Mischa Barton: dancing is like learning a language, people learn ‘at their own pace’

After last week’s dreadful cha-cha, Dancing with the Stars fans were curious to see what Mischa Barton had to offer for this Monday’s episode, with the theme “my most memorable year.” Mischa and her partner Artem Chigvintsev danced the samba to Miley Cyrus’ hit “Party in the U.S.A.” 2009 was the year after Mischa left The O.C., went to England and experienced, as she says, “a year of self-exploration.” Before this week’s episode, the actress took to Twitter to court DWTS voters, posting a picture with Artem with the caption, “We want to stay in this!”

Prior to the episode, Mischa took to her show blog on People.com to share her concerns about last week’s performance – and accompanying video package, saying of the rehearsal video:

“[It] threw me off completely. Suddenly, the video package was over and the music was starting and I was just sitting there thinking, ‘Oh, my God!’ And that’s where it really sinks in that you’re on a live show. None of it is faked. There’s no time to compose yourself. You’re on a train and it’s not stopping because it’s live.”

[From PEOPLE Magazine]

Mischa also went to TVGuide.com to tell her side of the story:

Her visible discomfort comes from being out of her element, she said. Not only has she had zero formal dance training, but she hadn’t researched the show much before signing up either–literally going from Los Angeles’ LAX airport to a DWTS rehearsal space. She’s basically learning a foreign language, she said, one that’s an intense mind-body experience with a huge learning curve. “I’m just getting hip to the game. Once you get a certain level of knowledge, you can really start to enjoy it. In the beginning, it can be really stressful, but we’re really having fun now…. Everyone learns at their own pace.”

[From TVGuide.com]

Mischa concluded that “I learned my lesson” after last week’s episode. If nothing else, she’s still putting on a happy face heading into rehearsals. I actually tuned in to see Mischa’s segment. I was a little early and was treated to Charlotte “Mrs. Garrett” Rae declaring that Mischa’s competitor, Facts of Life star Kim Fields, was full of “piss and vinegar.”

Spoilers for DWTS, which aired last night
As for Mischa’s performance Monday night, the rehearsal video was free from eye-rolling and mutterings of “whatever.” When asked about what she thought about her performance last week, she responded, “On a scale from one to bad…bad. I really thought we were going to nail that dance. I felt terrible.” The video showed her going slightly off on poor partner Artem after the judges let her have it last week. A more light-spirited Mischa showed up this week, which prompted Artem to assert, “I think this week she is determined to show that she is into this and she does care.” She may care, but she still is a little, umm, held back when she hits the dance floor, although she doesn’t look nearly as uncomfortable as she did last week.

During the judges’ critiques, Carrie Ann Inaba said she could see Mischa’s “breakthrough” and could “feel the joy.” Len Goodman called it her “best dance” (which isn’t saying much) and Bruno Tonioli said she was “more relaxed, more engaged” while noting that “Timing is still not your strong suit.” He did advise her to “maintain that attitude.” She got sixes across the board from all 3 judges, her best score so far, but unfortunately it was the lowest score of the evening. Mischa and Artem were voted off the show last night.

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  1. LAK says:

    What part of competitive dance show needs research?

    Or did she think they brought in stunt doubles and edited it to look like the real deal?

    Dancing requires discipline and repeated practise of the technical aspects it. There is no room for learning at your own pace. Practise. Practise. Practise.

    Whether you feel like it or not.

    Even Natural dancers like Michael Jackson practised all the time.

    And if you have no rhythm, practise until your technique is flawless. That will help you to hit your marks.


    • Bridget says:

      And if you have no rhythm, at least smile, practice hard anyway, and behave as though you want to be there and are having a good time.

      • JudyK says:

        She definitely has NO RHYTHM…she walked through that number just bending her knees and shaking her booty a bit…and NOT to the music.

        Her excuses are absurd…so glad she’s gone.

  2. Jenn4037 says:

    Her attitude adjustment came way too late.

    • JudyK says:

      Not to mention it was a “faux attitude adjustment” in response to all the criticism she got. I don’t think she has an authentic bone in her body.

      • Alex says:

        If you hate doing something and pretend to enjoy it, it doesn’t make you fake. She responded to people dissing her attitude.
        It would be very hard for someone with her issues to be constantly criticized for something she doesn’t even enjoy or want to be doing particularly (but needs to for money).

        Imagine you’re doing a crappy job that you hate but absolutely have to do to pay your bills. You’re not enthusiastic and loathe every second of it but it’s a necessary evil. And then loads of people come and tell you you’re not doing it right and that you should have a big smile on your face and that you’re the worst at everything. Is that likely to make you happy?

    • MC2 says:

      She’s insufferable- always has been I think.

  3. HeyThere! says:

    Anyone can dance, you just might not be very good at it, but you are dancing. Learning a second language is probably one of the most difficult things you could do as an adult! And, after years you still might not be able to go to France and speak French with people whom that’s their only language! LOL So let’s not be dramatic and say it’s the same thing.

  4. haley1020 says:

    mischa left the oc in 2006 not 2009

  5. Mia4s says:

    From A list to Dlist by age 30. She and Lohan should be required case studies for every new child star. I’m serious!

    She won’t get any boost from this. What on earth do you try next??

  6. jugil1 says:

    When they showed the behind the scenes comment she made last week to her partner Artem, it was the same old Mischa. She told him “I was relying on you to make this enjoyable” or something to that effect. She’s never to blame. Like Lindsay, it’s always someone else’s fault. I feel sorry for her with all of the issues she has had with her mother, but still. She shouldn’t throw someone else under the bus when her behavior was to blame.

    • Fanny says:

      Mischa has actually made me feel bad for Artem the way she has continually thrown him under the bus over all the imaginary problems she created for herself. He’s probably so happy to be through with her.

      There’s an article on Wetpaint saying that behind the scenes, Mischa is the rudest and most horrible celebrity ever to appear on DWTS, which is saying a lot.

  7. Pandy says:

    She was definitely not a natural dancer or else just really nervous which I can understand. But she was s bit if a best earlier so you know, leave already. Too little too late.

  8. Bridget says:

    So what you’re saying is, someone explained to her how badly she was coming off and that this was her last shot.

  9. J.Mo says:

    She’s pretty, it’s too bad she didn’t have a good attitude to begin with, I would be interesting to see her get better at, well, everything. Was it her who was obnoxiously rude to Jason Priestly when he had to ride in a limo with her and her mom?Jason certainly doesn’t hold back when it comes to naming and shaming his fellow stars.
    He also takes Mischa Barton to task for being rude, after the pair had to share a car to a press event in the Bahamas in 2004.
    ‘I was sitting directly across from Mischa and her mother as the car prepared to leave,’ he writes. ‘Mischa looked at her mother and said, “Do we have to share a car with him?”‘.
    ‘He can hear you, you know,’ Jason writes. ‘He’s sitting right here!’.
    Apparently Mischa sighed and rolled her eyes before remaining silent throughout the rest of the ride.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2618257/Jason-Priestley-reveals-lived-Brad-Pitt-struggling-actors-dishes-diva-antics-fellow-stars-new-memoir.html#ixzz44yBvrlP8
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    • Meh says:

      Damn. I read that whole article and what I came away with was “why is everyone so rude to Jason Priestly?”

  10. MisJes says:

    She has cheekbones for DAYS.

  11. Rockin Robin says:

    She just fails. Period. She’s been at this comeback thing for a while. She just seems so dead behind the eyes. I hope she finds something else to do with her life. SOMETHING that can rescusitate her.