Tara Reid nearly falls out of her bikini

Tara Reid is a prime example of why young women should not get unnecessary cosmetic surgery. I’m all for facelifts, my mom had one and the results are good and not obvious. In 20 years I’ll surely get one too. (Hopefully there were be some high tech laser-type option at that point.) Sometimes nose jobs are well executed and are not that noticeable. I’m sure there are examples of decent liposuction, I would say Beyonce and Mariah are probably sporting good lipo results, but when liposuction goes bad like this it’s all too apparent.

The sad thing is that Tara has a great body and actually had work done last fall to fix the botched lipo, but she’s still sporting some lumpiness in her stomach, and her breasts look super fake. She sold the story of her bad plastic surgery results to US Weekly, and then had some follow-up work done to fix it. At least she was upfront about it.

There’s something really sweet about Tara. Last year a video came out of her getting denied at Hyde while scumbag Joe Francis strutted by. Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian were also waved in that night. Tara waited patiently and said “I’m so last week.” Unlike Paris and Nicole Richie, Tara has never been busted for DUI, although there are plenty of stories and photos that suggest she was driving drunk. It’s also rather ironic that both Joe Francis and Paris Hilton spent time in jail. Sometimes it’s best to stay out of the Hollywood clubs.

I want Tara to succeed but am afraid she’ll never get past the blonde bimbo role that she’s grown out of. She is still getting work, though. Tara will soon promote an Australian dating service called Desperate and Dateless. They throw large parties throughout eastern Australia, and Tara will travel around attending the Desperate and Dateless balls for several weeks next Spring.

Tara Reid was seen frolicking on the beach with friends in Malibu yesterday, pausing to cuddle her little dog and nearly popping out of her swimsuit while playing catch with a football.

Thanks to WENN for these pictures.

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