‘Glee’ star Mark Salling was arrested & released on bail for possessing child porn


The guy in these photos is Mark Salling, best known – nay, ONLY known – as Puck in Glee. Mark paid an ex girlfriend $2.7 million in March of this year over an incident in which he allegedly committed sexual battery. Yesterday he was arrested on charges of child pornography possession and has since been released on $20,000 bail, which was paid by his family. Here is TMZ’s original report:

“Glee” star Mark Salling has just been arrested for possessing child porn … TMZ has confirmed. We’re told the LAPD’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force obtained a warrant and served it Tuesday morning, as first reported by the TV show “Crime Watch Daily.”

We’re told cops searched Salling’s computer at his Sunland home and found hundreds of images. At the time of this post, Salling is being taken to the police station for booking.

Law enforcement sources say the images they captured from Salling’s computer were children … significantly younger than 15 and 16 year olds. Our sources say an ex-girlfriend of Salling’s tipped off cops and they investigated before the raid to make sure it wasn’t a revenge allegation.

Salling has had his share of legal problems. In 2013 he was sued by a woman who claimed he committed sexual battery on her by forcing sex without a condom. Salling denied the charge and the case settled.

[From TMZ]

TMZ is reporting the horrible news that more than a thousand images were found on Salling’s computer, some depicting children under 10 engaged in sex acts. I hope he rots in jail.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Little Darling says:

    Yeah, nothing good here. When I read about it yesterday it seemed like Mark has and is battling major demons.

    Also: Grossed out by this sudden wave of child porn arrests being made public. I cannot wrap my brain around looking at child porn. At all.

    • jinni says:

      It doesn’t gross me out, it makes me happy because it means these sick f-ers are getting dealt with instead of continuing their abuse freely.

      • Little Darling says:

        Grossed out that this is really, truly a thing, and that it’s not just old perverts, it’s seemingly “normal” people. I can’t even imagine images of children “significantly younger than 15 and 16” like my brain literally cannot imagine so gross is the idea.
        Not that 15-16 is better but at least they often have adult physical features.

      • jinni says:

        @Little Darling: Ok, I get what you are saying now. It sort of sound like you wished this wasn’t made public, but I get that wasn’t what you are saying. I agree with you, it is hard to wrap my head around wanting to look at kids, but I guess we should just be grateful that our minds are defective like that. This is just eww on every level.

    • sherry says:

      When my husband was a prosecutor, they did a child porn sting. One of the other prosecutors wanted him to go over the evidence with him and my husband refused because he did not want those images in his head.

      I cannot imagine what kind of monsters produce, buy and enjoy this kind of child abuse.

      • Snazzy says:

        Just the thought makes me ill…
        I’m really glad they caught him and I hope he gets a long, nasty prison sentence

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Your husband has good self preservation instincts. I am sure that would haunt him if he had seen it.

        This guy and the Jared predator make me think that they need to seriously stress in some sort of campaign that viewing and buying the images is just as harmful as being a predator who has direct contact with the victims. Like with murder, if you pay someone to do it for you, it is just as much of a crime as doing the act yourself. People buying these images fuels the demand and increases the number of children who are harmed. I am tired of hearing the excuse that they didn’t have direct contact, so it wasn’t as bad.

      • ERM says:

        And let’s not forget Duggar since he should also be in this category. Frankly I think that the big tech companies should help – like lawyers they should mandate “pro-bono” time to help bring down abusers, traffickers, terrorists…. Technology is great but it also allows “like-minded” people to do some pretty disgusting stuff. Credit to all of those individuals that work on this day and night.

      • Carol says:

        @tiffany – you dont need a campaign to stress watching child porn is illegal. That is a given. Jared and Mark are pedophiles. Only pedophiles have thousands of images of children engaged in sex acts or any form of undress. And pedophiles don’t necessarily look like an ogre. They look like your neighbor, your relative, your doctor and just about any normal even good looking person on the street.

      • rascal says:

        ERM, they do. All the big tech companies have the FBI on speed dial for these such events. The FBI takes it all very seriously and is quickly given all the info that can lead to arrests.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Yes, Carol, I know that they are pedophiles and such people don’t always look like the stereotypes. Not sure why you’d think that I was confused about that.

        I do think, however, that some pedophiles think that by not engaging directly with children that it is some how better or less harmful. In fact, their lawyers state such excuses in defense of their clients. But we know that obtaining these images is just as harmful as contact with the child. Such an excuse needs to become so unacceptable as to be removed from the tactics that defense lawyers use.

      • Jenna says:

        Your husband is a really bright guy – I once made the mistake of agreeing to help a college lab partner with his computer… barely two seconds into opening up his laptop after he left I had cracked his case slamming it down in my horror at what was just on his desktop with no attempt to hide. 4 min found me in my pj pants in the car on the way to the police station, dragging it AND any and all parts of my own system I’d hooked up to diagnosis his computer issues. Told the startled police officer at the door who it belonged to, to please destroy my computer not bother to return and did they have somewhere I could sit and just be sick for a few min? Lost about a grand in my own parts and had some thankfully sympathetic but still thorough officers go through my place with a fine tooth comb (and about 11 hours of interviews just to make sure ~I~ was clean… thankfully – in a messed up way – I’m a survivor myself, so I was fine with the upheaval.) It has to be perused, it has to be fought but….. 2 pics of what I would be told was the ‘tamest’ in the thing, and I couldn’t keep food down for almost a week. The desire to cause real and complete pain to the POS classmate STILL hasn’t left either. And that was 15ish YEARS ago.

      • Jib says:

        How do they even get it? The dark web? What makes them think they won’t be caught? Sick AND stupid.

      • FLORC says:

        True .monsters. Gross and sick and horrible. My heart goes out to those children.

        Dark, deep, and general. Stuff of absolute nightmares exists there and it’s not as difficult as you’d think to find it. Too often people will stumble across it not realizing

      • sauvage says:

        Jenna, you are awesome. ’nuff said.

    • holly hobby says:

      What I want to know is where do they find these children to make these disgusting poses and how do they get them to cooperate? It’s not like these sickos can advertise for child porn models in the newspapers. So sad. Poor babies.

      • teacakes says:

        Short answer – these are children they know and have access to, and whom they can groom/threaten/manipulate into doing what they want.

        (when you are five years old and someone tells you they’ll kill you or hurt your family or something bad will happen if you don’t do as they say, you’re likely to believe them)

      • joan says:

        You say “disgusting POSES” but the reality is that it’s not necessarily just posed.

        It’s actual abuse, assault.

      • holly hobby says:

        @joan- Since I’ve never seen any of these pictures nor am I inclined to ever do so, that’s the only polite way I can describe it. Yes I know this is abuse.

      • Josefina says:

        The younger the kids, the easier they are to manipulate. Especially if they come from poor backgrounds and are not educated.

      • Fluff says:

        Either abduction, trafficking or grooming of children they know or are related to.

      • lunchcoma says:

        One of the easier ways to find a child to abuse is to have one. An even quicker route is to date or marry someone else who does.

        Abduction and trafficking get a lot of attention, but a lot of these kids are obeying because obeying their parents (or similar family figures) comes naturally.

    • Miffy says:

      And thankfully the vast majority won’t be able to wrap their brains around it either. They’re just hardwired so incorrectly they shouldn’t be allowed in society. Complete and utter genetic throw backs.

    • MoochieMom says:

      I had to turn in a friend who, a long time ago, turned over his computer after going overseas and I found images. Standard corporate thing – you come home – IT gets your machine. I threw up multiple times over the things on his computer and then had to testify. It was awful and I don’t get it. Being a parent now, it pisses me off to a serious rage degree.

    • Mrs. Odie says:

      If there was really a “look” that child predators had, we could recognize them and keep them away from kids. Sadly, they just look like people. When we say someone looks like a CM, it’s often because we’ve seen the mug shot and we associate the face and the look in that particular photo to the crime.

      Children who have been sexually abused, especially boys, should be given special care and therapy throughout their adolescence to monitor how they develop their sexual self image. Unfortunately, abuse is frequently generational (fathers, uncles, grandfathers abuse the children they have in their care) and it’s kept a secret so nobody ever knows. This is a systemic problem that won’t be cured by heavily punishing people who look at the photos.

      Not that I don’t believe they should be punished. I do. I have a relative who has been in prison for over 7 years for the same crime as this Glee actor. He’ll be getting out in a year. No idea what happens then.

  2. paranomalgirl says:

    There’s a special place in the netherworld for someone like him,

  3. Senaber says:

    What a nasty creep.

  4. Mimz says:

    I am horrified. Of all sexual crimes, which are abominable, I find child pornography/rape/exploitation/sexualization (and so on) unforgivable, disgusting, and i do not care if people it is a “mental predisposition” because of some trauma, and i know those exist, but i find it… Just… Horrible.

    Hope he rots in jail and never ever gets to see/interact with kids ever again. People like him should be locked up and treated to understand what is WRONG with this behaviour.

    • byland says:

      I absolutely agree with your horror and condemnation. Crimes such as this are beyond sickening and far more prevalent than most people like to believe.

      But the thing to remember is that treatment will only go so far. Perhaps a few people like this – with which I have unfortunate first hand experience, both as a survivor and an emergency counselor for others – might wake up and go “oh, so THAT’s why this is wrong,” but the fact of the matter is that if they’ve made it this far in life and are still holding on to these thoughts and feelings, well, they’re not going anywhere.

      • Mimz says:

        I agree and this makes me really sad. It definitely is more prevalent than we realize, as children we don’t realize how all those awkward, uncomfortable pinches and light smacking from drunk uncles and granpas, handsy neighbors or (in my case) some dude following you around your neighborhood for weeks/years (I can’t even remember but it seemed a long time) and wherever he found me playing with my friends, he would just stick it out and get off. Broad daylight.
        At the time I was around 10, it went on until i was a bit older, and maybe I wasn’t his main target but kids in general, but I found him once in front of my house accross the street doing the same thing.
        Anyway, I kind of forgot about it, at the time I just knew he was a pervert and was doing something “wrong” but I didn’t know what it was exactly. Never mentioned it at home, me and my friends just made it a mission to scram whenever we saw the man with the yellow hat approaching. He should have been arrested.

        Now, do I think a psych evaluation, treatment will change anything? No, it probably won’t. Lots of good people are plagued by desires they wish not to admit, but I just can’t understand/forgive those who act on it. If they download images and child pornography, and thus helping this sick industry to grow, creeping in what can only be considered abuse of kids all over the world, then they are criminals, and deserve to be arrested and held accountable. But I do think having counseling, understanding why and how it is wrong is necessary… For them.

        Living in a country where seeing child brides is something normal, or kids giving birth at 12, I just think about how when I was 12 and playing freely in the neighboorhood I didn’t understand WHAT sex was. And I know I was/am very lucky. We should all strive to make our world better… for the sake of our kids… So I commend you for being a counselor when needed… and for surviving what must have been terrible. You are making a difference.

    • KB says:

      I have a cousin that suffered horrible abuse at the hands of his father, and his mother had to fight so hard to get him away from that sicko. (He hired this men’s rights attorney and claimed none of it was true. It was.) But we still worry about him now that he’s an adult. He used to work at this after-school daycare thing and his mom repeatedly told the people in charge about her concerns and they were like “no way! He’s great!” She openly voices these concerns to him as well. Even though he’s never been caught doing anything that would suggest he would abuse kids, why would you continue to be around kids when you know people think that about you? If he were ever caught looking at this kind of thing, I’d still say lock him up and throw away the key. Adults have to be held accountable for their actions. At some point, the cycle has to stop and offering someone sympathy and leniency because they were once a victim isn’t going to help anyone.

      • qwerty says:

        I don’t get it. Has he ever done ANYTHING to deserve these accusations, or does evryone incl. his family just walk around saying he’s a pedophile cause hee was abused?

    • I Choose Me says:

      +100000000000000000. Gawd. Just thinking about it makes my soul hurt.

  5. NewWester says:

    People like this guy, Jared “the Subway guy” etc are nothing but rotting compost. A**hole

  6. Runcmc says:

    Wtf is wrong with people like this. It boggles the mind.

  7. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    How can anyone enjoy looking at something they know is hurting a child? I realize it’s a sickness, but I can’t muster up any sympathy at all.

    • michelle b says:

      I have zero sympathy for these types of people either. Zero.

    • tracking says:

      Yes, if you have the compulsion, you get help. Zero sympathy to those who act on it. Period.

      • mimif says:

        Any stats out there on people who do have the compulsion and actually seek proactive help? I’m thinking it’s got to be around zero %.

      • tracking says:

        mimif, I couldn’t find any hard stats but you’re right, does seem rare. I guess because one must have a severe empathy deficit to act on such compulsions in the first place.

      • Anne says:


        I think there are people like that. I’ve read an article a few months ago about a self-confessed “pedophile” who admitted to being attracted to children but refrains from feeding his attraction. I think the article was about him condemning those who sexually exploit and abuse children. He was saying something about how he can’t control his attraction to children, but he can control his actions toward children. I remember him saying how there’s an online help group for people like him.

      • mimif says:

        I ended up googling and
        posted a link way downthread about it! I couldn’t read the entire article (too upsetting) but I found it…very sad that there are little resources for people who actually don’t want to cause harm. Mental illness is stigmatized enough as it is…That said, I honestly do not think I would have the guts to admit if I was attracted to children. I don’t think I could live with myself.

      • Miffy says:

        Mimif, I’m not sure if it’s the same article but I read (during my pregnancy, Christ! What horrendous timing) about a support group in an online article for people who realise they’re pedophiles but don’t want to act on it. I won’t ever try to find it or reread it because the description of the material the founder came across that made him realise what he was and how horrifying it was is burned into my brain forever. But the group is called Circles, it’s Canadian based, I think. Obviously it’s a rather specialised support group that they’d rather keep as anonymous as possible but it’s there.

      • Fluff says:

        There are different types of pedophiles, though; that’s what makes it so hard to combat and why there’s so much misinformation.

        Not all pedophiles are predators. Some pedophiles hate their feelings and work hard to control them. There are examples of men who have literally had themselves castrated to stop their unwanted sexual thoughts about minors.

        Some pedophiles are sexual predators. They don’t feel guilt and they want to ‘get better.’ They enjoy causing pain and fear (sadistic-type pedophile) and they don’t have any desire to stop.

        Then there’s the NAMBLA mob who try to justify their actions by claiming the children enjoy it and that it’s actually healthy, loving, consensual, and mutually beneficial. I don’t know if even they believe what they say, probably some do and some don’t.

      • Sixer says:

        Mimif – Channel 4 here in the UK aired a controversial doco about paedophiles and whether or not it was possible to treat them. It included extensive interviews with a paedophile who had viewed images but not otherwise offended and wanted treatment. Very difficult viewing but – in view of the widespread offending discussed here and the fact that legislation doesn’t seem to be doing much good in reducing offending rates – I would say required viewing. I just had a look and it seems ABC screened it stateside, so you might be able to find it. Here is the ABC trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xRkFpW6F-U.

    • Pandy says:

      Yes, I can’t muster up sympathy at all. I don’t have any sympathy for illness that can ruin the lives of others. Waste of skin, these people. Just go kill yourself already. Put us out of your misery.

      • MrsBPitt says:

        There is just no punishment bad enough, for anyone who hurts a child like that…I cannot imagine the mind of a person who looks at little child and has any kind of sexual thoughts…and, I mean, I literally, cannot wrap my brain around it…

      • Lady D says:

        I wonder sometimes if those stories about what happens to pedo’s making it into general population in prisons are true, or just wishful thinking.

    • qwerty says:

      Yes, there is a difference between a pedophile and a child molester. Some of them just have the urges and are determined to control them, and seek treatment if possible (in some places that’ll just get cops on your case with no help at all). I read a bunch of articles like the ones mentioned above, written by people like this.

  8. GreenieWeenie says:

    +1 rot in jail.

    He had a strict Christian upbringing.

    • cannibell says:

      There are lots and lots of people who had strict Christian upbringings and did not become connoisseurs of child pornography. It serves no one to go there.

      • Greenieweenie says:

        I was drawing a Duggar parallel, not condemning Christianity. I imagine there are few people who have had upbringings that strict.

      • cannibell says:

        Gotcha. I thought of ol’ Josh too, but I wasn’t clear that that’s what you were referencing. (Guess it’s time for another shot of caffeine!)

      • bluhare says:

        There are also Christian sects where sexual abuse is rampant. Thinking Warren Jeffs here.

      • Naya says:

        Not all of those types of Christians are child molesters but a a good deal of them are. Its not just the warped teachings on sexuality, its the fact that its the best place to hide. Anytime somebody accuses you, you just claim that the devil is trying to destroy you and everyone rallies to pray for you against the devils workings (i.e. the victims accusations). Mark already played this card, the last time he was accused of sexual battery he issued some stupid “God is in control” statement and people branded the victim as some lying Jezebel. Now, that he is caught red handed the perfect play is the “devil made me do it” card. People will rally to pray for him and bleat on and on over how “nobody is perfect”. Frankly, theres no bigger red flag for sexual deviancy than a guy with this kind of religious bent.

      • Zwella Ingrid says:

        Naya, Your comment shows a strong bias against Christianity, and a total lack of understanding of what it entails. Please be careful not to label an entire group based on the actions of a few individuals.

      • KB says:

        @Zwella I believe Naya was referring to “Christians” of the Warren Jeffs type. The ones who belong to sects where child abuse is rampant and essentially encouraged. There have been countless cults and sects where this has happened.

      • qwerty says:

        Look at what’s happening and has been for ages in the catholic church. It’s clearly more than just a few individuals.

    • Francesca says:

      Yeah, let’s blame Jesus. Okie.

      • Greenieweenie says:

        No, lets blame people who use Jesus to abuse and exploit others, as well as to obsess over sex. This includes the Duggars and groups like ATI–and Warren Jeffs, who is a disgusting psychopathic pedophile. And the many many other religious figures who create cult-like settings to enable their pedophilia, like that revolting man running a compound in South America.

        Let’s draw attetion to the fact that this isn’t a matter of religious belief and persuasion. Just because it wears a Christian cloak and you have your own Christian biases doesn’t mean it isn’t abuse and exploitation. These religious environments create the conditions that enable it. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least of either Josh Duggar or Mark Salling were abused as children–and that this was directly enabled by the religious environment they were in.

  9. Tania says:

    Omg. Don’t these sick f’s know how wrong this is? How could you ever want to hurt a child in this way? Now his life is over and I couldn’t care less. I hope he rots in jail. People like this make me wish that Dexter was real.

  10. Someone says:

    I was just discussing this with my friend yesterday. For obvious reasons (because I would never suspect anyone of being a pedophile) it worries me how many people go through the world unnoticed committing similar or worse acts. It honestly terrifies me. Are there signs? Do we just miss them because we assume, normal people that we are, that no one is capable of this? I’m not saying I’m going around now suspecting everyone by any means, but it scares me how many people are just like this guy. Truly horrifying.

    • GreenieWeenie says:

      So obviously I don’t know how accurate this is, but I have a theory that ppl who are hooked on porn are dead in the eyes. When I was in the military, I could ALWAYS tell the guys who were gross pervs and spent all their time watching violent fetish porn…because of the way they look at you. It’s like no connection. Something is disconnected.

      Always kinda felt it with this actor when I watched Glee. Just disconnected. Even when they tried to make his character more sympathetic in Season 3 or whatever. Now I know why.

      • mimif says:

        I do think it’s true that some people are quite literally & figuratively disconnected, but often times sociopaths are totally charming (on the outside) and capable individuals. Sociopath Next Door and all that…

      • Lady D says:

        Dead in the eyes is a comment regularly applied to Kim Kardashian. There has to be more to it. I’m afraid that I’m missing the signs of a pedo also, and children are being hurt as a result. How are you supposed to be able to tell?

    • Erinn says:

      A guy my dad grew up with recently had been arrested for this, and ended up killing himself. Had a really fancy engineering career with a huge firm that was instantly lost, a family that immediately dropped him (understandably, really) and it was coming out in the news. Besides the obvious disgust I have for people who take part in this kind of thing – I was also disgusted that the cops didn’t put him on suicide watch or anything. You have your whole world come crashing down like that, in such a public way and even those who aren’t mentally ill, or unstable in any way are going to take a maaajor hit.

      • 5thHouse says:

        Hi, Erinn. I just Googled some key words from your description and think I found who you mean. I would’ve killed myself, too. You just never know, do you? I feel awful for his family.

      • Jasper says:

        My best friends grandfather was arrested at 70 (a little over two-three years ago) for having hundreds-thousands of images of child porn. it really makes you wonder how long has it been going on. He was the ‘weird’ one in the family but none of them suspected that’s what he was doing until the cops came and broke down the door to their family home :/

    • michelle b says:

      It is shocking and I’ve often wondered how many go undetected too.

      Almost 10 years ago, at my previous place of employment, we had a police raid of a co-worker’s computer and found over a thousand similiar images. They found way more at his home computer. It was really shocking, because you would never have suspected this guy. Or at least I did not and neither did my work friends. He didn’t give sign or creepy vibes. He had this family man image that he hid behind, but for a long time, the image worked. Until he got arrogant and sloppy and started using his work computer for this and the IT department alerted the police.

      Ugh. I hope this Salling guy rots in jail.

    • Norman Bates's Mother says:

      6 or 7 years ago I read an article that seriously opened my eyes about this subject. As much as we’d like to think that all pedophiles look and sound as evil as possible and like to hang around schools and playgrounds with a creepy smile on their mustachioed faces – more often than not they seem like normal people.

      This article was about a huge police action aiming to catch as many pedophiles as possible. They created a faux child-porn website and made a very thorough background check of every single person, who created an account (and then made arrests). I don’t remember the exact percentages, but the most shocking thing was that the majority of those sickos were not middle-aged men living in their moms’ basements, but people (almost as much women as men), who worked with children. The most popular jobs among them were: teachers, sport coaches, priests, policemen and anything that allowed them to be around children without suspicions. I was sooo disgusted and shocked to have read this. Now I’m sad whenever something like this comes up, but I’m no longer surprised. We just never know.

      • bluhare says:

        I agree. People want to think they are monsters who are different than you and me. Some are. Some aren’t, and you might even know someone.

      • lisa2 says:

        Which is why parents and adults need to change how they talk to children about “Strangers”.. sadly we need to change the “Stranger Danger” because many children who are abused this way are done so by not strangers but people they know. We have to let children know they have a right to their bodies and that no one even a parent or friend has the right to do things to them.

        We are still giving children wrong information. and sadly for too many children when they are abused by a parent and they tell another parent they are not believed. Some are punished for telling. Our world is so screwed up and the mindset of people just confuses me

    • EM says:

      GreenieWeenie, maybe that disconnection was more a sign that they were psychopaths overall, not just pervs.

    • KB says:

      I read some comments yesterday from people who said they knew there was something off with this guy and Jared from Subway. I’ve got absolutely no radar for it. I’m in total shock every time.

      • Naya says:

        Theres a pattern with sexual deviants when you think about it. This guy, Jared, the 7th Heaven dad, the Duggar boy, Cosby, Woody, Polanski. They all work over time for the appearance of harmlessness. Some apply the dorky ineffectual man persona (Woody, Jared, Polanski and Cosby) so they seem almost sexless. Others bring use the ever reliable Godly Guy going to Church persona. Its all about lulling you into a sense of comfort so they can fly under the radar. I can think of a few famous guys who I am pretty sure are monsters but I wont name them for obvious reasons.

        We should never forget that these people are masters at hiding, nobody should surprise you.

      • Nicole says:

        I never made that connection before, Naya. It’s COMPLETELY true … they are all people who work for an appearance of harmlessness.

    • Fluff says:

      I believe it’s because the media promote a (mostly inaccurate) stereotype of pedophiles/sexual predators. Most of the time in movies or TV, a character who’s a pedophile will be a single man, a loner, who looks visibly “creepy” and who is either violent or does bizarre and obvious things like hang around playgrounds. Mostly he’s a stranger, and targets strange kids, often taking them by force (kidnapping). This is the opposite to real life. So the media have kind of trained people to think that’s what a pedophile looks like.

      Most pedophiles look like anyone else. They can be very charming and likeable. They work to be likeable and charming because they rely on that to get access to kids. Precious few snatch strange kids from the street – the majority of child sexual abuse is perpetrated by a relative or step-relative. After that it’s people whose job is caring for kids in some capacity. Many pedophiles are married. Many have kids or stepkids. Many intentionally worm into a position as some kind of civic or social leader. To give an example, child sexual predators will actively work to keep informed about child-related products and crazes (learning about the latest Bugaboo stroller model, or watching Frozen). Partly to be able to form a connection with a child, but also so
      they can strike up a conversation with a mother in such a way she thinks “oh he’s obviously got kids too, therefore he’s safe.”

    • idsmith says:

      Sometimes it is the stereotypical stranger-danger too. In my hometown, about 2 years ago a 5 year old boy was taken from his front yard. Missing for 2 hours before he was found wandering in a nearby neighbourhood. He had been assaulted. A couple of years later they arrest a guy because of a DNA match. He had been charged and convicted of assaults and interference with children at least twice in the previous 10 years. And yet, no one investigated him in 2 years following this boy’s abduction and assault. There were no public warnings about him at all – he lives less than 10 blocks from my home, and only 2 blocks from 2 different elementary schools. And guess what? He was released on bail back into the community without even a photo in the newspaper to warn anyone. He is awaiting trial right now somewhere in my town. No one publicly knows where he is or what he looks like. I guess we’ll just hope he doesn’t grab another child. Something is seriously wrong in the world.

  11. Bunny says:

    Just goes to show… you really never can tell.

  12. CornyBlue says:

    Well he was always a sleaze but on this level ? I hope these people are branded so that they can never lead a normal life again.

  13. Lucky says:

    I’ve never commented here altough I read Celebitchy regularly.I come for the stories and stay for the comments.
    The celebrity world is fun and light and distracts us from our daily woes.But when stuff like this happens it just makes me remember my past.I was sexually abused as a kid,when I was about six years Old.It has left me with a lifetime of trauma and an extreme fear of all men who are not from my immediate family.I hate being hugged and being alone in room with men who I don’t know no matter how harmless they are.
    It’s with great love from my family(the abuser wasn’t family as it’s usually the case) and some therapy(I stayed for two weeks in a psychiatry ward when I was 14) that I’m able to be a functioning member of society.
    Assholes such as Mark Sailling make my blood boil and I hope they’re all punished viciously in this life or the next.They’re just as bad as the abusers themselves because they perpetuate the abuse and ruin the lives of children like me.Altough Hollywood is famous for its tolerance of pedophiles I hope that the law won’t be as forgiving.
    Peace to everybody.

    • michelle b says:

      What happened to you was horrible, Lucky, and I hope that you are doing better now. No one should have to go through that. My heart breaks for you.

      Yes, people like Salling are just as bad as the physical abusers.

    • antipodean says:

      @Lucky, very brave of you to share that, thank you for your courage, and welcome as a commenter. This site is always a lot of fun, thought provoking, and tolerant of all views, I have found. I believe there is a very special corner of hell, right next to the furnace, for people who abuse the smallest, and most defenseless among us. If there is no suitable justice in this world for these aberrant pieces of C**P, then hopefully it will come in shovel loads on the next plane. One can only hope karma does her duty. Lucky, I wish you happiness and healing in your life, it is the best revenge against those who harmed you. There are still lots of good people in the world, I like to think.

      • cannibell says:

        Sending you a hug from across a room, Lucky – one that just waves hello and says, “I’m a hug.” Echo Antipodean, Michelle B. and you about coming for the stories and staying for the comments. This is a good and thoughtful community – and the near-last day of 2015 is as good as any to thank CB, Kaiser and the rest for all you do. Early Happy 2016 to everyone…..

    • Greenieweenie says:

      I completely believe that the charge of child rape should come with a life sentence. Child rape ruins lives. And ppl like Salling create market incentives to perpetuate that crime. It should be like instigating a murder.

      • lizzie says:

        i think all rape and all felonious child abuse should have a life sentence. you take someone’s life when you rape them – adult or child. i’m not saying a victim can’t recover but no one should have to recover from that type of trauma. rapists make a decision to destroy someone’s life, sometimes irreparably, just as a murdered decides to take a life. @Lucky much love and healing to you!

      • Angel L says:

        I read a comment on facebook that really resonated with me about this. the person stated that they felt like abusers/rapists/molesters should get charged with murder because they actually kill some of the possiblity in that persons future. That the abused with never be the same as the person they would have been.

        I was molested at a preteen/teen and raped at 15 and 18. And it is true. No matter how well you deal with it, how good your life is, that person who hurt you killed/changed a part of you that you will never know or get back.

      • Nicole says:

        Terrible idea. You want to disincentivize rapists from murdering.

    • doofus says:

      Lucky, thank you for sharing that. I am so sorry that happened to you and I hope you are doing much better. Peace to you, too.

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      Lucky, thank you for sharing, nothing like this should ever happen to a child. It’s disgusting this bastard and others hurt others so selfishly.

    • QQ says:

      Hugs and blessings and every happiness to you, Lucky, stay Brave!

    • Tania says:

      Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through. Thank you for sharing your story. It breaks my heart that your life was essentially shattered by one poor excuse of a human being. You can’t see how many amazing, loving people there are out there. I’m so sorry that this is something you’ll have to deal with for life. I wish you peace and much love.

    • Pandy says:

      Aw, Lucky, so sorry for you!! I think there should be a special category for people who hurt kids. Put them in general population and let them get killed. Waste of skin. Peace to you sister.

      • Mrs. Odie says:

        This comment never fails to show up. I do NOT believe our prisons should be vigilante punishment centers where we allow people to receive “off the books” punishments and everyone looks the other way. If we as a society decide that we want convicted child rapists and those who enjoy the images of those rapes to be beaten to death, then we need to make laws to sanction it and have it happen out in the open and not as some part of a covert yet widely approved of system of “prison justice.”

      • Pandy says:

        @MrsOdie – I tend to agree with you, but I’m willing to look the other way in these instances. ; (

    • teacakes says:

      I have basically the same story as yours, except that my family doesn’t know about it (it’s been 20+ years, it would shatter them if they knew). People like Mark Salling make me sick, they have no business being in society.

      • shewolf says:

        Me too Teacakes. Holding it in to keep everyone ok. I dont see it as an injustice either. Im an adult now, its my burden to carry and I think I did well with my life regardless. I’ve done the best I can. Just wanted you to know you’re not alone.

      • Mrs. Odie says:

        I’m so sorry. I’m especially sad that you have the burden of taking care of your family by keeping your abuse to yourself. I hope that your family becomes strong enough to bear what you’ve had to bear alone.

      • julies29 says:

        Same story here (but it was family.) Love to you all. Sad to say there is strength in numbers when the numbers are children who are abused, but always an encouragement reading the comments on CB.

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        Wow ladies, I’m so sorry. It’s not fair that these things happen and it’s not fair that you feel have to shoulder your burdens for your family. I understand why you do, sadly we all shoulder something we shouldn’t, but I do hope if you need to you give yourself permission to be open about any suffering or pain.

    • Giddy says:

      Lucky, you have all my sympathy and all my admiration. You are a survivor, and I’m so glad that you had the support of your family when the unthinkable happened to you. I hope your strength grows and continues to sustain you. And I hope that your abuser has been punished severely. All the best to you.

    • Esmom says:

      Oh Lucky, your story breaks my heart. Wishing you peace.

    • nicegirl says:

      Thank you for your comment, Lucky, and for sharing your experiences. We are a community of support here at celebitchy, don’t let the website name fool you! Best wishes to you and hoping you have a wonderful new year 2016.

    • Fluff says:

      All my love and support to you, Lucky.

  14. Nancy says:

    He and others like him make my skin crawl. If any of his former costars come to his defense in any way, may they suffer the same fate as he. Pariah….

  15. Kezia says:

    Sorry but the title of this article is all wrong as is every commenter calling it “child pornography”, they are IMAGES OF CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE, Jesus! There is no such thing, they are images of abuse. Adults take part in pornograohy, because they can consent. Children can’t consent to sex and using the word “pornography” implies there is on some level whether people mean it or not some sort of consent from the children who are abused to make these images. Please stop calling it child pornography!

    • kai says:

      We were posting the same thing at the same time, only you expressed it better than I could. Thanks.

    • PinaColada says:

      +1,000,000 kezia

    • Mrs. Odie says:

      I think this every time. “Child p*rn” makes it sound sexy and salacious. Like it’s okay, just naughty. When I found out what this CP thing is, it made me literally sick for a long time. It helped make my postpartum depression Hell. It needs to be called Child Rape Images.

    • kimbers says:

      Keep correcting people and media. They will change their wording. I know I dont call it cp

    • Jib says:

      Excellent point, one I never thought about.

      When I was about 6, I witnessed a 14 year boy who was a family friend do things to my sister. My memory is really fuzzy, but I know that I told on him, several times. I don’t think anyone paid attention. While not the same as pictures, it is all abuse, not,porn, when kids are involved. Just horrible.

    • lithe says:

      Thank you for this comment, Kezia! It can never be said enough!!

  16. kai says:

    I feel like there should be another word than “child pornography” for this. It doesn’T describe the horror of what this stuff actually is.

    • kimbers says:

      Cp might be too technical for some so they are unable to comprehend the complete darkening of the soul it is. The soul is special and this type of shit is the def of demons.

  17. Tiffany says:

    $20,000 for bail. Are you effing kidding me?

    • Sam says:

      Yeah, that seems awfully low. If the images are as the media are reporting them, they indicate a real depravity. We’re not talking a young man who has some sexy images of his 16 or 17 year old girlfriend here. This is pedophilia type stuff. The only thing I can think is that he’s heavily restricted in what he can do (monitoring, no access to electronic media, etc.). It also suggests to me that he might be trying to finagle some kind of deal – basically a low-level user handing over the producers or big fish.

    • aurelia says:

      A dirty hollywood producer in “the club” probably arranged the bail be so low. Hey, the county sheriff is probably one of them too.

  18. suze says:

    This is pathology on a deep level. I suppose society is fortunate in that he was arrogant or sloppy enough in his collecting to get himself on law enforcement’s radar.

    • Dena says:

      According to the article it was an ex-girlfriend who tipped off law enforcement, so it wasn’t necessarily that he got sloppy.

      True story, I once was on a boyfriend’s computer and auto-fill completed a web address with a child p*rn site. He said it was from a pop-up from another site but I broke up with him on the spot. I was young (under 20) and now I think I should have reported it.

      • Zwella Ingrid says:

        Good for you for taking immediate action and getting out of that situation! Too bad you didn’t think to turn him in though.

      • Jwoolman says:

        Those pop-ups do happen and it will get in your computer’s auto fill routine unless you think to delete it or flush the history. My computer keeps track for at least a year. But my guess is that at least your subconscious was building up a few red flags, and this was the final deal breaker.

        A friend who worked as a reference librarian said it was really annoying to have such crud appear like magic during a search. But the worst incident was when he was at home, searching for something benign, and a full-screen image of what seemed to be two boys (maybe a boy and a man) having at it. He was a little fuzzy about it because his young son and daughter were milling around the room and so he pulled the plug to get rid of it quick. He had no desire to try to explain that one. He was just glad the kids weren’t looking at the screen at that precise moment.

        I kept running into porn sites in my searches, too – not only because I have to research medical terms and the names for certain body parts could be involved in some jobs (and I couldn’t block them since I needed them…), but also because the porn sites were embedding other words in their pages (have to look at the source to see them, not visible on display). Sometimes I think they dumped a whole thesaurus in there. But since I’m also interested in computer games and cartoons, I also look for info on those and porn sites kept coming up! They were embedding words to deliberately entice kids, like names of games and kid shows and popular characters and actors and singers. You see, if the kid gets curious and wants to see more- off to mom’s purse to use her credit card… I haven’t had this problem in several years, so the web search engines might have found better ways to block them. I actually complained to Google occasionally.

        Somebody once made the sensible suggestion that porn sites have their own separate identifier in the url to help people avoid them when it’s unwanted. They could sell the idea by pointing out it also would make it easier for potential real customers to find them.

  19. Dragonlady sakura says:

    Ugh, horrifying. Throw his sorry butt in the general population and let them handle him.

    • Mrs. Odie says:

      I understand the anger, but we can’t throw out due process and the rule of law over feelings. Innocent people get arrested for crimes they didn’t commit. I don’t think vigilante justice via prison is a positive direction for our society to move in.

  20. Lucy says:

    Found out yesterday, with everyone else. Still can’t believe it. I’m so angry and disappointed.

  21. AmyB says:

    This is truly horrifying! More frightening is how “normal” some of these child porn users/child sexual abusers seem from the outside…aka Jared Fogle. I can usually muster some type of sympathy for people; you never know what kind of trauma or childhood demons they are carrying around. BUT, people who sexually exploit children is beyond my comprehension!! Between this and the Fogle arrest, this makes my skin crawl. Few months ago I found out that an old boss of mine (I work in the restaurant industry) was arrested for child porn/solicitation of minors (it was big news in the Philadelphia restaurant community as he was a successful & prominent chef). I worked for the guy for two years and always thought he was a bit of an egotistical asshole (but what chef isn’t haha?). But child porn???? Good Lord. There should be a special place in hell for people like this!!!

  22. msw says:

    Do people still download porn in file sharing? I know this used to be a thing, and people would accidentally download all kinds of creepy and often illegal porn as part of a big file dump. But in the era of porn streaming, I don’t know if that is relevant anymore.

    • Fluff says:

      It’s probably still pretty easy to accidentally download adult porn, just because it’s everywhere. But child stuff? Both the pedophile networks and the police have become so sophisticated nowadays, I think you have to really search for it. I’ve heard all kinds of stories about how pedo rings protect themselves. For example demanding newbies share their own images to prove themselves before they can access existing archives. Or using tech to encrypt images so even if you downloaded them, you wouldn’t be able to view them or they’d appear to be an innocent photo of something else.

      I don’t know. I’ve used Tor to access the dark web out of curiosity, and there certainly are a lot of sites that claim to have underage stuff. I’ve never clicked, but I’m skeptical there are sites that just openly advertise like that, even on the dark web. The media act like “the dark web” is this secret thing that’s difficult to access, and it’s really not. But on the other hand it’s super easy to find other illegal sites using Tor, so maybe I am wrong.

  23. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    What’s the story on the person he paid off to the tune of 2.7 million?

    To the people asking how someone could be like this/look normal. I do not say this to excuse him because frankly I don’t give a damn about him, throw him in jail. This is a predeliction through genetics. It’s like being born near-sighted or with brown hair. Monsters do not come with signs warning us of the danger. Monsters look normal, can seem nice, and don’t raise any red flags (and if you have a child I’ve found this is one of the easiest ways to begin to explain the issue of someone touching them or doing anything inappropriately).

    We can’t rely on sight and we can’t even really ask why someone would like that. Some people just do. The only thing we can do is protect the children, punish perpetrators, be aware of this issue and attempt to use meds and science to offer those people a fighting chance.

    As repulsive as it is some people have admitted their desire for children (a Hawaiin teacher was just dismissed and actually sued the school board because he thought children SHOULD be able to have relationships with adults (gag) but he had never acted on it and didn’t think being fired for that was fair). However, a few have publicly said they know how wrong it is and are open with doctors about the issue of controlling it and how these feelings arise. Hopefully they can find a cure or a powerful blocker because predeliction or not once you’ve done the damage I have NO sympathy for you. Those poor children.

    I’m only saying this because we all know monsters look more like Cosby and Jarett than they do scary unfamiliar men.

    • Sam says:

      The 2.7 million was paid to an ex-girlfriend. The story is that at some point, she and he were having sex with a condom and, at some point, he removed it and continued the sex, despite her protests. She says she later confronted him about this and he pushed her to the ground. She sued for both incidents. He at some point counter-sued her for defamation and other things, but eventually he agreed to pay her off and drop the counter-suit, I believe. That’s the story.

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        Thank you, I just heard pay-off and thought it was related to this.

      • Valois says:

        I don’t understand why this was considered sexual battery and not rape.

      • Mrs. Odie says:

        Probably because it was taken as a plea. The lawyer likely started out with a rape charge in order to get the defendant’s lawyer to agree to the lesser charge of sexual battery.

      • Sam says:

        Valois: because it was a civil case, not a criminal one. In most states, Rape is a criminal charge. Salling was not criminally charged. His ex sued him. Sexual battery is the tort that arises from a rape or sexual assault. Hope that helps.

      • Valois says:

        Thanks a lot for the explaination. I’m not from the US and I don’t know that many details about the US law /court system.

    • mimif says:

      I personally think the predilection for sociopathic behavior is a combo of genes and environment, but how awesome would it be (I think) if scientists isolated the gene/s responsible for this kind of abhorrent behavior?

      • mimif says:

        I haven’t gotten that far yet, I’m not a genetic scientist. 😉

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        I wish they could mimif, postdate yesterday because stories like this frustrate me. Because as disgusting and slimy as that monster is someone else produced those photos. How do we get those monsters?

        Is it weird it bothers me more than something like Cosby? Not because I think rape is a lesser crime, but at least with rape we can stop the individual. Cases like this always make me wonder if we’re even making a dent. Sigh.

      • KB says:

        I doubt we’re making a dent yet, but we’ve only started to truly understand and punish this kind of thing relatively recently. I mean the Internet hasn’t been around that long, but it has played a huge role in the spreading of these images, etc. I believe we will catch up one day. And these high profile arrests are a step in the right direction. Every one of these perverts should fear hard time in prison. The fact that there are “maximum” sentences is absolutely absurd to me. Murderers are less likely to re-offend than these people. Chemical castration is the only thing that actually works, and that’s only if they stay on it.

      • mimif says:

        @Eternal I think I’m more disturbed by CP than Cosby because of the children, but obviously that doesn’t finish Cosby’s victims in any way.
        @KB Prevention needs to come into play too somewhere, stop it before it starts.

      • Fluff says:

        The problem there is that it gives predators a legal get-out clause. In many countries or states, it’s not enough to prove a physical act took place, you have to prove intent. For example there have been a few cases of women being raped (physically, violently pinned down, in some cases by strangers) and legally it doesn’t meet the criteria for being considered rape in the eyes of the law because the man was asleep while doing it. If someone was able to proof he had a medical condition that caused him to perform acts against children, he could use that as a defense or even avoid being charged.

    • Jib says:

      I don’t think this is all genetics. I think most adults who abuse kids were abused themselves – that’s the inheritance. Not genes.

  24. Steff says:

    Sorry but 10 year olds “engaged in sex acts” rubs me the wrong way, it sounds like they willingly take part in such a thing which is most definitly not the cadsewhy not write “subjected to rape/sexual abuse”?

  25. Colette says:

    I hope he goes to prison.As a survivor of child sexual abuse I find it disturbing that people who actually sexually abuse children are given a shorter sentence than people who watch child sex abuse(child porn) in most states. So if a pervert rapes a child and let’s his pervert buddy film it .He may get a shorter sentence than the monster who filmed it. He may get a shorter sentence than the perverts who watch him raping the child .That’s fu##ed up IMO.
    People who rape children should be punished just as severely as people who produce and possess child pornography.

    • KB says:

      Agree on your last point. It should be punished exactly the same.

      • Mrs. Odie says:

        The thing is, the rapist is charged with a crime and then convicted and sentenced for that crime. The person filming is charged with multiple crimes and each one carries its own sentence. It isn’t that the filming is a “worse” crime, it’s just that it leads to more crimes that can be punished with jail time. The lesson here is that child rape should have a much longer jail sentence attached.

        It’s also a double-edged sword because people who are sick enough to do the above scenario are not the type to say, “If I get caught, I will go to jail forever.” They will add murder to their crime to get away with it. That is another problem, though, with letting child rapists out of jail. When they get out, they are MORE dangerous, not less.

  26. Michelle says:

    Ugh, so gross. I saw pictures of his previous girlfriends and -shocker- they look very, very young for their ages. This guy is not fixable.

  27. Miranda says:

    I’m always glad to see a pedophile outed, but I find it really disturbing that in a lot of cases (i.e. this guy; the dad from 7th Heaven), these crimes are only reported long after the fact by an ex-girlfriend/wife. It always seems like they know about the abuse for awhile, and only come forward during a bad break-up or a messy divorce. How many children suffered because of their inaction?

  28. kri says:

    These stories fill me with horror and dread. How many of the are out there? I fear the numbers are higher than any of want to know. I can only pray that he never actually attacked any kids physically. What a nightmare creature. Please put him somewhere awful and NEVER let him out.

    • mimif says:

      Also, go after the people distributing it. Remember that huuuuuuuge global sting a couple years ago? Men and women, a lot of them upper eschelon, involved in this twisted shit. I remember reading that the investigators had to have some serious therapy because it was so messed up.
      As everyone else mentioned, it boggles the mind….

      • aurelia says:

        Just google The West Elm Guest House in London. Its a whole dark scene of murder and rape and abuse purpertrated by U.K Politicans from the 1960’s-1990s. It was busted wide open in 2015 and all over the news. But will anything happaen. Nah.

  29. Redd says:

    Regarding the comments people are making about how shocking it is when someone is arrested for this, I think it’s such a highly stigmatized issue that pedophiles probably get very good at hiding it. I’m not familiar with the neuroscience, if pedophilia is considered a fetish or a full on mental health illness (I would hope, the latter), or if it’s treatable, etc.

    It’s not something I can read about without feeling physically sick, having small children in my family. Child abuse gives me a kind of rage where I have to stop thinking about it.

    • mimif says:

      I’m going with full on mental illness that is very difficult to treat/manage. I remember reading about convicted pedophiles who basically said “better keep me locked up because I can’t/won’t stop”.

      • tracking says:

        Yes, I just read this is usually comorbid with other major disorders: bipolar (manic impulsivity), sociopathy etc.

      • mimif says:

        I just went down a wormhole (and then thought about scrubbing my phone!) about pedos and treatment, and found an interesting (and sad, terrifying) link. It’s worth a read.


      • shewolf says:

        mimif – that was a horrifying, telling read. I dont agree with a lot of it. There is no such thing as “Im a good person. Im a pedophile but Im caring and I have other interests.” No one ever said you didnt have other interests or that you wouldnt be capable of making a morally sound decision in regards to anything other than pedophilia. But the fact of the matter was stated best when he said “Up until then I thought the kids liked it.” I realise you werent saying anything by posting the article, Im just responding to the article, not implying you were saying anything in particular! 🙂

      • mimif says:

        It’s definitely a disturbing read. I thought it was interesting that the woman researcher had an “epiphany” after talking with the young men. Like here is someone who is at the top of her field and knows everything there is to know about pedophilia, and then she had her mind blown just by talking to a couple of guys.. Goes to show we’ve got a long way to go to make it preventable, right?

      • Dj says:

        The recividism (will repeat behavior) rate is extremely high close to 100%. At least that is what was taught in grad school. That is why laws need to be changed because once an offender (pedophile) is found that person is so likely to re-offend. Psychopathy and pedophilia are two limited areas where therapy has been found to be of limited value.

      • mimif says:

        Other bizarre facts: pedophiles are more likely to be short, left handed, have a lower IQ, and there is some evidence that they suffered head trauma before the age of 13.

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        The head trauma part makes sense because there’s also evidence that significant head trauma can lead to a lack of inhibition and control. People who once would never drink or swear suddenly becoming alcoholics who pepper it with every word after a head injury.

        For better or worse our brains are our most delicate and important organ, once something goes wrong with them even good people (and yes even normal people suddenly gaining pedophiliar tendencies) can become strangers with monstrous tendencies.

  30. Lurker says:

    Back in the 1990s when Dennis Miller was still relevant, I will never forget what he said during an interview with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show. He was doing his usual schtick ranting about stuff, and they arrived at parenting and his belief you should be licensed before becoming a parent. And then he said this “You got to promise me if you’re watching me tonight and you ever get to the point in your life where you are so puzzled, confused, and frightened that you feel that the only way out is to abuse or molest a little kid, well then, you have got to kill yourself. You have to lean into the strike zone and take one for the team.”

    Never has anyone else captured my exact thoughts on this subject. I am anti-capital punishment, I don’t like war, I am a liberal. Except for child abusers. Dennis and I stand together on this one.

    • Greyson says:

      See, this is why I support capital punishment. People who harm little kids deserve it.

      People who rape and murder adults ALSO deserve it too.

      • Lurker says:

        My problem with capital punishment is all around wrongful convictions, and the possibility killing someone who didn’t do it. Which has happened many times.

        I get the desire to off abusers, totally.

      • mimif says:

        Yeah that and the insane amount of money it takes to keep people on death row.

      • Fluff says:

        One of the issues with capital punishment, at least in the US, is that it’s bound up with the prison industrial complex which has an extremely dubious racial and class-based history. Endemic racism in the American system seeks to channel young working class black men into the PIC, either to remove an ‘unwanted’ class of people (to prevent future rebellion), or for financial reasons. Even the existence of privatized, for-profit prisons is disturbing enough. Remember, the PIC make big bucks from incarcerating people – it’s in their interests to increase incarceration rates.

        Then you have to look at the racial statistics of death row (a convicted murderer is 11 times more likely to receive the death penalty if the victim was white, than if the victim was black), and specific cases of for example minors or people with severe mental retardation being sentenced to death.

        Plus there have been so many cases of people being proved innocent after years on death row, or being executed and then exonerated. I don’t know how anyone can support capital punishment in a country that has a history of regularly executing innocent people.

    • MoochieMom says:

      I remember this. I agree.

  31. shewolf says:

    I swear pedophilia is a symptom of sociopathic or psychopathic tendencies. The devastation is enormous, no one who could inflict that kind of pain on a child notices or cares about the impact. Why does sexual gratification pass as a reason to proceed with the behaviour despite noticing the distress and damage? Clearly Im no psychiatrist but hopefully I’m making a point here.

    • Mrs. Odie says:

      I think that most people who look at images of child sexual abuse are not pedophiles. I think the people who seek them out as a result of a desire for children are sick and that those are many of the people who consume the porn. But why has the demand increased so much in the past few decades? Are there more pedophiles now? I don’t believe so. I think that a lot of people will be willing to look out of curiosity. I think 99% of them would be repulsed and haunted by what they saw and never ever look again. But that’s just my made up on the spot statistic. Even if I’m right, 1% still represents a LOT of people. Some people will be morbidly fascinated and want to see more.

      I also know from my reading that men who become addicted to online pornography (true addicts, not people who look at porn the way most men look at porn) like all addicts need more and more to get the “high” the addiction demands. That leads to seeking out more and more taboo and perverse material and images of child rape are the #1 most forbidden images. So that is where the addiction is likely to lead. Again, even among porn addicts, most will view an image and be repulsed and haunted by it and never want to see another. But a small percentage will want to see more. Or they will be repulsed and haunted but also curious and fascinated. Because everyone has an internet connection, the TINY percentage of people who fit into these categories (pedophiles, curious individuals, porn addicts) ALL have access to images and the criminals and rapists who make the images now have a gigantic market to cater to because even those people who will only look once or twice will number in the millions.

      Every positive and useful advance in human history (in this case, technology) has a dark side and a light side. All we can do is catch the bad guys and punish them and do everything we can to protect the children.

      • mimif says:

        I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around your first sentence. If you even think about looking at images of child sexual abuse, there’s a major problem. That’s not curiosity, that’s sick.

      • shewolf says:

        But the point Im making is that its not about an addiction, its not about chasing the high of what is most taboo… it’s a complete disregard for the life and welfare of another human being, a child at that! Its no different than putting bullets in a child’s head for fun.

      • mimif says:

        @shewolf I 100% agree with you, my comment was for Mrs. Odie.

      • Mrs. Odie says:

        By “look at” I don’t mean “regularly” or for sexual gratification. I guess I should have said “see”, “click on” or “view once.” I can’t imagine it either, but I’m a woman in my forties with children. I don’t understand the male fascination with viewing images or videos of things they find repulsive or strange. It’s a dark and extreme version of the same impulse that Dave Chapelle satirized when he joked about “If the internet was a place, no one would go there, because it would be too disgusting.” And he has a skit where a man asks him if he wants to see a woman having sex with a goat, and he’s clearly not into it, but he’s like, “Yeah, I’ll look at that.” I mean, I hardly know a man who hasn’t watched “two girls one cup” and I didn’t even want to know what it was. The men/boys who told me about it would say it was horrifying and disgusting and they hated it, and yet they watched it. Many of them more than once. Not saying it’s the same thing, but rather on the same spectrum. The morbid fascination with disgust. I don’t think they are thinking about the child or the child’s pain and distress. They’re thinking about the desire to see something really horrifying and for some reason I don’t understand, a lot of people want to look at horrifying things.

      • platypus says:

        I agree, Mrs. Odie. It’s a difficult topic that is bound to cause strong emotional reactions, but it’s a shame that people let their emotions override their willingness to educate themselves on something that is happening on such a grand scale and hurting so many innocent children.

      • mimif says:

        Fair enough. I loved that Chappelle skit, so that puts it in perspective. I guess the idea is so repulsive to me on every possible level that I would never, ever consider it. Like it would never even enter the realm of curiosity for me. I don’t know if I agree that CP is on the same spectrum as, say 2 girls one cup. It’s so debasing I feel like CP is in its own class entirely.

      • KB says:

        Edit: misread your comment!

      • LMR15 says:

        In college we learned a lot about porn addiction. And Mrs. Odie you are right about it being like a drug, in which you build a “tolerance” and need more extreme material to be satisfied. In that respect, “normal” porn doesn’t remain exciting and more extreme and fetish stuff is what men progress to and often that can go all the way down the spectrum into awful, awful stuff. Maybe the vast majority of men don’t progress to that but porn addicts do.. I think the fact that we have SO much access to porn and that teenage boys are growing up viewing porn all the time is a problem.

        If the main source of sexual experience for young men comes from PORN, what values do they learn? That women are disposable, that we exist for their use and pleasure. Where is the empathy and respect?

        Now, I am not blaming pedophilia on porn and anyone that would hurt a child deserves to die painfully. But I do think porn addiction is a huge reason why child porn viewings seem to rise all the time.

      • shewolf says:

        Being caught with this form of porn is on the rise because of the availability of it in this day and age (internet! which makes it a very covert “no one knows” kind of thing whereas in the past it likely had a lot to do with knowing the right people who had the right stack of secret polaroids) coupled with the fact that its highly traceable.

        I very much doubt that it has anything to do with online click based porn addiction.

        If youre not saying pedophilia is due to porn then what exactly are you saying?

  32. Sid says:

    And he’s still alive and Cory is dead. Hope he dies and if there is a hell, he burns for eternity.

    • Dangles says:

      “And he’s still alive and Cory is dead.”

      I was thinking the same thing. I’m currently watching Glee with my kids on DVD and now it’s going to tainted every time this creep appears. Ugh. I hope he and all the other creeps involved in this are brought to justice and the victims are rescued by the authorities.

  33. Mrs. Odie says:

    Because victims of sexual abuse can and do become abusers (look into the background of a child molester and you will usually find sexual abuse), whenever someone is arrested for child sexual abuse/molestation/rape/etc., the person who abused that perp as a child should get time added to his sentence. Or be rearrested if he’s been released.

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      Agreed to this. Sadly victims of sexual abuse as a child can become abusers, though not always. It’s a horrible vicious system.

  34. JRenee says:

    I will never understand why this occurs. I can’t imagine having to even be a juror and see images like this. My heart breaks for exploited children!
    This is so sickening!

  35. Jayna says:

    And many of the images or videos the children are under 10. So sickening. I can’t imagine how it must be for his mother to find out she has such a sick, perverted son.

    I wonder if he’s dated any women with children.

  36. DTX says:

    I’m loving how the ex-girlfriend made him pay up for raping and assaulting her and then proceeded to finish him off by burying him under his gross pedo pictures! No mercy for sickos!

    The timeline seems to suggest that it was reported earlier this year (probably when they were settling) and the police took a few months to investigate this on their own to make sure it wasn’t a “vengeful ex” thing.

    I do wonder if she discovered this at an earlier time before their relationship deteriorated, I truly hope not, this is something that should be addressed immediately and not to be saved as “ammo” in case someone pissed you off.

  37. sassy says:

    I remember an episode on Oprah where she describes child rape on video and what she described still haunts me to this day. I actually pray to God that somewhere a child is saved from sex abuse. I pray till tears come. I don’t understand why someone would want to do this. What angers me is that some of these pedophiles actually think that they are making the kids feel good and they are helping them to enjoy sex in some cases. I have two small kids and the thought of someone hurting my babies is unbearable.

  38. platypus says:

    Here’s to hoping society will one day realize that condemning people with pedophilic tendencies to hell is not the way to avoid situations like this…

    • Sarah01 says:

      Enlighten us please how is it best to avoid situations like these?

      • mimif says:

        Well, for one, condemning someone to hell is about as effective as telling someone to go suck a banana. In other words, it’s probably not going to happen (unless you believe in a fiery inferno, which I don’t).
        There has got to be more constructive dialogue about it. I just read there’s an estimate 1.2 million pedos in America alone. That number is staggering. And there is currently no tactics in place to treat people who identify as pedos but whom do not want to cause harm. That is also very troubling. I also agree with the poster upthread that we can’t as a civilized society just equate the perp getting his comeuppance in prison with justice. I mean, we might as well build a coliseum and feed him to the lions. Anyway, treatment methods are ineffective, it’s obviously really fucking sick so there’s a lot of mental health practitioners who aren’t even able to properly counsel pedos, so….I dunno. Sounds like a can of worms to me.

      • Mrs. Odie says:

        Here is what I made of that comment:

        To treat them when they are pubescent males who admit to these impulses instead of them realizing that if they don’t keep their secret, they will be found out and everyone they love will abandon them. They will have a professional mental health professional to talk to them so that they don’t become educated in secret on the internet by other pedophiles. They don’t have to become abusers because they can get treatment. No one will care about them once they hurt a child. Before they hurt children, they are not guilty of anything but being sick.

        Louis C.K. does a bit that has some underlying thought provoking truth. He talks about how if our society wasn’t so violently condemnatory of child molesters, maybe the CMs wouldn’t murder the little kids. I get what’s being said here. If our goal is to save children and protect children, making the punishment after the fact severe doesn’t solve the problem of child predators. We have to find a way to prevent people from abusing children. In the same way we’ve started to shift the public dialogue away from women avoiding getting raped and toward preventing men from committing rape, we need to shift the dialogue of teaching parents and children to protect themselves from pedophiles and toward identifying young people with those proclivities and treating them.

      • mimif says:

        Dang it, you and Louis made me laugh. But great post! And it’s not just males, albeit a very small percentage, females can be pedos too.

      • tracking says:

        Interesting idea about early intervention, Mrs. Odie. So screening high schoolers, for example? But what would compel them to be honest about something so stigmatized? Great idea, but hard to see how it would work. mimif, the numbers you cited are both staggering and terrifying. I can’t believe this hasn’t been identified as a public healthy/safety issue that needs to be addressed pronto.

      • mimif says:

        I know, right? From the article I read, pedophilia usually begins to manifests at around 11 years old. Eleven. Years. Old.

      • LMR15 says:

        mimif– how can that be? They are children themselves at 11. I would think an adult looking at kids would be pedophilia. I dont quite get it..

      • mimif says:

        From my understanding, pedophilia develops during puberty. So while “normal” boys and girls are starting to develop crushes, etc., the young pedophile starts looking at children differently. In the link I posted above, one of the young men said he noticed it when he realized he had a “crush” on a 6 year old. It’s really bizarre though, because he said he felt fraternal “love” for boys and something different for young girls. I guess pedophilia has a spectrum too.

      • Tonka says:

        Yes to everything Mrs Odie said

  39. Sarah01 says:

    I’m all for prevention, but the lax attitude towards child sexual exploitation and justice for the victims of these horrific crimes ( the worst in my book) is what alarms me the most.
    My sympathies don’t lie with pedos and their “coping mechanisms” my sympathies solely lie with the victims. Somewhere along this conversation pedos need to own the fact that they are committing henious crimes. The fact they get these children to commit sex acts, film it and distribute it secretly, is because they fear that loved ones will abandon them is totally ludicrous to me.
    They visit Cambodia or Poland to have sex with children has got nothing to do with abandonment and solely to do with feeding their sick desires.
    This is not a disease, just like raping a woman is not a disease. Violating others is not a disease. This is not a drug habit. To actively take part in these crimes is not a disease. Call it what it is, they like to have sex with kids, harm them in unimaginable ways, they exchange them, buy them, torture them, kill them. These are fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, friends, sons and daughters who are capable of living “normal lives” they know what they are doing is wrong and they represent the absolute worst in society.
    To me if someone had these desires and never acted on it and actively spent time to seek help would be quite courageous. but the majority are not like this. Not everyone can or want to be rehabilitated.

  40. LauraH says:

    The article quoted earlier I found so interesting. It’s such a complex hard subject isn’t it. The stigma I think stops people coming forward about challenging urges before they act, for help. but of course there is a stigma when it is so abhorrent and awful to many of us. In the article, when asked why he was attracted to children, the answer appauls me and makes no sense to me. How can we empathise and have a conversation when that is the case? There is this huge divide. There needs to be some outlet and some sort of advisory or support service with the right guidance as a first step, surely. I’d give money to it if it can literally save children before it’s too late.

    • mimif says:

      Courageous and pedophile aren’t two words I would ever think I would use in a sentence, but that young man showed an immense amount of courage coming forward. And how amazing that he is helping researchers understand the issue more clearly, so that in turn it might help others.

    • hmmm says:

      Why should we empathise with pedophiles? Geez.

  41. anon says:

    Hi all, I love this site and the intelligent community of commentators. I am wrestling with something: I had a piano teacher who began hitting on me when I was 15, and he almost convinced me to come away with him for a weekend hotel stay. I thought I was very mature and I enjoyed the attention, but I also knew, deep down that it was wrong. He said a lot of gross things to me, and fully intended for us to sleep together. Luckily I chickened out. Anyway, I googled him and he’s still a piano teacher in my old town and no complaints about anything like this appear to have been issued. Should I say something at this late stage? Or do you think I was old enough? I was almost 16 … I’d love to just forget it, but this comment section is making me feel guilty.

    • LauraH says:

      Hello. I really enjoy this community too! It’s a really personal choice. If I was sat with you my first question would be what would you like to happen I guess, what would you want the result to be if you spoke up? If it is about personal guilt about doing nothing perhaps a therapist as a first step? If it is to address the man you may want to check the local laws and how everything works and is investigated, I’m not sure how viable it would be for them to explore given it was so long ago but that’s never a reason not to do something and you know he still works there. I’m not really saying I have the right answers at all it is a very personal choice but right or wrong that’s what I think I would say to a friend x

    • mimif says:

      Two thoughts: Write him a letter. Tell him what he did was grossly inappropriate (with illegal consequences), it continues to bother you to this day, and that you are concerned for the welfare of other young girls in his company. See how it makes you feel, and then proceed to the next step, whether that means confronting him, talking to a therapist, etc. Writing stuff like that down always makes me feel better and gives me time to process everything.
      Secondly: Don’t ever doubt yourself! Just because you might have felt flattered doesn’t excuse the fact that he was abusing his power. It’s akin to saying, “she asked for it”. That’s such a fragile time in a young person’s life, and adults who manipulate that are despicable.
      God, it pisses me off. You were just a kid and the fact that it makes you feel guilty makes me kick him where it counts.

    • Peaches says:

      Maybe you could go to your local police department and ask them how you should proceed. Maybe you are not the only one who had the same experience with that teacher and, even if charges weren’t brought up, maybe other people have complained as well. At least it’ll put him on their radar.

      • anon says:

        THANK YOU EVERYONE, THIS IS GREAT ADVICE. I think I’m going to start with the police department, and I really appreciate the perspective against my personal guilt about it. I mostly feel guilty that I haven’t spoken up because a few years ago my sister mentioned her friend’s younger sister was going to him and I just felt so creeped out and worried for her but didn’t say anything and hoped it had just been me and our ‘special connection’ he’d constantly referenced. I really appreciate your taking the time to share your perspectives with such empathy and insight.

  42. HeyThere! says:

    Omg my sister and her husband met Mark and Corey(the Glee star that passed away)at the private sector of the airport, while both waiting on their jets. She was pregnant and Mark was asking her questions about her other two kids that weren’t with them. EW! What a $&@!ing sick $&@!!!!! I hope he rots. Corey, on he other hand, was very sweet and gave a little banner to give to my nephew who loves hockey like he did. I have my own baby now, and the horror those little kids have to go through for those sick images to be made…kill all the sick $&@! that are involved. We don’t need their kind. Now those kids will be messed up for life. I wish I could take all of them home and snuggle and love them. I can’t imagine some poor baby going through those experiences. Truly breakers my heart. Crimes again children like this should be automatic death penalty for ALL involved.

  43. Harper says:

    I used to be really into Glee and I remember seeing a ton of behind the scenes videos/tweets in which Mark Salling was cuddled up with various children visiting the set. Fans were absolutely fawning over it at the time (“Awwww, he’s so good with kids, how sweet!”). Horrifying in hindsight.

    • HeyThere! says:

      @Harper I remember that stuff too! The access to kids he had being a celebrity is SCARY!!!! Hurts my heart. The thought of him asking bout my young nephews sickens me. I hope it doesn’t come out that he also acted on these horrible actions in person.

    • lucy2 says:

      Wow, that’s really scary.
      I remember hearing nothing but bad things about him over the years, but never expected THIS. Hope he rots in jail for a long, long time.

  44. Joh says:

    So when the Michelle Duggars of the world
    ( or Scott Lively in Uganda) equates homosexuality or transgenders to pedophiles, that allows guys like this or Jared to hide in plain sight.

  45. Fluff says:

    A man who was on the board of my company (but who fortunately had never met) was charged and pled guilty to possessing thousands of images of, basically, rape and torture of children. You wouldn’t believe the amount of people who made excuses. Some people they hear “busted with child porn” and they just go “oh he probably had photos of his infant grandkids in the bath” or they imagine it was a Tracy Lords situation (commercially produced mainstream porn starring someone who looks like an adult woman, but who was secretly not yet 18).

  46. Stephanie says:

    Kudos to the ex-girlfriend for alerting the authorities.

  47. Mira says:

    What a sick f*ck. May he rot in hell.

  48. BP says:

    What a sick perverted loser. I hope he gets put it jail with all the other sick f*cks.