Jenny McCarthy changed her name to Wahlberg: ‘I wanted to be the wife’

My TV just happened to be tuned to Wendy Williams, I swear that I wasn’t deliberately watching it or anything, and I happened to get distracted by Jenny McCarthy’s too-long hair extensions and frozen Botox face. Holy crap she needs to lay off the ‘tox, only her mouth moved. I couldn’t tell who looked more alien, Jenny or Wendy.

Anyway Jenny and Donnie were promoting their reality show, which will likely hasten the end of their relationship, but they seem to still be in the honeymoon phase now. They have matching tattoos, I took a poor-quality pic of that below. Jenny announced that she officially changed her last name to Wahlberg so we’ll have to see how that works out for her long term. I’m really surprised that Jenny found a guy willing to expose their whole relationship to the press so I guess Donnie is kind of perfect for her in that way. Their interview was fun, I have to admit. I don’t want to oversell this, but these people are insane. They also played a St. Patrick’s game called “Getting Lucky Tonight” in which they were asked the conditions under which they would have sex. They pretty much said they would have sex anytime, like with the dog watching, if other people were in the house, etc. except they don’t do makeup sex.

Jenny’s reasoning for why she changed her name to Wahlberg
“In my first marriage I was so miss independent I was like I worked for this name, I’m not changing it [ed note: she did anyway] As time went on, it’s like I was tired of being like the man and the woman. I was a single mom for so long and I fell in love with him. I wanted to be the girl, I wanted to be the wife.”

They have matchings tattoos for each other
They have hearts with their initials as part of the design on their wrists and Jenny has “Love Donnie” written on the insides of her fingers. (See photos below) She said it hurt more than her c-section.

Donnie’s bawdy explanation for Jenny’s “Love Donnie” finger tattoos
“She says she did it so she could see it on my face but she was hoping it would lead to like some Amber Rose Kanye business. Like she wanted to see that finger go in just a little. [Jenny laughs] She did! I said ‘If you want to do that you should have tattooed the pinky.'”

Donnie cries while watching The Bachelor
“I cry when the guys propose to the girl, I always get emotional. I cried for a couple of girls this year. When that girl Olivia got kicked off. They left her alone on the beach in a storm and then Jubilee got kicked off and everyone was backstabbing her. I cried when he turned down the other girl, she should have won. I always have been into like sentimental TV shows. I’ve been crying at TV my whole life.”

On if they would have makeup sex
Donnie: “If we have an argument or a fight which doesn’t happen often no makeup sex. We do not allow makeup sex.”
Jenny: “I think you become addicted to it and that’s where people get in trouble with their roller coaster.”

[From The Wendy Williams show, aired March 17, 2016, explanations are mine]

I guess this is nothing new for them and that Jenny talks about all this stuff on her radio show, but I can only pay so much attention to her. Jenny Wahlberg (nee McCarthy) is powerfully stupid so I shouldn’t read too much into her dumb quotes about being the man and the woman. As a single mom I find that idiotic. I just work harder without support, it’s not about taking on gender roles to me, it’s about having a partner to share the workload. I don’t think Donnie is much brighter than she is. They were talking about how they had to retake their driving tests when they moved to Illinois and Jenny passed it on the first try while Donnie failed it three times. He was sweet about Jenny changing her name for him though and admitted that he was surprised she did that because she worked really hard in her career for name recognition. And now she’s on a reality show and he’s her entire identity.

Here’s the video of their interview:

Their tattoos:
Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 5.12.21 PM_edited-1

Jenny showing off her “Love Donnie” finger tattoos:
Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 5.11.59 PM_edited-1

Donnie explaining how he cries at The Bachelor:
Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 5.11.43 PM_edited-1

photos credit: Getty, Youtube Screenshots

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  1. Froggy says:

    I don’t understand how that look is preferable over a few wrinkles.

    • Carol says:

      Me neither. She looks plastic to me.

    • Talie says:

      I’ve contemplated it, but it’s too scary — I mean, what if Botox can seep into your brain? I don’t think enough has been studied.

      • Kitten says:

        Have you been hanging out with my mom?

        I think we can safely say that Botox doesn’t seep into the brain. Once something is injected into a muscle, it’s staying there.

  2. willful ignorance says:

    Hope they stay together.

    • Pandy says:

      Me too! I’m rooting for them. They seem right somehow.

    • Locke Lamora says:

      I don’t know much about either of them, but they kinda seem nice together. Tacky, but sweet. Him crying while watching The Bachelor is adorable.

  3. Jules says:

    She looks like a botoxed frog…………..

  4. NewWester says:

    She reminds me of a Muppet. I just can’t recall the name. Have they been married for a year?

    • swak says:

      I know who you’re talking about and had to look it up. It’s Janice. She has long blonde hair, LARGE lips and usually wears a hat.

    • DeeDee says:

      This is so funny. She does look just like Janice! However, the muppet is most likely smarter.

    • B says:

      Great call. Janice muppet, just had to Google her for a refresher, and you are kind of so right :).

      • Yep says:

        This is my first, and likely last comment on here but just wanted to say that the comparison is hilarious. 🙂 Edited to say that this comment was meant for the OP. Oops.

  5. Maum says:

    Jesus she looks scary.

    Why does she have to be ‘the wife’? is he ‘the husband’? Why can’t she aspire to be herself in a great partnership with someone she loves?

    • Jules says:

      Would that get her attention?

    • Riley J. says:

      Being “the wife” AND being herself in a great partnership with someone she loves doesn’t sound mutually exclusive to me.

      • Maum says:

        I would agree with you if she’d said that she wanted to be *his* wife because she loved him so much she wanted that ultimate commitment etc but it’s the way she talks about being ‘the wife’. It sounds so…. sad. To me it sounds as if her whole identity as a person depends on that piece of paper and being someone’s wife.

  6. boredblond says:

    I’m really sure if she had married an accountant named Smith she would’ve done the same thing..cough, cough…and this way they won’t fight over top billing

  7. Jayna says:

    Every time I see her in an interview, I see that she has the filler and botoxed look, not a natural moving face filled with expressiveness. Just a face botoxed face and also with filler that looks “done.” It’ s not that she looks bad, just not better or younger.

    There’s nothing wrong with wanting your husband’s name. She hyphenated it and kept Jenny McCarthy still for career purposes.

    NEVER any makeup sex? LOL All these rules. Makeup sex can be amazing, especially in a long-term marriage or relationship.

    • swak says:

      There is nothing wrong with you wanting to take your husband’s name (or the other way around, the husband takes the wife’s name) but just because you do, that does not make you a wife.

      • Jwoolman says:

        I wonder if she realizes that not every culture has the woman change her name? Odd that she assumes that’s how you be “the wife”. People decide what to call themselves after marriage in all sorts of ways, it’s just a choice. Has nothing to do with love or loyalty or else there wouldn’t be so many divorces between Mr. Smith and Mrs. Smith. Hope their marriage survives a reality show….

      • anna says:

        Exactly. She doesnt even have to justify why she wants to but saying you wanted to be the “wife” or the” girl” is so damaging to the way women are viewed and their expected roles in life

    • MarcelMarcel says:

      I was thinking that when I read her perspective on makeup sex. I don’t see how you could become ‘addicted to the emotional roller coaster’ if you have a heathy sex life in general.
      My ex and I had six years of making up and breaking up instead of resolving our issues before we finally cut the cord. (We were in our late teens & early twenties in our defence). I can see how people become caught up in that self destructive pattern of behaviour and maybe that’s what she’s conflated make up sex with that issue? I can never really work out what she’s talking about, she’s a poor communicator in public forums.

    • Kitten says:

      I live for makeup sex.

  8. Insomniac says:

    Ugh. She doesn’t even have to say anything and I’m annoyed just looking at her.

    • Ash says:

      I feel the same way. I used to think Donnie was the most interesting out of his group, but I’ve been rethinking that ever since he and Jenny hooked up.

  9. Nancy says:

    Poor Mark….don’t think he even went to their wedding. What an accomplishment to be Mrs. Donnie Wahlberg. The only time I would cry about the Bachelor is if someone made me watch it….not even on a double dog dare. Twit.

    • SydneySnider says:

      That made me laugh, Nancy. The Bachelor is about to start here again, too…groan. And suddenly, we’ll have all the newest “stars” gracing tv screens, magazines, catwalks and social events…ugh. One of my teacher colleagues (!) comes into the staff room almost every morning, greeting everyone with, “Wow! Did you see the latest girl competing for the bachelor? As. If!” My response is always the same: “Kill. Me. Now.”

      The two above seem like a couple of dipsticks…

  10. Fallon says:

    She looks frightening.

    Their type of oversharing isn’t my thing.

    And her finger tattoos look terrible and blurred together already.

  11. Miss M says:

    I didn’t realize the extent of damage people like her has caused to society by speaking against vaccines until the other day as I was leaving work and the uber driver, upon finding out i do human genetics research, Stated that autism was caused by vaccines…

    • Esmom says:

      Indeed, the fallout from her ignorant preaching has been incredibly damaging.

    • Choo says:

      She’s not responsible for anything. If people are stupid enough to listen to Jenny McCarthy about *anything*, then the fault lies with them.

  12. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Can’t stand her. My God, her face! Naturally, her reasons for doing anything are stupid.

  13. Lorn says:

    Shut up, Jenny. Just shut up.

  14. Merritt says:

    A last name has nothing to do with being a good spouse. She is just a terrible person in general though.

  15. perplexed says:

    Wouldn’t people still refer to you as the wife (and he as the husband) anyway regardless of whether you change your last name? I guess the way she explained the situation was a little strange to me. Whether she’s Jenny McCarthy or Jenny Wahlberg, I still think of her as the lady who married the guy from New Kids on the Block and he as the guy who married the lady who is anti-vaccine and posed in Playbody. There was a wedding ceremony and everything that apparently Marky Mark didn’t go to. And they live together as husband and wife. The “independent” part of the answer sort of made sense, but I don’t think changing or not changing the last name insulates you from actually being referred to and living as the wife, if that’s what you are after having a wedding ceremony and signing the papers…

    I suppose this is coming from someone who would prefer to keep my last name (just because) but also not mind being referred to as the wife if I were to marry.

    Her lips look strange in these photos.

    • Jayna says:

      I forgot to add in my post that she had strange lips also.

    • Magnoliarose says:

      Her lips are strange. She has done too much and it is actually more aging to overdo the Botox and fillers.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I thought it was a dopey explanation, too. She wants to be the girl? I changed my name, but I don’t think that makes me more of the girl, whatever that means, than my friends who didn’t. She’s such an oddball.

    • Antigone says:

      I kept my maiden name and I’m still “the wife” lol. Not taking my husband’s name hasn’t made me any less of a “girl.” She’s ridiculous.

  16. grabbyhands says:

    Dear Jenny-

    Did you know that in some universes it is possible for you to love and be devoted to your husband and STILL be independent, girly, wifey all while keeping (or hyphenating) your last name?? It’s the same universe where vaccinating your kids saves lives and doesn’t cause autism. Crazy, I know-but I promise it is out there.

    P.S. I hope you have a high pain threshold when you have to get those name tattoos lasered off.

    • holly hobby says:

      P.S. I hope you have a high pain threshold when you have to get those name tattoos lasered off.

      Hahaha. Exactly!

  17. catladyjenn says:

    I think they’re cute. My new husband and I like the show. She doesn’t get stupid with the antivax stuff on the show. They are harmless, especially compared to other reality shows. Nothing wrong with enjoying the honeymoon stage.

  18. daisyfly says:

    Or… She changed her name to avoid some of the backlash she (deservedly) gets for her anti-vaccination stance and promotion of Wakefield propaganda, not to mention the lies she told about her son’s condition that she “cured” with diets.

  19. LT says:

    I think she has said some incredibly stupid things over the years, but that comment is so innocuous, I can’t throw shade at her. So she wanted a more traditional relationship than she’s had in the past – so be it. They seem happy together.

  20. Esmom says:

    Dumb and Dumber. Not to mention totally gross.

    • OrangeCrush says:

      I was thinking FameWhore and TryHard, but your assessment is much nicer.

      • crtb says:

        That is how I think of her: Fame whore, Try hard and constantly thirsty. She will do anything to stay relevant and keep her name/face in the news. EVEN GET MARRIED. I have never believed she was in love with Donny. She was fading from view and she needed to get back in the news. She would have married anyone who had name recognition. When their show gets canceled, she will get a divorce to get back in the news.

  21. Lucy says:

    I highly recommend heading straight to Jessica Chastain’s article after reading this one.

  22. NL says:

    Why did Jenny Genocidal Stupidity not look right on her stationary? She’s the anti-vaxxer who killed thousands. It hardly matters who she’s married to. In fact, can we just not have to look at her? Thanks.

    • WTW says:

      @NL Really, she killed thousands? I don’t support her views on vaccines, but shouldn’t the parents who’ve refused to vaccinate their children be held responsible for their poor parenting choices? Jenny didn’t invent the autism-vaccine link; she simply repeated it. Any parent who listened to her, a C-list celeb, over the advice of their own pediatrician should be taken to task, not McCarthy. Celebrities repeat all sorts of misinformation. She’s far from the first and won’t be the last. She’s not even the only celeb spewing this vaccine nonsense. Aidan Quinn has a child with autism and believes vaccines played a role, too!

    • Choo says:

      I’ll repeat my comment from above.
      She’s not responsible for anything at all. I can’t believe we’re in a society that’s letting people off the hook for doing anything because Jenny McCarthy told them to do it.
      I don’t agree with the autism and vaccines thing but c’mon now.. genocide and she ‘killed thousands’?? Hyperbole much?

  23. holly hobby says:

    Wow you can really see the tox in the pics where it shows her profile. Ugh, stop messing with your face. Boy those finger tatts will be a b—h to remove if they ever get divorced.

    I like Donnie. He’s like a fun, dumb uncle. Too bad he’s married to this nut.

  24. ciera says:

    I am really puzzled as to why Donnie was bitching during the interview about buying Jenny tampons. What is wrong with purchasing your wife feminine hygiene products…is Donnie worried the cashier will think he is menstruating? Why would Jenny even marry OR want the last name of someone who is hung up on buying her one of life’s basic necessities? Though I suppose if Donnie has no issues with marrying a lunatic anti-vaxxer, then these two probably deserve each other.

  25. Elisabeth says:

    Those extensions are so natural ~said no one

  26. Alex says:

    They are both insufferable. That is all

  27. kri says:

    You know what? In my opinion, Melissa got all of the charm, talent and looks. Jenny is horrifying my inner child with her rictus grin and cheeks by Mattel.

  28. OrangeCrush says:

    I’m not anti-tattoo at all, to each their own and so on… but in my opinion, that tattoo looks really dumb on him. And her finger tattoos look terrible; the ink looks blurry.

    Jenny McCarthy has irritated me since her stupid Singled Out days on MTV when she was supposed to be the cool girl who talked about farts and picked her nose, and it seems like she hasn’t changed much, regardless of what her last name is.

  29. Tredd says:

    I used to like her.
    But between the ‘tox and the bougie starving herself, I don’t recognize her anymore.

  30. Keaton says:

    I remember when they met on Andy Cohen’s show. It was like ‘Wow. These two seem to fit.”
    Jenny bugs me but I think they’re a good couple. Made for one another.

  31. OTHER RENEE says:

    I used to have a soft spot for Jenny til the whole vaccine thing. But I haven’t walked a mile in her shoes… I think the whole “wanted to be the wife” thing is that she was on her own raising an autistic child for a long time and Jim Carrey strikes me as extremely needy so maybe she just wanted to feel that she could really lean on someone else at this point. I didn’t find it offensive. Plus I did the same thing and am really into being my husband’s wife. But he’s also into being my husband so it’s ok all around in the Other Renee house.

  32. Iheartgossip says:

    She must be tired of people getting excited thinking she’s Melissa & then seeing their disappointment when the realize. Poor dear. Plus, Wahlberg is the bigger name, in her case.