Billy Bob Thornton on radio rant: ‘gave humpback geeks something to do’

Billy Bob Thornton on Jimmy Kimmel last night

Billy Bob Thornton had his first public interview since his infamous bizarre blowup with a CBC radio journalist nearly two weeks ago. All he did was prove that he’s as much of an ass on television as he was on the radio.

In a much-watched YouTube clip from CBC show Q, Thornton initially gave bizarre inappropriate answers in an interview with his band, The Boxmasters. After a few strange unrelated responses, he explained why he was so upset – the interviewer had mentioned Thornton’s acting background as an introduction to the band, although he never asked personal or Hollywood-related questions during the actual interview. It was the nature of the questioning that Thornton arrogantly took offense to, saying “You wouldn’t say that to Tom Petty, would you? ‘I understand music is your first love.'”

In his next performance with the Boxmasters, opening for Willie Nelson in Toronto, Thornton was booed for his attitude and specifically for a comment he made in that interview calling Canadians “like mashed potatoes with no gravy.” His band then canceled their rest of their Canadian tour.

Last night Thornton tried to do some long overdue damage control with a somewhat friendly interview on Jimmy Kimmel, but it was way too little too late and his throbbing ego overshadowed the lame attempt. Maybe Kimmel was the only one who would have him on, and made him wait for a slow night.

Thornton definitely proved that his behavior on the radio was no fluke.

On his rant: “It gave humpbacked geeks all over the world something to do”
When asked by Kimmel about the interview, Thornton responded:
“Well first of all, the fact that that was news was astounding to me. It gave humpbacked geeks all over the world something to do for a couple of days.

“I do that all the time. It wasn’t the first time.”

Thornton then talked about a show he did in Germany ten years ago in which the female host didn’t adhere to his requirements and he responded the same way.

“This woman said something that she wasn’t supposed to say and I told her that I receive signals from Venus from a metal plate in my head. Then of course you get calls from all your friends ‘are you ok?’

‘Of course I’m ok. I told a DJ to kiss my ass, that’s all that happened….’

“If I tell some guy who lied to me in my face to not say something, you know… it doesn’t make any sense to me, plus the fact that… it’s news?

“If the captain from that pirate abduction had been rescued that day. Nobody would know anything about it.”

Kimmel then agreed with Thornton that his obnoxious behavior was somehow justified and gave him softball fawning questions about his music career and life on the road.

This is what people often say when they’re caught in bad behavior and can’t offer a legitimate excuse for it. They bring up the “there’s a war on/people are starving/there’s an economic crisis” argument as if we’re somehow at fault for actually paying attention to what asses they are. Bye bye Billy Bob, your acting career is deservedly waning and now you’ve screwed yourself and your poor bandmates out of a music career too.

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29 Responses to “Billy Bob Thornton on radio rant: ‘gave humpback geeks something to do’”

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  1. TSS says:

    He’s a disgusting piece of trash, always has been & always will be.

  2. Tess says:

    Oh Billy Bob.

    That weally weally hurts.

    Coming from somebody as busy—and important—as you.

  3. DD says:

    He shows no humility. Nice to watch Jimmy walk on eggshells to please him. Billy’s poor ego can’t handle the truth that he’s a pathetic loser.

  4. Your Friend says:

    It’s funny because he acted like a pompous jerk “actor” the whole time. Why should a DJ take interviews on his terms? Seriously, no one knows who his band is and the dude was just giving it some context. Any listener would sit there wondering “is this the guy from Sling Blade?” And what is he ashamed to be an Oscar-winner. All of a sudden, he doesn’t wanna sell out. Dude, you were in the remake of the “Bad News Bears” … Sorry I am ranting here, but I really admired this prick as an actor and now he is just so disappointing with this bull. And its a shame because he has screwed his band.

  5. bros says:

    yes, he is the epitome of a raging douchebag.

  6. Ggirl says:

    It must be nice to run the world completely on your own terms.

  7. bagladey says:

    Billy who?

  8. heather says:

    Funny thing – the journalist in question was in a band in the 80’s that sold more albums than Billy Bob ever will. Nice attitude!

  9. Because I Say So says:

    What’s the point of interviewing him if you can only ask him scripted topics? Why doesn’t he just have press-releases and avoid interviews altogther? Oh,yeah, that’s right, because no one cares.

  10. Azurea says:

    Jian Gomeshi can hardly be described as a DJ…his show on CBC is a wide-ranging show about the arts, not a pop tunes show.

  11. Codzilla says:

    The funniest thing about all of this is that his band f*cking sucks.

  12. Ned says:

    I never thought I would say something nice about him, but, I have watched the video, and he was right.

    The Canadian interviewer was pushing him and kept trying to provoke him, even after BBT was ready to get back to an interview.
    The he tried to make the point that he wouldn’t have been given these opportunities as a musician had he not been successful in acting.

    When you try to insult or annoy the guy you interview- that’s what you’re going to get.

    I felt bad for the other musicians. The interviewer had no interest in them and kept coming back to BBT and was more interested in confrontation than in what they had to say.

    The band mates seem like really nice guys and I wish they were given the chance.

  13. Linda says:

    Jian Gomeshi is not a confrontational interviewer but I think he took an opportunity to show what an ass Billy Bob is once he realized the direction in which the interview was going. Gomeshi has more class in his little finger than Thornton can ever hope to have anywhere, anytime, ever.

  14. blahblah says:

    Ned… what are you talking about? The bandmembers (although kind of shy) DID answer some questions. AND at any point they could have jumped in… no one was stopping them. They were quiet at the end ’cause they were probably embarassed at what their douchbag drummer was saying. Maybe you should watch the video again. The interviewer was just trying to clear the air and ‘communicate’ and get douchebag to ‘speak’ relevant words. Billy Bob is like 80 and acts like he’s 10. lol

  15. Aleksa says:

    I, as a geek, take deep offense about this!

  16. Canadian Flyer says:

    Billy Bob was looking for attention and he obviously received it, perhaps not the attention he was looking for.. The reality is CBC is not E! Gian is not a DJ he is a broadcaster, interview questions are not passed by the guest for approval or disapproval. the CBC has a ethical standards that obviously Billy Bob has never been subject to..

  17. Sarto says:

    There is only one thing worse than a rock musician — an actor who wants to be a rock musician.

    And they all do. Johnny Depp played slide guitar on an Oasis album. Russell Crowe and Keanu have/had their bands. And don’t get me started on Jared Leto.

    I even remember going to the Viper Room one night a couple of years ago and a 7-foot tall Frankenstein-like Tim Robbins was up on stage jamming. Nightmares.

  18. Darlene says:

    he makes my skin crawl.

  19. Codzilla says:

    Ps: His weave is nauseating. Seriously, just wear a hat if it bothers you so much.

  20. Lex says:

    OooOo my hunchback is quivering. loser

  21. A Canadian says:

    I find it hilarious that the band bailed on most of their Canadian tour, citing “flu” as the reason. They just turned chicken-sh*t when they realized they were going to get soundly booed at every concert. What a weiner he is…

  22. buenavissta says:

    Why can Jimmy mention his “acting” career but Jian can’t? He only mentioned it in the intro, and it was complimentary and honourable. I guess Jian didn’t get his kissy face close enough to BB’s backside like Jimmy did.

  23. Blondie says:

    The ONLY movie I EVER liked him in was Slingblade. And that’s because he wasn’t acting like himself. In all his other roles, he’s the exact same low-life, trailer trash type character. Nothing stand-out about him. He just lucked up on good movies with decent roles. His acting is shit!

  24. jim says:

    his 15 minutes are up. and he should take a bath.

  25. cherryblossom says:

    He looks like someone Chris Hanson would interview…

  26. Margaret DuMont says:

    Who is Jimmy Kimmel?

    Mr. Thornton is indeed thorny. Greasy personality. Spends his time looking for things to annoy him. A prima donna in his own mind. In reality, just another douche bag.

  27. AC says:

    @Ned, I mean Billy Bob, is that you???

  28. Mark says:

    Actually, it’s a win/win for both sides. His hillbilly fan’s consider him a hero, and he’ll never play in Canada again.

  29. Andy says:

    Im going to have to agree that billy bob is a weirdo. how do you expect something like your life career of acting not be brought up at all, even as an intro. if jian wouldn’t have said it, than every listener would have been thinking it. i thought celebs were supposed to know how to roll with a punch and improv on hard questions, let alone simple questions. It blows my mind that BBT was so upset. mentioning your acting career or not, everybody who has watched a movie or tv in the last 15 years is still going to relate it to your music, deal with it enjoy. dont stiff a great interviewer, you should think about it and maybe be a little apologetic, rather than take a few weeks to come up with a well thought out phony explanation.