Nina Dobrev and Scott Eastwood hooked up at Coachella but it’s ‘not serious’

Both US Magazine and People have stories about a budding romance between Nina Dobrev, 27, and Scott Eastwood, 30. (I could have sworn Scott was younger than that.) Scott has posted photos with Nina on his social media, including one after the Teen Choice Awards last August (when Nina was engaged) and another from Coachella this weekend. In case you might assume they’re just friends, People has a confirmation along with some insider quotes about how it’s casual for now. Of course it’s casual, this is Scott Eastwood we’re talking about. Nina just split with her fiance, Austin Stowell, earlier this year.

Scott’s dating history is varied and he’s been linked to country singer Jana Kramer and Playboy model Brittany Brousseau (whom he met at Coachella a couple of years ago). Last year he was rumored to be dating Charlotte McKinney (of the Hardees ads) but sources denied that it was serious and said they just hung out a couple of times, just like this potential hookup with Nina Dobrev:

[Nina Dobrev] has been casually hanging out with actor Scott Eastwood, 30, a source tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“They’re flirty and have been spending some time together,” says the source, who adds that it’s “not serious.”

Dobrev – who split from actor Austin Stowell earlier this year – have been friends for a while…

On Saturday, the duo were spotted partying together at Neon Carnival (sponsored by Levi’s, Re/Done and Tequila Don Julio) with friends including Derek Hough and Josh Hutcherson.

“They were all in great spirits and had a blast dancing together,” says an onlooker.

[From People]

Last year, Eastwood told People Magazine that he might settle down “someday” and that his laundry list for a potential relationship included “Trust, similar passions … and the sex has to be great.” He added that “If any one of these things is off, it just might not work.” He also complained in an interview around that time about a “chick” he was “casually dating” who “came to my house all she could talk about was money.” I get the impression that casual dating is all Eastwood does while Dobrev seems to prefer more committed relationships, judging by her history. Maybe this is just a fun fling for them though. I hope Dobrev does her homework on Eastwood.

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23 Responses to “Nina Dobrev and Scott Eastwood hooked up at Coachella but it’s ‘not serious’”

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  1. Locke Lamora says:

    It says a lot about Coachella when Scott Eastwood looks like the least douchey person there.

    He’s cute-ish, but Nina could do better.

  2. kri says:

    Famewhore+famewhore=headache from massive eyeroll.

  3. Miss M says:

    Secondhand embarrassment for her! I eould never ever have proof that I even hang out with him… This is a rule straight from my favorite Hwood douches list!

  4. Josefina says:

    He fits the fray boy douche stereotype so much. It’s cartoonish, almost.

  5. Bettyrose says:

    That headline gave me chills. A casual hookup at a music festival in your twenties shouldn’t be public knowledge. Being a future former semi-celebrity actually seems kinda awful.

  6. QQ says:

    His Douchebro face is OUT OF CONTROL!

  7. Bridget says:

    They make a perfect match. She is just as starving for it as he is and very fitting Rita Ora is with them.

    • Sunsetsnow says:

      She is! Nina has been trying to make it in movies since leaving TVD, with little success. Fooling around with D-listers/famewhores is not going to get her there.

      • Kimbers says:

        Yeah. . . I watched dome horrible movie with her in it.dont know the name but it had a couple other c list actresses involved and it was suppose to be campy . . . But it was not. It was pretty hard to watch. She was horrible in it. Coincidence the movie involved a film about a summer camp.

        She isnt a bad actress, but i think she might suck in real life?

        Also- arent derek and josh dating? Thought i heard something about them hooking up.

  8. mp says:

    Oh noes…. but as a great philosopher once said: Use Him, Abuse Him, Lose Him.

  9. NeoCleo says:

    He just bothers me. That wide open smile in nearly every photo. He seems like the thirstiest guy on earth.

  10. Castor & Pollux says:

    His body isn’t even that great! He is a lot thicker around the midsection than I would have expected…no tone or muscle definition at all! As someone going for the types of roles he goes for (he pushed himself hard as Christian for 50 Shades) I’d expect him to look a little more fit. Must be all the partying he does – that is a beer gut waiting to happen. Also, he dings my douche-radar…hard. Ugh, I’d pass even though he is cute-ish.

  11. Kristen says:

    I am pretty sure I saw a trending FB story about him a few days ago. Something about taking pills at Coachella?

    Sounds like a great catch…

  12. OSTONE says:

    He makes my lady bits dry up.

  13. Beckysuz says:

    I remember thinking how hot he was when those first pictures of him on a boat came out a couple years ago. How quickly he proved to be an unattractive douchenozzle. I would sooner let his father near my ladybits than him.

  14. A.Key says:

    When was Dobrev ever engaged??? Where did that come from??

  15. Magpie says:

    They are perfect for each other.