Paula Abdul claims she’s never been drunk; never addicted to pills


Paula Abdul has had a rough go of it. Over the past four years she’s had some bouts of very erratic behavior, leading to gossip of drunkenness or a pill problem. Abdul has always denied this, and claimed it was the result of medication she’s taken for reflex sympathetic dystrophy, which is a type of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, along with the 15 surgeries she’s endured since an accident in 1992. She’s also claimed she’s never been addicted to any drug, but that’s a fuzzy line. A person can obviously be addicted but think they’re not.

Paula just gave a lengthy interview to Nightline, in which she repeated that she’s never been addicted to anything. She also says she’s never been drunk. All claims that are a little hard to believe.

“I’ve never been addicted to any prescription drugs. I’ve never been drunk. I’ve worked my whole life,” Abdul told “Nightline” in an exclusive interview. Despite undergoing 15 surgeries since a neck injury in 1992, Abdul said she has never taken addictive painkillers.

“I will not take those drugs,” Abdul said. “And you can check my medical records. There is nothing like that. I was never on Oxycontin or Vicodin or anything like that. I was on nerve medicine and anti-inflammatories.”

Last week ABC News followed up on Abdul’s offer to “check her medical records,” asking for her permission to speak to one of her doctors. She declined.

[From ABC News]

ABC‘s article is incredibly long, and they go over much of Paula’s erratic behavior point by point. It all adds up to… well not making sense. At times, Paula has said she’s been on medication for pain, and that resulted in some odd behavior. I found that perfectly plausible and understandable. But now she’s saying she’s never been on anything? That doesn’t make sense.

Paula took it too far when she said she’s never taken any addictive painkillers. I find it hard to believe for someone who’s undergone 15 surgeries. We’re seriously supposed to believe she got through each one without potentially addictive painkillers? When I had surgery for a torn rotator cuff, my doctor had me on Oxycodone and Oxycontin for six weeks, and I was still in extraordinary pain for the first week. I can’t imagine how a person could have surgery with lesser, non-addictive painkillers.

And we’re really supposed to believe Paula’s never been drunk? Ever? It’s one thing if she meant she’s never been sloshed on American Idol. I don’t know that I’d believe it, but that’s a normal thing for her to say and want us to believe. But to expect the public to believe she’s never been drunk in her life? That’s naïve.

I don’t blame her for refusing to let ABC look through her medical files. That’s the kind of thing you say to prove your point. No matter what came out of my mouth, I wouldn’t actually let an investigative news team leaf through my medical history. But come on Paula – if nothing else, she stop talking about this. The more she talks, the further she digs the hole.

Here’s Paula at Koi on March 10th. Images thanks to Fame Pictures .

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15 Responses to “Paula Abdul claims she’s never been drunk; never addicted to pills”

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  1. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    Yup, she’s never been drunk and never been hooked on pills. Righto,

    There must be another explanation for her erractic behaviour and insane ramblings on live television every week then.

  2. neelyo says:

    On her reality show, she was being accused of being drunk or hooked on something and she was very upset and ranting. I remember her distinctly saying something like, ‘I don’t do (PAUSE) illegal drugs.’ She was very clear about putting that disclaimer in there.

    She seems like one of those people who thinks because it’s prescribed, it’s okay to eat it like candy.

  3. Roni says:

    If she IS telling the truth…I think there’s something that she is doing OR taking…I just don’t believe her because NO normal person acts like that; I’ve watched that show she had on the Bravo channel and she wasn’t behaving like a sober individual to me! But hey, that’s just my opinion!

  4. cara says:


  5. Ryo says:

    She really shouldn’t try lying about this. If you admit you were taking pills or drunk or whatever, it’s always, “Oh that’s so sad, I’m glad she got clean, it was probably the pressure.” But the second you lie you lose any sympathy.

  6. flo says:


  7. Wow says:

    Reminds me of Anna Nicole Smith. I believe she and Howard claimed she wasn’t on any drugs. We assumed different then and we certainly know now that was a lie.

    Yeah, Paula needs to stop talking about this. We’re going to think whatever we think anyway. The truth always comes out regardless, so she should just not even entertain questions about it anymore.

  8. Carena says:

    By never she means always…

  9. the original kate says:

    she’s never been drunk? didn’t she spend prom outside in the parking lot, passing around a bottle of mad dog and then throwing up on her dress and splashing her friend’s shoes? wait, that was me! seriously though, unless she’s a mormon or something i’m not buying the claim that she’s never been drunk.

  10. skldfj says:

    LOL she looks drunk every time shes on American Idol!

  11. DD says:

    oh paula, the fact that you claim you’ve never ever been drunk in your entire life probably proves you are a big fat liar. Everyone I have ever known has been drunk at least one time in their life. It’s like a rite of passage.

  12. Anoneemouse says:

    I think I’d rather people thought I was drunk than let them think I was nuts.

  13. Lil says:

    Guess it’s just crack, coke, meth, insert whatever substance you’d liek here cause this broad is not “clean”

  14. cherryblossom says:

    Yeah, no. When I had to get some work done on my neck last year they gave me all sorts of fun drugs to take…and I took them but was still in absolute agony. Unless she’s magical I seriously doubt she could go through 15 drug free.

    Maybe she has a mental disorder? I know some thing can make you seem drunk or high even when you aren’t.

  15. j. ferber says:

    Gotta love Paula. Improbable as it seems, she’s survived for years in Hollywood and has a genuine success with
    American Idol. Loopy as hell, but successful. Give the woman some credit.