Duchess Kate had a ‘Marilyn Moment’ in Wickstead at the war memorial

I told you guys that this week was going to be full-time Celebwiglet, and here we are. The time difference is affecting when and how we get photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s royal tour of India and Bhutan, but these are photos from their second day in India. They wore the same thing as they quickly moved through several events, and while Will and Kate were criticized for bringing too many activities to them (as opposed to going out in the city), I have to say, they are getting out of their luxury-hotel-comfort-zone.

For the day-activities, Kate chose to theme-dress in what seems like an almost militaristic-inspired Emilia Wickstead dress with a full skirt. While I think this could have been pretty, the things that bug me the most are the breast pockets. I’ve convinced myself that they’re not even real pockets, they were just added to give a certain look to the dress, and the design bugs me because… well, those faux-pockets just look like breast flaps. Oh, and the dress costs £1,700. Which is sort of ridiculous.

As everyone predicted, Kate loathes adding weights to her hems, so of course her full, un-weighted skirt blew up several times during the day. It was particularly inappropriate considering they were making a somber visit to lay a wreath at the India Gate memorial to pay their respects to the 70,000 Indian soldiers who died in WWI. Cool war memorial, would you like to see my duchess-biscuit? You can see those photos here. Oh, and Kate also refused to eat some Indian food that William had made (food he tried himself).

Photos courtesy of Getty.

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  1. Zen1016 says:

    She’s gonna be scolded for sure.

    • Vava says:

      And she deserves to be.

      The breast flaps and peter pan collar ruin it, and I don’t understand why she would be wearing wool in that climate.

      Hopefully she packed some pencil skirts?

      • hmmm says:

        Crotch clutch. Check.
        Breast flaps. Check.
        Displaying the wares moment. Check.

        She’s such a tease.

      • Jib says:

        One pic from the side shows the dress up to her stomach!! The DM didn’t show pics from the front.
        We all predicted this – why didn’t she wear an A-line or pencil skirt? Cause they aren’t girlish enough for her and Willy?
        I hope she was wearing underpants.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Those breast flaps are particularly unfortunate looking. I generally like full-skirted dresses and this one is of the proper length but the flaps ruins the whole outfit. I don’t know much of Emilia Wickstead’s designs other than what I’ve seen on Kate but I’m not impressed by this brand.

      • Poisonous Lookalike says:

        I don’t think the Duchass can comprehend the concept of pencil skirt. “So… it’s a skirt… that writes?” At this point I’m so jaded and cynical about her and her workshy husband that that’s barely sarcasm.

        I didn’t think her style could get any more boring, but she proved me wrong. The breast flaps are big enough that they could be a design feature for nursing moms; for her, I think it’s to add inches where she thinks she has too few.

      • MCraw says:

        They are the dullest tools in the shed. It’s infuriating how willfully dumb thy are.

        Ugh, tittyflaps. That’s probably the one fashion design I hate most of all.

        Down with the crown!

      • Llamas says:

        I actually like the dress, minus the doors to her boobs, because I’m very enamoured with the 1940′s and this dress is of similar style to that time. I thinks it’s very pretty but it desperately needed weights.

        That being said, she is so dense that scientists could use her to study the properties of black holes and all that jazz.

      • Sharon Lea says:

        I like the 1940s style skirt too, but those breast flaps, and the circle neckline? She wears the same style over and over, if its a coat dress or this. She needs color, she really does. What is the temperature there?

      • notasugarhere says:

        AH, it reminds me of something Maxima wore a few years ago. It had 4 or 6 of those silly flaps. Victoria might have worn it too.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        I love Maxima but there are some real sartorial horrors in her wardrobe.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Victoria’s were on a maternity dress, turns out it was Birger. Haven’t found Maxima’s yet but wouldn’t be surprised if Natan was responsible for the sartorial horror :)

      • Jaxx says:

        I know the dress weight scold is going to start. My mom is a seamstress and she says that it is very difficult to weight light weight fabrics. The Queen wears heavy fabrics so she can easily weight hers, but Kate’s, not so much. In light fabrics the hem gets pulled down and out of shape unless the weights are so light as to be useless. Just a little FYI from an excellent seamstress.

      • notasugarhere says:

        1) wear trousers
        2) wear a pencil skirt
        3) wear a slip

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Maxima needs to break up with Natan ASAP!

    • Hudson Girl says:

      I saw a pic on the DM that showed her dress a little higher than these pics.
      At this point, she is surely doing it on purpose?


      • Tris says:

        Exactly! How many times does she need to learn this lesson?

      • Mel M says:

        Honestly! Do you think Will join on it? As in he knows she does this and likes it? They are so predictable.

      • Vava says:

        Holy crap. There were other photos where that skirt was higher. My guess is more revealing images will be released in the next day or two.

        That article said she was wearing sheer tights (photos of her feet), but her feet looked bare to me. What do you think? Also, for a 34 year old, her feet show some real signs of wearing ill-fitting shoes.

      • LAK says:

        Vava: she *is* wearing tights.

        the bones and veins of her feet would be as clear as those in her hands if she were not wearing tights.

        this is a photo of her feet without tights where you can see the veins and bones clearly.




        compare with these photos of her wearing tights.



        as you can see, the detail of her feet/skin disappears when she is wearing tights giving her feet/skin a smooth silk like quality.

        for the photo below from the Ghandi museum, you can see the seem of the tights on one toe of each foot. it looks like a brown line drawn on one toe.


      • KiddVicious says:

        LAK – I was wondering about the hosiery myself, those pictures really helped. Now, what brand is she wearing that can hold up to walking around without shoes and be that shear? I don’t wear hosiery anymore but it any I had bought would run if I looked at them wrong.

        And her feet don’t look as malformed without the tights. I was thinking she’d been wearing heels for too many years, her feet were starting to form into a point.

      • Blackcat says:

        Kate has to being doing this intentionally and obviously gets off exposing herself. I am outraged! How totally, completely, wholly inappropriate and disrespectful is her wardrobe malfunction.

        I can’t comprehend why this issue hasn’t been dealt with by the Queen. If I were HM I’d be ripping her a new one.

        Kate needs to have her clothes and HAIR styles preapproved before she goes out the door.

        She’s beyond pathetic.

      • LAK says:

        Kiddvicious: according to whatkatiewore blog, she wears a brand from John Lewis.

        According to the blog, she wears the ‘barely there, non slip’ from John Lewis’s own brand tights.

        I have to say, sheer tights have come on in leaps and bounds in the past 20yrs. 5 denier, ladder resistant, sheer tights are pretty standard on the high street now. I remember when you had to pay silly money for anything less than 15 denier, and that’s if you could find a pair.

      • Vava says:

        Thanks LAK, I see the tights now. They definitely make her feet look better than they do without stockings. Still, I hope someday she’ll change out her shoes to something other than these high heels. But maybe the damage has already been done at this point – she’s got bunions and hammertoes and she’s only 34.

      • Chicken says:

        @Vava I’m 32 and I have bunions and all kinds of toe damage from heels (for work and play) and lots of running over the years. There is plenty to criticize Kate for, but feet just seems like a non-starter of an issue. Feet are for walking on, and running on. They’re utilitarian. I’ve never understood society’s demand for pretty feet. They’re feet.

      • Vava says:

        I understand your point, Chicken. My point was mostly from a health perspective but I guess I didn’t articulate that very well. It’s possible she is predisposed to bunions and hammertoes, but the choice of shoes she wears certainly don’t help matters. Maybe she doesn’t care, and that’s fine. I have friends who have a lot of foot pain from such things.

      • lucy2 says:

        Seriously, if that happened to me ONCE, especially around photographers, I’d either start wearing all pencil skirts, invest in a lot of slips, or start wearing bike shorts under everything.

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      As she should be! How hard is it to weight her damned skirts? Totally unprofessional on her part.

      • LAK says:

        or wear a slip under a flowy dress? seriously they make them now in light material

      • Vava says:

        A pencil skirt would have been a better choice. Hopefully she brought some.

      • Frida says:

        It’s not like *she* has to sew in the weights. Surely she has a professional tailor, so just get that shit done already.

      • Vanessa says:

        As a professional seamstress I can see that she HAS used hem weights. But no amount of weights can keep a skirt with that amount of fabric from whirling all over the place if it’s really windy.
        The reason we don’t see it with the Queen is she doesn’t wear floaty dresses.

      • Paula says:

        @Vanessa interesting to know. I saw other people commenting the same.

        So maybe whoever sewed the weights in didn’t warn her that it would make no difference? I’m trying to give her some credit here because it’s unbelievable that this is still happening at this point.

      • Magnoliarose says:

        @Vanessa, so basically at this point it is a style issue and having ineffectual people advising her or her refusal to change,

      • Sharon Lea says:

        Vanessa, thanks, its good to hear from a professional. I don’t understand how this is still happening either. She has an entourage of 11, can’t she ask about the wind that day or simply turn on the weather channel/morning news.

      • DutchBlue says:

        @Vanessa how can you tell she used hem weights? IMO we put a man on the moon, we can stop a skirt from blowing up. I get that nature has a mind of its own, but at this particular event, it was uncomfortable to watch.

      • MrsK says:

        I think she (and her handlers) still haven’t figured out that big, open plazas – like the ones at every war memorial, or the tarmac when you get off a plane before you can get into the car – will always be super-windy, even if it’s not a windy day elsewhere.

        It’s cringe-inducing to watch how much she touches herself all the livelong day. The hair, the skirt, the biscuit, the hair again, back to the biscuit, holding down the skirt. It’s very unappetizing, too. And so obvious that the whole time she was standing at that sober, dignified memorial ceremony, the only thing she could possibly be paying attention to was trying to keep her skirt down.

        I was brought up to look myself over in the mirror in the morning, then not touch myself anymore after I leave the house. Deal with your hair, your bra strap, your slip, your hemline, tangled necklaces, smudged makeup etc. at home, then stop touching (or excuse yourself and go to the ladies room for a quick fix).

        I think the Queen is above giving a damn at this point, but I hope there are some wise elders there who will make sure she’s given the lecture she needs about Propriety and How To Achieve It With Tools You Have In Your Own Palace. All your palaces.

      • Greenieweenie says:

        @Vanessa, good call–thanks! I really dislike the comments downthread about how Kate must be an “exhibitionist.” First, please consider how stupid that is. A woman voluntarily joins one of the most repressive and controlled institutions in Western culture because she…wants to lift her skirt up on formal occasions? This is sexism. Just because you catch a glimpse of a woman’s body does not mean she is doing it deliberately–even if repeatedly. Many times, the reason a woman’s body is on display has nothing to do with who is watching since women are just as likely to not want attention. If you see skin and consider that an invitation to ogle, you’re part of the problem.

        I do think she’s a bit dim though and bafflingly stuck in her ways. She’s worn the same outdated unprofessional and unflattering eyeliner for at least ten years. Her hair never changes. Those damn wedges. The plain nude shoes. My God. Talk about stuck in a rut. So while I’m glad to know she at least made an effort to sew some weights into the hem, it’s not surprise that she’s apparently too daft to actually change her preferences and just quit wearing full skirts to these formal outdoor events.

      • Vava says:

        @MrsK, you benefited from some wise coaches. I wish Kate would have that, too.

        Although I think the silhouette of that dress is nice on her, it’s unreliable for outdoor events. You’d think she would have figured that out by now. Even if that skirt was weighted, it failed. (Some people claim it was weighted, how they know for sure, I don’t know). Anyway, if I were in her position, I’d favor pencil skirts, or a skirt like she wore on arrival to Mumbai. Not a full skirted, floaty thing. I was sad to see this happen to her today, she should have been better prepared.

    • Betti says:

      As someone else said there is sure to be a full frontal shot out there – the paps were in prime position to catch a shot of the biscuit.

      This behavior is gone way beyond being any sort of ‘accident’, its deliberate on her part, either that or she really doesn’t think its a problem.

      • Mrs. Welen-Melon says:

        I mean, how many times has this happened to you? Once or twice for me but not more.

        How many times has this happened to Kate?

        Has to be on purpose. Has to.

      • Vava says:

        either it’s on purpose, or Kate is incredibly stupid.

      • Poisonous Lookalike says:

        @vava: surely it can be both.

      • lower-case deb says:

        to be honest, if a thirteen year old princess could read the situation and held her skirt just in case the wind blew it up, there’s no reason why university educated thirty something duchess can’t.

        here is the Princess of Brabant all of thirteen, making sure her skirt don’t fly up just in case.
        (half way through the vid), you can see it’s a bit windy going up the ship. her mother, Queen Mathilde’s, skirt i suspect is weighted.


      • BDA says:


      • Sharon Lea says:

        Lower-case Deb – that was a great example! Yes, Elisabeth, who is only 13 was the model of decorum with her skirt. (Loved Mathilde’s perfectly coifed hair too!)

        BDA – LOL! #Weightys4Waity Love it.

      • tigerlily says:

        lower-case deb-loved the vid of Elisabeth and Mathilde. Smart 13 yr old who knew better than adult Katie…sigh. And Mathilde looks immaculate-beautiful outfit, hat and great style. Her hair too-she has a very polished but accessible look.
        But I don’t understand why Katie’s wardrobe isn’t being “checked” by one of the Queen’s dressers prior to her going on this trip. She could benefit from QE’s massive experience….

      • msthang says:

        Ya know, I don’t think so, I see the look on her face, I think she thinks she is in trouble, not to mention her marriage!

      • Robin says:

        What a poised young lady! Elisabeth, not Kate!

    • Cee says:

      At this point I’m beginning to think she is stupid. There’s no other reason for yet another blow up moment like this one. One day her ridiculous skirts will blow up around children and they will see her barely there underwear and maybe then her staff will force the weights on her.

      • Giddy says:

        I agree. There are only two explanations that I can see now; either she is an exhibitionist, or just really dumb.

      • Beatrice says:

        Giddy–I vote Dumb and Exhibitionist!

      • Anare says:

        Maybe she’s doing purposefully hoping QEII tells her to just stay home. She gets to hang out at the country house in her jogging pants and trainers chasing after the kiddies. No more work!

    • Belle says:

      She deserves to be. She’s not new to these types of events and by now she should know (or have someone on her staff to advise her) what to wear/not wear to events, and how to behave. The hair twiddling, crotch grabbing and assorted other bad behavior (like insulting an entire damn country by refusing to try Indian cuisine) is just making her look even more spoiled and unprofessional.

      • AmandaPanda says:

        That is genius. My dog gives me that look when we’ve been playing and it’s got a bit too wild.

    • Mary Mary says:

      Meanwhile back at the Palace, one “hide the biscuit” meeting coming up. :)

    • HeyThere! says:

      She is a dumbass. For the love of respect, put weights in your flowing skirts. SHESH! I try to make excuses for her but this is insane.

    • Jib says:

      I’m amazed at how many people give her pass after pass for this. Over on fug girls, where they unabashedly love her, people were calling me rotten, horrid, judgmental and a liar because I said this has happened at least a half dozen times. She can’t wear pencil skirts, some claim, because they are uncomfortable. She didn’t embarrass anyone, no one cares, others said. Then a reader from India, I think, said no one there cares and another person from India said that the flashing and hair is all their newscasters are talking and laughing about. They are a joke.

      I got roundly scolded there once when I said that I don’t get why people admire Kate: she’s done nothing. One would think I said she should be drawn and quartered at noon. But people admire pretty and well behaved women for just those reasons, and for the most part, she doesn’t do anything, so she can’t offend people. The whole idea of royalty is ridiculous to me, but lots of people really think the royals are better than they are. The whole issue is just fascinating to me – admiring a do-nothing dolt for bagging a royal do-nothing dolt. I just am amazed by the whole sociological situation.

      • Emily C. says:

        “The whole issue is just fascinating to me – admiring a do-nothing dolt for bagging a royal do-nothing dolt. I just am amazed by the whole sociological situation.”

        Me too. And the “commoner” stuff — Kate was born rich. I am gobsmacked that, in 2016, people still buy into the aristocracy on any level, or think that a rich woman bagging a rich man is something to ooh and aah about.

      • Anne tommy says:

        Totally agree with you both. And in doing this so called job, she can’t even tie her hair back and wear a narrower skirt/ trousers to this event. Ludicrous.

      • Vashti says:

        I was actually booted off GFY, which has deteriorated from a funny, snarky and sharp blog to one long sanctimonious paean to this bubbleheaded breeder, for opining that the photo of her in that yellow dress (the “cheeky” one) was NOT photoshopped. They even removed a few anti-Kate comments I’d made. Those fug girls and their sycophancy as far as this idiot goes are embarrassing (and only one of them can write properly, BTW–the other (cough, cough, Jessica) is obviously hanging on to coattails.

    • Sarah(too) says:

      I think it is a cute dress, but why oh why does she refuse to put weights in the hem? Or, wear it to another outing on her trip that is not outdoors? If she wore that to a luncheon indoors it would be fine. And what’s up with the refusal of food? Even my son takes a “thank you bite” of what is offered. That being said – what if she is pregnant? If she stops having babies she’s going to have to work.

    • noddsqqs says:

      Forget about the dress. Those are some ugly feet.

  2. Maum says:

    Between the ugly dress, the refusal of food (not even a bite) and the flashing… Not a good day for Kate.

    • Olenna says:

      It’s like she never learns.

    • Abby says:

      I can’t defend her. She knows better. The hair and the dress completely distracted from this event.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      I spy some hair stroking too! And that vacant expression that doesn’t quite connect with reality.

      • kai says:

        She looks ill to me. For someone with a leisurely life like hers, she should not be looking so rough.

    • zinjojo says:

      And don’t forget messing with the hair that’s inappropriately styled and left down. This is the easy stuff — wear an appropriate outfit that doesn’t fly up, and pull your hair back so it’s not all over the place like your skirt. Gah, is she clueless, or doing this on purpose?

      • Wren says:

        Perhaps I’m naive but I thought they had, like, people to do that for them. Tailors, dressmakers, stylists, assistants, etc. People who craft their image and decide what is appropriate for each public situation. Like, I kinda thought that was the point of these outings; presenting the proper front to the world with an unimpeachable appearance.

        Is Kate really free to decide what she wears every day like a common peasant? Because if so, she really shouldn’t be.

      • HH says:

        @Wren – There are only two explanations: They declined to have those sorts of people on their staff; or, they have those sorts of advisers and choose not to listen to them. Either way, they’re incompetent.

        Kate’s dependency on wearing her hair down (most of the time) and these marilyn moments reminds me of those people that just get STUCK on a style. You know those people: women still wearing that 80s blue eyeshadow; or, feathered hair. People that tan excessively and don’t realize how awful it looks. Or, older people in their 70s/80s that like to have their hair dyed, not realizing it ages them further. For better or worse, these are people that are STUCK. No rhyme or reason to it. That’s how Kate is with her hair and these dresses.

      • LAK says:

        Wren: they have people who do that. Kate refused to hire one. Apparently she can do it for herself. She’s given in and uses one of her assistants as a stylist, and we now know she has a dedicated tailor, but i do not think they think of her wardrobe’s public functionality beyond looking pretty.

      • Wren says:

        I guess I thought the queen or someone would have insisted on proper attire or an assistant who knows what proper attire actually is. It’s not like they’re paying for any of this. Again, I thought that was the trade-off Will bitches about; everything is taken care of for you at the expense of making these types of personal freedom decisions. If you don’t like it then you can support yourself.

    • Natalie says:

      She’s missing out when it comes to dosa. I’ve had masala dosa in Karnataka. It’s delicious. Even plain dosa hot from the pan and sprinkled with a little sugar is awesome.

  3. Babyswans says:

    Oh wow that could have been a really amazing dress wo the breast flaps and with an awesome colored or leopard print shoe. No comment on the Marilyn Moment:/

    • Lizzie McGuire says:

      She really doesn’t have a fashion sense, what makes me wonder is she not allowed to wear some nice pants or what? Because if she knows that it might be windy, wouldn’t her team have an extra set around for her to wear? Or am I too naive to think that she’s so much like us, the regular people, that she does all the dressing up & styling herself? It makes no sense to me, some pants or a pencil skirt would’ve worked just fine & avoid accidents like this that have happened before.

      • LAK says:

        given her penchant for jeggings, i think we can say that she is allowed to wear pants and chooses not to.

      • Lizzie McGuire says:

        @LAK you know what, I might not be a professional stylist but I would do it for cheap if she wanted to hire me. I would ban her horrible bangs, that dress & the other ones with the “accidents” & throw away the jeggings or limit them to two. Not on my watch Waity not on my watch

      • notasugarhere says:

        HM, Anne, and Sophie have all worn trousers on duty.

  4. Green Is Good says:

    Stay classy, Duchess Dolittle.

  5. SKF says:

    😂😂😂 I have been waiting for this! Let the games commence!!

    I would just like to say, that I love the silhouette of this dress, the colour, the fabric, the length, etc. I HATE the breast flap pockets. I don’t think it was a good choice for a war memorial. And FFS woman, if you’re going to do flowing skirts in light fabrics, just add the hem weights!

    • Karen says:

      Ironically it’s lined crepe wool. So it’s a heavy fabric on a very hot day.

      If no weighed hems, because they’d ruin the a-line. She could just have a pencil skirt slip added with a couple quick stitches to the dress hem so the dress can still move when she walks, but not go over her head.

      • SKF says:

        Excellent points Karen! What an odd fabric choice for the weather…

      • hmmm says:

        She’s probably wearing Cool Wool, a lightweight merino wool useful in the tropics. Very luxe, like gossamer.

      • DutchBlue says:

        @hmmm I agree the fabric is lightweight hence the crepe in crepe wool. And hence its ability to flow in the wind. Wool is just the material what fabric makers do with it gives it its weight.

  6. Amelia says:

    Shouldn’t this have been dealt with?? She has had at least half a dozen skirt malfunctions. If she won’t weight her hems she should stick to close cut dresses.

    • anne_000 says:

      Kate’s checklist:

      - Flowing, wide-skirted dress no lower than the knees? Check.
      - No weights in hem? Check.
      - No slip? Check.
      - No low-lying belt? Check.
      - High-seamed waistline? Check.
      - Outside event where there might be wind? Check.

      Let’s go!

  7. Tourmaline says:

    all the kudos to the GALLANT white-gloved Indian soldier who was standing on her left at the memorial holding his arm out to help keep her skirt down! Give that guy a medal.

    • BearcatLawyer says:

      You know he’s thinking, “Good Ganesh above, woman, put some dress weights in your hems!”

      • vauvert says:

        I wonder if they had a meeting beforehand and got instructions:-)

        It would have been so easy to wear a beautiful white, lightweight pant suit. Hair up, which is more comfortable in the heat anyway. A small shoulder bag. A mid heel pump in a coordinating colour with the bag. Boring, maybe, but appropriate and elegant. Ugh.

      • Giddy says:

        Vauvert, I think they did have that meeting! She has gained a reputation for biscuit flashing, and the Indian government was not going to stand for it at their memorial, so that poor soldier had his mission…repel that biscuit! That poor man. He was probably wondering how all his military training led to this assignment.

      • BearcatLawyer says:

        @Giddy – he got on the wrong side of somebody in the Indian government.


      • Shambles says:

        “Good Ganesh above” 😂

        I needed this laugh

      • Liberty says:

        Laughing out loud at “Good Ganesh,” and at Giddy’s comment.

        Oh my god.

    • Natalie says:

      They’ve got people to help keep her skirt down for her! I mean… it beggars belief.

      I want to praise her. Sometimes I do feel like we pile on, but this is just stupid.

      • Betti says:

        We pile on her for a reason – this being one of them. We maybe unfair to her sometimes but she has a platform where she can do amazing things for others, yet she squanders it and any good will that is given to her and her husband. They think that because one day they will be King and Queen Consort they are top dogs and can do as they please. He’s not even the heir yet and he behaves like he’s already King and she already behaves like she’s Queen. They do as they please and Chuck and TQ let them. Neither of them behave befitting their station.

      • Natalie says:

        Very true. Overall, they show very little respect or value for what they could do with their position and privileges.

        My sympathy for her is more when she says something like her test-the-smell-of-tea remark or her faberge comment. Even though I know better, I could see myself slipping and saying something dumb. I agree, that clearly isn’t why she gets so heavily criticized, but it’s those little moments when I feel a little sympathetic.

    • anne_000 says:

      How sad that any soldier has to be the flash-guard for her.

  8. Jaded says:


  9. Serial exhibitionist

  10. Seraphina says:

    Oh Katie, Katie. Thank you. You never disappoint. Clueless.

    Playing with her hair, which is down yet again.


  11. Donna Martin says:

    Are the flaps meant to cover up the nipples? They should’ve spent more time on the skirt.

  12. littlemissnaughty says:

    The dress is beautiful imo, breast pockets and all. And the white would have made for a great visual in photos if only … good Lord. I usually don’t care about the Marilyn moments all that much but girl, you’re at a f*cking war memorial. Put some weights in those hems for the love of all that is appropriate. A ponytail would’ve looked fantastic btw. But yeah, whatever. Carry on, let’s see some a**. Sorry, I’m grumpy. It’s Monday and even though I overslept this morning I managed to DRESS APPROPRIATELY for the office!

    • Olenna says:

      Ha! Apparently, she doesn’t know the meaning of appropriate. Hope your day goes much better than Katie’s!

    • BearcatLawyer says:

      You deserve a blue ribbon for adulting today! Yay you!

      As an aside, this dress resembles a white shirt dress Diana wore in India. Or am I just hallucinating?

    • Esmom says:

      A ponytail would have been perfect. I like the dress too, but not the pockets. I love the collar. So much potential, squandered.

    • Jh says:

      I agree. Love the dress. Ponytail would have been perfect.

    • teacakes says:

      Same, I think the dress is really pretty too (would be prettier without the flaps) but goodness, could she not use some hem weights or a slip for once in her life? Bad form there.

    • anne_000 says:

      I think a bun or another up-do instead of a ponytail at the memorial. A ponytail seems too frivolous for such an event.

      • Esmom says:

        A ponytail can be just as “serious” as a bun if it’s done the right way. Lately I’ve been loving Rhea Seehorn’s formal ponytails on Better Call Saul, so pretty and polished enough to complement her high powered lawyer suits.


      • anne_000 says:

        @ Esmom

        I dunno. What with the peter pan collar, the breastflaps, and the flashing dress waiting to fly up, I think a ponytail would have seem not serious enough at this particular event, even the one worn in your photo link.

        I think the whole look would have been way too little girly, especially with someone like Kate who has no gravitas.

      • ClaireB says:

        I thought her hair pulled back and held at the nape of her neck would be a good “ponytail” look for this dress and event. Simple and contained.

      • AmandaPanda says:

        A ponytail would have made her look like sandy from grease.

        But she could have done a nice up do.

  13. Cynd8013 says:

    White to a somber memorial???

    • Karen says:

      Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe white is a color of morning in India

    • Hudson Girl says:

      I believe that Hindus specifically wear white to funerals. For many, white can also represents spiritual purity, etc.
      But, even if she wore yellow or green, nothing would be as bad as her wearing bright Barbie pink to the September 11 Memorial at Ground Zero.
      I still can’t process that with any level of comfort- it literally felt like a slap for me as someone with painful memories of that day.

      • vivee says:

        Pink to the 9/11 memorial but all black to visit a children’s centre during the same trip. Why not wear them the other way around? She makes no sense.

      • Jib says:

        Me, too. My husband was a NYC firefighter working that day – just plain luck he wasn’t killed. Then he got sick from the clean-up. And Clueless wears hot pink. Unreal.

      • Magnoliarose says:

        I was not sold on her in the beginning but wanted to give her chance. Her eye rolling while wrapping gifts was bad enough but the pink was unforgivable. Anyone associated with New York would have been especially offended. It was horrific when it happened. The day of and the aftermath. Even now people talk about how odd the skyline looks now.
        Then she shows up in pink totally clueless and inappropriate. Her New York visit was a disaster and it was covered up how truly offended a lot of people were.

      • anne_000 says:

        I wonder if she wore pink because she knew she’d be among a crowd of people wearing more somber colors, so she wanted to stand out. She knows the Queen wears bold colors to stand out and be seen, so she might have followed this same strategy at the 9-11 memorial.

      • Magnoliarose says:

        @anne If it were someone with a clue and they explained this then a reluctant, very reluctant maybe. A hat with a brighter trim would have sufficed for that purpose. I don’t think she thought of that.

    • INeedANap says:

      White is a funereal color in a lot of Asian countries. Perhaps that’s what she was going for?

  14. TyrantDestroyed says:

    Please Kate, never change 😂

  15. KJB says:

    I can’t even with her. There is absolutely no good reason not to add weights to her dresses. This has been such an issue for way too long, and at this point it’s disrespectful, arrogant, and shameful. She is an adult who is squarely in the public eye; as such, you learn to dress appropriately whether you lIke it or not. Fine, you’re not a fashion horse, but don’t be so ignorant as to disregard valid criticism with a wave of your hand in the way you, like a petulant toddler, refused a bite of dosa while a guest of honor in another country. Man, you need an attitude adjustment, Kate.

    • Betti says:

      She probably refused thinking of all the calories that was in one bite that she won’t be able to work off in the hotel gym. It was rude to refuse, particularly as Willy took a bite.

    • Citresse says:

      A threat to cut W&K off from taxpayer funding is probably the only solution at this point with regard to an attitude adjustment.
      Though, disappointing HM, you would think, would matter to Kate the most. It seems she doesn’t care at all.

  16. Betti says:

    Oh dear – she’ll never learn. Flashing the royal biscuit at a war dead memorial is one way to get attention. I guess after spending £1,700 on a dress she couldn’t afford hem weights.

    I wonder if she’ll get told off for it.

    • Citresse says:

      No, I doubt Kate will be told off for it. Though, at this point, she may get a friendly reminder to get some hem weights if the Indian government feels offended. However if she still believes William’s opinion is the only one that matters, she’s playing with fire.
      Silly girl. HM is the “top lady.”

      • paddyjr says:

        And she is in India as a representative of that top lady. I don’t feel bad about criticizing her when these mistakes keep happening on an official visit. I don’t care if she flashes the royal biscuit to William’s entire polo team or wears yoga pants to run errands (or shops, gets her hair done, etc.). But she is on an official visit, representing Queen and Country. This is the future Queen Consort folks!! I’m not even British, but I’m embarrassed.

      • Melly says:

        Is she silly to mess with the Queen though? It seems like there has never been any real repercussions for her dumb actions, so what’s her motivation to change? As long as Big Willy is happy, she’s happy.

  17. Ana A. says:

    Can she get fired from her job? (rhetorical question) She should. Everyone in the “real world” would get fired for ongoing inappropriate appearances. She should know her job by now and she knows the problem with her hems. It can’t be that she’s five years on the job and this still happens.

    • OhDear says:

      Part of me wonders if that’s what she’s hoping for – to be able to live like she does now without having to do duties.

  18. erni says:

    Saw her DM pics, her ankle looks… swollen?
    okay, i was about to say “fat”

    • Whatabout says:

      Omg! I saw that too. They look painful too. Maybe it was from Running around in heels yesterday in such heat?

    • Vava says:

      They do look swollen. I suppose that is typical from the flight and heat, though.

    • TyrantDestroyed says:

      I think they are swollen is due to the heat and walking around in heels. However, I was shocked by the damage she seems to had inflicted to her feet bones because of poor fitting shoes.

    • SRF says:

      I saw those pics on the Daily mail too – her ankles look very large when her feet are walking flat. Mine do the same thing, which is why I hate wearing cropped pants/shorts or wearing flat shoes/sneakers. I’m self conscious about looking like I have cankles – nothing Kate needs to worry about, her legs are very slim, but now I think I understand about the constant wearing of heels, even when playing sports.

    • wolfpup says:

      TMZ had a story about her lack of a manicure on her feet – Diana wore red lacquer on hers in India. Listening to the debate, and looking at the photos, I wonder if Kate is possibly using leg make-up. Sephora is coming out with a leg kit (for highlighting and contouring) in May. I pity Kate’s poor feet – I wonder if her shoes also causing the issues with her posture.

  19. Manjit says:

    That dress is hideous and completely inappropriate for the day’s itinerary. Their recon wasn’t very comprehensive, as usual.

  20. Murphy says:

    She is doing this ON PURPOSE.
    and its a disgrace.

    • Dodo says:

      I agree. She has a record of mooning boys in her young days. She is now doing it on a world stage.
      Poor British, they don’t deserve these sloths to represent them.
      I wish a monkey takes away her wiglets while mooning his cute little red butt at her in Kazirangha.

    • seesittellsit says:

      This + 1,000 – there is no reason to “loathe” weighting your hems, it is standard royal procedure, unless, of course, you just can’t control your quiet little bursts of narcissism/titillating hubby moments. This has happened to her enough times that she should know by now.

      And the breast flaps are heinous, simply heinous.

  21. Lainey says:

    I’ve never liked anything Emilia wickstead has made for her and this is no different. Those pocket things just make no sense and look so bad.
    And of course we had a Marilyn moment. She hasn’t gotten through a tour without one!

  22. lower-case deb says:

    now we know why she has her crotch cupping way of standing.
    if she doesn’t there’s going to be more Marilyn Moments than this.

    anyhow. Day 2, already 2 flyaways. first at a cricket match now at a war memorial.

    it’s not like the woman looks bad in pencil skirts. the rare occasions she does wear it, she looks fine!

    please please learn from Crown Princess Mary! she is always on point and professional!

    • anne_000 says:

      She didn’t wear a pencil skirt because she was copying the white dress that Diana wore to India in 1992.

      She’s so obsessed with SWF’ing Diana, it’s creepy.

      She does the crotch-shielding even indoors where there’s no wind. It’s the Middleton women’s regular hand position. They think it looks ladylike for some inane reason.

      • msthang says:

        Or may-be they just don’t know where to put their hands, it’s sort of like what you do when you are self-concious, I spelled that wrong”duh”!!

      • wolfpup says:

        One’s body feels most relaxed and comfortable when the hands are at one’s side, because there is no additional weight on the back due to holding one’s arms in front of yourself – it’s easy to stand at attention and have excellent posture. The duchess is often holding her own hands – unconsciously they always seem to be reaching for each other. The purse is just convenient. Why doesn’t she know how to carry a clutch – or have several postures to relax in?

  23. Anon says:

    Ughhhh. I really liked this dress before I saw the boob flaps. Why, as the mother to the heir to the throne, would you feel the need to draw attention to your boobs?! Also, those flaps are gigantic, they’re not even delicate. They make the peter pan collar look absurd, because they are so disproportionate.

    She must REALLY hate weights to opt for a wool mix dress in that climate, thinking it would be heavy enough. I’m sure this isn’t what she’s doing… but it looks in the first picture like shes helping the fabric take flight hahaha

    • anne_000 says:

      It’s just weird that her PR came out telling the public that she’s not going to wear hosiery because she doesn’t want to be hot in the hot weather…. and then she wears wool…..but then she’s wearing hosiery with this….but without a slip…..but she’s wearing the same type of flowing skirt and color that Diana wore to Indian in 1992……but without weights in the hem….. but she’s at an outside event where there’s wind…..but she sent a team ahead to investigate each spot she’s going to visit to make sure what she should wear, so they would have known there might be wind….

      Anyhoo, so many contradictions with her and no common sense.

      Also, if it’s so important for her PR to make sure the public knows about her hosiery status pre-tour, as if the purpose was to bring attention to her legs and her need to show them off, but couch it with it being about a fear of being hot, then why didn’t she wear her hair up? Instead she’s been wearing it weighed down hot and heavy with wiglets and messy with the wind and with her touching it.

  24. LAK says:

    At this point, she’s trolling us. the height and angle of the worst marilyn moment doesn’t require crafty camera angles to capture on film. let’s hope no photographer captures it, but at least she’s wearing tights.


    …but a Cambridge tour isn’t cemented without a flash from our darling Duchess, so thanks Kate!!!

    • Canadian Becks says:

      Okay, you are one of many who insists she has wiglets or extensions. I’m not good at spotting them.

      From what I understand, you need to have the top layer of your own hair covering over the Wiglet, so with the wind blowing her hair around like that, would she be in any danger of exposing the telltale line of her Wiglet?

      • LAK says:

        In essence yes to your question if you have a wiglet. Extensions are scattered whereever needed such that strong winds will show the root where attached, but overall weight of hair may not lift to show them except at the hairline.

        on this trip, i think she’s wearing extensions rather than a wiglet, based upon the thickness of her hair and how it’s moving.

    • Sixer says:

      Oh, LAK. I just whacked BBC News 24 on to get their take and see whether they dared mention flashing. It’s all about how personable and super-duper-wonderful the Cambridges are, but y’know. Terrorism. They can’t let just any of those pesky Indians (you know: the ones who populate India) into reception galas to gaze upon them, you know. They have to get PROPER BRITISHER security services in to vet them first. What with terrorism an’ all.

      *kill me now*

      • LAK says:

        Kill me now!!!!

        Auntie will continue to praise them until the barbarians are at the gate. so to speak.

        …but here is an indian blog to make you feel a little better…….


        to change the subject…….i’ve been meaning to post this article to you. it’s the intersection of my industry and misuse of govt. funds and tax havens. Makes our current Panama papers scandal look like kindergarten play.


      • Giddy says:

        LAK, that was a very interesting blog. My favorite quote, “the sons of foreign kings are just unemployed brats now”. That says it all.

      • Sixer says:

        LAK – cho chweet! I almost wet myself! I loved that. Thankee. You have improved my day!

        As to the other, sigh, sigh and sigh again. I have a friend whose husband was an HMRC inspector, going after what they call “individuals of high net worth”. There are VERY well known celebrities (couldn’t tell you who, he never would say) with zero tax liabilities ENTIRELY due to film investments. World’s gone to hell in a handbasket. I have the Commons debate on the Panama Papers on live in the background. I might break something if I don’t make myself switch channels soon.

        ETA: on the upside, Dennis Skinner was just thrown out of the House for calling the pig shagger “Dodgy Dave”. So some minor amusement, after all!

      • Amelia says:

        Someone buy Dennis a beer!
        I managed to get out to the protest in Downing Street (that the Beeb dedicated all of one minute to) and there were a good five thousand people there at its peak.
        Maybe I’m being too idealistic, but I feel a change is coming. People aren’t going to stand for this arrogant hypocrisy anymore.
        Also – whoever brought the giant pig pinata to Downing St needs a bloody medal.

      • Sixer says:

        Amelia – many references to pigs and shagging here, I think you may like! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceavUHhN8CQ

      • Sixer says:

        For LAK (and teacakes if you are reading), since we are topical to ignoramus posh Brits and their anachronistic colonial values, here is a piece on Zac Goldsmith’s mayoral campaign literature using colonialist stereotypes and tropes to set the Indian and Pakistani communities against each other. Sadiq’s after your jewellery, apparently. As if we need more of that. It’s truly shocking. https://mediadiversified.org/2016/03/25/zac-goldsmith-embraces-racial-stereotypes-and-colonial-tactics-in-a-bid-for-the-minority-vote/

      • teacakes says:

        ……Zac really should know better, considering his nephews are half-Pakistani.

        But I LOVE that he was caught out by his team’s dumb assumption that anyone with the last name ‘Patel’ was going to be a secret bigot who agreed with his ‘hide all yer ma’s jewellery!’ stunts against his opponent.

      • LAK says:

        I have no words………..

      • Sixer says:

        (teacakes – you have to wonder what Jemima thinks, don’t you?)

        I think it’s worth reading, if only to set Normal Bill into context when he says ignorant things. Even the most ardent royalists don’t claim that the Windsors are endowed with great intellect. We all know Normal Bill is a bit of a duffer. But Goldsmith is supposed to be among the brightest and best of this generation of poshies. And his first instinct is to go for the old colonial divide and rule tactic. Not only that, he is crassly ignorant and backward-looking about it. He can’t even do it well!

        This is why it is not only unsurprising, but depressingly expected, that Normal Bill will open his mouth and put his colonial foot in it.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Why doesn’t she wear a slip? That wouldn’t completely eliminate the problem, but at least you would just see slip when this happened, not skin. It’s just. So. Unnecessary.

      • LAK says:

        i agree.

        the irony is that she’s wearing tights which will only make her hotter instead of going without the tights, and wearing a slip.

      • Zimmerman says:

        …but besides my “hair”, my “legs” are my best feature, with a slip or weights, I can’t show them off. Doesn’t everyone wish they were hot like me??? (Both literally and figuratively.)

      • hmmm says:

        Well, her legs got shown all right, as well as her abdomen.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Yesterday she was wearing a cream slip under the Little House to Play Cricket Dress. Skirt flew up so we saw the slip. Or else the other dress came with a built in knee-length half slip.

      • Jib says:

        Over on fug girls, someone, I think Jessica, said she is wearing a slip, but the slip is full also, which another person said kind of defeats the purpose of a slip. Someone said a straight slip attached to the dress would solve this problem, because it would hold the dress down. That sounded like a perfect solution.

    • Maisie says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but is that a little bit of her STOMACH that I’m seeing?? Like her skirt is lifted so high I can see her stomach? Please, no.

      • Jib says:

        Yes, stomach,and if there are any pics out there from the front it’s going to be super embarrassing.

      • anne_000 says:

        Yeah, it’s stomach or whatnot. If she’s not going to wear a slip or put weights in her hem, she should have at least worn a belt. If it flew up any higher, one might have seen a bra…..

      • Vava says:

        I wouldn’t doubt there are even more revealing photos out there. William and his entourage will try to squelch them, but maybe the photographer will sell them to that magazine in OZ.

  25. perplexed says:

    I wonder if there are pics of her underpants showing, but out of deference to the Queen the press chose not to run them. In the past, the media would show her underpants ( I think they did on the Canadian tour) .

    • anne_000 says:

      I don’t even know if she wore underpants.

      The UK’s Express and the DM have more photos of her flashing while she’s still walking towards the Memorial Gate, and not just at the Gate itself. So she knew ahead of reaching it that she should have gathered up her skirt in one hand, but she didn’t. Also, the walking/flashing pics have very high fly-ups seen in them. Any photographer in front of her would have gotten quite a pic. Probably showing stomach and whatnot.

      She also didn’t seem to have put weights in her hem, didn’t wear a slip, and in one published pic, you can see the skin of her stomach or whatnot. That’s how far up the skirt flew up.

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        Express calls it “Her Royal Thighness.” Oops! : )

      • The Original Mia says:

        I wondered the same thing, Anne. Is she wearing underwear? We know she likes thongs or going commando. Let’s hope she had better sense (I know. I know.) to put some panties on.

      • anne_000 says:

        @ The Original Mia

        Nope, she’s not wearing underpants beyond what came with her pantyhose. There’s a photo by Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock that shows the skin of the side of her left buttock. The color of the skin is the same as her stomach, so I’m almost certain there’s no underpants.

      • wolfpup says:

        I’m laughing so hard – this is hilarious!

      • Jib says:

        anne, I did a google search for that photographer, and didn’t see any pics from the back.
        I did see the one where they were walking in and her skirt was flying and Wills was pretending he didn’t notice. Really? I know he is a dolt, also, but he must get frustrated by her complete inability to act like an adult. At all. At least he shakes people’s hands properly and eats the food offered, even if he says stupid things sometimes. She is just helpless!

  26. TeamAwesome says:

    I don’t get the boob flaps. It’s all a bit twee, which is definitely her wheelhouse.
    Are slips just not a thing anymore?
    No amount of shaming from the press or comments from the Firm will change any of this if William is into it.

    • Citresse says:

      I don’t get the boob flap look either. It didn’t work as a maternity look and it doesn’t work now.
      And IMO, highly disrespectful to wear at a war memorial along with flashing everyone (again).
      A long, conservative dress (no sheer) with a low heel and her hair up would’ve please her Indian hosts no doubt.

      • teacakes says:

        frankly, if it hadn’t flashed, the dress would have been fine (speaking as an Indian here). It’s high-necked, not skintight, below knee-length and a sober colour that is often used as a mourning colour in India – if she’d only weighted her hems or worn a slip, she would have been a-ok and no one would have cared.

        and really, India does not have that many fucks to give about the minutae of the wardrobe of some insipid social climber and her lazy husband.

  27. HoustonGrl says:

    Marilyn moment aside, why didn’t she try the pancake? On a cultural tour, this truly does seem closed-minded and inappropriate, especially with the face she made! I guess she really is that worried about her weight.

    • Nic919 says:

      One bite was all that would suffice to be polite. So incredibly ignorant to wave it off. They were not asking her to eat raw meat or anything like that.

      • Maya Memsaab says:

        Exactly. She was being offered a Dosa, a crepe made of a flour made from rice and lentils. Sort of the South Indian staple equivalent of chapattis. It wasn’t something which would require an acquired taste. I grew up eating dosas, and I’d kill to have one now! (I’m in St Andrews, ironically enough)

      • Citresse says:

        Kate better get used to it now. It’s only going to get worse when (if) William becomes POW. She can’t very well stand there for the rest of her life waving off food and drink from her host countries.
        The citizens and politicians will get pretty miffed with her if not already.

      • Jib says:

        What I love about Charles and Camilla is that they are always drinking whatever liquor is offered and eating the food offered and seem to have a blast doing it!! What’s hard about this??

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      So rude.

    • Canadian Becks says:

      But can you test the taste by tasting it???!?

    • anne_000 says:

      And it was from a machine presented at the Mumbai young entrepreneurs event. So it wasn’t just a random dosa. It was a machine created by a young Indian(s) and was symbolic of helping to boost technical innovation among the younger generation of Indians as well as motivate them to get into business and thus spur economic progress. This machine creates not only dosas, but crepes, omelettes, and pancakes too.

      William took only the smallest of bites, which was rude too. Harry would have taken a healthy bite, imo, because he’d know it was about supporting other people and not worrying about calories or his taste buds.

      Kate on the other hand, was described by the DM as actually waving her hand away at it in refusing to eat or touch any part of it. The only thing she didn’t do was shriek in horror.

      They both didn’t support the purpose of this event. Instead, it was all about themselves, not others.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Reminds me of her refusing to taste the life-saving peanut paste on the Denmark UNICEF trip.

      • anne_000 says:

        @ notasugarhere

        I agree. And all the excuses that came out of that by her sugars as well as for this one too. *eye roll*

        How much would it have hurt her by taking one tiny bite? First her apologists said she must be allergic to peanuts. Will they say now say she’s allergic to rice and lentils too?

        Surely W&K and their handlers knew they’d be asked to taste food in public, in front of the cameras. Didn’t someone *cough*WilliamThePRGenius*cough* tell Kate not to repeat the UNICEF snafu? At least take a tiny, minuscule bite like William did, Kate.

      • Magnoliarose says:

        It is an example of poor manners. She just doesn’t gaf.

    • chaine says:

      i’m not going to fault her for not trying the food. if she’s not used to indian food, and she’s already been there a day or two eating it, plus the heat–she may be feeling queazy. depending on who’s making them, dosas can be pretty greasy.

      • Maya Memsaab says:

        That’s fair enough, however, it’s not as if they have been eating Indian street food. Given that they were at the Taj Mahal hotel, which has been catering to uber-posh international dignitaries for decades, their food most definitely caters to a European palette I.e. I doubt they have been eating super spicy Indian food. But who knows, the heat and travel is probably hard to take for anyone, regardless of 5 star accommodation and private flights.

      • hmmm says:

        Oh, puleez.

      • anne_000 says:

        They knew they were going to India months ago. In order to accustom herself to Indian food, she could have tried out even the most basic of Indian foods in the meantime, ………..as they were going to be guests of Indians and served Indian foods…………

        Just like William did, she could have eaten even the tiniest of bites instead of, as the DM states, waving her hands away at it and refusing to eat it at all.

        This wasn’t just any dosa served as a side of a meal. It was one created by an Indian-made machine highlighted as one of the products at the Mumbai young entrepreneur event. William himself poured the batter into the machine to demonstrate how it worked in front of the public and the worldwide press. And then he took a tiny bite of it as he should.

        The purpose of W&K being at the event was to support India’s young entrepreneurs and to show the Indian people and government gratitude for hosting them. She should have manned up and eaten a tiny bite too. She’s in her 30s. When is she going to start thinking outside of herself, see the bigger picture, put others ahead of herself from time to time, prepare for her work events, and be a grown up professional?

      • Sam says:

        That doesn’t really fly here. since it was a dosa. They’re basically crepes, maybe slightly more savory than the European style. They are not spicy or greasy. That’s really it. And it was for the cameras. They could be eating whatever they want in the privacy of their rooms. Seriously, it’s one bite. I could totally understand an allergy or other issue, but if that were the case, they’d communicate it ahead of time and wouldn’t put her in that position. She’s just being stingy, methinks.

      • bluhare says:

        Britain has a huge Indian culture, with amazing Indian food and I believe curry is the most popular food these days. There’s no excuse for not being used to Indian food. According to Harry, Charles loves spicy Indian food! I’d have pegged him as a well done roast and potatoes man if I’d have bet on it.

        If I were an Indian I’d be insulted at their apparent distaste which reads to me like they think where they’re going has 3rd world sanitation standards and they will get ill if they eat the food. I get that westerners should be careful with water and street food, but they’re eating at high end establishments used to catering to foreigners!

      • Peanutbuttr says:

        Indian food is practically the national cuisine in England nowadays. She makes chutney for crying out loud!

      • notasugarhere says:

        She’s there to promote and highlight accomplishments in India and she refuses to eat something made by a machine this clever inventor made. At the reception the other night, didn’t she say that she likes Indian food but William finds it too spicy? One bite unlikely to kill her, would have made the inventor happy.

      • Sixer says:

        It’s a dosa. There aren’t any spices. It’s not like it had been stuffed or there were any (possibly spicy) side dishes. It’s a bit of flour and lentil FGS. It’s like refusing to take a crumb of bloody bread. Seriously, what the hell is the matter with her?

      • Polly says:

        Maybe she’s preggers?

  28. Anne says:

    This was a BAD flashing incident. You can see a bit of her stomach in one photo. There IS a photog in that group who got a full frontal-rest assured. When this becomes the headline of your visit–l mean, how embarrassing for the country this idiot is representing. And it happens over and over and over. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think she has flashed EVERY country she has visited as a royal. There is something seriously wrong with this child woman. And she need to be severely reprimanded for refusing food in her host country. My God how RUDE!!!!!!!!

    • Zimmerman says:

      She refused a taste of a food bar for the poor once before, which made it seem like she thought she was too good for the poor. It is very rude, but what I really think is going on is that she has an eating disorder. This dress thing again just shows her exhibitionist nature once again. She has real psychological issues for sure.

      • Citresse says:

        Yes Zimmerman, during the early years I thought she was just being too cautious, but I think you’re right, she’s got an eating disorder.

      • Vava says:

        I don’t know about the eating disorder, but she really is rude.

      • kibbles says:

        Just commented above about how rude it is to reject food in one’s host country. As someone mentioned, it’s not like she was being served something odd or particularly unappetizing. She clearly has particular food tastes and has not been well traveled (she has the money to travel around the world but chooses to spend most vacations on a private island; remember she had not even been to America before an official tour) enough to be exposed to different types of ethnic cuisine. I imagine she lives on gourmet salads and exercises for most of the morning to remain so thin.

    • anne_000 says:

      There’s now a photo out by Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock on another blog site in which one can see the skin of the side of her left-side buttock.

      In case anybody says she’s wearing underpants aside from the pantyhose, the skin color of her buttock is the same as that seen of her stomach.

      She should have at least worn colored underpants aside from her transparent pantyhose, something that wouldn’t show the skin color of her buttock, considering her past history.

      So now with this flashing, we see not only her thigh, but also her buttock and her stomach. I’m suspecting that with the flashing she did while walking to the Memorial as well as standing in front of it, there’s going to be more photos coming out from different angles revealing more.

  29. realitycheck says:

    What a moron for sure. The breast pockets look stupid. It would have looked better plain without anything.

  30. Capepopsie says:

    I think the dress is beautiful! If only They
    Had skipped the flaps on her chest it would have been perfect.

    Ofcourse she waved the food away, do you
    Know how many CALORIES that would be?

  31. Courtney says:

    Her face…. She is aging so quickly. Does anyone know if she still smokes?

    • DogMom says:

      The DM photos show some wicked under eye baggage. Almost like she’s been crying.

      • Citresse says:

        I think it’s a combination of jet lag and the heat.
        I also wonder if perhaps Kate is not used to sleeping with William? They don’t have separate suites on this tour, right? We know they spend time apart so perhaps they’re used to sleeping alone and the sleep deprivation while in India is adding to the jet lag.

      • bluhare says:

        I’ve read they sleep together (when they were decorating KP the bed maker was interviewed).

        Perhaps she really is missing the kids? But I’m with suze. I am thinking something is going on.

      • notasugarhere says:

        bluhare, do you expect someone who is making them an expensive custom mattress to say, “Well, actually I made two”? vs. staff who went on record during the Jubilee to say HM and PP sleep in the same bed unless one of them has an early appointment the next day. I expect W&K do spend time in bed together when they are under the same roof. How often that is is anyone’s guess.

        Could be jetlag, spending 6 straight days with her husband, the thought of working 6 days in a row has her exhausted, or the photographers aren’t photoshopping her as much.

      • bluhare says:

        The man talked to the paper so he wasn’t upset at talking about one. I refuse to be as negative as you are about them, nas. They don’t do everything wrong, and they may even love each other and actually sleep together.

    • Citresse says:

      Forget her face. Her feet (photos at DM) look really beat up. I’m guessing she jogs quite a bit- a treadmill in London and perhaps runs outside while in Norfolk. I would bet they’re outside a lot while at Amner which explains the official warning from William re- paps.

    • Emily C. says:

      She doesn’t eat enough. That ages people terribly.

  32. Canadian Becks says:

    One thing to give her is, she knows she looks so much better when she is smiling. The bags under her eyes disappear and her eyes are lifted, the apples of her cheeks stand out and give her an animated look.

    Remember when those photos of Diana during their tour of s. Korea?
    Diana looked miserable and some say she wanted to have that captured in pictures, as a way to f**k with the Firm.

    Right now, Kate smiles widely and frequently and gives off a vibe that all is swell. I wonder if there will come a time when Kate will use her face to signal any peeves she may have with William.

  33. Montréalaise says:

    Some of the comments on the Daily Mail website are hilarious. “The Flasher strikes again!” “A Cambridge tour isn’t complete until Kate flashes someone!”

  34. Greenieweenie says:

    Has it ever dawned on her to just wear a pantsuit? Or a top with pants? Allllll part of the many options for women’s business wear.

    • Cee says:

      She’s dressing like Princesses dress – at least, in her head. She would look so polished in trousers and well cut blazers/coats.

      • lower-case deb says:

        speaking of princess,
        i have this weird image in my head now where she stands in her dressing room and giving any dress a good old twirl.
        my daughter’s gone through this phase where if the skirt doesn’t poof up like a princess’s she wouldn’t wear it.

        meanwhile, i remember that after the Australia New Zealand tour, Daily Mail posted a handy article of how to check whether your skirt needs weighing down and how much. a simple fan will sometimes do.

      • teacakes says:

        @lowercase deb – seriously, if she must wear huge poofy skirts, why not go the whole hog and wear the petticoats it takes to poof them out fully? No gust of wind would ever defeat a good crinoline petticoat.

      • notasugarhere says:

        In the 1950s some designers made dresses with a Double Skirt. Full skirt on top, matching pencil skirt underneath just in case, all made as one garment. Time to bring that back?

    • Amy says:

      I think she avoids pants because with dresses, it is much easier to create the illusion that her legs are longer and her torso is shorter than they actually are.

  35. Citresse says:

    Has the “Marilyn moment” got back to HM yet? Considering it’s been two years since their last tour, perhaps she thought Kate had turned over a new leaf?
    Anyway, I’m surprised Kate’s wearing her hair down. You would think her advisers would consider the weather in addition to local customs but I don’t think Kate cares what her advisers say.

    • Betti says:

      She’s a natural exhibitionist. The only way the flashing will stop is if Wills says something about it – as he hasn’t i think he doesn’t have a problem with it or thinks its funny. If he wasn’t it would stop immediately. Kate is and always has been about pleasing Willy – she dresses and acts in a way to please him and no one else. The only person who’s opinion matters to her is his – she said this outright at the engagement interview.

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        If he likes it or thinks it’s funny, or this is what she thinks will “keep” him….hoo boy, they are welcome to it, but not on the world stage at taxpayer expense please.

      • Llamas says:

        Do you know the exact quote? I’m super curious.

      • Citresse says:

        Kate did say (during the engagement interview); “our close friends and family, those are the people who matter to us.”
        Polar opposite to Diana’s statement; “that’s what really matters; the man on the street.”

      • msthang says:

        Betti, I don’t think this time it is deliberate, I think the marriage is in the toilet. I think she is miserable. She told Chelsea Davey, the princes will cheat, but it’s different in reality!! Especially, if he wants out!!

  36. The Original Mia says:

    She is an exhibitionist and dumb to boot. Her people do a style tour before hand. Inundate us with the mundane information that her clothes will match her surroundings, yet forget the most basic item nearly every woman has in her possession: a slip. So embarrassing. And boob flaps? Serious Wickstead? Who thinks those are a good look? Especially when Duchess Dolittle doesn’t wear a bra and her girls are poking out below the flaps.

    • snakecharmer says:

      she is an exhibitionist and its really gross…hello you have unlimited funds get your skirt weighted by your tailors….nobody wants to see her icky private parts and if will gets off on her antics its exponentially more sickening…

    • Cee says:

      I thought I recognised the dress and couldn’t quite point it out but that’s the exact same dress Cumberbatch’s wife wore to the British Independent Film Awards, only hers was in brown leather and with a much longer hemline. The peter pan neckline and breast pocket flaps were not popular back then, either.

  37. Betti says:

    The Fail has posted images of them barefoot at an event and are making a big deal of her not having a pedicure. I don’t get the snark about this as even thou i look after my toe nails to don’t have the urge to paint them every other day. Of all the things today to criticize and they choose this.

    And i think the swollen ankles probably are to do with flying or the humidity. I have had swollen ankles/feet from long flights (even if i wear the socks during the flight) so i do sympathise, its not a comfortable experience.

    • HeyThere! says:

      A pedicure DOESN’T mean her nails have to be painted. How dumb!!!! Just because she has nude nails doesn’t mean she didn’t spend two hours in a salon getting a pedicure. Maybe she knew she would have to take her shoes off and was advised not to have hot pink or purple nails?? Sometimes I get the color that looks nude but really, I have nail polish on.

  38. net22 says:

    Is it me or is Prince William always wearing the same old blue suit? Don’t like that white boring dress with the pockets . Kate is aging so quickly. What gives? She has no waist so everything on her will hang a bit like a dress on a hanger but with less shape lol ;)

  39. Who ARE these people? says:

    How much is this tour by 2 coddled, insensitive preppies costing the British taxpayers?

    • Citresse says:

      I don’t know but as a guess, perhaps one million pounds?

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        Which today is worth about $1.4M USD, for those of you following stateside. And is the UK getting its diplomatic value for that money?

    • Robot Dog says:

      And what is it accomplishing, exactly, beyond lots of (ahem) “colorful” photo ops and boosting their engagement numbers? Other than the gala, have they stayed more than half an hour at any one place?

      Since hardly any info came out about the charities the gala was ostensibly intends to raise money for, it came off as “here’s a nice party full of rich and beautiful people to reward you for spending a few hours with the peasants, you poor dears.”

      Between the photo ops and the drive-by engagements, this seems less like a tour and more like a scavenger hunt.

      • anne_000 says:

        @ Robot Dog

        I agree. They both should have done speeches about the charities and event holders at each event, and thus help garner more press attention for each organization. After all, that’s why they’re there, right? *Ha!*

      • anne_000 says:

        *Ha!* as in that’s what they’re supposed to do but they’re not going to do because they’re *them,*

      • Robot Dog says:

        Nobody really knows why they’re there, least of all them. 😀

      • MinnFinn says:

        They are there on vacation Robot Dog. Willy said at the Bollywood gala that Kate listed India as her top travel priority. So imo he’s removed all doubt about their tours being free vacations.

    • bluhare says:

      If I’m not mistaken I think the Indian government is picking up the tab.

      • anne_000 says:

        The DM says the private jet they hired is paid for by the taxpayers, meaning UK taxpayers I’m thinking.

      • LAK says:

        Maggie: that is the meaningless gesture considering the tata family owns the hotel. The same tata family that is currently shutting down steel industry in Port Talbot and causing distress to lots of British families.

        WK stayin in the cheaper suite in a hotel owned by that family as a gesture to the steel workers is completely meaningless.

  40. Kk says:

    As far as I can tell from the Times of India and Hindustan Times, press coverage in India is mostly favorable. No coverage of the flashing incident. One critical op ed, which is actually critical of Indian fawning over royals rather than critical of the royals. Anyone there with a different take?

  41. Magnoliarose says:

    She has to do this on purpose. She keeps repeating the same mistakes and I’m sure she’s been told. I don’t know if she thinks she’s being oops naughty girl for Workshy or what.
    The dress is a yawn with breast pockets, horrible, terrible breast pockets.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      You know, I wear dresses a lot. When I was her age, I did every day to work. This has never happened to me except once. How does this happen to her constantly?

      • Betti says:

        She’s too busy clutching her crotch to keep ahold of her skirts plus she seems to love one that are loose and floaty.

      • Magnoliarose says:

        I know! I can no longer believe it’s a spontaneous moment. I have never flashed anyone. I have had windy moments but never like this. I would be horrified and want to rush back to the hotel. Yet she has seen the photos before. I don’t get it.

      • Emily C. says:

        It happened to me once. I was 17. And I grabbed the skirt and held it down fast. She doesn’t seem to be even trying to grab it. I normally don’t blame women for wardrobe malfunctions, but this “happening” to her repeatedly is really hinky.

  42. ClaireB says:

    So Kate clutches her crotch at all times, except when her dress flies up. Then she moves her hands to her sides, so as not to impede the upward motion of her hem.

    I think I’m losing my ability to laugh at these two and am moving into actual anger and contempt.

    • anne_000 says:

      Yes, that’s an odd thing she has a history of doing during such moments. She moves her hands away from her obsessively-placed crotch-shielding position when the wind starts acting up and her dresses start to fly up. She moves her hands towards her sides instead so nothing stops her frontal flashing. She rarely gathers up her skirts tightly around her so as to stop the flashing. ………..It’s almost like she wants to flash…………. Huh………..

      If she doesn’t want to flash, she would have figured out by now what to do. After all, as her apologists say, she’s not stupid as she was able to get into St. Andrews and graduate so she’s intelligent, right?

      • ClaireB says:

        I looked at the pictures again, and both she and William have their hands at their sides, so I thought maybe that’s the position they’re supposed to be in as part of the memorial ceremony. But in that case, the rest of us ladies who wear full skirts would use our hands to pull the front of the skirt tighter around our thighs so that it couldn’t fly up, thus keeping proper hand position and modesty at the same time. So I’ve got no excuses for her.

      • lower-case deb says:

        indeed. here’s an example:
        they’re doing the salute to the ship Pollux which the little princess just christened.


        as i wrote above, if a 13 year old can do it,
        there’s no excuse for a 30 year old university educated duchess.

        flying hems afflict everyone, even HMQE2, but no one has it as often and as atrocious as our duchess.

        the rest of the ladies learned from their mistakes and moved on. Crown Princess Victoria had her skirt flew up to her face but she wore a knee length thick slip underneath, for instence.

        meanwhile Kate is like Kylier Jenner “oh every time my skirt flew up i was so ashamed. never again… until the next time it does… teee hee”

      • anne_000 says:

        The stupid….er less than smart thing about this was that instead of using one hand to pull the skirt tightly around her body to avoid further flare ups, she used both hands to handle the wreath even though she knew there was wind trouble at that spot, her dress had already been flying up and around, and as a video shows, there was a large group of photographers to her left (the side that dress was flying up).

        So why couldn’t she just use one hand to handle the wreath as William already had both hands on it anyways?

        And then there’s a photo of her looking at the photographers while her dress keeps flapping around while William is signing the memorial book. I can’t describe the look on her face. It’s not pretty though.

        And in a photograph of the memorial book, there’s only William’s name signed. Why didn’t she too sign the book when she came all this way? Was it too much for her to do because of her dress and the wind? What a dodo…

      • notasugarhere says:

        anne_000, I saw that photo (Manish Swarup, Getty Images). Nasty look on her face directed at who knows?

      • anne_000 says:

        @ notasugarhere

        Yup, that’s the one.

    • ClaireB says:

      @lower-case deb, yep, a 13-year-old wearing a much shorter and lighter-weight skirt managed to control hers. Even if Kate did have hem weights in, as Vanessa opined above, they clearly weren’t enough, so she should have manually controlled her skirt. She could have done it while standing there and with one hand while laying the wreath with the other. There’s just no excuse for that kind of flashing.

      And with all the “prep” and “location scouting” her people did, none of them thought it might be windy there, where all the air gets funneled through the India Gate? All they had to do was visit the location with some flunky from the local government who probably could have told them all about it. So either they didn’t do their homework or Kate just ignored them and went on her merry, flashing way.

      • anne_000 says:

        Yes, the advance team was reported to have gone everywhere W&K were to visit, so they knew about the wind. Even so, Kate as an adult should know what not to wear or at least how to wear her dresses by now.

        I think Kate just ignored all facts based on reality. That’s why there seems to be no weights, no slip, no underpants, no streamlined skirt, no suit pants, wearing her hair down and getting it messy and all over her face, no thought process in holding her skirt tight wrapped against her, etc.

  43. Minxx says:

    Seriously, she must be an exhibitionist! There is no excuse for her or her dresser not to put a narrow slip on and have it attached on the sides loosely to the dress in order to battle the wind. How come no other royal lady (except for Sarah Fergusson and we know how that story ended) never had this kind of wardrobe malfunction happen? It’s super embarrassing and borderline insulting to the hosts. I hate the breast flaps too. The hair should have been in a pony tail as well for this weather. She just doesn’t learn or she’s doing it on purpose.

    • Sam says:

      Because the others have sense. They weight their hems and make appropriate fashion choices. Because they all understood what their position entailed. Kate clearly wants to continue on doing exactly what she was doing before she got married. And now the world gets to see exactly how that works out for her.

      • ClaireB says:

        At least Diana and Camilla had slips on. And I think everyone who has worn a full skirt gets caught once in an unexpected gust. It’s because it has happened over and over that people look askance.

      • rudy says:

        YES YES YES YES YES!!!!
        Stuff happens – the wind gusts at the exact wrong time and the skirts flair.

        There is NO WAY ON EARTH that Kate WANTED her skirt to fly up in the air in front of one of her most somber visits. Are you kidding me????

        However bland, boring, stupid, vain this woman is, I guarantee she did NOT want to flash the tomb. Get real people.

      • lower-case deb says:

        indeed you are correct that we cannot control nature.
        but we can control our wardrobe.

        knowing the solemnity of the occasion, i will make sure all possibilities are covered as humanly possible, especially when they have taken the trouble to send a team to take notes of every location Kate will visit for the specific aim of ensuring the correct clothing.

        if i’d really really want to make sure nothing of this sort happened, i would
        -wear a slip
        -wear pencil skirts
        -or to be extra sure, wear trousers
        -already holding skirt like Elisabeth above. because its not just 1 occasion at the Gate this happened. it began while she was walking to the memorial. multiple flashes! there’s a distance, albeit a short one from her arrival to where she’s supposed to stand and offer a salute.
        after the first flash she could have held it like Elisabeth does, instead a guard has to hold it for her.

        all of the above women don’t give up flare skirts entirely, but they have since worn only pencil skirts or pants to extra somber occasions or just to appear professional.

      • anne_000 says:

        @ r-r

        How many of these women are known for their Marilyn Monroe moments done in what seems to be a more frequent quantity both domestically and internationally than any other Royal?

        When these ladies had accidental flare ups, it wasn’t done repeatedly without any learning process seemingly intact.

        With Kate and her continuous flashes, she’s had more than enough experiences to have learned from and opportunities to practice preventative measures. But when she keeps up the same pattern without any improvement, then it looks like a self-approved behavior rather than simply unpredictable, uncontrollable, numerous mistakes of the same nature.

        There is a difference in what Kate’s been doing versus what these other ladies have accidentally had happened to them.

      • bluhare says:

        Agree, rudy.

        I do think she should learn not to wear these types of skirts without a jacket or something to keep them down when she’s outside and the weather says it might be windy, though.

      • Magnoliarose says:

        Not repeatedly and not showing their private regions. Once or twice maybe some swirl but not to this degree and not over and over.

      • notasugarhere says:

        r-r, they all learned their lessons quickly after 1 or 2 upskirts.

        Five years in, Middleton continues to have multiple upskirt issues. No excuse for the failure to learn and act here. When the DM publishes a step-by-step article after another of your flashes, detailing how to weight your skirts? You are supposed to pay attention.

      • msthang says:

        I’m really shocked at Letizia’s, I would suggest spanx over panties, with a very straight slip, nearly every single time, I would be unbelievably modest if I was a royal!!!!

      • HK9 says:

        THIS. I live in a windy place and I’ve been beaten up by the back of my own long heavy winter coat I was wearing because of the wind. Weights, slips spanx tousers are good ideas but sometimes the wind wins and that’s that. It happens to everyone. She’s working~isn’t that what we all want??!!?? Priorities people.

      • notasugarhere says:

        At least two dozen flashes of different kinds in five years, over half of which are upskirts. She is in the public eye, HK9, you aren’t. She has been publicly called out by the press for this on many occasions. Her failure to deal with this issue is deliberate not an accident.

      • Jib says:

        Perhaps this is why Letizia, in particular, whose fly-up was the worst, now wears pencil skirts frequently. Hey, you learn from these mistakes. And Diana and Camilla’s were nothing like Kate’s because they both had on a slip, Mary’s dress was tighter over her hips so it didn’t go as high, Rania had a slip on, and Maxima didn’t actually flash. Letizia did and it hasn’t been reported since.

  44. Anne says:

    The flaps on the now infamous “Marilyn ” dress have points that point right at her nipples. That’s all I see when I look at it. And the evening dress has a stategically placed flower right in front of her a$$. Jesus. I haven’t seen if there is a bigger flower placed in her vagina region because she is lovingly cupping that special area at all times. This tour is a sh#tstorm. Maybe Emilia Wickstead can rename the flashing dress The Marilyn. Waity is fashion poison.

  45. anne_000 says:

    What’s happened so far:

    - William jokingly(?) accuses someone with intention to sell a bat he’s asked to sign at a charity event.
    - William, as BAFTA president, tells Bollywood big celebs at $15,000 (or more) per plate (or table) charity event that he’s never seen a Bollywood movie and that they should collaborate with BAFTA.
    - Kate, when suggested to by a guest that she should come back to India and stay longer, responds by saying that she can’t because of the kids and that they (W&K?) have a busy schedule.
    - William takes only a tiny little bite of the dosa from the dosa/ crepe/ pancake/ omelette machine highlighted at the Mumbai young entrepreneur event.
    - Kate waves her hands away at it and refuses to even touch it.
    - Kate flashes while walking towards the Memorial Gate. Then flashes it yet again while standing in front of it.
    - Kate wears overly-expensive clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry to the Mumbai slums and to an event featuring children from the slums.

    What should have happened:

    - William: ‘Yes, of course. I’d love to sign the bat. Thank you.’
    - Wiliiam: ‘I love Bollywood movies.’
    - Kate: ‘I would love to come back here for an extended visit and with the kids too!’
    - William & Kate: ‘Yum! This tastes great! We love this machine!’ and eat all of the dosa.
    - Kate wears a pantsuit or pencil skirt to the outdoor Memorial Gate event with her hair in an up-do and to all other outdoor events.
    - Kate wears reasonably-priced clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry appropriately relevant for each event.

    • Robot Dog says:

      That pretty much sums it up. And also: that moment when Kate stood as far away as humanly possible to shake a little girl’s hand.

      So much wasted money. So many wasted opportunities. And it’ll end up costing even more when the UK ends up sending another royal within the next year or so to bat cleanup.

    • Tourmaline says:

      To be fair(-ish) the dangling earrings she wore to the slums cost like 8 or 9 pounds.

      • anne_000 says:

        Tunic dress: $236.60. Wedges 99 pounds. Earrings $11.

        Meanwhile DM reports that the children start work full-time at seven years old, making 3 pounds per day picking rags, scavenging dumps, and gutting fish.

        Imo, there’s almost nothing she wore on this trip that she will re-wear ever again to any public event. It’s a one-time-use kind of thing, no matter how expensive some of these newer outfits were. I’m also including many of the jewelry that won’t fit in with her usual type of outfits. What a big waste of money.

    • Tourmaline says:

      @anne_000 “‘We love this machine!’ and eat all of the dosa” LOL.

      Kate never wears pantsuits does she? I can’t think of any time she has. Except for her horrid version consisting of navy nautical blazers with tight jeggings.

      She seems to like the young ingenue of 34 vibe, an elegant pantsuit doesn’t seem to fit her bill. I’m sure there is something along the lines of “William likes me in dresses” “William likes me with long sausagey hair” Shudder…

      • msthang says:

        Because, a pantsuit would make her legs look short, as long as she wears high-waisted dresses, it gives the illusion of long legs!!

  46. Citresse says:

    The Telegraph has officially scolded Kate for not wearing hem weights.

  47. India says:

    Well, what else is new? Can this moron just keep her self contained and not constantly expose herself? And what’s up with the constant simultaneous crotch press. What a pair of asses.She and The Duke of Dolt need to be jerked from their position and be sent off to Bermuda like his great aunt and uncle. Oh wait, that would be just too much for those two.

  48. Smd says:

    Kate, seriously! I’m from the south and that biscuit flashing at memorials don’t fly down here. Oh and refusing to try local food? For shame! Carol, I’m putting this back on you, your youngen is behaving atrociously!

  49. sequinedheart says:

    It’s a 38*C (100*F) day in India and she wears that mop on her head down?? good lord, she would have been schvitzing like a pudding at a picnic.. A beautifully styled ponytail would have been far better and some concrete in the hem of her dress. What is it with this girl and her snatch? Does Will not give it enough attention so she needs the rest of the world to take a peek?

  50. Tourmaline says:

    She’s wearing a Temperley “cropped top and skirt” for tonight’s event! The outfit looks pretty actually, her hair is half-up.

    • Maum says:

      Really? I thought the black on nude embroidery was really harsh and the shape made her look v boxy.

    • anne_000 says:

      I have to disagree about her hair in that particular outfit. It looks like what Jane Brady would have worn, but Kate’s is messier and not as straight down the hair parting. It looks like she did it herself without carefully looking in the mirror. It’s so retro 1970s, and juvenile and not like that of a modern, sophisticated woman.

      Someone commented that it would have looked better in a messy updo, but not the one done with the blue dress.

    • MinnFinn says:

      The blue statement earrings she wore last night would look much better with tonight’s Temperley dress.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Why is she wearing UK designers playing at being Indian? Why not go all-in and wear Indian designers if she wants to be “colourful” (jason’s word)?

      • kibbles says:

        There are so many pretty dresses and saris made by Indian designers she could have worn on this trip to wow her audience. Instead she chooses regular boring pieces. She has no common sense at all.

    • snapdragon says:

      I thought it was awful — very boxy silhouette and badly placed motifs. The embroidery didn’t read “India” to me if that’s what she was going for.

  51. snapdragon says:

    Looking at her hands/feet/ankles it looks like she might have rheumatoid arthritis — it would explain a lot.

    • Meh says:

      RA might explain her frequent cancellations and light work schedule, but how would that explain her refusal to dress appropriately for the weather?

      • snapdragon says:

        Meh — that I can’t explain. She strikes me as someone who lives in her own twee little La-La Land. There really are so many beautiful, weather- and occasion- appropriate things she could have worn. Sigh.

    • notasugarhere says:

      How does that fit with her grueling work-out regimen?

      IMO they are ankles and feet of someone who works out, plays tennis, runs a lot, wears silly high heels, doesn’t get pedicures, and doesn’t remember to moisturize and eat properly. Not someone who has RA.

    • Citresse says:

      No, Kate doesn’t have RA. She wouldn’t be able to jump or bend with her knees and we’d see red, swollen fingers.
      As far as video released at DM, there was a moment where William is about to make a short speech and he quietly says to Kate something to the effect of “would you like to do this?” (give the speech). She says no.
      So they’ve discussed her fear of public speaking.
      I remember her last attempt at public speaking she had the gringe in her face the last time and kept shaking her head to move the gringe and clearly she was quite nervous. The best thing would’ve been for her to get right back up there and give another speech four to six weeks later. She’s scared off and that’s too bad.

      • notasugarhere says:

        The official tour itinerary stated from the beginning that William was going to give the speech.

      • Citresse says:

        Yes, William was just teasing Kate. He certainly wasn’t expecting her to say yes.

      • notasugarhere says:

        If she does have a fear of public speaking as some people on here insist (I see laziness and lack of preparation, not fear of public speaking)? Not kind of her husband to tease her about it, especially in public.

  52. KOri says:

    Without the pockets, I would really like this dress. It has a nice, easy simplicity to it–and I like full skirts personally. But she has GOT to learn to weight dresses–or, if not learn, be told to. For the dress, I think it would look really nice in a variety of colors and, if not for the blow-up, was an appropriate choice IMO.

  53. Does anyone ever notice how many times the comments here say “this is really nice BUT….” She never gets it right and for the flood of personnel she has at her disposal, it’s a real mystery.

  54. Reece says:

    Really? Ugh! Really?
    At this point, I’m to exasperated (not the word I’m exactly looking for but I couldn’t think of another) to fully comment on this.

    And honestly not eating the food? I’d gain 10 lbs in India because I’d would everything everyone put in front of me.

  55. Kate says:

    The circle skirt on that white dress is divine. But what the heck happened to the top of it?! It’s awful.

    • snapdragon says:

      I think the drape and silhouette look fantastic on her but the top flaps remind me of a nursing bra.

  56. snapdragon says:

    I have to say — in most Asian cultures offering food is a real component of hospitality and rejecting it would be felt quite offensive. I’m surprised she wasn’t briefed on this. I also think William should have eaten it as though he actually enjoyed it — dosas are delicious!

    • Citresse says:

      I agree.
      The DM speculated Kate didn’t want her dress stained. Nice try but impossible to rescue her on this one.

    • Vava says:

      That’s very true. Always taste food that is offered when you’re the visitor. Even if it’s Lutefisk! Or cooked beetles! or other unusual things from the country where you are BEING HOSTED. Kate needs to understand this – how is she still acting this way after over 5 years???? Did she flunk her Princess Training??

  57. what's inside says:

    Like the color. She looks good in white and cream, but will she never learn there is a reason to weight your hems at public events. Even Diana learned that one early on.

  58. Trashaddict says:

    Shades of Edward and Wallis. A precedent has been set, feel free to follow it-

  59. HeyThere! says:

    Omg, dress appropriate for the weather!!! It’s THAT easy. No excuse. Disrespectful and dumb.

  60. Anare says:

    Nothing special about that dress. Pocket flaps look stupid. She should be banished to the tower for constantly wear skirts that fly up in the breeze. It has happened to her so many times that it can no longer be seen as an an accident. She must be a flasher. Sorry Kate but Paris Hilton and Britany Spears beat you at this game. Take a seat.