Has Jeremy Piven been creepily texting & harassing his ex-girlfriend Kate Nardi?


I’ve heard the stories about Jeremy Piven before. I’ve heard the rumors about him creeping on very young women. I’ve heard the rumors that he’s a misogynistic douchebag. I’ve heard the rumors that he thinks he’s God’s gift to women and acts accordingly. So this story is not surprising. Piven used to date a woman named Kate Nardi. You can see her Instagram here – I’m not sure what she does for a living, but her selfies remind me of that woman who thinks she’s a Barbie doll. Well, Piven and Nardi broke up back in 2013, I guess. And she started dating Justin Ross Lee, “jetsetter and pocket-square purveyor.” And according to Justin Ross Lee, Piven won’t stop texting Nardi and harassing her.

Jeremy Piven is being accused of continually texting his ex Kate Nardi to the point of being “creepy.” Nardi’s current flame, jetsetter and pocket-square purveyor Justin Ross Lee, wrote on Instagram, “Before I met Kate, she dated Jeremy Piven. I was always a fan and totally fine with that, except lately the guy will not stop texting her, and has become really creepy.”

Lee posted what he claims is Piven’s phone number, asking people to call him and tell him to leave Nardi alone. Lee tells us, “He keeps offering to fly her places, like, ‘Do you want to come to London?’ and he keeps asking her to dinner.”

In one text, Piven allegedly sent a pic to Nardi, saying “in case you forgot,” and asks for one in return.

“We need to get on each other, I mean get on this as soon as possible,” the “Entourage” star supposedly wrote.

A source close to Piven confirms he dated Nardi in late 2013, but says there has been no texting since they broke up.

[From Page Six]

My guess is that Piven’s messages were probably more aggressive than the examples given by Page Six, and I would also think that there were probably photos involved. Is there anything creepier than a guy who got dumped three years ago who is still sending d—k pics and sending messages all the time? That being said… putting Piven’s phone number up on Instagram is a pretty douchey move too.


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  1. Pinky says:

    People everywhere, on all sides of everything, are losing their minds.

    Creepy texts? Posting numbers? Everyone is failing Sanity 101.


  2. aims says:

    The creep meter tings with him. He’s always given a an uneasy feeling.

    • Diana says:

      This guy has always creeped the living hell out of me. I don’t know why, this story isn’t helping either…

      • k8fearsnoart says:

        @Diana, I know what you mean! Twenty odd years ago, I saw him in the film “Judgement Night”… (It also has Emilio Esteves in it, as well as Denis Leary (LOVED him!!) and Cuba Gooding Jr., Stephen Dorff and Peter Green as an awesome bad guy) Piven was a short, fat mess in that film, and I literally CHEERED when I saw him fall to his death in “Judgement Night”; he creeped me out THAT much. I can easily believe all of this, ESPECIALLY after reading : “We need to get on each other, I mean get on this as soon as possible,” the “Entourage” star supposedly wrote.

        That’s the type of thing a dude-bro says; and it’s NEVER written down, because it’s that stupid. I can see a 13 year old boy saying something like that and thinking they’re suave and cool…but a fully grown adult? NO.

    • Ally8 says:

      Yeah, I’d normally be super into a show like Mr. Selfridge, but I can’t with him in the lead, playing a supposedly sympathetic character. Ew, cringe and shudder.

  3. pf says:

    What’s his phone number again? I need to call him so he can apologize to my mother. It was in a restaurant in Chicago. He came dashing through the door not looking at where he was going and he literally knocked my mother over. He did not apologize. Looked at us like it was our fault. And who was he running to meet? A reporter as we later saw a story in a local magazine about Jeremy being interviewed in the same restaurant where this incident occurred. Also, my friend’s sister remembered meeting him and John Cusack at some Chicago bars a few times a very long time ago. Jeremy acted really douchey hitting on all these very young girls. But supposedly John was pretty nice. Anyway, this behavior with his ex-girlfriend is not surprising at all.

  4. Lukie says:

    I remember her boyfriend from Patti Stanger’s show.
    Clearly, she has a thing for rich douchebags.

  5. michkabibbles says:

    Piven is a creep and should leave the girl alone. That being said, her Instagram is all kinds of gross.

    • Blackcat says:

      Gross, indeed.

    • prettylights says:

      Wow, she is a prime example of plastic surgery going overboard. Her old photos she looks pretty and generally natural. Now, she’s got the huge over-inflated lips and a super massive b**b job. I just don’t get how anyone thinks they look good as a blow up doll caricature of a person?

  6. Lisa says:

    He sounds like such a f*cking weirdo IRL. My mom all but puts her fingers in her ears and sings “la la la” when I tell her about these stories because she loves Selfridge.

  7. Amelie says:

    Why doesn’t Ms. Nardi change her cell number?

  8. susanne says:

    I can’t with Selfridge, either. And I always wonder if he’s standing on a box in certain shots.
    He and Jeremy Renner fall into that same creepy category for me. Christian Bale a little, too. LIke I know better than to be alone with them, instinctively.