Guy Ritchie & Madonna didn’t speak to each other when she visited London


Here are some photos of Guy Ritchie and his wife Jacqui at last night’s Prince’s Trust event in London. A well-timed outing, considering everyone expected Guy to be in NYC this week for Rocco’s custodial hearing. As we learned on the day of the scheduled hearing, the hearing had been pushed back until March 2. Rocco is still with his dad in London, but everyone will be in New York for the March hearing, which should be fun. Meanwhile, People Magazine has some details about the quiet visit Madonna made to London recently to try to persuade Rocco into coming home with her (except she was in-between tour dates, so it was more like “come on tour with me”).

In between tour legs, Madonna, 57, flew to the U.K. for the weekend to make a plea for her son to return home – but it was no “Holiday.”

“She was hoping to persuade Rocco to come back to New York . . . but Rocco reiterated his determination to stay in London,” the Ritchie source says. “It was a series of short, difficult conversations between Madonna and Rocco.” (The source adds Madonna and 47-year-old Ritchie – who finalized their divorced in 2008 – only communicate through their attorneys.)

For Guy Ritchie’s part, “It’s about a fundamental difference in parental philosophies,” the Ritchie source adds, adding the filmmaker views his ex’s “old-school” approach as “counter-productive” and “harming his self-esteem and confidence at such a crucial part of his life.”

[From People]

I think this quiet meeting between Madge and Rocco is one of the big reasons why Team Madonna went to Us Weekly to say that Guy had “brainwashed” Rocco. Because that, in Madonna’s mind, was the only explanation for Rocco’s determination to stay with his dad, that Rocco was a kid who had been brainwashed. I genuinely feel sorry for Madonna a little bit, because she is just refusing to accept Rocco as a teenager trying to figure it out for himself. It’s pretty obvious she still thinks of him as her baby, the child who needs constant supervision, tutors, minders and handlers. This is what most 15-year-olds are doing: challenging authority, figuring out their limitations, making their first moves into adult decision-making.

Now, all that being said, Star Magazine had a rough story about Guy and Jacqui – a source claims that “Jacqui empathizes with Madonna. Being separated from your child? She wouldn’t wish that on anyone…. Guy and Madonna loathe each other but Jacqui thinks they need to find a way to make this work.” Star’s source also says Jacqui was “horrified” when she overheard Guy bashing Madonna in front of Rocco. While it’s clear that there’s no love lost between Guy and Madonna, I’m guessing that both of Rocco’s parents bash each other in front of him.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Frosty says:

    Countless divorced parents find their teenagers wanting to live with the more permissive parent at some point. I wish she’d just let Rocco go, as resisting is probably just proving Guy’s backbite-y point. It kind of burns me Guy walked away with $75 million and still slags Madonna, and I’m not especially fond of her. Show some class.

  2. Holmes says:

    Something about Guy’s current wife just sets my teeth on edge. She always has this overly coy, simpering expression that rings false to me for some reason. I know literally nothing else about her, though; maybe she’s a perfectly lovely woman and that’s just the way her face is.

    • FingerBinger says:

      I don’t know that much about her either. She’s always posing obviously she’s a model. I think she was on a reality show as well.

    • Mia V. says:

      If I was living off Madonna’s money, I would have that smirk too.

  3. Allie May says:

    The March hearing should be fun -lol!! Love this! It is only normal for a child to spend time with both parents. Wish Madonna would relax. She should be encouraging Rocco to have a good relationship with his father, no matter what happened in the marriage. I had a disappointing first marriage also, but always encouraged my son with his relationship with his father and still do.

  4. aims says:

    Never ever bash your child’s parent in front of the child. Cuss their name in front of friends or other adults, but never to you kid. I think Rocco knows what’s best for him and if he wants his dad, so be it. I would rather have my kid with their other parent,and have a relationship with them. Then have them in my home with a risk of hating me and or running away. It isn’t about ego here, it’s about what’s the best for Rocco.

  5. Hannah says:

    I don’t know if the story about guys wife is true but clearly guy is villifying Madonna as much as she vilifies him. Every parent worth their weight knows you don’t talk shit about the other one in front of the kids. They are both so, so selfish.

    • Jellybean says:

      It is so easy to make up stories for the benefit of the tabloids. Celebrity divorces often come with a flurry of accusations, most of which seem to be dismissed by the judges. I think it is ok to treat these stories like a soap opera storyline and comment accordingly, but I don’t really believe them. Even if they end up in court documents, without evidence they could easily be a load of rubbish, but the news cycle isn’t interested in clearing these things up, so I guess it is a PR win for the accuser regardless.