Ellen tells Lindsay to consider getting away to recover from breakup

An incredibly emaciated Lindsay Lohan was on “Ellen” today. Most people come on the show to talk about an upcoming project or promote a good cause. Lindsay’s sole reason? To talk about her breakup with Samantha. The interview was actually really interesting because it seemed more like a therapy session, with Ellen as the therapist and Lindsay as the petulant teenager.

Ellen asked very insightful questions that were clearly meant to lead Lindsay to a logical, healthy conclusion. – though she didn’t always get there. It’s clear Ellen’s probably been in counseling herself which is why she’s so good at asking these sorts of questions. She gives Lindsay truly great advice that’s coming from a good place, but I doubt she’s going to take much of it.

Lohan blurts out a lot of things randomly, and has some wacked-out body language. When Ellen asks “What about the restraining order?” Lindsay starts giggling hysterically, which is an incredibly bizarre reaction. It made me uncomfortable to watch. She pulls it together after that, but continues to fidget and squirm throughout the interview.

Ellen suggests Lindsay get away from it all
We mentioned earlier that Ellen talks about her own bad public breakup (presumably with Anne Heche, though she doesn’t name her), and she says that she went to Utah and “literally hibernated” to get over it. Then Ellen asks Lindsay, “Do you feel like you want to run away?” She doesn’t all-out tell her to, but certainly suggests that it’d be a good idea.

At one point Lohan says “I’m doing a movie in October,” and she’s clearly lying. She touches her nose (which is a “tell”) and squirms a bit, and even her tone is disingenuous. Ellen brings up the Us Magazine interview, and Lindsay is evasive and confusing. She says she didn’t call them but that they were calling everyone she’s ever known. She implies that she gave them the interview due to pressure, though that doesn’t seem very believable. Lohan starts talking about her mom and the tabloids and says “They say horrible things about my mom and I have the most amazing mother… I love her so much. It hurts me when people say that about my mom.” It’s nice Lindsay loves her mom, but a huge part of the problem is that the tabloids say bad things about Dina Lohan for a reason, and Lindsay doesn’t see her faults. So she thinks Dina’s way of living in the world is totally normal, and she’s emulating it because that’s what life is to her.

Lindsay claims she’s lost jobs because of tabloid coverage
About her notoriety, Lohan says “I had an incredibly opportunity with an amazing actor and it’s been put on hold because of all this garbage that’s been coming out” and “I didn’t get in this business to be a celebrity on the cover of tabloids.” The logical response to this is to ask why she is continuing to only talk about her breakup if she wants to focus on her career instead? All she’s talking about is the drama in her life, while complaining that no one will hire her because of the drama in her life. If you can’t tone down the drama, and least shut up about it.

Ellen tells Lindsay not to go to clubs, she asks “should I not go grocery shopping either?”
Ellen also tells her not to go to clubs, asking, “Do you feel like every time you go to a club that’s a dangerous situation for you? Of course they’re going to find you at a club so maybe don’t go to clubs.” To which Lohan counters, “Well should I not go grocery shopping either because when I do they like follow me in the store and say I’m buying things that I’m not buying… if I go to a club that doesn’t mean that I’m drinking. That doesn’t mean that I’m like cheating on anyone or in a bathroom with someone… I’m going to sit with friends, listen to music because I love music. It’s not a bad thing.” So she completely misses Ellen’s point and the logical advice she’s giving her.

It really didn’t seem like Ellen was trying to get anything headline worthy out of Lindsay, but genuinely trying to help her. At times I felt moderately uncomfortable because it seemed like it really should have been a private conversation, not one taped in front of an audience or shown on television. Nothing made me think Lohan was being especially honest – in fact her fidgety body language said the opposite. But it was still intensely personal. The best advice Ellen gave Lohan was to get away. I think most people have said that. She needs to genuinely, honestly go away somewhere and do nothing of interest to the paparazzi. She needs to engage in some intensive therapy, and live a private life for a while. Then, after maturing and learning a lot, she should focus on rebooting her career.

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  1. Sauronsarmy says:

    I was just watching this. She could not sit still for more than a couple of seconds she also kept looking around.

  2. Anoneemouse says:

    I don’t think Ellen suggested that she “get away” so much as “GO AWAY.” Hard to believe anything that comes out of this compulsive liar. She brings it all on herself and then questions why it happens? She is so far in denial she will never make her way out of this. She justifies every stupid move she makes or blames it on someone else. This one is byond help!

  3. Anna says:

    That was painful to watch. Not a fan of Lohan but the poor girl is pitiful in this interview. It’s hard to tell what is true and what’s deflection (or lie?) but on the whole, the poor girl looks so overwhelmed and lost by everything.
    I wish she’d break through all this BS and truly get back to working as an actress, on good projects (if people are still willing to take her on). The only film with her I’ve seen was “Bobby” and she blew me away in it. After hearing so much stuff about her, I didn’t expect her to be that good of an actress. So I hope that in the future, she’ll get more roles like that.
    What’s weird to me is her friendship with Natalie Portman. When did that happen?? I’ve never seen a single pic of them together and it seems to me like Natalie does not surround herself with the likes of Lindsay Lohan.

  4. DD says:

    She seems to me to be very disturbed and maybe on the verge of a breakdown. She should really stop doing interviews and keep this behind closed doors. Any weakness she shows will be used against her. I see this appearance as a form of exploitation on Ellen’s part, just because it’s so obvious Lindsay is not emotionally stable.

  5. jennifer says:

    Ellen, you “literally hibernated” did you? *rolls eyes* lol

    Lohan’s number one addiction is tabloid coverage – she will never go away. She will continue to deny deny deny, she will continue to make shit up (Natalie Portman?! Really?!,) she will continue to refuse to accept any responsibility for her own actions (“I had an incredibly opportunity with an amazing actor and it’s been put on hold because of all this garbage that’s been coming out” – ????????,) she will continue to whore herself to the tabloids, ANYTHING to stay relevant. Ever wonder why with all the celebrities who actually HAVE careers and are promoting movies and projects THIS ONE STILL takes up the most tabloid coverage? Because she wants it that way. It is possible to go undetected, it is possible to live life without the paps – she doesn’t want to, simple as that.

  6. Ned says:

    I think it would be best for her to get away from LA, like Ellen hinted (and told her it was good for her), and just get better.

    I don’t think the film industry is a good place for her now.
    At least not the nightlife scene.

  7. Vibius says:

    A break? Her family would disown her if they are unable to milk her fame.

  8. cee says:

    she looks like a teenie at that weight

  9. Prissa says:

    I know this post isn’t about her weight, but I want to comment about the weight thing. (I caught the tail end of the post about her outta control weight – damn WORK!! interfering with my time spent on blogs, lol)

    I think she has lost the weight for attention (many other stars do as well, hint hint – Tori Spelling). Many celebrities have DIED from TRUE eating disorders. Karen Carpenter comes to mind. She truly had a disorder and I never remember her running around with revealing clothes on. She was always covered up because she DIDN’T WANT the attention drawn to her as most ppl who are truly sick with this disease don’t. Tracy Gold is another who was truly sick and always covered up with sweaters, turtlenecks, etc. Linds is an ATTENTION HO!!

    I believe Lindsay needs help, but if she won’t seek it for herself, there is nothing anyone else can do. You can’t force someone to change, seek help or even admit there is a problem. All the advice in the would won’t help her if it falls on deaf ears. Plain and simple.

  10. Codzilla says:

    I can’t believe she’s still pretending to be sober.

  11. MSat says:

    I can’t believe how many lies this little hobag has spun. Does she really think nobody is going to check out all her claims? Her lying is pretty much pathological at this point. Little miss Cocaine Pants has zero credibility and it’s not because of what the paps or gossip writers say about her. Are the tabs responsible for her showing up to work soused, or not showing up because she was partying all night?

    As for her claims that the tabs have ruined her career – you don’t see Jolie/Pitt/Aniston’s movie careers suffering from all their tabloid adventures.

  12. Cinderella says:

    She is so full of crap she doesn’t know whether she is coming or going.

    Studios won’t touch her because they probably couldn’t get her insured.

    I really hope Samantha does not take her back. The woman is a wack job and I could totally see her doing something nuts.

  13. “I didn’t get in this business to be a celebrity on the cover of tabloids.”

    Bitch, please.
    Pretty bold statement coming from a skeleton in a sundress.

    (Prissa – I’ve noticed the same thing, re:using an eating disorder to garner more publicity. When did a life threatening psychological illness become so in vogue? Has she no shame?)

  14. Shane Gentry says:

    I really don’t get the hatred for Lohan. Who cares if she’s skinny? Personally I find her to be really beautiful in a hometown sort of way. She had a rough substance abuse problem and appears to have cleaned up her act for the most part. What does it matter if she had a beer? She also might not be the most talented actress but she’s not horrible or anything. Georgia Rule was actually a fairly good movie. Her parents are whacked but she’s still trying to make it on her own.

    I just don’t get the hatred. It’s almost like the Tabloids WANT her to fall completely apart. They did the same thing with Britney.

    If I was Lohan I’d move to New York or Miami and get out of LA.

  15. the original kate says:

    lindsay probably said “hello” to natalie portman at an award show and now thinks they’re best friends.

  16. viper says:

    Britney did it to herself Lohan on the other hand seems to be in a depression to me. She isn’t happy anymore and it’s a ïs this it?”kind of how I think she feels. I mean she’s literally never known anything else other than hollywood. She must hask herself who she would have been if she wasnt in the industry. She’s just another victim simply because she isnt strong enough for it all. She’s the kind of person that needs others around her which is why she spends so much time at clubs I think. I really feel like she’s just scared of being alone and will do anything to stay noticed by anyone. Even behind closed doors. Britney was never like that, she’s unstable and obviously on meds that girl had NEBER been healthy in my eyes and when she “rebelled” she showed her true colors.

  17. Bodhi says:

    She had a rough substance abuse problem and appears to have cleaned up her act for the most part. What does it matter if she had a beer?

    So many things wrong with that statement…

    1) had In what way, shape, or form is/are her substance abuse issue/s resolved? There is no way in hell that LL is sober. No way.

    2) cleaned up? In what way? She is clearly abusing drugs and/or alcohol, she has lost an astronomical amount of weight is a super short time frame, her extensions look like Barbie hair rejects, and her face looks like its been rubbed with sandpaper & cleaned with cheap fake tanner

    3) What does it matter if she had a beer? It matters a lot, a whole lot. She is an alcoholic (she said it herself). Alcoholics CANNOT drink a beer. EVER. That is what it means to be an alcoholic. No drinking. Period. Ever. Many many addicts fall off the wagon & it is part of achieving sobriety. But that is what having a beer is for an alcoholic, falling off the wagon.

    I don’t hate her in the slightest. In fact, I pity her.

    Edit: Bullshit. LL isn’t a victim; she has courted & chased fame & notoriety with every breath

  18. Sarto says:

    “If I go to a club that doesn’t mean that I’m drinking. That doesn’t mean that I’m like cheating on anyone or in a bathroom with someone.”

    This is like when you’re watching TV with your girlfriend, and suddenly she starts sweating and freaking out, and starts yelling out of the blue: “I’m not cheating on you, okay! Stop giving me that look! Let’s just break up!” Everything she says she’s not doing, is exactly what she is doing. It’s a passive-aggressive admission of guilt.

    Lindsay has a lot more to come clean about if she wants to dig herself out of this mess of her own making. This is why there used to be such a thing as Catholic confession, to stop people from becoming delusional, compulsive liars exactly like this.

  19. Ned says:

    Ellen is a really nice person. She is really trying to help her, and Lindsay doesn’t get it and gets defensive.

    She seemed more concentrated on her ego, so when Ellen tried to explain that she is “on her side” when she is saying things like- maybe it’s not the best time to go to clubs now… and Lindsay just doesn’t get it and only listens to the part that compliments her.

    This is a sad story. Ellen did tried to do her best, and didn’t exploit the situation as Matt Lauer did for example with Britney.
    She tried to help her and tried to get through with different ways and different suggestion.

    Lindsay just doesn’t get it.

  20. MB says:

    Anna, I was just thinking the same thing about Natalie Portman. Weird.

  21. eternalcanadian says:

    Lindsay does need to get back into therapy. She looked like a skeleton, and her body language along with the basic daftness of her thoughts leads me to think she has a lot of serious issues, including her sexuality. So yeah, she needs therapy, long-term if possible, and abstinence for at least 90 days.

  22. crazymary says:

    Rehab and therapy is what this girl needs. And a cheeseburger.

  23. mich says:

    i’ve watched her guesting on Ellen. i can’t help but notice how flabby her skeletal arms are. they’re just scary.

    and when she talks, she she sounds like my grandma. can’t even focus on anything that she was saying.

  24. boomchakaboom says:

    I see she has the Lohan tactic of blaming Michael/Dina/Tabloids/LIES! for whatever ails ’em down pat. None of the Lohans ever take responsibility for whatever crapfest their lives have turned out to be. Interesting.