Chris Brown and Rihanna spend the night together

According to photo agency BauerGriffin, Chris Brown spent the night at Rihanna’s house last week. Apparently Rihanna was house-hunting but returned to her own place, where Chris met her and stayed overnight. He was also spotted out buying chocolates for her. Because nothing says “Take me back after I committed horrific, unforgivable cruelty” like empty calories:

Shortly after arriving back to L.A. from Kansas (last week, complete set of photos here), Rihanna went house mansion-hunting in the Hollywood Hills. The singer checked out several properties (many of which were in the $5 million price range).

Meeeeeeanwhile, Chris Brown had been holed up in the swanky Sofitel Hotel. But, Chris checked out to spend the night at Rihanna’s. Before heading her way, he hopped across the street to the Beverly Center where he picked up some Godiva chocolates.

[From Bauergriffinonline]

There are no actual photos of them together, but if the paparazzi were trailing the two I tend to believe they witnessed Brown staying over. Brown has been linked to a co-ed and to a different female singer during the time he’s said to have been apart from Rihanna. Rihanna has enjoyed vacations with friends in Hawaii, and in her native Barbados and has been seen flirting with guys at clubs. The rumor was that these two had called it off for good after a brief reconciliation following Chris’ attack on Rihanna, which left her bloodied and bruised and unable to perform at the Grammys the next day. Now that it’s known that they’re still together, do you think that they were talking the entire time and just making it seem as if they had split for the sake of Rihanna’s career?

Maybe if Chris gets even a small amount of time behind bars Rihanna would be able to finally separate from him, although that’s looking doubtful the more we hear about their secret reunions. There’s another hearing in Brown’s case on April 29. His lawyers are trying to work out a deal with prosecutors that will help him avoid jail time. If he smacked up a stranger like that he’d be behind bars.

Chris Brown and Rihanna are shown on the day in question, 4/16/09. Credit:


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  1. photo jojo says:

    It’s sad, but it’s kind of to be expected.

  2. nelly says:

    I doubt they ever broke up in the first place. her people just realized her image was suffering, and told them to lay low for a while.

  3. Because I Say So says:

    Kind of sick to think that her people are only concerned about her “image” and not necessarily her health. Doesn’t she have anyone who is truly looking out for her interests and can convince her of the insanity of being with this skeezer?

  4. Carrie says:

    Could Tina Turner please send Rihanna a copy of What’s Love Go To Do With It!! Someone needs to sit this young girl down and explain this type of behavior does not end. If they are back together I hope both of their careers fall flat!!

  5. margaretta says:

    Yes, her sunglasses are amazing and btw, will probably help cover future bloodclots, bruises and contusions

  6. sissoucat says:

    I think they never broke up in the first place. I boycott both.

  7. Enonymous says:

    God, I wish the media would stop giving anymore publicity to Rihanna and especially to Chris Brown now. It is just getting embarrassing now, that piece of sh*t Chris Brown is using Rihanna to restore his image and not go to jail and she is too much of a fool to truly realize what is going on and do something about it.

  8. cakes says:

    I completely agree. Its disgusting how all her “people” only care about her image. I hope that she has support from people who truly care about her and not the money or her image.

  9. Wow says:

    BCISS & Cakes, I agree. Its all about image and money. I doubt they ever broke up in the first place either.

  10. gg says:

    And here we have yet another gagworthy photo of Chris Brown, biting his lower lip and lifting his eyebrows – who, me? I’m just an innocent young boy don’t ya know? How could this wide-eyed little boy cream a grown woman?

    I’ve seen that raised eyebrow “innocent” look before – burglars used it to case my friend’s house, come back and steal her purse, and then come back by for more. It’s just as disgusting as OJ’s smiling and giggling in court.

    And it’s too bad she didn’t scratch his face into ribbons with them long nails.

  11. whatever says:

    well she is dumb enough to take the chocolates..the more you bash chris, the more she looks like a fool..get over it already, i know i have!!!!!!!!!

  12. Anoneemouse says:

    She has apparently forgiven him so why is this our business and why should we continue to care? If she can’t see the forest through the trees right now, the next time he hits her, maybe she will.

  13. Miggs says:

    I hate them both and wish they would disappear.

  14. Teresa says:

    Love is nothing but a secondhand emotion.

  15. la,di,da, di says:


  16. gg says:

    They BOTH look like fools, and if they did get married, God forbid, they are in for a lot more of these little inconvenient “incidents”.

  17. yadira says:

    Rihanna is beginning to look like Kanye West in that picture. The hair, glasses and clothes.

    Love is blind and it drives you to do stupid things but it is stupider to go back to someone who abuses the crap out of you and slams your head against the car window. Get a clue Rhi Rhi!!! Send his ass packing

  18. Tia C says:

    At this point I have no sympathy for her anymore. She gets what she gets. OFW. Or should I say RIP? I know, bad, but hard to resist…

  19. morgs says:

    Dumbass! His tactic of taking that other chick out totally worked. He got her back.

  20. gg says:

    I predict they will do this all again and again until she wises up.

  21. la,di,da, di says:

    this is not an example of an abusive relationship…..not to say that abusive relationships do not exist….that’s why you have to examine each relationship individually and not collectively….i realize that most of you like to pick up on stereotypes because it seemingly removes the need to think for yourselves

  22. la,di,da, di says:

    nobody is perfect

    and sometimes people in REAL relationships do have difficult moments, learn from them, and move on

    i think that this entire fiasco has made them stronger and takin their relationship higher

    most of you will never experience such a relationship in your entire lives….these two are very, very close

  23. irl says:

    lmao @ la, di, da, di. You must be pretty young with no life experience to say that stuff.
    Don’t bother to refute and tell me how old you are – I comment and move on. If you aren’t about 11 or 12 then you are a bored troll trying to entertain yourslef.

    I think gg is dead on with that prediction.

    Anoneemous, good point.

  24. Cinderella says:

    Yes, thankfully I will never experience such a relationship in my life.

  25. asdf says:

    I think the irresponsible, judgemental pricks on here demonizing Chris, need to back up and let them both live their lives. The tremendous pressures and frustration that both these ‘kids’ have been under since they both came out is inhuman and unforgiveable. Paparrazi’s fueled by public ignorance and gossip has done enough damage to celebs and people. They killed Princess Di. what is the point in going on and on about this or them. Rush Limbaugh was a drug addict, public knew it, yet he was able to make 38 milliion last year slamming people. What’s wrong with America, why the need for gossip,or viciousness against people. Chris Brown is not a woman beater – he could have been an addict like Rush or half the other young stars, so that he wouldn’t have felt the pressures that lead to his over reactioin to Rihanna’s attact. But no, instead, he’s tried to be decent since day one and gets demonzied and degraded by the entire WORLD as a result. I WISH THEM BOTH THE BEST OF EVERYTHING. I wish you hypocritcal, perfect humans on here, to have your mistakes judged by the entire world and you deal with the pressure of that..geez..

  26. Sally says:

    Well if this was just an escalated argument between the two, why was his anger level sooo uncontrollable that it caused him to beat her down?? This wasn’t just a love spat, he didn’t just smack her, he caused seriously bodily harm… How could that be explained ???

  27. Blah Girls says:

    this is so confusing! Is he trying to get back with her or trying to get with some other girl?

  28. j. ferber says:

    Okay, asdf, let me get this right. The world should be glad Chris Brown beat the shit out of Rhianna because it means he’s not doing drugs? Hmm. So I should also be glad George Bush started the Iraq War because it meant he wasn’t boozing? Sorry, your logic just doesn’t work for me. And if he’s trying to be “decent,” he needs to try a hell of a lot harder. A decent person doesn’t do what he did. Lastly, by definition, if you beat a woman, you ARE a woman beater. Otherwise, what does it mean? That you like your eggs sunny side up?

  29. anonymous says:

    i thought a woman beater is someone who continuously beats women, isnt it? i’m not saying he’s right. but there is a change in this generation’s ideals, alot of youth these days dont have a problem if “push comes to shove” (no pun intended) fighting with the opposite sex. i see it all the time in at my university level some females dont hold the notion of ‘a man should never hit a woman’ and instead ‘dont hit me period whoever u may be’. people have different views on things it’s quite possible that what ever happen between them was resolved BY THEM, only they know. i dont think she’s dumb and i don’t think he’s the devil. i dont think he is a woman beater i just think the got into a fight some of the things that she said happen probably did somethings didnt. we’ll never know. he does need anger control tho cause personally i know what it feels like to be pushed to that point it takes alot to restrain yourself and you really need to work on it constantly.


    gET off this girl JOCK damnnnnnnn.
    She is a human being just like Chris and the rest of us….so what they got into a fight…who da f**k doesnt..?? yall watch ragedy azz reality shows that display fightin all the damn time?? who talk smack about that?? RIHANNA N CHRIS BROWN RELATIONSHIP IS NO WHERE NEAR IN COMPARISION WITH TINA AND IKE??? damnnnnnnnnnn

    yall act like the girl was abused on a daily basis…just because a woman gets in a fight with a man doesnt entitle it domestic violence…dumb azzes…domestic violence is when one is continuiously ABUSED DAILY WITHIN THERE DOMESTIC…THERE HOME…she got her azz smacked around in A CAR…ONE TIME…stop actin like Chris Brown was kickin her azz everyday….PPl fight all the damn time woman against woman and man against woman and also WOMAN AGAINST MAN…stop actin like this sh*t is brand new.

    Rihanna is a grown azz woman she aint livin her life for nobody but herself if she chooses to forgive Chris Brown thats her damn buisness and im pretty sure it aint stoppin none of yall from livin…she is a singer not a GOD…she only offers her music and talent not her f’n life.

  31. EB says:

    i still love Chris Brown; YOU ROCK CHRISSS! cut him some slack, he’s only human!

  32. lway says:

    @ irl – Easy Tiger… no need to go off on la, di, da, di like that.

    We are all allowed to air our views here – nobody said we have to agree with your oppinion??

    I’ve been right behind Chris Brown all the way – supporting him. He made a mistake – we all do. I’ve been beaten on too (by my boyfriend) – but i can come out and admit that i added to his frustration, and today, we are happy, we’ve moved on and i have forgiven him and he has forgiven me – we now understand where the boundries are and when to rather just walk away.

    Doesn’t everybody deserve a second chance?

    If Rihanna is prepared to forgive WHO ARE YOU to kick up a fuss?

  33. Tiara Williams says:

    I don’t think that she should get back with Chris…it’s obvious dude has some issues that he needs to resolve with himself before he gets with anybody. No man would ever hit me and I just run back to him…that’s just really stupid if you ask me.