LeAnn Rimes wore tiny shorts to her step-son’s game: inappropriate or fine?


We can go months without talking about LeAnn Rimes, and for that, I’m grateful. But spring is here and summer is on the way, which means LeAnn has emailed her step-sons’ Little League and soccer schedules to the paparazzi so they can get plenty of photos of her in short-shorts, posing as the Best Step-Mom Ever. These are photos from this weekend, where LeAnn and Eddie were attending one of the kids’ soccer games. Of course LeAnn wore shorty-shorts and a low-cut sweater. Everything is all about LeAnn, always!

We haven’t really talked about LeAnn in more than a month, and even then, it wasn’t really because LeAnn was doing something new. In February, Dean Sheremet was promoting his cookbook, and he ended up talking about LeAnn a bit in interviews and the book. LeAnn’s lawyers sent Dean a threatening letter about it, but I don’t know if anything came out of it. I mean, Dean still promoted his book and we haven’t heard anything about LeAnn actually suing him, so maybe she dropped the issue. Which is so unlike her.

What else? She’s still posting a lot of stuff on social media, but she’s been somewhat quiet and un-newsworthy lately. Usually if we get a few months of quiet, that means something big is coming down the pipeline. We’ll see!



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Sam says:

    There’s a giant billboard on the highway by my house for a concert she has in AC and the only thing I could think is: people pay to see this woman in concert?

  2. Bichon says:

    I don’t think it matters.

    • robynsing says:

      at this point…I agree. I care not for this person, but I have always given her the fact that she has GREAT LEGS. The shorts really are out of her age group now. C’mon. But, Brandi’s show her breakfast. They are both fit so not really offensive.

  3. Annie says:

    Looks like she’s wearing a soaked, denim diaper in the side view pic.

  4. Phaedra Rose says:

    She looks fine to me, shorts are not that short..

    • Mgsota says:

      Not too short? God, I’m getting old. There was a time, not that long ago, when shorts came mid-thigh…or gasp…even just above the knee! Can you imagine?!?! Lol.
      I was shopping with my 14 year old and there were literally no shorts that came more than an inch past the butt cheek. What the hell. My husband would kick both me and her out of the house if I bought them and she wore them.

      • Clare says:

        The bigger problem may be that your husband would ‘kick you out of the house’ based on what you choose to wear!

        Her shorts look ridiculous but nothing obscene or offensive about them…

      • Beckysuz says:

        I have the same problem shopping with my daughter. Booty shorts are apparently all the rage now. Some of my little cousins have their butt cheeks just hanging out. I guess I’m old because Id like more than a half inch inseam! When my daughter is 18 she can wear what she wants, but I do think it’s inappropriate for a 10 yo and wish they made longer shorts.

        As for myself, I like mine a bit longer just because my legs aren’t my best feature…I’ve got the under booty poochies lol

      • Aang says:

        A grown woman at a kid’s game should be a bit more modest, I agree. The husband comment gave me pause. I’m sure you were exaggerating. When our daughters were born my husband and I agreed that I would take lead on issues like clothes and boys. He is not comfortable policing any woman’s body, not even his daughter’s. And neither of us wanted to send the message that any man, not even their father, was in control of their body. They are teens now and it’s not been an issue.

      • Beatrix says:

        Yep, agreed with Clare.

      • Mgsota says:

        @Clare…you didn’t understand the comment. Jokingly I said my husband would kick me and my daughter of our house if I bought my 14 year old booty shorts (the only shorts they have in the stores these days) because my husband doesn’t want his 14 year old’s butt cheeks hanging out. Neither do I. To each their own. I’m guessing you don’t have a teenage daughter.

      • Mgsota says:

        ***edit*** my husband would not kick me out of the house…under any circumstances…let alone over shorts. It was said as an exaggeration. It’s weird that I have to clarify that, but I guess that is some people’s reality.

      • Tarsha says:

        Mgsota, you didn’t seem like you were joking. Others thought you were serious. You said it, so don’t blame people for taking you at face value.

      • gwen says:

        The shorts ARE too short and way too short to wear to a child’s soccer game.
        She’s clearly very desperate for attention and look, she’s getting it.

      • swak says:

        It’s been a problem for a long time.

      • Sara says:

        @ Mgsota I got you were exaggerating. Many Internet people don’t understand exaggeration and need everything spelled out for them, including jokes. And it is sad what kinds of clothes are marketed to young girls nowadays. It’s a mess.

      • Mgsota says:

        @tarsha…who did I blame? I stated I was surprised so many people took me seriously and clarified my statement. I haven’t been rude or nasty to anyone.

      • Tarsha says:

        “I’m guessing you don’t have a teenage daughter. ” I found that pretty rude.

      • Mgsota says:

        Thanks Sara…I’m glad at least one person got it…and Beckysuz. 😉

        And I have no problem if people wear booty shorts. My complaint was that booty shorts are the only shorts in the stores these days. And booty shorts aren’t for everyone.

      • Dlo says:

        @ mgsota. I thought your comment was funny 😁

      • Bridget says:

        I got the joke!

        But what if she wasn’t joking? Do you really think that kind of comment would have been helpful or made her feel supported?

      • Dana m says:


        I understood where you are coming from and I got your joke. I have an 11 year old and would never allow her to wear short shorts never mind butt hangout shorts. AND I know for a fact that my husband would be very vocal (very opposed) if we did bring those kind of shorts home for my daughter to wear.

      • Magnoliarose says:

        I got your joke mgsota.
        i talk in hyperbolic language sometimes too.

      • Alex says:

        I thought your comment was joking as well. I used to joke that my dad would disown me over inappropriate clothing when in reality my dad rarely cared what I wear.

        Anyways those short are inappropriate in length for sure. But LR does not know the meaning of boundaries.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        @mgsota, Just let it roll off. I knew it was a joke and a hypothetical joke at that “….my husband would” not he did or he does. Most get it and aren’t ready to pounce on some random comment to make it seem you’re in a horrible marriage with a controlling neanderthal. Sometimes, you just have to sigh and roll your eyes and let the pouncers move on to someone else.

      • Clare says:

        @Mgsota you’re right I definitly didn’t get the joke – I guess I struggle to find humor in men controlling women’s bodies and what they wear etc.
        From my perspective, I’m not entirely comfortable joking about issues like this, because they are very very real for very many women – and I feel like joking about it normalises and discounts controlling behaviour.
        Anyway, I’m pleased to know it was a joke – I didn’t meant to instigate a row in a gossip blog, of all places! To each their own 😀

    • OrangeCrush says:

      They’re not obscenely short – I see girls walking around the mall wearing shorts that their butt-cheeks are hanging out of. THAT is too short.

      I will say, though, that wearing something like this to a kid’s soccer game would be *uncomfortable.* I know when I go to my kid’s soccer practices, I’m constantly leaning down to pick something up or sitting down to watch him play. That outfit wouldn’t allow for either without flashing the business.

      • deehunny says:

        Agreed it’s inappropriate for a child’s soccer game where you are supposed to be a role model figure to kids

    • Nicole says:

      @Mgsota – I got your joke as well. I think the people whom didn’t get the joke are just hyper sensitive (Yea I am calling you guys out). Some people are just bad at jokes.

    • Vernie says:

      @Clare: I assumed it was a joke but I appreciate your perspective and your classy response to the entire thread. My sister’s abusive husband routinely dictated what clothes she and her young daughter could wear. It’s more common than perhaps some people want to admit.

  5. Wren says:

    The shorts don’t fit well but whatever. I’m more turned off by the ugly shoes and that bolero necklace thing. Perhaps Brandi wore a similar outfit recently.

    • Esmom says:

      Agree about the shoes and necklace, those jumped out at me. The sweater is bad too, heck it’s all bad. Just utterly attention seeking, end of story.

    • MC2 says:

      The necklace was what I found most offensive too. I’m calling my son’s soccer team to get “parents cannot wear bolero looking fugly necklaces” added to the rules.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      Pancake butt syndrome.
      ETA: Dang! Wrong reply window.
      But she does have pancake butt.

    • funcakes says:

      I’m sure she got the look off of pin interest from a model that is no where near her body type.

  6. Kate Kack says:

    She has to compete with Brandi every second doesn’t she?!

  7. Dtab says:

    This is what a 17yr old who has the hots for a guy on the football team would wear to get his attention…this is not what a grown woman should wear to her stepsons games, but then again…every outing is a chance to be photographed for her.

  8. minx says:

    I don’t think the shorts are so bad–I don’t wear them myself but plenty of younger women do. My daughter does. The top, though, is ridiculous for a kids’ soccer game.

  9. doofus says:

    booty shorts, skimpy sweater, no bra…stay klassy, MeAnn.

  10. Mimi says:

    Coming from a mother who spends half her life at baseball games, (my son plays competitive baseball all year long) I have seen much worse. Is it appropriate? Not really. There was a mother who came to one of our tournaments in a sports bra and thigh high boots, so Leann’s outfit is pretty tame in comparison.

    • Lady D says:

      I would probably have to excuse myself from the game if I saw someone dressed like that at any minor sports event. I wouldn’t be able to not laugh, loud, at her. I’m trying to picture thigh high boots and a sports bra in my head and it’s just too incongruous.

      • Mimi says:

        The funniest part of the whole situation was all the little baseball players trying so hard not to look at her. Lord, let my son have better taste in women than that lol.

    • gwen says:

      I bet that mother didn’t invite the paps to take her picture though, did she?

    • paleokifaru says:

      I run an outdoor field trip program and one of the chaperones wore a corset and skin tight jeans. Let me be clear: She wore the corset as her shirt. It was leopard print. I was horrified. Although she was also one of the most attentive parent chaperones. It was still inappropriate but I do have to give her credit for the rest of her behavior.

      • Giddy says:

        I was a chaperone on a sixth grade end of year outing to Six Flags. Another mother showed up in a sheer shirt over a very visible bra. The teacher was a take charge type and she told the mother that she was not dressed appropriately and that she had time to go home and change or she would lend her a sweater. The mother was furious and left. Another mother said that the woman had pulled this before, and that teacher must have warned ours. It wasn’t a bra, it was a bikini top, and when they arrived at Six Flags that year she had taken her shirt off and made sure to sit where the crowd got splashed. Our teacher laughed and said she had enough problems with sixth grade boys and didn’t need that!

      • paleokifaru says:

        Oh man. There are ridiculous, needy people everywhere huh?

    • Nilber says:

      I was thinking the same. My son played soccer and now football. I wish some of the women wore outfits that covered as much as Leann. I am just talking about the adults I.e. Moms, Aunts and Grandmother’s. The younger crowd gets even more disturbing. I am grateful I have a son that I have to worry about dressing. It is extremely difficult to find clothes that meet school’s guidelines anymore.

    • Samtha says:

      Yeah, I see people in much worst at my stepkids’ games.

      Leann really needs to learn to dress for her body type, though. The fit and style of that whole outfit is wrong for her. It makes her look completely triangular and emphasizes her worst features.

    • Relli says:

      Just curious, what’s your take on why moms do this? I had my first encounter with a mothers questionable Halloween costume to read to first graders. Because for the life of me could not rationalize why a woman would dress provocatively to read books.

  11. Jack says:

    If you look at other pics from that game Brandis shorts were even shorter and tighter so I’m not sure what the purpose of this article was

  12. Giddy says:

    I’m just grateful that she covered up that much. You know she really wanted to wear a bikini!!

  13. Happy21 says:

    I am hating to have to say anything positive, at all – ever about Leann but those shorts are not that bad. I wear short shorts in the summer that don’t show my ass cheeks and besides these not fitting well, they are about the length that I would wear. It would be different if her well toned and rounded butt was hanging out.

  14. Deanne says:

    Eddie Cibrian looks like a giant pile of crap. He’s not aging well at all and he looks exhausted all of the time. He’s not tired from having a job, so I guess he’s just worn out from life with Marg in general. LeAnn isn’t dressed appropriately for the occasion, but it’s much better than when she wore the sheer dress, with no bra p, for a five year old’s birthday. She chooses her outfits with pap strolls in mind and nothing else. Unfortunately, the denim shorts have a somewhat diaper like quality, which in the case of LeAnn, makes sense.

    • Anon33 says:

      I’m surprised no one else has commented on this. He looks positively chubby in these pics.

    • Jane says:

      Living with Leann will do that to a person. He deserves every f***ing gray hair and wrinkle due to the fact he left Brandi for this “creature”.

    • Christin says:

      Both Ed and A. Keegan faded looks-wise, post-LR. Keegan’s photo has been floating around because he and his partner just had a baby.

  15. 90sHasbeen says:

    All of the Tight Tush bs and she still has no a** for that ugly denim diaper. The entire outfit is straight out of the trailer park. She looks stinky most of the time.

  16. Arock says:

    poor thing, shes playing in la mirada and emporia (900 seats) to a very small audiences and her tour schedule lists 3rd rate casinos and fairs. im shocked she can afford the orange slices and capri-suns for the team, much less the land rover she leases for eddie. glad they brought a huge water jug- tequila or otherwise…stay thirsty, girl…..

    • funcakes says:

      And most of the time they can’t even give the tickets away.The public has been burned one to many times.The last concert she cancelled people complained about not being able to get the same seat they paid for during the rescheduled concert.

  17. Sansa says:

    No, no and no.

  18. why? says:

    Leann hasn’t been quiet on twitter. She is still tweeting about Jake and Mason and posting photos of them nonstop, setting up weekly staged photo-ops(she did 3 different pap strolls last week), taking Eddie on vacations, favoring the negative tweets that her fans make about Brandi, tweeting about Brandi from one of her other twitter accounts, copying Brandi’s tweets(Brandi tweeted a photo of a rose and and wrote stop and smell the roses, then 3 days later, Leann did the very same thing); St Patrick’s Day tweets and photos, and faking injuries and sickness so that she can cancel her tour to babysit Eddie.

    Those shorts always look like diapers on Leann. Again she shows up to her stepson’s soccer game with no bra and dressed like she is going out to a club. Eddie must be dating one of the soccer moms because why else would Leann show up to every soccer game like she is going to a club? For her concerts Leann dresses like she just rolled out of bed, but then at her stepson’s soccer game she dresses like this?

    Notice how all of the parents are focused on the game, but Leann is focused on making sure that the paps get good shots of her legs and chest and her making out with Eddie on the sidelines?

    Notice how even though Eddie’s parents are at the game, the paps never take photos of them walking into or leaving the game? Why don’t we ever see Eddie’s parent’s arriving or leaving the soccer game? Is it because they are the ones who are actually bringing Jake to the game and taking Jake after the game? It looks like Jake was probably brought to the game by Eddie’s parents and then Eddie and Leann showed up later to do the pap stroll with him before and after the game.

    Why don’t the paps ever show up to Jake’s game when Leann isn’t there? When Leann took Eddie snowboarding last month and it was Jake’s first soccer game of the season, there were no pap photos. Leann starts going to the game and now here we are with staged photo-ops.

    Last year when Jake was playing baseball, there was only one pap stroll at the game. So did Eddie and Leann get banned from inviting the paps to the baseball games? It would be nice if the people who got them to stop the baseball staged photo-ops would band together to get them to stop the soccer staged photo-ops.

    The only reason Eddie let Leann call the paps was because she took him another vacation this weekend, they went to the beach and car races. Eddie’s new job is making money off of the staged photo-ops of Jake and Mason.

    Exposed belly? Is Leann trying to fuel pregnancy rumors, after she already tweeted that she and Eddie were getting drunk on March 17 while his kids were with them?

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      I always enjoy your posts, mostly because I can envision how enraged they must make MeAnn.

    • briargal says:

      You are right about the other parents watching the game. She doesn’t go to the game to watch it. She only goes because it’s a pap stroll for her! Just a way to get her puss plastered on DM so they can talk about her “toned pins”!

  19. lucky says:

    LR/BG posts …meh…with that being said…that is the most unflattering top I have ever seen on a woman. Broad shoulders on a woman can look great, but the horizontal lines and oversized v neck make her look way too top heavy.

    • Asdf says:

      Exactly akd she has no butt so those shorts are not offensive. Shes just not attractive enough to cause an uproar over what shes wearing

  20. Clare says:

    Meh, isn’t this standard California mom wear? I’ve seen thousands of moms dressed like this over the years – famous, not famous, fit, unfit, whatever.
    I know we hate LeAnne around here but these shorts are so…common. I don’t see the big deal? Yes they look ridiculous but come on, are we really clutching pearls over this?

    • Dlo says:

      No I am a California mom and know tons who would not wear this,

    • bk619 says:

      I’m a Californian, and I think the shorts are fairly normal around here – definitely not the shortest. But they are not ok with a shirt like that at a kids game. Or anywhere really, that sh*t is fugly

    • Arock says:

      sort of. we live in socal and this is pretty typical everywhere. its not a flaunted thing, though. 95% of the year its beautiful and sunny here and people are all are out doors a ton. we live in a socal beach town about an hour south of LA and this is pretty standard. coming from the pearl clutching north east, im not personally offended by it all, nor is it presented in a trashy way. for the most part people are in great shape here and are dressed for comfort at the beach. there are some that take it to extremes but even that just rolls off people with a chuckle, no one takes it as an affront. full confession- im a 35 yr old mom with two under 5 yr and this (a little longer and with a bra) is pretty usual for me. there are so many other reasons to hate on lean anyway

  21. Ashley Wilkes says:

    Completely inappropriate. Actually trashy looking. And braless to a kids’ game? No.

    • Polly says:

      But the jumper is thick it’s not as though anything is showing, it’s not sheer with visible n*pples so what’s it matter if she is braless? Guarantee the kids wouldn’t notice one way or another so who is it harming?

      • jenn12 says:

        This is after she showed up to their practice in a shirt unbuttoned literally to the navel. She shows up at their parties, games, practices, and events dressed in shirts unbuttoned really low, skimpy tops, short shorts, and tiny skirts, and generally won’t wear a bra. Kids notice and kids get embarrassed. Though her attire is tame compared to her making out with Eddie at these places. I don’t care what anyone looks like; you’re supposed to be appropriate in front of kids. The focus is supposed to be on them and their events, not on the clothing/behavior of the adults they bring with them. And they should not be exposed to adult sexuality.

  22. Wentworth Miller says:

    No big deal. I wear shorts like that all the time. Her look from top to bottom is ugly but I don’t see anything wrong with the shorts.

  23. claire says:

    At least her boobs aren’t totally hanging out like usual at these games. That’s an improvement for her.

  24. Hawaiisun says:

    Cant stand this woman, linebacker, whatever you want to call her. About a year ago I started getting messages from an old Twitter account that I only started up and never used. It was going on about how I was following LeAnn and updating me on her status, over and over again. It was non stop drivel. I never started following her, or anyone but my husband and daughter for that point. I thought it was sketchy and a way for her to get followers by attaching herself to unused accounts.

  25. anne_000 says:

    The second pic looks like a man, like a surfer dude.

  26. TEAMHARDY says:

    I’m more worried about those shoes…hideous. But, if it’s hot enough to wear shorts, why are you in a sweater?

  27. lem says:

    is she wearing clog-style cowboy boots? honestly i’m more concerned with her shoe choice than anything.

  28. Lala says:

    Once again she just wants to draw attention and say look at me at a KIDS socce game!!! She wants to please Eddie because she has an insecure issues. Overall Leann face keeps getting fuglier by the minute and looks likes a linebacker. Honey put it away you will never have that sex appeal.

    • gwen says:

      If Brandi is at the game then I think Leann dressed for her….and of course the pap stroll but that’s a given.

  29. Summer says:

    Good Lord!!! Leann, you look like you need to take a shower. Please do! Eddie boy looks thrilled walking side by side with her. She looks ridiculous.

  30. Snowflake says:

    I don’t really consider those short shorts, her butt cheeks aren’t hanging out. See shorter all the time. I can’t wear small shorts, I have thunder thighs. And yes, you can’t find mid length shorts anymore, sucks.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      Canada here … same deal on the shorts, has been for several years. And it highlights the outrageous double standard because boy/man shorts continue to be long and baggy, right? (at least last time I checked — shorts season is so, well, short up here!). Either both go short or both go long (and keep everything up above the butt crack please).

  31. briargal says:

    Will try this again! I really don’t have any trouble with the shorts other than she has NO buns! Maybe she should use some padding (other than Depends) to match up with her linebacker shoulders!

  32. perplexed says:

    I don’t think her shorts are obscene, but I do think they’re quite ugly. The actual way they’re constructed in the front is just so…ugly.

    Why is this lady wasting her singing talent? Such a beautiful voice, but now she’s a joke who ends up in the media because of her shorts.

    • Mollie says:

      THis. The “high-low” thing always looks diaperish to me. just an ugly cut. Wearight them to a game was in poor taste, hough,most of the other moms there probably roll their eyes every time she walks by.
      “Try hard” and “Thirsty” would be what my friends would be whispering…….and yes I’m ashamed of that. We are all supposed to be “go women power, wear what you want” but in her case, it’s just desperate.

  33. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I think she looks stupid in them because they are really for teenagers, but she’s worn worse.

  34. Veronica says:

    I don’t find this any worse than when women wear leggings as pants, honestly, and that’s become pretty socially acceptable. Besides, men can walk around shirtless without society throwing a fit, I think we can handle a woman in short shorts.

  35. funcakes says:

    Sweet heaven were to start. She looks like she lost all feminine features. LeAnn has lost ALL the softness from head to toe.
    Her face looks extremely hard. What is going on? She looks horrendous in the face. Why does she look so dusty?
    Her hair is filthy! What does this girl has against shampoo? its clumpy and three kinds of weird greasy colors. It wasn’t this bad a couple of days ago.
    For someone who post Tight Tush Tuesday why does she have no body tone whatsoever? And the clothes she’s wearing makes her body looks worse. Everything is baggy and ill fitting.
    If she was trying for sexy she didn’t make it. She looks like a crack addict.
    My god what happened?

    • Sb says:

      My thoughts exactly. She looks sickly. I guess years of laxatives, starvation and drinking are starting to show hard. This is most likely the reason she has fertility issues (or eddies been snipped). No offense to women w fertility issues, my heart goes out to you.

  36. tricklady says:

    Not sure where to start either. I am sure that if I had dressed like that to one of my son’s game’s
    I would have really stuck out and I think it would have hurt my son’s feelings. Its vulgar. I am also sure that Fat Eddie does not look like he is one bit happy. Who wants to be the dude that has the most
    disliked wife that everyone rolls their eyes when they see her coming. She is never shown talking to other parents. Also the way he is holding the cooler and the chair in one hand so he doesn’t have to be near her is quite telling. Neither look happy at all. I think Ediot actually looks pissed off. Soooooooooooooo Happpppppeeee

    • funcakes says:

      There were pictures from the other day where Ed and Leann looked totally pissed. Neither one of them attempted to look lovey dovey.There were attempts on Eddie’s part but it looked extremely painful.
      There were pictures of her, Ed and the boys going out to dinner the other also. It looked very grim. Social Media wondered when was the last they were out as a family. That’s why they had the paps out.
      The sad part is they were out for someone else’s party and all LeAnn can think about is making money off a family pap stroll.

      • Christin says:

        As the boys get older, the happy little bonus family scenario is going to get filled with pre-teen back-talk and refusals to play the pap stroll game. I think it’s to that point right now, even with the younger one.

      • Tate says:

        It is definitely to that point with the older one. He won’t play her game anymore. He looked pissed off and stressed out in the pics the other day.

      • tricklady says:

        Thanks @ funcakes, I saw some pics on DM and GRIM is the perfect way to describe it! Leaky looks pissed, Mason look stressed out and Fat A$$ Ediot looks disgusted. @Tate and @Christin I think you are both right, these boys/now young men will not take her crap for much longer. And why does she always have to be fondling Jake? It’s like he is the only one she still has a hold on and she can’t let go.
        So I ask again Leaky, how does karma feel biting you in the butt??? Worth it? Any way thanks Meann for keeping us all entertained and keep up the good work!!

  37. Andrea says:

    Such weird body propotions… Even weirder styling

  38. Wren33 says:

    I am most offended by her shoes.

  39. Jane says:

    I just found out Leann is going to perform 20 minutes from my house this summer. Dear God, should I go and wear a Team Dean shirt?

    • Christin says:

      Jane, spell it “DeanE” so she’ll recognize to whom you are referring. :)

    • funcakes says:

      The only one that matters t shirt.😊

    • Tate says:

      Spare yourself from the yodel fest

      • Jane says:

        I know, I know, I’d be torturing myself, but I also get to see first hand the psycho in action+ her #1 psycho fan will be there as well. Johanna is coming all the way from her state to Illinois to see her beloved Leann. I haven’t seen a good train wreck in a long time. Call me maso, but I might just go for the yucks.

    • gwen says:

      You could always wear one of Brandi’s Unfiltered Blond wine t-shirts.

    • funcakes says:

      Yeah, she’ll probably cancel anyway

      • Jane says:

        Possibly, but then the would have to deal with the wrath and full blown thermal nuclear meltdown from her #1 fan Johanna who is coming all the way from Wisconsin to see her. This chick Tweets Leann uncontrollably days before the concert. Imagine the full on heat attack she’d have if her beloved superstahhhh cancelled on her-especially after driving hundreds of miles. I know, I know Leann cancels like crazy, but she has never cancelled on this girl.

      • funcakes says:

        Yeah,i know about her and would never want to make her mad. I’m shock that she has yet to hit LeAnn up for a meet and greet.

      • Jane says:

        @funcakes…Johanna has done loads of meet and greets with Leann and begs for loads of attention, signing pictures and taking new ones. She even contacts Kiki beforehand for where they can privately meet. It’s really quite odd. Have you ever seen the infamous picture of them together where Leann is flipping the camera off while J looks shocked in the camera? She is also on a scooter. SMH…….

      • Lady D says:

        Is this the infamous Foot Girl? The one whose feet cause her so much pain, she can drive hundreds of miles on them?

      • funcakes says:

        Some should mail LeAnn the Selena movie.

      • Deanne says:

        That particular fan is very emotionally unstable. She’s in her mid 20′s, but comes across as if she’s a pre-teen. She tweets LeAnn daily that she loves her, blasts LeAnn’s music 24/7, buys multiple copies of the same cd’s, has a massive shrine to her and is clearly obsessed beyond normal fandom. She took a majot tantrum when she couldn’t post on Marg’s IG. Can you imagine if she travelled to see LeAnn and the show was cancelled? I could see a “Misery” situation happening.

      • Jane says:

        @Lady D-Yes, you are correct. What I have found is she doesn’t do the driving, she begs a friend or her father to drive her.

        @Deanne- I totally agree. I swore she was a 15 year old when I first saw her. She is extremely immature. I have been teaching for 30 years and my 5th graders are more mature than her. I swear, this trick wouldn’t last one day in my classroom. She puts out very strange videos on You Tube. She is addicted to attention just like Leann and will beg and plead for it at any cost. As far as the Misery situation? I agree, but then would also see a Fatal Attraction situation as well because she HATES being ignored and begins a crying fest when she isn’t the center of attention.

    • Zooyork says:

      That would be awesome Jane, and I would love if you could report back on how the concert was- ie give us the play by play of the shit show!

      • Jane says:

        @Zooyork-I’ll try. She will be in Elk Grove Village , Illinois at something called the “Summer Classic Concert Series”. I might need to drink before I see the show in order to deal with the screeching, though….that and ear plugs.

  40. Echo Stardust says:

    Um, I’m very confused by this outfit. The sweater is way worse than the shorts. If she’d worn a loose T-shirt and flip flops, it would’ve been okay but as is, she looks like a man in a cheap wig.

    • Tate says:

      Agree. The shorts would have been fine with a loose t-shirt. And wth is up with the shoes she is wearing?!

  41. jenn12 says:

    The shorts aren’t great, but she’s worn worse. Fascinated by how she is constantly at their games with shirts cut to the navel. Why dress like this around children? Of course, this is the person who had her 2 young stepsons drench her in ice water while wearing a skimpy tank top. She goes right up to that boundary and says, “But I’m not doing anything wrong….” Her prior outfit was a shirt literally unbuttoned to her navel with her bra hanging out. Again, you’re around CHILDREN. Why dress this way? And weren’t she and Ed just photographed making out at a game again? I thought they’d stopped that. There’s a way to act around kids that just escapes her. Though to me, it reeks of her marking her territory. “Your daddy belongs to me, boys.”

  42. barbarita says:

    The shorts wouldn’t be so bad if they were paired with a cute tee or something. But a low cut, belly shirt with no bra is inappropriate for the setting. She is such a try-hard and will never- ever have the sex appeal that Brandi has- did I say ever? And the shoes?? Wtf?

  43. Loca says:

    It’s never a crime for someone who has toned legs and works out to wear a short pair of shorts you’ve earned that right. Now people stuffing themselves into clothes that don’t fit does not look right at all. Just sayin

    • gwen says:

      No one said it was a crime to wear short shorts but she’s really pushing it wearing these at her step son’s soccer game.

      • Julie says:

        I think she is so masculine looking in every way, and I think she knows it, and it really bugs her so she dresses seductive to try and make herself look more feminine, but she fails and only makes herself look like a cross dresser. Nothing against cross dressers, but she would come across so much better if she didn’t try so hard and just dressed in a decent pair of shorts and comfortable appropriate top. Of course we will never convenience her of that. It really is all about the pap shots, and dressing like that in front of a bunch of teenage boys is just stupid and asking for trouble down the road either from some mom that has seen enough of her private parts exposed at these games or a move on her by one of the teenage boys. (bet she’d love that) . I really wish we would get a pap pix of one of the moms rolling her eyes, or putting their hands over their sons eyes when she walks by or bends over. Now that would be worth some $$$$

      • youareanamestealer says:

        You stole this name from Just Jared.

    • Jess says:

      None of that matters since this is a children’s soccer event for crying out loud. Your comment is odd.

  44. outhousecat says:

    Ediot has grown man boobs and big birthing hips. That’s all I’ve got.

  45. Zaytabogota says:

    Forget about the shorts, her crazy would be my worst nightmare. Imagine having to constantly deal with her nonsense invading your life and having your children marinated in her serious personality disorder issues. Looking at her makes me so glad that my ex has a nice sane girlfriend who I don’t have to worry about around my daughter. Leann gives me the creeps, ugh.

  46. jj says:

    She’s built like Spongebob.

  47. Did LeAnn actually give the paps the baseball schedule? If so, she has overstepped her boundaries.

  48. What's inside says:

    I really like her as a singer, but really, really wish she would avoid the camera – she is going to break the lenses of some poor paparazzi someday. Seriously she is not attractive, but she does work so hard to keep her body in shape and it shows. Unfortunately, she has absolutely no sense of fashion or style and dresses like a teenage hooker most of the time. Just say no, LeAnn.

  49. JenniferJustice says:

    So, her hind end isn’t hanging out, but they’re still inappropriate for a kids’ soccer game, and even if she weren’t at a kids’ soccer game, they are not flattering or attractive at all. I don’t get her style or style try. She has enough money to continue vacationing constantly, why doesn’t she have a better wardrobe? I have a better wardrobe than she does and I’m just a middle class paralegal.

    And for those looking for short lengths somewhere between booty short and bermuda long, I’ve discovered the JLo brand shorts at Kohls and they’re the perfect length – 2-3 inches below the crotch. Perfect! And they’re super cute.

    • gwen says:

      I don’t think she still has the money to vacation constantly otherwise that’s exactly what she and her unemployed husband would be doing. Now, instead of going to Cabo they go camping at the local beach.

    • Christin says:

      The ripped up jean short look is not my personal favorite, but these look particularly unflattering.

      I have no idea what the outfit cost, but most of the time it looks like she grabbed items from a closet or thrift store bin while blindfolded. She appeared far more put together (both dressy and casual) while with Dean(e).

      • Jane says:

        Fun you should say that because I was thinking of the very same thing. At the same rate, she was dressed far better early in her relationship with Eddie. I cannot believe I am actually saying this, but there were two tops of her I just loved, but they looked terrible on her. Now she is into this “Boho chic” look that makes her look so cr*ppy.

      • Christin says:

        @Jane – I have seen several flattering dresses and tops she wore just a few years ago. You are right about the timing including when she first got with Eddie.

        Amazing how her sense of style completely changed. She’s now a walking ‘what not to wear’.

      • Jane says:

        @Christin LOL–You hit it right on the head with the “What not to wear” quote. At the same rate, she was far “cleaner” a few years back. She looked as if her hair was washed frequently. To me she always looks dirty now. It doesn’t help that I cannot get that imagine of her soiling her white skirt at Miami Fashion week. Ugh! The picture still floats around on Twitter along with the moment she actually did the deed. There’s also a priceless picture of Eddie wincing at her then turning away with both of them looking extremely glum.

      • Christin says:

        I remember those unfortunate photos. She appeared to be left to walk out in full view of the photographer.

        If her companion(s) realized what had happened, I never understood why they didn’t stand behind her and help her exit gracefully.

      • Jane says:

        @Christin- First-Apologies for my wonky spell-check. Lordy, I am writing nonsense! Eddie, if he were a true gentleman, would have offered to stand behind Leann and stopped her from showing the soiled skirt. I wonder if he did it on purpose just to make a fool out of her. I believe he wanted to have nothing to do with her afterwards. She had another picture afterwards where the shot showed her looking so peeved at the camera she could have killed the next person who spoke to her.

  50. wolf says:

    I can almost smell the patchouli wafting off her. The 90′s called, Leanne. They want their cutoffs back.

  51. msw says:

    LeAnn can’t dress herself to save her life. She is always wearing trendy, cheap looking clothes with no real style or shape. She has no idea how to dress for her coloring or her body type. Her shoes and fringed purses are consistently terrible. She dresses way too young for her age, and it makes her look older. She’s the same age as me, and I’ve learned there are certain looks I don’t pull off anymore because I look like I’m trying too hard.

  52. ethel mertz says:

    i dont care about leann rimes but her shorts are fine. they are normal length cutoffs. mean girls much?

  53. Sarah says:

    I would love to know what other moms wear at these games. It’s not obscenely short but if she was sitting down you could probably see her goods…ewwww!

  54. iMO says:

    I guess we should all just be grateful she isn’t wearing one of her “beloved” bikinis! Ed dresses and photographs like he has given up on life. I think she could care less about the kids there, but in her warped mind thinks she is making the other men there jealous of Eddie’s hot, young wife. Blah…I could barely type that with a straight face. But remember her mind does not work normal.
    Her phony bs she posts is the only thing worse than the clothes she wears. She is trying so hard to pretend she has a soaring career and in between Ed and touring she is praying with her crystals. Try hard much?

    • Jane says:

      I agree. She wants so desperately to be noticed that is beyond comical. According to Dean (her ex) she lives and dies on the perception of others. I believe she cannot exist unless she is the center of attention; even if it means she goes out of her way to look inappropriate. She sees a hot, young hippy chic (ala Kate Moss-see Pinterest Eveleigh Rose ) A lot of us see a woman looking haggard and dirty with linebacker shoulders. She has fabricated this “ultimate life” that she begs for people to envy when in fact so many are disgusted by it.

  55. Jane says:

    I agree. Let’s not forget that Ed’s body language says it all. Most pictures of him lately have shown his hands in his pockets or clasped-not around her holding her close with loving eyes. Looking back at pictures of him with Brandi years back, there was definite “heat” and sexual chemistry. Not with Leann these days.

    Leann is always holding onto him-very much like a scared little girl holding Daddy’s hand. I also see a lot of pictures with Eddie looking totally wasted or plain d***ed pissed off at her.

    What blows my mind is how different he looks at the cameras when he is with another woman . There was one with a skimpy clad model at the infamous Miami show. He was just beaming with this s***-eating grin on his face. Recently he was holding I believe a writer from the show is guest starred on. He was giddy and elated. He hasn’t been like that with Leann in years.

    Do I feel sorry for him? H*** no. He screwed Leann, now he is screwed for life with her.