Tom Hiddleston is damaged & covered in paint in the new ‘High Rise’ trailer


Back in December, the first trailer for High Rise dropped. It was, I thought, a really well-edited, evocative introductory trailer, done as an “advertisement” for the fictional and terrible High Rise. Well, the second trailer has just dropped and yes… it’s still very, very good. This might be the best film Tom Hiddleston has been a part of in the past few years. It’s sort of startling to realize that Hiddleston was cast as the tightly-wound, self-destructive “hero” of the dystopia – meaning, he has to do some proper acting. Here’s the trailer (I’m sure Tumblr is already melting down in a flurry of GIFs)

I like that we don’t see that much of Sienna Miller or Luke Evans (who seems to have stepped out of Starsky & Hutch), but I would love to see a bit more of Elisabeth Moss. This is the kind of film I will enjoy seeing, I just hope it gets some kind of significant release here in America, where the release date has not been set yet. If you’re in the UK, you can see it on March 18th, but I bet the release will be limited. Here’s hoping 2016 ends up being The Year of Hiddles after the 2015 Year of Hiddles kind of fizzled out.



Photos courtesy of ‘High Rise’.

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  1. Dani L. says:

    I’m just here for the little bit of Luke Evans 😍

  2. Die Zicke says:

    I am here for this! This is exactly my kind of movie. God, I hope it gets released somewhere around where I live…

  3. Loo says:

    Don’t say that he had a bad year, his stans are going to get you for that.

    • Die Zicke says:

      Well, I wouldn’t say it was a really BAD year.., just extremely mediocre and probably not what anyone was hoping for.

    • SOCHAN says:

      It didn’t live up to expectations, but that is completely normal in the life of a working actor. It’s just that the age of the internet dissects every damn thing to death and blows everything out of proportion. Tom is fine, and Tom is doing great. Especially since he toned down his Twitter activities. He’ll do fine if he stays out of the world of the fans on Twitter and Tumblr.

      • Nutballs says:

        With TNM broadcasting worldwide and this film looking better and better with each trailer and country music fans excited about ISTL, I think 2016 is going to be a better year for The PuddleTom.

  4. KTE says:

    Laing is more detached and self-contained than ‘tightly-wound’, I thought. Though he does eventually let go….and it is quite spectacular when he does.

    I’m looking forward to seeing this film again. I’m sure I’m going to notice all sorts of things I didn’t notice the first time around.

    • jammypants says:

      yea Laing was really passive and pent up. I’m starting to forget some details so watching the trailer was a nice revisit.

  5. Miss Jupitero says:

    Fun, fun, fun! I am going to like this film!

  6. antipodean says:

    LEGS! Where is the veranda at the moment? I have locational confusion, what with islands, holidays, and lots of cocktails. Wherever it is, could Colin please mix me up a large one? Something with a brolly in it will just fill the bill.
    Does that character on the television remind anyone of Alan Whicker, circa 1970?

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Sorry, got a bit distracted a bit there with my actual life. The veranda is currently in the clouds on a giant helocarrier that Tom borrowed from an Avengers set. Colin will be right over with an umbrella drink. Not sure whether we’re traveling to Vietnam or Australia first. Mark has hired a separate barge for the fray.

      I can’t wait to see this film!

    • Dara says:

      @Anti – there is a short stopover in LA for anyone wishing to go ashore (aground?) and enjoy the monsoon that is currently swamping Southern California.

      The cruise director hasn’t shared the full activity schedule, but I’m hoping Tom is in town for The Night Manager panel at the TCA event on Friday. Does anyone know if they show the panels online somewhere or is it just for the folks in the room? I really want to see some Laurie, Hiddleston, Colman banter.

    • antipodean says:

      Ha ha lilacflowers, happy New Year to you, and pleased to hear that your life continues apace, aside from distractions of the Hiddles variety. I realise you have many things to organise, but appreciate your efforts in keeping Colin and Mark on their toes. Please let us know when the island touches down, so we can get our glad rags on and turn up for a bit of a do as usual. It is fair bucketing down here in SoCal, so brollies of all stripes are needed, but most especially ones for our drinks, dontcha know!

  7. GingerCrunch says:

    I got so excited when I saw him on the chaise I surprised myself! Oh my. Obviously can’t wait to see this!!!

    • SOCHAN says:

      This is the least interesting to me. Naked bodies, whoop-dee-doo. Seen it a hundred times. It’s him covered in paint and blood looking like he’s coming apart at the seams that looks wildly compelling. Can’t wait!

      • GingerCrunch says:

        I can be that way with all the nakedness too! That’s why it surprised me!! I’m not a post-menopausal shell of my former self after all…

      • Poisonous Lookalike says:

        Seconded. I want to see how and why the character unravels. But I will certainly enjoy any nekkidness that happens along the way…

      • Cranberry says:

        @Poisonous Me too. Always love to see as much bare skin Hiddles as I can, but really excited to see the unraveling . . and why.

  8. Lindy79 says:

    This looks really interesting, I look forward to seeing it!

  9. SOCHAN says:

    This is the Tom I love best. I can’t WAIT for this movie. I admit, I’m going to be shy/embarrassed if he’s in a graphic orgy scene (don’t they seem to be hinting at this?), but I’ll get through it. I’m excited to see him play a man who goes through a psychological breakdown. I think he excels at this kind of performance.

  10. InvaderTak says:

    Looks good so far. Just hope that is truly a teaser and not the whole movie.

  11. Betti says:

    can’t wait to see this. For a sec there i thought i twas Fassbender in the header pic (the one with the paint).

  12. serena says:

    I love him, I really do hope he’ll get recognized with some major award!

  13. spidey says:

    “meaning, he has to do some proper acting” EXCUSE ME!!! NOT SEEN HIM DO SHAKESPEARE?

    and I make no apologies for shouting. 😡

    • jammypants says:

      He’s an excellent actor. I Saw the Light and High-Rise are like night and day. He’s very diverse. Crimson Peak was more up his alley and pretty close to Loki, but it was by no means a bad performance. But we know how some people feel about him on here.

      • Cranberry says:

        Hi jammy-P. I’m so glad he’s mixed it this year too. I don’t think Sharpe and Loki are that close in their personality and behavior, just in there circumstances and that they’re ear marked as villain or morally ambiguous villain’s assistant.

        Also I think Loki is a fair bit of proper acting by Tom. The characters from Thor were treated as Shakespearean archetypes. Which made total sense and really worked well, imo.

      • Jammypants says:


        Yea I’m don’t mean in personality but the dual nature of antihero and villain minced with moral ambiguity and charm 🙂 Both are emotionally fluctuating and unstable.

        Once again, agreed. I don’t mean to sound like I’m putting Loki down. Loki as a role to me is pretty impressive. I just simply mean we have seen that bit of acting from tom before, whereas he’s quite different as Hank, F Scott, Adam, and Laing.

    • lilacflowers says:

      And F. Scott Fitzgerald in Midnight in Paris. And sweet, mopey Adam in OLLA. And exasperated Magnus in Wallender. And yes, all that SHAKESPEARE!!!

      • KTE says:

        I love him as Adam in OLLA, his energy in that film is so different to the over-excited puppy he is in real life.

    • Cranberry says:

      And what about Loki.

      It’s easy to dismiss the acting in Marvel movies because they’re commercial, superhero, action films and because a lot of the dialog and acting is simplistic and kitch. Because the Asgardian characters in Thor are Shakespearean archetypes, those performances require some proper character acting. Imo, this is one of the reasons why Loki became a success with all the fans (not just fangirls) because he gave a good, theatrical performance for a comic book character in a big-budge, popcorn flick.

      Also, I feel bad for both CHems and more Evens cause those one dimensional “good guy” roles are tough to play seriously, and I thought they did pretty good for those otherwise kinda boring roles. It’s always more fun to be the villain, but still gotta be careful not to fall into the same one dimension trap. Point being that good acting in kitch, fantasy action movies can be tougher than is usually given credit for. That’s all.

      • Jammypants says:

        Well, I’d argue that captain America is more interesting than Thor. In Civil War, we see him choose a side that’s more morally questionable.

        I love CBM. I’ve seen every one of them in theaters. Good and bad.

      • KTE says:

        The moment I fell for Loki as a character and knew that Hiddleston was an actor to watch was at the end of the first Thor movie, when he says ‘Is it? Is it madness?’ In the most authentically desperate and conflicted way. He made the character emotionally real in that moment, despite the overblown comic book movie-ness of the scene.

        It’s even more impressive when you read the script for that scene and realise it had Loki laughing maniacally in moustache-twirling villain style. Thank goodness for Ken Branagh – Thor really could have been awful!

      • p'enny says:

        the moment i fell for Loki, was the angst ridden scene with Anthiony Hopkins – “why, why you could have told me….”

        And, the scene where he bursts out of the tessseract and goes i am Loki, and i burdeoned with glorious purpose. Got to admit that was well delvered and acted superbly.

      • jammypants says:

        @KTE, oh interesting. That makes me want to read the script to compare.

  14. Miss Melissa says:

    The trailer music from the subway scene in Risky Business is a nice touch.

  15. Phoebe says:

    Superficially, I’m excited for Tom to look like Tom in all of his projects coming up- while I love Loki I’m a little over the wigs and period costumes. Tanned, blonde Tom can read me an elevator manual and I would pay admission! Artistically, I’m excited for the varied roles he has coming up and hope it gets him some recognition by the public and movie executives beyond Loki and his Hiddlestoners.

    • Cranberry says:

      Except I really like Tom with dark hair even if it’s short. But I like him well enough with blond and ginger too.
      Actually, I like that we get so many choices on how we like our hiddles. What’s your flavor?
      Oh blond? Really, well usually I’m brunette, but I think I’m in the mood for some ginger curls tonight 😉

  16. Blackbetty says:

    Cant wait.

  17. Portia says:

    All those Twitter sightings of THEO in Hawaii were true because look who it is in the pic Jordan Vogt-Roberts posted on his IG:

    Just friends, hmm? I think there’s a little more going on and they’re just not ready to come out into the open with it.

    • spidey says:

      Looking at those two picture on the right with Lizzie in, does anyone think her face looks about half the size of everyone else’s……………….?

      • NUTBALLS says:

        Are you suggesting a photoshop or the chick from Jessica Jones?

        I think it looks like Lizzy. I’m not a Photoshop expert however, so what do I know…

      • Dara says:

        Boy, the resemblance is strong between EO and Erin – but I’m giving a slight edge to it being Lizzie, partly because the director tagged the photo with everyone’s IG accounts but didn’t tag Erin, even though she has one.

        It will be interesting to see if he ever says if it was Erin and not Lizzie, or just leaves it alone.

      • lilacflowers says:

        Erin worked with Jordan Vogt-Roberts on Kings of Summer and she popped up in earlier pictures with Jordan and Tom in Hawaii that people insisted was EO. The resemblance is amazing. Her IMDB doesn’t list her as working on any projects right now. Maybe she’s working on the monkey movie but hasn’t been announced – that does happen. Brie cannot be the only woman in the film.

      • NUTBALLS says:

        Her mouth in the upper left corner and her duck face in the lower right look just like Olsen.

        Dara, to borrow Sixer’s phrase, I’d eat my own dirty sock if he ever comments on it. It would be so out of character for him to do that. I think they enjoy letting people think there’s more going on between them, whether or not it’s true.

      • SOCHAN says:

        Exactly. Celebs pontificate about privacy because otherwise the public might catch on that these celebs – most of them – actually really love attention and knowing that loads of people are fascinated by them. It’s intoxicating and ego-boosting. I think a lot of them play games. I want privacy, I won’t comment on my relationships … but oh look, here we are in a picture that is being posted PUBLICLY and no, no we don’t expect ANYONE to react to this. (rolls eyes) They know exactly what they’re doing. 😉

      • Dara says:

        @lilac – aside from that one wrap party photo, I don’t remember seeing any others of Erin and Tom. Jordan’s latest photos were not from the wrap party, but earlier – my guess is from the laser-tag party in November. I don’t think Erin landed in Hawaii until after Thanksgiving – she posted photos from NY on the 19th and from Puerto Rico the 25th. I find it unlikely she would go from NY to Hawaii and back to Puerto Rico in under a week. Possible, but unlikely. And I’m doubling-down on the fact JVR didn’t tag Erin in the photos – I think he definitely would have it were her (she? I hate grammar). As you said, they’ve worked together before, she was one of the first 10 people he followed on IG, and they seem fast friends. Not iron-clad proof I know, but just my two cents.

        @Nutty, agreed. I was thinking that JVR might confirm or deny if he sees the kerfuffle he caused. I do see he’s deleting all mentions of EO from the comments on the photo, make of that what you will.

    • NUTBALLS says:

      Dara, I never doubted your sources, but let me just say, you were on point, girl with the Hawaii sightings.

      THEO ain’t going away just yet, y’all. There’s more shagging and marketing to be done.

      • Cranberry says:

        Yea for the shagging. I mean I’m glad he’s getting some action. That’s the way I like to imagine his life at least – that someone gettin to hit that. But I hope he doesn’t go out of his way for this “ship” cuz I don’t think they’re a good fit. No pun intended unless it works for ya. lol

      • Portia says:

        That’s definitely Elizabeth Olsen. Not to mention all the THEO sightings in Hawaii and LA and London. The pic also supports what Dara said about the Hawaii social media sightings.

        The two are definitely together in my opinion now. Whether or not they’ll leverage their relationship for ISTL is to be seen. But I don’t doubt these two are in some sort of relationship. Probably not a FWB because those kinda friends don’t follow you all over the globe like EO has been with TH.

      • Dara says:

        *curtsies* Thank you Nutty. I really never would have said anything unless I was absolutely sure.

        And before everything implodes, may I point out that all we really still know for sure is that they A) know each other and B) spend time together socially. Those points had already been established, so until there’s public PDA or a moving van in front of someone’s house, I’m remaining open to any and all possibilities. If only to preserve whatever sanity I may have left.

      • NUTBALLS says:

        It is odd to see co-stars that live 5,000 miles apart make a point of spending time together socially, even if it’s simply to drive publicity for their upcoming film. I suspect there’s more to it than that. It costs money to chase his dong all over the planet. And it takes time away from hustling for work that doesn’t come from Marvel.

        I wonder if he flew to Australia or is hanging in LA for a few days? The Globes are Sunday…

      • KTE says:

        I’m curious – why do you say it’s not a wrap party photo? It looks like a collage of those funny photo-booth pics, which is exactly the sort of thing they have at wrap parties. And Tom’s wearing the white t-shirt he was wearing in all the wrap-party pics.

        The caption would seem to indicate a cast pic – he’s waiting for them to show up in Australia.

      • Dara says:

        KTE, A couple of things made me think the photo was from earlier. JVR was wearing a different shirt in the wrap party photos in December, and most everyone else’s wardrobe exactly matches pics from laser tag – I’m not counting TH, Lord knows he only has about three outfits. The big one for me was that John Ortiz is in the photos, he left Hawaii two weeks before the wrap party.

    • SOCHAN says:

      That’s Lizzie, without a shred of doubt. She sure is all up in these photos though. Isn’t this Tom’s crew from the movie? Since she went to be with Tom in Hawaii, why are they hanging out with his movie colleagues? I would not travel that far to hang out with my BF and his buddies from work. Would you? Especially in such a beautiful place. I guess I’m not sure why they are having an outing like this as a group. Perhaps it’s a work party and she was his plus-one?

      I don’t care if they’re together, I really don’t. I’m all for love. But I don’t like games, and it amazes me that they could say they are just friends, and “people can believe what they want” (thanks for your permission, LIAR), and say there’s no relationship yet they have managed to be photographed 3 times outside of anything related to their mutual movie. The dinner outing in the car, the photo where they were caught from behind walking down a London street with their arms around each other (the one the stans tried to analyze to see “if it really was them” — YES it was them, duh), and now this group photo from HIS movie set. They aren’t hiding. But they have been lying. It’s like they want to deny, but they want to be seen also. Games.

      • NUTBALLS says:

        It seems to me that publicists have come to realize that in the age of social media where popularity can be measured in clicks, likes, favorites, followers, mentions, re-tweets, shares and re-blogs, that the numbers go up when a celebrity doesn’t give a straight answer or state the facts. Keeping just enough out there to convince some but not all and keeping the discussion going online is better for the metrics. I think this is a definite shift in his (and possibly her) PR strategy and I expect to see more of the same going forward.

        They’re both seeing the power of the celebrity-coupling rumors to give them a publicity boost. Neither of them are A-listers, so we shouldn’t be surprised if they carry on with this kind of PR gaming — with each other and with other people in the future.

      • p'enny says:

        sochen and nutballs
        i like you both, but i think your over-thinking, those strategies may work for jennifer anistons and george clooneys of the world, not the Tom’s.

        and as for lying, they have a right to lie, when journalists are asking them in full view of a TV crowd at a film festival about their relationship? And they dont want to go public about it. Then they have no choice. tom wrote about fan-baiting internet-press in that recent newspaper article and it’s obviously getting to him. I hope he maintains the no-talk policy, bit like Fassy in a way. Has Fassy come out once and said he is shagging Alicia? no, but she has mind you.

      • Becky says:

        Then Lizzies publicist shouldn’t have dropped those stupid stories to US Weekly “they’re hooking up” it’s obvious click bait and will keep getting brought up.

        The pic has been deleted, about 9am UK time. I’m guessing that Jordan forgot EO was in the pic. Innocuous comments asking if it was her were being deleted, then the comments turned into long intrusive posts about privacy and pr.

      • NUTBALLS says:

        p’enny, you know I love you and respect your dissenting opinion. Based on what people in entertainment media & publicity have said about how the game works, I think PR plays a much bigger role than you think. Image management and getting noticed is of utmost importance,. It’s the B and C listers that are said to call paps and generate publicity for themselves, not the A listers, who are already being stalked and followed around due to their higher $$ value.

        My interest in the PR aspect of THEO outweighs whether or not THEO are a thing or not. I’m pointing out that not being clear one way or another generates more chatter on the interwebs than coming clean. So it’s a publicity win for them, regardless of what fans believe or whether fans like the pairing, that’s all.

        Becky, I think it’s interesting that JVR removed the post (even tho’ it’s been screencapped and retweeted into infinity). I find it hard to believe that in the normal gossipy shop-talk on set that JVR or his personal assistant wouldn’t have been conscious of the ramifications of posting those pictures. They would be aware of keeping their lead actor’s “guest” under the radar and more careful about posting a picture that gives proof positive that Lizzy visited him on the SI set. That leads me to think it was intentional and with Tom’s approval and then taken down to appear as though they were unaware and trying to protect his privacy. The timing is suspicious too, as it seems any major publicity for Tom seems to include a side piece about THEO.

      • Dara says:

        As private as Tom seems to be, I doubt very much he would rope the director (his boss) on his current project into some PR shenanigans that involve his personal life – that just doesn’t seem to be his style. Of course, I said the same thing about using his personal life for publicity in the first place – and I may have to rethink that assumption.

        I do think in this case that JVR innocently posted the photo and then realized he goofed. He tried to minimize the drama by deleting comments, which made it worse and finally just deleted the photo. BTW, his assistant Bryan regrammed the photo but didn’t delete when his boss did, it’s still on his feed last I checked. If there was some grand conspiracy, you’d think they would coordinate efforts.

      • NUTBALLS says:

        Dara, it’s possible they innocently posted it, but JVR/Bryan sure took a long time to let it sit there and get reposted all over the webs. The first deleted comment should have led to taking it down if they were concerned about the effect on Tom, it seems.

        My thought was not that it was Tom’s idea but more that JVR/Bryan would have ran it past Tom before posting it to make sure he was ok with it. Who really knows… I’m surprised if it was an accident. These people have to keep a lot of secrets in their line of work.

        I giggled at JVR’s follow-up post to this one…

      • spidey says:

        Nutty – have you ever thought of working for MI6? 🙂

      • Becky says:

        @Nutballs I see where you’re coming from but I’m with Dara on this one. It was the deleting of the harmless comments mentioning EO that made it look like a cock-up. I also agree that I don’t think Tom is the type to talk about his private life with colleagues and Jordan just assumed since Lizzie was visiting they were an item, it didn’t occur to him that or he forgot she was in the pics.

      • Anon222 says:

        JVR is making a $150M movie, I doubt he has time or mind to conspire with anyone to post a instagram. Srsly, ppl need to chill and not think everything is a PR calculation. There’s no reason for JVR to do anything for Tom and I don’t think he needs to ask Tom’s permission to post a pic on his own instagram. JVR posted a lot of pics of him with his casts during shooting in Hawaii. Can you imagine him asking everyone permission to post every single pic on his instagram? Some of you probably do, but I can’t.

      • jammypants says:

        @Becky, cock-up or…the fact that people were attacking the account holder himself and saying utterly vile things about two people he knows? I’m sure that had a lot to do with the removal of the image.

      • Dara says:

        @jammy, he was right to delete – but he should have done that right away rather than try to edit the comments. He has seen much worse and didn’t react. When he and Brittany Furlan were dating some of the comments on their couplehood photos were highly personal and/or disgusting. They were mostly on her feed, but there was some bleed through onto his photos too. None of those comments were deleted, and were mostly ignored. I guess the difference is those pics were personal and not professional, but just scrolling through his feed it is hard to see the difference.

      • NUTBALLS says:

        spidey, I do love me the espionage and spy thrillers… 😉

        I only saw a few of the comments and they were just asking if it was Lizzy or simply pointing her out. Totally harmless and not inappropriate. I guess there were others that were more vile?

        Since THEO haven’t confirmed a romance, it’s not surprising that her presence there would induce a fan reaction. If it was a simple oversight, the post should have been taken down right away, especially when he was deleting comments that simply pointed out that Lizzy was in the shot.

    • Bay says:

      I don’t know how everybody seems to be so sure that’s Olsen to begin with. It doesn’t look like her in half the pics, and in another photo taken on set, there’s an actress(?) who looks like that same person in that series of pics.

      • Becky says:

        Because it really looks like her and it appears the other actress who looks similar wasn’t in HI when the pics were taken.

  18. M.A.F. says:

    I gotta say, when this project first came out followed by the first trailer, I was on the fence about it. But after this trailer, I’m more interested.

  19. Cranberry says:

    I was definitely impressed with the first trailer. Now getting to see how Tom as Laing might become unhinged is so exciting. I know this film is not an easy one to watch, but I really like the look of it. The aesthetics that Wheatley uses makes it look very intriguing. Can’t wait, shit I hope it comes to US.

  20. cakecakecake says:

    I want to see it for my babe, Jeremy Irons!!!! I think he is clicking on crazy and I am here for all of it.


    • SOCHAN says:

      YES! “I built this tower”. You know he has to be some kind of evil genius. I haven’t read the book so I’m looking forward to being surprised by the JI character and his motives.

  21. ann says:

    An anon on tumblr
    I think its interesting!

    Jordan Vogt-Roberts is playing hard the PR game. First he posted the photo, now he’s been monitoring the comments in the last FOUR hours. I mean WTF ?! Somebody said “nobody would hate him for dating” and now it’s gone. If you don’t want people to make comments about EO then don’t post the photo ! Jordan knows exactly what he’s doing and TH most certainly knows about this too. But hey ISTL is coming out in less than 3 months…what a coincidence ;-).

    • spidey says:

      Or perhaps people are just reading far to much into something or nothing.

      • p'enny says:

        hardly a PR game is it? a couple of snippets in People mag and one papped dinner, from last summer?

        i think people are losing their sense of perspective and need to focus on the films. if they really wanted to use their relationship to sell the movie they would be doing far more papped stuff than what they are.

        like Spidey says, people are reading way far to much into something or nothing

        I cant wait for THN, ISTL and rewatching High Rise and getting my DVD Crimson Peak. Now were talking

      • Becky says:

        I think too much is being made of that pic, the deleting of the comments made it look like they didn’t realise the fan reaction (it was probably Jordan’s pa or an asst, he’s way too busy working on his film).

        There’s been more articles than just 2 write-ups in People though – 2 US Weekly articles one the day after the pap pics, then like 2 days after that the Star piece: “he called her the next day!” to counter the negative reaction, the timing was pretty obvious

      • spidey says:

        Thanks p’enny. In the grand scale of the world, or human behaviour, they haven’t actually committed a crime have they? And being noncommittal about the state of their private affairs is their prerogative. Some of the (nanny) fans are a bit like everyone’s Aunt Mary who says, in front of everyone, in a loud voice, “and when are you getting married?” or “haven’t you got a boyfriend then?”.

        Get your own life kids then you won’t be so worried about Tom’s.

      • p'enny says:

        Becky in the UK we have showbizzy magazines like Woman, Womens Own, Grazia etc and i swear they make so many articles up. There are no PR people involved, they sit around eat cake and go, lets do another article on Dawn French or Cara Devilgne. It’s just all bobbins.

      • EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

        Yeah, I’m pretty sure that if I instagrammed a fun party picture of my colleagues, and then a bunch of lunatics materialized in the comments prattling on about what a hypocrite and liar one of my colleagues was, I’d delete those comments too.

      • Becky says:

        @Penny I know I’m in the UK. Some later rehashes are tabloid fiction, but those US Weekly articles and the pro Lizzie ones that she’s so into her career (right since she’s following Tom all over the shop to London, Hawaii London again) they have her publicist’s prints all over them IMO.

      • p'enny says:

        Becky 🙂

        i would follow Tom to north pole and back, if i had chance hump his leg. And, i hate the cold.

      • Meee4 says:

        I wonder if there were some strongly, but eloquently worded emails/texts to JVR from TH yesterday. lol! OOOPSIE. Maybe JVR meant the post to be private, didn’t think anything of it until it got crazy.

      • Becky says:

        @Penny lol I think any of us would do the same thing, she’s not working so maybe is taking advantage atm of free time. As soon as she starts filming or promo she won’t be able to do that.

        I did side-eye why she was in those pics though, it looks like the laser tag night which was just cast & crew and I can’t see any other guests.

      • Becky says:

        @Ennui except the 1st load of comments were harmless just asking whether it was Lizzie or not or some who thought it was Erin Moriarty (an actress in the film) . Any comments mentioning EO were deleted. The intrusive comments came after that then the whole pic was gone.

      • jammypants says:

        voice of reason spidey strikes again!

      • spidey says:

        @ jammy – I do my best!

        It may be an age thing. But that doesn’t stop me eyeing Tom up. You can’t go to jail for what you’re thinking, as the song said. 😛

      • EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

        @becky, I guess I don’t see even questions regarding whether EO was there as quite “harmless.” They are directly asking his director– a stranger who is essentially TH’s boss right now–whether TH was with a date at a party. That’s why people asked about EO, and I’m sure JVR knows that. AND WHO DOES THAT? God, this whole thing gives me intense secondhand embarrassment.

      • Becky says:

        @Ennui – Jordan Vogt-Roberts is a film director working on a big budget studio film that potentially alot of people will see. He has a public instagram acct – not a personal/private one – with nearly 10k followers, he’s obviously using it to promote his work.

        He posts what appears to be a cast pic which includes a recognisable actress. One commenter asked “is that Lizzie Olsen, is she in the film?” and the post was deleted. I’m sorry but I cant see how that is intrusive. Another was “there’s EO in those pics”.

        The later comments which were essays on lying and privacy I agree WERE inapproprate, it wasn’t those I was referring to.

      • koko says:

        Late to the party again but Jane and I have been sharing a bottle of Tequila and wondering where we went wrong.
        I think it’s because THko doesn’t have that special ring to it.

      • Dara says:

        I’m with Becky – JVR is not some impulsive, immature high-school student who was getting trolled. He’s a Hollywood director who has enough authority and savvy to convince a major studio to give him $150 million of their money to make a movie. I’m sure he packed his big-boy pants when he took the job, but the stuff he was posting on IG made him look like a buddy and not a boss. I agree with that the later comments were way out of line, but that’s what you get when wave bright and shiny things in front of fans – some of the attention you get may not be the kind you want.

      • ennuiarethechampions says:

        @Dara, oh I don’t feel sorry for JVM here. As you said, he’s a savvy Hollywood director, and posts like the one in question are for marketing the upcoming movie. I know he’s not crying in his Cheerios about mean girls on the Internet. I think he didn’t realize he was opening a can of crazy when he posted it, and he tried to contain the situation out of respect for his leading man. I just think it must be a little embarrassing for Tom to deal with the WTF? reactions he must get from his colleagues when something like this happens.

        And I love the “Chill Out” post. 🙂

      • NUTBALLS says:

        koko, give my regards to JArthy. I miss her. For what it’s worth, I like the ring of HiddleKo for you two.

        Agree with Dara and Becky that JVR is a big boy and if he’s posting pictures of Tumblr’s boyfriend and doesn’t vet them well enough to exclude Tom’s lover, then he’s going to get a more attention than he had bargained for. But hey, based on last July’s pap walks, that may be what Tom & Lizzy want — a little publicity that doesn’t appear to be driven by them.

        I get why JVR would delete the negative comments that you say were posted later, but the innocent ones that simply recognized Lizzy didn’t warrant deletion. Once he deleted them though, it was obvious that he didn’t want her presence being publicized. Unfortunately for him, by that point, his post had been screencapped and reposted on other social media sites, where it will stay until the end of time. I bet he won’t make that mistake again.

    • chelsea says:

      Considering the kind of comments that were being posted, you can’t exactly blame him.

      • jammypants says:

        Who would? oh right, those who feel “lied to” or that’s it’s all a PR conspiracy 😀

    • NUTBALLS says:

      He’s not lied to anyone. He didn’t address it.

      I find it amusing that people think that Tom doesn’t do anything to promote himself outside of actual press events. This is what celebrities do, people! It’s how they play the game. You can bet that he pays Luke a pretty penny to manage his public image — not simply to arrange interviews and cover articles.

      I’m curious as to how THEO plays out in the next couple of months and whether or not there’s continued sightings after ISTL releases.

      • Portia says:

        @Nutballs – I think it’ll be pretty much in the same vein as it has been so far. He won’t address it and there will be more sightings of them in Australia and Vietnam or wherever Tom will be shooting and in London and probably in LA as well. They might leverage their relationship for ISTL and maybe they’ll do it only through tabloids and the Nashville premiere type body language but I highly doubt Tom is going to go on record and say he’s dating anyone. He’ll only ever make an announcement when he’s getting married. Otherwise he’ll stay mum on the private front.

      • jammypants says:

        That’s so laughable. ISTL is just not that big of a movie that needs shady PR to promote. Its award chances have flown the coop. I don’t even think its box office chances will be great. I’m sure everyone involved with the film are more realistic than the cockery fans are eating up. Sorry, I’ll just have to disagree there. And, unless Lizzie lives inside a box, never to breathe outside air, she will be sighted regardless of whether people are saying it’s intentional or not. Actors are egotistical. I just don’t understand the huffpuffery. All this silly PR speculation is starting to sound like “escort Sophie” level hilarity.

      • Portia says:

        The only reason the PR for ISTL is even in the mix is because that’s how the public was introduced to Tom and Elizabeth as a couple. US Weekly, Daily Mail, Star, Enquirer, they all made sure to mention they worked on ISTL together and “sparks flew on set” or “the two grew close while shooting”. That’s the only reason people even went on that trail and then once ISTL bombed, their PR tried to wrap up all the loose ends so we still have some straggling “is it PR?” residue leftover which obviously some people will still bring up now and again. Then the Boyd interview came out but Olsen’s PR had already handled it by putting out a lame piece that her and Tom are donzo.

        Their PR may try to deflect now but I don’t think so since they already said THEO is finito and Tom’s busy running after hotties on set and Elizabeth is a serious actress working on her career. It’s like how it was with the Jane Arthy Bora Bora pic. The Hawaii pic is out there but no one’s going to address it since no tabloid published it. And even then it doesn’t really need addressing. No one outside of Tom and Elizabeth’s fandom seems to care if the two are dating, cheated etc etc. The news of them together is just not hefty enough for the general public to care. They’re not exactly Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or Ben Affleck and JLo. If THEO are serious and they go public, great good for them. If not, eh and meh lol

      • jammypants says:

        I guess I just don’t care enough whether it’s PR or not. It’s so insignificant. They’re hot. They get to see each other naked and frolick. Good on both of them. Lucky stars 😉

        “No one outside of Tom and Elizabeth’s fandom seems to care if the two are dating, cheated etc”

        Exactly, so the PR speculation is a bit exhausting to me, whew

  22. MB says:

    For those interested, there is an audio book of High Rise, and it is narrated by Hiddles.

    • spidey says:

      When I click on that link malwarebytes is flagging it up as malicious website.

      Just thought I’d mention it.

  23. browniecakes says:

    I’m remembering all the audience walk outs in Toronto. Why didn’t some like this film again? The trailer looks great. In the states, I wonder will this get cut down to be a R for wider release or will it stay, what it sounds like what TIFF saw, a NC-17 version?

    • p'enny says:

      i think the truth came out that few people who walked out on the opening night in Toronto were special-invites the kind who hadnt got a clue what they were seeing and just told to go and be seen.

      The second showing was packed and nobody walked out

  24. MI6 says:

    Here’s what happened: It’s a cast pic. There’s no drama, no mystery to be solved and no suspect person to be identified. The post was subsequently taken down because inflammatory comments can damage reputations, harm careers and thereby, the industry’s economy.
    (My) research indicates that fandoms troll themselves sometimes.
    Over and out.

  25. Beach girl says:

    Tom was at the Chateau Marmont last night attending W Mag pre GG celebration. Brie, Cate, and others were there. No pics of him yet. Wonder if he’s going to GG then?

    • spidey says:

      Meanwhile JVR is in Australia patiently tapping his fingers on the table waiting for his cast to appear? 🙂

      • Beach girl says:

        Kinda looks that way! Brie will probably be at GG. According to Reeltours Jordan and a few othets are already there, maybe doing some pre production stuff.

    • Beach girl says:

      Apparently the news item about Tom attending was from a secondary source; he’s not listed on W Mag list. Interesting PR…

    • Coco says:

      Wait how did you know ?

      • Beach girl says:

        I believe Spideys comment had a little snark In it that’s all! The website Guestofaguest had an article and pics. It’s floating around tumblr. Lists Tom and others. Could be wrong since we can’t seem to locate any pics of him. Who knows… But Brie is nominated.

      • spidey says:

        Moi???????????????? 😉

  26. Beach girl says:

    So for the for Chris Evans fans that may be here he will present at the GG.

  27. ann says:

    As far as I have read all the comments their fans do not understand the “marketing”

    Not at all.

  28. jammypants says:

    I may have watched the trailer more times than is necessary to er…”get the picture” 😉

    • lilacflowers says:

      I believe it may be necessary to watch that trailer on an endless loop throughout the day. For health purposes.