Demi Lovato is confident about her curves, thanks to Kim Kardashian

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I never thought I would ever put “Kim Kardashian” and “inspirational” in the same story, but I guess there’s a first time for everything. Disney alum and singer Demi Lovato sat down with Ellen DeGeneres on Wednesday for a chat and the topic of Demi’s “no clothes, no makeup, no Photoshop” shoot for Vanity Fair came up. Demi, who has had a history of eating disorders and body image issues, told Ellen that seeing Kim Kardashian and her sisters helped her to learn to love her body, explaining:

“When I was growing up, at the kind of age where your body starts changing and you want to be cool, it was in that era of when very, very, very thin people were the popular people in Hollywood,” she explains. “So that’s what I had to look up to. And after having had my issues with eating, looking back I thought, ‘I want to be the difference for people growing up’ because I wish that somebody had gone to me whenever I was 12, 13 and said, ‘Hey, you don’t have to look like that to be cool.’ And when the Kardashians came on the scene, that was the first time that I really associated curves with beauty and it was just so new to me,” she continues. “I remember thinking, ‘Wow, that’s so cool’ and even in a time where I was still struggling with food, I was able to look at Kim’s curves and be like, ‘I should really be proud of my curves.'”

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The 23-year-old singer, embarking on the Future Now Tour with Nick Jonas this summer, also dished with Ellen about her boyfriend, actor Wilmer Valderrama. When Ellen brought up the rumor that the two, dating on and off for about 5 years, were engaged, Demi joked “I don’t see a ring!” She quickly added, “I wouldn’t mind if I saw one. But there’s time for everything. We’ve been together this long. Obviously I’m not going anywhere and vice versa.” Last week, Demi posted a photo of Wilmer on her Instagram, wishing him a happy 36th birthday. The caption, in part, read, “I thank God every single day that this man came into my life for so many reasons. But mainly because I’m so blessed to not only have been able to meet such an incredible, loving, funny and inspiring soul, but even more blessed and honored to call him mine.” Oh, she’s smitten. I can maybe muster up an emoji heart on occasion for that special someone, but words are another thing entirely.

I do love that Demi is proving that she is truly confident. I am not a big fan of her music – not that there’s anything wrong with her voice – just personal preference. I appreciate her honesty and the fact that she is now serving as an inspiration for other girls who may be facing similar struggles. I just hope she doesn’t jump into marriage too soon. She’s only 23. I got married for the first time at 24 and was divorced within 3 years. Go have fun, Demi, your Prince Charming can wait.

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19 Responses to “Demi Lovato is confident about her curves, thanks to Kim Kardashian”

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  1. me says:

    There were curvy celebs way before the Kardashians came along. Also, to be honest, Kim would love to be a size zero if she could. She does not love her curves.

    • Tanguerita says:

      this! Besides, in what world does Demi Lovato have curves?

      • JenniferJustice says:

        In the Hollyweird world where anything other than stick figure is considered curvey. She has hips now and she thinks that’s curvey. I’m not trying to be mean, but this is coming from a young woman who has had body image issues that developed into an eating disorder, so her views are warped. To her, it is unfamiliar territory and she still sounds as though she’s trying to convince herself she looks okay not being skeletal. I still hear body image issues in the undertones of her proported comfort with her body. I get that she was asked about this subject during a guest spot, so I can’t really take the stance that a truly comfortable person wouldn’t need to keep re-hashing it. Sadly, even though Demi is a talented singer, she is now known as one of the troubled Disney kids. I wish people would quit asking her about it.

  2. realitycheck says:

    She needs to stop. She is so insecure it just bleeds through the screen.

    • Jess says:

      I guess recovering from an eating disorder would make someone feel self conscious and ‘insecure” as you so rudely stated.

      I think you need a reality check.

  3. JenniferJustice says:

    I think I can speak for everybody when I say JLo brought the curvey figure back, then Beyonce`, and then the K Devil had some fake curves put in and proclaimed she’s responsible for the hour-glass shape. Give me a break! And if we want to get really technical, in the 40’s and 50’s, the hour-glass shape was thee body to have – Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Lauren, Marlana Detriek, Jane Mansfield, all of them from that era and there’s were REAL.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      That’s what I was going to say. Kim’s curves are so fake looking. At least aspire to real curves.

  4. Jess says:

    Personally I think she’s putting too much into Wilmer, she always credits him for her sobriety and happiness, but what will happen when he dumps her for yet another 18 year old starlet? He seems to like them young and he creeps me out.

    Hopefully she really is confident in herself with or without him!

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      It scares me, too, when someone says another person is responsible for their sobriety. Obviously, the responsible party has to be you.

    • mp says:

      so many levels of yes. Also, that age difference is creepy, right? We were hating on Cavill the other day for being 32 and with a 19 yo and these people are not much different, plus add in a really devastating mental illness…

  5. JeanGrey says:

    Jlo, Janet Beyonce, were all around when she was growing up. I guess Kim Is the only one that made an impact on her.

    • Luxe says:

      Maybe she doesn’t mean actual entertainers but the tabloid queens. She would have been hitting puberty around the time Lindsay, Paris, Nicole Ritchie, the Olsen twins and Mischa Barton got a lot of attention, right?

  6. littlemissnaughty says:

    Wait, he’s 36 and they started dating FIVE years ago?

  7. Mela says:

    Poor girl. She keeps shouting from the roof tops how confident she is and how much she’s comfortable in her own skin, but she can’t even convince herself. And I hope she doesn’t get married to Wilmer anytime soon. When she talks about him, it sounds like she’s clinging onto him for dear life. He’s either feeding off of her dependency or has a foot (among other things) out the door.

  8. JA says:

    Her bf is a complete perv/predator so truly hoping she realizes how much better she could do and be without him. Also hoping she actually finds the self esteem she likes to blasts in the media. From the comment above, yes I Agree, she screams insecurity but appears to be tone deaf to it. Sad that she & ughh so many young girls admire the Klan…gross.

  9. Lisa says:

    Good for her I guess, but I’ve never understood this thing of being so influenced by a celebrity that they validate your existence. I’ve dealt with an eating disorder and low self-esteem and bad body image, and I’ve not once looked at a celebrity and thought, “Oh, they have cellulite too. I guess I’m good! Toss me that bikini!”

    I can see it more for POC who see themselves represented and validated, but that’s not what she’s talking about here.

  10. Josefina says:

    The Kardashians are plastic. How can I take their message of body positivity seriously when they’ve done every surgery possible to change the way it looks?

  11. Naddie says:

    Curvy, skinny… None of this body trends are healthy. Which body is harder to get? Jennifer Lopez’s or Gisele Bundchen’s? Both. She’s not into acceptance for girls, she basically chose what’s convenient for herself. I’m always saying that she wants to be the cool, sexy girl, and she keeps on proving my point. Her overall message is pretty shallow.

  12. na na says:

    I don’t know if i believe her… even in the way she poses… looks like she’s trying to make herself look slimmer