Taylor Swift debuts ‘Out of the Woods’ music video on NYE: fun or silly?

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As we all know, Taylor Swift’s 1989 has many thinly veiled blind-item songs about her months-long, on-and-off thing with Harry Styles. When the album first came out, I remember in-the-know Swiftloonies saying that “Out of the Woods” was one of the most obvious ones, with several lyrical callbacks to her relationship with Styles. So… even though Swifty is happy with Calvin Harris now (and stockpiling references about him which will go on her next album), she’s still dealing with Styles in various ways. So while One Direction performed on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, Swifty made sure that the night was also about her. She debuted her new video for “Out of the Woods” on the show, without even having to show up in person.

“Out of the Woods” is the music video she filmed in New Zealand in November. There was a controversy because Taylor’s film crew was massive, and the beach they were using has strict limitations as to the allowed vehicles, which is why “Swifty hates endangered Dotterels” is a thing. Anyway, here’s the video (which probably killed some endangered Dotterels).

I complain about this every time we talk about Taylor’s music videos, but she is such a bad actress. Really, really bad. I dislike her styling here too, and the CGI wolves are meh. But I appreciate that they spent some serious money on this, and everything looks fine. I’m sure if I was a 12-year-old Swiftloonie, I would love this. And that’s the target audience, isn’t it?



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  1. Amelia says:

    Eh, I quite liked it. Campy and Narnia-ish.
    But it was only filmed in November? How quickly can a music video usually be turned around? That’s super speedy.

  2. Jess says:

    I like that it’s just her, without any romantic interest.
    I also like the final words: they are also the last words on her tour, and the message of “Clean” the last song of the album.

    Also about Swifty, my friend saw her last night (or early today actually) in Las Vegas, in Calvin Harris show. She said she looked like she was having a good time and that Calvin would look at her at some points during his set. My friend was so jealous lol she lusts after Harris like an hormonal teenager

    • Halvin Carris says:

      Tell your friend to love herself AND get her eyes checked!!!!! LOLZ

    • knower says:


      lol wow. Would your friend be excited if she knew they were really bearding?

      Swifties eat this junk up, they really do. They are the same type of stan that believes stories like Harry Styles/Kendall fauxmance just cooked up recently. They want to believe these narratives so much that they would never dare question if it is real or not – after all, it would kill the delight they have. And that’s great for Taylor & Co. – swifties, etc unwavering belief in all this being real keeps revenue/interest high and mighty.

      • Stini says:

        Dunno about Taylor, but Calvin’s straight. I knew the girl he was in a long relationship with when he first got famous, and before that he used to hang around the club I worked at with his girlies.

      • Sullivan says:

        Knower don’t know. 😜

  3. Shambles says:

    1. Bolt-ons

    2. She’s still making music videos out of an album that came out in 2014? Ugh.

    3. “Swifty made sure that the night was also about her.” Because of course she did. Taylor Swift’s life goal is to make everyone else’s lives about her.

    • ell says:

      “She’s still making music videos out of an album that came out in 2014? Ugh.”

      so is every musician btw, that’s how it works.

      • Nik says:

        @ ELL

        Who are the artists that put an album out in ’14 and still have recent videos being released?

        Most stop after the 3rd-4th single so someone doing a sixth feels a bit excessive.

      • Nope says:

        No, its not. Its very unusual for artists to drag out an album so long. I work in the industry and we never let our artists do this. We want them to have staying power.

      • Veronica says:

        Most albums do about 4-5 singles for the high sellers, so I am a little surprised to see a sixth one out. This being said, I doubt this is purely her own decision. The songs are still charting, though, so why the hell not? It’ll give her radio play while she starts on a new album. Honestly, I was more surprised that it took this long to release OotW as a single – I would have put money on it being released well before Wildest Dreams ever was.

    • Easypeasy123 says:

      Give her some slack for the boobs. That’s a very modest implant. I would probably want some curves to if I had a very slim straight figure

    • melodycalder says:

      Didn’t she say she wanted to beat Katy perry’s record of 5 #1s from a single album? That is why she is still rehashing this did, especially harry styles related songs – and frankly, this is one of my least favorite songs on her album. I hate songs where 90% of the song is the same words over and over. Boring

      • Alex says:

        To be fair TS songs are still charting and selling. KP had to repackage the same album to get those 5 #1s. Hardly impressive.

    • Samtha says:

      The album is still selling and her songs are still charting, so…kanyeshrug.

      In an era where most musicians only have one or two singles and fill the rest of an album with, well, filler, it’s nice to see someone putting in some effort.

      • ISO says:

        I’m ISO and I’m a reluctant fan of TS. (hello ISO) I’m taking it one day at a time. It all started when my son’s uber wealthy father took his spawn and step kids to a TS concert. Because it was visitation time w our son, my 9yr old child was taken away from the usual x games training and dragged to a “girl” thing. It turned out to be a dancing singing good time for the entire mob of tweens, but of course. So I bought an old school record player along w the TS vinyl at whole foods. My son knows it’s uncool, but he loves playing the whole shabamalam along w looking at the lyrics and artwork etc. I actually don’t mind some of the songs. I’m more gracious than Jared Leto. But that’s why I’m here on CB, to realize that this too shall pass.

    • knower says:


      odd thing is this song, Out of The Woods, was her first single off 1989 technically cause it was the first song put out in the open considered a “promotional single” – the weirdest part is that IT GOT RADIOPLAY so why the redux now like its new? and why a video now?

      Doesn’t make sense to me if she released this song FIRST in 2014.

      • lucy2 says:

        I feel like the main goal of these popstars is to stay in the headlines and the charts, not to make music. So if they’ve run out of other ways, they’ll rework a song or make a video, anything to keep attention. If this was an early release and her tour is already done, I can’t see any other reason for doing a video.

    • FLORC says:

      Bolt ons got me too. Its nota good look when they slde to the side to expose a sternum. The way she put them front and center with her choice of low cut tops is tough to ignore.

  4. Marnie says:

    The words at the end made me cringe a little, but other than that it was an alright video.

  5. Dtab says:

    Its so much of nothing…like her other videos. She is a seriously bad actress, even for a music video. I think it’s time she gave up on releasing songs from this album, enough is enough.

    • ell says:

      lmao she really is a bad actor. it’s not her thing at all.

    • Esmom says:

      Last night at a party the host was streaming music videos on their big screen, which I haven’t watched in a really long time (and which I loved, having been a teen in MTV’s early days). I noticed that so many of the musicians were really bad actors. It was actually kinda cringeworthy. So Tay’s not alone.

      • Wren says:

        They really are! And some of the “concepts” in the videos are pretty cringeworthy too. Dancing aimlessly half naked in the desert is a popular choice for some reason that I can’t quite figure out.

        But then again, they’re musicians. They’re NOT actors and expecting them to be actors is kinda silly. It’s kind of ridiculous that music videos are so plot heavy to begin with, since, again, these people are NOT actors.

      • Liv says:

        Yep, they are not actors, so whatever. Bad acting and kitsch beside I actually like the video, it’s a bit oldschool! :-)

  6. ell says:

    i love taylor’s last album, but i’m always disappointed by her videos. they’re also so tacky and unimaginative, she needs a better creative team for her videos.

    • jolene says:

      I know! This rather boring video could have been filmed or CGI’ed anywhere — and to think it upset an ecosystem — totally unnecessary and simply wasteful.
      I wish all of these out of touch entertainment folks would get a clue and use their money for good (e.g. recent major contribution by Sacha Cohen and Isa Fisher towards vaccination of Syrian refugees).

      Squad Goal 2016: Think outside yourself for the Love of all that is Good and Kind!

      • helonearth says:

        Agree whole heartedly. I have travelled through New Zealand and its a stunningly beautiful country, so I was interested to see this video. What a waste of time. Her voice on this track is dull dull dull.

    • coolkidsneverhavethetime says:

      This video could have been lovely. 19th century fur trimmed hoods and fairy tale awesomeness, cathedrals in the woods, pristine mountain lakes, snow covered branches… So she’s mud wrestling in a desert? What? I agree… Wtf is she doing with these videos.

  7. Frank says:

    The song is okay not great video is alright. I am just not a huge fan

  8. CarrieUK says:

    Massive soft spot for Swift so I like it! I think compared to some of the serious crap out there she’s a hard working decent song writing singer, not much else to say really!

    • Tate says:

      She does seem to be very hard working. I took my 10 and 12 year old to her concert this past summer and I was so impressed with the show that she put on.

  9. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I didn’t watch the whole thing, but I noticed that her face has grown more womanly or whatever as opposed to girlish, and I thought she looked very beautiful. A little silly to pretend she could outrun wolves, but I suppose that wasn’t the point.

    • lisa2 says:

      She looks more mature; but her music still feels so juvenile to me. And those words at the end were just cringe worthy. I understand you find inspiration in your relationships. But this song is not that good. I listened to the whole thing and nothing sticks in my head.. just “Are we out of the woods”.. No I forgot it again.

      Her music makes me think of teen drama after a breakup; but maybe that is the point since that is her core audience.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Good point. I’m not sure what she will do when she matures completely, because, as you say, her music seems very young.

      • WinnieCoopersMom says:

        Eyeroll.. she will do the same thing Katy Perry – a 30 year old – does. Keep up the schtick as long as possible.

    • Veronica says:

      I think a lot of people lose the last of that “baby fat” look around their mid-twenties, especially women. I was looking at a picture of J. Law the other day and thinking about how baby-faced she used to be during the first THG films.

  10. antipodean says:

    @Kaiser, thank you for posting today, you are a demon for work! I thought you would be taking the day off to rest and relax, but no, faithful Kaiser to the pit face. It is much appreciated, but do look after yourself, we need you hale and hearty for 2016!

    • Esmom says:

      Yes it’s a nice way to start this morning. One drawback with drinking caffeine on NYE instead of alcohol is that it makes going to sleep pretty much impossible. I know I’ll be trying to rest later, too!

    • Snazzy says:

      Yes, thanks Kaiser!!

  11. H says:

    Song is horrible. Again, why is she so popular?

    • Poisonous Lookalike says:


      Also, is it common nowadays for songs to be so repetitive? I understand the difference between verses and chorus, but are most choruses like this one—just repetitions of the same line?

      (Yes, you may all kindly show yourselves off my lawn, etc.)

  12. paolanqar says:

    Her fake boobs are really obvious here.

  13. OSTONE says:

    I like Taylor, so I may be bias. I think the video is harmless and meh. I really, really liked blank space and think is the best/strongest song and video of her whole album. I am surprised “welcome to New York” or “style” didn’t get a video.

    • Cate says:

      Style does have a video…

    • Veronica says:

      Style did get a video, but it was the worst video because it’s a song that allows for full on 80s video cheese, and it let me down bad. I was expecting some full on Debbie Harris/Pat Benetar joy there, and I did not get it.

  14. cleveland girl says:

    Love the song. Love the video. Love Taylor!! Happy New Year everyone!! Xoxo

  15. InvaderTak says:

    Well if the still shots are any indication, its campy, corny and swift reminds us again that she is a bad actress. And I’m getting Elsa from frozen vibes which is annoying because I now hate that movie.

  16. Tate says:

    I don’t know…. I had a few 12 year olds that anxiously awaited this video last night. They were happy.

  17. Taylorfanmom says:

    I admit, I like her…my daughter is a HUGE Taylor fan, I was part of the “89″ that were invited to her NYC apartment (ok, my daughter was and I got to go since she was under 18, but still). I think what she has done for her fans is above and beyond what some others do, whatever her motive, it’s awesome! Her video is okay, I love the message at the end…I think it’s a great message for all women. I have a few friends who could learn that it’s more important to find ourself than keep the guy.

    • evie says:

      Ditto. My 9 y.o. niece LOVES her and frankly, I do, too. As a child of the 80′s it’s nice to see someone doing big videos for a change. I don’t think she’s any worse than any other musician that makes music videos as far as her “acting” goes either. I think the things she does for her fans are pretty cool and she seems fairly down-to-earth for someone so famous. No shade coming from this little corner of the internet today. She gets nothing but love from me. :)

  18. Kiki says:

    I an going to be an odd man out here… But I am really going to love Adele’s new music. Taylor Swift music is just not cuttin it for me.

    • Jane says:

      I’m right there with you, Kiki.

      • Imqrious2 says:

        LOVE Adele, and really like the new album a lot, but honestly… In my opinion 21 is her best work to date. (I can’t wait to see her opening night in L.A. In August. WOOHOO!)

        HAPPY NEW YEAR, CELEBITCHERS! May this be a year of peace, health, happiness, and lots of fun gossip for us all! 😘

    • noway says:

      Oh come on!!! Taylor is obviously not Adele. Right now she is bubble gum pop music that is not great but not bad. She is also a musician who writes and plays her own music, granted we aren’t talking Shakespeare or Dylan, but its harmless and she shows some talent. Obviously, Adele is a much stronger singer and musician, but there is room in the world for both. Both are very young so who knows what will happen with time. As Kaiser said most of us aren’t Taylor’s audience, whereas we probably are Adele’s, and my 13 year old daughter loved this. If I recall my parents didn’t love the music and video I liked in my teens either.

  19. Renae says: says:

    I thought her Red album and tour was pretty amazing. She put on a great show.

  20. AlmondJoy says:

    I can’t help but think of all things Swifty as a little silly. The video is kind of cute though.

    • helena says:

      that’s quite true. I’m a fan, she’s super smart and successful, but her music is pretty childish. I have no problem with that,but it’s true.

  21. Skins says:

    Used to like her a little, but her music is really starting to bore me. It just sounds like another song to me, no good hooks or anything memorable. Meh

  22. word says:

    I saw the video last night and was not really impressed. Is it just me or are all her songs sounding the same now? The video was ok, just nothing you’d want to watch on repeat (which should be the focus of a music video if you think about it). I do think she is talented of course, and a pretty good role model who does a lot of charity work and really appreciates her fans…so I can’t really hate on her.

    I’m more interested in Kendall dating Harry, while GiGi is dating Zayn. How is this going to affect GiGi and Kendall’s friendship? LOL the questions !!!

  23. K says:

    I like the song and the video is fine. I mean yes she is a terrible terrible actress but she isn’t an actress she is a singer. The video has pretty scenery and they clearly didn’t cheap out on it.

    It wasn’t bad. I liked it. I mean it is a music video not a movie going for an Oscar.

  24. Please no more Taylor swift says:

    Whoever said you remain the age when fame hits was right. She’s still writing and along videos like a 16 year old. Having said that I think this message is good for teen girls but I wonder if she will be like Avril Levigne in that her fanbase did not grow with her and she is now a perpetual teen.

  25. snapper down under says:

    Is it a theme song to a Disney movie? Because that’s the vibe I’m getting from the video.

    In other news Natalie Cole has died at age 65. Such an amazing voice.
    RIP Ms Cole

    • Kiki says:

      I am saddened that we lost one of the greatest singer of all time. R.I.P Natalie Cole, be with God and your Father.

  26. Deeana says:

    My ten yr old grandson who is a fan said “meh. Crawling thru mud and trees wrapping around her?”. He didn’t seem to notice the boobs – but he “doesn’t like girls yet because they’re all stupid!”. I don’t quite know where that leaves ms. Swift…

  27. racer says:

    She’s harmless and her music is good for long car rides when you feel like singing something with no soul. I’m more interested in her plan to evolve over time. Surely her lyrics, music and style will need to mature if she hopes to endure. 12 year old girls grow up……

  28. louisa says:

    quite honestly this video is incredibly corny, so overdone, and extremely contrived… really? it’s titled out of the woods and you made it in woods with snow and WOLVES?! i felt like it was a twilight remake with the essence of cinderella. the only thing that kept me watching was to see if it could get worse, and if they could find new ways of making her implants even more obvious. i don’t know if anyone mentioned that yet, but…wow. she should not have been wearing that dress, or laid down in it.

  29. Kat says:

    This is an ok song, not her best, but the video is cringe-y. Where as Bad Blood was campy and trashy and arm flailing silliness and it KNEW it, this is all of those things but she intended them to be serious. Can someone please tell her that acting doesn’t have to mean grand movements and throwing yourself around and shaking your fists at the sky. Acting can be subtle! (Breast implants can be subtle too…) She’s still acting so much younger than her age and business prowess would indicate.

  30. Joh says:

    She and Katy Perry seem to be pop stars because there is no one
    Out there any better.
    Just bland.

  31. Ange says:


  32. Debutante says:

    I like her. And I like that she got a smaller implant instead of the oversized balloons so many others get.
    A friend of mine got implants, and you can see that weird puckering of the skin where the skin is being stretched. Yuck.

  33. Veronica says:

    I’ll take it over Blank Space, honestly. I get what they were trying to do with the video for that one, but it still creeps me out since it’s essentially the story of man being emotionally and physically abused by a woman, ultimately resulting in his murder.

  34. perplexed says:

    Based on this song, I have no idea why she’s considered a great lyricist.

    • WinnieCoopersMom says:

      I am a long time Swift fan but I will say she dropped the ball with 1989 in regards to her lyrics/writing. Red was much better, IMO. ‘All Too Well’ was great songwriting and a fan of a few others like “Back to December.” But this album was really dumbed down to have more mass appeal I think. Anyway, I think she can do better than this if she quits being so concerned about commercial success and selling out for the money.

    • Veronica says:

      Personally, I always thought this one is the weakest lyrically after “Bad Blood” on 1989. She tends strike me as mediocre to good as a lyricist, with the occasional forays into legitimately great. Albeit, I will say “Clean” and “This Love” are quite lovely lyrically, just not radio hits.

  35. knower says:

    I’d just like to say its VERY INTERESTING the Kendall/Harry Styles pics were out the same time as the Swift video, and the song in the video is about Harry Styles.

    sometimes I think their headline coordination is so much more coordinated than I could have ever thought.

  36. Jezza says:

    How long has she had the new boobs? Not a bad job – fairly subtleish. Meh. Whateves. Not gonna judge. She’s tall, and an increase in fullness gives her a little more proportion.

  37. Jwoolman says:

    I kept thinking during the chase: “They must smell cat on her.” Mrow.