Jennifer Lopez thinks Ben Affleck’s back tattoo is ‘awful, it has too many colors’


Was anyone else surprised to NOT see Jennifer Lopez at all during Oscar weekend? Usually she’s a regular at all of the big parties, if not the actual Oscars telecast. But J-Lo was nowhere to be seen! As it turns out, she was in New York on Monday, and I strongly suspect she was in NYC on Sunday too. Huh. Anyway, last night she appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. J-Lo is such a fun gossip too, she tries to be nice (sometimes) but she loves to gossip and talk about famous people, which is why I love her. During WWHL’s “Plead the Fifth” segment, Andy Cohen asked Jennifer what she thought of Ben Affleck’s enormous back tattoo. For reference, here’s the tattoo again:

It’s a phoenix rising from the ashes. And it’s one of the most terrible mid-life crisis tattoos I’ve ever seen. Jennifer Garner thought so too – in her Vanity Fair interview, she was asked about Ben’s tattoo, and she said: “You know what we would say in my hometown about that? ‘Bless his heart. A phoenix rising from the ashes. Am I the ashes in this scenario? I take umbrage. I refuse to be the ashes.”

So when Jennifer Lopez was asked about it, she started laughing and basically couldn’t stop. She hates Ben’s tattoos too. She said: “It’s awful! What are you doing? I mean, I would tell him that. I would tell him, ‘What are you doing?’ It has too many colors. His tattoos always have too many colors. They shouldn’t be so colorful. You know what I mean? They should be cooler.” LOL at “they should be cooler.” That’s a major burn at poor Batfleck, who thinks he’s so cool with his mid-life crisis muscle car and his nanny-banging.

I’m including the clip below, which I would recommend watching because after the Batfleck conversation, Cohen asked J.Lo about the long-standing beef she has with Mariah Carey and J.Lo tries so hard to be nice and she just flunks at lying.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Jess says:

    His giant back tattoo is the epitome of midlife crisis.

    • Mia V. says:

      “I’m so cool, I’m Batman, my wife wants me to be a real husband, I am Ben Affleck, I’m gonna have a tattoo of a phoenix and people will know how much I endured”.

    • aims says:

      Yeah, but unlike the average person who gets a car or botox, this is for keeps. It’s not even a good tattoo.

    • TheGrandSophy says:


      A walking, talking cliché. Even partially covered, it makes him look as rough as guts.

      Bit silly for an actor to engage in such a huge piece of skin artwork. I’d imagine that it would take forever to cover up if he had a torso shot in a movie. Don’t actors have to protect the merchandise? Or can they CGI it out?

  2. Hellohello says:

    Jlo is a fur hag

    • Naya says:

      Yes and she is among the worst celebrity offenders if not the worst.. This idiot has the audacity to screech out her how “love dont cost a thing” and how “real” she is while wrapped in animal fur (and people believe it !?!) Good thing she has a booty, she certainly doesnt have much brain or heart.

    • Santia says:

      Do people who complain about fur also not wear leather or other animal-derived clothing? No snark; honest question.

      • mialouise says:

        Not usually. Killing animals for fur is wrong, but killing them for food, shoes, and handbags is fine.

      • Jwoolman says:

        Non-exotic leather is usually a byproduct of the food industry. Fur is a different matter today, the animals are killed specifically for their fur and their lives and death are centered around keeping the fur in good condition rather than their welfare. Food animals can have lousy lives and deaths also, but there are sources that keep them happy during life and try to minimize any suffering at death. So people who object to the fur industry may not have the same problem with leather, especially if they eat meat themselves. Being anti-fur is not inconsistent with being a carnivore.

  3. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I don’t get tattoos at all, particularly, but I really don’t get back tattoos. You can’t see them. If I had a tattoo, I think I’d like to see it.

    • Algernon says:

      As the possessor of several tattoos, I put them in places I can easily hide them for professional/formal occasions. I have a few small ones in readily visible places (like wrists), but most of my tattoos can be covered by a suit jacket or cardigan. Also, people who are really into body art/modification tend to view the back as prime tat real estate because it’s “unbroken” skin. There’s no joint to account for folds and it’s a long/wide area to work with. I don’t have a full back piece, but I have several on my back and it’s by far been my favorite place to set tats. My artist has the room to do pretty incredible work.

      All that said, Ben Affleck’s phoenix tattoo is horrible. It’s not even pretty! I’ve seen some gorgeous back pieces and this is not one of them.

      • Eleonor says:

        I do not have tattoos, but I really appreciate a beautiful one, it can really be a piece of art.
        I like some of Angelina Jolie, I liked Amy Whinehouse old school tattoos.
        This one is gross.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Ok. As I said, it’s not my thing, so I guess that’s just another aspect of it that I don’t understand.

  4. T.Fanty says:

    Yeah, that’s the problem with it. Too much color.

  5. mindydopple says:

    It really is awful. Just AWFUL.

  6. Ashley says:

    I never realized but she looks like Kate Hudson.

  7. Tifygodess24 says:

    That tattoo is beyond ridiculous and looks like a bad decision that would have happened back In the 90s! Who gets tattoos like that now a days?!

    As far as JLo, she cracks me up. She always comes across as very personable.

  8. Mimz says:

    Loved her answers, I’d probably start laughing like that and just plead the fifth haha. Though, let’s not forget she dates “Beau” -_- who I seem to recall, has horrible tattoos.

  9. als says:

    She’s right. Cool tatoos are not color compositions.

    Also, she has a mega Vegas contract, a TV show and a career that was not built on small statues given by pretentious people, so I chose to believe that she doesn’t give that much sh*t anymore.

    • CatFoodJunkie says:

      au contraire — i think she gives a major sh*t… the woman is ALLLL about being noticed and would kill to be nominated……for anything.

  10. dAsh says:

    Eh. I wouldn’t judge a tattoo without knowing the back story. Everyone sees art differently.

  11. Spark says:

    Marry- Harry Connick Jr. (call me Harry!)
    Shag- Keith Urban *shudders*
    Kill- Ryan Seacrest

    Easy peasy.

  12. Eleonor says:

    JLO real thought was: “Good God I was going to marry that guy” !!
    I couldn’t stop laughing too.

  13. Kitten says:

    …and I think wearing dead animals is awful. Not to mention tacky as hell.

  14. kri says:

    It looks like Ed Hardy did that tatoo. Does it have rhinestones for eyes? He needs a Lukas Haas, cause Damon isn’t around enough.

  15. nellie says:

    Last night was one of THE best WWHL episodes! The woman doesn’t age! Stunning AND hilarious AND adorable AND down to earth… Sorry, wish I could, but can’t say anything snarky about J-Lo.

  16. NeoCleo says:

    The ongoing snark fest between Lopez and Carey just sings to me!

  17. Zaytabogota says:

    His tattoos are hideous, he has no taste so he just shouldn’t.

  18. Jayna says:

    Well, I hate Ben’s, but I’m not impressed with Casper’s either all over his upper arm and full shoulder. I guess it’s cool because its not as colorful as Ben’s.

  19. SleepyJane says:

    She is so cute I can’t even stand it.

  20. TwistBarbie says:

    J-Lo seems like the type to prefer a douchy tribal armband.

  21. Daphne says:

    JLo why are you talking about Ben Affleck are you glad he will be soon single.

  22. ReineDidon says:

    @Daphne same here. I always thought she has never got over him. Always acted like he is the love of her life and she never had a better guy after him. She still hopes they kind of rekindle.

  23. TrixC says:

    In my culture we have a strong tradition of tattooing, and normally I dislike western tattoos because I find them overly colourful and too literal in their representation – tribal tattooing is more figurative. But somehow I don’t hate Ben’s tattoo, I actually find it quite striking.

  24. Fatima says:

    Wait, is it a real tattoo? I thought it was fake?!?!

  25. Cc says:

    Talk about mid-life crisis… *cringes*, that is one ugly tattoo.