LeAnn Rimes has a blinged out ‘BONUS’ bracelet: amazing or ridiculous?


A few weeks ago, I wrote about LeAnn Rimes and her outfit at her stepson’s soccer game. That time, she wore short-shorts and a cropped top with a deep V-neck and what seemed like no bra. It was inappropriate, but then again, I usually find LeAnn to be a pretty inappropriate person.

Well, these are photos from another weekend game for her stepsons. Once again, Brandi Glanville was there to support her sons and Brandi even sat relatively close to LeAnn. LeAnn’s outfit this time did seem to be a bit better. Most moms/stepmoms were wearing shorts, and LeAnn paired hers with a simple t-shirt and a flannel tied around her waist. It’s fine. Not so fine? Brandi Glanville flashed everybody as she was setting up her seat. According to X17, LeAnn was sort of grim about the whole situation. I imagine next weekend, LeAnn will be wearing a gauzy minidress and SHE will bend over and flash everyone.

Meanwhile, this was too funny not to post – LeAnn Instagrammed this photo of her jewelry several days ago. Note the giant “BONUS” bracelet. My God. It’s like getting a blinged-out “STEPMUTHA 4 LIFE” necklace or something.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Instagram.

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  1. GlimmerLinnie says:

    God, it’s gotta be so awkward for Brandi and Leann at those games. I don’t know why they just don’t decide to go to every other one, so they don’t have to be close to each other…

    The bracelet is super tacky.

    • Kittahlove83 says:

      I’m just starting to think they both like the awkward attention it gives them.

    • Tate says:

      I think it would be more appropriate for LeAnn to take a step back every once in awhile but clearly that is not going to happen. Brandi is mom, I don’t see why she should have to miss any soccer games because of Leann.

      • Dani says:

        Maybe the kids ask Leann to come? It seems as if they have a good relationship, so you never really know.

      • paleokifaru says:

        @Dani that could be it. A few months into marriage my SS asked me to a school event that my husband couldn’t make. We decided I should go since it was important to SS. His mom made it really horrible and no matter how polite I was she wouldn’t stop. I cried as soon as I was alone. It was awful but it made me more resolved to continue being the polite, respectful and friendly person and set a good example for SS. It took 2 years for his mom to realize that she was looking bad to her son. Once she did I didn’t hold it against her and we now save each other seats.
        In this situation doesn’t seem like any adult has been able to stick out actual appropriate adult behavior long enough to elicit real change. Which is too bad. Shame on all of them.
        And that bracelet is hideous.

      • claire says:

        She’s pretended to be sick and cancelled concerts just to make sure Eddie isn’t alone at these games. Most of the times she’s dressed like she’s going to a nightclub, with her boobs hanging out. I don’t think she goes to support the kids and they’d probably not care if she wasn’t there. If your stepmom is just preening on the sidelines and making out with your dad during the game, are you really gonna miss that?

      • Tammy says:

        I am going to catch heat for this… but why shouldn’t Leann attend the kids soccer games?

      • jenn12 says:

        If she’s respectful, no reason, but she goes dressed in very inappropriate clothing and makes out with their father nonstop. And it wasn’t cool when the affair first came out, they weren’t even divorced yet, and she would go, making out with EC the whole time, and put the kids on her lap and tweet about the games. Finally, if she’s going to go, she needs to stop alerting the paps. That’s why.

      • Nerdista says:

        I think it’s rude to assume a stepmother has less rights to love and support children as a bio mom. Mom’s are the worst.

    • Bambilee23 says:

      Oh my god that bracelet is a nightmare. I feel terrible for the boys throughout all this bs. They likely don’t care about LeAnn as much as she forces, and the more she forces, the more painfully awkward it is. Also, Brandi’s bare ass is like 2 inches from that kid’s head. Pull it together, woman!

      • Aussie girl says:

        Ha!!! Pull it together women comment is gold 😆

      • Alix says:

        I wonder when LeAnn decided to buy it for herself! Does she claim it was a gift?

      • mynamechanges says:

        it’s true, Bambilee23! my mom married my step-dad 10 years ago, and he tried to force his “love” on my sisters and I almost immediately. We weren’t receptive at all since it always seemed so fake. The more him and my mom tried to force it on us, the more we resisted, to this day! Rather than give us time to mesh together, they forced it on us like we’d been a happy family the whole time, and not some weird, fake creation of a family. It certainly was awkward for us, so it is undoubtedly awkward for Brandi’s kids.

      • Bambilee23 says:

        Oh man, mynamechanges, that sucks. I’m sorry! It’s hard enough to adapt in that situation, but the overaggressive, like, “everything’s perfect! love! happy!” act can be so painful! And LeAnn’s “Planet Look At Me, Look At Me,” is just a nightmare. In my head its like – LeAnn: “Call me Bonus Mom!” – Kids: “No thank you.” And that’s the polite version! Haha :)

        On a different note- this may be old news, but it bugs me that LeAnn scrubs her comments. I was looking at the pic like- only 23 comments? But then I saw that they’re all happy, shiny butt-kiss comments. Do you think she pays someone to do that?? Or is she filtering it herself and, like, voodoo-dolling each critical commenter??

    • blue banana says:

      actually- do you KNOW how many soccer games there are in a season? a TON. i highly doubt they are both at all. The times they are photographed and in the mags is actually pretty small in number compared to the number of games in a season. Times that by two for two different aged (and presumably different teams) boys.

      bracelet – awful, i would have traded it in

    • Jess says:

      I wish LeAnn had done that in the beginning of their relationship, but she was too insecure to leave Eddie alone with Brandi. She definitely needs to let the boys be alone with their parents occasionally but we all know that’s never gonna happen.

    • Evesweeter says:

      I hope Brandi sues for sexual harassment and in the process they get the truth through court about Leann paying paps to do these things. This way there is proof to Leanns manipulative actions and maybe the boys can be protected since their father won’t stop this. The boys team needs to stop this! Parents can’t attend without sexual pictures taken and posted all over the internet for mean horrible reasons. Sue, Brandi. Press charges. This is not ok for any woman tk have to accept.

  2. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Embarrassing. That’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s time for both these women to disappear.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      Almost as ugly as Brandi’s butt! Did you look at the photos? And there’s a young boy sitting directly in front of her! This goes against everything I ever learned about not displaying one’s lady bits. Even if she was born in a barn she had to know what was going to happen.

      • Kitten says:

        Yeah…..I’m not going to body shame her but those pics were REALLY bad.
        It doesn’t make sense to wear a dress that short when you know you’re going to be laying down on a blanket or a beach chair–at your kid’s soccer game, no less.

        Meanne’s bonus bracelet and all her jewelry is tacky as hell.

      • aaa says:

        It looks like Brandi went for a two-fer – flashing her backside to the camera and giving Eddie’s father a close-up view of her cleavage.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Omg, that romper is so wedgified it looks painful.

      • jenn12 says:

        It’s not a dress, it’s a romper (shorts) but it was a crap choice. She needs to put a bra on, and while the romper is okay when she’s walking, it isn’t okay when she bends over. But WTF with the body shaming? And you wonder why women have body issues.

  3. Erinn says:

    So tacky – but she always has the worst taste in… well. Most things, actually.

    • Jayna says:

      LOL So true. That bonus bracelet is so ugly and just so look-at-me.

      • SydneySnider says:

        Jayna, I recently saw some almost identical bangles at a local market. They were made of polished metal and either engraved with “FRIENDS”, “ANGEL” or whatever, or similar words spelled out in rhinestones. They were less than $10 and teenage girls seemed quie interested in them. The rose gold does not make hers look any better, unfortunately.

    • Sarah(too) says:

      She wins the outfit award, however. What is Brandi wearing? A negligee? Her kids must be soooooo proud.

      • gwen says:

        Not a negligee but a hideous romper. Maybe she forgot to look in the mirror before leaving the house.
        Leann’s bracelet is silly and she’s obviously needing some attention.

    • Wren says:

      In the unlikely event that the bracelet was a gift from her stepsons, I can see wearing it with pride, no matter how terrible it looks. Buuuuut I’m 99% confident that this is not the case.

  4. Jayna says:

    At least this time LeAnn is dressed appropriately for the kid’s game.

    I’m surprised you aren’t covering what Brandi had on. It was so tacky. Boobs hanging out like she was in lingerie, and she was bending over and they had a full ass-hanging-out shot with kids around.

    Both of these women are so tacky. I can’t be bothered with either. Can’t they just show up to a kids’ game and dress with a little modesty? Just a “little.” I’m not asking much. LOL

    • Erinn says:

      The shorts are borderline- depending on what she’s doing. They’re still really short, and baggy in the thighs, so depending on how she’s sitting she could easily be flashing half of her underwear. But the top half of her looks great, especially in comparison to the last game. I’d wear the t-shirt and flannel for sure.

      • briargal says:

        Who says she wears underwear? With that shirt worn with the sleeves hanging down at least she was covering up her hooha if she sat with her legs spread or crosslegged! The pants are so baggy that gaps could have shown everything!

        And I agree with others Brandi’s outfit was disgusting! They both need some fashion lessons!

    • Christin says:

      Eddie is the one dressed as if he’s truly there to attend a kids’ game and not pose for paps. Leann looks better than usual, but I agree with Erinn about the gaping thigh shorts.

      If the women cannot stand proper undergarments, why not wear a regular* bikini under their outfits?

      * Sans any fringe or long strings that might hang out.

    • jenn12 says:

      She did have underwear on, but needed a bra. She needed to realize that though the romper wasn’t super short, you have to think about what happens when you bend over. She is generally okay at games. But what really bugs me is why aren’t we saying it isn’t cool to take pictures of women when they aren’t posing and something is exposed? These paps shoot up skirts, go behind women for booty shots- it’s disgusting and crosses a hell of a lot of lines. I am not just talking about Brandi, either. Just because someone has a short skirt on doesn’t mean you should try to take pictures up their clothing.

  5. Jules says:

    Big deal, she bought some bling and pretended her unemployed hubby did.

  6. Naya says:

    I was just thinking after reading the Goop post how much I enjoy crazy celebs and then I saw this. Leann is a prime example of bad crazy. Its not entertaining, its just scary and makes me pity the people around her.

    • Jayna says:

      You’ve missed it. Lately she has taken to copying Brandi again. Brandi tweets something about roses. LeAnn tweets something about roses I think the same day a few hours after or the next day. It is so bizarre.

      Brandi tweeted a photo of herself sitting on the floor beside her bed surrounded by some of her things. I can’t remember what. LeAnn within a day I think tweets a photo of herself sitting on the floor besides her bed with things artfully posed surrounding her. I kid you not.

      The girl is MENTAL.

      • Naya says:

        I can believe that! Is there a site that catalogues the copying? If not, somebody should start one.

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        She looks as though she is trying to achieve Brandi levels of thinness again, too.
        Ex-lax, anyone?

      • Apsutter says:

        Oh man… She must be having a field day stalking Brandi’s podcast 😂

      • burnsie says:

        Naya, try WeWe Drama. there’s a blog post from 2013 or so that’s a massive dump of all the SWF-ing

      • Izzy says:

        Seriously, at some point, Ediot is going to up and leave her, and she will come completely unhinged, and if I were Brandi, I would seriously consider hiring a security team at that point. The single-white-female thing that has been going on for SO LONG is just creepy.

    • Dlo says:

      @naya. I agree, it is sad that her pos husband does nothing to help her. Her mental state IMO is getting worse and all Edna does is ignore it and her. Used to like B, not so much anymore, just feel bad for the boys

  7. Tate says:

    She is really off her rocker. Who would buy themselves something like that???

  8. Ghast my flabber says:

    As a longstanding reader of this site, I’m well acquainted with this lunatics antics, but recently I started following her on IG, and quite frankly, even I, a seasoned Rimes veteran, am shocked by her level of delusion.

    Leann if you’re reading, love, please go and get some help. You are off the charts insane.

    • Cici says:

      I admit, I used to get a good chuckle out of following LeAnn’s antics. I thought all the criticism she got was well-deserved. Now I wish people would just leave her alone and stop talking about her. She has some truly deep issues and insecurities that she should work on with a therapist. I don’t know how much Eddie is in the picture anymore, but her life has been nothing but a mess since he’s been in it.

    • claire says:

      She’s certifiable. Can you imagine a day with her? Obsessed with quotes and pinterest and tweeting all day with total losers? Emotionally and intellectually she’s in the teen range – that’s gotta be weird to be involved with someone like that.

    • AmyB says:

      I agree — it’s almost not funny anymore. She is one of those people that just screams “I need a therapist” yet I doubt she could even be that honest with herself, let alone an experienced psychotherapist. Now looking back on everything, I agree with the observation that Dean must have kept the crazy away for bit; at least to the public. But when the affair, divorce, etc. happened, there was no one there to reign her in. At this point, she is her own worst enemy and if she had any sense AT ALL: get off social media, do some intensive psychotherapy (and you don’t do f**king interviews about it — just do it!!) and deal with your deep seeded issues of insecurity and narcissism (and whatever other addictions are present, alcohol? drugs? eating disorder? are all possible in my eyes). Girl needs serious help. She has a great voice, shame she just threw all that away.

      • Christin says:

        Agree. I think she once said she’s been in therapy for years, but whether that is just head-nodding therapy, or whether she does her part to work on issues is the big question mark.

      • AmyB says:

        I agree @Christin. Fact is there are some very ineffective and poorly trained therapists out there. I had to go to several before I found one to combat my anorexia and depression when I was in my twenties. I saw him for almost 10 years, and he called me out on my crap, which is part of what I needed! People can say they have been to therapy, but that does not always been it has been effective. Part of successful therapy is about being honest; I doubt LeAnn can be honest about anything.

      • claire says:

        Absolutely. You’re not doing well mentally, no matter how many times you state otherwise, when you have to spend a portion off your day finding tons of ‘inspirational’ quotes to twist into validation for yourself. Not to mention all the lies she tells that are obvious lies and she’s so delusional she doesn’t get it. And not to mention all the time she has to spend online getting compliments from her weirdo loser fans.

      • Janie says:

        Deep SEATED. Deep-seated. Not ‘seeded’.

  9. Lille says:

    Oh! I made the mistake oh looking at the photos of Brandi. I just feel….. Sorry for her.

    • Kitten says:

      Honestly, I kinda do too. Yeah she’s dressed totally inappropriately but those pics are really unflattering and shouldn’t have been posted anywhere.
      I’m so happy I’m not a celebrity..I’d probably cry myself to sleep every night.

      • Lady D says:

        Me too, Kitten. I’d avoid the internet and all other social media platforms too.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Yes, except when you’re wearing something that short, you know better than to bend from the waist. I think she did it on purpose.

      • aaa says:

        I think that it was on purpose too, she is bending over to rummage through her handbag that was close by on the ground between her chair and Eddie’s father’s chair. Why not just pick up the bag and rummage through it on her lap? If I give Brandi the benefit of the doubt then maybe she was only trying inappropriately give Eddie’s father a close up view of her cleavage.

      • jenn12 says:

        Or perhaps we should look at male paps who shouldn’t cross these lines? However you feel about Brandi- and that outfit sucks- doesn’t matter. What matters is that paps shoot up women’s skirts, take photos from behind, and take pictures where the person is unaware and exposed. They don’t pull this crap on guys.

  10. SleepyJane says:

    Leann actually looks good here. Big improvement.

    Brandi looks terrible; as in worrisome terrible. I hope she’s healthy.

    • Snowflake says:

      Yeah, she’s lost a bit of weight. Looks better a little heavier, imo

    • Apsutter says:

      Yea this is the best Leann’s looked in a long time. Much healthier and her hair looks great. Brandi is a classic example of a woman that was naturally skinny her whole life and never worked out regularly to maintain muscle tone. Her legs look absolutely awful and the skin already looks almost crepey and she’s still pretty young

  11. Respect says:

    Falcor’s facial expression staring at b is….disturbing? Frightening? Psychotic? All of the above?

  12. why? says:

    Leann had no other choice but to go out and buy herself that bonus bracelet, Eddie was ignoring her during the happy family Spring Break vacation. Leann took Eddie, Jake, and Mason to Utah for Spring Break and as usual, Eddie insisted that Kiki tag along too. If Eddie loves Leann like she brags, why isn’t he ever alone with her? Leann tweeted that the Cibrian clan were all smiles in Utah, but completely left out that Kiki was in Utah with them. It wasn’t until the last day that she finally admitted that Kiki was in Utah in with them. She bragged about how Kiki had found her an app that makes her make lists.

    No one should be surprised by Leann’s bonus mom bracelet, the ACM awards and iHeart Awards were on Sunday and she couldn’t get an invite to it, so she defaulted to keeping herself relevant by exploiting Jake and Mason.

    How much money does Leann pay Eddie’s parents to participate in these staged soccer photo-ops because they couldn’t even care enough about Leann to spend Easter with Leann. Leann spent Easter Sunday walking through parking lots with Eddie, Jake, and Mason. Then she took Eddie and Kiki to Utah to reward him for letting her set up staged photo-ops with his kids on Easter. She spent every day of the Spring Break vacation tweeting and on instagram posting about how everyone was smiling.

    Leann looks horrible. Those shorts always look like diapers on her. The only reason she has the shirt around her waist is because she read what people said about her the last time she wore those shorts.

    Is that Karla’s daughter sitting next to Leann? Notice how Karla’s daughter is sitting so that the paps don’t get photos of her? Who told her to hide her face? Was it Leann or Karla?

    Leann is just getting desperate. No invite to the ACM awards. She sends out a call to x17 to take photos of them leaving and arriving to Jake’s game. Again, why don’t we ever see photos of Eddie’s parents leaving or arriving to the game? It’s like Leann and Eddie are doing the pap stroll with Jake after his parents walk Jake into the game.

    It’s interesting that as usual, it took regular blogs 2 days to post these photos. So far only the 2 blogs that Leann pays regularly posted the soccer photos.

    Notice that she isn’t wearing the bracelet to the soccer game? Leann didn’t stop with the bracelet, she bought herself a vision board from potterybarn and then tried to say that Eddie bought it for her for Easter. Why is an grown woman gushing over Easter gifts? If it’s an Easter gift, why did he wait a week to get it for her? If Eddie had gotten her the board for Easter, then why didn’t she say this when her fans asked her what Eddie had gotten her for Easter?

    Where is Kiki? Kiki used to be at the soccer games all the time, now she is no where to be found. Why has Leann been hiding Kiki lately? Is it because she is tired of people making fun of her for always having to take Kiki with her and Eddie?

    • Apsutter says:

      Why, you’re always the best at Twitter/Instagram/internet stalking and I love it! I’m beginning to think you’re on the inside…lol

      • why? says:

        All of this information is out there for all to see, Leann is very public about every move she makes. Like for instance, after selling photos from Jake’s Sunday soccer game, Leann now has enough money to pay AKM-GSI to take photos of her, Eddie, and Kiki at LAX today. She posted a photo of her and Eddie at the airport with Eddie’s cheek on her head because people made fun of Leann for always putting her cheek on Eddie.

    • briargal says:

      Poor lil ole Leann! No invite to the ACM’s (although I am sure Shrek tried his darnest–his influence must be losing clout) and Edna ignoring her! Poor child is having some rough times! All of it well earned I must admit!!

  13. PK says:

    Those poor kids. They just cannot win at this point.

  14. Christin says:

    Tacky fashions aside, why are paps allowed to take photos during children’s sporting events? It seems a privacy issue, in addition to being distracting.

    Example — young girl clearly shown behind LR. Did her family sign a release? I don’t understand why the other parents haven’t stopped this nonsense.

    • Marie says:

      Both Brandi and the boys have pleaded for privacy at the boys’ events but Leann and Eddie keep inviting the paps. I think they like harassing Brandi and obviously don’t care what it does to the boys. The other parents should complain.

      • aaa says:

        Brandi can be all over the place so I would not be surprised if here and there she’s brought up privacy but most of her objections have been related to Leann posting pictures on social media and her argument is a self-involved one, she does not want Leann posting holiday pictures of Mason and Jake “looking perfectly happy” because it causes her, aka gives her an excuse, to chug down vodka and “three bottles of chardonnay.”

        According to Brandi one of her sons (Mason) does not like being photographed and the other, Jake, is OK with it, and in fact she has called him a ham. There has not been a picture at one of Mason’s games for years so it looks like both sides are complying with his wishes.

      • why? says:

        Since Eddie stated in court documents that he didn’t want his kids to be exposed to any type of public exposure, Brandi’s request for Leann to stop posting photos and tweeting about her kids isn’t a self involved one. Since 2009, Brandi has always told Leann to stop posting photos and tweeting about her kids. Even some of Leann’s owns fans asked her to stop tweeting and posting photos of Jake and Mason. Before Leann becomes friends with Yahoo, Yahoo used to write many articles about how Leann needed to stop talking about and posting photos about Brandi’s kids.

        There hasn’t been staged photo-ops at Mason’s games because he broke his arm last year while Eddie was watching him and couldn’t play sports.

      • aaa says:

        I consider Brandi’s request a self-involved because she has stated more than once that she does not want Leann posting the pictures because she does not want to see pictures of Mason and Jake “looking perfectly happy” while they are with Eddie and Leann on holidays.

        When Eddie put in his court papers that he did not want his children photographed that was directed at Brandi. It seemed like Eddie was trying to protect his children but it seems to me like he did not want Brandi to use the children as a backdrop in interviews where she was bashing Eddie, so his motives were selfish too.

        There were no pictures of Mason’s sports even before he broke his arm. How do you know that he can no longer play sports as a result of that injury?

      • why? says:

        It’s not self-involved for Brandi to tell Leann to stop posting and tweeting about her kids. The major problem with your self-involved logic is that it wasn’t just Brandi telling Leann to stop tweeting and posting photos of the boys. Some of Leann’s fans asked Leann to stop and an entire blog dedicated articles to telling Leann to stop. Was Yahoo and some of Leann’s fans being self-involved when they asked Leann to stop posting and tweeting about Jake and Mason?

        It doesn’t matter if Eddie’s statement was directed at Brandi, Eddie should be held to the standards that he established in court documents. He said any type of public exposure and his kids are getting public exposure from Leann’s tweets, photos, interviews, and staged photo-ops.

        If Eddie was trying to protect his kids when he made that statement to the courts, then why did he and Leann set up all those staged photo-ops with Mason and Jake in 2009 and use them as a backdrop in interviews to bash Brandi? Eddie isn’t interested in protecting his kids, they are nothing but currency to him. He lets Leann invite the paps to their games and then he gets vacations.

        There were photos of Mason’s sports before he broke his arm. 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 are filled with photos of Leann(wearing short shorts and bending over to expose her bottom) and Eddie making out on the sidelines of Mason’s games.

        How do we know that Mason didn’t play sports last year as a result of his injury? His arm was in a cast. Do you really believe that a coach or parent is going to send a child onto a soccer, baseball, or basketball field with his arm in a cast? We know that Mason broke his arm while Eddie was watching him because of Leann. Leann spent her night tweeting about a family emergency(she was on tour) and then Eddie dropped off his kids to Brandi early so that he could spend his birthday week partying in NYC with Leann and her fans who harass Brandi. One day when Mason didn’t want to jump in the tent with Leann, Eddie, and Jake because of his cast, Leann called him anti-social and said that he was 11.

      • aaa says:

        Eddie flip-flopped when it comes to photos of his sons being in the media, and as I stated in my previous comment I think that his motive for not wanting photos published of his sons was a selfish one.

        I don’t think that there were pictures of Mason’s games in 2014, if it was it was early in the year but I don’t recall seeing pictures from Mason’s sport’s activities since 2013 except for a few pictures on Brandi’s Twitter that looked like a team picture or an awards event.

        You are the one who stated that Mason can’t play sports because he broke his arm last summer, and my question to you was and is how do you know that?

      • Patsy says:

        Brandi has asked until she is blue in the face to cut out the photos particularly with Mason because he hates it. Leann told her she could do what she want. All is well documented on social media. What is wrong with these pics of B is that some pervy photographer paid by Leann would take such intrusive pictures. If this was me or you we would have grounds to have the person arrested. The photos have also been photoshopped to make them a lot worse and thus make B look like a slag. when are we as woman going to stand up against this sleezy exploitation. All recent photos for Mason within Mom he’s given permission and he looks so happy. All the recent pics with Leann, he walks at a distance and is unimpressed. No Mom has babies to lose them for %0% of their time growing up so I understand her request about not posting pics on holidays, I would be distraught not to be with my children all the time. She deserves more credit than she is ever given having to deal with the selfishness and nastiness that is Leann

  15. L says:

    Has it ever been reported why LeAnn and Dean didn’t have their own baby? She seems to really want to be a mother…

    • Patsy says:

      I genuinely think she might have wanted children with Dean but they waited and enjoyed their life together and built her career, till she met Eddie. I really don’t think she wants a baby because she knows Eddie won’t find her as attractive. He said horrible things to B after she gave birth hence her infamous op. Leann is too self centred to have a child and maybe this is the one piece of self enlightenment she has.

    • Marie says:

      The rumor is that Leann can’t have kids. She has even hinted this several times, talking about adoption and surrogates. She was sexually active in her very early teens when she moved to L.A. to try acting, and the story is that it affected her ability to conceive.

  16. Anoneemouse says:

    She’ll probably claim “the kids” bought it for her.

  17. Size Does Matter says:

    If anybody dressed like Brandi or Leann at one of my kids’ sporting events, they would stand out like a sore thumb. I can’t imagine.

  18. Cici says:

    Brandi’s outfit was completely inappropriate, but these pictures wouldn’t be out there for everyone to see if LeAnn hadn’t called the paps to come get them. She’s probably mad that they were more interested in taking pictures of Brandi. The bracelet is tacky and somewhat sad. Does she honestly think that anyone would believe the boys would buy that for her? Or that Eddie would? I think she’s spending a lot of time alone with her own thoughts these days. That can be a very bad thing for someone who wasn’t playing with a full deck to begin with.

    • aaa says:

      It looks like at least three paps were there and I doubt if all three were called by Leann. To be sure Leann or her people alert the paps when she goes to certain places but it’s obvious that Brandi is in cahoots with the paps as well.

      • Lady D says:

        Not really. Are you trying to give BONUS mommy’s pap call trophy to someone else? BONUS mommy isn’t going to be happy about that.

      • aaa says:

        There is no single trophy. There are many, many paps in LA, more than enough for Leann and Brandi to each have her own set of paps.

      • Cici says:

        I’m not saying Brandi never calls the paps, but I doubt she calls them to her own son’s soccer game. I believe this one is all on LeAnn.

      • why? says:

        There weren’t 3 paps at the soccer game. It was just x17 at the soccer game because x17 posted the video and then the photos several hours before the Dailymail did. It was just x17 at the soccer game and then Leann sold the photos to Dailymail and FameFlynet to make a profit.

        When it comes to Jake and Mason’s games, it’s definitely Leann(not Brandi) calling the paps. How do we know? When Leann isn’t at the soccer, basketball, or baseball games, there are no photos. Eddie and Leann weren’t at Jake’s first soccer game because Leann took Eddie snowboarding and guess what? There were no soccer photos. Leann wasn’t at Jake’s 2nd soccer game because Leann was on tour, and guess what? There were no soccer photos. Leann shows up to the 4th, 5th, and 6th game and guess what? The paps show up.

        x17 is on Leann’s payroll because remember the “insider” who kept giving x17 exclusive interviews about how Leann was in meetings with the Nigel L to become an X Factor judge?

        Brandi doesn’t call the paps to her kid’s games. It’s Leann and Leann only. You can tell it’s Leann because you never see Eddie’s parents leaving or arriving to the game, like they have been ordered to only take specific photos of Eddie’s parents.

        It’s odd that x17 focused on Brandi’s dress malfunction when Leann has been exposing her bra and implants every time she shows up to Jake’s soccer game.

      • aaa says:

        I have seen stories and bylines where Brandi gets top billing, I doubt if Leann called those paps only to have the caption be centered on Brandi.

        Now in this case I can see it being Brandi centered because of the flashing stunt, but I doubt if it’s an ordinary situation that one of Leann’s paps would write a caption like this one, “Brandi Glanville Cheers on Her Son at His Soccer Game… Reality TV star Brandi Glanville cheers on her son Jake Cibrian at his soccer game in Woodland Hills on March 20, 2016.”

      • why? says:

        No matter how you spin it, Brandi didn’t call the paps to the soccer game. x17 is on Leann’s payroll, not Brandi’s. If it was Brandi calling the paps to Jake and Mason’s games, then we would have seen photos from Jake’s FIRST soccer game, the one that Eddie skipped because he was snowboarding. If it was Brandi calling the paps to the games, there would be photos when Leann isn’t there. Have you ever noticed that the paps never show up to Jake or Mason’s games when Leann is out of town or on tour?

        x17 had the video and photos before anyone else did and since Leann was giving x17 exclusive interviews about being a judge on X Factor, it was Leann who called the paps on Sunday. x17 is on Leann’s payroll, not Brandi’s. Leann always goes to x17 when she can’t afford to pay AKM-GSI, Splash, or FF. It shouldn’t be a surprise that x17 showed up to the game on Sunday because Leann just took Eddie and Kiki to Utah for 7 days.

      • aaa says:

        I stated that there were three paps at the game because the DM article credits x17 and Splash and this CB article credits FameFlynet. I have seen both Leann and Brandi tweet about soccer games and there were no pictures/articles so the paps are not there for every game either or both attend.

        So you think that X17 is in cahoots with Leann Rimes because what would have been years ago Leann spoke to them about being a judge on X Facor… SMH!

      • why? says:

        But there weren’t 3 paps at the game. It was just x17. The DM article has Splash News on 2 photos and ROL/x17 on all the rest of the photos. Why do you think that x17 had the video and photos hours before The Dailymail posted them? Leann paid x17 to be at the game and then she sold the photos to FameFlynet, Splash News, and Dailymail to make a profit from them(Leann has to pay AKM-GSI to take photos of her and Eddie at LAX today). If you look at what the Dailymail wrote about Brandi, it’s very similar to what x17 posted.

        The paps are showing up to every game and they only miss the games when Leann isn’t there. The only time that the paps didn’t show up to the games when Leann was present was last year during baseball season, there was one staged photo-op in a parking lot and then after that the staged baseball photos stopped. If it’s Brandi calling the paps to the games, then why aren’t we seeing photos from the games when Leann is on tour or out of town?

        Since Leann has a past history with giving x17 exclusive interviews(being a judge on X Factor and the Hallmark show with Maya A), it’s very safe to say that she is still in cahoots with x17.

        Leann already established that she is in cahoots with FameFlynet because of that time that she and Eddie arrived with FF to Jake’s game at the wrong time.

        You can also tell that Leann was responsible for this stated photo-op because she used the profit from selling the soccer photos to FF, S, and DM to pay AKM-GSI to take photos of her, Eddie, and Kiki at the airport today. She is already on IG bragging about being at the airport with Eddie.

    • Patsy says:

      Thank you for pointing this out, my BFF is a photographer and she said they had been photoshopped to make B look so much worse. X17 works with Leann and after all the bad publicity over her totally inappropriate clothing this smells of a set up. B’s dress may have been short but she is an excellent mother who respects and instills discipline in her children, she would never call the paps on them.

  19. Tiffany says:

    So her and Eddie are having problems so the solution is to aggravate Brandi. The only thing they do together in bliss.

  20. MAC says:

    What will the two boys relationships with women be like when they grow up?????????

    • Deanne says:

      Their relationship with their Mother will be fine. She’s worked really hard for them and they’ll appreciate it. LeAnn’s lack of boundaries as a step-parent, will eventually bite her in the backside. In a major way.

    • gwen says:

      The question is, will Leann still be married to the boy’s father when they grow up?

    • Patsy says:

      I think Mason is going to be the best, most considerate man when he grows up, he will treat woman right , I also think Jake will more of a player like his dad but will have a better moral core, all down to their Mom.

  21. Deanne says:

    The bracelet is so tacky. She has hideous taste in everything really. Is that what she bought herself, when the push pin board that Eddie ssupposedly got her didn’t arrive in time? Brandi’s romper looked ridiculous. Shes usually dressed much more appropriately at games, but no doubt, LeAnn the psychotic copier, will be sporting sonething similiar soon. She seems to be ramping up the SWF stuff again. As per usual now, Eddie looks like a haggard mess. For all of the ” vacays” he takes, he never looks refreshed or rested.

  22. Zaytabogota says:

    Leann is pschyotic and seems to have borderline personality disorder. I couldn’t imagine the stress of having someone like that around your children constantly overstepping boundaries and trying to appropriate them as if they were possessions to be owned. It’s extremely unhealthy and offensive. Her step kids will only be there until the marriage ends, he’s only there for the money and once that’s dried up or he can get enough out of her in a divorce he’ll be gone and won’t want her crazy near him or his kids.

    • Lady D says:

      Ediot will be long gone, the kids will want less than nothing to do with her, and she will still be stalking Brandi. Or she will try to make B her friend to keep an eye on Ediot.

  23. claire says:

    Funny to see the one time Brandi makes a bad outfit decision at the soccer game get a story over there. But none for all the boob flashes Leann does at the games on a regular basis. Wonder how come that is…

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      It was a bad choice. Looks rather like beachwear.

      • claire says:

        Terrible choice. It’s just hilarious that no one writes stories each time about Leann’s boobs hanging out, which is a pretty common inappropriate occurrence at these games. Fully believe certain people fund certain stories.

      • paleokifaru says:

        There was a story here about Leann’s outfit so long ago.

      • paleokifaru says:

        Whoops meant to type “not so long ago.”

    • Dlo says:

      Suspicious definitely 😒

    • jenn12 says:

      Yeah, definitely. The practice where LR showed up with her shirt unbuttoned to the navel, and then the game with the shirt slashed to the navel…. Brandi usually isn’t badly dressed at the games, so I wonder why she wore this awful romper this time. And why Leann was suddenly more conserative.

  24. Marie says:

    So Leann desperately calls the paps from two blogs and Brandi steals the show. Well in a day or two Leann will be wearing a shortie romper and bending over some kid. Lol, I agree Deanne, Leann’s SWF-ing is ramping back up. It usually does when Eddie’s got a new mistress. My guess is that she thinks it’s a way to get his attention. But it doesn’t seem to be working anymore. It looks like Eddie doesn’t even notice she’s there.

    • tricklady says:

      @ Marie I was thinking the same thing. Kinda funny how her A$$ pictures are front and center with leann’s papped camera. I think she did it on purpose and I would too. Shart lady was
      aggravating Brandi during Spring brake with her # BS and the bracelet. Brandi knows what she is doing. The pics and the video on x17 say it all. The video of the game is pretty bad, almost looks like Fat A$$ Ediot and Leann are fighting under that tent and Brandi is pretty close. And in the pics she finally takes the water bottle out of Ediots hand so they can hold hands for the paparazzi. Its so embarrassing .Ed looks so bitter towards her .

    • claire says:

      I think he’s got a mistress. He’s doing the most to avoid physical contact with her and when he does pose for her IG photos, he makes sure to look reluctant about it and not willingly touch her. That screams to me a dude not wanting his mistress to get upset.

      • Christin says:

        I think his body language is interesting, too. Only a shopping spree or vacation seems to show him halfway engaged with her these days.

      • Jess says:

        The body language is very telling, and it did look like they were arguing in the video, Leann throws her hands up and Eddie walks off looking pissed. I’ve noticed he always walks ahead of her and she’s holding onto his hand for dear life while he drags her behind him. I really think he holds all the power and knows it, that’s why she spends her days online or taking pictures and quotes to post online, it’s sad really.

      • Marie says:

        ITA, claire. It’s funny because I’ve been thinking this for a while. In all their photos he’s making it clear that “I’m with her for the money, but I don’t have to like it” I was wondering if he is sending a message to his mistress and then Leann’s SWF-ing went into overdrive, which is always the clue things are bad at home.

  25. cakecakecake says:

    bracelet is horrid and childish looking, smdh.

    who is the old chubby guy in the middle of them? he looks like he’d rather be anywhere but there.

  26. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    lol at the photo of MeAnn following Eddiot out.

    “Get away from me, fall back a few more steps. Jesus, do you always have to be so close?”
    “But Eddie, x17 won’t be able to get us in the same frame unless I’m this close. I’ll buy you a new motorcycle! C’mon, just this one?”

  27. Sonia says:

    Maybe Brandi is doing this so Leann gets angry. Seriously, they took pictures of her and they are clearly supposed to only take pictures of Leann…I think it’s a smart move. Gross, because nobody wants to see that, but smart. She gets her digs in. Pokes the bear.

  28. Mixtape says:

    Unpopular opinion here, but I’d rather see a stepmom go over-the-top in her affection for her stepchildren than treat them poorly (or even be apathetic to them) because they are not hers.

    • Deanne says:

      It is possible to be a stepparent who both loves their spouses children. and is respectful to the real parent. People do it every day, even though it can be difficult. Overstepping boundaries constantly isn’t loving and ultimately hurts the kids. LeAnn uses the boys as ammunition. That isn’t love at all. She’s so insecure in her role, that she has to reinforce how important she is, on a daily basis. She refuses to acknowledge that the boys did in fact come from another family and that they have a Mother who is present and who loves them. The choices aren’t just pretending the kids are yours or ignoring them because they aren’t. There is a balance that LeAnn is too insecure and immature to try and find.

    • claire says:

      It’s not like those are the only two choices. When a mistress jumps in and immediately tries to replace mom, that’s not healthy and happy for anyone. Trying to reframe that as: well you should be happy she loves them! is a very intellectually and emotionally lazy way of approaching or viewing the situation.

    • jenn12 says:

      Loving someone means doing what’s difficult. It’s not difficult to take pictures, buy presents, or go on vacation. It *is* hard to acknowledge that you came into a family in a bad way, step back, respect the mom, and know your place. Calling yourself the bonus mother, not alerting the mother when her child is hurt, splashing the kids’ pictures all over the place, calling their mother the bio mom as opposed to the mom, insulting their mother all over twitter, and encouraging fans to do the same, having a show based on insulting their mom, inserting yourself into family situations when the parents are freshly separated thanks to you is NOT love or being a good stepparent. It’s controlling and manipulative.

      • Deanne says:

        Unless you’ve adopted the child legally or their parent is completely MIA, calling their real Mother Bio-Mom, is beyond obnoxious and reeks of insecurity.

      • jenn12 says:

        I don’t like or agree with everything Brandi does, but there is no denying she lives through a lot with Leann having wormed her way into Brandi’s sons’ lives. Who on earth has an affair with a married dad while married herself and then declares herself the boys’ third parent, while trying to oust their actual mother? She’s a sociopath, and so is Eddie.

    • Tarsha says:

      Why do people have to think in such EXTREMES? It isn’t either/or. There IS a middle ground where you respect the parent, and that respect ensures a HEALTHY relationship with your step sons. What Leann does is not healthy at all. Read up on some of the things she has done, such as inserting herself at parent-teacher interviews when not yet married to Eddie, and she turned up to sing at the boys’ school on Parents Day (a day for parents to talk to the class about what they do) and her and Eddie were not yet even engaged let alone married. Do you think that is right? There IS a balance, it is not either EXTREME like you seem to think. Comparing her to the proverbial wicked stepmum doesn’t make her better by comparison. It is simply a shallow and childish comparison that ignores the mature reality of the enormous gap in between two extremes.

  29. yep says:

    Im a step mom. And absolutely never will crap on my step kids mom, or show her up or anything mean. I went to their games and stayed in the background. I also never would say “bonus mom”. Her and my husband have a connection and it is those kids. I am affectionate, but in no way try to alienate their relationship with their mom. Or say Im better.
    I may not like her, or her me, but we keep that to ourselves and dont involve the kids.
    Leeann is an asshole.

    • briargal says:

      But then you have common sense and a true love for your stepchildren! Something Leann doesn’t have & and NEVER will!

    • Dlo says:

      @yep. That is a wonderful approach, your stepchildren will love you for doing it right

    • Deanne says:

      That’s because you aren’t a selfish, self obsessed, immature lunatic, but someine who actually loves her step-kids. Step-parenting is incredibly hard. You get a lot of judgement thrown at you. Parents are very terrtorial about their children, as is understandable, but it can make things difficult. You obviously choose make it about the kids, where as LeAnn makes every thing about her. Your step-children will know and appreciate this so much when they are older, just like Mason and Jake will figure out LeAnn’s behaviour and she’ll be in for a shocking comeuppance.

    • jenn12 says:

      My BIL is a great stepdad. He came into the picture where there were two kids from two dads, different race from him, one involved dad and one who wasn’t great, and he just really knows how to handle things. He respects the fathers, helps with homework, makes dinner, does some school pickups, etc, but he doesn’t pretend to be their parent. Even after one’s dad died, he still encourages him to have photos up, talk about his dad, and so on. Being a stepparent is like being an aunt/uncle. Family, but not a parent, and you have to respect the parents. My BIL even goes fishing with the older one’s dad.

  30. Cris says:

    Anyone other than me notice Brandi commented on her Twitter the other day that she was making her brassy hair color more golden, than SWF Leann posted a pic of herself in foils “going blonder”. What a nutcase she is!

    • funcakes says:

      For anyone who’s been following this drama for the past several years is not surprised she copied Brandi. The only question is how long will it take her to copy after Brandi posts?

  31. aaa says:

    Leann has worn nightie-ish outfits to her step-son’s games as well as worn outfits that exposed her bra and has gotten criticism for it, so if she shows up at future soccer games wearing outfits with those elements then she will not be copying Brandi. Now if she bends over from the waist in front of children, adults and people and the paparazzi, then that will be one of her copying Brandi stunts.

    • why? says:

      There are many photos of Leann bending over from her waist while wearing extremely short shorts and exposing her bottom to children, adults, parents, and the paps while at Jake and Mason’s games. Let’s not forget the photos of Leann bending over and exposing her bottom in short shorts to Jake, Mason, and Eddie’s father during that one Father’s Day they spent in the park. Then there was that 4th of July when Leann was leaning over Jake with her bottom(she was wearing a very skimpy bikini bottom) in his face while making out with Eddie. It caused so much backlash for Leann that she quit twitter for 2 days.

      • Marie says:

        Don’t forget about the pedo-cake Leann designed for Eddie’s bday, with figures of the two of them naked in bed together and the boys cowering at the bottom of the bed. She’s sooo creepy.

    • claire says:

      There’s a bazillion photos of Leann bending over in skimpy clothes sticking her butt in kids faces out there. I don’t think anyone is copying anyone here. It’s just two celebs who dress like idiots at children’s soccer games, though, Brandi does it once for every 10 times Leann does it. Articles don’t ever point it out when Leann does it. They show the pics, they just don’t write what X17 did, which also included commentary that the biological mom was crashing the kid’s soccer game and making it uncomfortable for the stepmom and dad. Soooo….I think it’s a losing argument to try to say that Leann didn’t have involvement in the tone of that article.

    • Deanne says:

      There are a ton of photos of LeAnn bending over and exposing herself, both front and back. She exposed her bra by repeatedly bending over in an open to the navel denim shirt. She shows her butt cheeks by bending in her beloved cutoffs all of the time. She’s constantly showing her butt crack to the kids and everyone else in bikinis. She’s videoed herself having water poured on her,while braless in a tank top. The list is endless. Brandi’s outfit was a travesty and the butt shots were unfortunate, but LeAnn is the reigning queen of the inappropriate around the kids attire and behaviour. Don’t worry, she’ll be happy she’s the winner. She wore a sheer dress with no bra, to a five year old’s birthday and made sure the paps were there. No doubt she called them this time too. Girl’s got the game down to a science, Brandi just happened to be the one in the bad outfit this time and stole her thunder.

      • funcakes says:

        I honestly believe that she’s obsessed with the thought that Eddie and Brandi will sleep together as soon as they get the chance when I’m sure the opposite is true.
        LeAnn must picture every woman that make eye contact with Eddie trying to snatch up her man.
        Not that I’m saying she has nothing to worry about but how can one live in a hyper state of paranoia on a daily basis.
        Ed has proven in the past that he will do as he please. Just like he screwed over Dean as soon as the poor man went home to recover from a cold only for Ed to seduce his wife while he was gone.

    • Cici says:

      She’s copied everything from Brandi for the last 6 years. Sad but true. There was a blog dedicated to it. While it seems someone had a lot of time on their hands doing that, it was truly disturbing how much LeAnn has SWF’d Brandi.

    • jenn12 says:

      There are an awful lot of pictures out there of Leann in inappropriate clothing at birthday parties, games, practices, etc. More disturbing is the fact that they full on grope each other in front of children, the pictures of Leann and Liz making out and stripping while all the kids are inside and Eddie takes photos, the skimpy tank top while CHILDREN dump ice water on her (and you can hear the boys chanting, “Breasts!”) or the pictures from Fathers’ Day when they have the kids at the park and hire paps to take pictures of them rolling on the ground, making out.

  32. Katie says:

    Bonus what exactly?

  33. Jane says:

    Let’s face facts here, people. Leann is certifiable and will continue her histrionics for a lifetime. I don’t see any signs of her slowing down. If anything, she is getting worse. Nothing she does surprises me anymore because she takes “being thirsty” to a whole new level.

    She is so in love with being the center of attention she MUST do anything to get it. It goes beyond sickening.

    At the same rate, she is so d*ckmatized after being with Eddie that she cannot bare to believe she can be without him. I am wondering…was he THAT good—is he STILL THAT GOOD? I find it hard to believe he still is intimate with her. Eddie is just so disgusting, but don’t tell HER that. She will stick with him for as long as it takes because she doesn’t want to lose face…EVER!!!!

    She also buys expensive jewelry etc. to try and make us jealous (Fat chance !) Remember, Eddie said on Jimmy Kimmel that he has a “Functional Marriage”…hmmmm, does that sound like a living husband? H*LL NO. Enough said.

    • funcakes says:

      Eddie will leave her but she will never leave Eddie.
      If she’s acting like this now can you imagine what it will be like when menopause kicks in? I see an arrest in her future.

      • Jane says:

        I am going through menopause now and it’s pure h***.

        She is such a mental case, I can only imagine what she is putting him through…not that I feel sorry for him. To think he left Brandi for her. SMH

        She will be so out of control I see a “Fatal Attraction” scenario in the future. I also don’t doubt your reference to being arrested. Now THAT’S a picture of Leann I’d like to see…a mug shot. (Insert evil cackle)

        Side note— sorry for the misspelling above. It has been one h*** of a day and I cannot type to save my soul. I PARCC tested at my school and there are no brain cells left after getting all of my kids into the system and completed 2- 90 minute tests with major computer/internet malfunctions.

        That’s another thing about Leann that pisses me off. She moans and gripes from here to eternity of how bloody hard she works. She couldn’t last 1/2 a day in my shoes being a teacher. She wouldn’t last a day in pretty much all of our shoes because she bloody well doesn’t know what hard work is.

        Sorry for the rant….***$%^ day! LOL

        OK-I’m putting myself into a timeout. LOL

      • Dlo says:

        @jane, thank you for being a caring teacher, we need more 📄📃

      • Jane says:

        @DIO Thank you, dear. That is very kind of you. Just so that you know, I didn’t put that u there to gain sympathy. I believe everyone of us on this post works harder than Leann EVER will in her whole lifetime.

      • Donna says:

        @jane, for menopause, ask your dr. about Wellbutrin. I LOVE it. LOVE it. It is making it bearable for me, plus doesn’t cause weight gain and I’m way more level and happy and energetic now. Also, Leann is nuts. I appreciate that Brandi says the boys love LeAnn, and I am sure she loves them, however I am a step AND a biomom and I never, ever, ever act like I deserve accolades because the steps love me. It’s my job to support them emotionally and I’m back up for mom. Nothing more. She loves me, too.

    • Christin says:

      His ‘functional’ marriage comment—I remember that interview. What a word choice!

      JK told him the reality show was probably a bad idea, and Eddie basically said he was probably right.

      I think she’ll spend her last cent trying to prove this LovE story and one-upping her ‘competition’.

      • Jane says:

        I know, right? He was so awkward during that interview.

        I would love to know how much money Leann has spent trying to make this marriage work and keeping up appearances.

  34. Jess says:

    I don’t like the term bonus mom.I think it’s trying too hard and most kids would rather have their parents together, calling yourself a “bonus” is a little narcissistic in my opinion, like something extra special and trying to one up the mom, I dunno, I just find it odd.

    So this bracelet is hideous and an obvious attempt to bug Brandi, yet again. I wonder if LeAnn would do half the crap she does if she couldn’t post it on social media?

    • Jane says:

      She out that bracelet up because Brandi posted a lovely pearl one a few days earlier. Leann is addicted to not only copying Brandi, but on-upping her at all costs.

    • Magnoliarose says:

      I don’t either. I never tried to replace my step children’s mother. Not once and made a point of being respectful and friendly. She would call and make requests for the kids and I complied. When she started seriously dating, I volunteered to go outside of the custody agreement and take the kids even when my ex was gone. She’s a great mother and I felt it was my place to respect that, and it made life so much easier for the children. We are very different people but the kids are hers first. Period.
      We aren’t friends as much as friendly and on the same page. There were some rough patches from time to time but usually as a result of my ex being controlling and selfish. It’s not easy sometimes but it can be done.
      Leanne is a mother’s nightmare next spouse of an ex. She cheated with the husband and now wants the children. It is curious she has not had one of her own.
      She could have made this different but now both are more in a relationship with each other than with Eddie.
      One day the kids will have a lot to say to the three of them. None have clean hands in this debacle.

      • Donna says:

        THis 1000 times. I’m the same with the mother of my step kids. Leann can’t cheat with the husband and expect a rosy reputation as stepmom. If she were even remotely low key and respectful of Brandi from the start it would have been better, but it’s too little too late now for her reputation.
        Who wears a tacky bracelet bragging about being a step-mom? Leann, that’s who. She is so dreadfully insecure about public opinion that she’s forever selling herself to us as best step mom ever and we are not buying. Best stepmom ever would shut up and parent when she’s not singing.

    • claire says:

      No, I don’t think she’d do a lot of it, if she couldn’t put it on social media. For instance, the childlike obsession with holidays. That all seems more part of her homemaker perfect wife and mom image she’s trying to project rather than actually doing things for the kids. You can tell because most of what she does for them or gives to them is clueless to actual kids’ likes and needs. But they are things that look like a pinterest photo.

      And I don’t think she has much to do with those kids at all in reality. They are with their friends, each other, their dad. They don’t seem to pay her much attention and Jake has gotten older so she can’t hang all over him and paw him as much. With all the time she spends interacting with weirdos on her twitter and IG, she is clearly having very little interaction with those kids when they are at her house. Unless it’s forced, like one of their million low-budget vacations.

      • Deanne says:

        Her Twitter interactions with her emotionally needy and unstable core group of fans, is very telling. They are weirdos aren’t they? She needs their adulation because she’s not getting the affection at home. The fans spin it as LeAnn being amazing to them, when the truth is, she has nothing better to do and she actually doesn’t have that large of a fanbase. If Eddie was all over her like she pretends, she’d wouldn’t be DMing into the early hours of the morning, with people who are completely obsessed with her. She needs the attention so badly, she’s not seeing how unhealthy the interactions are. You’re right about her over the top, holiday bruhaha. It is total overcompensating. Seriously though, do you know anyone who uses their social media to tell people they’re having an intimate evening with their partner? I don’t. The hashtags like #hubbytime #huggysnuggles #timeforromance etc, make her look like a lunatic. If Eddie was really jonesing for her, she wouldn’t have time to post anything. She posts this crap and photos of him playing poker the same night show up. She gives herself away every time.

      • Marie says:

        ITA with her interaction with the kids. I think it has to do with the fact that she was getting pressure from her family during the last few years of her marriage to Dean to have a baby. She mentioned that they were going to try in an interview with People for their seven year itch anniversary party. Instead, she began immediately cheating with Eddie on the set of their T.V. movie that same year. I think she saw Eddie as a whole package, a husband and a father, so an easy way for her to get a complete family without having to get pregnant (and maybe have to explain to her mom why she couldn’t, the rumor is that she’s sterile.)
        So I think she always saw the boys as props for her Pinterest family, and to appease Belinda, who supported her in the affair and even painted a mural of the boys’ faces on a wall in her home before the divorce. I also think Leann saw an opportunity to exploit the kids for pap and holiday family photos, to hurt Brandi and to manipulate Eddie. I think she tries to bond with Eddie over his anger at Brandi and uses the kids in this fight for bargaining power.

      • Jess says:

        Oh there’s no way she’s actually interacting with the boys, or Eddie, or anyone other than strangers on social media and the voices in her head. She’s online literally all day, or taking and editing pictures to post, plus she has Pinterest and probably multiple Twitter accounts as well, I also think she has a few IMDb accounts because I went down a rabbit hole on there last night and there are a few people who post only on LeAnn or Eddie talking about how amazing and beautiful they are, it’s insane. she doesn’t understand that the majority of us realize you can’t spend that much time on a phone and have an amazing life, the only time I get online is when I’m by myself, which is rare between working and my family, when I’m with my husband and daughter I want to focus on them %100 and truly be in the moment instead of thinking how much my friends would comment or like my pictures.

      • Marie says:

        Haha Jess, you are sooo right. Leann is Countryislove and RainyCloudz on her IMDB threads getting into arguments everyday. Poor thing, Eddie’s cheating really messes with her head.

    • Christin says:

      So this explains where her online energy (or at least part of it) has been directed lately…Hilarious.

      I still wish she, I mean Eddie, would restart “his” Instagram. Comedy gold.

      —- Meant this as a reply to Jess & Marie, above.

      • Marie says:

        Hahahaha, Christin, I’m so glad you remember Eddie’s Instagram!!!
        That WAS comedy gold, the replies to “his” posted photos were so beautiful: “So you trashed your wife and family to snack on Costco cheese platters?” “Let the sharting commence” LMAO!!
        Yes, these IMDB commenters are Leann’s follow up genius. She’s actually making nasty replies to posts made years ago congratulating Brandi and Eddie on their first child.

      • Christin says:

        Marie, I was laughing until I truly cried during the few blissful days of knowing “Eddie” had an Instagram. PLEASE Leann (because we know you read everything), bring it back!

  35. Snowpea says:

    Oh my stars a Leann story still gets my pulse racing ha ha. Unfortunately I usually don’t usually get to read it till 12 hours later but the comments are the best bit anyway ;)

    The first thing I’m realizing is that Leann has actually morphed into Brandi over the last little while, in the face at least, to the point where that header pic over at DM with Brandi in the straw fedora is virtually indistinguishable from lunatic Leann.

    Secondly, I am an expert body language reader and this marriage is dead and buried. Remember the pics of L and E in the first lusty stage of their affair on a beach somewhere and they were all over each other like a proverbial rash? Now you can see outright hostility emanating from Eddie, disgust and contempt even. I’d be very surprised if they are still intimate.

    Man, why do people wanna keep up such fake facades? I’d rather just admit defeat, file for divorce and go away quietly and contemplate life for a wee while. This crazy Hollyweird caper looks so ridiculous and exhausting. No thanks.

    • Jane says:

      I think the reason why she puts up such a façade was answered in an interview with Dean a while back. He quotes:

      She really lives on the adoration of others. I could be speaking out of turn but this is my perspective. She lives and dies on the perception of herself. I sympathize with that cause she’s been famous since she was 12 years old so she doesn’t know anything else. In L.A., there’s the paparazzi and that false sense of success, false security that you’re still relevant.

      I believe Leann would rather die than give up on this façade. She HAS to be right, she MUST force people to believe she is special, she lives and breathes for people to be envious of her “happpeee” marriage…at all costs.

      You are right. What she is doing is exhausting. However, this trick hardly ever works, so it is her full time job to put up this façade to try to remain relevant. I am sure she seethes with jealousy over Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert who are at the top of their field in country music. No doubt she is sick to her stomach of how popular Tay-Tay is (hence the SWFing her with the 1982 business) I’d love to know what goes through that sick mind of hers when the award shows are on. The last one I saw her on she mouthed “What a b****” after Miranda sang. It certainly could be a jealous rage for all I know.

      • Jess says:

        I love that Carrie is still successful and famous after all these years, I wish someone would ask LeAnn if she feels like Carrie has “paid her dues” yet. Carrie has literally everything LeAnn doesn’t, a career, tons of money, multiple Grammys, a child, beauty, and a hard working and loyal husband, that has to kill her! LeAnn is constantly putting down other female artists, saying she’s the only original artist left etc, yet she copies them left and right, it’s funny but sad, she easily could’ve had Carrie or Taylor’s path but she screwed it up.

      • briargal says:

        As to her loving attention though can you imagine the attention she would get if she tossed the freeloader to the curb! She could come up with the story that she “tried soooo hard to make this marriage work–recently discovered he was cheating–and had enough! OR she was tired of him not working & her paying all the bills! OR she met someone else (younger & better looking) & they just couldn’t fight the attraction any longer! Oh the scenarios are so vast and numerous for her to be in the spotlight forever! All possible front cover news & pics!

    • Dlo says:

      Love your comments! Pea green with jealously that you can read body language. 👍

    • Deanne says:

      When Eddie and LeAnn first got together, he looked genuinely happy and affectionate and she pranced around with a smug smile plasteed on her face. She clearly thought she’d won some sort of trophy. Back then. it was also a time of constant luxury vacations with his friends and she was buying him expensive gifts, like Porsches, motorcycles and $30.000 watches, not to mention she paid for his divorce and helped him screw Brandi over. Eddie also was under the impression that his career would be boosted and that he’d be in some sort of power couple. For a selfish, egomaniac like Eddie, I’m sure he felt like he was finally getting what he deserved., He had no idea their careers would tank like they have, or the backlash they’d receive either. It’s been 61/2 years and a lot has changed. No more Christmas in Aspen or high end resorts in Cabo. Now it’s RV camping trips and a 3 day spring break in Mammoth. Eddie looks haggard and over it and LeAnn manically tries to overcompensate. The amount of time she spends writing quotes on her chalk board and hashtags for her IG, is enough to tell me she’s pretty much ignored. The physical tension between them now is glaring. How much longer can she keep it up? The facade goes on because Edna has no money and no where to go. At least he can go with her to casino gigs and gamble with her money. Plus, I’m sure she keeps the bar well stocked and she still pays his bills. Oh, to be a fly on the wall of that house. I’ll bet that when the kids are gone, he openly treats her like garbage. He’s obviously not interested in having a child with her either. She’s going to end up with nothing.

      • Christin says:

        He is more or less stuck. Being a dimpled eye candy actor has a limited shelf life. Being lazy has cost him in the long run. I think for a while, he was content with working less and letting her gigs fund their lifestyle.

        As the boys get older and more independent, he needs her less (other than being a money source). And she will indeed be the biggest loser once this relationship officially ends (I think it’s a matter of when, not if). She at least had her career and image stabilized while with Dean. Could she even afford to get Edna to sign a NDA? He could probably get more money from a tell-all interview, if anyone would pay for it at this point.

      • Deanne says:

        @Christin I honestly think that they are deeply in debt and living on credit, so he’s without a choice. If LeAnn was still rolling in it, they wouldn’t have had to take out that second mortgage on their house. They don’t own vacation homes like other celebs. Their cars, other than the truck from Brandi’s Dad, are leased too. He probably thought she had a lot more money than she does. His laziness and now slovenly appearance, aren’t exactly helping his job prospects. Like you say, dimples only get you so far. Mason is going to be 13 this year and Jake isn’t a baby any more, so she won’t be able to manilulate him much longer. She’ll still be paying the bills but won’t get to use them as weapons against Brandi anymore. How ever will she cope?

      • Christin says:

        Isn’t it interesting she never fully disputed (or sued over) the ‘second mortgage from friends’ story?

        They live in such an expensive area, I think she works just enough to barely keep them afloat — for now.

  36. Janie says:

    It look like Brandi is wearing a nightie/lingerie. It does not look a daytime dress you’d wear, it looks more like sleepwear or underwear.

  37. briargal says:

    To answer your question in the title of this article—RIDICULOUS–just like Leann is and how her life has become!!!

  38. Christin says:

    Here is a work comparison. Merle just passed on his 79th birthday. He had postponed several scheduled April dates due to recovering from double pneumonia, and hoped to make them up in May. The man performed since 1958, had lung cancer in 2008, yet played either 30 or 35 cities last year. Absolutely a legend in country music.

    Compare that to this one’s performing schedule and cancellation history.

    • Jane says:

      I know. He was a hard worker and very much a legend. I think he had close to 40 hits in his lifetime. Leann claims that Merle was a dear friend of hers and bragged about it on Twitter. Once again…it’s all…about…her.

      • Christin says:

        And her ten fans can then offer sympathy to HER. Predictable.

        Looks like Ed followed her to whatever dive she’s playing. Maybe she won’t cancel.

      • Jane says:

        Willie Nelson, Toby Keith, Dolly Parton, Tanya Tucker, Hank Williams Jr., Kiefer Sutherland, Lorrie Morgan, Big Kenny” Alphin of Big & Rich, Kyle Young, CEO, Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, and Neal McCoy all were featured in an Associated Press release showing sympathy and fond memories of Merle. Shockingly Leann isn’t in there (cue sarcasm). I am sure Leann is fuming that she wasn’t featured as she believe she is “the only one that matters”. That phrase still pisses me off in so many ways.

        As for her 10 fans-only 9 of them will show Leann support. One of her fans is just like Leann and begs for sympathy left and right. She is so histrionic, it is beyond frightening. When something even remotely negative happens , she is a bawling, hysterical mess.

    • claire says:

      I get so much secondhand embarrassment for her every time she brags about being on tour and does all those #tourlife #LRontour hashtags. Talk about a bless your heart moment. 2 shows a month does not a tour make. I have to just believe that she is a total laughing stock in the industry at this point. I bet the real country stars make fun of her so hard when they pay her any attention.

      • Christin says:

        I’ve noticed a couple of better known country singers attempt to assist the past few years, never to be repeated. My guess is that she is hard to deal with and/or not appreciative of their efforts. She probably thinks she is helping them!

      • Jane says:

        ITA– What’s interesting is Carrie is doing somewhere around 80 shows this year, plus award shows, guest spots on TV-not to mention being a mother, great wife and running a swimwear line. Leann could never do that.

      • Deanne says:

        Still no label or manager. Not invited to anything. She got thrown a couple of bones for her flop Christmas albums, but she plays really small venues and low rent casinos that are all over the map. Real touring artists tend to follow a route. LeAnn will have a show in Alabama and two days later, one in Idaho, then nothing for a month. She talks exhaustion after only a couple of shows and they’re often under and hour. Plus she cancels multiple times a year. She’s such a joke. Brandi was right about the increasing number of cancelled shows and lack of touring for LeAnn. She can’t take any chances with her husband’s wandering peen.
        @Jane Don’t forget Almay spokesperson. Carrie’s plate is full but you don’t hear her whining about exhaustion. Imagine LeAnn if she had a baby. She can ‘t handle two shows a month and her husband’s half time custody without needing monthly “vacays”. How would she handle an infant they are responsible for all of the time? Not very well.

      • Jane says:

        @Deanne. Yes, you are right! I forgot about the Almay campaign. I have never heard Carrie complain about anything. She seems to be grounds and comes from “good people”. I swear, Leann’s parents created quite a monster.

  39. Blackbetty says:

    It looks like the cheap bling knock offs that became popular when Paris Hilton started wearing them