Chris Brown steps out with another singer

Chris Brown
Just yesterday we heard that Chris Brown was back with an ex girlfriend from his home state of Virginia, a college student named Erica Jackson. Either that didn’t last long or Chris is playing the field, because he was photographed out with a singer from the CW reality show girl band Girlicious, Natalie Mejia. Brown and Mejia were seen outside a tattoo parlor together, but Mejia wouldn’t say what they had done. She did confirm that she’s dating Brown and that he hasn’t hit her yet, though:

The stunning new girl on Chris Brown’s arm, Natalie Mejia, tells exclusively that Brown has been a total “gentlemen.”

Mejia, of The CW’s Girlicious, was spotted with the embattled R&B singer this past Saturday in Los Angeles, visiting a Sunset Blvd tattoo parlor.

Meija tells us “it’s true we did visit a tattoo parlor together but I can’t say if we got anything done because that is personal.”

While reports that the pair visited the shop for just ten minutes, Mejia says “things are going well between us but I really do not want to comment much more than that right now.”

The sexy singer maintains that Brown “has treated me like a [sic] gentleman at all times actually and there are no complaints.”

She would not elaborate on she and Brown’s initial meeting or courtship thus far.

She does wax philosophical on her MySpace page, however:

“Life is too short to wake-up in the morning with regrets. So love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don’t and believe everything happens for a reason.”

[From Radar Online]

Radar has the photo. Brown and Mejia are both wearing sunglasses. Brown looks surprised while Mejia looks demurely down. This girl is probably grateful for the publicity, as sad as that is, at hooking up with a known abuser. She may regret it soon, although you hope for her sake that Brown is a changed man. It’s not like we’ve heard that he’s done any work for charity, attended courses on anger management or abuse, or made any effort to make it seem as if he’s trying to change even for the sake of good publicity. It’s like the guy just doesn’t care. He may not be able to say much due to his pending court case, but it’s not like he can’t go visit some sick kids in the hospital.

Chris Brown is shown in concert on 1/3/09. Credit: PRPhotos
Chris Brown

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  1. J-Lin says:

    So charity work makes someone a changed man? Give the man a chance. You don’t everything that happened and until this man in proven guilty, stop being dickhead.

  2. Jag says:

    The Chris Brown sympathizers must never have been in, or seen an abusive relationship, or they wouldn’t be supporting him so ardently.

  3. Mark says:

    I agree with J-Lin, you don’t really know what hapened. I thought you were innocent until proven guilty. Let the guy alone. I find it funny that African Americans are still over procecuted here in 2009.

  4. j. ferber says:

    J-Lin, Celebitchy is not being dickhead. You are. And Brown, too. And the “you don’t really know what happened” line is so tired. It’s called EVIDENCE, Mark. That’s how the police know what happened. Most crimes are not videotaped anyway and you don’t need a video to convict. Unless you mean Brown was somehow justified in what he did. In which case, you are dickhead, too.

  5. Ryo says:

    How much more guilty can he get than Rihanna’s face swollen to hell? It’s not like someone just CLAIMED that he beat the crap out of her – we’ve seen the pictures.

    He’s a woman-beater. And he’s still somehow convinced this will blow over and people will forget what a worthless human being he is. It works with some people – mostly the ones who never came down too hard on him anyway – but the vast majority of people have no patience for it. Remember, Chris, there are tons of aspiring rappers out there; it’s fairly easy to replace someone these days!

  6. CandyKay says:

    I don’t like this “worthless human being” stuff.

    It’s quite possible that Chris Brown made a serious mistake. Assaulting anyone is definitely not OK, particularly not when it’s someone you claim to love.

    But a serious mistake doesn’t negate everything he’s ever done and anything he might accomplish in the future, including turning his life around.

    This Chris Brown witch hunt stuff really gets me down. I don’t understand what people get out of it. It remind me of the crowds that used to cheer at public executions.

  7. geronimo says:

    I agree with Candy Kay. If he were 20 yrs older with a long history of abuse, then I could understand the antipathy towards him. I’d rather hope he genuinely takes responsibility for what he did and manages to turn his life around.

  8. gg says:

    I think the reason people are so pissed about this whole thing is simply that the guy denies all wrongdoing and even pled not guilty. That is BS.

    Those of us who have been abused at one time or another will have a real difficulty giving the guy a chance when he clearly is not remorseful and in utter denial of his abuse.

    Put on your big-boy pants, Chris and take it like a MAN. What? you’re not a man? Not surprising.

    Sorry but he is a scumball by the way he has acted after the charges were filed.

  9. Terrian says:

    I don’t ever remember Brown denying anything that happened. Pleading not guilty in court doesn’t mean he is trying to act like he didn’t do anything wrong. He’s most likely just listening to his lawyers and doing whatever it takes to have a fair trial.

    I find it very sad and pathetic that so many people are wishing bad things on a young guy and hoping he fails in life because he made a mistake. Yes, it was a big mistake but it doesn’t mean that he is not capable of bettering himself and living a good life.

    Many people do bad things early on in their life and most of those people turn out to do just fine when they get older and are given a chance. If you guys don’t give him a chance, then how else do you expect him to become a better person?

  10. IvyMades says:

    For all of you who missed the memo, Chris Brown is a WORTHLESS human being. Anyone who beats up a woman like that with no impunity is.

    Mark, I’m sick of the racial crap you black male supremacists are sprewing. This man does not deserve protection from the black community. The reason he’s being prosecuted is not because of the color of his skin. It’s for the crime he commited, which by the way the victim was a BLACK FEMALE!!

    So many cases where black women have been beaten, harassed, raped, and killed any there is little if not ANY uproar from the black community. Yet WHEN the attacker is black man, the black community rallies to the defense of the black male because *god forbid* another one goes to prison — regardless if he’s guilty or not. It’s truly a sickness that the lives are black women and girls are not valued as they should be.

    I say this as a BLACK WOMEN. If Chris was innocent, I would be on his side 100%. But all the evidence — including his own actions and words — point to the fact he BEAT his girlfriend to a black and blue. His only bruises was on his knuckles. SO what does that tell you?

  11. rbsesq says:

    I’m sorry folks. I hear what you’re saying about giving the man a chance, etc., but I have to say THIS IS NOT A MISTAKE! Getting worked up in an argument and slapping someone across the face I could maybe call a mistake. Repeatedly punching a woman in the face and then strangling her until she passes out is NOT a mistake. In fact, some would call that attempted murder.

  12. Lydia says:

    I hope j. ferber and the other harsh critic don’t ever make a mistake that they will be hounded for the rest of your lives for. Sure someone gave you a second chance somewhere in your life.

  13. irl says:

    Most everyone gets a second chance if they deserve it and go thru the steps to earn it. No one gets one with a bad attititude. Time will tell but so far. . .vacationing, playing, trying to manipulate RiRi, tip off the press for PR and getting a new GF so fast doesn’t indicate he’s working on that second chance. It’s very typical of abusive men to get involved with a new woman so fast. men who really change from being an abuser usually attend domestic violence classes and therapies. So far there are no reports of CB doing anything like that. Therefore it’s a matter of time before he can’t control this side of himself.

  14. Miss C says:

    So abuse is a mistake?

    Sorry, I’ll be sure to remember that next time I dream about the abuse I had to witness/go through when I was a young teenager. I guess hearing your older sister screaming for an hour while being beaten is just a mistake?

    Why the hell are we excusing his behavior with this whole “It was just a big mistake?” I have NO sympathy for him. I am his age now and I don’t have to hit people when I get angry even though I grew up in the same environment, if not worse, than he did.

    We don’t know what happened? Go look at the pictures of Rihanna after the abuse – what happened was he beat the crap out her. It is pretty clear-cut.

  15. anonymous says:

    i know ill get a lot of heat for this but to me…. rihanna didnt look that bad, i saw two bruises and smeared blood on her lip.and i just kinda find it hard to believe her statement. i fight with guys all the time and one punch can cause alot of damage (professionally). so for some who is so advanced in martial arts, to repeatedly exert force on her so many times and the result is not the shamwow woman is mind boggling. HE MADE A MISTAKE, it was a fight gone array. I wouldnt call him a woman beater, he doesnt. HE SHOULD BE SENTENCED and HELD ACCOUNTABLE but for people who are denying his worth and wishing ill on him are no better than him. physical, mental and verbal intentions are all the same. so people on this site who are disregarding the fact that they’re not God and that they dont have the authority are in his boat.

  16. IvyMades says:

    Dear anonymous, reading your post made me sick. If someone made that “mistake” to you’re sister or daughter would YOU be so forgiving?

    Stop for a moment, and think. Really THINK. Separate the celebrity from the man. Is the physical abuse still acceptable? How far is too far? Should he be held accountable IF he actually kills his next girlfriend?

    He hasn’t shown any guilt or remorse for what he did to her. Only remorse for losing his endorsement. He makes me sick. And all of the people rushing to defend him and give him more chances also make me sick. Would you let it slide if it happened to you? Happened to someone you care about?

    Until he admits he has a problem, goes to rehab, and domestic violence classes giving him a second isn’t warranted. I doubt I could give him a second chance personally. I won’t give Roman Polanski another chance (google it). Giving abusers second chances BEFORE they even tried to make any real amends just shows that it acceptable to do what they do to their VICTIMS.

  17. J-Lin says:

    J. Ferber – You probably have a smart ass mouth like Rhianna and have been slapped in a couple of times too.

  18. IvyMades says:

    J-Lin, do you even have a soul? This crap isn’t funny. Thousand of women DIE every years at the hands of their partner. You disgust me.

  19. Antygrvity69 says:

    So basically the majority of you are saying is that when a person does a bad thing, they are a worthless human being.. I hope you who judge harsh have a clean slate & your ready for the same judgment when your time comes.. Would I call this a mistake “of course not”, Chris Brown made a conscious decision to put his hands on this woman. But toss another human being aside & call him worthless..

  20. L says:

    Gaah. It is hard to know where to stand on this issue. On one hand, chris deserves to be held accountable for his actions – beating rihanna. he should not get away with that. we have the proof he did it.

    But, he does deserve a second chance. However, I will not be giving him a second chance until he somehow makes me believe that he is worthy eg that he has learned from his mistakes. We all make mistakes, the most you can really ask is that we learn from them and don’t make them again. I have no way of knowing whether or not he has learned from his mistakes until he finds a way to show me he has… so I shall wait for that day. Until then, tread with caution!

  21. FF says:

    He’d deserve a second chance if he would stand accountable for his actions; as it is according to him he did nothing wrong.

    It’s not just the offence is all of his behaviour afterwards that makes him rather repugnant.