Tori Spelling on her instant love connection with also-married Dean on set

Tori Spelling has a new video interview posted on US Weekly’s website, and the more she talks the more I find myself rolling my eyes and hoping she’ll go away. She’s promoting her latest book, Mommywood, and continues to talk about her allegedly difficult weight loss and her estranged relationship with her mother, which has been playing out in the media. All of that is somewhat old news, but one thing that surprised me is that Tori, like some other high-profile cheaters before her, is willing to talk about falling in love with also-married Dean McDermott on the set of a Lifetime movie of the week. In fact Tori goes into surprising detail about the moment she met Dean.

Tori described when she first saw Dean as “like a million blocks of hearts first fell on me,” and added that she knew right then that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. She just happened to be married at the time to someone else, and so was Dean. In fact, Dean was in the process of adopting a child with his wife.

“I’ve never had a connection [with a co-star]. With Dean it was different. I remember the moment… literally I was sitting with the director, he said ‘Your co-star is here,’… it was like a million blocks of hearts just fell on me. And I saw him and I was like ‘oh my gosh.’ I’ll never forget that moment seeing him and I just knew. And that was it, ‘there’s the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. He’s gonna father my children, and he’s my soul mate.’… I fell madly in love.

[Roughly transcribed from Tori Spelling's interview with US Weekly, shown above]

No mention of her husband, no mention of Dean’s wife, just “there’s the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.” It’s a good thing for Tori that Dean reciprocated, because if he didn’t she would have had to fall back on the guy she had already pledged to spend the rest of her life with.

Tori Spelling is shown outside Cipriani restaurant with Dean on 4/18/09. Credit:

tori and dean 190409

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  1. Ameia says:

    Sometimes people are just married to the wrong person. True love isn’t the only reason people get married: they marry because they think no one better for them will come along, because they thinks it’s time they settled down, plus a host of unconscious reasons affect their decisions.
    That kind of infidelity is different from a bed-hopping spouse.

  2. Ro says:

    She sounds completely self-absorbed but what do you expect. I think when she looks back on it even today she probably feels blameless in the whole situation.
    I’m not getting on my high horse about people who have made mistakes because we have all done something we are ashamed of, my problem is that she does not seem to be all that ashamed about it.

  3. neelyo says:

    Aaaaahhh! I think all Tori Spelling stories on the site should have a black box on the main page and the pictures inside. That way, no one has to look at that mug without clicking first. It’s too early in the morning for that.

  4. blaugaro says:

    If I had an euro for every time I read the word “cheater” in this blog(Except for Brangelina, of course), I would be rich. I am not advocating infidelity and all that it comes with it, but things are rarely black or white. I don’t understand this obsession with fidelity. And yes, I have a long-term partner, I yes, I am faithfull.

  5. heh-heh says:

    I care less about her infidelity than I do about her horrible shows. You can cheat on whoever you want, but do I have to see that face in my media?


  6. bros says:

    I was just going to say that neelyo. that’s a terrifying header picture. she is seriously freakish looking. i wish she would shut her annoying trap for 5 minutes and give us a break. why does she think people still care about her all these years later. she and her mom both need to STFU.

  7. Pufft says:

    Why should she be ashamed for falling inlove with someone else while she is married (or him for that matter)? You can’t control matters of the heart. And marriage is not a given for eternal bliss. Shyte happens. If it’s not meant to be, it simply isn’t meant to be.

    If she had taken Dean from his wife only to string him along, toy with him and use him (for whatever reason), nothing more, than I can understand the need for shame. But both of them fell madly in love with one another… they shouldn’t have to apologize for that (and this is coming from a person that doesn’t particularly care about Tori)

  8. boomchakaboom says:

    At least they’ll both understand if one or the other is to fall madly in love with someone else along the way.

  9. Wif says:

    I know these things happen, but it’s just inconsiderate to speak that way. His ex-wife and her ex-husband both had their dreams dashed by Tori’s magical moment. She just shouldn’t talk about it to the public. Tell her friends and family, sure, but this statement is humiliating to the ex-partners.

  10. Moore says:

    According to an article a while back they were still married when they were getting together. If you’re going to fall in love with a married man while you’re married, fine for you. Who knows what their marriages were but at least get divorced or separated before sleeping together and talking to everyone about it.

  11. Tess says:

    Take away Candy Spelling’s hair and makeup and Dean’s bone structure is similar.

    Maybe part of Tori’s instant attraction to him was an unconscious recognition of—-and comfort with—-the familiar.

    Also, since it sounds like her mother was remote, aloof, self-involved, perhaps this is an example of an adult seeking what the child was denied.

  12. Wif says:

    I just imdb’d Dean (I haven’t seen him in anything) and here’s some quotes from his first wife

    “It’s devastating to go through the imploding of your most intimate relationships up for public viewing. It’s tragicomedy: I had women coming up to me on the street giving me money. “(on the tabloid frenzy following Dean McDermott’s very public leaving of her, their son and their newly adopted daughter for the then-married Tori Spelling)

    “She has dissed me about my age (49), my fertility and my appearance. It brought me to my knees but it made me a better person and a lot of good things came from that. “(on Tori Spelling’s catty insults toward her)

  13. sissoucat says:

    blaugaro: I think the obsession with fidelity comes from the vows exchanged at the wedding.

    After all, if a woman promises to abstain from all the fun sex she could have with random strangers, in order for her husband to be 100% sure her kids are also his, she has a solid right to expect the husband to also abstain from fun and random sex.

    Otherwise, it’s cheating : the kids are possibly not his (male cheated) or maybe she’s the only one condemned to dull sex/no sex (female cheated).

    A caveat : I’m not meaning that in *all* long-term relationships, sex is dull or non-extant – but it may just happen in some, you know.

  14. Tess says:


    Didn’t know that his first wife was 49.

    First he marries a woman old enough to be his mother, then Tori Spelling.

    Sounds like he’s got some rather intriguing issues, himself.

  15. yadira says:

    I agree the situation is messed up for the other spouses but if it isn’t meant to be, why stay? I believe in love at first sight and unfortunately for these two it came later than it should have.

    I agree about her face though. It makes me want to throw a saddle on her. Hopefully she will be a good camel and not spit.

  16. N.D. says:

    First he marries a woman old enough to be his mother, then Tori Spelling.

    Actually Dean’s going to turn 43 this year so his first wife wasn’t ols enough to be his mother, just a few years older, not such a big deal for adults in my book.

    And if you look at her you can easily understand his reasons not to be bothered with her age.

  17. barneslr says:

    A relationship built on that kind of foundation is doomed to failure. They are both cheaters, and eventually one or both of them will be true to form and will fall for someone else.

    Cheating on your spouse is never, ever okay.

  18. Ellen Smith says:

    As Dr. Phil says: “Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.” Dean will eventually cheat on Tori. He’s establishing a pattern. He may be on hiatus now, but eventually he’ll get bored and seek out someone new.

  19. Ro says:

    I think that the shame part should come in somewhere when she slept with her future stepchild’s father when he was married to their mother. I think it is inappropriate for a stepmother who started a relationship with a man while he was married to talk about it like it was a great time in her life. It might have very well been but I’m pretty sure it was not a great time in her now stepchild’s life so maybe she should just choose not to discuss that one tidbit of her life since it was probably hurtful to so many people.

    As for true love, maybe I’m being cynical but I really don’t think that she saw this man and in an instant without knowing his beliefs, background, or even his middle name fell in love. I think if anything this falls more into the realm of lust or her wanting to get out of the marriage she was already in.

  20. Jess says:

    He’s a total DB!! He left his ‘old’ family in the dust. Shame on them both for hurting his original kids. What goes around ALWAYS come back around.

  21. MomInNH says:

    I’m curious if Dean spends any time with his adopted daughter. I can’t recall ever seeing him photographed with her. Anyone know?

  22. Codzilla says:

    They’re both ugly on a mirror-shattering level.

  23. Allie says:

    Although I am a romantic, I just don’t believe in “love at first sight.” How could you? You don’t even know that person. I do wonder, if Dean would have left his wife and daughter, if Tori’s last name wasn’t Spelling?

  24. A Canadian says:

    He doesn’t spend any time with the adopted daughter, minimal time with his son with MaryJo Eustace. MaryJo has been a rock through this and she’s better off without the pig. Cheating is cheating, no matter how in love you think you are, and IMHO Dean is more in love with the hollywood lifestyle Tori brings rather than the real person.

  25. Garcon on the side says:

    ..hello all good day, if I believed in love at first sight, i’d fall in love everyday to all the beauties I see walking down the street. But as a wise man (or wise-guy lol), there is absolute beauty and grace to be found in a loving and supportive relationship with a solid partner.. something that is more dignified and (often times) last longer than a fire that burns too hot.

    Tori & Dean are both lucky they found their true loves (at the expense of other ppl’s pain).. but those are private matters of the heart, as such they should keep their mouths shut, out of respect for the former loved ones. It takes two to cheat, these two cheaters deserve each other – i say that respectfully bc I do like both personally.

    Bottom-line is I hope i never get married to a woman who has the mindset that love/chemistry at first sight is a possiblity.. bc it is possible with 6 billion ppl on this planet it is very possible everyday.. it could be for me, but I don’t let it bc I know how to appreciate and cherish.. and keep happy what I have..

  26. lrm says:

    Wif,Um,I don’t know if their ex’s had ‘their dreams dashed’ by Tori’s magical moment. Do you know them personally? Honestly,being so melodramatic and full of assumption about something we know nothing about…for all we know,their exes could have been over them already…anyway…

  27. the original kate says:

    i feel like if you are unhappy in your relationship to the point where you are contemplating cheating you should either get couples counseling or get out. it is never ok to cheat. and for tori to be publicly blabbering about it is tacky, just like angelina did about brad. just keep that to yourself.

  28. Ellen Smith says:

    He never adopted the girl with his ex-wife.

  29. Wif says:

    lrm, sorry if I came off melodramatic, but I find internet writing really hard to express myself in, so I can overdo it sometimes.

    But any divorce is not a painless prospect. Anyone who I’ve known go through one has likened it to a death (and I’ve known many). You recover eventually, but at the time it’s a dreadful thing.

    So, no I don’t know them. But I think the respectful way to behave is for Tori to keep those personal details to herself.

  30. C-DUB says:

    I don’t agree with married folks sneaking around but they do seem happy.
    Besides….Dean’s ex-wife NEVER mentioned the fact that she was living with another man and the daughter Dean was going to adopt was the fathered by the guy she was living with. If he was that much of “DB” he would have put her on blast!! Instead he’s taking all the BS folks say about him for his son (and the little girl’s) sake. They’re two sides to every story.

  31. ChristinaT says:

    i hate cheaters… that aside, here’s some bitching :D

    tori spelling is so unattractive, her bone structure is so awful it looks like she was awkwardly pieced together from various leftover elbow, shin, knee and etc bones… either that, or her skull is on the outside and it’s merely given the illusion of skin by makeup… hehe

    other than those minor fleeting distractions, she’s quite the beaute *eyeroll*

  32. Cinderella says:

    If this is such a dream marriage, why does she look so miserable lately.

    And don’t blame it all on Candy.

  33. drm says:

    Wif you aren’t melodramatic, Dean’s first wife MJ Eustace was pretty upfront about how badly those two made her feel.

    @Tess Dean has Candy Spelling’s bone structure??? Thank you for that it made me laugh at 8am in the morning BEFORE my coffee :)

    I agree with the person who said she just sounds ‘self-absorbed’. I’d go just a tad further and add “immature, puerile excuse maker” to the list. UGH!

    What goes around comes around Ms Spelling…

  34. ChristinaT says:

    garcon i appreciated your post :-D

  35. j. ferber says:

    Wif, you gave some very good quotes by Dean’s ex-wife and, no, you aren’t melodramatic. You made a good point and have no need to apologize. Also, no one has mentioned the “million blocks of hearts.” Huh? If I knew what she meant, I’d say she was being melodramatic. Did she hear violins, too? Incidentally, I don’t believe she had such cogent thoughts about Dean when she first saw him. Talk about melodrama.

  36. Ned says:

    HEr father was a very special and talented man. Unfortunately, Tori grew up to be one of the most spoiled and self absorbed on the planet.

    That is why she has no problem using her mother as a PR prop, or breaking up a family or dumping her husband and happily discussing her selfish and hurtful actions without ever realizing how she comes across.

    Luckily, at least her husband got what he deserved. He was a gold and fame digger and all he really wanted was the money and career opportunities.

    No only did Tori loose the incredible amount of money she was to inherit, but he also found himslef in his private hell he created for himslef- in which he has to live everyday with a childish spoiled brat who keeps demanding and complaining.

    Tori’s home wrecking ways is a great story. It teaches us all that there is justice after all.

  37. naz says:

    I think Tori is a brat who gets what she wants and (usually because she is rich…heard her dad’s house had over 110 rooms at some time……15 years ago…) so she wanted this guy who walked in the room…what if a week from now she all of a sudden want another woman’s husband and falls 1 million times more in love with this new guy…..Dean, try to milk as much $$$ as u and now you might not be in the picture next week….

  38. Lisa says:

    People shouldn’t marry if they’re not willing to commit, it’s as simple as that…but then selfish people don’t have their spouse in mind when walking down the isle. Um, does anyone else think, Tori, looks like, “My Little Pony” right down to the hair style?

  39. Cindy says:

    I am happy Tori and Dean have each other. She is so sweet, he is so good to her and they have so much love for their babies. I enjoy watching them spending time together as a loving family.