is saying he wants to stay in England and live with his dad permanently. He just doesn’t want to come back from holiday visitation period and spend the holidays with his siblings nor discuss this with Madonna.

    The Judge is saying, from I read yesterday, if you want to live with your dad, you still have to go home to your mom first., meaning to discuss it.

    Rocco doesn’t want to deal with it.

    And, no, if I’m a mom and he just says I’m staying here and living here, I would not let it go without him coming home to the home he’s lived for seven years and discuss it with me and if he does desire to live with dad, the arrangements have to be made.

    Rocco is at that age, where after living with one divorced parent predominantly, approaching young manhood he wants to be with his dad. They live in different countries. I get him wanting to reconnect with his dad on more of a full-time basis and rebelling against mom, the authoritarian, as a teen.

    It happened to my friend at the very same age as Rocco, just different states, not different countries. And he didn’t just not come home one weekend. No. There were discussions. It hurt her to the core, believe me. and I kept telling her that it wouldn’t be forever. He would come back in a year or so. she had another child. She traveled during the week, so couldn’t leave her daughter on the weekend to go see him that much, so it changed the relationship for sure, as he stayed there for the next four years until graduation. It broke her heart. He’s in college now and they are very close and she is who he turns to, but losing those four years still hurt her.

    Madonna I think fears that, that he’s moving for the rest of his school years, four years. I remember Guy stating he went to boarding school and wanted his son to go to boarding school.

    It’s life with divorced parents, but Rocco, if he’s truly moving to England, can’t just not show up back home because he’s mad at mom. He has to discuss it, no matter how hard. At his age, the judge will let him choose. But the judge follows the law for a reason. Kids can’t just refuse to come home from visitation with dad and call mom and announce they are living in another country permanently. The judge is right by saying if you want to lving with your dad, you have to go home to your mom and home first and deal with it, discuss it, making your preference clear. And move out and away the right way. He has little siblings, don’t forget. When you walk away to live somewhere else, do it right.

    • moo moo says:


    • Alex says:

      I found it strange that they waited till he was scheduled to fly home to even bring this up. Does Rocco and Guy not have Madonna’s number? If they had called first maybe this could’ve been avoided. Maybe he could’ve flown home earlier and straightened things out and had a Christmas with mom and dad. Guy should’ve contacted Madonna if he knew Rocco was feeling this way. Time for the parents to step up and be the adults

      • supposedtobeworking says:

        I would imagine this has been an ongoing conversation. Especially for two famous, cross-continental families – everything is likely very negotiated and in writing.

        If you let a child out of their legally dictated routine, it can come back to bite you later. I think the judge would want to make sure the legally agreed to routine is kept consistent for that reason alone. If Madonna (or any parent) allows decisions to deviate from the agreement, the other parent can use that as precedent when they want something else.

    • Goldie says:

      Well said Jayna. You said what I wanted to say a whole lot better.

    • Sam says:

      Tentatively agree. We really don’t know what’s going on here so I’ll with hold judgment on Madonna going to court. Is it a simple case of a teen wanting to spend more time with Dad, and Mom jealously over-reacting? or are there other issues: behavioral, academic, substances? I sense there may be other factors here.

      He’s still young and there are custody agreements in place that should be respected. He just turned 15 in Aug so won’t turn 16 for a while, which is an age I feel more comfortable for making independent decisions. He’s a shade young imo to be allowed to change his residence without both parents’ consent.

      Guy is probably a good dad, but I wouldn’t necessarily put him over Madonna for stability. He’s remarried to a much younger woman and has a passle of small children with her; big English manor aside how different will it be there than in NY with his Mom? There will still be rules, and as mentioned Guy’s idea of an education is a strict English boarding school, so he won’t be allowed to sit around at home. I’ll wait until more details emerge on this one before making judgment.

      • Pinky says:

        Good idea. Me too.

      • Lizzie says:

        I agree with this thinking. Perhaps dad is more permissive and Rocco wants to be where there are less restrictions and expectations…very common. Madonna seems like she is a strict mother and I’m sure that doesn’t jive with her 15 year old son who is rich, famous and has unlimited access to things. I reserve judgement for sure.

      • Jwoolman says:

        At his age, it really shouldn’t be so complicated. Detailed custody arrangements are really needed for younger children. If his father is good enough to visit for extended periods, he’s good enough to live with. Rocco will be a legal adult in a couple of years or so. Other kids his age have more fluid living arrangements between divorced parents. It’s not unusual for a kid to decide to live with the other parent for a while. No courtroom drama needed.

        He might just be feeling stressed out with his mother or some other situation where she is, and just needed to stay with his dad. Forcing him to go back to New York when he has a home with his dad makes no sense. I don’t see why his mom can’t bundle up the younger ones and go celebrate in the UK if she can’t stand the thought of not seeing the kid on Christmas. She dragged them around on tour without a qualm. She’s going to have to get used to Rocco not always being around anyway.

      • RosesAreRed says:

        @Jwoolman Exactly. No clue why some are bothering with all these scenarios anyway. The fact of the matter is that the boy wants to go live with his father and he’s old enough to decide for himself. His reasons, whatever they are, are his own business. Let him fucking go. If it’s two months or four years or however long he wishes it to be. If things don’t work out, then he could always go back and live with Madonna. At some point children have to find their own ways and adults need to back the hell off of them.

      • Suzy from Ontario says:

        Well he’s married to a woman that he’s been with since 2010 and they have 3 children together, so he’s somewhat stable and seems to have a more traditional home life than Madonna does. Plus I heard that Madonna was posting a lot of embarassing pictures of Rocco on her Instagram that were upsetting to him – him in his underwear, with his hair in ponytails, etc.

        I think running to the courts was a mistake. I think she should have tried to speak to Rocco over the phone and if he didn’t want to speak to her or come home, then to let him be for a while until they could talk calmly about how he was feeling and why he was upset. Let Guy talk to him a bit about his Mom and how it’s not uncommon to get angry with your parents at his age, etc.

        You can’t force your kids to want to be with you, or love or anything else without alienating them even more just to get your own way.

    • Pinky says:

      Why are there so few voices of reason on this thread? Thank you for yours!

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        SERIOUSLY! Thanks for being logical, not slut shamming, or insinuating it’s madness for Madonna to actually want her son and be scared/frustrated by him missing his custody switch and then completely refusing to come back under any circumstances.

        Whatever issues she has as a woman she’s a good mother and her kids are pretty mature and stable. I think she could be given the benefit of the doubt until more comes out.

  21. Really? says:

    By her som’s age, it is a natural part of growing up and mentally healthy for a son to loosed the apron strings of being tied to his mother and identifying and gravitating towards his father. If the father’s home environment is stable and loving, this not only should be allowed but must be allowed. The son is old enough to decide and will need to have representation in court to be it legally binding. Madonna is pushing her son away if she tries to keep her son from being with his father. Seems like a power/control display from Madonna and not coming from a place of love, understanding and acceptance of her son’s needs and wishes. Shame on Madonna. She appears selfish, self-centered and narcissistic to me. I have lived this situation. A good parent puts the needs of the kids first.

  22. Lucy says:

    I always say that her kids are probably what I like the most about her. Regardless of the bratty moments, they all seem like good kids and I think both her and Ritchie are good parents to them. Also, I don’t find anything wrong with him wanting to spend time with his father. He’s a grown teenager, not a baby. And given the chance, why not?

  23. Ana A. says:

    Fifteen is old enough to decide for yourself on that. I understand that Madonna is upset and she has every right to tell her son this. Yet a divorce is bad enough for the children and when a boy wants to spent time with his father you allow that.

    Bringing in the court is the worst she can do. He’s a teenager. He’ll get irrational at times and he’ll get difficult at times. Don’t give him reasons to be angry at you though. Not like that.

    Didn’t the judge ask Rocco though? Isn’t that an age where you listen to the children in court.

    • Christin says:

      Sounds like that is the next step, in a couple of months. Sounds like M is fueling a fire by doing this right now.

  24. Christin says:

    Sad that a judge has to tell a 50-something grown woman to talk to the father before coming back to court.

    I’m not convinced Rocco is the brat in this situation.

  25. Canafian Becks says:

    i don’t imagine any of this is easy for Madonna.

    Guy has a pretty, young, fertile wife who has given him 3 kids in quick succession. Maybe Madonna feels threatened by Rocco being drawn to THAT side of his family.
    I know if I was an Youth-obsessed woman on the wrong side of 50, I would be secretly jealous.

    For Rocco, it’s likely more fun to be around his 3 young half-siblings- the oldest one is what- 5 years old? Little kids like that usually idolize much older siblings- that would be tremendously flattering to Rocco. And then Guy MUST be more lax than Madonna, who espouses hard work, discipline, and draconian diet restrictions. Madonna probably doesn’t let any child of hers sleep past 8am on her watch. She would see it as laziness that needs to be nipped in the bud, but It’s a scientific fact that teenagers sleep cycles run differently.

    There is a concept of “saving face” where you want to avoid your younger children (David and Mercy) from seeing an older sibling show you disrespect. It kind of opens the door for them to treat you with disrespect, too. For an enormous ego like Madonna, that would be a big blow.

    I also think Madonna wanted Rocco in NYC so she could have her children all together.

    • Jayna says:

      I swear, I think Madonna is way more lax with Rocco than she ever was with Lola. She once said he had her wrapped around his finger.

    • Bridget says:

      Because if there’s anything teenaged boys love, it’s hanging out with toddlers?

      • Canadian Becks says:

        That’s your spin.

        My spin is that the older two would be the right age where they might think big brother Rocco is the coolest thing ever. That kind of idolatry might be tremendously flattering and appealing to Rocco.

      • Bridget says:

        “Spin”? Have you lived in a home with 3 children under 5 years old? Or with a 15 yar old boy? It’s common sense. Rocco may love his siblings and want to get to know them, but ‘big brother idolatry’ isn’t enough to motivate any teenaged boy to uproot his life. Or do I need to remind you that he has two other fairly young siblings – David and Mercy? And their adoration doesn’t seem to motivate him to stay in NY. Plus doesn’t Guy already have joint custody? It’s not like his family would be strangers.

      • Canadian Becks says:

        Hilarious! Do you actually think they live in some cramped apartment?

        Guy received as much as $92 million in the divorce. He has a spacious London pied a terre as well as a massive, MASSIVE English country Estate. I hardly think these kids are tripping over each other – really.

        I did mention the two other siblings- because of their ages, his relationship with Guy’s children is likely very different from his relationship with David and Mercy. Not better or worse, just different dynamics.

        And last point; It’s baffling why you say he doesn’t want to “uproot his life”……do you even know that “uprooting his life” is precisely what he is wanting to do? BTW, those are your words. I don’t think wanting to live with his father and his family is “uprooting his life”.

      • Bridget says:

        Please read what I wrote a little better. Nowhere am I saying this kid doesn’t want to uproot his life. I’m saying that hanging out with 3 kids under 5 is likely NOT what motivates a 15 year old boy. You know what’s far more likely? A normal parent-child conflict that’s gotten out of control. It’s perfectly normal for a 15 year old boy to get into a conflict with one of his parents (ESPECIALLY in the case of divorced parents). But in this case, Rocco has access to a lot of money and a father who doesn’t exactly seem interested in helping co-parent here. Have people forgotten what an a-hole Guy “I don’t need any of Madonna’s money (except for that giant settlement I’m happy to take!)” Richie is?

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        I have to vote with Bridget on this, I think it’s unrealistic to think that being around three small toddlers under 5 is whats really appealing to Rocco.

        Not to say he doesn’t love and adore them, I’m certain he does, but teenage boys aren’t quite that excited to be around kids with such a massive age gap that takes up a lot of space, time, and energy. The noise alone…

  26. Holmes says:

    No one has raised the simplest and most obvious explanation: is there anyone, of any age, who WOULDN’T prefer living on a huge English estate to living in Manhattan?

    • Jayna says:

      I’d pick the English Estate, but I have a friend who grew up in NYC and adored it as a child and teenager. Don’t forget that Madonna has that gorgeous Hamptons estate on the ocean that her and the kids spend time at.

      I think he’s just tired of mom and not getting along and loves his dad too and at that age where he wants to live with dad. It happens all the time across the country. Usually, they are in the same city, so it’s not as hard a transition for either parent.

    • FingerBinger says:

      I’d prefer Manhattan over an english estate. I know many others that would prefer Manhattan too.

    • Kitten says:

      At 15 I might have picked Manhattan, but now? English Estate all the way.

      • Jayna says:

        Actually, I think they live in London, and the country estate is for weekends, etc. I could be wrong and they’ve moved permanently to the country by now. I don’t know.

    • minx says:

      Manhattan for me.

    • Fluff says:

      I grew up on an English country estate and I’d seriously consider chopping off a limb for the chance to live in Manhattan. Okay I wouldn’t do it, but I’d consider it. Maybe a finger.

      But grass is greener and all that.

  27. original kay says:

    Perhaps Madonna is vying for a role in the Kelly Rutherford TV movie.

  28. Colette says:

    This is going to backfire on her ,now Rocco has his own attorney

  29. ruby says:

    I think it’s good for a boy to be with his dad, especially at that age.

    • Decorative Item says:

      Yes, not much has been said about that aspect of things and I totally agree. I think that a father’s’ influence on a young boys life is vitally important and not to be dismissed.

  30. Canadian Becks says:

    Madonna: you obviously haven’t thought this through. What happens if you win?!? Be prepared for the most awkward Christmas EVAH!

    Ain’t nobody that can freeze out, give death stares, and passive-aggressive the hell out of the last nerve you possess like a resentful teenager who has been forced to do your bidding against their will.

    • ekaterina says:

      1st to the blogger who defends Madonna n makes Rocco sound like a spoiled brat.
      No one knows what personal things are going on behind closed doors. To her fans, I get u love her, but as an entertainer, not as a mom, u do not know her. A teen boy touring with his sexual mother, who puts it out there on stage would make any boy uncomfortable. Madonna does not celebrate Xmas so cut the kid a break, maybe he would rather be w/ his dad in a more normal environment than Madonnas all about me mentality.

  31. cannibell says:

    “I do think that 15/16 year-old kids are old enough to ‘choose’ between divorced parents.”

    THIS. When parents make certain choices, it opens the door to the possibility of children being able to make choices they otherwise would not be able to make.

    Our kids were 2, 4 and 7 when my husband and I split. He turned me into the Antichrist with the oldest (Me: We’re your parents and will always love you.” Him: “Mommy’s fault, Mommy bad.”). With the other two, who were too young to process that message, there was more back and forth.The middle one basically lived with him and the youngest with me (when he let her or was forced to by the court). But truly, it never mattered to me where they slept – nothing was ever going to change the fact that I was their mother. (Note: They’re adults now, and seem, for the most part, to have survived their childhoods.)

  32. FingerBinger says:

    There’s a lot of speculation and jumping to conclusions. There’s obviously an agreement stating that Rocco and David split certain holidays with their parents. Christmas appears to be Madonna’s holiday. She probably should have let him spend the holidays with his father. You figure all this out after the holidays. Something more is going on when going to court is your first option.

  33. tracking says:

    I have to say, I think it sucks that Ritchie didn’t have M’s back on this. You tell your child to go spend Christmas with mom, as planned, and that you’ll all sit down and talk about everything, possibly revisiting visitation, once the holiday is over. I’m sure she was hurt and blindsided; first, he should have presented a united front with her, at least through the holidays. I agree with all those who believe involving the courts was the wrong move, but if she felt her ex was moving to take her kid from her, she might not have seen any other options. Of course it would have been better to let it be for the holidays though.

    • FingerBinger says:

      I was going to say this exactly. Guy Ritchie should have told his son to go home to his mother. It’s also possible he compromised on other things and doesn’t want to compromise on this. I believe there’s more going on than Madonna being selfish and reactionary.

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      Yeah this sucks. I agree 15 is a good age to know what parent you want to stay with but NOT a good age for everyone to immediately bow to your request with no planning.

      For her to just get a, “Yeah I’m not coming home, no not this Holiday, I don’t know when, whatever.” about her child has to be confusing and frustrating. Especially if the Father doesn’t seem to be offering any insight or compromise.

    • Veronica says:

      He might be talking to Ritchie about it outside of court, though it is shitty if he’s not. It’s possible the kid is just legitimately tired of traveling, and that puts the other parent in a tough position to force them to do something if it’s a valid and not a petty complaint. Who knows. This may be one of those situations where there is no right or easy answer.

  34. Joni says:

    I’d pick Guy Ritchie over Madge too. She seems like a nightmare.

  35. JRenee says:

    At 15 I was not equipped to make life changing decesions. I’m glad my parents did the parenting. The devil is in the details and the details aren’t disclosed.

    • PrincessMe says:


    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      Seriously, at 15 I was a raging idiot. Great at school, responsible with chores, but if someone had said, “Pick a parent.” I certainly wouldn’t have been able to make an adult, well reasoned decision full weighing all consequences and appreciating the depth of the issue.

      Barring abuse I see it as a good way to screw a kid over, because they are young and prone to poor decisions and may not fully be able to handle what happens because adults didn’t step in.

    • RosesAreRed says:

      He’s moving in with his dad who’s been in his life since he was born. It’s not all that life changing.

    • Josephine says:

      Life-changing? I think that’s a huge over-exaggeration. Kids who have to move back and forth all the time have already had their lives changed massively. Wanting to stay put for awhile, especially at this age, is completely normal and the kid deserves a chance to create a bit of his own life. And that parent-child bond is going nowhere, regardless of where the child lives.

  36. Sansa says:

    Madonna should understand that Rocco loves her but needs his Dad to show him how to be a man. When the natural father is able and is a positive role model I think with boys after 12 teens it tends to be what I’ve seen.

    • Bridget says:

      If Guy Richie is showing this kid how to be a man then poor Rocco – doomed to always be threatened by more successful women and stuck with a need to diminish them. Has everyone forgotten what a jerk Guy Richie is?

    • Decorative Item says:

      Agreed! Regardless of Guy and Madonnas relationship young boys need their fathers. A fathers role in a child’s life has become vastly underappreciated.

  37. Bridget says:

    One of the hardest things about having a single parent is that there’s no buffer, no one to de-escalate when arguments get out of hand. This sounds like a pretty normal argument between a 15 year old and his mom that got out of hand. People are quick to condemn Madonna, but where is Guy in all of this? Would it have killed him to help make peace between Madonna and Rocco? The judge had to tell both him and Madge to talk it out, but we’re only calling Madge a bad mom?

  38. Jayna says:

    “Goldie says:
    December 24, 2015 at 10:25 am
    “I’m pretty sure her children go the Lycee School in Manhattan. Madonna has posted photos of them in their uniforms. They might be tutored now that she’s touring, but it’s not like they never go to school. I can understand why Rocco might prefer to live with his father, where he’ll probably have a more normal routine. All I’m saying is the fact that Guy lives so far away complicates things.

    ” I guess I’m just surprised by how many people apparently think it’s ok for a teenager to just decide to move to another country permanently without at least coming home to discuss it with his mother first, unless they are fleeing an abusive parent, of course.”

    Spot on with your observations, especially the last paragraph. Except I will say, beyond Madonna touring every three or four years, the other years his routine is very normal. He goes to school like everyone else at the school you mentioned.

    • lisa2 says:

      I’m amazed at how quick people are to jump on Madonna. I’m sure if this was some other celeb the comments would be quite different. I think it is because it is Madonna. I doubt anyone here who is divorced and sharing custody would be so “Go Guy” if Guy were their ex husband. Let their kid say he/she didn’t want to come home. I’m sure there would be some legal thing. That hurts I have no doubt. I remember similar comments about Rosie and her daughter.
      I sure there have been conversations back and forth before Madonna went to the courts. I don’t know how people can so quickly take sides simply because they don’t like her. Amazing how women change their views when they don’t like a woman.

      • Decorative Item says:

        I think it’s because Madonna has a reputation for being difficult to deal with. But yes, it’s impossible to know who is really at fault here.

  39. anne_000 says:

    1. There’s no way of knowing if Guy is more lenient when it comes to schooling and life in general and if that’s the reason why Rocco wants to be with him. As it is right now, following Madonna on tour means he’s not going to school anyways. I don’t know if she’s hired a tutor to come with them on tour to home-school him though.
    2. While older Madonna fans might think the idea of working on Madonna’s worldwide tour for two months or more is fun, it might be a very different perspective from her 15 year old son who doesn’t think of his mom through a fan’s eyes and who just may want a normal life.
    3. I don’t think it’s ‘bratty’ for a 15 year old to be with his father. With Madonna, he may not have that older male presence and influence as it seems that Madonna hangs around with very young males not much older than Rocco.
    4. Guy seems to have the more stable, at-home, family life right now. Maybe that’s what’s attracted Rocco? I can imagine life with Madonna being about surrounded by a bunch of an ever-changing turnover of very young men and women who are constantly competing for her attention by kissing her ass 24/7 and aren’t happy if she shoos them away to spend alone-time with her kids. So if Rocco is needing Madonna’s attention exclusively, he might have no one else to go to if she’s otherwise busy, but at least at Guy’s house, there are two parents on call.
    5. He’s old enough to make his own decision. Hopefully Guy is willing to have him there on a more consistent basis.

    • ND says:

      Great post. I disagree, too, with the “bratty” label here. Teenagers are insufferable, but there’s obviously more going on with this kid.

      He is old enough for a NY court to give weight to his preference. And if it’s a choice between “live with my dad, stepmom, half siblings, and go to school in England” and “tour indefinitely with my mom (or live basically alone in NYC while she’s working)” it seems pretty obvious to me what the right thing would be.

      • Lady D says:

        Maybe he was molested by someone on her tour. It’s a long tour, no other kids his age around. How well is he protected on tour?

    • Decorative Item says:

      Well said!

  40. Sochan says:

    This is one of those side effects of divorce. It happens a lot – these folks just happen to have very little privacy. On this case I’m not going to talk smack about Madonna.

  41. IrishEyes says:

    I just came here to say, parenting is hard. Even if you’re rich and famous.

  42. ND says:

    As a young teenage boy, I imagine the last place I’d want to be is on a months-long world concert tour with my pushing-60 mother. Granted, being raised right rarely has much to do with what we “want,” but that has to be mortifying for him.

  43. Citresse says:

    Does Madonna have a CD out soon or something else on the docket? I don’t have time or any interest looking that up.
    I’m thinking this is purely a publicity stunt.
    Merry Christmas to all Celebitchy fans around the world.

  44. EduBois says:

    Not sure what your source on this story is but check out the NY Daily News. It’s clear that Ritchie’s attorney is keeping the boy’s passport – ostensibly keeping him from travelling. He needed to be the adult and send the boy home.

    The judge is correct – Rocco can’t just never go back home – totally inappropriate.

    The judge’s admonishment that they speak before coming back to court is also par for the course. I think a lot of these comments are about people’s feelings about Madonna first. Not the court case at hand.

    • Jayna says:


      Yet Guy is getting barely any flack on here.

      • Bridget says:

        This is driving me crazy too. Rocco may be 15 and it may be reasonable to say he can make his own plans, but it’s also not ONE parent’s place to make that decision, especially against the parenting plan and the other parent’s wishes. Guy doesn’t get to make this call, and yet somehow we’re supposed to side with him because Madonna is all muscle-y and has young boyfriends?

      • anne_000 says:

        @ Bridget

        I have yet to see any article saying it’s Guy making this call or decision. Everything I read has said it’s Rocco who has made this request.

        It’s not about siding with either Guy or Madonna. It’s about what is best for the children.

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      Pretty much, a lot of this is just because people don’t like Madonna.

    • anne_000 says:

      @ EduBois

      The NY Daily News article says it’s Rocco’s own UK lawyer holding the passport for safekeeping. Not Guy’s lawyer.

      Rocco has one lawyer in the UK and will have another in NY, because he’s a minor.

      Guy and Madonna each have their own lawyers. Rocco, as a minor, is not using either of his parents’ lawyers, but only his own.

      So it is not Guy’s lawyer holding onto Rocco’s passport in order to prevent him from returning to NY.

      The NYDN article clearly states it’s Rocco’s lawyer.

    • lilacflowers says:

      EduBois, I agree that a great deal here is anti-Madonna sentiment. Sadly, teenage children of divorce very often manipulate parents against one another and it is very often done around the time of holidays. Court agreements would spell out where the child should be on any given holiday and if someone fails to follow through, in this case Rocco, then yes, court filings do happen.

    • Veronica says:

      Withholding the passport is a curious move. If Rocco is legitimately going through a stage where he needs space, that’s understandable, but if Ritchie is dragging out personal conflicts through children, that’s awful and highly inappropriate. I would hope it’s the former.

  45. Dinah says:

    Sounds like he has a mind of his own and doesn’t think his mom is as great as she believes she is. Bravo, Rocco, rock on!

    • word says:

      Well this is the same woman that wouldn’t let her kids watch TV when they were younger and was strict with their diet. I’m guessing dad is more lenient lol.

  46. Spike says:

    Hello Madonna, Your belief system Kabbalah is a branch of Judaism. Hannukah was Dec. 6 – 14.

    As for being a, “good” mom & wanting to spend the holiday with her children. Since David Banda’s 2008 adoption his father has seen him a couple of times. She arranged visitation every 3-4 years. Since Mercy James 2009 adoption she has never seen her grandmother. Madonna did not even try to set up a visitation schedule. Neithet of them came from abusive homes, just extreme poverty. She has been Malawi mutiple times & has not even iinformed his father.

    Madge you are sh*tting me that you’re pulling this with Rocco. David & Mercy’s families have never had this choice; extremely cruel. Your control freak decision to legally force your son to come home is beyond the pale. Shut up & let Rocco be with his dad.

  47. word says:

    Does this child not go to high school? Also, doesn’t he have any sort of relationship with is half-sister and adopted siblings? I believe Lola lives in Michigan where she is attending U of M. I’m assuming the adopted kids live with Madonna and go on tour with her? Are they all home schooled?

    • morgane says:

      Madonna’s children go to school when she’s not on tour, the kids go to lycee and rocco goes to a liberal private HS in nyc. While on tour they are home schooled.

  48. L says:

    I’m confused. I thought Madonna was Jewish?!

    • tmbg says:

      She was raised Catholic and began following Kabbalah in the mid-to-late 90s, I believe. Maybe she celebrates both holidays.

    • Fluff says:

      I don’t know if she ever converted to Judaism, but the “Kabbalah” she practices isn’t part of real Kabbalah or Jewish practices and traditions. I come from an Orthodox family, quite a few of my relatives are rabbis, and my great grandfather was a rav who devoted the last 30 years of his life to studying Kabbalah.

      I mean, I’m pretty live and let live. And in my experience most Jewish clergy/scholars don’t care. If it helps people, good for them. But having read up on it, ‘Hollywood Kabbalah’ seems to be basically fairly generic self help book ideology wrapped up in a superficial sprinkle of Jewish mythology with a cute accessory (the red string). It’s harmless enough but it has about as much to do with Judaism as joining the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (oh bless his noodliness).

      Having said that, there is a form of Kabbalah that’s explicitly non-Jewish (there’s even a Christian Kabbalah) that’s been around for hundreds of years but I don’t really know anything about it, or what it’s connection is to the celeby one.

  49. Dangles says:

    I can’t believe Rocco and his parents need a court to decide where he should be. Things must be pretty bad between the parents if they can work it out between themselves.

  50. Original T.C. says:

    Love the smart women of Celebitchy. I was really to rip Madonna a new one but reading everyone’s intelligent arguments help but me on team #waitformoreinformation

    P.S. Only contribution is to say no, teen boys do NOT like hanging out with their under 10 siblings. You will meet your tots tied up in a closet somewhere with masking tape over their mouths. LOL, true story. Happy Holidays

    • Decorative Item says:

      What I do know is that it’s very important for boys to spend time with their fathers. Is she a good mother? Is he a good father? I have no clue but at 15 I do feel he should have a say in where he wants to be. He will be safe, well fed, and well educated at either location.

  51. Renae says: says:

    I can’t even imagine how sickened a 15 year old boy probably is watching his Mother on tour cavorting and masquerading around provocatively on stage. My guess is he can’t stand the sight of her right now and with good reason.

    • EM says:

      Cavorting with her toy boys – men that are only a few years older than her son. It’s nauseating.

    • Veronica says:

      …versus his father marrying a much younger woman and having three children shortly after? Double standard much?

  52. Shannon says:

    I feel for him being forced to go with her when he doesn’t want to. As others have stated it’s not like he’s running away, he’s with his dad. As a child of divorce I hated being forced to go to my dad’s as I got older. I was 9 when my parents divorced, my dad was not that nice to me and my step-mom (who was in the picture pre divorce) was a witch to me. I tried to make them like me, my dad was so nice to my brother. As I got older I also became extremely allergic to their cats, coupled with everything else I dreaded going over to their house. I was forced, my step mom would pull out the divorce decree if I wouldn’t get in the car and threaten to take my mom back to court. When I was old enough to have a say I distanced myself and we had a really rocky relationship where I barley saw or spoke to him. It wasn’t until after college that I decided to get over it and try and mend it. I’m 33 now and we have a good relationship, talking weekly and seeing each other every few months. I won’t ever forget the way he treated me and part of what mended our relationship was me standing up for myself and letting him know he can’t talk to me or treat me the way he had. I was strong enough to stand up for myself and hang up the phone or leave the room. Yeah I am sure I was an a$$hole teen at one point in all of that but my dad and step mom played a huge roll in all of it. Maybe Rocco is just being a teen, but maybe Madonna is part of the problem too. You never really know.

  53. lisa2 says:

    Really quite sad to see these comments about her age. And from other women. There are male musician far older than Madonna performing. You don’t see those kinds of comments. And then when it is someone that is liked people here get upset by “age inappropriate comments”.. someone saying that Rocco is embarrassed by his mother’s age. Rocco not being able to stand the sight of his mother because she is near 60.. Gross. Gross.

    If he did feel this way then he should be ashamed; because that near 60 year old woman gave him a life that the vast majority of the world will never know. He has always had a place to sleep, food, clothing, and privilege. If he finds shame in that then he has issues far greater than not wanting to live with his mother.

    • A.Key says:

      “There are male musician far older than Madonna performing.”

      I don’t think anyone has a problem with her performing. People dislike her colossal denial of her own age and the fact that she pretends to be 40 years younger than she is. That’s the problem. Not her performing. Male performers don’t try to hide their age, they basically don’t give a F about whether their physical appearance is perfect or youthful. Unlike Madonna who would probably sell her soul to the devil just so she could look like a 20 year old again.

      Oh and yeah, her music (which has become irrelevant and nobody cares about it anyomore) has become terrible.

      • Dinah says:

        Beautifully written. True artists let the art speak for them. I remember Paul and Mick joking they could wear their house coats and house slippers and still get up and perform their music. Music is what it is all about in their hearts and souls and in the hearts and souls of all of us who love the music so many gifted musicians, singers, songwriters, etc., share with us. I’ve been impressed that to some, the more dressed down they are, the more free they are to get down with it. It’s beautiful to experience.

  54. Joh says:

    Perhaps Madonna always comes first.
    That could get tedious really fast.
    She does not strike me as a very secure woman.

  55. Vampi says:

    Rocco’s Modern Life…….. 😉

  56. EM says:

    At 15 he is old enough to know where he wants to live. Madonna is only embarrassing herself and not mending any bridges with her son, with this court action that is publicised around the world.
    If my mother did that, I wouldn’t speak to her -ever.
    This is just another indication of Madonna’s colossal ego. It’s all about her rather than her son.

  57. unicorn says:

    That last picture.. what in the world is he wearing and why?? He looks homeless!!

  58. Denise says:

    I will never forget an interview from a few years ago just after Madonna adopted Mercy. I couldn’t believe it when she stated, gleefully, that she’s not around much for her kids. After just taking on a young child. I cannot imagine what it would be like to have her as a mother.

  59. LAK says:

    The DM is really enjoying this.

  60. Elizabeth says:

    Madonna went to court because her son made it clear he wanted to stay permanently with Dad who had already filed in London to be able to keep Rocco there and the British court approved that motion. The New York court is basically saying “If you want to live with your father, you need to return to NYC and follow the proper protocols.” I think any responsible parent has a duty to enforce a legally binding custody agreement whether it causes an international row or not. Rocco doesn’t want to continue on tour with Madonna apparently. Anything beyond that is pure speculation to what extent she tried to work it out through mediation and Guy has simply manipulated the situation to his advantage. I suspect quite a bit along with his family and everyone else around them that is now turning against her even to the point of committing blatant illegalities like confiscating the boy’s passport to keep him from leaving the country.

  61. Veronica says:

    That’s a little sad for her, but it sounds more like he’s tired of touring with her more than specifically tired of her. What can be said? Teenagers like stability while going through all that change. It’s hard being with a parent who travels constantly. I hope things even out between them after her tour is done.

  62. Jwoolman says:

    He may already have tried to talk about this with Madonna before he went to visit his dad. I’ve watched Madonna since she first came on the scene. The one thing that has always been clear is that she goes her own way and wants to be in complete control.

    Look at the shortcuts she took when adopting her two younger kids. She didn’t think the laws about foreign adoptions (such as being resident in the country for a certain time) applied to her. On the one hand, I do think David’s birth family had given up and assumed he was going to die – he was sick and his father had just buried his two older children and their mother. His father didn’t know what to do – if David’s father had died and his mother had lived, she would have managed. But men often don’t have the same skills or mindset about such things. How could he work and take care of a sick infant? No one in his extended family offered to take care of David and later the father’s new wife-to-be (with a healthy five year old son) didn’t offer either, although there was some rewriting of history when the media descended on them. Putting David in the orphanage meant he might be kept comfortable and given a proper burial when he died. The child really just needed antibiotics, so when Madonna provided those – he lived. But Madonna made promises that she hasn’t kept concerning maintaining contact with David’s birth family.

    So I can see Madonna being dead set against her older son going to live with his father or even spending “her” holiday with his father, and just doing her usual thing to get what she wants. That doesn’t make her an ogre and it doesn’t mean her kids don’t love her or that she doesn’t love them, but she might be a wee bit difficult to discuss such things with. If I were in such a situation at the age of 15, I wouldn’t want to go back to her right now either- she is a very strong personality and wants what she wants, I wouldn’t want to deal with that stress of trying to maintain my own equilibrium in face of such a force of Nature…. If she were able to go with the flow and just let the kid stay with his dad, let him relax and then later try to discuss the details rationally — it would be much better for both of them. His desire to be with his dad might have nothing to do with his relationship with his mom, except that she doesn’t want him to do it and thinks she can force it.

  63. Cinderella says:

    Custody battles suck for anyone, but I’m wondering if he’s hit that age where is he completely embarrassed of Madonna. He seems to have a bond with Guy, so let him go. Passing back and forth and fighting will do the most harm to Rocco in the end. He is 15, after all, and she does have young children that need her to be an effective mom, not an embattled one.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Personally I think this is more between Madonna and Guy than the kids. Rocco probably indicated to his dad that he would like to live in London “full time,” for whatever reason, without any kind of understanding of the legal implications, or that it meant he might not be able to get back to New York at all for a few years.

  64. Pondering thoughts says:

    Well, I can imagine that Madonna made her son work hard in order to teach him “the value of earning money”. And if that ruined his summer then I can understand why he is miffed. Seriously the kid won’t ever have to work in his whole life and Madonna didn’t find any better way to teach him than by making him work for monthes? A few weeks is fine but there are other things that are necessary for teenagers.

  65. Josefina says:

    This story is pretty stupid tbh. 15 year old kid would rather spend Christmas with his dad and hates everything about his mom. That’s not an uncommon scenario. The only thing special about this case is the mom happens to be Madonna.

  66. DanaG says:

    He has been touring with his mother for 2 months he probably wants a break and to spend equal time with his dad? Where is he being schooled and is he being paid “working” for his mother. Kabbalah doesn’t celebrate Christmas so why would Madonna care if he wanted to spend it with his father who may actually celebrate it. Now she has done this Rocco will dig in his heels and may just make it even longer before she sees him again. Of course she took a break so why not go to London and talk to Rocco instead of creating a court room drama? Over here when a child is 14 they will get asked which parent they want to live with if Rocco is old enough to work he is old enough to choose where he wants to live!

    • Elizabeth says:

      To be precise, the judge in New York ordered that Rocco must return to the states after the Christmas break and before the start of the new school year. He will have a chance to discuss any changes in custody or visitation privately with a judge which is the only way to get the agreement formally altered. Guy and his wife are definitely still into Kaballah, though, maybe more than Madonna so the kid probably had a better chance at a normal holiday with his mom and other siblings. 🙂

  67. Salamander says:

    I think she went to court against the father, who wasn’t abiding by the custody agreement, not the son. Parents go back to court over the custody agreement all the time. The agreement is the agreement and the father should have abided by it by sending the son home. Guy was flaunting American laws and the legal system. And the kid wasn’t thinking about his siblings who were execting him. Guy’s a fool.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I agree. Guy went to court first to get an order from a British judge allowing Rocco to stay illegally in London then confiscated his son’s passport to ensure that he doesn’t leave. If Madonna tried to go around the law by trying to meet her son privately or letting the status quo drag on indefinitely she is only going to hurt her case in the eyes of the New York judge. Once the law gets involved there is a very specific procedure parties have to follow — it becomes about what they, not you, want unfortunately.

  68. d says:

    I think there’s a bit of everything going on: teenage rebellion, Madonna’s strict (good) overbearingness (bad), Madonna’s boundaries-busting instagram photos, Guy messing with the custody stuff, and so on and so on. Really, though, regardless of anything, Madonna needs to shut down the public access for a while and/or scrub her kids from the Intagram. I really don’t like what she’s doing even if he is rebelling like a jerky teen (it’s painful, but part of growing up). It’s private, no one’s business, just shut it down and deal with everything privately. The fact that he set his account to private while hers remains public speaks volumes. Maybe he just wants to skateboard for days on end instead of being with family at Christmas, but maybe he also needs to let off steam after being in Madonna’s environment…whatever it is, it’s really none of anyone’s business and I kind of think family difficulties like this should be private. Like, it’s not the end of the world, Madonna. Take a chill pill, let the kid spend time with his dad, let your lawyers deal with it behind the scenes, and focus on your other kids and DON’T USE THEM AGAINST THEIR BROTHER. She’s such a tool.
    I also think it’s interesting he’s fled the roost around the same time she seems to be restoring connection to Sean Penn. Maybe he’s being all “dad”-like and the kid is like, “NOPE! I HAVE a father, thank you very much” and bounced out of there. Or maybe she’s too close to him and he’s jealous…whatever, she still needs to quit with the public declarations. Argh, this annoys me so much.

  69. his wife is giving me slightly tan By The Sea, angelina jolie vibes…. with the bones, makeup, and hair lol

  70. Sara says:

    I usually don’t like to make comments about looks, but that poor boy is unfortunate looking. Hopefully this is just his awkward stage.