Caitlyn Jenner in Zac Posen at the Elton John party: actually pretty great?


You don’t even know how much I wanted Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to come out for some of the Oscar parties last night. I wanted Kimye to arrive at the Vanity Fair Oscar party at the same time as Taylor Swift. I want Kanye to live-tweet from the party. And I wanted terrible fashion from Kim. But it didn’t happen, unfortunately. Instead, we got Caitlyn Jenner at the Elton John viewing party. For what it’s worth, I do like Cait’s Zac Posen (allegedly) dress.


Here’s Dita Von Teese in a Zac Posen dress (Posen was her date as well). While I love Dita, this hoop skirt (or whatever we’re calling it) is not good.



Mariah Carey’s arms just keep getting skinnier and skinnier. It’s magic.


Olivia Culpo in Celia Kritharioti… this is not cute, but Olivia is gorgeous.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. dawn says:

    I’m not feeling it. I think she needs to something with that hair. And she needs to start using that height more.

  2. Mia V. says:

    In the words of Joan Rivers “if God wanted me to exercise, he would put diamonds on the floor”: Mariah is doing it, therefore the skinny arms.

  3. MacScore says:

    The proportions of Dita von Teese’s dress are somehow completely wrong for her. Is it me, or does the dress make her legs/feet look minuscule? She looks sort of like one of those toys with wheels for rolling along the ground…. (I know, I’m insane).
    Olivia Culpo looks great from head to waist; cut-outs lower down are not good. Gorgeous woman though.

  4. Kitten says:

    It’s a nice dress, you know? But I think Caitlyn dresses really well, compared to the rest of her family.

    Olivia Culpo is a truly gorgeous woman.

  5. vauvert says:

    A whole lot of bad outfits.
    I think Cait’s dress is just boring for a party (sleeves too long, dress too short) and whatever wonky eye she has going on (bad surgery?) is terrible.
    Ditta is a big snore in that awful dress.
    I will never understand how people with so much money and access to unique fashion get dressed so badly.

    • GreenieWeenie says:

      I think Zac Posen isn’t really the right designer for her. He’s too structured, and she doesn’t need that kind of definition. And I hate those sandals.
      (Or maybe I’m thinking Roland Mouret because that’s what this dress reminds me of)

  6. Trillion says:

    Mariah, those pantyhose! Just no!

  7. Santia says:

    I think Caitlyn dresses very age-appropriately. It’s refreshing. But what is going on with her face. When she came out, she looked amazing; now she looks like an old shoe. Mariah is looking fierce these days. Good for her.

    • Nancy says:

      She is 66 years old. That face has been revamped many many times, first as Bruce, now as Caitlyn. Bruce didn’t have high cheekbones or a nose even similar to the one Caitlyn has. As she keeps shouting off the rooftops, new life…..indeed a new face as well. The left eye doesn’t appear to open all the way. Stay clear of the knives Caitlyn or you’ll be known as Caitlyn Joan Rivers, II.

      • Lex says:

        It’s quite common for trans women to go through ‘facial feminisation’ surgeries. Yes it’s possible Caitlyn has a surgery issue like the rest of her family though! Bruce did get that horrific face lift back in the day. But the cheekbones and nose thing are just part of sculpting the face to be more feminine so you can’t get angry at that

    • maggie says:

      She looks like a man dressed as a woman. Sorry if that pisses people off but he would do better by the TG by staying out of the spotlight. Jmo

  8. meme says:

    where do all these ugly dresses come from? nope, don’t think Caitlyn looks great.

  9. ReineDidon says:

    I find it hard to look at Caitlyn in anything stretchy and curve hugging. It shows her masculine frame. I’d prefer her when wearing flowy tops with straight pants or skirts.

  10. Carol says:

    Olivia Culpo looks like she just came out of an Italian movie from the 1960’s. I kind of liked her dramatic look – hair, dress and jewels.

  11. Shannon says:

    I don’t like that Caitlyn slumps, I understand the height is possibly associated with maleness so she might be uncomfortable with standing up straight but I think she would look fantastic if she did. I’m glad she wore heels though. I like her in red but I feel that since this was the Oscars, maybe a little more drama in a dress would have been in order?

    Dita’s dress is great but only from the waist up. Same with Mariah, the black tights and pointy shoes just scream early 90’s beauty pageant and she needs to stop it already.

    Olivia Culpo looks flawless and stunning. I like that the top of the dress balances out how wild the bottom is.

  12. Myst says:

    Cait looks like Bruce in a dress

  13. Anare says:

    Caitlin should have Charlize Theron give her some pose coaching. She looks good though. I like that dress on her but the neckline is too high. Dita looks like an odd bug. Like a little red aphid or something. Mariah Carey is such a joke. You’re not Joan Collins doll. Take a seat.

  14. Tredd says:

    Mariah doesn’t look dumpy, for a change.