John Travolta sues the airport next door

John Travolta local airport won’t let him land one of his massive airplanes there anymore, and the female-impersonating actor is suing mad. Travolta lives in an $8 million dollar home in the ultra-exclusive Jumbolair Aviation Estates in Ocala, Florida. The owners of the local airport say they can no longer accommodate Travolta’s Boeing 707, a four-engine Qantas commercial passenger jet. Travolta says that he has used the runway neighboring his home without problems, and he built his home there six years ago because he was assured that he could use the airport.

The part-time pilot [Travolta] alleges that Greystone owners James and Christine Garemore doctored the airport master record to prevent Travolta from landing his jet and to ‘wreak financial harm’ on Jumbolair by forcing a lawsuit against the complex owners.

“Mr. Travolta has been severely mistreated as a consequence of these acts and intends to vigorously pursue all appropriate legal recourse against these responsible parties,” the former Oscar nominee’s attorney, Michael Ossi, said in a statement.

The plaintiffs are also requesting that the Garemores’ report, which states that heavier planes ‘may cause immediate structural damage,’ be withdrawn to prevent ‘future baseless filings,’ because it provided false, misleading info to the Federal Aviation Administration.”

[From E! Online]

Apparently when the runway was built, it could accommodate the owner’s 707, which was used infrequently. However Travolta uses his 707 quite often and the runway has deteriorated. The runway owners claim that it’s no longer safe. Travolta’s lawyers never state why the owners would have an erroneous report filed just to make sure he couldn’t use their runway. Why in the world would they do that and lose all his business for no good reason? It doesn’t make sense. It sounds to me like Travolta’s just mad that he can’t land his jet next door – and yes, I do mean next door. Here’s a little information about the Jumbolair Aviation Estates, from their website.

You have just concluded a business meeting in Chicago. You promised your son you would be home in time for his game, but you live in Florida. No problem, your private plane is fueled and ready for takeoff. In a few hours you will be landing in your own back yard and pulling your plane into the hangar attached to your home. You are one of a fortunate few who live at Jumbolair Aviation Estates, home of the worlds largest, FAA licensed, lighted and paved, private airport.

Unlike most fly-in communities, Jumbolair home sites have separate roads and taxiways, so when you are taxiing, you won’t have an accidental meeting with a repairman’s truck. Jumbolair, a private, gated community will exceed your expectations with its abundant natural beauty.

[From Jumbolair Aviation Estates website]

Thank goodness someone had the foresight to reach out to this massively underserved market and create a neighborhood with private taxiways and roads. The other day I was taxiing my airplane home, and I nearly hit an ice cream truck. If only I lived in John Travolta’s neighborhood, that never would have happened, and that Creamsicle would still be alive today. Seriously, John Travolta, you must chill! It sounds like these people are just trying to make sure your plane doesn’t crash. Stop getting mad at them. Take one of your 10 other smaller planes when you fly to the grocery store. If you have so much stuff, then just make two trips.

Picture note by Celebitchy: Header image is of Travolta when he had more hair and less body fat, and is from Jonny Jets.

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