Kristen Stewart’s taking a staycation: ‘I really really tired myself out, I need a break’


There are always a couple of big surprises when the Oscar nominations come out. Usually, those surprises are the snubs, but sometimes the surprise is who got recognized with a nomination. Kristen has been sweeping up at the critics’ awards for weeks for her supporting role in Clouds of Sils Maria. But she wasn’t on anyone’s radar for the Golden Globe or SAG nominations. Is it possible that she could walk away with an Oscar nomination next week? Perhaps. And I’m really, really hoping it happens.

I’ve been enjoying the sight of Kristen playing “the game” a little bit. She’s still angsty and lip-bitey, but she’s made an effort to be more polished, professional and happy. She’s also getting better at off-the-cuff interviews. She chatted with E! News while she attended the National Board of Review Awards on Tuesday night, and she talked about how she’s about to take a “break”.

Kristen Stewart has often threatened taking a break from Hollywood for a little while, but this time she’s actually going to do it.

“I just worked all year on a bunch of different things. So right now I really don’t want to work for quite a long time,” she explained. “I really really tired myself out. I need a break.”

As for any vacationing plans while she steps out of the spotlight for a bit? There is no other place K. Stew would rather be than at home.

“Yeah! A vacation in my living room,” she laughed.

[From E! News]

She was just in France working again with her Clouds director, Olivier Assayas, on Personal Shopper, and before that she was doing a film with Woody Allen. She also completed two other films in 2015. So… yeah, she was working back-to-back. She earned her break. And it pleases me that she’s found herself with some free time right around Oscar nomination time.

Also, Kristen stopped by the Tonight Show on Tuesday. She and Jimmy Fallon played The Whisper Challenge. She was very “game” for anything.


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  1. Alex says:

    I absolutely love that celebrities claim that working all year means they deserve this long vacation or break. It’s called my every day life. I work 10 hours every day, all year round. And actual work, not just sitting around getting my make up done and then waiting for my lines to be read.

    • Lou says:

      Here we go … the usual angry post from the REAL worker!!!

      Kristen has the means to take a break and i’m damn sure that if most of us had that option we would take a few months off too. You can pretend that acting isn’t ‘real work’ but go and spend 18 hours on set from 5am where you are the lead actress doing take after take .. you think that’s not tiring? Then she has been doing a lot of promo for her other movies and her Chanel stuff. Just because she gets paid a lot more than you doesn’t mean she’s less deserving of a break.

      • FLORC says:

        The work involved is on the minimal side for most of it. show up, sleep in the chair, have others prep you is imo minimal.
        With loads of other actors out there working nonstop they manage and carry on. No announcements or justifications needed to be given.

        I consulted my friend a former child to early adult actress. It’s long hours where you now get loads of breaks with everything that can possibly be done for you done.
        Yes, it’s work. Some hard, yes. It’s still by far on the easier side of things.

        They are not medical professionals, not fishermen(fisherpeople?) etc.

      • Alex says:

        @lou I didn’t say she didn’t deserve a break, we’re humans, we all do. But celebrities take months off and I’m sorry, but compared to the work they do, I find it quite unfair. Especially when they act like their work is just so physically and emotionally exhausting. Nope.

        This is A GOSSIP SITE. We are going to complain about celebrities. Go onto a fan site if you want to praise them incessantly.

      • Lou says:

        Well firstly you have no idea what amount of work kristen does on set, but seeing as she is the lead and Assayas seems to do a lot of takes then i imagine it’s a lot. She is playing a grieving insomniac too so it’s not like she’s showing up to say any old line here and there. There is a lot of waiting around but that in itself is tiring because just when you settle down for a nap you are called to set again. It’s LONG days.

        And why compare it to other professions? Kristen isn’t saying she works harder than doctors or fishermen. She said she’s really tired and needs a vacation. Who are you to judge her for it? She earns her money and she pays her taxes so she can do what she wants.

      • wow says:

        I don’t particularly like Kristen, but she does seem to have matured some. I’m pretty sure she will get her Globe and Oscar one day.

        As for her needing to take a break, I agree with Lou. It is difficult for most people outside of the industry to get that being on set and working crazy hours can be exhausting regardless of what your craft in the industry is. Sure it’s not exhausting as it would be for someone who doesn’t like their job and have to put in crazy hours but still…

        I’m glad that she at least knows when to slow it down and take a break. A lot of people in the industry either don’t or won’t and they end up burning out.

      • Lou says:

        You can keep getting annoyed over actors being paid millions but it’s a pointless exercise. It is what it is. Besides, Kristen has done indies since she left Twilight so she is mostly getting paid to scale – not millions by any means. She made her money with Twilight and as Julia Roberts says, her (at one point highest paid actress) deal of $12million wasn’t for the acting which she would have been happy to do for a lot less, it was for losing her freedom and privacy, having paparazzi stalk her everywhere, having stalkers creep on her etc.

        All you have to do is look at the photos of Kristen before Christmas, she looks exhausted and way too thin. She’s allowed to be tired and she never said she is digging ditches or saving lives. You put that on her. All she said was that she wants to be at home for a while cuz she’s tired. Yeesh!

      • brooklynqueen says:

        @Lou, wow….already 10 mostly lengthy comments about K STEW and the day is only half over. I hope you just have a really big crush on her and are not one of HKN’s lunatic, tinfoil hat wearing cult members. As long as you don’t think her and Sparkly Pattinson are together and married with children, then I will just assume you’re a very devoted fan. ;)

      • Jib says:

        Now, a soap opera actress, I can see needing a break. They film an hour of film each and every day, 24/7/365. A screen actor?? Give me a break!! If they had a real job ever, they may not complain so much about how hard they work, and how tired they are.

        These people don’t inhabit the same planet that the rest of us do. And so what if people are angry about this?? The amount of money these people get for playing make believe is obscene!!

      • Lou says:

        @brooklynqueen Not as big a fan of her as you are of me ;)

    • FLORC says:

      It’s adorable the bubble they live in.
      The poor dears. Take as long as you need and then take a little more.

      • nches says:

        wow. I’m hoping this girl won’t get dragged over something as little as this. we need to stop being petty. minimal work or not;if she can afford a vacation then let her. Do we have to drag this pettiness into 2016?

      • Lou says:

        It’s pathetic how butthurt people get over an actress saying she’s tired and wants to stay at home for a while.

      • Esther says:

        you could also call it pathetic to spend your time defending a rich white woman on the internet.

      • Water says:

        What does the colour of her skin have to do with anything? I’m sorry are you saying because she’s white everyone should hate her???

      • Lou says:

        LMAO and here comes the race card. C ya!

      • Div says:


        Come on. It’s a two minute off the cuff interview where she jokes about needed to hang out in her living room. Even Kaiser notes she basically filmed four films back to back and probably needs a small break. As I said below, I hate to compare but both Hiddlestone and JLaw talked recently about needing a break in more in depth interviews and needing to recharge and nobody pulled out the pitchforks for them. None of them are saying they work harder than the average worker, even Leo with his claims about sleeping in a bison for The Revenant and his suffering for his art.

      • FLORC says:

        Lol! I would be pathetic to get “butthurt” and post loads of times over it.

        I commented to another comment and it was funny. If it’s not funny to you let’s not go claiming others are pathetic. I came back to this thread on a lark. I’m not invested like some.

        Off the cuff, but no less true. My comment is more to the wider angle of such comments. Even including Hardy’s latest rant. Not that she didn’t deserve one, but she can be tiresome. Less so than post minicoopering. I think she’s found a better balance for what it’s worth.
        And to be fair. I’ve yet to pull a pitchfork or go off on Hiddles, Jlaw, or KStew. I made a comment in response to another based on what i’ve just stated here. I don’t feel that’s unfair, “butthurt”, or pitchfork holding.

        I think some took this as way too personal. Isn’t this site for snarky gossip? Is it opposite day ;)

    • Crumpet says:

      Oh Alex, whoever told you that life is fair?

  2. Lou says:

    She was looking so tired just before Christmas. It was lucky she was playing an insomniac. I think she really gives everything to her roles so yeah, 4 in a row (she has made 10 movies in less than 3 years) is going to wear you down. Nobody can say she isn’t a hard worker.

    I just hope she is still going to do the Lizzie Borden movie with Chloe Sevigny – or at least some murder mystery thriller type thing

  3. CC says:

    I don’t see why she feels she has to rationalize a vacation or staying home.

  4. nches says:

    I sound like a broken record at this point but just look at her face in that last photo. swoon

  5. perplexed says:

    She looks pretty in the Fallon interview, but still isn’t particularly charming. Her voice puts me to sleep. Maybe that’s why she needs to swear… that’s the only time my ears suddenly rise up when she speaks.

  6. Loo says:

    I’m not jealous of actors and I don’t think that everything they say is an attack on people who work harder than them for less money. Certainly many actors are arrogant and self involved and say dopey things but “normal” people are the exact same way. I didn’t take Stewart’s comment as an attack on non actors, she just said that she wanted to take some time off from her job, no big deal.

    Stewart is just one actor she isn’t going to change any of us poor’s working conditions and lack of vacations, she isn’t to blame for people worldwide being over worked and under paid. Richer and more powerful people than her are to blame for the mess that we are in.

    • Kitten says:

      Finally a rational comment. I would feel differently if she was here complaining that acting is the hardest job in the world, but she’s simply saying she needs a vacation.


      • Div says:

        ITA. All she did was joke that she needs a vacation in her living room and E! even notes that she laughed. I mostly like Kristen but I find it incredibly tiresome how people, both fans and detractors, are so over the top about her on here and it is usually the detractors on here. Any time she expresses an opinion someone on here will claim she’s “trashing” anyone who doesn’t agree or complaining. Even Kaiser,who isn’t exactly a fan of KStew, doesn’t have an issue with a two minute off the cuff interview where she jokes that she wants to hang in her living room after filming four films back to back but of course some commenters do. I hate to compare to others but both Hiddlestone and JLaw have talked recently about needing a break after filming multiple films back to back, like she has, and nobody broke out the pitchforks for them.

      • Kitten says:

        I’m mostly indifferent towards Kristen but I generally defend her exactly for the reasons you stated. Also agree that her stans are a different kind of crazy.

        In the end, I’m happy that she’s taking challenging projects. I always thought she had potential and never understood the OTT criticism of her acting. Her career after Twilight could have ended up in a rom com cemetery but she seized the opportunity to take on some interesting roles with talented casts. Good for her.

    • Renee28 says:

      +1. The anger over celebs taking vacation is bizarre. She works a lot for her given professional. She wants a vacation. Not a big deal.

  7. Mia4s says:

    From a business standpoint actors saying this fascinates me.

    If she doesn’t get a nomination then sure, take time off.

    If she does get the nomination and takes time off she’s an idiot. There are actors right behind her whose movies are in the popular consciousness (Twi-mania has happily dimmed). Those actors will want to take “small, independent roles” too and will fast become a better funding source than her. A nomination could extend her value. The window of opportunity is small. She’s not “Jennifer Lawrence” popular.

    • Lou says:

      Lainey said something very interesting the other day – that Kristen prefers being the dark horse. She never wanted to be America’s Sweetheart (i don’t think Jlaw does either tbh). She was clearly uncomfortable being the face of a a huge franchise and the red hot heat that comes with that. I think Kristen is exactly where she has only ever wanted to be – making smaller movies with cool people and the icing on top is that her talent is being recognized. She earned the success she is having right now by working hard and making smart choices. She always said she actually enjoys auditioning as she likes to know that she suits the role and it makes her feel more confident that the director chose her on her own merit. Woody Allen, Ang Lee, Kelly Reichardt and having Olivier Assayas write a movie for her — i think she’s exactly where she wants to be, all while finally having some semblance of a private life!

      I think being ‘America’s sweetheart’ is like Kristen’s worst nightmare!

      • senna says:

        Great take on this! I think Kristen has been pretty honest about both work and lack of work in the past. Remember post-Twilight, before she made Camp X-Ray, she kept dropping quotes about how desperate she was for work? Now she’s done a lot of work, and is being honest that it’s time for a break. I don’t think her career is going anywhere if she takes a couple of months off.

      • Mia4s says:

        That’s kind of my point though. Indie movies need funding (especially these days) and you need to bring value to the table. It’s all well and good to want to be an “indie darling” but you have to play at least a bit of the game. Otherwise it becomes “oh sorry Ms. Stewart, it’s nice that you want this role but our financiers will give us an extra $3 million if we use J-Law, or Daisy Ridley, etc”. That’s the harsh reality if you don’t remain a player.

      • Div says:

        She’s got a film where she’s one of three leads with Michelle Williams and Laura Dern, an ensemble role in a film with Ang Lee, and an ugh Woody Allen film coming out next year. This probably is the one time she can afford to take a small break before those films come out because if she took a break after those films came out she’d be missing out on a window of opportunity.

      • Lou says:

        Well then she will find another role. She has often said that she only wants to work with people who want to work with her. And Somehow i doubt she will ever be short for work. She wasn’t before Twilight so i don’t see why she would after!

        And when she may have said she was ‘desperate’ for work .. it wasn’t that she couldn’t get a job, she just couldn’t find one that she was interested enough in. She talked about turning down parts in her Marie Claire/Elle interviews

  8. word says:

    I just recently watched Clouds of Sils Maria and didn’t think much of it. Now I’m seeing people are really applauding the movie and the acting in it. Kristen was good in the movie but never did I think while watching it “oh this performance is award worthy”. I don’t know maybe I know nothing.

    • Tig says:

      Let’s be real-if she does snag an Oscar nom, 99% of the movie going population in America will go “I thought Twilight was over?”. It’s along the lines of Cranston maybe getting a nom for Trumbo- if one is being kind, another “under the radar” film.

      • Div says:

        I mostly like Kristen but I feel truly bad for Charlotte Rampling because both ladies are in IFC films and IFC has done the bare minimum and Charlotte would have a much better chance than Kristen (and Kristen does have a maybe a 25% chance) at getting a nomination. It’s like IFC has done nothing to make their films not “under the radar.” TBH I doubt KStew thinks she even has a real chance and is basically using this opportunity to network like most of the other actors.

      • Lou says:

        I thought Charlotte was a cert? I want to see that movie, it sounds really interesting

    • senna says:

      I think Clouds is geared to a certain type of viewer, one who likes really talky movies about interpersonal relationships. It was exactly my jam, though I can see why people wouldn’t like it. It was one of the movies that stuck with me the most from 2015 and I can go on forever about it; suffice it to say that for me, Kristen’s performance was a perfect fit for the movie’s theme, which was about artifice vs being “natural.” Juliette’s character doesn’t recognize what Kristen’s character is doing throughout the movie because of the way she’s framed: as “not an actor” but a PA; who is “not acting” but she is. The fact that she’s being critiqued for “not acting” in the movie is really perfect, IMHO.

    • PlayItAgain says:

      Whenever I stumble across one of her films, I keep hoping that I’ll see something different from her, but it never happens. I used to think that she just played Bella in every movie, but I’ve realized she’s simply playing herself. She’s made smart role choices that don’t require much of a stretch on her part, on projects with costars who have more talent and status who can get the films noticed. It’s a good strategy. And, they want her for her uber-loyal fan base that will promote the project incessantly through social media. It’s a win-win.

  9. DarkSparkle says:

    I snagged American Ultra from Redbox having no real idea what it was – pleasantly surprised that Kristen made me like her in that movie. And Jessie Eisenberg also. I went in with no expectations and was shocked at how much I liked the movie. She’s growing on me in her post-Twilight career phase.

  10. serena says:

    She’s maturing a little and I’m starting to really enjoy her.

    • Lou says:

      I’ve always liked her, especially when she didn’t allow all that ridiculous slut-shaming to bring her down. She has said a few times that she doesn’t feel like you have to be the loudest person in the room to make an impact. It was in relation to feminism and speaking out on certain issues. My feeling is that she has taken on Patti Smith and Jodie Foster’s advice, which is to concentrate on the work and the rest will follow. So even though she probably won’t ever address the whole scandal thing directly, by her not allowing it and the reaction to it effect her life, it’s the ultimate Fk you to everybody!. Same with the hate she got for Twilight – why did she get the lion’s share of the insults yet Lautner and Rpattz were so much worse? Yet who now has the most successful career? She is quietly and efficiently showing everybody what she is made of, and that is strong stuff in an industry that likes to tear down women! So therefore, she is somebody i admire.

  11. Abbott says:

    So is this break different from the one where she was going to make pottery or paper mache kittens for Karl Lagerfeld?

  12. HeyThere! says:

    My dad use to always tell me anytime I would complain as a small child: Honey, life isn’t fair so just get use to that fact now. I never really understood what he meant until I was a little older. It’s not ‘fair’ some people have massive trust funds, get whatever they want, work a job that makes them millions a year, etc. I have never worried myself about other people’s situations because it’s not my situation and that’s all that matters. I also hate the word ‘normal’. There IS no normal. Normal is relative. Normal is different to every single person. I am a stay at home mom to an infant. I was talking about how I needed a vacation and someone had the nerve to say this gem: Your life is a vacation! You don’t have a real job. You get to do whatever you want all day?! Why do you need a vacation from that? I had to walk away. LOL You don’t know my life and my job is real. My job is 24/7/365. I get paid in smiles and poopy diapers. I can’t clock in or out. No sick days. No vacation days. That’s my job. It’s also one of the most rewarding jobs on Earth. In the end, all that truly matters is love.

  13. Sara says:

    Say what you will, she has been working, making money, and staying relevant. If I were her, I would take a nice long super break and travel of chill for like two years. I would wake up every day and play ” you can do whatever you like you can whatever you like hey!”

  14. Source says:

    Anyone who tells a stay-at-home mom her life is a vacation is clearly out of touch with reality. It’s the same kind of out-of-touch with reality that movie stars are. There’s a certain bubble rich and privileged people live in where they don’t understand what it’s like to do real hard work.

    Actors and actresses who have millions and millions and millions of dollars in the bank and can say, “Ooh, I’ve worked for a whole month. I think I need a wittle time for myself, because I’m so overworked” have no idea what it’s like to be a workaday Joe who doesn’t have the luxury of taking a staycation whenever the heck they want.

    And I have to laugh when a person who posts at least ten angry and lengthy posts because she’s signified herself as the worlds best Kristen defender, can call another person “butthurt.”

    Rock on @FLORC