Demi Lovato covers Allure: ‘I’ve never felt as confident in my skin as I do today’

Demi Lovato is all smiles on the cover of the February issue of Allure magazine. The 23-year-old singer, gearing up for a summer tour behind her fifth album “Confident,” opens up to the magazine about her issues with her own confidence, growing up Disney and her current relationship with That 70s Show alum Wilmer Valderrama. The self-confessed Pinterest enthusiast, who admits “I had my wedding planned out when I was ten,” says that ever since she was asked to fix a gap in her teeth when she was cast on Camp Rock, her insecurities grew. Thanks to her friends and her Wilmer, she has truly become more confident. Here are some highlights from the interview:

On triumphing over body image issues: “I’ve never felt as confident in my skin as I do today. A year ago, on tour, almost every inch of my body was covered by clothing, and it was because I was hiding behind so many layers. Once I started feeling better about myself, I felt better about showing more skin. I have insecurities about my arms, so to wear a tank top on stage is extremely liberating for me, and uncomfortable sometimes. It’s also a statement, like, ‘Hey, watch out. You’re no longer getting the insecure Demi that you’ve been getting for the past couple of years. I mean business now.’”

On keeping her private life private: “I don’t want to alienate my love life from the public, because it’s such a huge part of who I am. It’s a balancing act. I can’t always let people in as much as they feel like they deserve to be let in.”

On her relationship with her best friend, Marissa: “Sometimes I’ll isolate a little bit. I won’t reply to people’s text messages, or I’ll just distance myself from everyone unintentionally, and she’s the first one to call me out on it. It’s because I’m going through something. I’m stressed or depressed.”

Behind-the-scenes dish from the set of Barney: “The guy who played Barney was actually hot. In order to be in that giant suit all day, sweating and jumping around, you have to be ripped.”

[From Allure]

Barney dirt! “Cool story, bro” aside: I actually met the guy who played Barney and, yeah, he was quite attractive. But I digress, I think Demi has successfully overcome the issues that could have crippled her promising career and I am really happy for her. It seems like all she ever talks about is body image though. You can read more in the February issue of Allure, on newsstands now.

Stella McCartney Collection Event

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Stella McCartney Autumn 2016 Presentation

Stella McCartney Autumn 2016 Presentation

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23 Responses to “Demi Lovato covers Allure: ‘I’ve never felt as confident in my skin as I do today’”

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  1. Detritus says:

    I really like her earrings and I admit, I never thought Barney would be hot.

  2. Lucy says:

    I’m happy for her, she seems to be in a good place. That being said, I absolutely cannot stand her music, and she has a bad habit of saying dumb things on twitter.

  3. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Love her smile on the cover. It transforms her face. I’m also happy for her/tired of hearing about it as far as the body transformation goes.

  4. Allie says:

    I will never not roll my eyes about her relationship with Wilmer. He’s is one of the biggest douchebags around and he dated soooooo many 17 year old, only to blab about it to the public. Nope, not impressed.

  5. Runcmc says:

    She still seems deeply insecure to me. I’ll believe she’s finally past her body image issues when she stops trying so doggone hard to convince everyone. I mean…this reads like an article I read about her last year, and now she’s admitting how insecure she was last year…

    I like her as an actress and think she has a beautiful singing voice, but I really think this one would be healthier as a regular person, not a celebrity.

    • Josephine says:

      You would think that someone who wants to portray body acceptance would stop the non-stop posing in underwear. Women celebs who complain about being judged, and about impossible body standards, instantly pose in underwear or a bikini the minute they reach those impossible standards. If these women really want to break this cycle, they would stay clothed and let their talent speak for itself, unless the role or situation demanded otherwise. But a spread in a magazine does not require a lingerie shot.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I’m with you on the “I accept my body and love myself the way I am” until they’re thin, then “I was a miserable fatso and now I’m freeee.” So annoying.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      I came on exactly to say this. I read that headline and instantly thought “didn’t she say that same thing a year or two ago and so, what now? she was lying?’

      And if she’s still with Wilmer, I doubt anything at all has changed other than she’s become better at hiding her dysfunction. There is no way anybody mentally healthy would be with Valderama and there is no way Valderama would be with anybody mentally healthy. Nope.

  6. Jen43 says:

    She has replaced Arianna Grande as my tween’s favorite singer, and I am very happy about that. I hope she is really as confident as she claims to be.

  7. MelissaManifesto says:

    Demi means well, I dislike those covers because they can appear contrived or forced, but sounds to me like she’s gaining confidence. I don’t think she’s there yet but the path she’s taking seems to be a healthier, happier one. Someone with deep rooted issues is not going to be okay instantly, it takes years, drawbacks, ups and downs, but she’s very strong.

  8. jinx says:

    I love Demi. She derailed at a very young age and pulled through so if she wants to piss and moan about body image, that’s all good to me. It’s an excellent message to keep alive for all young women who feel they need to keep up with….well, you know. Also, I like the fact she still struggles with a dark side – in my eyes, that makes her relatable unlike these other poppers who love to chase sausages and smoke weed.

  9. realitycheck says:

    I can’t stand her. She is only 23 and has had so many issues. She is so insecure. I feel like she does this to get alot of attention.

  10. moohoo says:

    Demi looking more Moore every day.

  11. Karen says:

    It’s the same interview. I think she can be a great role model. She’s a great advocate for bipolar disorder.

    Granted this is Allure (a magazine focused on makeup/hair) but I’m tired of her taking about her body, “new found” confidence and that’s why she is naked in photos now. We’ve read it 100x already. The woman doth protest too much. She’s insecure still (as are most performers).

  12. One2 says:

    Great singer and actress. Im glad she has overcome her insecurities and is an advocate for bipolar disorder. One thing that ircks my nerves is when she’s on a red carpet she does that kardasian pose/face. Beautiful girl though.

  13. Reine_Didon says:

    I think that the industry is full of people with no talent that would not stand a chance to succeed of the industry wasn’t as money focused as it is now. Demi Lovato is the perfect example. She has a decent voice. Not unique/special/unforgettable though. She’s a mediocre artist mediocre performer mediocre dancer. Of course she is consumed with insecurity because she knows she is mediocre in an industry where you’re supposed to be a unique talent to shine. No one will remember her in 5 years.

    I’m annoyed with this money factor in the music industry. They produce mediocre people just to get money. Girls are pushed to get naked and weird to be remembered. No more producing of real talent that will last in time.

    Don’t shoot me, I am judt being honest :)

    • katie says:

      Shss been around since 2008 in the Disney/msn. And since a child on “Barney”, I’d say she has some staying power. She never really claims to be a great dancer, but the girl has a FANTASTIC voice.

  14. Ayra. says:

    there’s just something about her that bothers me… I can’t put my finger on it. Nevertheless, that’s a nice cover.

  15. serena says:

    The cover is beautiful, she’s so pretty!

  16. kri says:

    I like that cover. Refreshing and not over- done. Like many above, my eyes automatically move all the way to the side when Wilmer is mentioned. Gross sleaze.

  17. rosie says:

    Demi is beautiful and talented but I’m sick of hearing about her body. I’m glad she is confident and feels good about herself but she needs to stop focusing on it, Soon it will overshadow her talent.
    Her boyfriend, if we believe her is supportive, loving and an all round decent guy, but i always thought he was a total creep. The way he talked about his ex’s was just so wrong.