Jaime Pressly Hated Pregnancy, Slams Celebs who Adopt

My Name Is Earl actress Jaime Pressly has come out saying what we all think – being pregnant sucks.

I am so glad a celebrity has said this; because there’s a mythology out there that being pregnant is great. Which is a big fat lie used to propagate the species.

Jaime said: “As a new mom I’m supposed to go on about how wonderful it was to be pregnant.

“Well, I don’t buy into that. The truth is that I love my baby to bits, but the rest of it sucked. Pregnancy was the biggest killer for me. I hated it – I hated being fat.

“My hormones were all over the place and I acted like some lunatic, picking fights with my boyfriend over how he made my coffee.

“On top of that I had this hideous ‘pregnancy mask’ skin discolouration which completely covered my face.

“You can normally use creams to disguise it, but not when you’re pregnant, so I had to walk around looking like I was horribly disfigured. This may sound arrogant, but I’m used to looking hot. I just wanted to cry all the time.”

New Zealand Herald

She also slams celebs who adopt.

“Some women just skip having babies or adopt because they don’t want to get fat or they haven’t put in the time to find a partner. It’s great to adopt, but a lot of adoptions are motivated by vanity and laziness.”

Maybe they just didn’t want to be pregnant Jaime?

Jaime’s done a good thing here, pointing out procreations flaws, but maybe not gone far enough. Haemorrhoids, flatulence, stretch marks, hair loss, acne, mood swings, weird hairs growing on your chin, water retention. For those of you not ready for this, you’re not ready for a baby. Bear in mind, those things only last for 9 months. The baby is permanent, and comes with it’s own issues.

In other pregnancy news, Charlottle Church is keeping her boyfriend, footballer Gavin Henson, under house arrest, allegedly because he’s a lyin’ cheatin’ hound. That’s not the real reason though. He’s on foot massage and cravings duty for the seven-months-pregnant singer.

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