Burt Reynolds: Angelina Jolie should run for president, ‘she’s a very sweet girl’

Here are some photos of Burt Reynolds at SXSW. He went to Austin to promote The Bandit, a documentary he made about his dear friend, the late stuntman Hal Needham. Much like Burt’s promotional tour for his memoir several months ago, Burt has been happy to discuss any number of subjects, and he’s been uncharacteristically friendly while promoting The Bandit. The Daily Beast interviewed him ahead of SXSW, and some of the most interesting parts of this interview don’t have anything to do with his film. Burt talked politics, Donald Trump, Jon Voight and Angelina Jolie. Some highlights:

He’s friendly with Donald Trump, but he’s not endorsing Trump: “I don’t think there’s any question that Donald is going to be nominated. You know, our current president has kind of messed things up the last four years. But I don’t know who I would vote for…I’m worried about Donald in terms of us getting into a war, because he’s all for certain things. I like him very much personally. I know him, and I like him. He’s always been nice and sweet and kind to me. But he seems to be like a sheriff that’s quick on the draw.”

He thinks his friend Jon Voight should run for office: “If any actor was going to run for office, it should be Jon Voight. I think he’s quite brilliant in terms of handling himself and he always knows what’s going on in politics. I have [encouraged him to run]! He gets red in the face and says he couldn’t do it. But I think he would be wonderful.”

No, he thinks Angelina Jolie should run for office: “It’s Jon Voight’s daughter that should run,” he laughed, noting that he’s known Angelina Jolie since she was a child. “I like her a lot. She’s not afraid to tackle anything, and she’s a very, very sweet girl.”

His Cosmo centerfold: “I thought I’d made a horrible mistake and I wished I hadn’t done it! A lot of people took it in the spirit that it was meant. They saw that I was smiling and it was meant to be a Playboy takeoff. I had fun, but as I remember the only way I could do it was I had to have a few toddies before… quite a few, in fact. It took a few hours and then I kind of wobbled home. I wobbled in there and I wobbled out, and hoped for the best.”

[From The Daily Beast]

Burt has mentioned Angelina Jolie a few times in the past year. In his GQ profile months ago, he named Jolie as one of the directors he’d most like to work with. He’d also mentioned several times that he’s known her since she was a kid, because Burt and Jon Voight have been close since the 1970s. Burt called her “provocative” at 10 years old, and he also had some thoughts about how Angelina mistreats her father. Like, Burt really loves Jon Voight and I guess he’s trying to talk up Voight’s greatness in general. But I’ve heard Jon Voight talk politics, and no, he should not run for office. Plus, Voight has already pledged his support to Donald Trump. The same Donald Trump who has a history of saying nasty sh-t about Angelina. It’s all very strange. But no, Angelina isn’t going to run for office. Burt’s words are nice though.

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  1. LookyLoo says:

    It annoys me when men reduce grown ass women to “girls.” That is all.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I do, too, but in his defense, I still think of my nieces and nephews as boys and girls even though they are grown up. If you have known someone since they were born, it’s hard to change that in your mind. However, I agree that if I was speaking publicly, I would try to remember to call them men and women.

    • thaliasghost says:

      Completely agree with you. That is the once thing I could think of reading that headline and I couldn’t even make it through the post to see what else he said cause I’m just too angry about that.

      She’s a grown ass woman who does great work. You don’t do great work by being “really, really sweet” and little girls definitely don’t do politics. Would he have the said the same about a man? “He’s a very, very sweet boy”? Surely not.

      Thanks Celebitchy for providing a constant stream of “Oh yeah, celebrity x is shitty too, what else is new.”

    • BNA FN says:

      Considering BR’s age compared to Angelina’s age, in his mind she is a “very sweet girl”. Give the octagerian a brake. Just trying to give the ole guy a break, 😀. At least he said something nice about her.
      Btw, did anyone see DT offered a very attractive woman a job yesterday because of her looks. Now, that’s a story.

      • Lucky Charm says:

        I still refer to my sisters as “the girls”, and we’re all older than Angelina. I think it’s just more natural if you’ve known someone their whole life. However, it would be odd or inappropriate to call someone a girl if you’d just met her as an adult.

    • Pepper says:

      He’s known her since she was a little girl. It’s not unusual for family friends to still refer to people they knew as young children as ‘girls’ or ‘boys’ or ‘the kids’.

    • Esther says:

      to be fair he is 130 years old and knows her since she is a baby.

    • hogtowngooner says:


    • Careygloss says:

      I’m getting perv vibes from him right now. He’s mentioned her too many times.

  2. TheOtherMaria says:

    Nope, she really shouldn’t, perhaps an appointed position pertinent to international issues… absolutely.

    She’s never really conveyed great concern for domestic issues, I wouldn’t want to see her try now, in fact I’m happy with no celebs ever running for office….

    • Mariogold says:

      Agreed. While I think its great she does alot of work for UN, she doesn’t even know much about American politics I believe. So no way for POTUS sorry.

    • Dinah says:

      Agreed. Celebrities, for the most part, can barely handle their own lives and careers. Politics is not a game for amateurs or armchair pundits. I don’t want actors in leadership positions in economics, the stock market or the government. They don’t have the training. and dues aren’t paid. That is, unless they end their “celebrityhood” and become properly educated and trained in the traditional way for those important roles.

  3. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I think he misses being in the limelight terribly. And I also think he damaged his brain with too many drugs. He was such a handsome and likable young man, but about the time he divorced Lonnie Anderson, he just seemed drugged and/or drunk out of his head for years and he has never made much sense since.

    • Christin says:

      Seems like he has had health issues since the early 1980s. There were rumors he was seriously ill, which he denied. He has repeatedly mentioned the physical issues he has from stunt work years ago.

      But he does seem to have become foggier the past 25 years or so. He lived almost hermit-like until the past year, with the book tour and this documentary.

  4. lisa2 says:

    Bert comments are only covered because he talked about Angelina in 2 sentences of an interview.. NOW this well be all about her when she again has nothing to do with this. People drop her name for attention. Then it becomes a open thing to talk about her in negative ways.


  5. Neelyo says:

    Reynolds has always been kind of a dick and as he’s aged it’s only gotten worse. I think his obsession with Jolie is that of a dirty old man. And shit, talk about wrecking your face with plastic surgery.

    On a sort of unrelated note, I’ve heard blanket statements from many conservative celebrities about how these last four or eight years have been so awful but they can never cite anything specific. Be pissed all you want, but have some reason. Or maybe they do, they just can’t say it out loud (cough, Scott Baio, cough)

    • doofus says:

      agree…”messed things up the last four years…”. HOW?! how can he mess anything up when the do-nothing obstructionist GOP congress hasn’t allowed him to do anything, except by executive order?!

      my guess is that he “messed things up” by being a black man who dared to get elected to the highest office in the country. as you said, go ahead and be pissed, but have some reason for it.

      and if he “knows” Drumpf, and still likes him? then he can f*ck off, too.

      • Jade says:

        As an outsider, I have the impression that the Bush years were worse. And yes, I normally try to read on to see what is specifically worse during Obama’s admin but a lot of commentators don’t go into specifics. I am sure Obama is not perfect but to say he is the worst is a stretch. I cannot speak on behalf of all non-Americans but to me, it’s very clear at times that his race is a problem to some people. Just my two cents.

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        The Bush years were a lot worse, one assault on reason and global stability after another. He and his partners are war criminals. Obama has led a relatively quiet, fairly productive, scandal-free administration, with the main source of controversy being the disgusting opposition he has faced in the Republican-controlled Congress. It’s hard to hear rich people complain about Obama when they became even wealthier during his administration, given how he didn’t go after Wall Street.

        Of course it’s his race and your two cents are good ones!

    • Syko says:

      Exactly. What’s been so bad about the last four or five years, other than the congressional obstructionism?

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        You said it in one sentence!

      • Kitten says:

        It’s true that so many of President Obama’s failures as a president can be directly tied to McConnell and crew blocking him at every turn, to an alarming degree actually.

  6. Good god yes says:

    Angie will be pic of sexiness and grace as she struts her stuff while solving world’s problems. In a decade she is in public office via UN she has solved refugee crisis by bringing awareness through her innumerable photoshoots and her handy note pad and pen. Angie’s fans have helped collect billions of dollars coz of awareness she brought. Love the queen. Angie for President

  7. Bichon says:

    AJ is many things but sweet girl not among them. Yet he means this as a compliment and he’s from a different generation.

    • Maya says:

      I didn’t know you knew Angelina to claim she is not sweet..

      People who have actually met her and spend time with ALL say she is sweet and down to earth. Are they all wrong and you are right?????

      • Grant says:

        People say that about Jennifer Aniston too, you know.

      • Tarsha says:

        Grant, once again the Anistonloons always have to drag Aniston into it, you people are nuts. Btw, lets not forget Jay Mohr slammed her for being an abusive bully on set, and also her ex-room mate wrote a book about how spiteful, jealous and manipulative she is. Angelina has had none of that…. Never heard a bad word said about Angelina from anyone who has worked closely with her.

    • Tarsha says:

      Why is she not sweet? Angelina seems very sweet to many people. And you only have to read the testimonies of people who worked for her and worked with her to know that.

  8. Nancy says:

    Jon Voight couldn’t even honor his daughter’s wishes about Maddox. Angelina is 40 something years old Burt, not a “girl.” I call all men boys so I guess I’m guilty as well, but they all know I’m joking. I guess I’ll give Burt a pass since he’s about 100 years old….times does fly, this man was once a centerfold in Cosmo and had the ladies swooning. Oh my….

  9. lucy2 says:

    So Bert thinks someone being nice to him qualifies them to lead a nation? OK then.

  10. Carol says:

    I can’t imagine Jon Voight being a good candidate for anything that has to do with governing people let alone being the President.

  11. Mariogold says:

    How can AJ run for POTUS? Please I get many ppl like her here but she lacks the qualifications to be even a local, smaller politician. Yet alone run for the big office.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      Anyone can run for office, if they are a citizen. If she is of age and a ‘natural born’ citizen, she can run for the Presidency, too. Candidates have to demonstrate their fitness for office, and may or may not have a record of achievements to point to. That’s on them.

      Long list of people said to be unqualified held that office. Not saying they all made great presidents, but … Ronald Reagan was an actor who became involved with politics. Arnold Schwarzenegger became governor of California (no comment on what happened after).
      Donald Trump is a TV star and rich-born real-estate developer with 4 bankruptcies to his credit and he could run for office, too.

      In short, there are no set qualifications other than a desire to contribute one’s time and energy to self-governance, and the Constitution spells out just a few more requirements.

      Having a Constitutional lawyer and Senator with on-the-ground community experience in the top job is actually pretty rare, and look how much Congress has appreciated that.

      • Who ARE these people? says:


      • Marigold says:

        I know anyone can run but its not that simple. You need to be highly educated and hold a political position in politics. Which Jolie has neither.

      • Y Colette says:

        @ Marigold Ben Carson nor Donald Trump has held any political offices yet they ran for president.Jolie has no interest in politics but she COULD run for POTUS

    • Maya says:

      No one here is wishing her to run for the presidency.

      A old man namedrops her and people who dislikes her jumps on her.

  12. Div says:

    Eh, I side-eye anyone who likes Trump as a person but I think his comments about Angelina were nice here. He’s the same age or older than her father and knew her as a child, so I understand why he referred to her as a girl and I don’t think it was a sexist thing.

  13. sofie says:

    Why are people putting Jolie down? She hasn’t even said anything. As for the person who was sarcastic about Jolie, she co -founded anti rape with Hague and they have just helped get a conviction for war crimes. That’s not nothing and she has built conservations and schools for girls so don’t tell me she doesn’t do anything but walk around with a notebook.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      Thank you. She’s very accomplished, probably more so as a humanitarian than an actress (and definitely more so than as a director), and that deserves our admiration and respect.

    • Marigold says:

      Nobody is putting her down for petes sake. Saying she is unqualified to run for the highest office in America is not being cruel to her. In order to become POTUS, you need to have alot of political experience, be highly educated and know about other things then doing charity work.
      You need to know about taxes, income, healthcare, education and dozens of other things. Which she does not have.
      Its like me saying people are mean to say Tom Cruise can’t do brain surgery. Its not mean, he does not have the qualifications for it.

      • Paige says:

        She’s not running. I don’t even think Burt Reynolds was serious. I don’t think saying she isn’t qualified for POTUS is putting her down, but saying her charity work is basically just a photo op and she hasn’t helped anyone, is putting her down. Case in the point, the comment above. That’s what people are talking about not her being qualified for president.
        Donald Trump doesn’t have a political background. He’s just a rich old man that thinks he can run the USA.

    • Maya says:

      @Sofie – it’s been like that for years. It’s doesn’t matter she has given millions to charity, spends hours with victims, built 30 schools for girls and pays for the running of those schools herself, co created the wartime rape initiate which just got a rapist jailed at the war tribunal.

      Haters will ignore all that and still claim she does nothing.

  14. BNA FN says:

    @oli, did you know when DT’s. comments are compared to ALL the other candidates running for President, fact checked, it was showed that he lied more than any candidate running for Pres. Fact check found he lies every five minutes.

  15. BNA FN says:

    @oli, did you know when DT’s. comments are compared to ALL the other candidates running for President, fact checked, it was showed that he lied more than any candidate running for Pres. Fact check found he lies every five minutes.

  16. Bee says:

    More information on just some of what AJ has accomplished. Some of you are acting like Angelina herself is saying she should run!!

    Student excels at Angelina Jolie Pitt-funded girls school in Kenya camp

    KAKUMA REFUGEE CAMP, Kenya, March 27 (UNHCR) – Naomi Chol studied at a school funded and supported by Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie Pitt, but the 16-year-old from South Sudan has become a celebrity herself in a Kenyan refugee camp.

    “Everywhere I go, people call me and come to shake my hand,” she tells visitors to Kakuma camp where she studied in a school known locally as the Angelina Jolie Primary School. It was set up by the UNHCR Special Envoy in 2002 to cater for girls with special protection needs.

    The reason for all the attention is Naomi’s excellent performance in the annual Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exams, which took place last November. More than 880,000 students sat the exam nationwide this year and Naomi scored 418 out of a possible 500 marks – the highest mark in the district in which Kakuma is located.

    That’s not the only good news: the school, which opened with an initial enrolment of 150 girls, recorded an 86 percent pass rate. Today, some 250 girls study there, including refugees from Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Burundi and Uganda as well as some girls from the host community.

    Naomi’s achievement is a tribute to the quality of education provided at the boarding school and to the policy, promoted by Jolie Pitt and UNHCR, of trying to ensure that all refugees get at least a primary education. Many of the 1,500 girls at the school who sat this year’s exams will hope to move on to secondary school.

    “The school has consistently performed well since its inception,” noted UNHCR education officer, Mohamud Hure, who added that Naomi’s achievement “further cements the importance and impact of providing a safe learning environment for refugees.” She’s also become an inspiration to others. “We are proud of what she has achieved,” says Anyuak, a Class 5 student.

    Naomi knows that she was lucky with her education and that the conditions at some other schools in Kakuma and elsewhere are tough. Problems include overcrowding, lack of qualified teachers, and shortage of school equipment and supplies. “I am lucky to have studied in a boarding school as it gave me more time to focus on studies. My parents also encouraged me a lot and reminded me of the great opportunity I have to be in school,” she says.

    Things did not look so rosy in 2008, when her family fled conflict in their home area of South Sudan’s Upper Nile state and made their way to Kenya’s capital Nairobi. Her parents wanted her to get a good education but could not afford it. They decided to send her to stay with an aunt in Kakuma, where she was enrolled in 2012 as a boarder at the primary school.

    Many other girls in the camp had given up on their studies, Naomi noted. “Most of my friends were just staying at home and some were even getting married. I didn’t want that for myself,” she adds.

    Naomi has a goal: “I want to be a neurosurgeon. I love science and I know there aren’t many female neurosurgeons in the region, but I believe in myself,” she explains. And she hopes her next school, the respected Loreto Matunda Boarding School in Lodwar (a national school that is one of the top schools in the district) will bring her closer to that goal.

    She also dreams of lasting peace in South Sudan so that she can help rebuild the country after so many years of conflict, both before and after independence in 2011. “Excelling in my education is the best gift I can offer to my country because, with education, one can achieve anything in life.”

    Her message is a welcome one and shared by many other students. But UNHCR struggles to find places for all those primary students wishing to continue their studies in one of the four secondary schools in Kakuma.

    Naomi’s teachers in Kakuma acknowledge this challenge and admit that deserving students like her need to be enrolled in good schools where they can continue to excel. “Chol is an obedient and bright girl,” says Isabella Muthoni, head teacher of the school. “She has made us all very proud and what she has achieved is not only a major boost for all the girls, but it is also proof that any girl under any circumstances can achieve success.”

  17. Glory Be to Queen says:

    Let’s not forget our beloved queen put an end to wartime rape and personally put criminals to jail. Not to mentions her schools that are talk of world. Heard she refused Nobel Peace Prize and The Presidential Freedoom Medal.

  18. stinky says:

    clicking here instead of the Kardashian post!

  19. Harryg says:

    I like Burt. His memoirs (both the first and the new one) were a great read.

  20. pinetree13 says:

    I hadn’t read Trump’s comments on Jolie before and they were disgusting. This more than anything else i have read, made me realize how truly misogynistic he is. How could any woman ever support this man? He talks about Jolie like she is a Cow at the county fair. Going so far as to say her “Lips are too big” to be attractive and “she doesn’t have a pretty face” like what the hell?

    Disgusting. I’m so disgusted.

  21. sofie says:

    @Glory be to Queen What is your problem ? You act like she has done something to you. Why are you putting down and being bitchy about you know the things she has done for others?

  22. Meh says:

    He needs to stop talking.

  23. Dangles says:

    I guess it’s no more ridiculous than Reagan being president.

  24. Carrot says:

    She’d never get past the intra-party nominations. All her comments about being in mental institutions and drug past. Sorry, that’s just a fact. Her whole past will be dragged up and microscopically examined. Whether she’s qualified or not is another thing altogether. She’s better off doing her volunteer work.

    • Tarsha says:

      She has never made any comments about being in mental institutions. She never has been in one. And her drug past of ‘experimenting’ is no worse than anyone else. She has never been in trouble with the law. She has never been arrested for anything. She is respected and has a good name.

      • Carrot says:

        She has at least on two occasions. During the BB Thorton marriage period, she mentioned she read some script in a mental institution and she said she was committed for a few days when she thought she lost Billy Bob.

        I like AJ – she’s very honest and hardworking even though she can just kick back now – but I’m not a BJloon, so I’m realistic about her chances. I’m sorry, but that’s just a fact. I mean, they attack Hillary Clinton for going to the toilet for too long during a debate. What do you think they’re going to do about someone who is on record saying she’s tried everything and liked cutting during sex, etc? She’s just not political material.

  25. maggie says:

    He’s obviously lost his marbles.

  26. L says: