Daily Mail: The Cambridges probably took a private jet to their ‘secret’ ski holiday


The Daily Mail is sort of freaking out about the ski photos of the Cambridges. To be fair, William and Kate come across as tone-deaf at best – as I said in my earlier post, many of us predicted that we would see photos of George and Charlotte following the press freakout last month about William’s severely lacking work schedule. But I’m not sure many of us could have predicted that we would see photos of George and Charlotte… on vacation with Will and Kate. So the Daily Mail’s headline is amazing: “State secret: ‘Work-shy’ William and Kate take the kids on their first skiing holiday – but only reveal it when it’s over and won’t tell you where they’ve been.” OUCH. Here are some highlights from The Mail’s coverage:

Everything was cloaked in secrecy: The Cambridges left for vacation and returned in secret, and they went to a “secret location” in the French Alps. It’s believed that they left England last Wednesday and returned Saturday or Sunday.

The royal photographers were not invited: “Unlike royal ski holidays of old – when a group of photographers was invited to capture the family relaxing on the slopes – the Cambridges chose to escape the country without telling the media of their plans. Instead of arranging a photo-call to mark the trip, William and Kate invited only a single Press Association photographer, who took a small number of posed portraits. Details of the trip only emerged after the family’s return yesterday – but they still refuse to reveal the destination of their winter break.”

They probably took a private plane: “Royal officials have declined to comment on whether they took a commercial flight or a private plane – although the timings and the fact that they weren’t spotted at an airport suggests that they may well have taken a private jet.”

They skipped the wedding of close friends: “The ski trip might explain why the Cambridges were unable to attend the wedding of their good friend Olivia Hunt this weekend. Olivia, 33, the sister-in-law of TV adventurer Ben Fogle, was William’s first girlfriend at the University of St Andrews. She tied the knot with Nicholas Wilkinson, 34, who was named as Britain’s ‘hottest’ barrister by a legal blog in 2014.”

Why the Cambridges didn’t invite photographers: “Sources have told the Mail that William and Kate firmly believe their children are too young to be ‘paraded’, as they see it, in front of a group of photographers.” A source says: “They were keen to share pictures with the public but are firmly of the opinion that they are too young for photocall. They decided to invite one photographer to take what are a beautiful set of family photographs and believe the public will understand and support them in that decision.”

[From The Daily Mail]

The Daily Mail had a separate write-up on how Will and Kate skipped their friends’ wedding – go here to read. While I don’t think it’s a big deal to skip one wedding, it is part of a pattern with Kate specifically – she’s cutting off a big chunk of William’s friend-base, and she doesn’t want to associate with many people beyond her family. As for the rest of it… my favorite part is where Will and Kate likely took a private plane (paid for by the taxpayers) and they still don’t think they need to provide even the most basic details about their vacation. Also, now that they’ve proven that they can go on holiday undercover, doesn’t that make you wonder how many times they’ve already done that in the past few years?

Photos courtesy of Kensington Royal’s Twitter, Instagram.

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  1. Mrs. Wellen Melon says:

    Either William is taunting us or he’s self-destructing.

    No one but a spoiled in-bred would be so stupid as to … Oh, wait.

    Never mind.

    • Betti says:

      He doesn’t care, neither does she. With this he’s shown what he thinks not only of the press and the institution he is part of but of the people he will one day rule over – the taxpaying public are only there to fund his and his wife’s luxury lifestyle.

      • Anne says:

        He doesn’t KNOW, neither does she.

        It’s all there in the caption:

        “The D&D are DELIGHTED to share new photographs of their family. . This is their first holiday as a family of four and they are PLEASED to be able to SHARE it. They hope people ENJOY the photos.”

        These two are so off point. It kind of makes me hate them.

        I get that William was raised in a environment where people were THRILLED to be thrown these little snippets from his private life. a distorted, fishbowl existence is what he knows. but, man, wake up.

  2. Neners says:

    So, in summary: in order to offset criticism of their anemic work schedule and general intransigent laziness, Willnot and Kannot decide to share pictures of themselves with their two children on yet another vacation that probably costs more than I make in a year. I just…..I can’t. They live on their own planet of smug, myopic pointlessness.

  3. Betti says:

    How stupid do they really think we are to buy this BS! The arrogance of these two really just takes the proverbial – he really does think that because he’s the heir he can do whatever he likes and the press will take it. The press deference he’s gotten used to and expects is wearing thin – its only a matter of time before the press get fed up of being treated like this and they turn on them like a pack of rabid dogs. The stuff they must have tucked away in a drawer on these two!

    PS – Of course it was a private jet paid for by the taxpayer or a ‘friend’, as if they had to pay for it themselves they would have been spotted at an airport getting an EasyJet flight.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Their “fans” are eating it up. W&K have fooled their staunchest defenders one more time.

      • Anne says:

        my guess is these “fans” are American.

      • kcarp says:

        I use to be “fan,” I am American, now though I think it is kind of gross how they behave. I never really minded the whole Prince and Princess thing (I love Disney) but it seems like they could really do more with themselves.

        I understand wanting to be around for the kids but if William was out there working his ass off, no one would say much about Kate being home with the kids. By working i mean shaking hands not pouring concrete or working on a street crew.

  4. MV says:

    While it is unfair to compare two countries…so many people freaking about Trump who is not even elected…William on the other hand is not officially mocked even now (though good to see the gloves coming off slowly) nor is he being held accountable for his so-called job and his ‘born to be king’ job…and in his case the public doesn’t even get to vote!
    His choice of wife makes more and more sense as time goes by- noone other than Kate could possible have been so work-shy and so clueless about anything to do with real life!

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      Okay but William is not dangerous. There’s a huge difference. What’s the worst he could do? Mock the British people by living a life of almost unparalleled luxury and privilege while acting like his family is under siege hence the undercover vacations …. wait.

      • MV says:

        :) William is living dangerously in the sense that at such an austere time in UK he is living off public money with barely any service to the said public. Trump is not even elected yet and even if he would what is the worse he could do… nearly all US presidents have indulged in dangerous things (for the US and definitely for the underdeveloped world) and Hillary has a not-so-great record too. I just find it appalling that while in case of Trump there is a modicum of choice for people – to NOT vote…in case of William what can people do ?

      • Bettyrose says:

        I read these threads for escapism. The absurdity of the royal family and specifically William is entertaining precisely because they’re not dangerous. The British people are not starving in the streets while the powers that be live in luxury. Kate Antoinette isn’t going to meet the guillotine. The RF has no purpose, hence the absurdity. But can we not with Trump on the escapism threads? Unless we’re handing out Xanax.

      • Susan says:

        Bettyrose I totally agree! I come to celebitchy for fun snarky celebrity gossip not a depressing analysis of a doomed election.

  5. Bridget says:

    I am going to start a petition for banning the use of the word “keen”

    • frisbee says:

      I’ll sign it – can we include the word ‘energised’ as well?

      • BDA says:

        I’ll sign it as well – could we also please add “brilliant” and “inspirational.”

    • LAR says:

      I only hear that word in regard to them. Is it just because I’m not British or is it just weirdly prevalent in the reporting on W&K?

      • Amelia says:

        @LAR, I think it’s a British-ism that tends to be used by the middle classes.
        I went to a fee-paying school in the UK and when it came around to end of term reports or personal statement season for university, there were always liberal smatterings of ‘keens’ dotted around the place.
        It’s an inoffensive, temperate way of wording that you/they are very interested/enthusiastic about X and looking forward to being involved, but not pathetically desperate about it. The job application equivalent of pretending not to be interested in your school crush.
        Or, in the Dolittles’ case, it’s a way of feigning interest before taking a break in the Alps/Mustique/Countryside.

      • Bridget says:

        They’re “keen” about everything. Kate’s always “keen” to get working and “energised”. It’s the word they use to jazz up a statement that would otherwise read as “Kate’s planning on working”

      • Sixer says:

        Yes. It’s mocking the press releases, which always emphasise how “keen” they are to get busy with the next thing they end up ignoring.

        I use keen a lot. But usually in the negative. “I’m not keen on…” – I think it’s a Britisher way of softening a statement of dislike.

    • Sarah says:

      I hate the word keen but if you’re banning that, let’s also get rid of “panties” “romp” (a word ONLY ever used by the media) and “moist”

      • Lindy79 says:

        Remember when “bonk” was used for a lot of kiss and tells, especially around unattractive politicians

      • Sixer says:

        “Romp” is an infamous tabloid word (hello The Sun) for titillating sex scandal stories. In fact, The Sun recently excelled itself using that very word to refer to the sexual abuse of a minor in a criminal case involving a celebrity.

      • Bridget says:

        “moist” and “panties” are popular choices to ban :)

  6. Amelia says:

    Jeez. I thought the Daily Fail was the Middleton mouthpiece.
    Who the hell did they piss off to provoke that headline?
    The knives are really coming out now *gets popcorn off the stove*

    • Tia says:

      Failed to invite them to take pictures on the skiing holiday I should think.

    • Emily C. says:

      William said he supported England remaining part of the EU. Immediately after that, the Daily Fail started with the hit pieces on him.

      And so I end up feeling the same way about this as about the fact that Rupert Murdoch is anti-Scientology.

  7. lorelei says:

    I don’t comment on other engagements with Will’s friends that Kate tried to nix, but the wedding of his former Uni girlfriend, from the same uni where he got together with Kate? I can’t shade not wanting to go to that, honestly. I’m sure there must have been some weirdness between Kate and that girl and if I were in that situation I would not want to go to her wedding, I don’t see the point.

    • Pandy says:

      Agree!! I’m betting the girls are not buddies. I wouldn’t go either.

    • Betti says:

      However they did go to the wedding of her ex-boyfriend!

    • Maum says:

      They invited her to their wedding though.

      • Anne says:

        [Aside] You know, i always found it strange that Kate arrived at her wedding wearing a tiara. Diana did this, but hers was a family tiara – with family tradition behind it. Sarah Ferguson walked up the aisle at her wedding wearing just a veil and, after the ceremony, walked down wearing a tiara.

        I remember commentators remarking on it at the time. It surprised a lot of people. I may be wrong of course, but I thought it was revealing somehow.

        The more we see the sense of entitlement these two exhibit, the more revealing I find it.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Sophie and Autumn also arrived wearing tiaras for their weddings iirc.

        I think Sarah’s loaner tiara was hidden under the massive floral headdress. Some think it was added during the registry signing, but that was less than 5 minutes and tiara-fixing takes longer than that.

      • anne says:

        @notasugarhere // Did they? Oh, I didn’t know. Well, I suppose it does seem less strange then. Thanks for setting me straight!

    • notasugarhere says:

      Hunt wasn’t the one so poorly treated by William. It was a different University girlfriend William cheated on for months with Middleton. I can see KM not wanting to attend that exes wedding, but not attending this one is childish.

  8. aims says:

    It’s so bizarre that Kate’s so isolated from friends or anyone outside her family circle. I understand and get that family is important. But this feels almost unhealthy. Also, I would feel super protective of the kids. I know they’re in the public domain, but they’re also kids. Somethings are just off limits. Release a picture here and there.

    As far as everything else, can’t the British people make some kind of law that the Royal family have to clock in certain amount of hours because they’re receiving public money?

    • lower-case deb says:

      we don’t know about Kate’s friends etc because Kate’s friends are not on the public dole, though. so they’re private citizens. i’m sure George has friends that we don’t know about. he has started playschool so i’m sure he has classmates. although they may not be having sleepovers at Amner or the Palace, i’m sure he’s not completely isolated a la Room.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Are you suggesting that somehow William’s friends are on the public dole? We know about William’s friends, about the women who tolerate KM because their husband’s are William’s friends, and they are all private citizens.

        We don’t know about hers because she only has 1-2 left. She threw everyone else out in the 10 year pursuit.

    • Luna says:

      i don’t know. beacuse those kids are going to be living from the people of uk their entire life. they are not that much out of the limits, at least in my opinion

      • Original Kay says:

        Children are always off limits. They have absolutely no power or control so they are off limits until they reach age of majority.

      • Luna says:

        i dont know what you think i said, but i was replying to someone who said that they shouldn’t parede their children beacuse they are minora. i just think they cant hide them until they are 20, people want to see them, the same people that PAY for their lifes.

      • Nic919 says:

        It is one thing to not have the press follow the kids around all the time, but if they end up doing illegal stuff as teens, or show up to parties dressed like nazis, I think that kind of thing is fair game for the press to cover.

      • Anne says:

        Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden seems to be doing a wonderful job of introducing her daughter to public life & service. They seem to keep a happy balance between appropriate publicity and healthy privacy.

        I can understand WIlliam’s concerns about press intrusion. God knows, with what he’s been through, he’s experienced the dark side of it. But I do hope he realizes that he must find a way to balance private life with public life. At present, he seems to be shirking his public responsibilities and that isn’t good for anybody.

      • aims says:

        I agree. when the teen years happen and early 20′s, they’re making decisions. What I have a problem is little kids, their current age. They can’t make any decisions about their life.

        My main gripe was the laziness of Will and Kate and they’re living this extravagant lifestyle off the public, while doing so little.

      • notasugarhere says:

        William doesn’t get to change UK law to suit himself. It is legal to photograph children in public places and publish them for profit in the UK. He demands privacy in public places; that is what many of the complaints are about.

    • Anne says:

      Kate’s isolated by choice. To please William, she chose to keep the circle of friends he was comfortable with, leaving hers behind. I expect there also would have been a natural parting of ways when, over ten years, her friends were off pursuing their own passions & interests while she waited for William. William is notoriously paranoid about privacy. I expect these two limit their circle to prevent press leaks. It works for them.

  9. Pri says:

    Eeeekkk, they need to step up their game.

    I think their Comms lead really needs to tailor the charities they work on to what they like. Couldn’t Kate be the Bafta Royal committee member, she would like to hobnob with Brit stars?

  10. Roxane says:

    Well, the press are coming for them … Hard

  11. Sixer says:

    OH! I’ve just realised what this is!

    Normal Bill and Katie Bucket skipped out on doing #cleanforthequeen! Even the mayor of London did #cleanforthequeen, since the peasants all demurred and *someone* had to do it. Normal Bill and Katie Bucket ran away to the Alps to avoid it!

    See? So lazy and so arrested development, they don’t even do the chores required of them by family authority figures!

    • Original Kay says:

      What’s clean for the queen Sixer?

      • Ponytail says:

        I’d reply but I wouldn’t be able to do it without spitting and swearing, so I’ll leave it up to Sixer to respond.

        It’s as bad as you can imagine from that hashtag, just to give you warning…

      • Sixer says:

        #cleanforthequeen is an initiative set up by Country Life magazine (one for the poshies) exhorting all the plebs to go about litter-picking to tidy up the country for Her Maj’s 90th birthday. They made special purple bin bags for it and everything. Never mind that the austerity government has cut all the street cleaning services, or that people pay local government tax to pay for street cleaning, or that the event was sponsored by fast food companies whose product wrapping constitutes a large proportion of the litter.

        The plebs did NOT react well!

  12. Seraphina says:

    I’m just left speechless by these two. It must be nice to be able to live like this with very little responsibility and accountability.

    And the staged photos of the loving and playful couple belong on Hollywood film.

    They really do take all those beneath them for fools.

    • Anne says:

      I believe they just don’t know better. The photos leave me speechless, too.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Seraphina, I do not consider myself beneath them.

      They do this because 1) they think they DO know better and 2) they do not care.

      • anne says:

        they must care about the possibility for backlash, though, mustn’t they? just as a matter of self-preservation. they are reliant on public goodwill, after all.

      • Seraphina says:

        Not do I consider myself beneath them. But I am beneath them income wise and privilege wise.

  13. HK9 says:

    Just when you think it can’t get any worse…..

  14. Sharon Lea says:

    I find this couple so boring, very dull.

    Compared to the cute pictures, and info, that Swedish Princess Estelle, who is 4, brought her pink purse ‘with secret things’ LOL to the church service for the birth of her brother Prince Oscar.

    • kori says:

      Estelle is the perfect example of raising a future monarch. Especially in a constitutional monarchy which relies on the public goodwill. She goes on duties sometimes with her parents, they release regular photos but she still gets to be a happy regular child in many ways. This prepares her for the future and gives back to the public.

      • rosiek says:

        I think they have an arrangement with the press where they give them some access to Estelle in exchange for other times when she is not to be photographed. The Cambridges could learn alot from Victoria and Daniel–they seem to be much more in control of their situation. You don’t see Victoria and Daniel shirking their royal duties.

  15. Lucky Charm says:

    They’re the upper crust version of the Duggar Dillards! Jill Duggar and her clueless husband aren’t quite so smooth with their grifting as these two, but both couples are shameless about it.

    Although I have to say, the Cambridge’s do make beautiful children.

    • Sarah says:

      Um the Duggar’s are a harmful cult who deliberately covered up ongoing sexual abuse of their own very young daughters. There are no similarities.

    • Emily C. says:

      Wow, yeah, they really really really aren’t like the Duggars. I’m anti-monarchy (as much as that matters considering I’m American), but comparing Will and Kate to a harmful misogynistic child-abusing cult it just nuts.

  16. Micki says:

    So how is this news? What exactly is new? The private plane? That they are still work-shy?

    I will appreciate if they won’t parade the children for real.
    And I won’t go the the wedding of an ex however friendly the relationship afterwards is. And in their position it’ll only fuel further gossip.

  17. Eleonor says:

    I am starting to think they are the Kardashian version of a Royal family, but at least Kim &co. have a better work ethic than these twoo.

  18. notasugarhere says:

    Meanwhile, official photo of Prince Oscar of Sweden released!

    • Betti says:

      I saw – he’s ADORABLE!!!! This could also explain the timing of the release of these family photo’s – cash in on the Swedish royal good will.

    • kori says:

      The swedes have always been excellent at striking a balance in revealing enough but keeping some things private. The husbands (Chris and Daniel) both spoke to the press after the births and were relaxed and happy. The wedding receptions were shown on tv (the Danes do this too). Just way more approachable.

  19. Lenn says:

    I see she packed her eyeliner.

  20. Olenna says:

    Frolicking in the snow, LOL! What a shameless sham.

  21. Ollie says:

    i bet William thinks he is some big PR genius for releasing a few overly staged pics, but he just shoots himself in the foot.

    I always make fun of Kate´s robototic smile, but damn hers is natural compared to his! Everytime William does “royal work” or poses for photos i´m shocked by his horrible smile. I´m not talking about his teeth. He looks bitter as hell. Such a strained, fake smile. In every photo his face reads “shut up and make the damn pictures”.

    • bread says:

      His smile looks like he’s baring his teeth like an angry dog. But fair play to Kate, her fake smiles are always very close to being convincing.

  22. Hazel says:

    “They hope people enjoy the photos”. Hmm, yes, I’m so happy to see photos of other people having fun in the Swiss alps. Gee, thanks, Bill & Cathy.

    • anne_000 says:

      I think they believe that any little bit of something from them to the public should be received gratefully as if they’re that special.

      • anne says:

        ^ THIS.
        The thing is, william was raised in an environment in which the media & public DID gravel for scraps like these. of course it produced a monster!

      • Ravine says:

        “I think they believe that any little bit of something from them to the public should be received gratefully as if they’re that special.”

        Well, they’re not entirely wrong, judging by the dozens of thousands of “likes” each picture has gotten on Instagram so far. The only reason I thought to check CB today was by randomly seeing this article (http://www.brit.co/prince-william-kate-middleton-winter-vacation/) gushing about how down-to-earth they are.

        I think these saccharine family photo ops are aimed at the fans, specifically. W&K’s fans will take this kind of picture at face value, just as they take W&K’s PR “brand” as smiling, hardworking, devoted parents at face value. And of course, the whole bypassing-traditional-media-outlets-and-sharing-directly-with-followers thing doesn’t bother those fans at all — on the contrary, it flatters them.

    • Jib says:

      The Instagram comments are 99.9% supportive and cloying. I added a few about no work ethic and enjoy your holiday from nothing. :)

  23. The Original Mia says:

    William is far too cheap to pay for anything himself, so I’m sure he found some way to get Charles/friends/government to pay for his vacation with his family. And ofc they took a private jet. It was a secret getaway in the midst of a public reaming for their lazy ways.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Sophie, Edward, and James went skiing a week or two ago. They went on a private jet and BP made the point of saying they paid for the trip themselves. Doubt we’ll get that kind of open statement from Jason.

      • The Original Mia says:

        Oh, you know William’s expenditures are state secrets. It would be unseemly to ask William to account for anything. I mean…REALLY, nota?! What do we peasants expect of Diana’s son and his wife? That they be held accountable for stuff? Peshaw!

      • kori says:

        And they do way more work.

  24. suze says:

    At this point I don’t care about secret vacations or private jets or whether Kate has a friend left in the world after bowing out of wedding after wedding.

    I just cannot imagine in what world these two live where they don’t realize how incredibly tone deaf it is to release these photos now.

    Rarefied air. Rarefied and incredibly stupid.

    • Nic919 says:

      They should have had a photo op of Will meeting the kids after a day at work. That would have shown that he works and also get the kids in photos.

      When the press is accusing you of being lazy and not working your part time job , photos of a secret vacation in the French Alps seem to confirm what the press have been saying.

      • anne says:

        i’ve always had the impression that kate is a bit vacuous. an all play and no work type of person. all style, no substance. it’s a bit annoying seeing that celebrated in the papers day after day. having it held up as something to be lauded.

        my first thought, seeing these pictures, is “my god, she’s multiplying.” now there are 4 of them playing this game. smiling at me from their jaunt into the alps.

  25. Lainey says:

    I love that the dm is throwing in those little bits and reminding people of their work shy ways. On other sites they’re gushing over them and according to Richard Palmer getting very few hits. Apparently the pics bombed on the express despite getting pride of place!

  26. Lauren says:

    How is it that the Swedes managed to find a way to put their children in the spotlight and Willnot and Cannot can’t or won’t? Princess Estelle and Princess Leonore seem perfectly balanced little girls that are having a great childhood while still being seen a lot by the public. I’ve seen more of prince Nicolas than Charlotte and Charlotte is older. My god Will and Kate really don’t get it.

    • Lady D says:

      I adore Estelle, she’s beyond cute.

    • anne says:

      I agree that the Swedes are doing a wonderful job and William has a thing or two to learn from them.

      but – just to be fair, because I hate defending them – the British royals do experience an exaggerated degree of international press interest. you don’t see american tabloids regularly covering the crown princess of Sweden, for example. so the context is different. when W&K bring the kids out, People magazine gets involved. Also, Sweden – I think – has a much happier Royal-to-Public, Royal-to-Press dynamic going on. WIlliam experienced the dark side of the press when he saw that terrible, invasive coverage of the breakdown of his parents’ marriage, the “War of the Waleses”. That probably left him feeling burned.

      Still – no excuses. The tone-deafness here speaks for itself.

      • notasugarhere says:

        The German tabloids are a different story, and they cover the Swedish royals heavily. Victoria is consistently voted the favorite princess in Germany. I put it down to Queen Silvia being half-German.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        The monarchy isn’t that popular in Sweden, especially because of the king. They do love Victoria though.

      • Lauren says:

        @ArtHistorian I can see people not liking Carl Gustav. He rubs me the wrong way too.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Carl Gustaf doesn’t know when to shut his mouth on certain matters in public. Furthermore, he is hampered by rumours of infidelity and the keeping of unsavoury company, which I don’t think is proven. However, some photoshopped images of him cavorting with Eastern European mafia types in a strip club cause enough damage even though it was false.

        The public do love Victoria. It is good she’s the heir since both of her siblings are perceived as work-shy.

      • kori says:

        Just as a side to the king, my son got to see him and a scouting jamboree and said he was so cool and chill. Lol He gave a pretty good speech to the scouts there.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        I have heard that Carl Gustaf can be a very funny man but he rather polarizing. Once, he even got a cream pie thrown in his face.

  27. Citresse says:

    Video would’ve been a nice along with the photographs.

    • anne_000 says:

      The public should know its place and not ask them for anything more than they deign to give us.

  28. maggie says:

    Why on earth should they feel obligated to parade their young children in front of the press or invite the press along on their family vacation? Did anyone consider they paid for this themselves? Or they just automatically assume it’s on the public dime? Nothing like feeding the trolls!!

    • Jib says:

      Maggie, doesn’t it get old defending the indefensible?? William has done three royal duties this year. Kate has done 4. William has worked one day out of four at his fake job, I believe. They get criticized for being work-shy and spendthrifts and then go on a secret vacation, more than likely taking a private jet? There is NO such thing as them paying for their own vacation. Are you British? Because the British people have to pay for their security, and monies for them come from Charles’ Duchy, which I just learned is actually owned by the public. So the public pays for these lazy louts to go vacation from what?? Not any work, that’s for sure!

      • rosegold says:

        Well said Jib. I’m British and I pay for these two to live in untold luxury. They can’t even put in 10hrs a week of Royal duty BETWEEN THEM.


        With great privilege comes great responsiblity.

  29. Zardi123 says:

    Its Disgraceful how this pair the Cambridges behave
    but its his spoilt childish wife who is the one with secrets that is so childlike of their behaviour going on yet another holiday… No Work Ethic in either of them..
    The media now calling the shots of how they are very work shy.. we really need them to go away from all this privileged lifestyle at the cost of us the British Public….
    How they constantly get away with this nonsense is just unbelievable……….

    • maggie says:

      So if they went away how is that going to affect your life?

      • Rachel says:

        We could use the taxpayers’ money spent on their upkeep, which is estimated to be around £334m, to help pay for hospitals, schools, roads – pretty much anything that would be of actual use and benefit to the British population. We could open up all the palaces as National Trust houses and ensure all of the publicly owned art is appropriately displayed for the benefit of the people. We could ensure that the last vestiges of colonialism, which did so much harm to so many peoples, is finally put to bed by ending the honours system which awards the title ‘Commander of the British Empire’.

        We wouldn’t have to put up with a narrative which, in 2016, still claims that we should, in principle, be ruled by an unelected, constitutional monarch who is somehow worthier than all of us by lottery of her birth. We wouldn’t have to put up with her son attempting to abuse his influence by writing letters to our actual, elected politicians wheedling on topics like homeopathy and architecture. We wouldn’t have to see two tone-deaf thirty-somethings splashing a secret holiday in the Alps over the papers to try and look relatable.

      • Sixer says:

        Oh Rachel, I think I love you.

        Sorry Maggie: I know you do your best in the losing battle on here.

      • maggie says:

        Only on here. Next time there’s a celebration look to see how many people are lining the streets waving flags to get a glimpse of a Royal.

      • notasugarhere says:

        maggie, they’ll be cheering for Her Majesty for her 90th birthday. Nothing at all to do with W&K. Even people who don’t like the monarchy admire HM.

      • maggie says:

        Lol, you guys have a answer for everything!

      • rosegold says:

        Well said Rachel, sixer and notasugarhere.

        I am a Monarchist through and through. I find the idea of W&K as Monarchs terrifying as I don’t think the Monarchy will survive their apathy and arrogance. I want them to change precisely so they can be successful and popular and keep my Monarchy strong in a modern age.

      • Emily C. says:

        Rachel, thank you for pointing out that the monarchy does still have political clout, and a lot of it.

  30. Christina says:

    I love how staged these are. They are wearing ski goggles but are clearly not skiing with their young kids at that moment. Also, she has her gloves on for most pics but made sure to get one money shot w/ the ring showing!

  31. K says:

    Ok fully admit don’t know a lot about the royal stuff so can someone who is from England or understand it explain this to me.

    Aren’t they suppose to take private planes? Isn’t this a security measure? The family owns one right? Sorry I just always assumed it was an Air Force one type thing with the royal family too. Is this wrong?

    • Rachel says:

      No, not at all. There have been multiple instances in recent years where royals have taken commercial transport, including planes; in 2012 William and Kate flew Easyjet for a skiing holiday, they took Ryanair to Scotland for Zara’s wedding, they flew British Airways back from LA after their honeymoon tour and to Mustique after George was born. The latter is a fairly upmarket, respectable airline, but the former two are distinctly cheap and cheerful operators.

      I think the Queen no longer takes commercial flights, but William and Kate certainly can take commercial planes, especially for events which are non-official. Like a secret skiing holiday in the Alps.

      • K says:

        Oh ok thank you I appreciate you explaining that to me. I was truly at a loss as to why this was a big deal because I just assumed that the royal family was like our first family and took private for security reasons.

        If there isn’t a security measure in place dictating them do so, and they don’t want to pay for it themselves then yeah they can take a commercial flight. I mean while I’m sure private is amazing commercial isn’t a horror show. Also it does show you care about saving your tax payers money.

        Please note when it comes to security i.e. Our president or the queen I have no issues with private I encourage it. There security is paramount, this just sounds like will and Kate are being spoiled.

        Thanks again.

  32. Starlight says:

    As I see it , This is how Wills wants it stage managed nice and quiet all on his terms either nothing or very little intrusion from the press. Understandable he obviously wants to protect the children
    I suppose it’s the newspapers right to print their own pictures. they don’t want to be dictated to. It’s a circle, the public probably feel they have a right to access Wills and Kate through the media because W &K have privileged lifestyles. So maybe the press ‘lazy bashed Because the press are fed up and feel used. Kate was happy to be in the newspapers photographed impromptu when she split up from Wills. It’s one rule when the times suit and another rule when it doesn’t suit.

  33. kori says:

    The DM has revealed they were in Courcheval, France. They describe it as an upscale playground for oligarchs, movie stars and A-listers.

  34. anne_000 says:

    The DM has a breakdown of the cost of their attire:

    In the new photographs Kate is sporting her favourite white E + O ski jacket with fur hood – approximate cost £400 – paired with red ski trousers, also worn previously.
    She also has a £24.99 Eisbar ‘Alwin’ woollen hat (makers of headwear for Austrian ski team), £39.99 Uvex ski goggles and Sorel Women’s Caribou boots, priced at £130.
    And despite the snow she is still sporting her £750 White Topaz Stud Grace earrings by Kiki McDonough and the late Princess Diana’s engagement ring.
    Her husband is wearing a similarly expensive jacket, by Spyder, worth £415.99, with £100 Oakley goggles.
    Charlotte is pink cheeked and adorable in a knitted hat and a John Lewis snowsuit with a fur lined hood and ears and detachable mittens costing £28. Her pink bootees are by Emu Australia and cost £30.
    George, meanwhile, is sporting an eminently practical – and cheap – Mountain Warehouse Cloud snowsuit reduced from £79.99 to just £24.99.

  35. Ravine says:

    Will needs to wear more hats. He looks about ten years younger with his baldness hidden. (I’m sure these are also heavily Photoshopped, but still.)

  36. Karyn says:

    Isn’t it bizarre that 2 adults who want to be taken seriously set up photographs on a private family holiday, rather than set up photos at a ‘work’ event? And pick photos of them having a snow fight to publish? Seriously? I mean why? Did they think it was ‘cute’? What a warped perception of their public image they must have.