Star: Johnny Depp isn’t happy about Lily-Rose’s shady 24-year-old boyfriend


Lily-Rose Depp gives me Willow Smith vibes. I mean that in an ambivalent way, really. Lily-Rose was always going to be pretty famous just because of her parents – she was Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis’s first child – and she seems to be following in their artsy-performer footsteps. She’s already modeling and getting magazine covers and she’s only 16 years old. And at 16, she has her first big-deal relationship – you can see Lily-Rose and her boyfriend in these photos from a few weeks ago. Her boyfriend is older… and that’s a big deal when you’re 16. The guy is Ash Stymest and he’s 24 years old. Not only that, but he’s already been married and divorced and he has a child. Yeah. And on top of that, he’s a “bad boy” male model who smokes, drinks and likes to party. As you can imagine, Lily-Rose’s father is apparently not happy about this turn of events.

They say girls choose guys that remind them of their father, and Johnny Depp is learning the hard way just how true that can be. The actor’s 16-year-old daughter is reportedly coupled up with a hard-drinking Hollywood party boy who is eight years her senior! Lily-Rose Depp has been spotted cozying up to 24-year-old male model Ash Stymest, who is not only divorced but has a 4-year-old daughter.

“Johnny blames his ex-wife, Vanessa, for being too permissive, and he and Lily fight constantly about her new relationship,” reveals a source. “Lily has serious daddy issues and Ash is so much like Johnny was when he was young – he drinks, smokes and raises hell. But Johnny doesn’t care if he’s being a hypocrite, he doesn’t want this guy anywhere near his baby girl.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

I don’t believe all daughters want guys who remind them of their fathers. I do think fathers become a template, sometimes good and sometimes bad, sometimes of what a woman looks for and sometimes a template of what guy you’ll never go for. Plus, I don’t want to talk about a 16-year-old’s daddy issues when clearly, she’s STILL A CHILD. Of course you have daddy issues when you’re 16! You actually need your dad then. Anyway, this guy does sound like trouble, but even more than that, he sounds like he is just weighed down by a ton of baggage, too much for any 16-year-old to deal with. Shut it down, Johnny.



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  1. Sam says:

    Her biggest issue is the fact that he married Amber Heard who is young enough to be his daughter as well.

    • Malice says:

      But Amber Heard is 30 year old, not 16 year old. She’s a grown woman.

      • Izzy says:

        Amber was 25 when they first got together. Not 30 year old woman. She was young back then and is young right now.

      • Velma says:

        @Izzy And she is 30 year old now. That is indeed young but she isn’t a teenager. She is a mature adult.

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        @Izzy- Brain development ( we are most concerned with frontal lobe maturity here) is effectively complete at age 25. This means Heard could manage/consider all the ramifications of her choices. A 16 year old is woefully unable to do so. it is a world of difference.

      • Gina says:

        I think the point that should be made, is that right when Lily needed her Dad the most, as a prepubescent tween (age 11), HE was infatuated with and falling madly in love with a beautiful woman young enough to be his daughter.

        Lily got usurped.

        Can you imagine, being the apple of your Dad’s eye, his only daughter lavished with attention, treated like a princess – and then just as you exit young childhood and start to grow up, he disappears and some other young girl becomes his world. Ouch. Pyschic ouch to the 10th power.

        She may never admit it. But I’m sure she felt some major abandonment, her own and her Mom’s. Especially when she may very much want Johnny’s guidance career wise, his tutelage about being an actress (she’s acted in a few things and has aspirations) – instead she has to read the new Mrs.Depp’s glossy articles as she tries to make her career off her relationship to Lily’s Dad.

        I tend to think this is Lily’s way of looking for that same older younger infatuation/adoration, being someone’s ‘Amber Heard,’ herself…and if it means she’s sticking it to her Dad…? Well i bet she has few f’s to give. Lol.

      • RoseBud says:

        @Gina And all this is just your assumptions, right?

      • Gina says:


        Oops. (Looks for ‘sheepish’ gif) Hi Lily-Rose…bud.

      • RoseBud says:

        @Gina I mean, have you even heard Lily speak?

      • Gina says:

        @rosebud (Lily-rose)

        Oh, so is that the prequisite? One must hear a speaking voice before weighing in on a public person’s divorce and separation, and how it might affect a family?

        They don’t call it ‘speculation,’ for nothing.

        There are certain universal truths going on here – Depp didn’t invent the wheel separating from his young family, and falling for a young starlet. Sounds like your typical middle aged crisis. But the effect that could have on a kid, a daughter is fairly predictable. Unless she can’t stand her Dad, and wanted him gone.

        It’s not exactly ‘Amazing Kreskin,’ or ‘David Blaine,’ style telepathy to think a child, especially a young daughter, might have unspoken (or even spoken) resentment and might act out subconsciously.

        Not too many little girls pump their fists and cheer when their dear Daddy leaves their house and shacks up with a girl that could be his daughter and his kid’s sister and starts lavishing her with attention.

        Just sayin’.

      • Drnotknowitall says:


        Not exactly right. Although it is true that under 25, the brain is still considered developing, it is also true that around 25 is finally when the brain comes into full capacity in terms of understanding rather than input. So while a younger brain might be able to recall a great deal of detail, an older mind is able to better understand the relationships of those details.

        Having said that, I still have issue with a woman that young dating a much older man. Part of my concern has to do with the authority construct that comes with a much older man being with a much younger woman.

        Plus, as a young girl, Lilly likely noticed and took to heart that her mother was cheated on and was hurt by a woman a lot closer to her own age. These are issues that children internalize, even if they appear to be accepting of the relationship.

      • Izzy says:

        Hi, Other Izzy. Good point.

        I find it kind of laughable that Depp would blame Vanessa, when he himself is setting the example by dating and marrying a woman so much younger than he is. I mean, where does he think Lily got the notion that it’s perfectly OK?

      • Amy says:

        @Laura Johnny dated Winona when she was 16-17 years old.
        Same with Kate Moss. He himself liked young girls.

      • Laura says:

        @Amy Winona and Kate Moss were about to turn 18 when he first started dating them. He’s never dated a 16 yo.

      • Laura says:

        @Amy Oh wait, Kate Moss was actually 20 when they started dating.

      • Amy says:

        Winona Ryder was 17 when he went after her and dated her. Johnny was 27. Stop defending creepy Depp.

      • sph says:

        @Gina: I’m getting the weirdest vibe from your comment. Are you equaling the love for a daughter with the romantic interest of a man? Like if Lily-Rose must feel that her place was “usurped” by his new love? that’s creepy!
        Do you get that there are different types of love? and if you – in your very speculative but without facts comment- are trying to equal Lily’s feelings with the feelings of a “lover” who’s replaced by a new erotic love, i must tell the person with real troubles here is you not Lily. An “electra complex”? and you’re likely projecting your own dysfunctional relationship with your own Dad to Lily’s life

        Other than that. What more “guidance” from Johnny to her career than to act in two (maybe three) ridiculous B-movies from a director who’s the Dad of her best friend and only because those are her first two movies?

        And Johnny didn’t exited her childhood. You and other people here may ignore the fact that the children remained living in LA and never moved to France after the split of Johnny and Vanessa, despite that Vanessa did of Paris her main house at the time (for her boyfriend or her career, i don’t care). That the children still continue attending the school in LA. That Johnny gave to Vanessa a house for her to stay in LA. That Lily-Rose had hundred of pictures related to her life at the home of her Dad on her old account (before it was hacked) but the rest of the people, and more important, the children themselves knows that isn’t true Johnny abandoned them at any point of their childhood (or nor more time than their own mother at least)

      • jesica says:

        Amber is a child her self she hasnt even paid for her court problems its been Johnny doing that Plus amber has a Allowance grown ass woman dont have that.

      • Liz says:

        @sph I don’t know what you are on about but what she is talking about it pretty clear and obvious and no it is NOT comparing the love of a father to daughter to erotic love! In fact, you may be the one with the problem for even picking that out. Gina is clearly talking about a child feeling “replaced” by a parents new partner. That they may feel they are loosing their attention and affection. It’s fairly common and not at all a stretch.

        As for Vanessa, abandoning her children. Please stop being so insulting. All one has to do is LOOK at those children lives to see Vanessa is primary care provider and present most of their day to day lives.

        Also Johnny took the kids to France that summer and was photographed dropping them off with Vanessa’s father so they were not separated for that long! In fact, a few gossip sites tried to spin it as a family vacation and Johnny and Vanessa getting back together.

        Those children live with their mother 90% of the time. And while the kids WILL travel with Vanessa to France. They no longer travel to see their father. The last time was summer 2013. And he’s been working abroad A LOT. Only time will tell if that changes but I don’t see his kids joining him this summer on his rock band world tour.

      • Laura the Two says:

        @Izzy I find it kind of laughable that you believe this story and that Johnny would blame Vanessa.. But you should take a look at her dating history, Lily obviously got that notion that it’s perfectly ok from her.

        @Amy Um, no. Winona was almost 18 and he was 26. He didn’t go after her, they met at a movie premiere then hooked up through friends later. Stop accusing Legend Depp of being something he’s not. He didn’t force her to date him.

      • Amy says:

        Almost 18? LOL that’s NOT 18. Winona was 17 when he went after her and he was in his late 20s. HAS BEEN Depp has always been a CREEP.

    • Elsa says:

      There’s no comparison here. Amber is a grown up 30 year old woman while Lily is a confused teenager. But the biggest difference is that the one relationship is actually pedophilia. To me 30 with 52 sounds more normal than 16 and 24.

      • Arlene says:

        It’s gross but it’s not pedophilia, so lets not conflate the two.
        Kids go through weird periods as teenagers when they seem DETERMINED to make their parents heart sink like a stone, but with care and attention they will hopefully come out the other side of it relatively unscathed and with a bit more sense. I say this as a mother to a nearly 25 year old who went from unruly teen to lovely adult ( and who is dating a kind and lovely man to boot, just like her Dad is a kind and lovely man).

      • Lana says:

        Oh come on. It’s not pedophilia, she’s not prepubescent. Creepy and gross, sure, but it’s not pedophilia.

      • Naya says:

        Pretty sure Elsa means ephebophilia, its an easy mistake to make. I dont know if he is exclusively attracted to girls in their mid teens but I hope nobody here would dispute that he is at least a predator.

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        @Elsa, the age of consent in the UK is 16. I think the age difference is deplorable, but it is legal ( assuming they are in the UK ).

      • mmm says:

        They aren’t in UK nor France. Lily-Rose and her brother live in Los Angeles

      • KB says:

        Age of consent in CA is 18.

      • Drnotknowitall says:

        @elsa That is not at all pedophilia. Don’t get me wrong, I have a serious issue with a teen dating an adult (5+ years), especially one who has a child of his own. But let’s use correct terms. Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder which defines a misappropriated primary attraction to prepubescent children by adults. It is a paraphilia , which means it is exclusive or preferred. There is no indication that this 24 year old man prefers prepubescent children. He appears to have fathered a child with an adult female. Moreover, Lilly is 16, also not prepubescent.

        The term you are likely thinking of is ephebophilia. The ephebophile prefers and is primarily attracted to children in their late teens. Again, however, there is no proof of this. While Lilly is 16 an falls within the defined range, there is still no proof that the young man is only interested in this age-range.

      • Sara walton says:

        Europe, CA. Age of consent? What age were you when you were going out with a man!Who cares? In Muslim countries, daughters are married off at 8! I was amazed at a co-workers story. She was married off at 8 to a 40 year old Saudi Kingpin as his third wife.
        Lilly needs to step her game up to piss off Dad. Get married to a Saudi Kingpin and be his 5th wife. Cover yourself up head to toe with only the eyes showing .

    • Danny says:

      I’m not sure that is an issue since she likes Amber.

      • Naddie says:

        She might love Amber and hate her at the same time. Isn’t it the base of so many relationships?

      • Jean two says:

        I don’t think Amber and lily-rose are close as one may think. She’s growing up and not seen much with Amber

      • Danny says:

        Jean two, are they supposed to hang out together all the time? Amber is not Lily’s biggest issue, that was my point. They seem to get along fine.

        I don’t think Lily has any issues. I don’t know why people are believing this story from Star.

      • Amy says:

        Amber and Lily rarely ever hang out. Miss Heard loves to use her friends’ social media to leak personal “family” pics or call the paps. They have publicly been seen together about 3 times in the last 4 years. Lily is not stupid. She knows what that manipulative fame seeker of a “stepmother” of hers is like.

  2. anniefannie says:

    That scarf on her boyfriend screams douche!

  3. Lex says:

    Yeah, the guy has issues. HE’S DATING A 16 YEAR OLD. The dude is in his mid twenties and dating a child. That’s incredibly inappropriate. Honestly, both parents can shut it down because she’s under 18, so not sure what they’re waiting on. Unless they have the Smith mentality where they think their little angels are born adults.

    • LookyLoo says:

      This! It’s a 16 year old, crying out loud. This guy is a pedophile.

      • Zip says:

        No, he is not. While it is gross the correct term is ephebophilia.

      • lurkernomore says:

        @zip….I said the same thing when ppl on this site kept referring to Taylor as a predator for dating that Kennedy boy. It’s shocking to me the number of people who don’t know the difference. A person in their mid 20s dating someone 16 or 17 is weird, and inappropriate but they are not predators. I hate how ppl just throw that word around like it’s nothing.

        Judging by the pics of lily on her and her friends instagram, she has a lot of freedom to do as she pleases. Maybe she just has lax parents who think it’s no big deal. Idk but a 16 yr old is not ready or mature enough to date a 24 yr old let alone one with a kid. The drama and baggage is too much for someone so young.

      • Naya says:

        A predator is anybody who seeks out vulnerable people in order to exploit them. Pedophiles are predators and so are many ephebophiles. A 24 year old who has been divorced and has a child who seeks out girls in their mid teens Is most definitely a predator.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I agree, Naya.

      • Magnoliarose says:

        I too agree.

    • InvaderTak says:

      Doesn’t he have a kid with another woman as well? I’m not saying that that in and of itself is bad or that it makes him an automatic loser, but everything put together does.

    • Kitten says:

      It’s way past inappropriate. Good LORD she’s just a teenager!
      He’s super-gross.

      Off-topic but I googled him and I can’t believe how young he looks. Just reminds me how old I am when anyone under 30 looks like a kid to me.

      • I Choose Me says:

        I checked out his Instagram and he looks like the kind of posturing, snot-nosed a-hole that 16 year old me would have rolled my eyes at while secretly thinking he was cute.

        At 40, I’m just vaguely amused by him. I kind of want to pat him on the head and say, well aren’t you cute. Just like I do to my twelve years younger brother ’cause I know it pisses him off. 🙂

      • Dangles says:

        Meh. When I was her age I was banging a 32 year old. And look how well I turned out. 🙂

        But personal experience aside, teens need to be teens and shouldn’t be prematurely dragged into the world of intimate adult relationships. There’ll be plenty of time for that later

    • Elisa the I. says:

      In my country (Austria) the age of consent is 14, in France it’s 15:

      So their relationship is perfectly legal. In my country it’s also legal to have sex under the age of 14 if both teenagers are under 14 or if the age difference is max 3 years.
      As far as I understand there is a huge difference between the States and Europe.

      • Alana says:

        Just because something is legal in a European country does not make it “right”. As far as I know, Europe does not do the best job in protecting people from predators and sexual assault.

      • Elisa the I. says:

        I had my first BF at the age of 14. He was 21. I turned out fine and I swear no-one blinked an eye. My sisters also had older (and also younger) boyfriends. No biggie.

      • Tammy says:

        Difference is Lily Rose lives in California not Austria and age of consent is 18.

      • Alana says:

        And yet here you are, thinking it’s perfectly normal for an adult to date an adolescent.

        No offense, but are you absolutely sure that you turned out “fine”?

      • PK says:

        @ Alana

        Whether or not Europe does a good job “protecting people from predators and sexual assault” (and there’s absolutely no statistical evidence to prove that’s the case) is irrelevant. And there are 50 countries that make up Europe, give or take, so that’s a pretty big paintbrush you’re working with there.

        What is relevant is that neither of these people, based on existing law in their countries of origin (England and France), would be considered a “predator” under the law.

      • Alana says:


        The law is irrelevant to the conversation I’m having. As I already stated, just because something is legal, does not make it right. Plenty of awful things like slavery and martial rape used to be legal. Doesn’t change the fact that they were horrible.

        There exists such a concept as “morality”. An adult dating an adolescence is predatory and morally wrong. It’s one person taking advantage of another, whatever the law may claim.

    • bluhare says:

      He’s too old for a 16 year old, and her parents should put a stop to it, but I think he’s really dating her father once removed.

    • Carol says:

      It is pretty creepy that a guy in his 20s is dating a 16 year old. Isn’t Lily living in France though? What’s the age of consent over there? Also, I do see slight parallels between this 24 year old guy and Johnny Depp. I mean how old was Winona Ryder when she hooked up with Johnny? I think she was 18 and he was 27? What about him and Kate Moss?

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        Yeah. I think it’s totally normal for someone in their teens to want someone in their 20’s, but someone in their mid 20’s who wants to date someone 17 or younger is probably at best immature/out for that person’s money (if it’s someone like this girl or you-know-who) or at worst, creepy and predatory (or a combination of all those things).

  4. Patricia says:

    I also don’t get why the phrase “daddy issues” is being used for a child. It seems that Johnny has always been present in his daughter’s life, so the only issues would be normal teenager-to-authority-figure problems. Nothing unusual there. The way this article phrases it you would think Johnny is an absent father.

    And also along the lines of her being 16, why is this grown man dating a CHILD? This is very disturbing to me. Sixteen is so so young. She’s not anywhere near fully developed as far as her mental and emotional life, and probably physically as well. This 24 year old man must have some serious issues. This whole situation is rather sad and if her mother is trying to be the “cool mom” by being permissive then she’s a horrible mother.

    • Erinn says:

      Always present, but when the main male role model in your life dumps your mom for a woman 23 years younger than himself – it does kind of effect your view of relationships.

      • Malice says:

        They broke up amicably, he didn’t dump her.

      • Erinn says:

        Semantics. But the point stands. When your father’s next step after a breakup (that would effect the kids quite a bit, regardless of how amicable it is) is to start dating someone with that kind of age gap, it is going to shape your view of relationships. Not always negatively or anything.

        I mainly mean – you can’t expect your daughter to date age appropriately when the people who mold her views on relationships aren’t necessarily doing so. Yes, there’s a difference – especially a legal one – but it is what it is. Even if you don’t want it to happen, and even if it’s only on a subconscious level, she’s going to see her dad in his 50’s with this woman in her 20’s, and that’s going to make an impression. No matter how healthy the self esteem or whatever, in the background there’s always going to be the ‘do women have expiry dates’ or ‘why can’t I date someone that’s in their 20’s – it’s less of an age gap than dad and step mom’.

        I’m not trying to say that he’s some kind of evil person for doing it – I’m just saying that she’s at an age where relationships are relatively new still, and everyone carries some kind of experience of what their own parents relationships were into theirs. Sometimes just at a tiny level, but sometimes that really does effect kids -and it could be positive OR negative.

      • Kitten says:

        Exactly, Erinn, you said it all. She’s 16! She’s still a kid, she still needs her parents.

      • Liz says:

        Even if the split with Vanessa went as well as possible, when Daddy hooks up with a woman (forget the age for now) whom he MET while still with Mommy… those kids will ALWAYS be thinking “what if Daddy had never worked with Amber?”

        Even if there was no secret affair, he bounced from their mom to a woman he worked with while still with their mom.

    • Magnoliarose says:

      No Johnny wasn’t always present. He said in an interview that he often liked to be on his own in a deserted location even if he wasn’t filming and he had children at the time.

      • RoseBud says:

        He never said anything like that and he was ALWAYS present (when not working) when they were little.

      • Liz says:

        (when not working.)

        Johnny has worked about 8 months out of the year since the first pirates film. Sometimes more.

        Yet, he was ALWAYS present??

      • Lauren II says:

        JD has not appeared to be “present” since he hooked up with Amber. (Later married Amber). If my Dad abandoned his family to hook up with a 25 year old, I would not be happy and stable.
        I don’t believe the breakup was truly amicable. Vanessa is being classy and civil for the sake of her children.

      • Laura the Two says:

        @Lauren II So he’s not been present and abandoned them yet they all traveled to Japan back in 2013? He was also pictured dropping Lily off to school and going shopping with her in 2014, not to mention that she posted photos of herself with him on Instagram.

        And why do you WANT to believe that the breakup was not truly amicable? Why wouldn’t it be? The kids seem pretty happy and stable.

      • Amy says:

        WOW he took his kids to Japan 3 YEARS AGO?! And dropped his daughter at school 2 YEARS AGO?! What a father! Johnny has been hitting the bottle and using other things since Amber to be a present parent.
        His split from Vanessa was NOT amicable. He said so himself in many interviews. He cheated and dumped her for a 23 yo. JD will learn the hard way that the grass is NOT greener on the others side. The reason those kids are stable and happy is because Vanessa is the primary parent present in their lives and the only SOBER parent.

  5. Jayna says:

    Where are the parents regarding this girl? She’s only 16 and living the life of an adult. Both of them have dropped the ball with her.

    • Naya says:

      Going by the article, Johnny is trying to get her to leave him. It also says that her mother is the permassive one.

      • Kitten says:

        We’re not pretending that the source in this article wasn’t from Johnny’s camp, are we?

      • jinni says:

        @Kitten: Why would he want to bring more attention to a situation he doesn’t like by putting out stories in tabloids? This story makes this whole thing known to the general non-gossip reading public, do you think he’d really want that kind of scrutiny for his kid?

        It’s more then likely that the tabs see that she been photographed with this guy while in her mother’s presence and not in her father’s presence and they are making a story out of that.

      • polonoscopy says:

        It’s an open secret that Johnny Depp has serious alcoholism issues and he often shoots in Australia and on location for long swaths of time. I doubt he is very physically or emotionally available to his daughter. Have no idea what Vanessa Paradis’ problem is, but she has a problem.

      • Naya says:


        Its a Star article so who knows?! Just pointing out what it says since it is the basis of this post.

      • Kitten says:

        @Jinni-That’s not how gossip works. A negative story like this one gets out there when people see Lily Rose and her 24 year old BF holding hands in public, not because either of her parents “planted” this story (although I’m sure that happens too when it’s a “positive” story). Once the story is out there, sources are contacted or they come forward on their own. I’m not saying that Depp is ok with this relationship, but I would never presume that Vanessa is either, especially when as Naya pointed out, this is coming from Star Magazine.

      • jinni says:

        @Kitten: Okay, I think I get what you are trying to say now.

      • mmm says:

        Vanessa has been seen several times with them, even taking a travel to Paris with her children and this boyfriend like a big happy family. Lily started to date him when she was working in Paris and living with her mother the past year. And Vanessa at Lily’s age was living with a 29 years old man french singer, of course she’s OK with this

      • Magnoliarose says:

        They are both at fault and this does smell like Depp’s camp preemptive strike on this story. His rep a father isn’t exactly stellar.

      • RoseBud says:

        @Magnoliarose No, it is stellar. He is a devoted father. In 2007 Lily-Rose contracted such a severe case of E. coli that her kidneys shut down. Her concondition was dire, Johnny stayed with her throughout the whole ordeal. He wouldn’t return to filming Sweeney Todd until she recovered.

      • Liz says:

        It is easy for any parent to become devoted when their child is at death’s door.

        Real devotion comes during the mundane day to day raising of a child.

      • Magnoliarose says:

        Rosebud-I remember that story and never once have I believed he doesn’t love his children or is an ass. I was a fan for a long time and thought he seemed vulnerable, nice, talented but deeply troubled. No stories of being particularly jerky or nasty to people.

      • Amy says:

        Johnny was 27 when he was dating a 16 year old Winona Ryder and he was 31 when he started dating a teenage Kate Moss.

      • Laura says:

        @Amy Actually, he was 26 and she was 17 and about to turn 18 in a few months.

      • Amy says:

        That doesn’t make it any better! Winona was 17 when he was lusting after her and he was close to 30. Depp has always been a creep.

      • sph says:

        people keep moving Johnny’s age to make it looks like his case with Winona is similar. Look at their bios, Johnny’s 8 years older than Winona so the “30 to 17” don’t do the math
        Johnny was 26 and Winona 18 (or almost 18, because she was 17 when he met her)

      • Amy says:

        It is similar. Actually its worse. Johnny and Winona were almost 10 years apart in age. The FACT is Johnny was 27 when he was dating a 17yr Winona Ryder. He is and always has been a CREEP.

      • teacakes says:

        @Amy – how is it a, I quote you, FACT that Johnny was 27 when he was dating a 17 year old Winona Ryder?

        Johnny Depp = born June 9, 1963
        Winona Ryder = born October 29, 1971

        Unless he time travelled to be born two years earlier, it’s a little difficult for him to have been 27 to her 17.

      • Vorpal says:

        Regardless of what Johnny was or lived before he is living with Amber as a boyfriend or a husband, but is undeniable that Amber in the life of Johnny means mess, confusion.

        His current life demonstrates his inner state of complete instability.

        For whatever reason, but after to live with Amber, Johnny is another man. He seems to be drunk, unmotivated for life, except for music.

        And of course everything around him becomes unstable too even his kids.

        Nowadays when we look at him we just see MESS.

        The current work of his PR and stylist are horrible. They could not turn Amber in someone cool and Johnny now is being seen as a MESS!

    • HappyMom says:


    • Denise says:

      I love Vanessa but I am disappointed that she’s allowing Lily Rose to date him, even if she did the same at her age. Not only is he way older, he has major baggage and from the looks of the photos he is loving the attention. He’s got that too cool for school attitude. Gross.

  6. SamiHami says:

    She is an underaged minor child. No 16 year old girl has any business dating a 24 year old adult man. Nothing good can come of this. I agree-Johnny needs to shut this down.

  7. Greenieweenie says:

    I get the sense that this girl is going to be ground zero for french vs American culture clash.

    • Patricia says:

      Like what? Honestly curious what you mean. Is it an American trait to find dating a child repulsive?

      • Greenieweenie says:

        Just the word “permissive” made me think back over alllll the culture clashes that played out in school (French section/curriculum in an English school). I wouldn’t be shocked if Vanessa were the one being, “oh, let her learn” while Johnny’s head explodes.

        Reminds me, too, of this German exchange student in high school–all these churchy American kids were freaking out that her parents let her boyfriend spend the night in her bedroom.

      • Tia says:

        Certainly in the UK where the age of consent is 16, a lot of parents have found there is very little they can do about their 16 year old dating someone older – it’s not illegal so the police won’t get involved and if parents intervene too strongly (e.g. by locking a child in his/her room) they can and will be prosecuted.

      • Sixer says:

        Although far from an opinion being held by all, there is a view in some Western European cultural and literary traditions that a May-December relationship is almost a rite of passage. You’re young and inexperienced (girl or boy). You have an affair with someone much older and more experienced. You get your heart broken. You emerge wiser and more mature from it and, having learned, go on to have much healthier relationships in future. See writers such as Colette, Sagan, etc.

        Here in Britain we are closer to US attitudes with almost blanket reaction of shock and outrage. Unless the man is rich or a celebrity. In which case we follow our tabloids and call the girl a slut. Sigh.

      • kay says:

        thank you, sixer.
        so very true.

  8. Crocuta says:

    For some reason this reminded me of Brittney Spears and her whats-his-name.

  9. Ramona Q. says:

    This is bad, this is so bad. Oh, Lily Rose, just don’t get pregnant.

  10. aims says:

    I married the complete opposite from my father on purpose. I always got the feeling that Johnny would wanted to be the cool dad. Not being the heavy, wants to be the friend. I could be wrong. I go back and think at sixteen my mother hated my boyfriend! She loathed him,which made him even more appealing to me. It seems part of the course when growing up.

    • byland says:

      I’m with you, aims. My father and my husband both had motorcycles, but other than that they’re nothing alike. My dad had an explosive temper, something I wanted nothing to do with. Enter my lovely husband, who is so quiet people sometimes forget he’s in the room, works through issues calmly, and always follows through on what we decide together.

      Both Vanessa and Johnny need to shut this relationship down, now. She is sixteen and they are her parents. The end.

      • aims says:

        Same here. My husband is calm and low key. My father has an explosive temper as well and loves being the center of attention. I always hated that. So I guess my dad did have an influence.

        I am reading more about this boyfriend and I do think Lily’s parents need to get involved.

      • byland says:

        Yeah. Although it was more my mother wanted to be the center of attention and just drove my father so crazy that he’d lose it. I still spoke to my dad regularly until he died a few months back, but it’ll be a cold day in hell before I even exchange letters with my mother. I based everything I wanted in the relationship on what I saw in theirs – then made sure to do the exact opposite.

        I think it’s clear that a divorced single father who is eight years her senior is an inappropriate boyfriend for a sixteen-year-old girl. Daddy needs to put his own relationship drama aside and step up to the plate. It’s beyond me why Vanessa would think it’s okay to let this guy anywhere near her daughter.

  11. Jenn4037 says:

    In the USA – this is statutory rape. If they’re sleeping together. What else does a 24 y/o want with a 16 y/o? Can’t be babysitting services.

  12. roxane says:

    Her mother was with Florent Pagny a french singer when she was 14 and him 28 i don’t think it’s french thing, Lily – rose behaves just like her mom. This guy seems like a major creep.

  13. emilie says:

    Johnny Depp has always been lusting after younger girls. He got engaged to Winona when she was just a teenage girl and he was in his late twenties.

    • Malice says:

      They got engaged when she was 18 and he was 27. His first marriage was to a woman older than him and he dated Ellen Barkin (9 years older than him).

      • emilie says:

        Yes, they obviously didn’t do anything but hold hands until she was of age 🙂 He has been with many women. How many has he been with when they were 30 +?

      • jinni says:

        @Emilie: They got together when Winona was 3 months shy of her 18th birthday, so you’re right they probably didn’t wait that long since she was considered an adult for the majority of their relationship. Also, so women in their twenties are now considered young girls? So, a woman isn’t an adult until she’s in her thirties? That makes no sense. I know people are salty because he got with Amber, but this constant attempt to act like she was a child when they got together or that he constantly dates barely legals is ridiculous.

      • Tris says:

        EW! Is that true? Well, then, no wonder the daughter is doing the same thing.

    • jinni says:

      To piggyback off of @Malice: He also dated Jennifer Grey who is two years older than him and aside for Winona, all his girlfriends/partners have been adults when they got together. So I don’t get why you are trying to act like he has a history of dating teenagers or barely legal types.

    • Velma says:

      This comment would make sense if he only ever dated teenagers.

      • perplexed says:

        I don’t think he has a history of dating teenagers, but his love life has been splashed all over the tabloids so I could see the daughter arguing “But, hey, dad you were this age when you dated Winona, and I’m only 2 years younger than her while you were three years older than my boyfriend when Winona went out with you blah blah blah…” I think I’ve seen this happen on tv shows a couple of time (that’s where my knowledge of parenting comes from). And then he’d have to explain how it’s different or something. Anyway, my main point is that I could see the daughter explaining why she doesn’t think dating a 24 year old isn’t abnormal for her and using her dad’s history against him to frame an argument in her boyfriend’s defence (if she wanted to go there).

  14. NewWester says:

    Does this remind anyone of another teenage girl who got involved with a older man with a child? I am seeing shades of that family who shall not be named. Let’s hope Lily’s parents put a stop to this

    • Gabrielle says:

      I was thinking about Kylie too. Both are dealing with parents going through a separation/new marriage/transition, etc. Both have moms pushing them into the modeling world/encouraging them to be sexy. It’s a lot for a teenager to process.

      That being said I had a long term relationship with a guy that started when I was 17 and he was 23 (an immature 23 with no kids or ex wife). It did not work out in the end, but he wasn’t a pedophile or sexual deviant. In fact, he wound up marrying someone older than me. It wasn’t necessarily the best decision I ever made but I turned out alright.

  15. Tash says:

    What’s that around his neck? Looks like he took a welcome mat, cut it in stripes and made some sort of scarf out of it.

  16. Elsa says:

    The fact that he wants this kid out of his daughter’s life doesn’t mean that he is a hypocrite but that he cares about her. And yeah Johnny was a bad boy back then but he was no douche.And the fact that the guy has a little kid means that he is also highly irresponsible. I’m against the opinion that a parent can’t protect his daughter from a guy just because he is supposed(cause he is no JD)to be similar to him when he was younger.In the same logic an ex addict should let his kids doing drugs because he’d be a hypocrite otherwise?Does this make sense to anyone? If this story is true then all I see is a rightfully concerned father. And I’m sorry to say this cause I really like her, but Vanessa really does seem like she has no problem and is letting him travel with her and Lily. I’m with Johnny on that one. A 24 year old has no place in a teen’s life.

  17. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Ok, old fart alert –
    What is with these parents?? I would simply not have been allowed to date him, period. It’s inappropriate, it’s dangerous, he’s obviously gross for wanting to be with a 16 year old – no. You can’t go out with him.

    • Mimz says:

      It’s absolutely gross, but just FYI – age of consent in France is 15. So, there you go, this is probably why Vanessa doesn’t think it’s a big deal.
      I still think Tyga and Kylie are gross but it always fascinates me to see how people react differently to the exact same situations.

      • Don't kill me I'm French says:

        Vanessa Paradis had a long relationship with Florent Pagny when she is 15 and he is 29

      • Kitten says:

        I’m seeing the same amount of outrage here as we level at you-know-who and her BF.
        The only difference being the legal age of consent in US vs France, which I have to admit, is a pretty substantial difference.

      • Mimz says:

        Yes I remember, back then Florent Pagny and her were the hottest thing in french music, so it kind of made sense. I was very little back then but i remember it vaguely – my sister had a huge crush on Florent and we all liked Vanessa’s songs…
        Kitten, I agree, I was just saying that the tone is still more forgiving. Doesn’t help that those people’s behavior (explicit songs etc) make it 300x worse so…

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I didn’t know that, Mimz. That’s too young, imo.

    • tealily says:

      It’s probably difficult to keep an eye on your kid when she’s working in an adult career at age 16. I presume these two met through modeling. It’s got to be hard to explain to your 16-year-old child why you think it is inappropriate for her to date someone who is her peer.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I get that, but my parents didn’t care about explaining it. They just said no. I might not like it, but I didn’t think I had a choice. I think these parents don’t establish their authority early on – they are more concerned about their kids liking them.

      • tealily says:

        I completely agree with that, and I really side-eye any parent who let’s their kid launch a career so young. I don’t think any teen should be quite that autonomous.

    • FingerBinger says:

      @GNAT Forbidding her from dating him will just drive them closer together. Her parents appear to be hoping this relationship will run it’s course by not saying anything.

  18. Emma - The JP Lover says:

    I recall Miley Cyrus dating a ’20-something’ model when she was 16-years-old. Instead of preventing the relationship, her nutty Dad would accompany them on public dates so the boyfriend wouldn’t get in trouble. But then many people didn’t object to Hayden Panettiere openly dating her 30-year-old co-star Milo Ventimiglia when she turned 18, even though it was obvious (at least to me) they had begun fooling around before her 18th birthday.

    I don’t approve of adults dating children, but it’s really our Society’s fault (well, the media really) for encouraging children to dress and behave more maturely than their ages. Girls 12 and under–some as young as 8 and 9–wear makeup and dress and act provocatively without consequences because ‘everyone else is doing it.’ And their parents don’t object for the same reasons.

    • Zip says:

      At 14 or older you’re not a child. You’re a teenager /adolescent / juvenile. I don’t agree with adults dating people this age either but I’m getting tired of 17-year-olds being described as children. They are not.

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      …But Hayden Panetierre and Lorde dressing modestly as teenagers didn’t prevent them from having older boyfriends. I don’t even think it’s a matter of ‘blame it on the clothes’, because you can look at just about any time period or society- whether girls dress(ed) conservatively or not- and find adults with teenagers. And this girl right here is wearing an ordinary, everyday (designer) outfit.

  19. jessie says:

    Gross. Very serious issues with that man to want to be with a child.

  20. Kate says:

    Honestly I’m kind of torn on this. She’s not a normal 16yr old, she’s led a much more exciting and eventful life than 99% of teenagers, and she’s earning, for a teenager, a huge amount of money. She likely doesn’t have much in common with a regular high school boy, and there would be a power imbalance there unless she finds some fellow rich kid she wants to date (which is limiting).

    It’s not great, but her dating some regular 16yr old with no money, no connections and very little life experience isn’t great either.

    • jinni says:

      She actually had a boyfriend that was her own age who was’t famous but they broke up like a year or two ago.

    • Kitten says:

      I think you make a good point, with the exception of the “power imbalance” between a rich 16-year-old celebuspawn and a regular 16-year-old. The difference between being rich and middle-class or even poor at age 16 doesn’t really create a “power imbalance”. Teenagers don’t generally care whether their friend or their boyfriend is rich and famous or not, as they’re not sharing a bank account or living together.

      When we’re talking about a teenager and a young adult, the power imbalance has way more to do with life experiences and emotional maturity.

      • Kate says:

        I know when I was dating as a teen, money was definitely a factor. I could afford to go places and do things a regular teenager couldn’t, so I was always paying or else doing all these cool things without them, and because of that there was definitely a power imbalance there. I’d also travelled a lot more, spent a lot more time talking with adults, and kind of already had my future all set up. I couldn’t relate on a personal level to people my age, nor could they relate to me. I eventually just stopped dating for a few years, because it always felt weird, and by about 17 I felt like I was living a totally different life to any of the guys around my age that I knew (they mostly came from wealthy families btw, but they didn’t have real money if their own). By 18 I owned a few houses, had my own business…I was way ahead of most guys in their late 20’s, let alone guys my age.

    • HappyMom says:

      But a 24 year old with a child? Ick. I get that she might not have much in common with other high school boys, but come on.

    • Liz says:

      LOL @ the thought this girl went to school with regular non rich and connected kids!!!

      She goes to a very private, exclusive school. As they should. I mean as a parent you want the best education for your kid so why not. However that means MOST of the children at that school come from families with money and connections. If not in entertainment, than in other ways.

      • Dangles says:

        Those sort of schools might be great academically but they promote a stale brand of establishment conservatism. I wouldn’t be comfortable with exposing my kids to that harm.

      • Magnoliarose says:

        Liz that has been my thought too. Privileged schools on her level have the same type of kids with the same access. They are faster than the everyday teen but it doesn’t make it acceptable for a 16 year old to date a 20 something divorced man with a baby like you know who.

  21. roxane says:

    @kate, having money do not equal maturity. Yo be honest the problem isn’t her, it’s the divorced man “attracted” by the 16 years old teenager.

    • Liz says:


      And considering the divorced with a child part, he clearly has not been great at making responsible choices. I’m guessing his maturity level is closer to hers but that does not bode well either!

  22. Tima says:

    Well, if we’re talking age gaps, I read that Benicio del Toro, 49, is dating a 20 year old French actress. Because she’s French, does it make that pairing okay? Cuz I think it’s kinda weird.

    • kai says:

      Eww. Who’s he dating? (I was suuuuuuch a fan of BDT back in the day. Still disappointed he turned out to be a sleaze)

      • Tima says:

        Benicio is dating some newbie actress named Indiana Vianelli…there were pics of them in Paris Match making out outside a French restaurant. I’m a fan of Benicio but for some reason I thought his tastes had matured…guess not! It’s so funny that Leo gets all this press for dating really young and Benicio gets a free pass. And now Leo is producing a film with Benicio to star!

      • kai says:

        I only found one picture of them, but they’re not making out in it?! Anyway, disgusting. Blergh. I need to learn to ignore gossip about favourite actors.

        Back to Lily…. Eh, is she attending school, by the way?

  23. aang says:

    I can’t imagine my almost 16 year old dating a man. I still pack her lunch and help her with her homework. She still sleeps with her baby blanket and has, within the last few months, played school with a friend. She wants to go to Disney World, with her parents, for her 16th bday. She is still a girl. BUT, I am married to a man I began dating when I was 16 and he was 24. I was living on my own, in college, and had been relying on myself emotionally for years. He was a grad student still supported by his parents. We were not as far apart in maturity as you would expect. Sometimes a 16 year old is still a child, sometimes not.

    • PrincessMe says:

      Yeah, this is how I feel too. The ex-wife and child thing makes the situation worse/more complicated, but my husband and I have been together since I was 17 and he was 23. We’ve been together for almost 13 years now (married for 6). I have a daughter, so I’m conflicted about something like this coming up with her, but… I’m trying not to be too judgmental in this situation.

  24. QQ says:

    While this is disgusting, all she has to do in pull the receipts on the Math on her dad and his new wife and count his Scarves tbh HE really can’t say too too much

  25. The Swedish Isabelle says:

    I get why a teenager would want to be with someone older and more experienced. But as an adult, it’s your responsibility to say no when a teen approaches you. A teenager doesn’t have the same ability to think of the consequences as an adult since the brain hasn’t been fully developed yet. And to be honest, what does an adult even see in a teenager?

    • Esmom says:

      Yes, exactly. When I was a teen I had a summer job where the staff all hung out a lot after work. My co-workers ranged in age from 16 to probably 25. There was lots of flirtation and dating among us but the teenaged kids never dated the older staff people. Somehow they all knew not to cross that line. I don’t think it’s that hard.

  26. Dani L says:

    Gross. This dude seems so shady. I’m 25 and can’t imagine what the hell I’d had in common with a 16 year old, let alone date one! Creepy guy. His ex-wife is beautiful, though.

  27. Drs. Fixxie says:

    Johnny, your now a (step) granddad, get over that.

    • Danny says:

      No, he is not & he shouldn’t “get over” anything concerning his teenage daughter.

  28. mmm says:

    Is her mother, Vanessa, who is supporting this relationship and also Lily’s career in the spotlight. Johnny has been very vocal about him not wanting his children in the spotlight and he kept them away of the public eye until the past year when he had to move to Australia for 6 months to shoot Pirates 5 and the children were only under Vanessa’s care and soon after, Lily was assisting to Chanel fashion shows and dating this guy…
    The children live in LA and are in LA now, in LA 16 isn’t the age of consent but looks like Johnny’s keeping it civil anyway, he won’t put this guy (that moved to LA now too) to jail and to risk the relationship with his daughter

    • Amy says:

      He doesn’t want his kids in the spotlight but he does a film with his daughter?! Johnny was in late 20s when he dated a 16-17 year old Winona Ryder. He was always a CREEP going after young girls.

      • Laura says:

        He was always a “CREEP” yet he first got married to woman who’s older than him and dated other women who were older than him as well?

        And Johnny was actually in his mid 20s when he first dated a 17 year old Winona.

      • Amy says:

        Johnny was 27 when he dated Winona, who was underage. If that’s not creepy to you, then you are just as awful as he is.

      • Laura the Two says:

        @Amy He was 26 and she was close to 20 when they started dating. She was not underage and they looked like they were the same age so it was not creepy. And how exactly is Johnny awful? Did he force her into dating him or something? Winona seems to look back on their relationship fondly these days.

  29. Tris says:

    I love that way this article was presented by Kaiser. This girl doesn’t have “daddy issues”. She just still needs her dad.
    This boyfriend is totally groddy, because of his age (SUCH a perv). But otherwise, a naughty boy is a 16 year old girl’s dream, right? As long as she DOESN’T GET PREGNANT, and doesn’t let him hang around too long, it might be good to get bad-boy out of her system, and see just how smelly and lame it actually is!

  30. Tris says:

    Reading these comments, I have to say that I love we are now saying “You-Know-Who” about you-know-who. Not naming them is cutting them at the root. Hopefully, eventually, they won’t grow back. Love it!

    • kai says:

      But fear of the name only increases fear of the thing itself! 😉

      • Tris says:

        No, seriously, in a social media age we can successfully reduce “their” influence by reducing their search engine hits. It’s genius.

      • kai says:

        True. I really wish we could get a you-know-who-free-Friday here or something.

    • Magnoliarose says:

      I can’t anymore. My fingers won’t let me. But I like your plan, maybe we can save humanity after all.

  31. kri says:

    this guy has douche face for days. I would be furious about this if she was my daughter. end of.

  32. Tanya says:

    This guy is gross, but shutting it down could backfire badly. It’s s tough spot to be in.

  33. dAsh says:

    Well, her parents let her smoke and do drugs at her age right now, so what do you expect? They obviously do not care about her well being. As long as she’s famous and happy, I guess.

    • Bam says:

      How do you know she does drugs? We’ve seen her smoke for a film role, yes, but drugs???

      • Liz says:

        there are photos of her smoking a pipe, I’m guessing weed. I don’t think these kids are hitting crack!

  34. OTHER RENEE says:

    The age bothers me but what REALLY bothers me is that he’s a hard partier. The potential for drug and alcohol abuse with this guy is really scary.

    Ah Johnny, I’ll bet Mrs. Moss and Mrs. Ryder weren’t too thrilled with you either. What goes around…

  35. Margo S. says:

    I think she’s probably very mature for her age. She’s also working in an industry where 16 year old boys aren’t really present. It’s hard to judge though because in less then two years she will be 18 and able to make her own decisions. Maybe this just feels right for her.

    • me says:

      what’s your age? 14 years old? only a 14 or 15 years old would believe that a 16 years old spoiled daughter of a rich man is “mature”
      she still attends the school for god sake

    • Guesto says:

      @Margo S – Agree. Not really seeing the problem here.

      As for those describing Ash Stymest as a perv and a douche? What exactly is this based on? He seems like a fairly normal 24yr old to me.

  36. Jaana says:

    He look way older than 24. Plus she is missing some edges. Lol.

  37. Penelope says:

    Guy is creepy/sick to date a 16-year-old and looks like a gigantic douche to boot.

  38. manta says:

    Depp is not happy about a guy who drinks, smokes and likes to party.
    I bet Evan Rachel Wood’s parents weren’t ecstatic about their 19 year old daughter his 37 year old bestie Marilyn Manson. I’m sure at the time he expressed very firmly his disapproval to his friend.
    Maybe get in touch with them now and get a few tips to deal with this phase.

    • Bam says:

      And what’s Depp got to do with one of his besties’ past relationships, exactly? You think his life revolves around him? Do you really care about other people’s problems?

      • manta says:

        What? Where do I say that his life revolves about him?
        I don’t care that much about other peopl’s problems that’s why I specifically picked an exemple of one (according to him) of his closest friends, a member of his inner circle. It just seems weird to me that a man having no objections about an adult friend dating a nymphet, would be so upset at the present situation.
        How is this girl supposed to guess that daddy won’t be ok with this when it’s done in his entourage without him batting an eyelash?
        Or maybe, in the universe of this tortured artists ,lolitas are all fair game as long as they’re not their special little darlings

  39. Cricket says:

    Sounds like Lily-Rose and Rocco Ritchie would make a great pairing. Could you imagine Madonna and Johnny Depp reaction? Seems they are both in same situation with their kids.

  40. PumpkinSpice says:

    Maybe if Johnny cleaned up his act, took a shower and actually spent time raising his kids he can become a good role model for them. Instead he is a druggie, and a drunk who reportedly smells to high heaven and is to busy trying to please his trophy wife to even remember he has kids.

    • RoseBud says:

      So he’s “to busy trying to please his trophy wife to even remember he has kids” yet he and Lily fight constantly about her new relationship according to this story? But I guess you only read the headline. He & Amber and the kids actually spend a lot of time together and travel sometimes. His son was even at their wedding.

      Johnny’s been an amazing father to his kids, don’t say otherwise based on NOTHING. He has raised them and been there for them and I’m pretty sure he IS a good role model for them.

      He cleaned up his act long ago and he’s currecntly working on PotC 5. He “reportedly” smells amazing according to those who have actually met him. People who get to meet him or work with him always go on about what a genetleman he is. You don’t know him personally to judge him like this.

      • psi says:


      • Magnoliarose says:

        Hahaha. Nope Rosebud Lily Citizen Kane moniker. Nope. He’s been drunk as a skunk on the red carpet and looks like he’s been dragged out of tweaker den. The Viper Room(his bar) was a known drug fueled nightspot and known for having a secret room for insiders who used. Judging from his rapid decline he’s still doing it like it is the early 90s. River Phoenix died there and no one was shocked by the location or whose bar it was or who may or not have been there.
        You can’t be a great parent and be an addict. Period.
        I liked Johnny back in the day but he only makes me feel like I’m watching a cautionary tale in scarves now.
        Valiant effort but no.

      • Liz says:

        “and his son was even at their wedding.”

        Yeah, and where was the daughter?? Hanging in LA with her friends NOT at the wedding. Not everything is all sunshine in this family.

        He DID clean up his act, in 2012-2013. He went off the rails again BAD in 2014 and hasn’t stumbled back yet.

        To say he’s still sober and clean and level headed is just delusional at this point. There are SO many photos of him with booze in his hand!! And most likely, that’s not the only thing he’s medicating with.

        It’s weird how so many fans have completely erased the Johnny Depp who was. As though he was never an admitted drunk and didn’t try every drug there was. Those problems don’t just go away because he had a couple of kids. They have continued to creep back in over and over through out his life and that is PROVEN by his own words in 2012 about “not turning to the drink” when he and Vanessa split. Clearly that means he was using it plenty of times through that 14 years. Basically you don’t have to quit something if you haven’t been doing it!

        Don’t be daft. It doesn’t help him at all to deny his problems.

  41. TreadStyle says:

    I think he may regret that tear drop tattoo as a model. He use to have a very young “pretty” face, but looks like he has aged quickly. Still looks young but that’s it. Her parents obviously don’t mind bc they flew into town w her mom and Johnny is some sort of intoxicated everywhere he goes so I can’t see him finding concern in this.

  42. Dee says:

    I dated a 24 year old when I was 16. Biggest mistake I made in high school. Now at 25, I am fully developed and aware how messed up and weird that was. When my parents found out, they had a shit fit, but I had dumped him by then. They wouldn’t be cool with it either. And they have a big age diff, but that is not the same at all.

    Hopefully she grows out of it before he breaks her heart, or messes up her life somehow.

  43. RoseBud says:

    Johnny Depp is a great father and Gorgeous Lily should listen to him.

    • Liz says:

      the article is crap. he has no problem with her dating this man. and he is far from a great father these last 5 years.

      • Liz says:

        Laura those events where YEARS ago!!!!

        He’s been spotty at best. I’m not saying he doesn’t have good intentions, but for people to continue to deny he has absence issues, that’s just nonsense. He barely saw his kids all through 2015!

      • Magnoliarose says:

        But that is the basics of what a father should do. It doesn’t make up for having an addict as a parent. You can’t be emotionally present and drink heavily at the same time. Have you ever met an ex or a child of an addict? So far I haven’t heard anyone say it was a great experience.

      • Liz says:

        that too Mag!

        Too many people want to remain in denial about Johnny’s substance problems and I don’t get it.

        He doesn’t even work that hard to hide it. I’ve read many interviews with him where he’s getting drunk with the freaking writer. Guess so many just wrote that off as him having a good time.

      • Magnoliarose says:

        Liz, this is the thing isn’t it? No more denying he has serious issues. He does and it is obvious he needs help.

  44. Eleonor says:

    My first love was 23, and I was 16.
    It was summer, we met at a common friend’s house, he didn’t know my age at the beginning, we got along very well, we discovered I was attending his high school.
    We started a weird friendship (both of us were into fantasy stuff: we used to talk about BOOKS a lot. Lord of the rings mostly), that lasted some months , and nothing happened.
    Only once he took my hand stared me in the eyes, and said “NO”.
    I was brokenhearted, I did not understand why.
    I’ve met him years and years later, we took a coffee and started talking.
    He told me, at the time he really really liked me, but he was scared to death by the situation: I was underage, he was older, he was a college student I was in his high-school, there wasn’t 7 years, there was a LIFE of difference.
    But in my mind, at the time, I didn’t even think about the differences: I was lost.
    Now I can say he was a true gentleman, but I had girlfriends, at the time, who used to date older guys (even 10 years old) and they were ok with that, and they were sort of proud to have an older boyfriend.
    I am glad nothing happened.

    • Gabrielle says:

      And… Did anything happen after you met him for coffee?

      • Eleonor says:

        No, we laughed a lot, we talked a lot. It was nice, and I have a sweet memory of him.
        What I think is interesting, in my case, is my current boyfriend is 13 years older than me, so probably I have always been more “adult” or “mature” than my age. But you can’t know at 16.
        In the end I can get why a teenager can fall for an older boy, but there is a whole different world between them and it’s not fair.

  45. Liz says:

    No surprise this article is BS! If Johnny was SO concerned about this relationship then why did he let the boyfriend join them on their family holiday on HIS private island? Oh and then Lily and her boyfriend returned to said island ALONE (well bodyguard in tow) for a little romantic getaway.

    Sorry but if Daddy didn’t approve he wouldn’t be handing over the keys to his island.

  46. Dangles says:

    “but even more than that, he sounds like he is just weighed down by a ton of baggage, too much for any 16-year-old to deal with. Shut it down, Johnny.”

    What makes you think he can shut it down? I’m sure parents would like to “shut down” a lot of things their teens are in to but it’s easier said than done.

  47. LAK says:

    Based on self presentation, this guy is trouble of the immature kind. A 24yr old who dresses like that is clearly still a teen. In his mind.

  48. Denise says:

    That first photo reveals all we need to know about Ash Stymest. He is smoking inside a building (yes it’s lit) and posing hard. This guy is full of himself and needs to grow up. His ex wife is an instagram model. I hope somewhere in all of this showboating some values beyond monetising a look are being taught to their young daughter.

  49. Brandy Ladouceur says:

    She’s still a minor stop condoning this relationship 16 and 24 um big difference as we become adults we start to even when it comes to age. As adolescents a few years could be a lifetime…. Or a mmarriage and child and another still in high school. This is sick and we should be questioning her mother and her morals …..

  50. Vorpal says:

    Johnny and Vanessa probably think that one person learns to walk if through his own legs. I think Vanessa and Johnny think if they shut down this relationship it won’t help.
    Lily seems to have temper, Vanessa seems to know what is best to control the situation being next to Lily and letting her see with her ​​own eyes.
    Johnny has no more control over Lily and not on himself. He is always under the influence of alcohol and some other substance.
    But I think all this material in the Star favors only two people, Ash and Amber.
    The first because he gets attention and the second because negative comments on her, at this moment is all that Amber does not want, because she is in a tiny role in the Justice League , but she is, and the trial in Oz that she had smuggled her puppies is now in April 18th.
    So a curtain of smoke is great for Amber now.

  51. Caz says:

    Lily Rose could do a lot better than this guy.

  52. Sharon says:

    Maybe Johnny don’t want his daughter follow in his footsteps. A teenager thinks different thanan adult does. Lilly Rose might be a model but she not mature enough being a kid herself. Being a model is still teaching her what’s out there good and bad. Just prey she learn to stay humble through her frame, To know the danger what’s out there and prey she will make the right life choices and learn from her mistakes. Most parents wants the best for their children and a guy that has baggage is something a parent doesn’t want their child to have .

  53. lile says:

    maybe he should of focused on being a dad then instead of being a shady character himself and chasing after a chick half his age!

    • Bam says:

      Pretty sure he Is focused on being a dad, he always mentions his kids during interviews and seems to know exactly what’s going on with them. Being with a younger woman who is not a minor does not make him a “shady character.” And he didn’t chase after her at all. He is a very decent man.

  54. A.Key says:

    Well if she were going for a younger version of her dad, the dude would have at least been very, very good looking. This guy not only has douche written all over him, but he’s not even attractive! What the hell.
    And whether Johnny’s a hypocrite or not is actually pretty irrelevant, because he’s still right and it really is in her best interest to quit the douchebag. Takes one to know one, and Johnny sure knows enough about it.

  55. maryquitecontrary says:

    Many things to comment on. I’ll choose one: the Raiders beanie? Please.

  56. Caz says:

    Interesting comments. I had no idea celebrity PR was so calculated.

    My simplified spin of the Johnny/Amber relationship is…if Johnny was happy he’d look “hot”.

  57. Laura the Two says:

    Lily is such a pretty girl.