Levi Johnston avoids Larry King’s sex questions because he’s a ‘gentleman’

Levi Johnston, former fiance and baby-daddy of Bristol Palin, keeps doing interviews. I’m at a loss for Levi’s logic, wondering what the hell he’s trying to accomplish. After doing interviews with Tyra Banks and the CBS Early Show, this time Levi took his story to Larry King Live. Larry, in his patented toadish way, asked Levi graphic sex questions. I never thought I’d say this, but I miss Tyra Banks’ journalistic ways.

Levi tried not to answer many of the graphic questions, claiming “I’m a gentleman, you know. And I don’t, you know, kiss and tell.” Except for all of those times that he did, you know.

Having sex is one thing, talking about it in a public forum is quite another.

Asked by CNN’s Larry King on Thursday night, “Where did sex occur in their house?,” Johnston, the former fiance of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol – and a Palin household resident while he and Bristol were together – answered, “You know, Larry, that I’m a gentleman, you know. And I don’t, you know, kiss and tell. So, you know, I don’t think that really – that really matters.”

So, if he won’t disclose where, how about how?

“First you said you practiced safe sex most of the time, right?” King asked the 18-year-old, who replied, “Right.”

“Most of the time,” reiterated King.

“Most of the time,” said Johnston.

In light of Bristol Palin’s widely covered pregnancy and delivery, King noted, “We know that one time that didn’t happen … Were you surprised at the pregnancy?”

“A little bit, yes. It came as a bit of a shock,” said Johnston – who, in fact, is not a total stranger to discussing his sex life on television.

From People Magazine

There is no new news here, but I still find it interesting. Some pundits on cable news have claimed that Levi is actually some kind of evil genius with a political agenda. Or that Levi is just a young father who was treated poorly by the Palin family, who wants to see more of his son, and he has an ax to grind. In any case, I really wonder if Levi has thought this one through. If he keeps it up, Gov. Palin is just going to shoot him.

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  1. geronimo says:

    Ugh! A 75 yr old man asking an 18yr old boy sleazy and prurient Qs about his sex life?? Triple ugh! Levi may be od’ing the interviews but he, at least, has the excuse of being 18 and having a valid grievance against his nearly-in-laws. What’s Larry King’s excuse??

  2. becca says:

    A “gentleman?”

    Your old myspace profile says otherwise Johnston.

  3. photo jojo says:

    Maybe King is looking for tips on how to knock up his (much) younger wife again? *shrug*

  4. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    Ugh *shudder* why is Larry getting his jollies asking about where exactly in the house Levi did it with his ex girlfriend. That is FOUL.

  5. yadira says:

    What is the point of this interview?

  6. RAN says:

    Agree with the poster’s above. Don’t care who’s right or wrong, but Larry is/was waaaayyy out of line.

  7. Trillion says:

    Is Larry King trying to be a more subtle Howard Stern or something?

  8. bittercup says:

    Creepy…but it is to be expected on some level since the Democrat Party seems to be interested in EVERYTHING that happened before, during and after the Palin/Johnston baby was conceived. For a group that wants people a out of their bedrooms that can’t seem to tame their interest in what happened in that bedroom.

    I hope Levi is getting paid for all of these..being a useful idiot doesn’t pay the bills!

  9. Texas Gal says:

    There ALWAYS has to be at least one person that brings up something radical & unrelevant.
    Wth does the Democrat Party have anything to do w/this stupid interview?

  10. anon says:

    yeah, Texas Gal, I was wondering the same thing.

    to bittercup (aptly named), how is it that you get to your conclusion based on this interview?

    are you one of those sore-losers who can’t believe that a (GASP!) negro won the election?

  11. sallymae says:

    EVERYONE wants to know what goes on in celebrity (and I use that word loosely) bedrooms.

    the diff btwn the dems and the repubs is that the repubs want to dictate what you can and can’t do.

  12. Anoneemouse says:

    Nothing more scary that Larry King trying to climb into bed with you….ewwwww!

  13. Codzilla says:

    anon: Negro? I know you were being sarcastic, but that just sounded really bad.

  14. daisy424 says:

    I’d shoot the little shithead too, if he betrayed my daughter in that manner.
    Who the hell actually thought they would ever get married and live happily ever after? Please, they’re teens.

    Agree with Codzilla RAN here, wtf?

    @Texas girl; “…one person that brings up something radical & unrelevant (sic)”.
    Agree with that part of your statement. Read the comment below yours and who’s is agreeing with you. Anon added race to their comment.

    @Trillion, I think he is senile, his interviews and CNN have gone downhill in recent years.

    Larry King is acting like a perv.

  15. cherryblossom says:

    What does the “where” aspect have anything to do with it? It’s okay if they did it in the den but not the kitchen or something?

    And, just sort of a mini side rant: The idiots say they were careful “most of the time” yet the pregnancy came as a “suprise”? Is there any intelligent life under the age of 20?

  16. Dirty Martini says:

    Oh Geez.

    Aren’t his 15 minutes up yet?

    Why is this kid still pandering his said story on national TV news shows? If he had any feeling for that result of the dip into the gene pool………..

    he’d stop, shut up, go back to Alaska, get a job, grow up, and get out of my line of sight.

  17. Texas Gal says:

    If you have a problem w/anon’s comment then you call him out just as I called out bittercup. Why you felt the need to even mention me is beyond me!
    Not that I have to explain myself but I’ll amuse you. By the time I clicked on the story I saw Codzilla’s comment & saw no need t add another, I agree comment.

  18. brista says:

    If he keeps it up, Gov. Palin is just going to shoot him.

    …from a helicopter.

  19. bittercup says:

    Texas Gal-

    What is your problem- where race is mentioned in my comment is in your sick head. But that is what you Obamabots resort to when you have nothing to say ..which is ALL OF THE TIME

  20. Texas Gal says:

    Well, I know what your problem is. You can’t read! I never said that you mentioned anything about race. I was commenting about the fact that you mentioned the Democratic Party which had NOTHING to do w/Larry King’s interview!
    Daisy424 is talking about anon’s comment, you momo.

  21. daisy424 says:

    Texas girl, The point I was trying to make was in reference to your comment about bittercup bringing up the Dems.

    Right after your comment anon agreed with you and then added a racial element to the conversation. Which I was pointing out to you.

    I find this a regular occurrence when someone is trying to make a point about either party being more/less fair, then screwing up their message by adding their own little dig. It’s counter productive, stereotyping and hypocritical.