Natalie Dormer vs Kate Hudson: who wore the better jumpsuit at the PCAs?


Did the People’s Choice Awards just give awards to every celebrity who showed up, or did every celebrity who showed up know in advance that they were getting an award? The People’s Choice Awards were last night and man, they were handing those things out to everybody! You can see the full list of “winners” here.

Let’s start with Natalie Dormer, shall we? Natalie wore this Roland Mouret jumpsuit which… I’m not feeling. I’m not feeling any part of this, actually. I don’t mind that she wore black, and I don’t mind that she wore pants or a jumpsuit. It’s just this jumpsuit is not great. I can’t put my finger on what is throwing me off. Is it the sheer sleeves? The high neck? Something. While her hair looks great, I can’t get behind her makeup. She literally wore frosted pink lipstick. Nope!


Kate Hudson also went for pants – she wore this Stella McCartney jumpsuit which isn’t too bad. It seems a little baggy in the midsection, but Stella is known for designing ill-fitting clothes. It’s one of her “signatures” as a designer: she loves to make women look dumpy. As I was looking at these photos of Kate, I was reminded of how she’s probably going to be at every awards show this year. Not because she’s in any nominated film, it’s just that she goes to the opening of an envelope at this point.



I’m always pleasantly surprised to see that Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy are still together. That pleases me! Claire got an award and since she’s not getting too many awards these days (no one is watching Homeland anymore), she came out. Claire kind of phoned it in with this Burberry gown, and that’s not something I usually say about Claire or Burberry. Usually I love Burberry. But it feels like no one wanted to wear this dress so it just went to Claire for the PCA. PS… Claire’s hair is so ‘90s.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Miss M says:


  2. Zan says:

    Nathalie is rocking it !
    The top section is good on kate, but not the pants, too baggy..

  3. lisa2 says:

    Kate.. it is fitting perfectly. Especially the length. Sometimes women get is wrong. She looks great. I would have liked maybe a pop of color with some jewelry.. but she looks great in it.

    Kate has such a great figure.

    • Jenny says:

      I agree. Kate looks stunning and it’s hard to look stunning in a jumpsuit. It’s generally not a very flattering piece of clothing for a woman but Kate makes it look divine here.

  4. Momoko says:

    Dormer’s outfit looks like a gymnast’s outfit…It looks odd.

    • Greenieweenie says:

      I think it’s the weird neckline…like it’s too broad. It should be a narrower V. The dark part of her sleeves almost looks off the shoulder–unintentionally. And the pant length is weird. Crop it or go an inch longer.

      I think it just doesn’t fit her right.

      • justagirl says:

        Yes to all of that. And the pant length plus the narrow leg – not often seen in a jumpsuit? adds to the odd look. Then bare skin & black shoes. The whole bottom section is just ‘off’ somehow.

  5. GiGi says:

    Not Natalie Dormer…

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Why does she make those crazy faces?

      • Chinoiserie says:

        Her face is naturally like that, she is not making faces.

      • Dani says:

        Her lips! I cannot for the life of me stand the smirk/pout/grin she has going on in every picture. Either smile or don’t.

      • LAK says:

        Dani: her lips are lop-sided. It looks like she’s simultaneously smirking and pulling a wierd lip pout, but she can’t help it. That’s simply how her lips/face rests naturally. She’s not smiling.

        Kaley Cucuo has a similar affliction as does Katie Holmes.

        Natalie’s lopsided lip thing is more pronounced than the other two.

      • justagirl says:

        Her lips are very slightly lop-sided and yes, it’s evident in some photos. But they don’t rest naturally in that weird smirk/pout/grin…she has been photographed without that look, she’s quite pretty.

        That look is something she does by pursing her lips & doing a one-sided smirk….and she’s gotten attention for it. So I’m guessing that an unconscious habit she once had is now a ‘thing’ she ‘does’…which is why it’s so exaggerated and over the top.

        Same with Kaley and Katie, both often smirk/smile with only one side of their face – like a fake half-hearted attempt at a smile. Yet both have been photographed many times without the exaggerated look, smiling on both sides. Kaley’s also been noticed for that ‘thing with her lips’ so yeah, she probably ‘does’ it now.

      • Chinoiserie says:

        justagirl, Natalie is doing the sucking the cheeks and pouting a little thing in the first photo, but that is so common (just look at other women’s pictures from red carpet on this site, I would say it is the most common pose) I would not call it making a face really. Doing that just does not look good on her and she should maybe just do the open your mouth pose instead since both pouting and smiling can look unflattering on her occasionally. But open moth poses are pretty disliked here so maybe she should just do no expression or perhaps just smile and not care if it does not look perfect.

  6. vauvert says:

    So what exactly does Kate do for a living other than showing up at each and every event?

    • Kitten says:

      She endorses cheaply-made, absurdly overpriced workout gear, silly.

      • Antonym says:

        So fabletics sucks? I was considering trying it out, but don’t know anyone who has. Bummer, it appears to be cheaper in cost to lulu, but if the clothes are poorly made why bother.

      • Kitten says:

        To be fair I’ve never tried it but a friend did and she said the stuff at TJ Maxx is the same-level quality, if not better, for 75% less. She also said that like almost everything you have to subscribe to, cancelling is a bitch.

    • Tiffany says:

      She is in Kung Fu Panda 3. I love the films and am excited about it.

  7. Lucy2 says:

    I like the skirt of Claire’s but not the top design.
    Kate’s would be sharp if it fit better.

    • Esmom says:

      The top part of Claire’s dress is insanely unflattering. So bad.

      Agree, reluctantly, about Kate since she rubs me the wrong way.

      I don’t dislike Natalie’s. I even don’t dislike her lipstick.

      • Sugar says:

        Yeah that bodice makes her look so wide! And she’s not at all. The dress make her look shorter than she is too. The whole thing is wickedly unflattering.

  8. Angelica says:

    Claire looks like GOOP. That’s all I got.

  9. Shambles says:

    Both are really beautiful women, jeez Louise.

    But Kate’s look is better over all. She looks fresh and lovely, and some combination of Natalie’s weird makeup and weird sheer chest plate turtleneck jump suit thing are throwing everything off for her.

  10. Kristen820 says:

    It’s probably just the hair, but I feel like Claire Danes might be morphing into Goop. And that give me the sads.

  11. How about neither? Natalie’s is too tight and the trouser length is wrong–it should be either looser and longer or left fitted but shorter. Kate’s is too loose in the waist and the pant hem is wrong. She could be barefoot under there; no one would know. Claire’s gown looks like the draperies in an upper tier bordello.

  12. Josefina says:

    Kate, definitely, and I’m a Natalie fan. Kate looks blah while Natalie looks awful.

    What happened to Hugh Dancy’s hair?!?! He had the dreamiest curls on Hannibal and looked exactly like the charming prince of my girly fantasies. Now he’s just some random old guy. WHY. WHY, HUGH, WHY?!?!?!

    • kibbles says:

      Hugh Dancy lost the hot. I haven’t seen him out and about in a long time. The last I remember seeing him on the big screen was six years ago in Confessions of a Shopaholic and I thought he was so cute. I guess he has settled in his marriage and family life and isn’t focused on becoming a big movie star right now.

  13. SOCHAN says:

    I like Natalie as an actress. I think she’s bold and has sh*tloads of charisma. But her lemon-face is so off-putting in still photos. Her new haunted forest movie looks pretty bad. I don’t understand the choices some actors/actresses make. She is very, very well-established. She doesn’t need a movie like that. So why’d she choose it??

    • ell says:

      natalie said some really off putting stuff about older actresses recently. i know, we all say stupid stuff at times, but she should know better.

      • SOCHAN says:

        Honestly, I don’t care. I’ve had it up to HERE with people’s every word being analyzed and taken apart, and then the person is demonized for every thing someone doesn’t like. I see a culture of perpetual outrage forming at a frightening speed and I really despise it.

      • ell says:

        i couldn’t disagree more.

      • Josefina says:


        Good god, yes. I find it truly scary when people keep bringing up quotes people gave years ago as basis for their dislike. We all slip. Nobody really thinks that much before talking. I can bet my life every single person in this forums has said more than a few sentences they greatly regret.

      • Fallon says:

        Amen, @SOCHAN and @Josefina.

  14. Karen says:

    Kate. But Natalie loses based on that lipstick shade alone.

    Maybe, I need more coffee, but, um, does Kate look freshened up? Like her face just is a bit different and I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is.

    • S says:

      Yep. Lainey had a blind recently about someone who had a freshen up but there was an infection so they were quiet on social media for a while. I think it just got solved.

    • tigerlily says:

      I was just going to comment what did Kate do to her face?

  15. ell says:

    “but Stella is known for designing ill-fitting clothes. It’s one of her “signatures” as a designer: she loves to make women look dumpy”

    lmao, so true. she makes the odd nice fitting dress, but it’s rare.

    i actually like natalie’s jumpsuit? i hate them in general because they’re so unpractical and make people look chubby unless you’re stick thin (and even then, you have to be catwalk model thin to suit them), but this one looks good on her and it’s very flattering.

    ultimately, why is kate hudson still invited to things.

  16. realitycheck says:

    I find natalie very pretty.

  17. MAP says:

    Homeland was great this past season, and Claire is terrific as Carrie.

    • Mumzy says:

      You’re right. It seemed adrift before, but this season they got back to it. Carrie’s character is incredible (annoying as all hell, capable of astonishingly bad choices, freakishly persistent and unpredictably effective..and her crazy woman eyes and passionate spittle…gross, but she’s too wound up to notice or care!). Claire brings Carrie to life in an incredible way.

  18. Mumzy says:

    Is this a battle that anyone over 1 year of age can win?

    Jumpsuit=onesie — which look great on babies and function well for quick access to a diaper. For an adult, if you want to lounge around the house in footie pajamas go for it, but out-of-the-house, no… Just no….unless you need quick diaper access, I suppose.

  19. Wentworth Miller says:


  20. Pmnichols says:

    Claire always has dead arms. No muscle tone. She should cover them up.