Florence Welch in candy-pink Gucci at the Grammys: when boho goes bad?


Of all the women doing the boho look, I often think Florence Welch is one of the few ladies to do it properly, and to look good while boho-ing. But Flo’s Grammy look was like When Boho Goes Bad. She wore this Gucci gown in candy-pink, with a dust ruffle and weird, childish appliques. This was just… not good. And you guys know I’m a BIG fan, right? I am. I love the latest album and her voice is amazing. But she needs to change up her hair, because the shaggy-dog bangs/fringe is terrible. She also needs to start taking better care of herself in general. Last thing: why didn’t Florence + the Machine perform last night?!



Speaking of trying out something that didn’t work, here’s Janelle Monae in Jean Paul Gaultier. I get that Janelle’s style is quirky/fun/avant-garde, but this look reeks of desperation more than anything else.



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  1. Locke Lamora says:

    She looks like she just got out of bed. The dress looks like a night gown, she has bad bed hair and what looks like no makeup.

  2. QQ says:

    Oh no my faves!!!! Who have you pissed?!? Your style team obvi but whyyyyyyyyy

    I mean Florence looks bad and This Isnt a woman that reads “young” to begin with but this is Baaaaddd

  3. Mimz says:

    Yes I love Florence too but girlfriend, your bad habits are showing on the outside. BIG time.
    Also, that dress.. starting with the colour. Was just a big no.
    Janelle, I like her sometimes but she does give that “try-hard” vibe sometimes. I love what she stands for and the message she’s sending with the whole black and white thing, but I think in the end we just don’t see enough music from her.
    She’s stunning, still, but this outfit is a big no.

  4. als says:

    That’s a good question: why didn’t Florence perform? And why didn’t she win anything? I just don’t get it.
    I feel like she does not separate her red carpet looks from her stage outfits. This dress would fit a stage better than a red carpet.

  5. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Florence’s hair color looks pretty with the dress color. If I taught kindergarten and wanted to dress like a fairy godmother I might borrow that dress, though.

  6. missmerry says:

    oh Janelle! her looks via her instagram are so much better and more polished than this. I am totally digging her ability to keep it usually black white and one color, but this is not great.

    I dislike Florence tons, she always wears bad stuff, I change the station when I hear her voice, I know it’s ‘good’ technically, but I just don’t like to listen to it :/

  7. MinnFinn says:

    I think the design of Florence’s dress is rather fabulous and so perfect for the Grammy’s.

    Gucci (Alessandro Michele, I think) broke so many rules and somehow it works brilliantly. They took the 1975 prairie dress silhouette and added some really interesting intreprations with the sequin appliques. The sequin stars remind me of Elvis Presley’s cape costume and Grand Ol Opry stars like Tammy Wynette. The ribbon motif beading at the waist uses really saturated colors that I’d expect to see in the sequin stars instead. Kudos to House of Gucci for messing with my expectations about 70s fashion.

    • ell says:

      yeah i get what you’re saying. in the context of the brits this dress actually worked perfectly. alessandro michele’s stuff is imo art, truly wonderful. even the odd dresses are so beautiful to look at.

    • Mrs. Darcy says:

      Yeah, I get 70′s Nashville more than “boho” from this look too. Definitely more of a country/cowgirl bedazzled vibe than Woodstock or whatever. In terms of a rock star “look” it’s referencing something musical as opposed to runway fashion, she’s fully clothed (wow, a modern pop star, revolutionary!) at the Grammy’s, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing :-)

    • sills says:

      I quite like Florence’s dress as well, there’s a childlike fantasy vibe to it that rubs me the right way. Her hair just seems too heavy for the dress.

      Janelle’s I love unabashedly. It’s the Grammies, why not go big? Give us spectacle! She went all the way with this, owns the whole looks from top to toe.

  8. Norman Bates's Mother says:

    I get that celebrities sometimes wear ugly outfits just because they’re free and have a big designer label attached to them. But my question is – what’s wrong with whoever is designing for Gucci? This is not the only similarly hideous dress from that collection. Nicole Kidman wore an even worse one a few weeks ago and they both looked like something a little child would design, not someone who is seemingly a fashion guru.

  9. CoraNels says:

    I LOVE the Gucci. It’s so much fun.

  10. ell says:

    what do you mean taking care of herself generally? she looks healthy to me? am i missing something? i don’t love her hair either, as i hate bangs and it’s imo too long now (wonder if it’s extensions?). as for the dress… she was named one of the brand spokesperson for gucci a few days ago, and raved about the dress. i like eclectic and different when it comes to fashion, but even i are not convinced. the cut of the dress is really beautiful, but the whole pink with the drawings (which are actually lovely and one of the things i adore of new gucci) is imo a bit too much. a different shade of pink or a lilac would have maybe worked better.

  11. Rainbow says:

    I like Flo but her look is bad here..
    “She needs t start taking care of herself in general”…am i missing something?

  12. Jib says:

    I liked it, but only on her. I recognized her in it right away, even though I’m not too familiar with her. It’s like Swinton in a “Swinton”: it’s her thing.

  13. SJO says:

    I don’t get the dress either.
    But enough with the bangs hate.
    Her bangs are fine.
    She MAY be one of those ladies (like me) who absolutely needs them.
    And why in gods name is Taylor Swift more popular than Flo?
    I don’t get people.
    Crawling back under my rock now…..

    • noway says:

      I don’t get the bangs hate either. I think if her hair was cut 4+ inches it would have looked good it just looks stringy at the end. I like the beach waves. The dress isn’t my favorite, but certainly not the worse of the night, and I have seen her in better outfits.

      Why is Taylor more popular than Flo, well Taylor has the kids, and is basically bubble gum fun. Flo takes a bit more thinking and not really a kid thing.

  14. Florence does NOT look good in pink, and all the little doodads make it look like a nightgown.

  15. Josefina says:

    They are both so talented and amazing I don’t care. Shame they didn’t perform. I think either of them would’ve made pretty fantastic Bowie tributes.

    It saddens me so many people label Janelle as “desperate” and “try-hard” because she’s quirky. She’s very low-key about her private life, and if she played the showbizz game whoring herself out she could be big. But she doesn’t. This really is just her style.

    • Lensblury says:

      Thank you for this comment. Where I live, Janelle isn’t happening at all, and I asked myself why that is. I had never thought of it that way, but now I realize that I may have been looking at her career the wrong way. I didn’t know anything about her PR game, so thanks for shedding light on that. I have a ton of respect for artists who don’t lose themselves trying to pull every string possible and who create their own paths instead. Plus, I’ve always liked her fashion choices. This outfit is way too busy for my taste, but I still kind of like it. Funny to think that this huge skirt is actually the quiet spot in this ensemble. :) She looks comfortable with her choice.

  16. Lily says:

    A Florence performance would have KILLED me. Why is she always nominated but never wins? All of her albums have been award worthy.

  17. kri says:

    That pink dress is similar to one my mother had to wear in a 70′s wedding. She was so mortified that when she got home, she took it off and gave it to us little girls and said “do whatever you want with this”. I wore it to dinner and made everyone call me Lady Mick Beth and then I fell down the stairs and broke my arm in two places. My dad threw it out. That dress was my Annabelle. Flashbacks.

  18. Tig says:

    Wasn’t there a super-cute commercial on recently starring Janelle for Covergirl? Sometimes I think I dreamed it, since only saw it once( maybe during GG?). Anyway, she was so cute and vibrant in it. This outfit just overwhelms her.

    Love Florence- and this shade looks good on her, but it looks like it escaped from the Dr Strange set.

  19. Veronica says:

    Florence’s dress isn’t too bad for her style, IMO, just not a good color for her. The comment about her “taking care of herself” is kind of cruel, though. Welch has never been an exceptionally attractive woman, and she doesn’t need to be. She’s immensely talented – which is enough on its own. It’s not a woman’s job to look sexually attractive.

  20. serena says:

    Why desperation? I think Janelle’s look was great, over the top but that was its purpose.

  21. Tallia says:

    Florence always wears drapery gone bad style dresses and they are awful and I love it. I don’t know if it is intentional, but it always seems like she is wearing these things tongue in cheek.

  22. sauvage says:

    I love Florence Welsh’s dress. I don’t think a lot of people could pull this off. To me, she absolutely does. I also like the hair. This is her, this is her style, and I’m fine with it.

  23. hey-ya says:

    …she looked a ton better in the trouser suit at an afterparty…janelle looks fantastic…my eyes and brain always appreciate an arty dresser…& much better than twigs…

  24. NeoCleo says:

    I wish she’d sung Delilah at the Grammys. That’s an anthem and a half.