Madonna: ‘Somebody take care of me, please, who is going to take care of me?’


The last few posts about Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s custodial drama have barely gotten any comments, so I really don’t know if you guys have been interested in the continuing drama. To recap, 15-year-old Rocco Ritchie has decided he would rather live with his dad, and Madonna is really, really upset about it. Lawyers for Guy, Madonna and Rocco have been battling it out in court, and Madonna and Rocco have allegedly been speaking and trying to work out something behind the scenes. Meanwhile, Madonna is finishing up her Rebel Heart tour and things are not going very well at all. “Rebel Heart” has morphed into “Sad Clown,” as you can see from these assorted social media photos (from Madonna’s Twitter). Apparently, Madonna suffered some kind of tequila-soaked meltdown on stage in Melbourne, Australia this weekend.

Furious Madonna branded ex-husband Guy Ritchie a “son of a bitch”, it has emerged — as she suffered a second boozy meltdown on stage. The singer, locked in a bitter custody dispute with Guy over their son Rocco, begged “someone please f*** me” as she swigged tequila during the chaotic show. After falling off a tricycle, she told the crowd in Melbourne that she had “messed up” her songs, before joking: “You would think it was in my DNA!”

And at one stage, after downing booze from a fan’s hip flask, she pleaded: “Somebody take care of me, please. Who is going to take care of me?”

The Sun told last week how Madonna, 57, stunned fans by boozing on stage during a show at Melbourne’s Forum on Thursday. The emotional star went on to dedicate a song to estranged son Rocco, 15, whose childhood photo was beamed across the stage in the background.

The next day, Rocco sat in London’s High Court as his mum’s barrister told of her wish to “heal the wounds” and “restore peace to the family”.

But sources close to Madonna say the star is furious that Guy, 47, has ignored her pleas to pass on messages to their son in recent weeks. And they revealed that she blames him for the crisis in the relationship, branding him a “d***head” in one stinging attack. She is said to have told aides: “I never want to see his face again.”

A source said: “Being cut out of Rocco’s life has hit Madonna hard and it’s clear she blames Guy. She has openly called him a d***head, and a son of a bitch, and said that she is going to make him pay ‘big time’ for what he has done to her.”

Appearing at Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena yesterday, Madonna told the audience: “If I have learnt one thing in my life, it’s just go with it. If you just laugh it doesn’t hurt as much.”

She went on to play the clown onstage, cracking jokes, honking the horn of a tricycle and chucking peanuts into the crowd. But the child’s tricycle she brought on had the last laugh. As she tried to ride it round the stage, she fell off, landing in a crumpled heap. And, after skipping a series of songs, she admitted: “It’s all going pear-shaped up here.”

[From The Sun]

I’m so sorry, but I giggled at “It’s all going pear-shaped up here.” That’s a great line for a tequila-soaked on-stage screw-up. As for the rest of it… I go back and forth on this. Like, I genuinely think she’s devastated and she misses Rocco terribly. I also think she’s a narcissist who is making it all about herself and how devastated she is and how much she hates Guy and how someone needs to take care of her. If there’s one thing teenage boys love, it’s when their mothers are messy megalomaniacs who believe their children are merely extensions of themselves, right?


Photos courtesy of Madonna’s Twitter.

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  1. Jb says:

    It’s too depressing to comment….the whole Madonna package of the moment.

    • Alarmjaguar says:

      Totally, part of me wonders if this is just a new stage persona – helpless pathetic woman – and I hate it. But if it is a real meltdown than that’s even sadder.

    • Denisemich says:

      Oh no… I believe this is happening. I don’t think this is fake drama.

      She has had a breakdown. On Ellen she said she had one when LOLA went to college. Thankfully she wasn’t on Tour when Lola went to College.

      I think the worst part of all this is… that now Guy Ritchie wants her to pay his lawyer fees. As if giving him 85 million dollars, a mansion and custody of her son wasn’t enough.

      • Jwoolman says:

        It’s normal procedure when the parents gave different income levels to have the richer one pay the legal bills. Otherwise only the richer one could afford drawn out court battles and that would be an easy way to wear down the other parent. In this case, it’s particularly reasonable because it was simply not necessary to have a court battle at all. The kid is almost 16 years old, he has a right to decide which parent to live with as long as both are competent. Madonna’s behavior now makes me wonder how competent she really is at the moment. She also is obviously engaging in parental alienation behavior in public, which will affect her younger son who is also shared with Guy. Judges really don’t like that.

      • Magnoliarose says:

        I agree that it’s real and it only makes Rocco’s case for living with his father much clearer. She’s a narcissist pure and simple and whatever Guy’s problems may be he seems the more reasonable parent at the moment.

      • Denisemich says:


        Guy Ritchie is worth 100 million dollars, part of that was given to him by Madonna as part of the divorce settlement which said she had primary custody of Rocco.

        Children don’t just get to decide where they want to live. But I think this was contentious because of the relationship between Madonna and Guy.

        I believe Madonna let Lourdes live with her father at the same age. However, Carlos Leon lives in the same city and country.

        Madonna’s parenting track record shows her the better parent. Lourdes is in college… she sells her clothes for money and the worst thing she did while under age is smoke cigarettes.

        I don’t think Rocco will fair as well. He now has a lot of money and freedom at his disposal ….that is never a good thing for a teenager.

      • anne_000 says:

        Madonna was the one fighting in court over Rocco’s decision. She could have gone through a mediation process, without lawyers and judges and courts initially, and then allowed Rocco to live primarily with his father with scheduled visitations for herself and have that change put in court with minimal attorney involvement. But like all of this, she wanted to make a big show in court and in public. She’s still dragging out the legal process last I’ve read, fighting over the little stuff, just so the whole mess goes on and on, same as her on-stage tantrums and feel-sorry-for-me tour.

        So, as long as she keeps contesting things and dragging this out, then she should pay for the legal fees. Rocco made his decision known from the start. What Madonna did with that is her fault, not Rocco’s nor Guy’s. I don’t see why the latter two have to be punished for Madonna’s need to play the ultimate drama queen forever.

      • fee says:

        Why is it when women divorce men n get $$$$ it’s ok but when men do it it’s frowned upon? And he did nit get any where near that amount.The total amount included their country home Ashcombe. She got full custody n he got a apt in NY to be close to kids.Now, how fair is it for the 2 youngest 11 yr n 8 yr to b on tour n see her drunk?

      • anne_000 says:

        @ Denisemich

        I doubt that Madonna doing what she’s doing now is good for Rocco. If he goes back to her now out of pity or feeling that he’s obligated to take care of her because she’s making it all about how dependent and disabled she is without him, then that’s not good parenting. That’s a nightmare of a parent. She’s trying to cripple him emotionally. If she won’t allow him to be his own person now, then being raised by her 24/7 will mean he’ll become an emotionally-stunted adult. It’s unfair to expect him to be her crutch. If she handled this in an emotionally healthy manner, then I can see how he would be more comfortable in her presence. But as it is now, it would be terrible timing for him to come crawling back and acquiesce to her narcissist needs.

      • Denisemich says:

        He isn’t going to become emotionally stunted now because of this Madonna episode. If he had the wherewithal to runaway and hire his own legal team…. he can suffer his mother’s bs.

        Madonna manufactured things for lourdes to be responsible for .. she literally created Material Girl.. so Lourdes didn’t have too much free time. Lourdes would complain on her blog but Rocco ran away. … I wish the best for him. I hope he doesn’t end up a drug addict and squander his inheritence. TrustFund kids need structure or they flop. We have seen this time and again.

      • anne_000 says:

        @ DeniseMich

        Why should he be forced to suffer his mother’s bs? Why can’t he have a happy, normal family life without having to cave into his mother every time she throws an over-the-top dramatic fit, especially the very public ones?

        I’m not saying just this episode is going to harm him. I’m saying her overall mindset is unhealthy. It looks like she’s very much into controlling him to the point that she makes him feel guilty if he isn’t there for her 24/7 to take care of her emotional needs. That’s not healthy as it would put him in a subservient position. How is he going to feel OK about becoming an independent adult if she can’t let go like a normal person?

        Lucky for Lourdes that Rocco was still at home taking the brunt of whatever meltdown Madonna goes through. But he shouldn’t have to be burdened with Madonna’s inability to cope with not being able to control things, especially her emotions.

        I don’t know of any guarantee that if Madonna isn’t one’s mother 24/7, then one might become a drug addict, and Guy is incapable of raising children properly? He has five kids altogether, four of them who are raised by him. I doubt Guy is as terrible a parent as Madonna supporters want him to be.

      • Carol says:

        I’m thinking the poor s.o.b. earned every dime.

      • Magnoliarose says:

        @anne So much this. Narcissistic parents are nightmares and have no respect for boundaries at all. He told her to stop with the photos but she doesn’t care. She’s the kind who cling to him for dear life and resent any relationships he formed outside of her influence. Guy is his father and has much right to be with him as she does.

      • Jwoolman says:

        DeniseMich- yes, children that age do get to decide where to live when they have two parents and two homes. I asked about it myself when I was 13 or 14 since I was worried about having to live with dear old dad. I was told then that above the age of 12, the judge takes the child’s preference very seriously and as long as the chosen parent is acceptable – no problem, I would not be forced to live where I didn’t want to live. Rocco is almost 16. No judge would force him to live with his mother. Most divorced parents let the teenage kids especially shift between two acceptable homes without any courtroom drama. If you want to make sure your kids have to live with you, don’t get divorced. Divorce gives the kids another option.

    • Sabrine says:

      She should stop right now with commenting about her son. She is a smart and talented business woman, who came from nothing and made herself into a multi-millionaire but this is showing a vulnerable side of herself to the public, not a good idea. She has been a good mother but it has blown up in her face because her son had another easier option which he eagerly took. She needs to show strength, not weakness now, at least in public.

      • anne_000 says:

        People like that get strength from having people feel sorry for them and putting them on some imaginary pedestal.

      • taxi says:

        Good mother? Maybe not always. Her boy toy of a year or 2 ago, who lived in, was shown in mags & pictures partying with Rocco & his pals, providing the alcohol. There was very heavy drinking at Rocco a birthday, with M’s b.f. as head of the gang. I doubt Richie, with a new wife & small kids, will facilitate that behavior.

      • velourazure says:

        I always wondered when the world’s biggest control freak would crack.

    • Mixtape says:

      Yes. Sure, she’s stirred up quite a bit of controversy in her day, but she’s managed to have a decades-long career without any public breakdowns, hospitalizations for “exhaustion,” or rehab stays (not that there’s anything wrong with rehab). And now this.

    • Ravensdaughter says:

      I thought she either didn’t drink at all or seldom drank. This is bad behavior in terms of trying to get Rocco back (being very publicly drunk) and in general.
      Stiff upper lip, Madonna. She has always been such a control freak that it’s disturbing to see her lose control of herself.

    • ladysussex says:

      I am diagnosing her with borderline personality disorder.

    • louloulafolle says:

      Madonna détruit l’image du clown… aucune personnalité dans ce personnage perdu…
      ou sinon un personnage illustrant tous les clichés du faux clown!!! Pauvre trop riche Madonna!!!

    • bwwana says:

      She has only been to Australia twice, she was shit the first time and everyone started to leave, and now she comes out here and is shit again, best she does not come back, she is just so pathetic these days.

  2. Nancy says:

    Not just the costume…..she’s starting to look very What Every Happened to Baby Jane. Oh somebody please help me, take care of me, blah blah. We’re all in the same boat Madge, get it together. I hear estrogen can do wonders in the menopause years.

    • Kitten says:

      Did Cameron tell you that? 😉

    • pinetree13 says:

      She’s the same age as my mom….I cannot even comprehend my mother acting even 1/10th as immature. I agree with you Nancy…get it together! She’s giving me second hand embarrassment pains.

      • Jwoolman says:

        If my mom had acted like that- I would have run away to live with my aunt!!! (Drunken dad not an option.)

        My mother, by the way, was always careful to always speak well of my dad no matter how much of a jerk he was. She let us figure him out ourselves. Madonna needs to stop trashing Rocco’s dad.

      • cannibell says:

        I’m the same age as your mom and I’m really horrified and embarrassed for Madonna. I was never a huge fan of her music, but it’s really hard to see her becoming a cautionary tale.

  3. Danielle says:

    This might be a gross idea…but is this meltdown even real? Madonna is the original fame whore, who loves attention good or bad. And I’ve always heard she’s not a big drinker, because she likes to be in control. So could she be using her custody issues to fake a meltdown for attention?

    • SamiHami says:

      I’ve suspected that very thing myself.

    • Deanne says:

      Or to try and guilt Rocco into giving in to her. She’s such a narcissist and they don’t handle rejection well. She’s always been all about control. This “sad clown” act, with the huge images of Rocco on the Jumbo-tron just scream that she’s seeking attention, pity and control.

    • Lizzie McGuire says:

      I agree, the thing is wouldn’t that affect her image in this custody battle she’s having with Guy? I mean he can present this as an argument saying that she’s too unstable & unpredictable. I can see her doing it to get Rocco’s attention but I don’t know if it’s going to work. Overall, I think she’s giving all the reasons herself as to why Rocco shouldn’t be with her.

      • imqrious2 says:

        It could also bring into play her competence with her and Guy’s other son, David. She could lose custody of him as well, with this public meltdown. She’s not considering that at all.

    • Sarah(too) says:

      Yep. Turning lemons into lemonade. As for her “somebody please f*ck me” comment – that’s surely nothing that would embarrass a teenage boy, right? I think what Madonna can’t come to grips with is that it isn’t just that Rocco doesn’t want to be with her. He is also embarrassed by her. And who wouldn’t be?

    • Wren says:

      It’s either that or this is completely real. I don’t find it out of the question that this is a glimpse of the real Madge here. Control freaks do really weird things when they feel like they’re losing it all. It looks insane and sad from the outside, but they simply don’t understand that their desperate flailing is making things worse. Maybe this is why her son feels so strongly about living with his dad. I could believe it.

    • Azurea says:

      No, it’s her concocted version of a breakdown. She’s a classic NPD. Use one mask, & when it doesn’t get her what she wants, try another. And continue to blame everyone else for everything, because she is perfect in her own mind. These people are monsters.

    • Harry Lime says:

      I thought that, too. Of course she is so try hard that she could only have the biggest, most spectacular breakdown of all time complete with clown costume and tricycle.

      • Lauren II says:

        I figured Madonna was having a breakdown a few months ago when she was publicly declaring her love for Sean Penn.
        Maybe that contributed to Rocco deciding he wanted to live with his Dad.
        Madonna is a brilliant businesswoman, but her behavior is baffling.

  4. Astrid says:

    If I was a teen, I wouldn’t want to live with her either.

  5. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I’m sorry, but Madonna falling off of her tricycle in a clown costume pretty much sums up this portion of her life, to me. She brought this on herself by blowing it way out of proportion, and she doesn’t even get that her ridiculous behavior is making everything worse.

    • BendyWindy says:

      Part of me feels like a tool for finding it funny, because she’s obviously unwell at the moment. But seriously? Drunken clown falling off a tricycle? Comedy gold.

    • Size Does Matter says:

      I have this horrible urge to mother her. Wash her face, put her in pajamas, send her to bed. For a decade.

  6. Jayna says:

    I don’t know about the screw up mess at the regular show where she showed up for a bit in the tricycle again. She does sound a mess in that part. Although, it sounds like the rest of the Rebel Heart concert went off like nonrmal, dancing and singing.

    But the Forum show was an intimate show for 1500 fans where she did an avant garde experimental show called Tears of a Clown for free to select fans who got the tickets. She sang deep cuts mostly from Ray of Light, Music, and American Life (the ballads) and a few other songs. She did take a drink on stage as she was seated in a chair talking with her audience about her father, her life, and making jokes. She came out on the tricycle and sang Tears of a Clown in the beginning. She told the fans to think of it as watching a rehearsal of the show as it was still evolving.

    The reviews by fans were raving about it, calling it a once in a lifetime chance to see Madonna more intimate and more vulnerable in such a quirky type show. She did sing a song dedicated to Rocco, a ballad from American Life album.

    • swak says:

      Yes and she was at least four hours late. Free or not, you do not act this way as a professional.

      • Aurelia says:

        I saw her in auckland last friday and she was 2.5 hours late to perform without an apology.

    • Artemis says:

      It’s not bad as the media reports. Australian fans are notoriously difficult to please yet most outlets are really happy about her performance and one even mentioned Madonna is at a crossroads in her career. Even though she apologized for not putting on a perfect show (Tears of a Clown), the fans appreciated the deep cuts. That’s what many have been asking for instead of her new material 😀
      So Madonna could very well be smart about it all and restore her legacy by giving fans well-practiced performances with only the deep cuts. US and UK media is really blowing everything out of proportion.

      Fans on Twitter also posted longer snippets of her ‘breakdowns’ to give context and…she’s not slurring at all or desperate. She’s joking. But of course media shows 5secs of like a 20sec joke!
      She drank 1 cocktail on stage, it’s not like she was pulling a Winehouse.

      The Rebelheart concert was fine indeed. She seems consistently much more relaxed and close to her fans.

      As for Rocco, she dedicated a song to him when they where still fine (in September) and he stood close to the stage, recording his mother and smiling. It’s on Youtube. She also invited his friend onstage, and he mentioned in the comments that she is always very nice.

    • Apsutter says:

      Wonder if she’s singing ‘Bad Girl’ again? Seems apt for where she’s at right now

  7. BendyWindy says:

    I don’t even know what to say about this. Girl, no.

  8. Izzy says:

    The people at that concert should be refunded. Her lack of professionalism is appalling, and if splashing her family’s private affairs all over the stage is her idea of healing the rift, then Rocco is probably better off in London. The judge should issue a gag order.

    • Betti says:

      Madge has a history of unprofessional behaviour on her tours, she is always late and never does a full set but her shows are generally always slick. The drinking on stage is New andshows that she genuinely isn’t coping well with the situation with Rocco.

      Plus it’s typical for her to blame others and while I’m no Guy fan, blaming him for a situation that’s her fault will only cause issues with the children further down the line. I can see her stopping Mercy and David from visiting or having any contact with their father just to get back at him.

      • Jayna says:

        He isn’t Mercy’s father.

        She is always late and it is rude, beyond rude, but the majority of her shows are always a full set,which this tour is 2 hours 10 minutes, except a few venues where they stopped the show at a certain time and she cuts several songs because it ran late because she started late. That has happened overseas s few times. I don’t believe it’s ever happened here in the U.S., but because of her lateness in Atlanta, many people had to leave early and a miss a few songs because of when MARTA’s (the metro) last run was. So rude to people who pay a fortune for her show..

      • Artemis says:

        David always visited his father, she never stopped any of her children to see their father.

        Also, Ritchie isn’t father of the year either. During David’s adoption there were persistent rumours about him not liking it that much due to adoption not being the same as bio kids. Cut to 2015 where he posted a picture of him and eldest bio son Rocco at the premiere of Man of Uncle on Insta and named it ‘son’ YET David was right next to them. You can even see his hand! So he cut out his adopted son from official press photos!

        On the wedding pictures, everybody was posing for a family photo, David, clearly not ready yet, was walking in front of the picture. And the Ritchies posted it anyway. It’s clear that he prefers his bio child and he would never fight Madonna over custody the way he’s doing with Rocco.

    • swak says:

      Think the judge reprimanded both her and Guy for making this public. Obviously Madonna did not take that reprimand to heart.

      • zinjojo says:

        ^^This. The judge specifically said that Rocco wanted his parents to stop making this public, and yet, here she is, still blasting his face on the big screen and going off publicly. Get a hold of yourself, Madge.

      • Magnoliarose says:

        Of course not. She thinks she can do what she wants. She always has.

  9. willful ignorance says:

    I feel so bad for her two younger kids.

    • m says:

      i feel bad for mercy. david has guy ritchie. mercy is all alone with her

      • Carol says:

        Having to see your tipsy mom dressed up in a sad clown outfit asking a crowd of strangers “who’s going to take care of me?” would make anyone cringe!

  10. Tania says:

    It must have been very hard to have such a narcissistic megalomanic for a mother. She’s so focused on me, me, me. Why not accept that this is where your child wants to be for the time being and that maybe it’s for the best to have a stable home instead of traveling the world with mom, watching her gyrating on stage. Sorry but that’s creepy. I had also read somewhere that she refused to send David to London for visitation with Guy. I mean how immature is that? Or is she simply afraid that another one of her children will jump ship?

    • Jayna says:

      She is narcissistic and she is pushing Rocco even further away using him on stage, which shows how narcissistic she is and that is not what a teenager wants, this drawn out on stage.

      But re David, she wants to send him and for him and Rocco to spend time together. She wanted certain language put in place Guy had to adhere to to ensure that he returns David. And for all Madonna’s faults, let’s not forget that Guy obeyed none of the divorce and custody and visitation agreements in allowing Rocco to dictate everything, not going back before a judge and doing it the right way, modifying the child custody arrangement.

      As a mother, I would be concerned with my other child also and want assurances this can never happen again, that he be returned when the agreement specifies.

      • paleokifaru says:

        Given her shenanigans I think Guy may have had very good reasons for allowing Rocco to stay. If she’s this much of a disaster on stage then what is she doing in private?

      • crtb says:

        It is obvious to me that many people who are posting have never had a teenager. You can’t make them do anything that they don’t want to do. And the harder you try, the more they will rebel. If Madonna would just take a moment and breath, her son may just find his way back to her. I also believe that Guy cannot poison his son against his mother. A child who loves his mother will continue to love their mother regardless of what the other parent says. ( I am talking about older children, not under 13). Rocco just needs a time out from her. The more she cries, screams, sings sad songs, puts his photo on stage or social media, the longer it will take for him to want to be with her.

      • Artemis says:

        I feel for her crew tbh. Her dancers must be exhausted because I can imagine she needs them to lift her up. At least Rocco is far away and can ignore her but the team must be trying hard to keep her happy, she was always like that. I’ve even heard from a friend/colleague (entertainment industry) that back in the 90s, Madonna called up my friend’s friend in the middle of the night and demanded he make her laugh, she cackled at his joke and just hung up. Man wasn’t even safe in his sleep from her. Can you imagine her attitude NOW?

      • Jayna says:

        @Artemis, I feel sorry for Guy Oseary. He’s with her in Australia. He was at the Forum. She’s a basket of nerves over Rocco and her narcissism at high levels right now. They’ve been together forever, but he’s massive. He has U2 now. He has all kinds of other ventures. He’s very powerful in the industry and other related industries. I wonder if with her meltdowns backstage that most likely are going on if he’s wondering if it’s worth it and time to cut the ties as her manager. Although, they have been together so long, decades, it will probably go all the way to the end, whomever retires or dies first.

      • Artemis says:


        Oseary is such a busy man yet he seems attached at the hip with Madonna. Isn’t the dude married?

        Thank god her tour is almost coming to an end. I think it will get even crazier (but behind doors obviously) as she will not have work to focus on. She needs another Liz Rosenberg and quit social media to be honest. Save herself from more embarrassment and take care of herself and the kids.

        Also, she need decent counsel on her PR and career path but I think Lizzie quit because there’s no getting through to her anymore. Not since a long time! For somebody who claims to be so spiritual and is said to be highly intelligent, she sure became a dumb selfish muppet about her personal life.

  11. Jenns says:

    I’m honestly surprised at how she is acting. She was always so disciplined and in control of herself, her body and her image. And now she’s become a total cliche of wash-up pop star who is trying to stay relevant and young.

    • GingerCrunch says:

      Yep. A complete cliché. I’m no fan, but I always thought she was smarter than this, or at least more self-aware. We’ve had struggles with our emerging adult kids and can NOT imagine putting it all out there for our kids’ sake AND ours! But I guess that is the depth of her narcissism and it’s pretty sad all around.

      • crtb says:

        I think he has made it clear that he does not like the spotlight that she puts him in and yet there she is, flashing his baby pictures on screens at her concerts. Why can’t she just respect his wishes that while she seeks the spotlight, not everyone else does. Maybe he just wants to be normal and not a sideshow to her show?

      • GingerCrunch says:

        It really does sound like a nightmare for him.

    • Mimi says:

      Actually, this has been what I’m mostly surprised about aswell. Is this Madonna? Isn’t she the ultimate control freak?

  12. Betti says:

    Her behaviour is about getting attention and sympathy. Plus the thought of losing control must be driving her insane right now. She can’t control Rocco or even Guy now. It’s now obvious why Rocco did what he did, he clearly had enough of her behaviour and its ‘all about me’ attitude.

    As for the other 2 younger kids, I feel for them as she’s going to be uber protective and controlling with them to make sure they don’t do a Rocco.

    • Beatrice says:

      Yes. This woman is a control freak extraordinaire so I think it’s part of an act to guilt Rocco and get sympathy from her fans. Instead Madonna has devolved into a pathetic cliche.

  13. Lucy2 says:

    Take care of yourself, woman!
    Projecting his image and talking about him at concerts? Clearly she hasn’t learned anything from his request for privacy. No wonder he wanted some distance.
    Also, her kid has a phone that does text, email, social media, and any other number of ways to contact him. She doesn’t need to pass messages through his father, that’s just one more excuse to yell at him.

    • Christin says:

      This is sounding like a competition instead of respecting her son’s wishes. She would gain more in the long run by playing nice. He won’t be a teen forever, and one would think she’d like to have a relationship in the future.

  14. Auntie Git says:

    I feel like she’s really suffering but I also want her to JUST STOP. There’s no way Rocco is going to want to spend time with her if she’s just hanging out all their dirty laundry like this. Yes, it’d be horrible if my son refused to speak to me (in 13 years)–but this public display, putting his childhood picture up as she dedicates a song–come on, Madonna. This is not helping. He’s definitely in the right place, away from this insanity. I hope she gets some help and realizes that all this public discussion of him is every teen’s worst nightmare. I mean, can you even imagine if you were him?? Poor Rocco. And I am sure Guy isn’t helping the situation, but Madonna has got to get some help. I have a lot of respect for her and understand she doesn’t want to fade away gracefully, but this is the polar opposite of graceful. 🙁

    • Jayna says:

      I agree. She’s hurting I believe, but the way her narcissistic side addresses that is so detrimental to what her son needs or wants. She has to post to the world how much she’s hurting and misses him. Blech. He must be disgusted with her. And posting his photo on a screen is so out of touch and not a good mother as far as I’m concerned. Narcissism.

      • lucy2 says:

        I agree it must hurt her and her narcissism is running the show.

        If she could put her own needs aside, she could see that he needed to be with his dad and respect that, and could probably keep the lines of communication open.

      • Magnoliarose says:

        Jayna I totally agree with your posts about this story. If anyone has ever dealt with a Narcissist they know how damaging it is to those around them that they latch onto or want to control. I feel sorry for a 15 year old boy being subjected to this.

  15. TOPgirl says:

    I smell nothing but depression and low self esteem in this woman. What has happened to her? OH right…she got old and can’t accept that fact.

    • stella alpina says:

      I suspect she’s always been this insecure. She was just better at hiding it during her twenties and thirties. That rebel against society shtick was false bravado. The various personas she adopted were masks deployed in a calculating fashion. She was always changing up her image instead of truly being herself. Maybe the fact that her stunts aren’t as successful as before contributes to her depression related to ageing.

      It was easier for her during the 1980s-1990s because the internet & social media weren’t around to scrutinize her actions. I mean, a lot of the media back then really kissed her ass and built her up as the poster child for nonconformity, the rebel who flouted society’s rules, the provocateur, etc. Well, that works when you’re young and making a name for yourself, less so when you’re older, filthy rich, and part of the establishment.

      Instead of evolving with the times, Madonna is still trying to court the teens by posing as a #rebelheart. Sorry, lady, your antics are repetitious and tedious. And the young have their own idols closer to their age.

    • JFresh says:

      Not just growing older but also dealing wth loss.

  16. Christin says:

    Could be an attention seeking act, possibly even directed at her son. Poor me, feel sorry for me.

    Being mad at the father and acting ridiculous in public isn’t going to solve anything.

  17. funcakes says:

    Rocco made the right choice.

  18. The Original Mia says:

    I could empathize with her missing her son, but she’s acting like he’s dead. That does not speak of a normal relationship between them. There’s an imbalance there and she’s putting it on full display. It makes sense Rocco is tired of it and wants to just be a regular kid. I feel for the younger ones because if she’s acting like this, how is she with them? Is David Banda wanting to follow his big bro? She needs to get her act together and stop badmouthing Guy (isn’t that part of the gag order?) and concentrate on improving her relationship with Rocco.

    • Aang says:

      Right? It’s not like he’s a baby. At 15 a kid should have some control. I know kids that age who are studying abroad for one or two semesters. Their parents have not gone on benders, publicly falling off tricycles in desperate attempts to lure them home.

  19. Turningvioletviolet says:

    Here’s an idea Madonna. Use some of your many millions and go buy a house in London so you can actually be physically close to your son at the very least and then he could flit between both parents at his own will like most mid teen children of divorced parents.

    • crtb says:

      I was thinking the same thing. She must have houses all over the world. Why doesn’t she just buy a house in London, Take a break from touring and be available to see her son on his terms. Most mothers can’t get their teenagers to take out the trash. She is trying to force him to get on a plane and live in a country away from his friends.

    • Artemis says:

      Err, Guy didn’t bother to move either. When they were together, it was Madonna who moved to England for Guy which was tough for her (she never felt really home). When they split, Guy was just fine with Rocco coming over from the US. He didn’t relocate for his son despite really not working often, he admitted he doesn’t have Madonna’s work ethic.

      Because her son now wants to live in the UK (that’s his right), his mother and siblings should all relocate too? Madonna is pretty normal/boring when not touring (once every 3-4 years btw), she doesn’t travel much besides for work and holiday and her kids have stability and have been raised in the US since they were little. Lourdes is also in the US. If Guy was fine with Rocco travelling FOR him than Madonna can also be fine with Rocco travelling FOR her unless she wants to see him more but still, if he doesn’t want to visit her in the UK either (hell do we know anyway?) what’s the point of changing life so drastically?

      Besides Rocco has friends from the US too, he used to live mainly in the US so he choose to leave that life (and friends) behind.

      • anne_000 says:

        She married a man who lived in England and works from there. If she didn’t want to move to England, she didn’t have to marry him. She could work from anywhere. She could use any studio in either country and when she’s on tour, she doesn’t need to live in the US to do so.

        Yes, Guy didn’t go berserk and try to emotionally blackmail his son from one public arena to the next and on social media. Maybe that’s why Rocco feels more comfortable being with his dad than his crazy, overly dramatic, narcissistic mother whose actions are only making Rocco feel that his decision to live with his father was the only correct one to make.

        I haven’t read anywhere that Rocco never wants to see his mother. All I’ve seen is that he doesn’t want to be in her primary custody and wants to live with his father instead. But Madonna doesn’t seem to want to accept this. It’s all or nothing for her. They say they’re moving towards Rocco legally being in primary residence in the UK, but still, if Madonna is going to react this way in front of millions, then how uncomfortable would it be for Rocco to travel several hours just to see her go crazy in private, be forced to tolerate her incessant dramatic monologues? Also, she could easily go see him in London as she did recently. It’s no skin of her nose to do so.

        Rocco was away from his friends in the US while he was working for months on his mother’s tour. On top of this, it’s been reported that she took away his phone, which was probably his main form of communication with his friends. But if he’s primary stationed in the UK, he can see his friends on a regular basis without worry that his dad will drag him away from them and end his communication with them.

      • Tara says:

        @Artemis: true, but guy wasn’t falling off tricycles in front of a projection of Rocco while he lived in the US. I think Madonna’s woe-is-me … I’ve-lost-my-son antics are what inspire people to comment that she should spend a little time in London if she’s so concerned about her connection with Rocco.

      • Artemis says:

        And Guy married one of the most famous women in the world after dumping his long-term non-famous girlfriend. He choose the crazy life.
        She became pregnant quite quickly and Madonna, despite her risque image, is actually traditional when it comes to marriage. And she did record most of her albums up to Hard Candy in London btw so she did everything to keep the family together.

        We don’t know why he wants to live with his father. There were all sorts of messages put out by the media but none that came from Rocco from court. You choose what you want to believe but people who follow her have seen enough evidence that she is close to her kids. Rocco was fine with his mother signing for him (it’s captured on video, Rocco recording HER and smiling in front of the stage). He’s also present on some Snapchat videos and he liked her Insta pictures. The fallout was pretty surprising as he was usually cheering her on well into October. This idea that Rocco couldn’t get away from his ‘Mommie Dearest’ mother is a lie. He was very close to her. But he’s a teenager, it’s normal to want different things and when your mother is Madonna, it can escalate to ridiculous levels. Still, Guy should’ve bought a ticket, he did nothing but encourage Rocco to stay and he was the one to leak the first info as it put Madonna in a bad light. And that is probably what pisses off Madonna THE MOST. It’s Guy, I think she still loves him but hell knows…

        Because Madonna has no other kids to be with? She would have to travel to visit for at least a week, or else why bother? Guy, before starting a family with Jacqui, had Rocco come over to see him and we all know how much Guy works.

        No not true. Rocco has/had a girlfriend that was sometimes seen on tour too and she posted pictures of him while Madonna was touring. Some of the things posted clearly indicated she had his friends come over or maybe his friends are rich and travel themselves but I doubt it. There’s one English friend who was present in the US and he always accompanies them on their family holidays and so do Lourdes’ friends (well some of them).

      • Artemis says:


        I cackled imagining Guy fall off a tricycle!
        No but it’s not like he didn’t contribute to the bad press for Madonna. He’s just way cooler about it and nobody cares about bad press for a woman anyway, especially not for a woman like Madonna who people probably think ‘deserves it’.

      • Tara says:

        @Artemis – heh… Maybe Madonna and Guy could duel as clowns on tricycles:) it’s true that women take an unfair amount of criticism — it’s alarming and frustrating. However, Madonna is doing things that make it seem warranted ( to us uninformed public anyway). Personally, her behavior is kind of a trigger for me. My mom is and always has been very needy and emotionally manipulative. I’ve put time and thousands of miles between us, and frankly that’s still not enough. If Madonna wants a relationship with her adult son, it would be best if she cooled it, found a good therapist, and tried to own her emotions and behavior.

      • anne_000 says:

        This isn’t the first time Rocco ran away from Madonna. I think it was Stockholm where he ran away, then again in London, when she was there too.

        Nobody said that Madonna should be forced to fly to see him once a week. But why would it be fair for Rocco to fly once a week to see her? He has school and friends and doesn’t have as much freedom to travel as she does. They can Skype.

        Would it matter if Guy bought a ticket? How would he be able to force Rocco to get on the plane? Hire people to hogtie him and dump him in the plane seat?

        Anyhoo, Madonna has been traveling all over anyways. It’s not like an uncommon situation for her and her two younger kids. She takes them out of school and home to bring them with her on tour. It’s not as if when she goes to see Rocco, she’s forced to leave the other two younger children behind. If she can take them out of school to travel with her on tour, to make videos, to the studios, etc., then why can’t they come with her to London?

      • Artemis says:


        Hah that would actually be more entertaining than Madonna’s last few albums and Guy’s films combined! Madonna is in great shape and Guy does martial arts. Maybe they can work out their issues this way 😀

        True. Maybe she needs to visit some Kaballah temple for a month in solitary. Rethink her life and choices.


        Yeah it seems like the issue(s) started when she started the European leg (November).

        I don’t think Madonna or Rocco should fly once a week. I think when Rocco visited Guy it was on holidays so it would be fair if he gets the holidays with Madonna. And then Madonna can visit him in between. That would be the easiest way I suppose but it depends on how much Rocco wants to see her.

        Yes. Guy clearly did not try to uphold the custody arrangement. If he didn’t make provisions for him to return to his mother, he actively tried to get him to stay. It’s so much easier for Rocco to get his way when his father is helping him. At least if Guy TRIED to do the right thing, Madonna might have not felt as if Guy is out to get her and ‘steal’ her son. It doesn’t help that Guy is feeling ‘victorious’ as per his camp’s sources which also indicates this goes beyond the normal custody issues. He’s just as bitter and resentful about their previous partnership as she is.

        Taking them out of school to consistently homeschooling them for close to 9 months and see the same people (their teachers, Madonna’s dancers and other crew members) is very different from travelling god knows how many times a month for short periods. She doesn’t travel much when she’s back in NYC so it would be different to not only travel for work but then also when she is back in a normal routine just to visit 1 person. You only see her out when she goes to the gym, she’s low profile. When she’s not touring, that’s when the kids have their most stable quiet life, why disrupt that when Rocco can travel? He did it for his dad so why not for Madonna. Why was Guy’s life made easy by Rocco travelling but she should travel for Rocco? Also paparazzi in the UK are maybe even worse than in the US. They know where the Ritchies live and are on stakeout during this whole thing. Imagine if Madonna would be there often? Attention that Rocco desperately wants to avoid.

  20. christina says:

    She looked genuinely trashed in several recent pictures. Tragic.

  21. Jwoolman says:

    Yikes. No wonder the kid wants to stay away from her right now. Bet the pressure was intolerable once his older sister was away at college and mom was leaning on him to comfort her and be her everything.

    And that “the ex isn’t passing along messages” thing – ha, ha, as if she couldn’t easily contact the kid directly in this electronic age. My dad tried to pull that one also, claiming that the reason he only tried to communicate with us once every few years was because mom was intercepting his messages. He actually sent me a three-line letter telling me his dad died (first time I had heard from him in six years) via the reception desk at my college, misspelling my first name. (Yeah, dad was a winner.) Two of the three lines were trying to blame mom for keeping him away, hence the super spy approach. Mom actually worked at the college, the receptionist gave the letter to her, and she brought the letter unopened home to me. Dear old dad didn’t realize mom was always either handing the phone over or taking a callback message from his dad, when he would call my brother once a year and when he called me on my 21st birthday (girls don’t count as much).

    So Madonna, I’m quite sure that if Rocco isn’t responding to your messages – it’s not because his dad is blocking them. He just doesn’t want to talk endlessly to you right now. You wore him out. Let him rest up for a while while you get some much needed therapy to deal with your neediness issues. Otherwise you’ll be going through this again in a few years with your younger kids.

    • Magnoliarose says:

      Yep Jwool I’m divorcing a narcissist now and Madonna is playing by the handbook although far more publicly. My ex plays that blame game too because for them it’s never their fault. Yuck.

  22. Maum says:

    She needs to grow the fuck up.

    Her son needs parents not drunken irresponsible public emotional blackmail. This poor kid is going to be scarred for life and so will the younger two (who are where by the way? At home with nannies or dragged along on tour with their mother?).
    You know I wouldn’t be surprised if after this mess is resolved Guy sues for sole custody of David.

  23. Dean says:

    Those guys who she stole vogueing from and gave nothing are looking down and laughing at her. Karma really is a bitch

  24. TJ says:

    Ugh, this is sad. I feel terribly for her. To think of MADONNA, the once-confident megastar, always a step ahead of pop culture , seemingly untouchable, reduced to literally being a drinken clown. My heart goes out to her. I hope she regains all that’s been lost.

  25. sassy says:

    Somewhere, Sandra Bernhard is cackling and enjoying every second of this.

  26. Suzy from Ontario says:

    Dragging the whole Rocco thing into the public eye to the point of dedicating a song to him and putting his face up on a screen at a concert is beyond the pale. She SHOULD have to pay lawyer fees because she’s the one making this whole thing into a federal case involving lawyers and the courts instead of thinking about her son and trying to work things out with him and her ex in a mature and normal way. I can understand why Rocco wants to get away for a while. Everything explodes into a huge drama about Madonna…a true narcissist, she is all about what this is doing to HER, rather than looking at things from her son’s point of view and trying to see how maybe a year or two with his Dad might be a really good thing and give her time to adjust to an empty nest.

    You know, when she first married Guy, she seemed like she was maturing and she was looking and doing great. Since splitting with him, she’s been a total mess, trying to recapture her youth in these costumes and crazy antics…and not just on the concert stage. You can still have exciting and interesting stage shows without looking desperate to be like the young singers out there. Sad. She used to look strong and powerful. Now she just looks pathetic.

  27. Jaded says:

    She does nothing that doesn’t direct ALL of the attention to herself and herself alone. She has the most monstrous case of NPD I have ever seen and in classic NPD behaviour, nothing is EVER their fault, everything is everyone else’s fault. They blow even the most minor things wayyyy out of proportion and would rather create WWIII than quietly work out a solution benefiting both parties.

    I believe she’s creating a faux-meltdown personna simply to make Guy and Rocco feel guilty and to garner attention and sympathy from her fans.

  28. Apsutter says:

    Wow…she’s a control freak that is not taking aging well. Makes me very sad that a woman that has been so accomplished and successful and clearly be so woefully insecure.

  29. kri says:

    I am so sorry for Rocco. AndI’m cringing at Madonna. OMG. Please start an immediate search for your dignity.

  30. reg says:

    Madonna as a drunken clown looks really creepy, there us a blind item
    that she was trying to turn her son gay, if its true, it explains why Guy
    would not forward her messages…

    • FingerBinger says:

      You can’t turn somebody gay.

    • Daria Morgendorffer says:

      LOL @ “start an immediate search for your dignity” So true.

    • Jayna says:

      Dear God, you can’t turn your son gay. He’s always loved the girls anyway. A blind? Oh, because those are always true. Not. Most are bogus.

      It’s a great thing she has diversity in her show and he has grown up around gay people also, not just straight. You can give Madonna one thing. Her son will be an open-minded adult and not homophobic, and a plus is he grew up among diverse friends of Madonna’s and employees on tour of all races. And by the photo of him last summer with his own friends, which were lots of friends that were black, brown, a group photo at his summer house, which is a good thing, because he’s now going to be in Guy’s lily white straight world, which is what Guy’s friends consist of, except when Guy sees David.

      • LAK says:

        Based upon Madonna’s brother’s book, Guy’s lily white straight would of pseudo machismo not welcoming to gay people. Or anyone who isn’t like them. So that is a worry for a boy at the impressionable age like Rocco.

        Madonna may be hard to live with, we’ve all seen glimpses of that, but she’s a better person than Guy.

        It’s easier to call her out because we have this indoctrinated societal view of how a woman is supposed to behave and she doesn’t fit that, yet when dust settles, she’s not that different from most of us.

  31. Daria Morgendorffer says:

    Madonna is EXTRA.

    What was just a normal instance of a teenage boy wanting to be with his dad, she is single-handedly turning into serious damage to her relationship with her son. The kid wants some space for now because he’s a 15 year old boy and she’s acting like he never wants to see her again. What teenager really wants/needs a cloying, clingy parent who acts like they’re going to die if the kid leaves her side?

    She’s overdoing it and she’ll be lucky if Rocco ever wants to be close to her again because she’s being a dramatic, crazy mess and she is making this private matter SO public. Weren’t there reports that her dragging him all over the world was part of the reason he wanted to live with his father? I’m sure he’s thrilled to read in the papers that his mother is drunkenly falling off stages, playing montages of his baby pictures and crying all over the place while dedicating songs like “La Vie en Rose” to him. Is this behavior supposed to make him want to be around her at any point in the future?

    If this is a peak into Madonna’s personal world, then I feel sorry for those close to her.

  32. InvaderTak says:

    She looks kinda like boy George dresses up like that. That’s all I got.

  33. tealily says:

    Wow, what a mess! I’m still interested in reading the updates.

  34. stella alpina says:

    Color me unsurprised. It’s always “me, me, me” with Madonna. Must be difficult for this narcissist to realize that her son doesn’t think she’s the center of the universe. Didn’t she admit in “Truth Or Dare” to living her life only for the cameras?

    She got away with so much shit during her younger years. She can’t get away with it any longer. The excuses made for youth – bad judgment, recklessness, foolishness, rebellion – won’t work for you now, Madge. You’re old enough to know better, but it seems you’re another celeb who stopped maturing at the age she became famous.

  35. anne_000 says:

    Didn’t the court say that the parents aren’t supposed to take their issues out in public? Why won’t Madonna uphold that? Soooooo dramatic. I can see why Rocco wanted a change.

    Madonna is taking this worse than Kelly Rutherford. She’s throwing a major, immature tantrum with loads of guilt-tripping included, because she has to share Rocco with his father.

    Unless the court ruled that Madonna can’t communicate with Rocco directly via his cell phone, emails, whatever, I doubt it’s Guy’s responsibility to be the 24/7, on-call messenger for Madonna. If she wants to give messages to Rocco, then why can’t she do that directly, instead of accusing Guy of yet another thing that makes no sense?

    She says she wants to restore the peace and heal the family? Yet she asked the court to arrest Guy and she continually blasts him in public. Does she think that neither Guy nor Rocco know how to access the internet to read and see what she’s doing? Of course she knows that they will find out, and that’s one reason why she’s doing this. She wants to make a big dramatic show for everybody to watch. Very self-involved. I guess she cares more about making it all about her than she is about changing to make her relationship with her son better.

  36. JFresh says:

    She needs herself a Casper

  37. moon says:

    A big part of my brain thinks this is absolutely staged for publicity.

  38. Zaytabogota says:

    He’s happy with his loving family, has friends nearby and is going to school. Seems he just wants a normal life, not homeschooling on tour with mommy and no peers or stuck in the US with nannies. He’s with his dad and family!!! Why can’t Madonna understand and that? She seems to be having a breakdown because for the first time in thirty years someone’s said no to her and she can’t bully her own way.

    No wonder he doesn’t want to be around her, she’s extremely narcissistic, attention seeking, manipulative, bullying and embarrassing. She knows her son wants privacy yet she continues to make public attempts at guilt trips directed towards him, puts up embarrassing pictures of him and has been leaking unflattering (and probably greatly exaggerated if not completely untrue) stories about him to the press. Fifteen year olds are generally uncomfortable in their own skin, easily embarrassed and overly sensitive while they’re progressing from child to adult, it’s a difficult time and she is exposing him to unwanted attention at the worst possible time. So selfish.

    • PK says:

      What she’s doing, as far as I’m concerned, is tantamount to emotional abuse. Her Instagram habits alone should be cause for revisiting custody.

      It’s one of two things, neither of them good: She’s either completely clueless about how soul-destroyingly humiliating it must be to be her kid during what’s obviously the twilight years of her career, or she’s engaging in this behavior to deliberately embarrass the poor kid.

  39. PK says:

    “The emotional star went on to dedicate a song to estranged son Rocco, 15, whose childhood photo was beamed across the stage in the background.”

    Madonna might not be aging well, and she’s pickling her face to avoid looking her actual age at any and all cost, but it’s nice to see that her two great big balls are still intact and working just fine.

  40. jenn12 says:

    It’s starting to sound like Rocco was the one taking care of her, and without that, she’s lost. She has several kids she adopted who also need their mother. She needs to get it together.

  41. cakecakecake says:

    This is the main reason I do NOT mess w/tequila.

    the last time I did, I was told that I got on the stage when strippers were performing and told them I could do it better and started gyrating and being mean to the dancers. (fully clothed)

    the last thing I remember is a dancer giving a lap dance close to the table I was at and I said “I can do better than that” then towards the end of the night, I was yeah.

    Yoohooo good times, DO NOT MESS WITH TEQUILA!

    ps. I was with my old boss, and she was even more messed up than I was.

  42. Bread and Circuses says:

    She might really be having a breakdown, but the nature of the breakdown sure seems manipulative in nature. “Do what I say or I will destoy you with second-hand embarrassment.”

    I’m worried about the minor children; I’m sure she’d doubling down on over-mothering them right now.

    • lesbastardsmiserables says:

      Yes! It feels to me like emotional blackmail, I suspect she’s having these “meltdowns” in hope that her son will feel so bad for her and come back. She’s really effing up here I have to say, people don’t tend to respond well to manipulation and bullying.

  43. yadicakes says:

    Lourdes, please come get your mother.

    • Jayna says:

      Lola is busy. LOL She’s staying far away at college. Plus she just did her first ad for Stella McCartney’s fragrance line, I think it is.

  44. Sarah01 says:

    This could be a serious call for help or staged either way it’s sad. As far as I’m aware she was forced to work out her contract which probably makes her really hard to live with on top of her controlling ways.
    I do believe that some women like to be taken care of. some don’t want to be the breadwinners and the caregivers at the same time, some don’t have a choice. Doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like to be taken care of. Guy fully used Madonna’s star power and money to advance himself, I believe he’s being an equally evil parent as Madonna who can’t put the needs of their son above thier needs to be malicious towards one another. Madonna couldn’t just let her teenager be a teenager and give him his space. She could’ve said sure you can live with your dad and keep the lines of communication open and free.

    • Magnoliarose says:

      Guy had a career before her and she actually had the opposite effect on his career in some ways. Madonna has always attached herself to whoever is hot at the moment. He’s got issues but that’s not one of them.

  45. Minxx says:

    I feel really sorry for Rocco. He’s 15 and if she really had his best interest in mind, she’d just let him be where he wants to be at the moment, which is with his dad. He’s not a 5 year old, she can’t just treat him as an extension of herself.

  46. Ariel says:

    I realize she will fall back on the argument of- I am an artist, I must express myself.
    But every time she publically comments or alludes to her troubles with her teenage son, she makes a new, candid picture of him all that much more valuable.

    The Courts have told her, I’d bet the kid has told her. I understand she is hurting, but she is making life so much harder on him, which can’t help in her desire to mend fences with him.

    I wish she would shut the hell up about this.

  47. Marianne says:

    And she thinks she has the more stable home life?

  48. terry says:

    Everything she does is to be the center of attention. She obviously isn’t listening to what her son is saying to her or how he feels about everything.
    Madonna is all about Madonna.

  49. Lillylizard says:

    Perhaps a better question would be ‘who wants to take care of me?”………… (crickets)

  50. Brasileira says:

    Before even starting to read, I knew, deep inside, this “someone please f*** me” was the key to the entire story. She’s thirsty for d*ck and a little bit of attention.

    Woman, go home…. use your fingers. It’s a lot less shamefull (if shameful at all, not to me at least), than the circus in which you’re making your life.

  51. Jayna says:

    “@Jayna Oseary is such a busy man yet he seems attached at the hip with Madonna. Isn’t the dude married?”

    @Artemis. For years and years, I thought he was gay. I don’t know why I did. Probably because he was always joined at the hip to Madonna like you said on tour. They give that after after Oscars party together at his house or after her divorce would attend functions, like the Met Ball, as her escort..

    Anyway, he is married to a beautiful woman. They married or met 14 years ago. I looked at his twitter and he has his family with him in Australia and posted some cool photos of animals and his family. He has four small children, all with a mop of curly hair. He posted a photo of Ashton Kutcher and Chris Rock and said they were godparents to his children. On twitter, he seems to adore his wife.

    He joined Maverick Records back in the early ’90s when he was 19 in A&R when Madonna was part owner, and he rose through the ranks. That’s how far back they go. I think he cares about Madonna and even though he is a major player now (Forbes had a writeup about him) and doesn’t need the money he makes off Madonna, although he makes a huge chunk of change because her tours are huge moneymakers and other endeavors of Madonna’s, I think he will stick with her. I think their friendship is too strong for him to leave her.

    With him taking over as U2’s manager, it was interesting. Their tour overlapped with Madonna beginning her tour. So he wasn’t with Madonna all the time on tour like usually in the beginning. I wonder how Madonna liked that. LOL.

  52. MB says:

    Ok, just a couple of points of clarification (although I suppose these points make the overall story much less interesting!).
    Madonna performed two different types of shows in Melbourne:
    Her Tears of a Clown show, which was a very small intimate show attended by competition winners only (and maybe some press). She was dressed as a clown and, in keeping with the title of the show, it was somber at times – yes she made a few mistakes but she openly admitted that the show itself was very raw and that they had hardly had an opportunity to rehearse. It was thematic, and very different from a standard Madonna concert; She was in character. I know several people who were at this show.

    In addition to that, she also performed her standard Rebel Heart show in an arena – not intimate, not clown themed, yes there were occasional references to Richie and Rocco but most of the sad stuff was reserved for Tears of A Clown earlier in the week.
    I think its important to make the distinction because, although I am no Madonna fan, this story was written in a way to make it seem like she is absolutely going off the deep end publicly during her concerts and I really dont think thats the case.

  53. Sweet&LowDown says:

    Madonna is just getting warmed up. She will turn her ‘Rebel Heart’ tour into the ‘ I Hate Rocco & Guy’ tour & come out on stage every night and throw a massive pity party for her stupid fans. Playing the role of the eternal victim. She is sick & a total narcissist for publicly humiliating her teenage son the way she has over the past few months. It will only get worse until Rocco caves and goes back home.