Ivanka says no to The View

Well it appears there was some truth to the rumor that Ivanka Trump would be asked to joint the view as a co-host. While talking with Ryan Seacrest, she responded “There’s zero chance I would do that.” When Seacrest pushed her, she did vaguely confirm that an offer of some sort had been extended. “I’ve gotten a lot of requests. Let’s just leave it at that.” Snippy much?

I had thought Ivanka was the classier of the Trumps, but it appears I’m wrong. She’s too busy being sexy and doing sexy sexy things to be on The View.

“I’m working on the sexiest projects around the world. So, to me, to be on a television show every single day at a designated period of time just wouldn’t work in terms of my schedule.”

[From E News]

I too am far too sexy to work for most major morning shows, so I understand how she feels. Wait, it’s that her projects are too sexy. Okay I too have a job so sexy that I wouldn’t be able to deal with Barbara Walters. It’s a gift, it’s a curse, what can I say? Could Ivanka possibly sound more like her father? Somehow I’d hoped she’d escaped the Trump Sexy Curse and would have some class, but that talking-yourself-up-all-the-time thing is just very tacky.

Kathy Griffin seems to be bandied about most for the gig. She recently said gave an interview where she mentioned that she thought it would be fun, but wasn’t sure it would work out.

“They (the producers of The View) are not throwing piles of money at me. They’re not begging. I love when you hear these actresses say, ‘The producer literally got on his knees and opened a briefcase full of money.’ With me, no. It’s like, ehhhh, they might, they might not, if they do they don’t want me to talk so much. Believe me, there are a lot of provisos… Honestly, I don’t think they’re going to come up with the Griffin dollars. But I’m happy to go and check it out and see what they want. I’ve done The View a bunch of times and it’s a very fun show to do.”

[From the Winnipeg Sun]

It sounds like the produces are pretty serious about not paying this person much. Rosie O’Donnell left because they wouldn’t pony up the cash, and it seems like it’s taking them forever to even come up with a name. They never replaced Star Jones. She left a bit before Rosie started, but she’d already been officially hired to replace Meredith Viera. This show has been in flux for the last few years – and maybe that’s a good thing. It had many stale years prior to that. Let’s hope they can find someone good, who can avoid fights with the Trumps… and avoid their sexiness, if at all possible.

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