The Rock visited a children’s hospital: ‘Keep smiling and staying strong’


When he is not saving puppies, Dwayne Johnson, AKA The Rock, is being a superhero to sick kids. While on a break on the film version of Baywatch with Zac Efron, Dwayne thought he would spread his awesomeness by surprising the kids at Savannah’s Pediatric Specialty Ward:

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is ready to pay it forward this weekend!

While the actor may be hard at work filming scenes with Zac Efron for the upcoming Baywatch movie, the Hollywood star decided to take a break from the beach and visit a few deserving kids.

“I surprised the children at Savannah’s Pediatric Specialty Ward aaaaand look at the concentration on lil’ Aiden’s face!” he wrote on Instagram while giving a fist-bump to one of the patients. “And good Lord I wish I had Aiden’s concentration when I was in my high school math classes. I wouldn’t have failed Algebra twice.”

In true Rock fashion, his Instagram post wouldn’t be complete without a few encouraging words to the families he interacted with.

“To all the kids I met—you guys keep smiling and staying strong. All the mamas and daddy’s I met, y’all stay strong too,” he wrote. “Gotta tell ya little stuff like this will always be the best part of fame.”

He continued, “Awesome experience and THANK YOU to all the hard working and caring staff who helped make this visit possible.”

[From E! Online]

“Aiden” Is pictured in the first Instagram below. If you have ever known a family with a sick child, you know that any upbeat moments to breakup the nerve-wracking time between tests and results is a blessing. This hospital visit comes on the heels of Dwayne arranging to have Gabriel “Tater” Singleton, a 7 year-old battling stage four neuroblastoma, come to the Baywatch set as his guest. Dwayne posted on Instagram pictures of the boy with the caption, “Tater! Guess what buddy? I’m coming to meet you!! I want you to be my special guest on our #BAYWATCH set in Savannah, GA. Everyone on set is excited to meet you… especially the pretty girls!”

While filming for his show, Ballers, Dwayne worked with an officer named Richard Arias. Eight years ago, Dwayne was escorting his mother, Ata, to weekly chemotherapy and radiation treatments for lung cancer. During that time, Richard was taking his father, Jesus, for treatments at the same hospital. One day, Dwayne and Ata walked in right before Richard and Jesus and when Dwayne saw them, turned around, smiled and held the door for Jesus. Richard told Dwayne he’d been waiting eight years to thank him, saying, “… you have no idea what that moment meant to him. And me.”

In short, The Rock rocks.

So I called an audible and went to visit Christopher. Glad we did… While I was visiting the Pediatric Specialty Ward surprising the kids, I got word from my team that there was a mom who was pleading with our production staff, that I go upstairs to her son's room to give him a much needed big surprise. Since he's older he's in the main hospital and not in pediatric care. We were shooting #BAYWATCH scenes outside of the hospital, but instead of heading back to shoot I called the audible, put production on hold and went upstairs to see this young man. I walked in and his smile lit up the room! And I mean lit that room up!;) We talked for a while about his family, his school and how hard he's working to eventually graduate AND we talked about how COOL all his scars are from his multiple surgeries – from his head to his chest – those scars are badges of honor and the reminder of how beyond tough this kid is. Right before I left his mom looked at him and said, "Christopher I can't give you anything, but I'm so happy I could give you this today…" and she started to breakdown, which was captured in this pic. Made me think to give so much credit to these parents who would do anything to take their kid's pain away and ANYTHING to bring a smile to their faces. As a papa bear I understand. Glad this mom brought a smile to Christopher's face. And glad I got a chance to shake the hand of this very strong and inspiring young man. Stay strong Christopher and show them scars with pride. You're the man! ~ DJ

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  1. Lauren says:

    He is beyond AMAZING!

    • imqrious2 says:

      I LOVE this man! He is beyond awesome for the way he treats his fans. He seems to *really* care and is so *present* in his visits to the kids, not just phoning it in like some do. His wife and daughter are so lucky 🙂

  2. karen says:

    I’m not a wrestling fan, or even really a fan of many of his movies, but I am a fan of him being such an awesome human and that’s better than any movie or wrestling match in the world.

  3. LadyMTL says:

    I know how eye-rolling this is going to sound, but it’s stories like this that give me hope that humanity isn’t entirely doomed.

    • Alarmjaguar says:

      No eye-rolling. Just a lot of comparing this to Madonna’s antics – here’s what graceful looks like!

  4. Belle Epoch says:

    Just WOW. You can tell by the photos he’s totally sincere. Classy guy! I’d take him over a Leonardo or a Johnny any day!

  5. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I’m not even going to snark about Baywatch, The Movie. Love the Rock.

  6. lower-case deb says:

    awww hugs to the mom and all the positive thoughts her way. it must be devastating to watch your child in pain and covered in scars, feeling helpless that even if you pray everyday to trade places with your child, you can’t.
    “i can’t give you anything…” but her son will know that she loves him so much she has indeed given him everything as humanly possible.

    i pray for strength and a peaceful heart always. awww bless your family.

  7. Astrid says:

    Rock on!

  8. Betsy says:

    I hate tears at breakfast.

  9. Swack says:

    Tears running down my face. He is what is right in this world.

  10. Tania says:

    Good people are out there! Perhaps we can feature them more. The Rock is amazing. Good for him for using his celebrity to make a child’s day brighter. My heart goes out to those kids and their parents. I have two little girls and I could not imagine what those families are going through. Getting teary eyed just thinking about it.

  11. Lucy2 says:

    He’s a really good guy, and just seems to get how to make the most of his opportunities to help.

  12. Abby says:

    I freaking love him. His Instagram is always uplifting and I love that he did this!

  13. Christin says:

    He truly seems to understand the ‘best part of fame’ is giving a bit of his time to those facing adversity.

    The part about the officer and the door being opened 8 years ago is equally touching.

  14. Pansy says:

    I love that he started off a “regular person,” like the rest of us, and hasn’t seemed to let fame go to his head. I’m sure he reaps the rewards of fame, but he remembers what’s truly important and uses that fame to give back. It’s awesome.
    Also, that smile would make me melt–talk about one lighting up a room. I would turn into a fan girl…
    Thank you for sharing stories like this. Not just the “enlightened,” or spoiled, or bat**** crazy celebrity ones!

  15. paranormalgirl says:

    This man is simply wonderful. He gives more of himself than he takes credit for.

  16. vauvert says:

    What a wonderful story to start the week with! I just love him for acting like a kind, decent, thoughtful human being.
    Whenever we snark about the clueless, over privileged celebs out there, we should get a Rock story to brighten our spirits. Wish other celebs would be inspired by this lovely man.

  17. SolitaryAngel says:

    What a true human being. Tears running down my face now, dang it! Thanks for posting this–it has made my day.

  18. Kelly says:

    “When not saving puppies…”

    Best and sums him up.

  19. Snowflake says:

    Omg, I love the rock. He seems like such a sweet, genuine person. My forever dong 😉

  20. Spikey says:


  21. celtlady says:

    Rock for president.

  22. kri says:

    I love him. That’s all.

  23. thecookingpan says:

    He epitomises generosity of spirit, in every way. He walks his talk no matter what. What a brilliant role model for today’s times. Everytime I think he just can’t be more ‘awesome’, he is!

  24. Beckysuz says:

    I love him so much. I love that he understands his privilege and uses it to help others. He seems like a really great person. Plus he loves his momma and his doggies, so you know he’s a softie

  25. go girl says:

    I am in tears. The Rock is a wonderful man. Just his graciousness itself is inspiring. A good reminder for me to do what I can to bring joy into someone’s life today!

    Ugh, I really am in tears after reading this!

  26. Penelope says:

    No words can express how much I love this man.

  27. Miss M says:

    He does Rock! What a great post!

  28. Tara says:

    Such a cool story. Thanks to Rock and everyone who goes out of their way to add happiness to this world.

  29. Laura says:

    It’s actions like this that make The Rock, in my humble opinion, the sexiest man in Hollywood! Yes, he is lovely to look at, but even if he lost his good looks tomorrow, he would still be gorgeous in my eyes due to his generous, compassionate and loving spirit!

    Sending positive vibes and lots of love to all the families struggling with a sick child.

  30. Melisande says:

    Sheesh, I have all the feels from this post! I follow his instagram and it’s always full of uplifting and positive comments, as well as some cute puppy and kid photos. He always seems to try to go out of his way to stop and say hi when fans wait for him, especially the kids, and he always seems willing to give some time to people. It’s really nice to see and it makes me a little sad that it’s so rare. He’s a joy, for sure.

  31. Emily C. says:

    “Gotta tell ya little stuff like this will always be the best part of fame.”

    He gets it. You get so much more from giving to others rather than from obsessing over your own supposed “authenticity” or physical “purity” or wtfever.

  32. Portugal the Stan says:

    Use THIS Zendaya! Don’t talk about yourself or all the superficial BS you represent. Dear Dewayne, thanks for using your PRIVELEGE to actually mean something. Bravo! This is how it is done. Kindly, step off your soap box ladies.

  33. MB says:

    Kindness and compassion are incredibly attractive qualities, and this man has them in SPADES.
    Oh, and that body and that smile dont hurt either 😉

  34. Caz says:

    I know this is fabulous PR for The Rock…..can’t throw any shade though. People who take time out to do this out of the goodness of their heart are great role models.

  35. Fallon says:

    I adore him and think he’s a true inspiration to many people. His Instagram is uplifting and he is so openly thankful for everything in his life. It’s refreshing!