Rapper Remy Ma charged with attempted murder

On Saturday rapper Remy Ma (nee Remy Smith) was arrested for trying to kill Makeda Barnes-Joseph, 23, a friend of hers, outside a club called Pizza Bar in the Meatpacking District in Manhattan. Early Saturday morning police received a call reporting gunshots in the area. There they discovered Barnes-Joseph with a gunshot wound. Police also found a black Cadillac Escalade registered to Remy Ma which had been in an accident and had been abandoned a few blocks away. Barnes-Joseph is currently is stable condition.

Remy, accompanied by her attorney Scott Leemon, turned herself into police late Saturday evening, where she was also booked on charges of assault and criminal possession of a weapon. Leemon said, “I ask everyone to keep an open mind…Things are not always as they seem.”

“Sasha Tcherekoff, owner of the Pizza Bar, said a review of security videotape taken inside his nightspot showed the rapper and her friends having a good time before they exited.

“The police have indicated to us that the altercation happened a block away,” the owner said. “The security tapes determined there was no physical or verbal altercation while they were in the Pizza Bar.”

[From the Washington Post]

According to The New York Times Remy Ma and Makeda Barnes-Joseph were at Pizza Bar to attend the birthday party of a friend, rapper Krys-Style. Apparently $3,000 was missing from Remy’s purse, which led to the argument.

“When the group left the restaurant, Ms. Barnes-Joseph got into her Maxima — it was not clear whether she was alone — and Ms. Smith got into the Escalade S.U.V. The police believe the attacker left the Escalade, got into the Maxima, shot Ms. Barnes-Joseph and then raced back to the Escalade. The S.U.V. was believed to have crashed into another car at West 14th Street and 10th Avenue before being abandoned two blocks south at Little West 12th Street with its air bags deployed. Investigators said it was not known how many people had been inside.”

[From The New York Times]

Apparently the victim’s Nissan was still on the street hours after the shooting. The driver’s door was open and blood was visible to onlookers. They could also see a gold stiletto pump and a black bra inside. The New York Times also reported that Remy Ma was “a protégée of the Bronx rapper Big Pun, and after his death in 2000 she continued rapping with Fat Joe and Terror Squad.” Remy told police, “’At the end of the day, I’m a girl…It’s not like I roll up and shoot up everybody.’”

I’m putting Remy Ma on my list of ladies not to mess with. So right now we’re at Foxy Brown (if she’s packing any manicuring instruments), Little Kim (if any of her crew are around, although it’s good to know she’ll perjure herself for you if you shoot someone on her behalf) and Eve (on a bender). Man, it’s like I’m going to have to live in a cave or something.

Pictures are of Remy Ma being led away from the 6th precinct in Greenwich Village after her arrest. Photos and photo description from WENN.

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