Michelle Rodriguez flips out at bachelorette party

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Michelle Rodriguez is not known for having a steady temper. She was arrested for DUIs in both 2004 and 2005, and in 2005 had to spend five days in jail for the offense. She had to serve even more time in 2008 for further violations. At the scene of the first arrest, she reportedly screamed at an officer, “I don’t [expletive] belong here! Why don’t you just put a gun to my head and shoot me!” She also has a habit of blaming things on everyone and everything but herself. She claimed that the screaming at the officer was due to steroids for her allergies, and the DUI itself was not valid because she was driving under the speed limit.

The point is, Michelle has a temper. And at a bachelorette party in the Dominican Republic for her best friend and manager Giancarlo Chersich, she flipped out at a stripper who gyrated in front of the kneeling bride-to-be and screamed that the stripper was “fat and had a small [you know what].” The night before, she had shoved some wedding guests into the pool near the dining area.

At the welcome dinner at the Casa de Campo Resort in the Dominican Republic, Rodriguez pushed fully clothed guests into the pool. The next night, she broke up the bachelorette party yelling that the stripper was “fat and had a small [bleep].”

Rodriguez was ticked off when the dancer asked for a volunteer at the beginning of his routine and then made the willing babe kneel down. “That’s bull[bleep],” the sexy star yelled. “He should be kneeling for her; this is a bachelorette party.”

As the stripper began gyrating and pushing his crotch into the bride-to-be’s face, Rodriguez yelled, “This is the kind of thing that brings out the bisexual in me.” She left in a huff.

On the wedding day, Rodriguez made an angelic bridesmaid in her lilac chiffon-and-silk, empire-waist gown — but that lasted only as long as the church ceremony. The star went to the reception sporting skinny jeans and a tank top and danced till the wee hours with men and women alike.

[From Page Six]

This is what we call anger management issues. The groom is her best friend and manager, so he supposedly knows what he’s in for when he invites her to a wedding. But you’d think she’d try to keep her anger in check for just a few days. Guests should come away from a wedding with memories of the happy couple, not that crazy bridesmaid who threw people into the pool. The article also reports that she dressed in jeans for the reception, but doesn’t say if she was the only one to change into more casual clothes. Somehow I would believe it if everyone else was in formal gowns.

Here’s Michelle signs autographs as she arrives outside a Hollywood studio for a TV show taping in Los Angeles on March 31st. Images thanks to WENN.com .

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  1. kiki says:

    what a lady.. she takes pride in having street creed you were that girl from the streets now grow up

  2. ash says:


  3. HEB says:

    “brings out the bisexual in me”

    I thought she was a lesbian…?

  4. yadira says:

    Heb: me tool She looks a little butchy. I could have sworn she was a full butch.

  5. Kimberly says:

    just like they say you can take the girl out of the streets but cant take the streets out of the girl .

    I think she’s awesome , in small doses .

  6. Gigohead says:

    Who can blame her for being upset with the male stripper, that’s not what she likes. If they had bought out a chick, I’m sure she would have been very well behaved. LOL

  7. Codzilla says:

    All klass, that one.

  8. lunachick says:

    She’s a firecracker, damn…Probably a lot of fun to party with!

    (edit – as long as you stay on her good side!)

  9. judy says:

    What a skank

  10. Mme X says:

    loved her on Lost–I miss her character.

  11. Obvious says:

    ugh. best part of fast & furious? *spoiler*her being killed*end spoiler*

    grow up.

  12. BOGART4017 says:

    She won’t be satisfied until shes unhirable in los angelos.