Leo DiCaprio & Kelly Rohrbach broke up a few months ago because they’re ‘so busy’


Super-sad news, you guys. Pour one out for Kelly Rohrbach, because the girl got dumped. Leonardo DiCaprio’s publicist (I’m assuming) spread the word far and wide Monday afternoon that Leo and Kelly are no more. The breakup stories have the whiff of classic DiCaprio – when Leo is done with a girlfriend, he’s totally done. But! Kelly’s publicist’s fingerprints are all over the breakup stories too. You have to remember – Kelly’s publicist is AMAZING. About a month after Kelly became Leo’s official, Page Six published one of the most extraordinary, sycophantic and publicist-written introduction pieces I’ve ever read. Anyway, it looks like Kelly wasn’t The Perfect Girlfriend after all. All that hustling, all that shilling, all that posing and she doesn’t even get to be his undercover official for the Oscar season. BOO!

Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend, model Kelly Rohrbach, have split, PEOPLE has confirmed.

“They have been broken up for a few months now,” a source who knows them both tells PEOPLE. “They are very friendly and it’s super amicable.”

Their hectic work schedules contributed to the breakup, says the source.

“They are both so busy and he’s got a big movie coming out and she’s one of the biggest supermodels in the world. There is no other person in the picture.”

The two spent New Year’s Eve apart, with DiCaprio partying in St. Barts with a celebrity entourage while Rohrbach celebrated with family.

“Leo partied with blondes and brunettes and male buddies including Leo’s longtime friend Lukas Haas,” a source tells PEOPLE of his time at the popular nightclub, Nikki Beach.

DiCaprio, 41, and the Sports Illustrated model, 25, began dating over the summer, and were spotted riding around New York City on Citi bikes back in June. The couple were never shy about showing some PDA – they were often seen kissing and holding hands while on outings. They were last spotted together at Thanksgiving.

[From People]

“She’s one of the biggest supermodels in the world…” Thank you, Kelly’s publicist. I’ll be sure to tell Gisele Bundchen. And Bar Refaeli. And Erin Heatherton and Toni Garrn. Because of course Kelly “WHO?” Rohrbach is one of the biggest supermodels in the world. Oh, and it seems like I was right: Kelly totally aged out of The Leo DiCaprio Girlfriend Requirements when she turned 25. So sad.

But don’t think that Kelly is going away empty handed! Not only did her publicist get to drop in the line about Kelly being a HUGE supermodel (LOL), Kelly also scored her first film role: she’ll be playing C.J. in the Baywatch movie. C.J. is the character originally played by Pamela Anderson. She’s already filmed some cheesy Instagram videos with The Rock – go here to see.



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  1. Jayna says:

    Oh, honey, you got dumped. Stop with the agreed-upon spin.

    Leo is a bore in the romance department gossip newswise anymore. He never ever discusses his girlfriends or acts proud or shows love for even one nor has one on the red carpet like they are significant in his life, nothing, and then they are gone and the next model appears in a month or two. I don’t see the charm in him at all.

    • ell says:

      i don’t have a problem with leo not discussing his girlfriends, in fact i wish more actors chose not to discuss their partners because I often find it cringey and TMI that distracts me from their roles (that said there are ways to do it and not being annoying, like david tennant for instance, but there are others).

      my problem is that the women he dates are far too young. kelly is 25 which is fine, but the others were like 21/22 tops? i was so impressed when he was dating rihanna- super successful and in her late 20s but he disappointed me even more when he tried to sue the papers saying they were dating. he’s such a let down all the time, and i’m starting to get tired of him as an actor as well.

      • Naya says:

        Well, being rumored to be seeing a black pop superstar in her mid twenties IS the ultimate humiliation. He had to sue. I mean!

      • ell says:

        @Naya lmao, exactly.

      • Maya says:

        I am not a Leo apologist but I think the reason for the lawsuit was the fact that the magazine claimed Leo forced Rihanna to have an abortion or something like that.

        Don’t think her race came into this even – then again I can admit I have never ever seen Leo date a non Caucasian.

      • Marny says:

        Thank you Maya!!! I could not get over the fact that everyone was saying he was racist for fighting the stories about dating Rihanna when to me it was SO OBVIOUS that he was fighting the part of the story that says he forced her into an abortion. It was like everyone stopped reading before they got to that part.!

      • Dangles says:

        Good on you, Maya.

      • megsie says:

        Lord it pains me to appear Team Leo but tbf he did date Quincy Jones’ daughter Kidada back in the day.

    • Amide says:

      @Jayna – Pretty Much. It amazes me how he can cheat on them, disregard their existence in his interviews, and they still hold on!! Toni and Bar got the worst humiliation.

      @ell – I can’t even consider what he and Rihanna had as ‘dating’

      • ell says:

        i thought they were actually dating for a fair bit but he was being a twat as per usual? did i get it wrong?

      • vauvert says:

        I actually think he is very upfront from the start. This is a deal. He gets a pretty young girl for sex whenever he wants her. She gets her name in the news and a career boost (although not necessarily to “supermodel” level) and gets a taste of the luxe life. Nobody is forcing these girls to be on a yacht in St. Bart’s with him or any other creepy dude. They choose to go, because they are shallow. They allow the men to treat them as disposable tissues. I think both parties are equally to blame although, as long as it is all consensual, I don’t think any blame needs to be assigned. I may roll my eyes at the thought that any young woman would be willing to go along with this, but if she makes this choice freely… Shrug.

      • Pondering thoughts says:

        @ vauvert

        I agree with nearly all you wrote except with one tiny little thing: “she makes this choice freely…” . I think that there is a huge huge pressure in the acting business and that many many actors and actresses can’t do anything other but do sh#t things to get tabloid coverage. It gets even worse if you hear about the casting couch or the alleged dealings of H. Wei_n_st_ein with certain actors and actresses.
        And what I have recently heard about the modeling business: apparently many models don’t really make enough so they do escort on the side.

        It is still the same: lack of decent job opportunities forces people into shady jobs. It must be hard to break away from that kind of life if you don’t know anything than that.

    • OhDear says:

      He’s like George Clooney, but only with models instead of “up and comers.”

    • Sansa says:

      My pet theory is Leo loves Kate Winslett and that its unreciprocated. Explains why he never commits.

      • Chris says:

        My theory is Lukas Hass.

      • Don't kill me I'm French says:

        My theory is also Lukas Haas

      • Nic919 says:

        Kate has her own issues, but she is the same age as him so she aged out over a decade ago.
        With Leo I fluctuate between thinking he is a terrible misogynist who only views women as disposable sex dolls, (with women over 25 not existing with regard to sexuality) and a super closet case overcompensating with the models to hide his true love Lukas Haas.

      • Pondering thoughts says:

        If he is with Lukas Haas then he might come out when his sex appeal to the audience under 20 has aged away.

      • ethel mertz says:

        I think it’s Lukas too! I’m surprised to see others willing to say it, but seriously. They should just get married at this point. Their Xship has lasted longer and has more love in it than any other relationship he’s had.

  2. Karen says:

    Partying with blondes and brunettes, how egalitarian of him. But no ginger’s allowed.

    P.S. He was also partying in St Barts with Justin Beiber. JUSTIN BEIBER. Leo you’re so close to the finish line….keep your situation together.

    • ell says:

      justin was basically looking at himself in 20 odd years. hopefully he’ll keep in better shape though.

      • Kitten says:

        Come on. Those two aren’t even in the same hemisphere. Hate Leo all you want (I sure as hell won’t stop you) but Bieber is in a league of his own as far as douchey behavior is concerned.

      • Nic919 says:

        He was very Bieber esque in the Pussy Posse heyday.. Maybe he doesn’t do pranks now but he wasn’t a saint in his 20s. And the modelizing is certainly something Bieber aspires too. That is evident.

      • Pondering thoughts says:

        @ Nic919

        Pranks? Any details or links? Much appreciated. 😀

    • Emily says:

      It’s the partying with “male buddies” (“including Leo’s longtime friend Lukas Haas”) that got my attention.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        At least one of the male buddies has a name, unlike the faceless, nameless blondes and brunettes.

      • lisa2 says:

        I find Leo juvenile. That being said people don’t say much when we see Female celebrities always out with their girlfriends; even when they are in relationships. Always on vacation or having “Girl nights”. Why is it Bad when it is a guy doing what we see celebrity women doing for ages.

        That is applauded as Girl Power. so maybe this is Boy Power.

    • Minxx says:

      What? Breaking up with Kelly and now partying with Justin Beiber? He’s throwing in a towel two months before the Oscars? Where is his publicist?

      • JenniferJustice says:

        I think this contractual relationship was only set to the time frame of “The Revenant” coming out. It’s out. He’s been seen with a pretty lady at all the promotional events for the movie, so her services are no longer required. I’ll take it a step further and suggest Leo is gay. These models are all contractual beards. I don’t believe the Rihanna rumor at all. He may have hung out with her, but no way was she banging that slob! She’s seen that dance video too ya’ know….

  3. lilacflowers says:

    Oh no! What about the Oscar! He’ll never win now! All that suffering in the cold and wet and bear rape, not to mention putting up with The Bloke for nothing!

    • tracking says:

      Bet you he was advised she (very young blond model) was not an asset to his campaign, so had no reason to prolong it.

    • Cindy says:

      Yes the rape! And rapey bear will probably show up at the oscars like nothing ever happened and give Leo flashbacks to the cold wet woods where he was searching for Lukas Haas, er, some kid…oh no!

    • Lizzie McGuire says:

      All he has done for his Oscar so that the last minute he gives up & hangs out with JUSTIN BIEBER. I’m sure he’ll be nominated but Bryan Cranston just won in Palm Springs where the crusty old voters are while Leo was hanging in a yacht full of models & Mini Douche.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        My guess is he was never really attracted to Tony Garn in the first place. It’s always actually been Justin he has the hots for.

  4. Kiki says:

    I guess he is not into black haired women huh? I am not surprised at all. One dump action to another in 2016.

    Happy New year to everyone.

  5. Emily says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I don’t think I can believe in love anymore! :'(

    • Jayna says:


    • Lizzie McGuire says:

      Reeaaal love is dead!
      The greatest bestest amazingnest model & the greatest bestest amazingest actor of the world have broken up. Let’s all listen to Celine Dion’s My heart will go on while we mourn this breakup.

  6. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    There was never much chance that I would be famous, but if it required letting Leo touch me, forget it. The things we do for…love.

  7. LAK says:


    As Leo DiCaprio peruses the latest VS catalogue, he wonders whether he can control his ardour long enough to win an Oscar without succumbing to the nubile beauties therein.

    He knows those killjoys at the academy don’t have a sense of humour, but he can’t bring himself to pick a woman of substance and character. What do they know? His life is so difficult….

  8. Naya says:

    “Leo partied with blondes and brunettes and male buddies including Leo’s longtime friend Lukas Haas,”

    Something about that wording feels like a very old school 1950s wink- wink from PEOPLE

    • knower says:


      Leo is gay. Lukas is his longterm boyfriend.

      That’s why you always see the three-wheeled wagon (Leo, Lukas and the current beard).

      • kacy says:

        My question is if the girls are beards, why does he need them so young. It would make it extra gross.

  9. Nancy says:

    What’s the big deal. George Clooney was looked upon as some sort of God like creature when he had his flavor of the year, (his Oscar date so to speak) and broke up with them. It was a given. Leo gets more sh!t for it. Would people be happier if he married these models and had ten divorces. He isn’t the marrying kind. He doesn’t have to be. Maybe later in life like Clooney, Beatty and a few more he will marry. Who knows, who cares really.

    • Amide says:

      I agree on that. At least Leo own his truth rather then do the fake ‘family man’ routine of Ben Affleck, (and god knows how many others) while simultaneously looking like he’s in a constant state of purgatory!

    • lilacflowers says:

      I think it has to do with the women being almost interchangeable and none of them are close to him in age. Clooney did get flack for that as well. What people tend to forget is that Tina & Amy’s Golden Globes dig at Clooney wasn’t that he wasn’t settled but that his Gravity character chose death over spending another minute with a woman in his own age group.

    • Naya says:

      With Leo it doesnt feel like harmless fun because the girls are clearly interchangeable clones and just barely legal too. Those girls are like living breathing blow-up dolls to him. Toys. Beatty and Clooney had their issues but never came off as scummy as this.

    • ell says:

      tbf clooney’s so called girlfriends were never a young as leo’s. they were always in their early 30s, so younger than him but not girls.

    • Nancy says:

      To all above: I stand by my post. I don’t hear any of these girls complaining they were abused or taken advantage of. They are simply the girlfriend of the hour and probably know it. He is usually pretty private about his dating, it’s the media that won’t let it go. If he were to get married, there would be a generated story about that too. Warren Beatty was very indiscreet in his day, watch the movie Shampoo. I guess somehow in the age of free love, it was considered more cool. Let Leo keep trying to get an Oscar and date whom he pleases and let it be. If he were some sort of monster, the women would be standing next to Gloria Allred on a podium somewhere.

      • Kitten says:

        Yeah I hear ya, Nancy.

        My criticisms of Leo’s dating habits are best described by Lilac’s comment above. But you’re right that its not a big deal in the grand scheme of things–two consenting adults etc etc.

        I wonder if his former VSers receive a Jeter-style gift basket?

      • Pondering thoughts says:

        It is two consenting adults who make a deal while there is a HUGE power imbalance and possiblity of emotional damage practically guaranteed. Additionally one party usually needs the deal more than the other party and the needy party is also the less powerful one …

    • JenniferJustice says:

      Nobody respected George’s game. We all knew he was a cad who basically hired escorts to be his ‘girlfriend” for a while. The only ones who thought he was a bada$$ were the Leo’s of the world. Those women were paid well, had their careers boosted and came out smelling like roses. It was a great business deal for them and they’re all hustlers, so why would they complain?

      The only difference with Leo is he chooses models to contract with rather than obscure escorts. He probably thinks this makes him more classy. Taking a bath would be classy. I mean is he running around with rapey bear secretions still on him?

  10. Danielle says:

    Please. Gisele was the only supermodel he ever dated. The rest are second tier. I want to choose to believe this chick dumped him after she got a movie part.

    • Amide says:

      Agreed. The term supermodel has been misused to worthlessness.

    • michelleb says:

      Yes, true, and the only girlfriend that he brought to the Oscar red carpet, correct? Because she improved his image at the time. I think Giselle is his longest relationship? I used to be a huge Leo fan in the late 90s and early 00s and it seemed like she lasted the longest.

      I don’t know, I always thought that Giselle was the one that got away for him (even if he didn’t want to marry her). Well, the love of his life after Lukas Haas, I guess, lol

      • Farhi says:

        Gisele I think loved him. They broke up and then got back together. And then broke up again.
        And a girl like Gisele didn’t need attention or anything. She was with him because she wanted to.
        But in the end she had enough.

      • Nic919 says:

        Gisele came out the winner in that break up. I mean look at Leo now compared to Tom Brady and unless it is super hidden, I don’t believe there are stories of Tom cheating on Gisele. (Outside of the Bridget Monyahan thing and even that wasn’t cheating)

  11. Allie says:

    Leo better watch out. Harry Styles is giving him a run for his money. Dad bod, yacht, long list of VS ex girlfriends, man bun. Your days are numbered, Leo.

  12. lisa2 says:

    If they broke up “months” ago then why was he with her at Thanksgiving? Having his picture taken and put on Social media.

  13. CornyBlue says:

    Damn! Leo is single just when the 20 year old VS models got attached in one week. What should Leo do ?! Pursue VS models older than say 25 ??

    • Karen says:

      Don’t worry the new crop of VS models who weren’t celeb-kids are totally his type. Example: Romee Strijd, she’s 20. The new faces all blur together but that’s one potential he’s looking into I’m sure.

  14. Rice says:

    Cue the Rihanna stories.

  15. PHAKSI says:

    Shame, she wont get to be Oscar Barbie. I guess its back to the Victoria’s Secret catalog for Leo

  16. lizzie says:

    this girl’s body is killer for sure and she’s cute but she is about the most average looking blonde on the planet. she looks like every single girl in southern california. in all honesty – i’m glad she parlayed this “relationship” into something for her career. if leo and use them and lose them, at least she got something out of it. landing the female lead in that baywatch movie w/ no acting credits is going to be huge for her. kate upton 2.0. bet she gets the cover of SI this year.

  17. Sochan says:

    He’s dull and bitter, and is a man-boy stunted by perpetual Arrested Development. I find him gross and I can’t imagine him grunting and breathing heavy on top of me. One of the most un-sexy celebs in my book.

    • Jayna says:

      I agree. No sex appeal for me for all of those reasons.

    • tracking says:

      yup, completely agree (I’ve made similar comments on other Leo threads). Callow, no depth, and a big old ugh.

    • Elle says:

      Yes! And the way he goes after young models like they’re no more than recyclable objects makes him all the more repulsive. I don’t really blame these young models for wanting to be with someone as famous as him. After all, they’re trying to get recognized themselves. I believe he’s all too aware of this, and plays off it. So shallow. So man- boy’.

  18. Canadian Becks says:

    On a related note…..anyone else remember Lukas Haas as that big-eyed Amish kid who starred with Harrison Ford in the 80’s movie, “Witness”?

    That was an under-rated gem of a movie in my opinion. The scene where Lukas wordlessly communicates with Harrison Ford that he knows who the killer is…..still one of the best acted scenes by any child actor I gave ever seen.

  19. serena says:

    Wow, past 25 so she’s already too old for him. I actually compared Leo to George Clonney at the start, for their ‘model audiction’ but nope, he’s much worse. Just blonde models of 24-5.. and he’s fricking 41 years old, that’s disgusting.

  20. Lama Bean says:

    I’m surprised he “dated” her in the first place. Something about her eyes makes her look older than 25. (Perhaps my age estimates have changed because we are presented with so much plastic surgery.) For some reason, all I see is Jessica Simpson at age 30.


    • Kitten says:

      Yeah her eyes have a heavy look to them–not to be too critical but it’s something I notice every time I see a picture of her. She has sagginess between her eyebrow and eye. Other than that, she’s very pretty in a completely generic way.

      • DEEVIA says:

        Are we sure she’s 25? And what an insult to Pamela who does not have this “hard” look till she’s in her 40s.

  21. Farhi says:

    Am I too cynical to think that she just didn’t fit into the Oscar red carpet expectations and the image of Leo as a serious actor?

  22. Squiggisbig says:

    Seems a little mean spirited for him to release the news of the breakup the same day as the news of her getting the Baywatch role.

    Also I think the sycophantic page six piece and the laughable engagement rumors were an attempt to make her seem more suitable to a SERIOUS thespian like him. Because she went to a good college and is from a very wealthy family.

    • Sochan says:

      It occurred to me that he might think having a GF in a movie version of a C-list show is really beneath him. That could explain why he chose to publicly distance himself from her on the same day the movie news was released. And furthermore the breakup could have happened as a result of her getting that part. He’s fine having a B-level model for a GF, but he’s not fine having a B-level actress for a GF.

    • Chris says:

      It could be that she was ok with this timing in order to gain publicity for the Baywatch gig. If her role on Baywatch wasn’t timed with the break-up, who would even really know about it?

    • Pondering thoughts says:

      I admit I went to The Rock’s instagram and watched the videos of him and Kelly as “Mitch” and “C.J.” . It is these ultra-short instagram videos and nevertheless I find her acting cringeworthy.

  23. Catelina says:

    I think the reason Clooney’s dating habits were perceived differently than Leo’s is because Clooney dated women who didn’t all have the same career and look, and stayed with his girlfriends for a year or two before the inevitable split. They walked red carpets with him, he didnt make a big thing of never being photographed with them, etc. I think what makes Leo less paletable in that way is that he doesn’t even seem to like his girlfriends much beyond sex. They’re around for a couple months and then on to the next. I don’t know that one of them is better than the other in the regard (and hey, as long as the women aren’t being hurt or lied to and are making their own choices, none of it is really so bad) but Clooney just made it look classier.

    • Minxx says:

      You’re right. When I think Leo with a girl, I’m thinking a blond creature in a bikini on a yacht, I can’t even picture them fully dressed. LOL. Clooney at least treated them like real partners while they lasted.

    • Pondering thoughts says:

      There were lots of pics of him and Gisele or him and Bar doing stuff that couples do like going on holidays or going out for dinner or for some kind of fun activity. Just with Toni and Kelly he seemed less interested in doing that stuff.

  24. kri says:

    At this point, he just grosses me out. So does she. They were so perfect together.

  25. knower says:

    Leonardo Dicaprio = Rock Hudson 2.0

  26. word says:

    I hate when celebs give that whole “our schedules were just too busy” bullshit excuse. Just say “we broke up” and leave it at that then. If they’re just soooo busy then why do they end up dating someone new just a few weeks later?

    • Dangles says:

      Indeed. I’d like a celeb to say. “The sex has become stale so he/she has fallen off my list of priorities. But fear not I’ll be adding someone new to the roster soon.”

  27. Dangles says:

    I’m a Leo fan but if Kelly’s publicist was good she would’ve got on the front foot and said that Kelly dumped Leo.

  28. Kitty says:

    No shade, but all of his girlfriends are replicas, each more identical than the next to me. I don’t think he really likes women at all. He seems to just be going through the motions and partying his time away enjoying being a rich, single famous guy. I will be surprised if he ever really does settle down.

  29. HHY says:

    I don’t like her face, but she’s definitely Leo’s type. (Young model with gorgeous body and unique face)

  30. HoustonGrl says:

    Never saw that coming…NOT! What’s strange about this is how much Leo gets slammed by the press for dating all these models. In a way, he’s not doing anything wrong. Just not the marrying kind.