Bette Midler posts a faux nude selfie for charity: like Kim put your selfie to work

It’s day four in the epic Kim Kardashian-West nude selfie debate, with various celebrities coming down on different sides, and plenty of people copying Kim’s recycled black bar nude photo. Kim, or someone posing as her (although she denies Kanye took over her account, linguists claim it’s him due to the different use of language), went off on her nude selfie haters including Chloe Moretz and Bette Midler. Kim later clarified, in her app, that she’s empowered by her body and that negative responses to that are “body shaming” and “slut shaming.”

Bette Midler, ever the clever comedian, responded to Kim’s disses with some one-liners that proved that she can say so much more than Kim (or Kanye) in just a few quick lines. On Tuesday she denied Kim’s claim that she tried to fake friend her by sending a gift and added “Looks like anyone can take a selfie but not everyone can take a joke..” Then late yesterday she tweeted this:

Burn. As a follow up Bette met Kim’s nude challenge by tweeting a photoshopped selfie (above) in which she solicited donations for her charity, Stages for Success, “a campaign to modernize outdated and dysfunctional public school auditoriums.” My favorite part is the little bootie and back in panties in the mirror behind her. Even though the whole image is fake she still makes it look as if she’s wearing underwear! As of press time, the donations to Stages have exceeded their campaign goal of $100,000. That’s the way you do viral. Bette also promises to match all donations 2:1.

The responses on Twitter are overwhelmingly positive, with everyone giving this round to Bette hands down.

This was my favorite response. Do you think Bette used a photo posing with cardboard for a reason? She basically set up this joke.

Kim has since Instagrammed yet another nude pic and has joined Snapchat and sent a little f-you to everyone. Because that’s her job, Bette called it.

Here’s Kim out with Kourtney and Jonathan Cheban yesterday. Kim looks miserable in a skintight outfit with a fur jacket and Kourtney is just wearing a loose white ironic t-shirt and some leather pants.
Kim & Kourtney Kardashian Lunch At Hugo's

Kim & Kourtney Kardashian Lunch At Hugo's

Kim & Kourtney Kardashian Lunch At Hugo's

photos credit: FameFlynet and WENN

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  1. Thinker says:

    Team Bette.

    • Snazzy says:

      Yup Bette wins this one hands down πŸ™‚

    • Mimi says:

      @bettyrose: exactly! It’s not necessarily fair but definitely hilarious! Team Bette all the way.

    • H says:

      The Divine Miss M wins again. Team Bette all the way!

    • Aussie says:

      The smart thing for Kim to do now would be to make a sizable donation to Bette’s charity, wouldn’t you say? Makes her look like a good sport, plus then Bette has to write a bigger cheque!

      • Bettyrose says:

        IKR? KK probably doesn’t have a charitable bone in her body, but who cares as long as her check clears? Maybe it’ll start a trend: who can get a Kardashian to donate to a good cause?

    • joan says:

      The Divine Miss M has more class [and klass] in her little fingernail than KK has in her entire family.

  2. Dre dog says:

    Kim is such an idiot

  3. SleepyJane says:

    Kim’s stupid tweets are a result of her outfits cutting off the oxygen to her brain.

    • Mimz says:


      Perfect shade, SleepyJane, points for you πŸ˜‰

    • NeNe says:

      LMAO! I laughed so hard I choked on my coffee.

    • Wren says:

      Haha awesome! Hey I’d be grumpy and make bad decisions too if that’s what I had to wear all day every day.

      Honestly I’m puzzled as to how she chooses outfits. Not comfy, not flattering, not a “look” or a statement of any kind. She doesn’t even appear to like them. What gives?

      • Chrissy says:

        You forget that Kanye picks her clothes, not the empowered liberated Kim. Who wears heels with leggings? Oh wait I forgot, she’s a fashion icon too. Pathetic.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        What looks good from a profile view in a mirror with your gut sucked in and stick straight posture is not what it looks like when in motion and not posing in front of the mirror. That’s all I got.

      • GingerCrunch says:

        It skeeves me out to think of having to dress in a way that’s completely opposite of what makes me comfortable and happy. Wren is right! She’s sold her soul so many times now that she’s out of her effing mind. Nothing but pity for this one.

      • yolo112 says:

        My sister would not let me leave the house dressed this way. With how the Ks talk to each other, I can’t imagine Kourtney not telling Kim how effing stupid she looks..she looks so uncomfortable and …big next to Kourtney.

        That fur half draped over her shoulders…lol.. I mean, I just keep laughing. How many of these spanx onsies does she have!?

  4. Breakfast Margaritas says:

    I am enjoying this more than a mocha latte.

  5. Kate says:

    Bette is just milking it now, and giving Kim a ton of extra press in the process. It’s this kind of thing that makes the Kardashians famous.

    • Kitten says:

      “Milking it”? For charity?
      I actually think it was incredibly savvy of Bette to bring Kim’s name into it as it will generate more interest in Stages For Success.

      But Bette Midler has always been sharp as hell, unlike plastic-for-brains over there.

      • Zimmerman says:

        I love Bette’s response and I think it’s great that she’s bringing in charity. Not surprised that Kim hasn’t matched that yet.

      • vauvert says:

        Team Bette 4ever. Way to bring awareness to her charity, donating today. I think this is one of the few great things to come out of having a constant 24/7 public media outlet – raising awareness and funds for worthy causes, throwing a light on shady corporations/people.
        And yay Bette for reminding people what a sense of humour looks like.

      • Nancy says:

        I agree Kitten. Kim can’t win any twitter war with Bette unless she hired writers. Bette’s been at this a long time and has the entire gay community behind her. Kim is used to the Ambers of the world going butt to butt. Butt…going brain to brain, Bette wins every time and is making money for charity at the same time. Bette for the win

      • Jen43 says:

        I completely agree. That’s how it’s done.

      • Wren says:

        How many celebrities would have just turned this into some petty fued and traded bitchy comments and thinly veiled threats with Kim?

        Not Bette Middler, who is an adult with a brain and not someone stuck mentally in high school. I love what she’s done. This is how you do it. Turn something stupid and pointless into a chance to do good in the world. “Milk” that publicly for all it’s worth, lady!

      • Kate says:

        If it was about charity, she’s more than capable of writing a personal check far larger than what this stunt brings in. But this way gets her more press than she’s had in decades, and in the process gives Kim a ton of press.

      • Nancy says:

        @Wren. You’re always the voice of reason. I still lose my filthy rat temper…lol…like my mom used to say when I was a teenager. I could take lessons from you.

      • I Choose Me says:

        Right? Team Bette forever and ever. I know the Kardashians are low hanging fruit but I still enjoy their takedowns.

      • Ennie says:


      • lucy2 says:

        Very savvy – she’s got attention right now, and boom, was able to do something awesome with it in a short amount of time. Love it.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        This. I think attention-seeking that brings attention to something that needs attention is a good thing.

    • Kristen820 says:

      Bette is, and always will be, a total bad a**. Love. Her.

    • Lostara says:

      @Kate: Exactly. People claim to be sick and tired of the Kardashians and of the fact that the K-Clan gets even richer with their bullshit. And still, they talk and write about every little bit. And yes, I am sure Mrs. Middler was very well aware of the fact that any connection with something- Kardashian will bring press. Lots of it. And don’t argue with that charity bullshit – a big cheque would do much better if she really cares…. But openly supporting charity brings press as well, doesn’t it…… ?

      There is just one way to handle people like the K-clan and maybe get rid of it: ignore them.

      • Pandy says:

        If she’s doubling down on donations made to her charity, then it’s not charity BS. She will be cutting a big cheque AND getting others to donate as well.

  6. Jenns says:

    I love Bette, but I feel like she should be above all of this. I mean, if I were in a Twitter fight with a Kardashian, over a selfie, I would need to evaluate my life…

    • sienna says:

      Except that she is a brilliant comedienne who probably thought that it would have ended with a quick one liner over twitter. It was KK who made this into a huge thing by throwing a hissy fit. Bette was just given so much good material and is obviously a master of jokes in 144 characters, how could she walk away? I am loving how concise her wit is and think it is excellent that she managed to move the message to raising awareness and money for her charity.

    • Jaded says:

      Bette is giving Kim enough rope to hang herself and make lots of money for her worthy charity – it’s a win-win situation.

    • K says:

      I agree except I think it started as an innocent joke and became this big thing and Bette saw an opportunity to make use of it. Now she has raised over $100k for charity.

      I think it’s amazing. I mean if your name is going to be associated with garbage might as well make it worth while.

      Good for Bette, and this is what kim and a lot of people will never understand- actions and behavior get you respect in the long run all the attention grabs will work for a while but people see through it and grow tired.

      And yeah side note Ms Liberated who lets her husband dictate her clothes and dress her like a fool in ill fitting spandex and fur in 80 degree weather yep let that freedom ring honey!!

      • lucy2 says:

        Agreed – she basically said “ugh, again?” to Kim’s photo, but it spiraled into ridiculousness, so she’s making the best of it.

  7. kri says:

    HAHAHAHA!! Oh yes. I can just see KK trying to wrinkle her brow while lisping “But I make money naked too…” .And I’ll be damned if Kim wrote those twitter snaps. I still think it was that obnoxious coat tail rider Cheban. It’s awesome that Midler is able to raise so much money. I wonder if the tide is turning for the Koven. I hope they are shunned. No more Vogue covers.

  8. Kitten says:

    Bette Midler is so f*cking great.

    That outfit is just… GOOD GOD. It must take a lot of work to look so consistently terrible. She talks about being so comfortable with her body then comes out in the full-body equivalent of black leggings, which is what most of us wear when we want to hide our period bloat.
    She looks miserable on top of ridiculous.

    • Snazzy says:

      Not only is it f-ug-ly but it also makes her look enormous! Why would she do that to herself?

      • Kitten says:

        Right. She’s the only woman who knows how to take the natural slimming effect away from black.

      • Hellohello says:

        Or do that to kill innocent animals in that monstrous disgusting coat

      • Kitten says:

        The fur is so f*cking atrocious. WHEN will people realize how stupid, selfish, and ugly real fur is? Not to mention dated as hell. Yeah, I said it: DATED. A fur coat was once upon a time considered a “classic look”–now it’s just outdated and ugly.

    • Zinjojo says:

      Love the divine Miss M, and that she’s raised a lot of money for her charity.

      It was in the 70s in LA yesterday, hardly fur coat weather, but it’s not like we’re talking about common sense when it comes to Kim. She looks as ridiculous and so uncomfortable.

    • Bettyrose says:

      Bbbut…how come her figure looks so different in the selfies? Is there some kind of picture magic she’s using??

      • Snowflake says:

        Hush your nasty mouth, that is too kim’s body in this picture and the selfie. She’s empowered by her body and loves her flaws. She would NEVER Photoshop her pictures or use an old one. You’re just jelly


      • NorthernGirl_20 says:

        The selfies are from before she had Saint, they aren’t even current.

      • bettyrose says:

        @Snowflake πŸ˜‰

    • Goo says:

      So sick of seeing her in coats only to cover up her HUGE ass…. She had those cheeks implanted with fat, now she is trying to cover them up. Not attractive at all! I pity all of them.

    • Pandy says:

      Glad she looks miserable. I’m sure the animal that was caged before it was electrocuted anally looked miserable too …. and WHY is she parading around in a fur when her sister is in a t shirt?? What temperature IS it??

  9. The Original Mia says:

    Way to go, Bette! Excellent use of a selfie!

  10. colleen says:

    For a quick moment, I thought that header pic was of Jennifer Grey. Gray? Grey.

  11. Aussie girl says:

    Oh my soul, how could she be comfortable in the clothes she wears…?

  12. aims says:

    I love Bette.

  13. colleen says:

    “Kim looks miserable in a skintight outfit with a fur jacket…”

    Exactly. Hardly the picture of empowerment.

  14. Skins says:

    Kim is looking mighty hefty nowadays

  15. darkdove says:

    I don’t get her body why it looks so weird from every angle Courtney looks like a normal person when they are standing together

    • Jsilly4e says:

      I think she looks weird from all angles because she has had all those injections put into her butt, probably had liposuction on other places and had two pregnancies. Her body can’t keep up. Because what she’s doing to it isn’t normal. Plus my friend had lipo on her thighs and she had to wear tight compression shorts for a while and also consistently workout and eat right or else shed gain it back and it would look distorted and all lumpy. Something tells me Kim is just not taking care of her surgeries like she should.

    • FingerBinger says:

      Kourtney looks normal because she hasn’t altered her body like Kim.

  16. AlmondJoy says:

    I’m torn on this. Bette is hilarious but WHY is this still going on?? 😩😩 it’s seriously annoying. I hate giving Kim more attention. I guess Bette is just having fun though.

  17. L says:

    For someone who suggested her spouse needed therapy after Twitter rants, I’d say kim is the pot calling the kettle blac, just a different social medium.

    Kim sounds like a 14 year old girl. She does not have the confidence or maturity of a woman her age. This is no doubt limited by her lack of education. People with confidence, not to mention class, don’t let the trolls bother them. They just don’t respond and move on. She talks a lot about moving on, but her actions show that she clearly has not moved on.

  18. noway says:

    Bette is hysterical, and I like this twitter war, because it has given me a new cause to support. Anyone been into most public school auditoriums lately? Even in middle class neighborhoods the auditoriums and buildings in general are in drastic need of repair. I hope Kim decides to take the stick out of her butt and join Bette in helping this cause.

    Kim really can’t take a joke, because Bette’s original comment was in jest and not body or slut shaming, and really tame compared to some of the comments Kim gets even on this site. The reality is it had nothing to do with her sex tape, which by the way only she mentioned. Kim has taken and published quite a few nude pictures of herself long after the sex tape, and she has made a good living doing it. If that is what you want good for her. If people desire they have seen her nude body many times and even if they don’t desire to see it they probably have as this family is great at publicity. Kim’s reaction and bringing it back to the sex tape says more about her and how she really thinks than anything else.

    • swak says:

      Part of the reason these auditoriums are in need of repair is because the first thing a school cuts out of it’s budget is money for the Arts and then they cut the number of teachers needed. The school district my grandson is in is having financial issues. One of the things they are cutting is elementary band. It’s terrible.

  19. paolanqar says:

    Kim looks like a sea monster.
    It’s so evident that all her pics are heavily photoshopped.
    I feel embarrassed for her. as if we don’t have eyes and see the difference.


    • Snowflake says:

      Exactly. And in that Snapchat video, her face looks a lot thinner. Must have edited that too.

    • Lirko says:

      Me, too. Especially since all these nude pics are throwbacks, and then you see how she dresses when she goes out – like she wants to be invisible- it makes you realize to what extent she believes her body =self. Aging is going to be hard on her…

    • shannon says:

      I was thinking “yeti”, but seamonster works, too.

    • GingerCrunch says:

      You’re right! Ursula from ‘Little Mermaid’! Haven’t thought of that in years. Sweet memories from our kids being small, thx!

  20. willful ignorance says:

    Bette is amazing.

    Using the situation for charity is smart

  21. Nancy says:

    Bette for president!

    The Kardashians are what is wrong with America!

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      To say that a grown woman doing public naked pictures promotes pedophilia or causes child molestation and to call that ‘dangerous’ is reaching (and once again, placing the blame on women for the actions of pedophiles and rapists. Nothing feminist or safe about that). I’m not saying people shouldn’t be educated about what’s out there or that kids should post naked photos of themselves online, but “I don’t want children to do something because of safety and legal issues” shouldn’t turn into ‘consenting adults don’t get to do it either.’ And it’s important to mention that pedophiles and rapists will continue to do what they do (and have for thousands of years) whether women take naked or sexy photos online or not. It’s not woman’s responsibility or ability to stop abusers by keeping her clothes on.

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      I don’t think Kim took those pictures for feminism either. She did it for attention. But pretending that whether or not she poses nude on twitter will control the behavior of pedophiles is still blaming sex crimes on women not being modest enough with their bodies on public, whether you’re blaming the actual victim of the sex crime, or blaming someone’s decision to commit a sex crime on somebody else’s immodesty. You’re right that I wouldn’t want a kid of any gender posting nude selfies online, but just because it’s not okay for my child to do something doesn’t mean other adults are not supposed to do it or that those other adults are to blame if a child I have ever becomes a victim of any type of crime.

  22. NeNe says:

    Maybe if we all, including myself, stopped talking about KK and the rest of the clan, they will disappear forever. They are thriving on us to keep commenting on them, and that’s how they stay relevant.

  23. Felice. says:

    Honestly they both need to let it go.

  24. Gabrielle says:

    I love that Bette did this. I have defended Kim and now I say, she should match the donation.

    • lile says:

      I don’t think ‘charity’ is in KimHos realm of understanding…..

    • lucy2 says:

      I’d actually have the littlest bit of respect for her if she did that, stopped whining about herself and said there are bigger issues out there, let’s help. But she won’t.

  25. MediaMaven says:

    Looks like Kanye designed a whole bunch of post-pregnancy sausage-casings for her. There are so many cute post-pregnancy outfits she could wear, if she would just give up on the whole “fashion” thing. Honestly, those black spanx with what must be a sticky fur coat after wearing it out in warm climates for months is not it.

    • swak says:

      Think it was reported that she is wearing clothes from Kanye’s latest collection. Could be wrong.

  26. SJO says:

    I don’t know if I would be more disturbed by seeing KK’s nude photos (never seen one) or those photos of all the skin tight clothes she wears.
    My lady bits get uncomfortable everytime I see one of those cat suits.

  27. Red32 says:

    Here is my issue and honest question for everyone standing up for Kim’s “empowerment” – if she’s so empowered by her body, why didn’t she post a real pic of it? Look at those header pics – it’s not even close!

  28. Colette says:

    So Kourtney is wearing a t shirt and Kim is wearing a fur jacket?
    Yeah that makes perfect sense

  29. perplexed says:

    Kim’s fashion sense — I don’t get it.

  30. lile says:

    #TeamBette Always and Forevah!!!!! Can you even believe Bish KimHo has the nerve to call ANYONE a “fake friend” after what that family did to Blac Chyna?????? The utter nerve of those gutter rats just blows my mind. “Fake Friend” is a term she should never use again as she showed the entire world what a barracuda she and the other women in her family are, with that whole situation. Fake Friend??!!?? O. M. G.!!!!!!! That she would ever even THINK of uttering those words as an insult to another person! Un-fvxking-believable!

  31. word says:

    So did Kim donate then? I bet she’ll ignore Bette’s tweets.

  32. drnotknowitall says:

    Wait, wait, wait… forget everything else for a moment. Are you telling me that distinguished linguists took the time to analyze the K’s tweets to see who likely wrote them? WHY???? Seriously? I just can’t

  33. Goobie says:

    Kim is turning into Edina Monsoon from Absolutely Fabulous….

  34. Mar says:

    Kim is gross and she looks dirty

  35. Mar says:

    and she looks way heavier than her selfie

    • swak says:

      The selfie was a pre-Saint picture.

      • me says:

        It was from over a year ago. Mind you, she could have posted a recent one if she wanted to and just photoshop it to hell, which is what she normally does. She’d get flack for it, but the old pic she posted is also photoshopped to hell and back so…

  36. Noel says:

    She is actually doing the opposite of what feminism stands for. And I agree with Lori above, She is encouraging young girls and women to make themselves appear weak and doing anything for money, even if it means taking off your clothes on the web. Do all those idiots supporting her not realize how many child molesters and pervert hang around social media sites looking at young girls posing like this? Kim is encouraging pedophilia and child molestation in my opinion and this should not be taken lightly.

    • me says:

      Remember when she flew to Austria to be an old rich man’s date for the night? Was that empowering to her too? I don’t know why some women think taking your clothes off for public consumption is empowering. How exactly? How is posing ass up on a pile of dirt empowering? Also, when your photos are all photoshopped to hell, what image are you really putting out there?

      • Anne tommy says:

        Totally agree with you me (!). This “empowered because I flaunted my fanny” stuff is total BS and just a way of putting a gloss on taking off clothes to get money. Admitting that would at least be honest.

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      Children (and people in general) get victimized by rapists and pedophiles regardless of modesty, so the “Women taking these naked photos encourages pedophilia” argument is a bs one. This has been happening before naked selfies on twitter ever even existed. And even when someone is victimized specifically by someone who they met online who pretended to be someone else, not all of those victims had naked pictures anyway.
      I mean, you might as well argue that adults who go online and on social networking sites AT ALL are ‘encouraging pedophilia’ because adults going on those sites encourages kids to go on those sites, and their are perverts on there. And even that argument doesn’t save people from rapists and pedophiles.

  37. HeyThere! says:

    Why does she dress like this?? It’s unflattering and looks so uncomfortable.

  38. Tacos and TV says:

    Re Kim’s ensemble: I am just so so confused at to what she was thinking? She used to dress so much better pre Kanye. Why is she wearing a black spandex onsie, with high heeled caged sandals and a fur coat? It’s not ok. I mean, so many things in the world are not ok, but this is one of them.. today, right now… it’s all over the map of evil!!!

  39. moon says:

    +100000000 for Bette. Stop these loonies who use feminism as a justification for attention seeking and make the rest of us real feminists look bad.

  40. Lara says:

    Kim looks hideous. Does she actually think she looks good? Her thighs are bigger than Hulk Hogan’s.

  41. Suzanne says:

    Omg!!!! That “outfit” on Kim…bwahahahahaaa!!!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  42. One2 says:

    I actually feel bad for kim.She looks Miserable and uncomfortable. The empowerment thing was click bait.

  43. stinky says:

    srsly tho.
    What IS wrong with her?
    How can she not see that she looks like a phat mess.

  44. Decorative Item says:

    Bette was just brilliant in The Rose. She is such a talented and inspirational person. Have always loved her.

  45. Magnoliarose says:

    Kim underestimated a much more accomplished woman here because she has no depth and lives in a distorted bubble. Not only has Bette cleverly highlighted how pointless Kim’s billion selfies are but also how uncharitable and humorless she.
    I have no words for her cruelty coat and her capri length body girdle.

  46. Turtle says:

    I personally like Bette less for this.

    If youre going to donate to charity fine but why do you have to go in on another woman to do it?

    Kim clapped back so hard it obviously hurt her feelings the first time. So you’re going to post a piece of cardboard with her name on it to shill for your charity?

    That’s being a brilliant legend?

    Thats petty. And if it were anyone else but Kim people wouldn’t be here for it.

    Kim is on her social media in her lane doing her job. And a lot of people like it.

    So many people like it in fact that Bette Midler is out here sending her GIFTS apparently before sucking her teeth on social media and saying things she could keep to herself.

    I am not Team Bette on this and I don’t know why so many people are supporting this bullying behavior.

    • PK says:

      Midler’s charitable empire – not to mention her award-winning stage, film and recording career – has been around longer than that aggressively vapid attention whore has been alive.

      Midler stood with, and fought for, the HIV/AIDS-afflicted community long before Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Diana made it acceptable. She’s had a big part in revitalizing NYC from the cesspit it was in the 80’s, one needle-strewn abandoned lot at a time. She’s not above picking up trash along the side of the road – and indeed helped establish the popularity of the Adopt-a-Highway initiative with her early involvement.

      Midler puts her money where her mouth is – and it’s a big mouth. She has singularly, and quantifiably, affected the quality of peoples’ lives.

      If I had not just witnessed, but helped to advance, some of the greatest advances in civil and gender rights, I might take Kardashian’s brand of pseudo-feminist “empowerment” garbage with the grain of salt it more than deserves.

      But a mere couple of weeks ago, Land’s End caused a stir with a “puff” feature of Gloria Steinham, which they subsequently yanked. They fell all over themselves to apologize for having anything do with giving a platform to an admitted – GASP – feminist.

      It’s not “bullying” to mourn the dismantling of decades of work and sacrifice on the part of young women who aspire to be more than a pair of boobs fanning themselves with money.

      When we see Kim Kardashian picking up trash by the side of the road … Well, we won’t be seeing that any time soon, will we?

  47. LAK says:

    The Divine Miss M strikes again.

  48. PK says:

    All hail the original – and still the best – Queen B.

  49. Jag says:

    I truly love the subtle shade that Bette gave KK by saying she’d match donations 2 to 1, without mentioning a limit.