50 Cent’s lawyers compare creditors’ repayment plan to slavery

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50 Cent has a lot of financial problems, and he often gets in public beefs with people. Some of his financial problems are the result of his personal conflicts. He was ordered to pay $5 million to Lastonia Leviston (Rick Ross’s ex girlfriend) after he posted a sex tape of Leviston and another man. (This was 50’s attempt to get back at Ross, they’ve been feuding for years.) He was also ordered to pay $17.2 million to a former business partner for stealing the design to his “Sleek by 50” headphones. So 50 filed for bankruptcy last July, citing equal debts and assets, and likely using bankruptcy as a tool to avoid paying these massive judgments against him. Plus he has a huge mansion and lot of luxury cars and made some bad investments that lost money during the recession.

The creditors in 50’s bankruptcy case are asking for him to pay back some of what he owes. Apparently this involves garnishing his wages to some extent, but 50’s legal team calls the plan a violation of the 13th amendment and has issued a response comparing it to slavery, basically:

50 Cent is lashing out at some of the creditors in his bankruptcy case, telling the judge they are trying to set the clock more than 150 years and gunning to make him their slave.

Three of 50’s biggest creditors — Sleek Audio, SunTrust Bank and Lastonia Leviston — have come up with a payback plan and are asking the judge’s approval.

50 has just responded, claiming the plan violates the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which bans slavery and involuntary servitude. He says the plan would create “a near-indefinite period of involuntary indentured servitude” where he has to work solely for the creditors’ benefit.

He goes on to say, “The plan conditions [50’s] access to food and shelter on the whims of the trustee, who answers only to the [creditors].”

He claims it amounts to “compulsive labor” which he says is unconstitutional.

50 owes his creditors more than 30 mil.

[From TMZ]

I can’t really pin this latest filing on 50 because it’s likely some kind of legal maneuver that his lawyers came up with and I have no idea if it’s valid. It’s sounds idiotic to me, but I’m not a lawyer. From what I know of the legal system, they often throw a lot of things to the wall to see what sticks.

As for 50 declaring bankruptcy, here are photos of him playing with $500,000 in cash. He posted these to Twitter in 2012 and yet now he’s somehow too broke to pay back his loans or give that woman the settlement he owes her for grossly violating her privacy. I suppose downsizing his lifestyle would somehow violate eminent domain. (I’m not a Constitutional scholar, I can’t judge if that joke works.)

Check out his gold chain and Jesus medallion. Making him sell that to settle his debts would go against the first amendment.

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41 Responses to “50 Cent’s lawyers compare creditors’ repayment plan to slavery”

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  1. popodamofo says:

    Hes acting like an impetuous child.

  2. Freebunny says:

    Now pay your debt and shut up.

  3. Lucy2 says:

    Pay your bills. End of story.

  4. Decorative Item says:

    Because paying people the money you owe them after stealing from and publicly humiliating them is just like slavery. Buffoon.

  5. swak says:

    Yes he is partially responsible for this latest filing. His lawyers cannot file a motion without his consent and if they did then he should fire them and find a new team. If this is the case that if paying creditors is equivalent to slavery then most of the people in the US (and possibly the world) are slaves. Set up a plan (therefore no longer an indefinite period of time) and pay your debts just like the rest of us.

  6. Katie says:

    I don’t really see how it’s considered involuntary servitude when his poor choices led to his debt. No one is garnishing his wages just because. He owes money. He has to pay it.

  7. V4Real says:

    How did he get the sex tape in the first place? I don’t recall how that happened. That’s why under no circumstances should anyone make a sex tape and keep it.

    • Triple Cardinal says:

      The woman in the sex tape may not have known a recorder was running.

      And that may go for her partner, too. I’m just guessing, i know nothing of this case, but he may have been set up, too.

  8. kri says:

    Good morning everyone. Everyone except for this a$$hole, that is. I daresay he still has more money than any of us, and yet he wants to exploit the horrors of slavery so he can keep his Lambo. Eff you, 50.

  9. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    While you’re in court making this nauseatingly insensitive and self centered claim, please legally change your name to fifty centS. Because then you wouldn’t seem like quite such an idiot. Nah, forget it. Too little too late.

  10. Naya says:

    I’ll never forgive Eminem for giving us this untalented waste of space who spends his days on social media bragging about his “successful” TV show and how rich he is but then sends his lawyers to claim the exact opposite.

  11. Jayna says:

    Welcome to bankruptcy court. Poor guy treated like all the other minions in the world, rich, middle class or poor, filing for bankruptcy. Save the slave reference for when it really means something, not a mega-rich guy whining because he’s in debt and trying to get away with not paying his debt.

  12. Decorative Item says:

    I have zero respect for people who conveniently use the word slavery to justify being a huge P.O.S.

  13. I Choose Me says:

    I want them to take all his money. ALL OF IT. He’s a reprehensible human being and I’m glad they’re hitting him where it hurts.

  14. Krista says:

    What a baby. I liked him for a second after his bullying book came out. Then it turned out that he’s a bully too. Suck it up and pay your debts!

  15. SloaneY says:

    It’s like I tell my young child: you can make good choices, or you can make bad choices.

  16. Maya says:

    This is the man who voluntarily slept with Chelsea Handler – are we only now starting to question his intelligence?

  17. My Two Cents says:

    I feel so sorry for mega millionaires who make stupid choices. They should know people will retaliate right in their wallet. How can someone be smart enough to make bank but too stupid to know how to protect it?

    • Birdix says:

      Most (but not all) of the mega rich people I’ve known seem to think the rules no longer apply to them. It’s fascinating.

  18. Crumpet says:


  19. Cee says:

    Stop using slavery as an excuse to justify your stupid and reckless choices! What he did to that woman is disgusting. His assets should be executed and payment paid in full to all that are owed something by this man.

  20. Darkladi says:

    Man the f up & pay your damn bills. Don’t shame the memory of real slaves.

  21. Tulip Garden says:

    Oh FFS, most of us work to pay off creditors (like a mortgage) and to , you know, eat! It’s called being an adult. Slavery does not mean what he and his lawyers , conveniently pretend, to think it means ;(

  22. funcakes says:

    50 and Kanya waving money around like grandpa gave them their first dollar bill. Idiots!
    Stop acting like an ass,keep a low profile,stay off of social media and give back to the community. That should help you from constantly making fools of yourself.

  23. littlemissnaughty says:

    Man, I want to read that brief now. Sometimes lawyers really write some embarrassing stuff. I think they should let him keep the amount he needs to buy a dictionary and that’s it. What a bunch of disgusting people.

  24. M.A.F. says:

    Yeah, no, that’s not how the 13th Amendment works. It outlaws slavery not paying people back.

    When people start to hit it big, are they not aware of business managers?

  25. Loo says:

    It’s deplorable to compare being forced to pay your bills to a horror like slavery. Shame on 50 Cent and his lawyers.

  26. meme says:

    oh yes, just like slavery. he deserves whatever they throw at him for amassing that kind of debt. I’m sure people who were actually slaves would be appalled at this statement.

  27. Triple Cardinal says:

    I hope his lawyers got their money upfront.

  28. Dr. Funkenstein says:

    Yeah, when you live large and can’t afford it, the bills eventually come due. Amazingly enough, people expect you to pay. So it’s slavery when you have to do that? An astonishing level of hubris, but considering the source, not particularly surprising.

  29. Tessd says:

    Omg, those nostrils scare me! Maybe that’s where all that money went.

  30. holly hobby says:

    What a jerk and shame on his attorneys for turning this into a race issue. Sorry many people from all walks of life and colors, file for bankruptcy. This is not new. Just because you file for bankruptcy doesn’t mean you get to be forgiven for your debts. His case will most likely involve paying down his debt in installments and over a period of time. This is not new.

    Sorry he owes money so he has to pay for it. If he can’t the trustee can auction off his valuables. Ask Teresa from RHONJ. She went to jail on bk fraud.

  31. Velvet Elvis says:

    If working to pay your debts is slavery then we are ALL slaves. O lord get this has-been fool out of my face.

  32. Amelie says:

    Sounds like a human rights issue…hm, maybe he should give Amal Clooney a call?

  33. Jay (the Canadian one) says:

    Can you imagine the chaos if a court set the legal precedent that any payment plan (mortgages, car payments, alimony, etc.) was unconstitutional and void?

  34. J-Who says:

    Geez, he and Kanye should go bowling…..

  35. yuuy says:

    lol, that’s rich.

    this is the guy who keeps saying how much money he has even if he filed for bankruptcy. he is always on twitter and IG, offending random people with misogynistic, homophobic and racist tweets. now the lawyers will use the race card because he did not know how to spend/save his money? lol

    this is the reason people no longer pay attention to real issues that deal with REAL racism.

    why doesn’t he go on tour? or star on a tv show where he plays a naked gay vampire or something? and come down with his trashy lifestyle and overhead? he has kids, right? he needs to be far more responsible.

  36. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    What a jackhole.