Prince William: ‘If you’re not careful duty can weigh you down at a very early age’

windsor stamp

This ^^ is not the formal portrait that Prince George sat for last month, immediately following Prince William’s holiday in Kenya to attend Jecca Craig’s wedding. There were portraits taken at Windsor Castle in March, with the promise that we would see them at some point. But this isn’t it. This portrait was apparently taken last year at Buckingham Palace and it’s being used for first-class stamps in Britain. It’s a cute image, representing the direct line of the monarchy, with the first, second and third in line to the throne with the current monarch. The photographer had George stand on “high-density foam blocks” so that his little head would be in line with William, the Queen and Charles.

Meanwhile, Workshy Will has given a new interview and there are SO MANY interesting quotes. A lot of British sites are running with headlines about the Queen giving William a “bollocking” when he was little, but I find some of the other quotes (about duty, his work as a pilot) fascinating. Some highlights:

Whether he takes his royal role seriously: “I take duty very seriously. I take my responsibilities very seriously. But it’s about finding your own way at the right time and if you’re not careful duty can weigh you down at a very early age. I think you have got to develop into the duty role.”

Whether he’ll quit being a pilot any time soon: “I’ve a contract and when that contract runs out that will probably be the time that I finish.”

What he thinks of his ‘reluctant royal’ label: “To be honest, I’m going to get plenty of criticism over my lifetime and it’s something that I don’t completely ignore, but it’s not something I take completely to heart. I’m concentrating very much on my role as a father – I’m a new father and I take my duties and my responsibilities to my family very seriously and I want to bring my children up as good people with the idea of service and duty to others as very important. But if I can’t give my time to my children as well, I worry about their future. Plus… I find the air ambulance role very important to me; it’s serving the community, working alongside extremely good professionals in the medical profession and then there’s my royal responsibilities which I still keep going….And when the Queen decides she’s going to hand down more responsibilities, I’ll be the first person to accept them.”

He says his father & grandmother support his decisions: “Absolutely. My grandmother and my father are 150 per cent supportive behind everything that I’m doing – and Harry and Catherine. They very much understand whilst my grandmother is still extremely active at the helm of the royal family, as the monarch. My father is incredibly busy with his charitable activities and other responsibilities – there’s the time now and the space to explore other means of doing a worthwhile job. And for me, the air ambulance is an incredible important part, It’s not going to last forever , but I think it’s important.”

Whether he thinks he should be exempted from royal work: “No – I don’t think it’s that. I think it’s more that they understand that there’s the flexibility right now while I’m still relatively young and they’re still very, very active. There’s an order of succession and I’m at the bottom at the moment so there is the time and space and future to take on more and develop more.”

The Queen doesn’t believe in laying down the law: “I don’t think she believes too heavily in instruction. She believes in finding your own path but with very good examples and guidance around you to support you.”

The Queen is important to him: “She’s been a very strong female influence and having lost my mother at a young age, it’s been particularly important to me that I’ve had somebody like the Queen to look up to and who’s been there and who has understood some of the more, um, complex issues when you lose a loved one…So she’s been incredibly supportive and I’ve really appreciated her guidance.”

The Queen’s bollocking:
“We were chasing Zara around who was on a go-cart, and Peter and I managed to herd Zara into a lamppost. And the lamppost came down and nearly squashed her, and I remember my grandmother being the first person out at Balmoral running across the lawn in her kilt. (She) came charging over and gave us the most almighty bollocking, and that sort of stuck in my mind from that moment on.”

[From The Telegraph & The Guardian]

A note about his air ambulance contract… The Telegraph says that he signed a contract (did he?) in March 2015 for two years. While it’s totally possible that he did sign a contract, it’s pretty clear that he works when he wants to, and sometimes he doesn’t feel like working for weeks or even months on end. Even when he’s fulfilling his contractual obligations, he’s only putting in part-time hours, and by most counts, he’s probably only worked a handful of days in the past two months, what with the vacations and tours and such. I’m just saying, if he wanted to leave the EAAA, he would, regardless of any contractual obligations. And I do wonder if that exit is coming in the next few months.

Here are some more photos of William and Harry at Pinewood Studios yesterday.



Photos courtesy of @KensingtonRoyal & Pacific Coast News.

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  1. ilove6kies says:

    It’s all me me me with this giant baby isn’t it? So sick of him – what a waste of oxygen….dude you’re the future king get your head out of your a$$!

    • Red Snapper says:

      “I’m going to do whatever I want for as long as I can get away with it, and maybe longer than that, and y’all can suck it.”

      • JulieCaroleRayo says:

        My best was the whole grow into duty thing. Then I think your perks and salary should match the effort you’re putting in.

        But no, work shy willy wants his cake and eat it too!

    • Megan says:

      He is utterly tone deaf.

    • ilove6kies says:

      I honestly think that at this point he must be trolling the public – I refuse to believe anyone could be that dense and tone deaf.

      • antipodean says:

        He has officially turned into a huge, entitled, oaf! Hardly King material, Diana would be truly disappointed.

    • Michelle says:

      Whatever happened to him? He used to be so likable. And Charles used to be so despised but now he is very likable.

    • Mandy says:

      Well that is one thing Silly Billy doesn’t have to worry about – he has successfully avoided his duties for a while now

  2. cr says:

    ” I think you have got to develop into the duty role.”
    You’re almost 34 years old, time to develop.
    He did look very happy to be on set yesterday, more animated and engaged than I’ve seen in a long time. Pity for him that his royal duties can’t consist almost entirely of his being on Star Wars sets.

    • Karen says:

      I found this quote fascinating. And it explains so much about what he lacks of empathy:

      Duty is not a role. It’s not a position in the firm. It’s like he’s saying I’ll grow into the charitable role, instead of seeing that being charitable is a characteristic. Duty is the same – its a characteristic, not a job assignment. You do not wake up one day and say I’ve developed my duty, today I will fully serve Britain first. I think he hates everything about his future position, and sees “duty” as being the job assignment. His lack of duty is really the reason why he hates it all: he does not believe he has to serve anyone but himself.

      • Sixer says:

        “You do not wake up one day and say I’ve developed my duty, today I will fully serve Britain first.”

        This is my favourite thing anyone has said on Celebitchy, ever. I’m going to be sniggering for the rest of the day now!

      • Karen says:

        ^ glad I could help the sniggering sixer

        My comments are all really cranky before my coffee I’ve come to realize.

      • Sixer says:

        I like cranky! Besides, that really does sum him up.

      • hmmm says:

        A lot of Dolittle fans promote the same logic to justify his indifference to duty and his resentment of expectations.

      • Dena says:

        You nailed it. He also seems to be in a reactionary extreme opposites sort of place. How many of us, while growing up, have said ‘I’m never going to . . . when I have kids,etc.,’ because of something we saw our parents do or felt they did? So, our parents didn’t spend that much time with us, what do we do, we become time slaves to our children. You all get the picture. I think this is where William is in his mind/feelings. Maturity, time and reflection moves us out of that reactionary place. Those things allow us to see a broader, more complex & nuanced picture of the individual players & the situation. William is not there yet IMO. He’s still stuck.

        This is just my random opinion too but do you all remember the day William & his handlers released the picture of W/K/G/C on a family vacation in France? Well, that came out the same day Prince Charles & Queen Elizabeth were out celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Princes’ Trust. That day should have been a shining day for Charles and celebrated in the media. Well, when the photo was released on the same day, it essentially upstaged that moment for Charles & TQ. I had two thoughts: (1) that was petty and vengeful on William’s part, and (2) William was essentially saying family before duty.

        The day he looks into a mirror & realizes he is more his father’s son than he is his mother’s (or even finds the balance or calculus there), he’ll be a better man, a better person, a better husband/father, and a better public servant.

        It’s not duty he has to grow into. That’s not what’s weighing him down. It’s his seeming lack of self-awareness.

      • bluhare says:

        I agree with all of you. My first thought was wondering what his grandmother thinks about developing duty on your own schedule.

      • Sharon Lea says:

        Yes Karen – you either have it or you don’t, its part of a person’s character.

      • Wren says:

        I don’t think a sense of duty is an intrinsic part of one’s character, I believe it is instilled. Some people internalize it more than others and some completely reject it.

        Will has obviously never had to put anyone or anything before himself in his entire life. He clearly doesn’t want to be a public servant because that would mean that he’s not the most important thing. He probably feels trapped in his life, and being shielded for so long hasn’t helped. It’s hard to develop a good work ethic when you’ve never actually had to work ever. Work sucks, and it can be hard. But you do it anyway because that’s how you earn your keep. It is a lesson best learned early, before expectations to the contrary develop.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Karen that is incredibly insightful. Being dutiful and charitable (and hard-working and empathetic and etc.) are character traits. He isn’t going to develop them magically when he turns 45 or 50 or whenever he decides the 105-year-olds can retire.

      • Christin says:

        No sincere empathy or sense of balance, yet very self-centered and apparently enabled.

        Any of us who repeatedly chose to snub our duty would have repercussions, yet he sails along with all the perks.

      • Michelle says:

        If he so deeply despises his role he should abdicate to George.

      • notasugarhere says:

        If he so deeply despises his role and they both refuse to work, I doubt they can raise dutiful, empathetic, and hard-working children.

    • Suzanne says:

      Exactly…unless its fun things for THEM…and their toddlers….then screw the royals…they’ll get out of it if they can manage it.

    • Jib says:

      There’s so much in this that makes me want to give him another bollocking!! Grow into your duties? Concentrate on the air ambulance? Maybe go to work once in a while, eh? Concentrate on being a father?? Millions of men work and are great fathers – of all the things they say, I find this the most offensive. And where was his family on Easter Sunday?? Jerk.

      Looking at the picture of WorkShy, Harry and the cast – Harry’s arms are behind him, body open, WorkShy’s arms are in front hands tightly clasped, body language closed. That says it all.

  3. Neners says:

    “Doing as little as humanly possible is the only way to maintain buoyancy.”

    Just thought I’d finish the quote.

    • Megan says:

      I went to the BRF’s website to see what the Queen had planned for her birthday and noticed W+K are no longer listed in the Royal Diary. Was India their farewell tour?

      • Jib says:

        Maybe they’ve been removed!!!

        I just went to read this story over at the Daily Mail and the Guardian. While on tour, the DM commenters were gushingly positive, and now I can happily assure all of you that they are back to normal: people who have had enough of this ManChild and his spoiled ways.

  4. yael says:

    i don’t think wills ever worries about duty weighing him down…

    • Jules says:

      He and Duchess Dolittle are hot air balloons of self-entitlement………

      • Suzy from Ontario says:

        Well that’s it…they should get paid according to how much they do, and if they don’t choose to do a lot at this point in life, then fine, but you don’t get tons of money and houses and vacations and thousand dollar clothes and so on. They want their cake and to eat it to! All the fancy rich lifestyle perks without the “duty” that pays for it! And I don’t buy that the Queen and his father are supportive of him finding his own way and doing less while he’s young. He’s not THAT young. Most of us are working full time in our twenties. He’s had a long time to do whatever he wants. Harry does more than he does. He’s just not very professional. He comes across as a whiny, entitled, arrogant brat.

    • Beatrice says:

      No way will he ever be weighed down. That comment about “growing” into duty made me sick. His mother jumped into her role and used her star power for good when she was barely out of her teens. He reminds me more an more of the Duke of Windsor. Lookout Kate–an American divorcee might be just the ticket for him to avoid his responsibility!!

  5. LookyLoo says:

    He’s so tedious. Like he’s the first person to ever be a parent. And considering how absent he is – with all his solo jaunts – it’s itonic that he’s using the kids as an excuse not to work.

    • What was that says:

      I saw the interview on the BBC website this morning..and I just can’t be bothered to even look anymore…
      As he is suppose to be a future king and I could care less what he has to say..
      His father at least had some interesting observations…so what does that say about how the rest of the population view him….he will become more irrelevant and thus could lead to more questions about his cost vs benefit even in political/government circles….

    • HH says:

      He really acts like Royal duties are a 40 hour work week schedule. It’s actually insulting.

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      I always read so much into those “father” quotes. Like he grew up under such terrible circumstances with only his mother to truly care for him. And then she died. Don’t forget she died when he was SO YOUNG! So now he will somehow live the life she always dreamed of. For her, of course. He will NOT treat his marriage and his kids like his father did. That’s what I hear when he talks about it like it’s all such a massive deal.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Give me a break. We all have duties, and we all get weighed down.

    Compared to people who are digging ditches 18 hours a day to put pinto beans in their kids’ tummies just so they can survive, his duties are pretty dad-gummed light.

    • Christin says:

      He apparently never heard that to whom much is given, much is expected. Or else he interprets it as he is the one to expect it of others, but not himself.

      If this family were of average means and functioned like this, he’d be viewed as a lazy bum with pop and grandma enabling him.

      • Amber says:

        If this was a gig that actually required skills, experience, and a work-ethic, rather than an accident of birth or marriage (why these institutions should all be abolished), Will and Kate would’ve been fired long ago.

        The thing is if I actually believed that William had other passions I would pity him, (to a point). But he has NEV-VAH committed himself to any of his outside interests. Never. He commits to piloting jobs like he commits to royal duties. And his and Kate’s schizophrenic view that they should be private, pampered citizens, doing what they please, while others keep The Firm afloat and they cash in on the benefits? There are no words.

      • Christin says:

        When I saw these photos at a studio, it reminded me how he can more or less choose which little hobbies he wants to pursue. Observe farming? Viola – bespoke agricultural program. Flying ‘copters? Very part-time opening created.

        If he wanted to do a cameo in a film, it would happen. So many doors flung open at his whim, yet opportunities go wasted.

      • Jib says:

        Or he thinks that the expression means that since much was given to him, much more can be expected!! Like vacations, private plane rides, etc.!!!

  7. lilacflowers says:

    Just imagine the world if all 34 year olds avoided being weighed down.

    • vauvert says:

      Because they concentrated on working part time at a job that they take as a joke, while occupying the spot of someone who would have been fully committed to it.
      And concentrated on being a parent, while not busy jauntily off on Easter to attend an ex-GF’s wedding, or going on a long holiday while his first born was left home with the nanny… Too much to repeat everything.
      We get it, Will. You only want the benefits of your position, none of the responsibilities. Losing your mother has nothing to do with it – not only lots of children go through the pain of losing a parent and that doesn’t mean they get to shirk work their entire lives, take a look at your own brother.
      I have so had it with him and the whole lot, except Harry. I do t know what the RF can do – after all, the Dolittles are adults (legally anyway) but there is one method to get them to work: cut the purse strings. If Charles stops paying for all the little shopping trips and vacations, how much money are they getting from the inheritance and investments? (Calling Sixer)

      • Sixer says:

        If I get time, I might try and find out for you! LAK is good on this, though.

      • IndianAndrews says:

        There was an article that the Cambridges received four million dollars from the Duchy last year. That figure didn’t include renovation costs covered by the Queen and government.

        No wonder William is holding out. That honey pot is generating thirty one million dollars a year. Kate won’t be able to shop quickly enough

  8. Betti says:

    “And when the Queen decides she’s going to hand down more responsibilities, I’ll be the first person to accept them.” I thought she already was but you and your wife and not accepting them.

    • Tina says:

      This this this this this. The Queen had to force Kate to take one of Philip’s patronages by springing it on her at lunch. So much this.

    • Sharon Lea says:

      Right? Much is being made of the Queen’s 90th birthday, what bigger neon sign does William need?!

      • Feeshalori says:

        And by association, Kate can’t blow off her duty by refusing to hand out shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day to the Irish Regiment. You can’t be selective in what is expected of you.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Why does he think he’s supposed to take duties from The Queen instead of Charles?

      What about the duties his father tried to hand down to him, so Charles could take on the things that HM and Philip were trying to offload?

      Philip did a public plea to retire around the time of the W&K wedding, at which point they went and hid in Wales.

      Instead of taking on the WWF Presidency from Philip, William started an umbrella conservation organization to take credit for everyone else’s work.

      Philip passed on land management of Balmoral and Sandringham to Charles, but William refused to step in and help with the Duchy. Harry has been seen working on Duchy properties in Romania. Learning how to run things because his brother won’t do it?

      Yes, that whole Irish Guards duty hand-off worked out so well for HM. Wouldn’t want to set the expectation that either W or K would show up to work that one day every year.

      Bashing working parents again I see. Most parents work full-time and raise children, but that is too much duty for Billy.

      • Jib says:

        The bashing of working parents gets me angrier than anything else. Especially since he has no problem leaving his kids for holidays.

      • IndianAndrews says:

        Billy the basher is simply full of excuses. When are the Queen and Charles going to say enough. Nobody is sitting around.

      • Vava says:

        Right you are. I hate when he insults working parents, and I’m sick of his attitudes about his own parents. Get over it, William.

      • Betsy says:

        Tiny voice for the defense of stay at home parents: unlike William and Kate, allegedly committed SAHP, 98% of us do not get to regularly continue our pre-kid lives and foist the children off on nannies and gran. So they’re not even that committed – two feet firmly planted in neither world that most of us can relate to.

        (And I hope this is clearly written to reflect a defense of SAHP and not a critique of WOHP).

      • notasugarhere says:

        I support real SAHPs Betsy. The ones who do all the (often thankless) work themselves. These two aren’t doing the work but claiming sympathy and trying to pull on heart strings. That’s what makes it doubly insulting.

  9. Sixer says:

    Normal Bill on breakfast TV this morning.

    Mr Sixer: I’m surprised he has time to do interviews, he’s so busy, poor thing.
    Me: You’re not even funny, you knobshed.
    Sixlet Minor: Who is he?
    Me: Prince William.
    Sixlet Minor: Oh, him.
    Sixlet Major: Even I know who Prince William is, you dummy.
    Sixlet Minor: MUM! He’s calling me names.
    Me: Tell him he can call Prince William names if he likes, but not you.
    Sixlet Major: Can’t I just call Sixlet Minor “Workshy Will”? Win win, right?
    Me: NO!

    • Amelia says:

      I need daily blog updates of Sixer and her Sixlet hijinks 😄

    • Magnoliarose says:

      Lol. :)

    • NUTBALLS says:

      I think the Sixlets need to have their own voice on these posts. How much of mum would we be hearing???

      • Sixer says:

        They think messageboards and comment sections are only for the venerable, wrinkled, possibly senile internet users. You know: like their mother!

      • NUTBALLS says:

        Of course. Why on earth would they want to be chatting with the (pre)menopausal old farts here??

        This is where we meet up when our lives are basically over…

        ETA: notes face down? So you have a REPUTATION in your hometown, I take it?

      • Sixer says:

        Indeed. To them, this is a section of the internet for pensioners. Where we talk about things of no interest whatsoever to PROPER PEOPLE who still have actual lives. By this, they mean no interest to tween boys.

        I think my fellow villagers think I am funny but harmless! Also, good for a committee or two, which is the main source of social kudos hereabouts.

    • antipodean says:

      I can’t imagine anything worse than a dose of Normal Bill with my cornflakes! The Sixlets, Major, and Minor, must have stomachs of steel.
      On a considerably lighter note, has the mysterious dog pooper been rooted out yet? Will Sixer have to resort to lurking in the shrubs in an appropriate disguise? I can’t wait to find out whodunnit!

      • Sixer says:

        Still no news! But I did make them laugh in the shop this morning because I am insisting on paying with notes face down all week – in dishonour of Lizzie’s 90th. They think I am a weirdo because I am republican, so I like to pull the odd stunt or two.

      • antipodean says:

        Thanks for keeping us up to date Sixer, I really need to know who is doing this dastardly deed. Good to hear that you are keeping them amused and befuddled in the local shop, and that you are steadfastly flying the flag (not) for all like minded republicans, keep up the good work. My brother who served in a certain army (fairly secret}, refused a Commission because he would not swear loyalty to Betty Windsor. As he said “I didn’t vote for her, so I won’t be loyal to her. What has she ever done for me?” Similar sitch with the Romans!

      • notasugarhere says:

        What about putting frowny-face sticky notes over her face on the notes? Or sticky notes with the RepublicUK logo?

  10. Soprana says:

    why do they insist on putting so much gel in their poor kid’s hair?

    • Splinter says:

      I suspect he has Kate’s curly hair, very unroyal, you know.
      Personally I hate how the foam blocks ruin this picture. Couldn’t they have George stand on some ottoman or something?

      • bluhare says:

        It’s more to get their heads lined up for the stamps. An ottoman might not have been steady enough.

      • Splinter says:

        Yes, I get it, but the foam blocks look so out of place, like dressing George in a Spiderman T-shirt. They should have used a couple of books with guilded pages. :)

      • Green Girl says:

        @Splinter. LOL at the Spiderman T-shirt. In that whole castle, they don’t have even a nice plain bench for the kid to stand on? I think even your standard mall department store photo studio would have at least covered that up with a blanket or something.

      • Mumzy says:

        Perhaps they had to use something that would do no harm to surrounding people or items if (when?) he decided to step off and throw it in a fit of rage brought forth from the crushing oppression of expectation…you know, of duty…and charity.

      • IndianAndrews says:

        A stack of leather books would have been cute for George to use instead of tacky foam blocks.

    • notasugarhere says:

      They keep complaining about his destructive behavior. Maybe they think his hair needs to be “tamed” too?

  11. als says:

    So, basically, he’s waiting for the Queen and Charles to drop dead, in order to be more involved.
    Until then, he will use them as much as he can.
    Who’s to say that this is not the exact way he thinks about his ‘subjects’? Use them ’till they drop!

  12. Jade says:

    No fan of royalty but his grandmother carried out her duties from a young age, bravely through an insane war, volunteering as a driver and giving speeches to the children being sent out of London. So…just sod off. He has been publicly (no one knows what he’s being denied of in private) given opportunities such as to change his education, learn from bespoke courses, learn how to be a pilot, marry his choice, given properties and help that a young working couple could never afford at his age or maybe never, privacy during his university years, renovation funds, a place in the military, a prepared position outside the military…which other person who has lost a parent at a young age has had all of these opportunities?

    • Red Snapper says:

      This is everything. William sees the whole world as in terms of the things he can’t have and opportunities he’s been denied. He is blind to the largesse that’s been lavished upon him.

  13. Eleonor says:

    How fun is that they try to sell us the image of how normal, how down to earth Willy and Kate are, and who much out of reality they are ?
    At his age for a grown man/woman assuming responsabilities and duties means working everyday and paying their own bills, my boyfriend had a “dad break” after his son born, but after a while he had to go back to work, even if he was a “new dad”, nobody was going to pay his rent.

  14. Naya says:

    Lol. I like Will. He gives the Queen and monarchists nightmares because its pretty clear he wouldnt resist moves to shave the monarchys role. A change is a coming. And though I only have a very tiny stake, having had a father who grew up in a British colony, I’ll be happy to see an even more dimished monarch. Will is a republicans (in the anti-monarchy sense) dream.

    • Hudson Girl says:

      No, he’ll fight viciously to keep the money, if it ever comes to that in the future. He just doesn’t like to work- any work- it’s not like he does anything aside frome Royal duties. (A few helicopter flight hours a month doesn’t count)

      • Naya says:

        To which every republican responds with “so pay him off to kill that archaic institution”.

      • notasugarhere says:

        The Republicans will not vote to give him 20 million a year, which is what he stands to gain when he inherits the Duchy of Cornwall. If the BRF want him out, they need to remove him before HM passes away.

      • Vava says:

        NOTA, that is just gross that he will get that kind of money.

  15. LadyJane says:

    Stop with the fig leaf, Will! Take posture tips from Harry, must more natural, much less insecure. Only Will would look like he has a stick up his arse while holding a fecking LIGHT SABRE!

  16. Alarive says:

    What if they were trying to implode the Monarchy from within? Get the public and press so infuriated with the lazy-entitled-useless royal family that they decide to hold a referendum and do away with them altogether? Once the Queen goes it’s all on them and I’m not so sure they want to keep that going.
    (This might be a dream I had a few nights ago.)

  17. Hudson Girl says:

    Why do all the Royal photos looked photoshopped now? It looks like the Queen and Charles took a photo together, then William and George at different time, then the photos were merged/overlaid after the fact.

    • Christin says:

      Schedules, perhaps? We have had this done for our board members, either due to schedules (difficult to get everyone together at once) or a new member coming on board. The magic of Photoshop!

  18. TeamAwesome says:

    Exactly how is someone who so rarely demonstrates any interest or enthusiasm for serving others supposed to instill an importance of same in his children???

    But George, you guys. That kid has more personality than both his parents put together. It is very sweet, however, the way he’s holding William’s hand.

    • Betsy says:

      Given what we know about George’s “willfulness,” let’s say, I recognize that as the desperate cling of a parent who needs to hold on.

  19. Ayeisha says:

    Being dutiful is a characteristic human trait this man is characterless .He is an insult to human merit.

    My father is a surgeon, who lost his father when he was 6, they were not rich. My grandma worked house chores for a neighbouring rich family, with little what they had, she encouraged her only son to study hard. My father, too, gave tuitions to earn extra money. His hard work of many years paid off. He leaves home at early mornings and is back at around 12. We don’t get to see him much According to this princeling My father and million others who work tirelessly are pathetic parents.
    I loathe this man.

    • Christin says:

      He clearly does not understand the concept of quality versus quantity of time. He could be teaching his children by example, just as your father is doing (and mine did).

  20. sofie says:

    He has got a long time to get into the role of future king. The Queen isn’t going to give up the throne till her last breath then Charles will finally have his moment. After waiting decades he won’t give up the throne eagerly either so William has a long wait for king at this time being.

    • Hudson Girl says:

      What difference does that make on what William could be accomplishing now?
      Prince Charles knew he wouldn’t be King for decades so, with the money he got leaving the Navy he immediately started the Prince’s Trust (along with fighting for his other causes). He focused on what he COULD do with his unique level of fame and power in the world. Hiding away in a pilot’s waiting room killing time for an emergency call to come in is NOT productive for someone with that same unique power to get stuff done. It’s truly disgusting.

    • hmmm says:

      So why is he taking the taxpayers’ millions?

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        That is the real question, isn’t it? Unfortunately, he will not reconcile his distaste for royal duties, whatever they will be, and step away from the royal teat, to live the desired “normal” life with his young family.

        Can’t have it both ways, Wills.

    • bluhare says:

      As someone has said, if they don’t start practicing now they’re going to have a hell of a time when duty arrives. And they won’t have the same number of people to hand responsibilities to either.

    • Natalie says:

      He’ll be Prince of Wales in max about 10 years. I mean, is he going to take yet another gap year at that point?

      It won’t be a good look; a man in his mid-40s lacking in direction.

      The longer he pushes this out, the less good will he can expect from the public. He’s like a kid who only wants to eat candy even though we all know he’s going to make himself sick.

    • Deedee says:

      So he should be waiting and dithering about for most of his life?

    • IndianAndrews says:

      William needs to learn Charles’ role now. Not wait for the Queen to die. Seems like Harry is working harder to become Prince of Wales when it is William’s future title.

  21. Seraphina says:

    William does not have to worry about that.

    His mother, the one he has put on on a pedestal, would not be happy.

  22. Jaded says:

    “If you’re not careful duty can weigh you down….”

    OK, I’m a tad grumpy this morning as I’m in the midst of packing up for a cross-country move and my life is in shambles but for the love of all that’s sensible, that’s one of the dumbest, most insensitive comments I’ve read. NO William, royal duty doesn’t weigh you down…you know what weighs you down? Living paycheque to paycheque. Cooking dinner for the family every night after an 8-10 hour work day. Doing your own housework, shopping, laundry, gardening, having so little time to yourself during each and every 24 hour period that you’re perpetually exhausted and stressed out. Worrying about how you’re going to pay for your kid’s orthodontia plus handle mortgage, rent, car payments, utilities. THAT my arrogant POS is what weighs people down, not some remote sense of duty as long as it doesn’t interfere with your endless vacations and faffing around from one lavish home to another that your country and people pay for.

    *Stomps off in righteous indignation for another coffee*

    • anne_000 says:

      @ Jaded


      I wish I could give you a million thumbs up :-)

    • Delta Juliet says:


    • Hudson Girl says:

      *Standing up and cheering for Jaded*

    • SilkyMalice says:

      Yes!! Well said Jaded. Newsflash for Will: Life is hard- for you it is immeasurably less so. Do not make statements like that and expect sympathy and understanding from the peasants.

      George is absolutely adorable. His little face made me smile, so for that I am grateful.

    • The Original Mia says:

      Good luck with your move, Jaded!

      Bravo on the royal smack down!

    • hmmm says:

      Awesome, Jaded!

    • bluhare says:

      Their office needs to hire you, Jaded.

    • Eleonor says:

      Applause. 45 minutes.
      My best wishes for you.
      Moving from one place to another can break your spine (literally) and your mental health.

    • Magnoliarose says:

      Pretty much all of that. Baby Workshy’s whining is offensive.

    • antipodean says:

      @Jaded, a huge pat on the back for you, and I do hope your cross country move goes as smoothly as possible. I can sympathise with you on that front, having moved a household across the world several times. It is one of the most stressful life events. Your fighting spirit and tenacity to keep all the necessary plates spinning in the air shines through your heavy work load. If these workshy royal gits had an ounce of your “can do” attitude, they would not need the endless excoriation that they deservedly get! As another commenter said, to whom much is given, much is expected, or in the age old vernacular, noblesse oblige.
      Sending lots of good thoughts your way Jaded. Do let us know how you get on.

    • Sharon Lea says:

      Jaded – great comment!!!

    • NUTBALLS says:

      Well put, Jaded. This coddled Prince has no idea of what it means to be weighed down, at least not by financial uncertainty like so many of us.

      I too have moved a family cross-country and it was the single most stressful event of my life. I lost count of all the grey hairs I sprouted after that intense couple of months. Good luck with yours!

      • Jaded says:

        Thanks to *everyone* for the well wishes on the upcoming move to B.C.
        Wine REALLY helps living amidst boxes, piles of stuff I don’t know what to do with and now not having a car because I sold it. :)

    • Natty Cats says:


    • Joannie says:

      Lol. This is all Williams’s fault! How dare he have this life while we suffer!

    • Poisonous Lookalike says:

      All the pluses to you today! Good luck with your move, too.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      Hear, hear(!!!!), and good luck!

    • Jib says:

      I think you should send this off in a letter to #poorjason. A real letter, not an email, one you can’t delete.

    • IndianAndrews says:

      Amen sister! Amen! 👍❤️

  23. hmmm says:

    Everything that slides out of his mouth is glib. His entire response is rote justification for why he’s a lazy, entitled slacker who barely ever sees his family.

  24. anne_000 says:

    The fact that his 90-something years old grandparents and his 67 years old dad are ‘still very, very active’ means that they don’t have the needed help to take over some or much of their work load.

    And how does William respond to the label ‘work shy?’ He said it was just part of the job to be called that. Yet, who’s calling his grandparents, father, Aunts Anne and Sophie that?

    And there’s that word ‘guidance’ again. Kate used it too in the documentary about the Queen: ‘She’s a gentle guidance.’

    I guess it’s the go-to word for W&K for their PR statements. It’s getting up there in usage like their words ‘keen,’ ‘amazing,’ ‘energized,’ ‘keep up the good job,’ etc.

    So W&K can’t do much work because they have kids now. So what was their excuse for being work shy before their kids were born? Oh yeah, it was because they were newlyweds. And now that they have two excuses for not working much in the next 18 years, what was the excuse for the rest of his family when they worked A LOT AND raised kids at the same time?

    • Amber says:

      Shouldn’t he and Kate want to help? Their defenders never have an answer to this. Shouldn’t they want to ease the load of their elderly family members? Granddad in particular went on record about wanting to pull back a bit. Hasn’t happened really. Shouldn’t Bill and Bucket want to help Charles, the man who pays for the nude pumps and the cheese toast, as he takes on more and more? Shouldn’t they want to, ummmm, help people?! Use their incredible position for something other than living luxuriously, ego-stroking, and image maintenance, and take every opportunity to do some good. Nothing in life is guaranteed either. Especially life itself. Charles has been preparing to reign for decades. He’s the actual heir, yes. But he too could’ve assumed that he’d be heir for a long time with such a young mother and queen. Charles also never sucked at the job as much as Bill and “The Hair” do. Will is just self-sabotaging ensuring future failures for roles that he is ill-prepared, not to mention, ill-suited for. He’s always ill-prepared and non-committal. Now is the time to figure out who you are and what kind of king you’re going to be. Right. Now. While he still has the freedom to do that and the burden isn’t entirely his. Instead of stalling and making half-a**ed attempts at other gigs. You know, while you’re young and energetic, and don’t have a list of obligations, duties, and annual mandatory appearances. Will should want to help, learn, and care. While he’s STILL being cosseted and is slightly autonomous. He can learn how to rule from Gran, and learn how to be the heir from his father. If only to get used to all of it, for the sake of self-preservation.

      Did I mention that he and Princess Kate suck at this job? Does he really think it’s best to stagnate, while letting all interest and goodwill surrounding them erode? If Will actually is that weak, needing this much time to half-a** and keep moving the goalpost, (and did I mention), while being so poor at this gig–Dude is clearly not the man for the job. Boy oh, boy. Is he Edward VIII re-incarnated? Why is Will like this? Your mother got married when she was 20! You and your wife are not far from being the same age she was when she passed… and you’ve accomplished nothing. (Really, truly, let that sink in. If Will and Kate stepped away it would make absolutely no difference to the BRF’s footprint except to free up apartment 1A. They lift right out. They have no roots.) Your younger brother has followed in your father’s footsteps and is working to build a lasting legacy of charity work, and they both began this in their 20′s. WHY are YOU like this?! It’s like he and Kate live in an alternate universe where they’re the only people to ever experience pressure and face challenges. (At times their fans act like they’re the only people to ever deal with scrutiny and criticism.) Like, they’re the only people with jobs. Or kids. They’re the only people to ever have to do this royal thing. Like QEII, Vickan, Will’s great-grandfather and a laundry list of more impressive individuals don’t exist. But for all Will’s complaining, he’s not going anywhere. I have long suspected that this is just his plan. Lower, lower, and keep lowering people’s expectations of him and Kate. While also laying down that “middle-class/modern” BS. He has every desire to be king. He just wants everything on his terms. He also seems to be that dumb and that arrogant, thinking that he’s still the Golden Boy and it’s 2002, and he will get away with it.

      …I ranted again. Damn it. He gets under my skin.

      • Sharon Lea says:

        Excellent comment Karen – yes, William & Kate should want to help.

      • anne_000 says:

        @ Amber

        Thanks for your post. Well said. I think you’re right that what he’s trying to do is lower expectations for what a Royal does, so that he can keep being this way forever. He’s already said that the public is misinformed about there existing such a thing as full-time royal duties. He’s constantly looking for new excuses not to work. Every year, there’s some big, new excuse.

      • notasugarhere says:

        This is where their argument always falls down. Why don’t they want to help their elderly relatives? Why do they find it so terrible to dedicate their lives to working 20 hours per week for charity? If you hate it so much, walk away and leave the money and house behind. Don’t let the door hit you…

    • MinnFinn says:

      An excellent point that ‘guidance’ is their new buzz term. And their PR strategy apparently is this. Granny is OK with my part-time royal status. You plebs respect Granny. Therefore if Granny is OK with it then you plebs should be too.

      • Amber says:

        @Anne and @MinnFinn – In the “no one knows what a full-time royal is” interview he said, “No-one actually really knows what that means, but I think I can still manage to do my commitments and my responsibilities as well as I can. The Queen is still very active and is still showing incredible leadership. My father is doing many, many engagements, as are the rest of the family, and so there’s a lot being done by the Royal family around the country. I hope to still be a part of that, and do as much as I can, but equally do something which I think is incredibly important and [will] prove me in good stead for the future.” 1A) This man is so utterly full of sh*t it makes my head spin. 1B) He’s just repeating himself. 2) He says these things like there’s a cap or a limit on how much work and charity can be done. And a big middle finger for connecting references to duty and full-time work with excuses for own his dereliction. 3) Tying into him and Kate for about the third time now emphasizing how hands-off QEII is with them, (as though it equals approval), William uses supposition to speak for other people, and is rather definitive when he makes excuses or deflects, all while using passive language and words like “hope” or “think” to divorce himself from his own actions. As if he is without agency. “Well, I hope I will work someday. I hope to do my best. Nothing I can do about it though.” 4) He was quite literally saying “I don’t have to work while the rest of family do the job, and keep this thing going until I’m in charge. Besides, other things are more important to me.” Now he’s gone and said it again.

  25. Size Does Matter says:

    He had the perfect set up to be beloved by all and he’s ruining it. What a waste.

  26. Olenna says:

    Too many on-point, incisive comments here today about this characterless, spoiled man that I can’t reply to all. So, +100 to all of you who see right through his bullsh8t about duty and family responsibilities.

  27. Roslyn says:

    He’s a dick!

    And that’s all I have to say about that.

  28. The Original Mia says:

    Good lord! The man is nearing 40 and he’s still finding himself. Newsflash Wills: you’re going to be king. If this was damage control, like nearly everything from KP, it didn’t work. Just showed him to be the spoiled, feckless 2nd in line who needs a swift kick to his and his wife’s backsides. The laziness and the serious lack of duty and empathy is beyond the pale.

  29. Anon says:

    Dude. You are thirty three years old. Stop acting like a 21 year old who is taking a “gap year” after college to find themselves. You are no longer that last in line, your son is. Your friggin grandmother is 90 years old, and I’m sure she doesn’t want to admit it, but she could use some freaking help. Idiot.

  30. Dick of Cambridge!

  31. lala says:

    Well, Willy boy, if you kind need time to develop into that duty role, and have not yet developed into it by the age of 34, what about if you take the same amount of time to develop into all the luxury? I mean, it works like you develop into that dawning duty role you get luxury way of living. You do not develop into the duty role (want actually you do all your 34 years of life) you do not have a right for that luxurious style of living. But no, just beause it is Willy boy, just because it is mummy, just because it is I AM THE KING, you only get what you want, and never give back what you ought to.

  32. Mirage says:

    The contempt he demonstrates!
    And he is going to be heading the royal family one day. Worrying.

  33. Mary says:

    Little children always whining about your life,well it may have escaped your notice but life isn’t fair
    _ professor Severus Snape.
    I am a prince
    _ wee willy Windsor.

  34. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    Oh no….that quote is a loaded statement.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      Indeed. “Duty”, i.e. royal life, is a “Burden” he’d rather not shoulder – but he’ll take your money anyway because, you know, he’s a prince and therefore entitled to the best of everything. *sarcasm off*

      I remember him describing his grandmother’s queenship as a burden in an old interview and I’ve always felt that he gave himself away with that quote.

  35. Anne says:

    So let me get this straight. Willy is at the bottom of the list for doing royal duties –but he is at the top of the list for Royal perks. Got it!!!! He is utterly pathetic. And he just told us the Queen is totally cool with his awful behavior. So I’m glad that has now been confirmed for all of us wondering how he and Waity continue to get away with all their crap. The Queen of England is perfectly ok with this obscene abuse of taxpayer money for 2 people who aren’t senior royals–apparently. This interview is extremely arrogant and insulting. “New” devoted father –where were you at Easter??? In Africa at your ex’s wedding. God he’s an IDIOT.

    • lala says:


    • anne_000 says:

      Yeah, that ‘bottom’ of the order of succession excuse was so lame. He’s trying to minimize his position and thus his requirement to work. And like you said, he’s not at the bottom. There’s more beyond him in the line. But his ego is so big, it doesn’t seem to register that he’s not the end-all, be-all of the future of the BRF. He thinks he’s holding all the cards and lords it over others as if they need him more than he needs them. But like Amber said upthread, he and Kate can leave the BRF right now and it wouldn’t be a disaster as they haven’t made themselves integral. Rather, all they’ve done by hiding away and doing little to no work is to prove that they’re not needed.

      I think William thinks he can get what he wants by withholding. Withholding affection from Kate to make her work harder to get it. Withholding doing royal work and thus get more from his grandma and dad so that they keep bribing him and Kate to work. Withholding news, interviews, photos, and the kids from the press, so that he can control them and get what he wants from them. Also, he and Kate are withholding royal responsibilities from the public so that they can get people to expect less from them in order to live this lazy lifestyle forever.

    • notasugarhere says:

      “There’s an order of succession and I’m at the bottom at the moment so there is the time and space and future to take on more and develop more.”

      Anne, Andrew, Edward (and Sophie), Duke of Gloucester (and Duchess of Gloucester), Duke of Kent, Princess Alexandra. All of them are further down the list of succession and yet they’re working more.

      Give us another set of excuses William. It is so amusing watching you tie/lie yourself in knots trying to avoid working a back-breaking 20 hours a week for your country

      • Vava says:

        NOTA, I enjoy your comments immensely. You never give this loser any leeway, and he doesn’t deserve any. Keep up the great commentary.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Or I’m completely off the deep end :)

        I just cannot understand him or anyone who supports his behavior.

    • Jib says:

      I’m sure the Queen said to Willy and Kate, “Don’t worry your pretty head about the Irish Guards, Katie. It’s more important for you to go home and spend time with the little ones, as you are going away for 6 DAYS in 3 WEEKS.”

      Yes, I’m sure Granny is on board with all of this.

  36. Vava says:

    I loathe him. This interview of his confirms exactly who he is.

  37. Suzy from Ontario says:

    He has no idea what real work is…especially with young kids. He should have to get up early and go to work and work (at least) a 40 hour week, come home and have to do grocery shopping and help with laundry and cleaning and so on. Most of us would love his “job”…smiling, talking with people, accepting gifts, flowers, going to see interesting things and interesting places and being treated like royalty LOL! Yeah, that sounds tough! Listen, I’m not saying it’s a cakewalk to do their duties, especially if done properly. It’s a lot of work and you always have to be “on” and polite and friendly and interested, but it’s hardly getting up at 6am to dig ditches in the rain!

  38. Who ARE these people? says:

    Everyone has duties – why is his particular set of duties any more onerous than anyone else’s set of duties? If anything, his “duty” seems to outsiders to be far easier to bear. He has income security for life, multiple beautiful homes, an adoring perhaps even fawning wife, two healthy children, nannies and cooks, personal security, and a very rich – in every sense of the word – family heritage. He knows (or should know) who he is, where he came from and where he might go. And he could quit the monarchy and still be rich!

    This “bird in a gilded cage” thing is getting old. To those who speculate about his being emotionally stuck, I’m coming ’round to that analysis. A nice course of cognitive-behavioral therapy might be in order to relieve him of this apparent low-grade depression and help him to get on with his life with a healthier appreciation of all he has and all he can do.

    Without that, he’s going to stay resentful and unhappy.

  39. TyrantDestroyed says:

    “It’s a cute image, representing the direct line of the monarchy”. I swear I first read it as ” It’s a cute image, representing the declining of the monarchy”. Hahaha I need a cup of coffee.

    He is not relatively young. There are people in the world environment leading companies at the same or earlier age. He doesn’t have to disguise his lack of preparation and interest being being almost 34 years old.

    • Christin says:

      There are people who are grandparents in their mid-30s. He is approaching middle age, yet to read his comments one might think he was early 20s with ‘active’ elders in their 40s and 60s (instead of late 60s/early 90s).

  40. Sharon Lea says:

    Can’t help but think Diana would “bollock” work shy William right now if she were alive.

  41. MinnFinn says:

    ‘duty can weigh you down’ – A lot of royal duties focus on encouraging people that are much less fortunate. And most people report that they get so many unexpected benefits from helping the less fortunate. But for Willy those things just weigh him down. Spoken like a true egomaniac.

  42. Devereaux says:

    Oh, he’s “careful” alright. “Careful” not to trip and fall on a sense of duty ;-)

  43. Drs. Fixxie says:

    Engeland must be so proud.

  44. Suzanne says:

    Wow…tons of comments on this one….so I have to add my two cents.
    Weigh him down? Weigh her down? Not a chance of that ever happening! These two slugs are annoyed if they have to show up at anything relating to royal duties. What a freaking JOKE!

  45. Alexa de Vere says:

    I couldn’t believe that this was the lead news item on this morning’s radio 4 Today programme- this is, like, official shade. It’s so official, it’s pitch black rather than shade. To all of us who bear our own ‘duty’ by working, raising families, struggling to make ends meet, William sounds like a proper Marie Antoinette in a suit. He’s basically told the highest brow morning news platform in the nation that he doesn’t give a stuff about being a Royal and isn’t going to bother giving a stuff any time soon. If I were the queen I would be absolutely and completely livid.

    Concentrating on being a father- Pah! As if no other dads in Britain would like that option!

    This has made me properly furious.

    • notasugarhere says:

      He was gone for the first six months of their son’s life by choice (not military duty). Interesting way of concentrating on being a new father.

    • Jib says:

      Not being British, what does that mean? That his reluctance to pick up work and do his duty was the top story? I keep reading from royal sycophants that the British still love he and Kate, like 80% approval, and they overwhelmingly want to keep the monarchy. Is that true?

  46. Natalie says:

    What we ignore is the burden William has endured not being allowed to carve his own path. I mean, look at the clear stress etched in his features as he plays with his lightsaber.

    • antipodean says:

      Ha, ha, @Natalie, “plays with his lightsaber”, is that a polite euphemism?

      • Natalie says:

        I guess he’s got to do something with his endless free time…

        William really lucked out meeting Kate because I cannot imagine being married to a guy like this, let alone having to be photographed gazing at him in blissful adoration.

      • antipodean says:

        @Natalie, a lovely reply from you, but my double entrende was my sad attempt at a dick joke! Geddit?

      • Natalie says:

        I did! I was just clumsily replying that it would explain what he does to pass the free time because he sure isn’t doing anything else. ;-)

    • kaiko says:

      Best comment EVAH!!!!

  47. Joannie says:

    That little guy is so cute! I must have read something different from everyone else here. I thought what he said regarding his duties was spot on. The queen wants him to spend more time with his children when they are young because she didn’t have that opportunity. I like William and Kate. I think they do a great job.

    • Natty Cats says:

      LoL. Is that you Carole?

    • notasugarhere says:

      No, William SAYS the Queen is supporting him. HM and Charles haven’t said anything, but the stories they release would show they aren’t supportive of these games. HM being the one who made it known that Middleton needed to get a job, the Palace wasn’t stopping her, it will all end in tears quote getting out, etc. Charles admitting publicly that he gets little time with the grandkids after yet another set of pap photos with Carole and PGTips came out.

      The Malta fairy tale is a fairy tale, no matter what the fans think. HM never gave them two solid years off when they just got married, but fans and reporters spun those lies because they couldn’t image why Golden Child and Waiting One weren’t working. HM’s trips to Malta have been clarified on the official website of the British monarchy, for anyone who wants to see the facts vs. the fan fiction. One of those subtle ways that HM and her advisors fight back against Willam’s lies, just like Charles releasing photos of his own Bhutan trip.

      There have been many stories, released recently, about how much HM enjoyed being a mother and how much time she spent with the kids when they were little. I suspect those came out in rebuttal to the PR games William plays. HM showing that it is possible to be Queen of a nation AND have a loving relationship with your young children.

      • Joannie says:

        Nota we obviously have a difference of opinion and I think obsessively hating on William really brings out the ugly in people. We will never know all of the facts and will spin things however we want. Ask yourself how would life change should he disappear? Would you be better off financially? The answer is no. Your taxes would simply go somewhere else with zero benefit to you. I think if I had the impression of him as I think you do I simply wouldn’t click on the articles regarding him. I have read HM does support him spending more time with his children while they’re young. If she didn’t approve of his lifestyle it wouldn’t be as it is.

      • Natalie says:

        Criticism is not hate. Just as support is not lack of critical thinking skills. Both sides shouldn’t mischaracterize the other’s position.

        And a minimum of 300 million invested in education or health rather than say, helicopter bills for William and Kate would probably make quite a difference.

        In terms of not reading articles about someone, that would make sense if this were strictly a fan site. I wouldn’t go to WKW and post about Will’s work ethic because that’s outside their scope. But over here… I mean, can you imagine a Tom Cruise thread with no criticism?

      • LAK says:

        Joannie: The Queen has demonstrated on several occassions that events have to reach crisis mode, where the Monarchy itself is threatened before she makes any changes.

        The fact that she isn’t reining in these two or asking them to work differently isn’t an indication that she approves.

        Examples: Paying taxes, The war of the Wales, Diana’s funeral.

        And she’s known to give into family members to keep the peace – see order of Precedence vis a vis Anne + Alexandra vs Camilla.

        As for the benefit of removing them, their funding comes from taxes. Money better spent elsewhere.

        As for removing WK specificalky, i’m sure the people who live in the villages surrounding Middleton Towers would be relieved that their taxes aren’t going towards the £20K daily maintenance of security/medical apparatus every time Kate visits. We know she visits alot! And is first priority over their needs.

      • Joannie says:

        Lak I agree she does wait until things reach crisis mode and the Diana issue was one of them. However I have read where she is in support of William and Kate and their lifestyle. She herself has said so. They were just in India. That was considered work. Do you think that was a holiday for them?
        Those taxes you think will be saved will go to all of the suddenly unemployed people who had jobs working for the Royal family. They’ll be on social assistance!! Where will they find work? Some of them have worked for the RF all of their working lives. The RF employs thousands of people who depend on that income. Sorry but I almost laugh at the tax saving comment. It’s not that simple.
        They are so much better than some of the leaders we elect who squander our taxes.

      • Natalie says:

        The people who care for the Crown properties will still keep their jobs. The Crown employs those people not the Windsors personally. There would be a name change but the jobs would not vanish. Security officers would remain part of the police force.

        The Windsor’s personal servants, who are generally paid low wages would either be absorbed back into the work force or stay with the family in their now non-royal lives. And I wouldn’t think those servants number in the thousands.

        The money that could be generated from turning the Crown properties into year-round museums, the artwork that would finally be available to the public, the money saved from not paying out millions in allowance to the Windsors, even money saved from security costs…

        Not related: but I just thought of a possible reason why Buckingham Palace is not being properly maintained. Charles is almost certainly not leaving Clarence House because he far prefers it to Buckingham Palace.

        So Buckingham Palace would be turned into a museum after Elizabeth passes away, and in the meantime they can grab the funds allocated to its repair because in the end, the state will pick up the bill anyway. Maybe he’ll even promote it as modernizing and downscaling the cost of the monarchy. Thrifty Charles.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Thank you Natalie. Criticism and hate are not the same thing, but that is always the reach W&K fans make when faced with logical facts about their laziness.

        Are people supposed to shut up and NOT criticize publicly-funded unelected government representatives? I’m sure William would love that, as he threatens the press and tries to shut down freedom of the press every chance he gets.

        The people of the Duchy of Cornwall would have 4 million more per year spent on local needs. No more millions spent on personal security upgrades to the Middleton family home. No more $8000 helicopter trips for the workshy. No more $100,000 tennis courts for use by 2 people. No more farmer’s land being annexed for tennis courts. No more $50,000 worth of ugly clothing for 6 day vacations to India and Bhutan.

        Anmer Hall and Apartment 1A were both making money before W&K demanded them. Royal Palaces wouldn’t have had to shut down their exhibit and office space in 1A, making them lose money in the last few years. Sandringham would have revenue on Anmer Hall instead of it being a drag on the finances (personal property but Philip made it his mission years ago to make them self-supporting).

        There are loads of ways that lives would be improved if W&K were no longer sucking at the public teet. Keeping these two around? I cannot think of any benefits.

      • LAK says:

        Joanie: What Natalie said vis a vis the royal household. The money that pays them comes from a govt budget, not the Windsors’ pockets. Removing the Windsors doesn’t automatically mean that they lose their jobs since they will still be needed elsewhere. What we gain back from removing the Windsors is ten times more than we lose, if not more because we’ll take back all that govt budget item, less continuing maintenence/ employment of retainers and buildings which is a tenth of that government budget.

        As for salaries, the Windsors are notoriously cheap. They regularly pay below the minimum wage because people think it’s an honour to work for them. Those people would stay with the govt and be paid properly, and those who choose to remain with yhe Windsors would stay and be paid accordingly.

        Right now the Windsors cost us over £450M annually of which only £38M is declared. The buildings maintenance + employee salaries come out of the declared sum. So you see, getting rid of the Windsors would gain much for the taxpayers barring that little declared sum.

        As for The Queen supporting the Cambridges, that is pure speculation and PR. The Queen supports her entire family, but the Cambridges are fooling the public into believing that she supports them above all others.

    • Anne says:

      Hi Carole can I have some cheese toast?

    • Jib says:

      Joannie, I’m going to believe you are serious and would love an answer – what do they do a great job AT?? Because he doesn’t do royal duties, nor does Kate, and he barely works at his pilot job. So what do they do so well?? Serious question.

      • bluhare says:

        I wonder that as well, Jib. I post over at Duchess Kate and most people over there think they do a fabulous job. They bring awareness to all the charities they support while putting their family first and politely waiting their turn while the old people do all the work. Because, you know, the old people want to keep working, and who are they to take things away?

        William and Kate pose for pretty pictures, and bring awareness for about one news cycle. Where’s childhood mental health? Where’s pediatric hospice and palliative care? Where’s addiction treatment?


      • notasugarhere says:

        As if there is so little that needs to be done in the UK that two more sets of hands working on charity would be unwelcome. SMH

      • Joannie says:

        I’m serious along with the majority of those who voted for them to stay. If you don’t like it too bad because majority rules. That’s the way of the world. Don’t try to belittle someone who doesn’t see things the way you do. Who are you??

      • notasugarhere says:

        She asked “what do they do a great job AT”?

        You attacked her, didn’t answer the question, gave no examples of what you think W&K are doing that is so wonderful.

        “too bad because majority rules”? The numbers who are anti-monarchy are rising. There is admiration for HM due to her long reign and life of service, an affection that does not extend to W&K. W&K’s attitude isn’t anything to write home about, and that attitude gets worse every day.

  48. Sunsetsnow says:

    He is gross to me – and lazy!

  49. India says:

    This entitled pr*ck is just disgusting.

    • Vava says:

      He is. He needs to stop bringing up Diana’s death. Lots of young people lose their parents and manage to become productive adults. And most of them don’t have the benefit of immense wealth, either. William getting more disgusting by the day.

  50. Pip says:

    Oh my god, that first photo – it’s like something Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse would come up with. In that one shot – a distillation of EVERYTHING that’s wrong with a bloody monarchy. God I think I’d even prefer President Tony Blair. Fixed terms – that’s the thing, not this sodding hereditary nonsense.

    Time for another peasants’ revolt.

    • paddyjr says:

      It is amazing how out-of-touch with reality he is! He has literally had everything handed to him on a silver platter and he thinks his subjects should have sympathy for him. He and Kate had so much public support in the beginning. If they had just taken on a few patronages each and followed through with them and added a few duties, such as handing out shamrocks, people would have understood and continued to love them. But they continually canceled engagements or found other things to do (because “children”, “Diana”, “newlyweds” or “we just don’t give a f***”). They could have chosen any patronages (sports, arts, outdoors, whatever) and used their positions to champion those causes, but they didn’t. People didn’t expect Princess Royal levels of engagements right of the bat, but this continual refusal to do even the basics without throwing a Prince George level of temper tantrum is really annoying. Put on your big girl/big boy pants, show interest in something other than shopping/hunting/cheese toast or get out of the way and let some of those further down the line of succession shine.

  51. Cerys says:

    The Queen is 90 and Charles is almost 70. Surely the time has now come for the Dolittles to step up. At 33, William has dithered about enough. If he doesn’t want the job he should stand aside or just knuckle down and accept his responsibilities. The queen and Charles should stop pandering to him.

  52. Castor & Pollux says:

    I think there are a lot of people (outside Britain) who don’t understand how the whole royal system works. I was reading some comments on one of the articles linked in a post about the royal tour, and people were going nuts to defend Willnot & Cannot. They were saying things like “Well of course they’re entitled to some privacy!” and “They deserve time alone!” as if W&K were on a vacation and they were graciously allowing photographers to document some of the things they did. I don’t think everyone understands that it was a royal tour paid for by the taxpayers. Many of their supporters just don’t get that Will and Kate are supposed to work in exchange for all of the perks they are given. It annoys me…but then I come to Celebitchy and read all your wonderful comments and I’m happy again!

  53. Anne says:

    Regarding this latest disaster of an interview the Dick of Cambridge just gave–I have a question. If it is true what this jerk is saying–basically that he is still so far from the throne he doesn’t have to work much–then why does Harry work at all??????? Why does Anne work tirelessly???? It’s hilarious when he screws up trying to rationalize his bone idle lifestyle!!!

    • Olenna says:

      Good question(s), and I’ve thought the same about Sophie and a few others. Maybe they just get it–the whole sense of duty and giving back thing, and they understand that what they do and how they do it, in terms *work*, reflects positively on the monarchy as whole. I don’t think Willie can get beyond his own emotional needs and hangups to really feel and outwardly project these qualities.

      • Jib says:

        Wasn’t Sophie with the Queen yesterday when she and Anne were cutting a cake?? Where was Kate, who receives “gentle guidance” from the Queen? I would LOVE to hear the conversations Anne and the Queen have about Kate!

  54. Lucky Charm says:

    “…and if you’re not careful duty can weigh you down at a very early age.”

    Well, I guess he’s being VERY, VERY careful then!

  55. Citresse says:

    Sky news seems to have the scoop re- the portrait of HM with her grandchildren. Beautiful portrait.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I’m a little confused as to why Louise and James are in there (grandchildren) when the rest are HM’s great grandchildren. Mia Tindall with great-granny’s massive handbag is sweet.

      • Citresse says:

        notasugarhere my understanding is since Louise and James are the youngest grandchildren by far, it was appropriate for them to be included. The photo has a retro look. At first glance I thought James was wearing suspenders. The photo also has an interesting mix of formal with informal.

  56. Hazel says:

    You don’t wait for your 90-year-old grandmother or 70-year-old father to ask for help, you step in & offer it. Or better yet, just do it.

  57. A says:

    Willnot and Cannot should be paid on comision, like no work, no pay.
    I find it outrageous that in this day and age people who work hard to have a better life are struggling because people like the Dolittles take everything. Only because they were luckyto be born royal.

  58. mcskye says:

    Wow. The vitriol in these comments… I’m speechless. I can’t say I’m a royalist, but I totally get where he is coming from and think he is absolutely in the right. Those early years with the kids are HELL, absolute hell. If he wants his marriage to survive and to actually bond with his kids, stepping back from everything while he can, is completely reasonable.
    This is a guy who saw his parent’s marriage crumble, lost his mother at an early age and is heir in a time when any celebrity is scrutinized to death. He sees the shit his wife has to put up with every time she steps out. He’s in it for the long haul so while there is a full team on the court why not take the time he can? His Granny will eventually kick it, his brother will eventually get
    married off (or dive into an unrecoverable scandal) and the full load will be on him.

    • Tina says:

      Even if we accept that the early years with kids are hell (I think that’s an exaggeration, yes they can be difficult but most people look back fondly) they’re certainly not bad at all if you have full time staff to help you with them (as he does). The majority of couples in the UK manage to stay together, even with full time jobs, children and no help. This is not at all reasonable.

    • Deedee says:

      There’s no hell when you can hand the kids over to the nanny whenever they’re a mess. I’m sure he hasn’t missed a wink of sleep since the kids were born, and I wonder how much time he actually spends with them.

    • Jib says:

      Are you serious?? How many parents get to “step back” from a real job to be with their kids most hours of the week? And how much “hell” is it when you have a nanny, a baby nurse, a cook, cleaning staff, etc., etc.

      I must live in a different world than you do. And there is a much better chance of William diving into an unrecoverable scandal than Harry. At least Harry has passion for causes and a work ethic.

  59. Sez says:

    I’m no royalist and not British so I’m pretty objective on this. I totally agree that they should WANT to help more but I also firmly believe that the Queen and Charles have approved this level of work. Do you really think that he would get away with doing so little if they didn’t?!! It wouldn’t happen. Should they be helping their elderly grandparents? Absolutely. But perhaps the Queen regrets time spent away from her children? It may be too late to turn back the tide of public opinion in a few years when (if) they do decide to work though.

  60. Sixer says:

    On the upside, British Twitter is mocking the BBC’s royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell this morning cos he’s everywhere due to 90th birthday. And he managed this belter during his grovelling report: “the Queen’s corgis, who know nothing of her status”. Hahahaha. How can he even say that with a straight face? Some of my faves:

    In a drive-by fawning, Nicholas Witchell has just brown-nosed a corgi.

    Sycophant-in-Chief Nicholas Witchell is so nauseating even Prince Charles can’t stand him.

    WARNING: The current Nicholas Witchell status has been upgraded to RED. Take appropriate action and stay safe.

    Judging by his latest report on the BBC there can be little doubt that Nicholas Witchell has no gag reflex.

    • Sixer says:

      More, more!

      Nicholas Witchell threat level raised from SEVERE to CRITICAL.

      To be fair, Nicholas Witchell is nothing if not the pre-eminent expert on the mental status of lap dogs.

      (Ok, going to work now).

    • Sixer says:

      Ok. One more. Then I MUST WORK. This is my new favourite.

      And perhaps tomorrow Nicholas Witchell can report on the BBC poodles (who know everything about the Queen’s status and report accordingly).

      • notasugarhere says:

        I saw the morning report on BBC. Couldn’t believe how sycophantic and praising of William they were in all of it. That W&K remind them of HM and Prince Philip in how they approach and interact with crowds. (Well, KM does say stupid things a lot, so she is a bit like Philip that way). One of them credited Harry’s quote about The Boss to William. Sad that I knew that.

      • Sixer says:

        I was just saying on the Hiddleston thread that I’ve had to turn off BBC News, which I usually leave on in the background while I am working. It is Peak Royal today!

      • antipodean says:

        @Sixer, would I be right to surmise from this that Nicholas Witchell is your most favouritest (I know you know that’s not a word) person in the world today. He is supplying you with lots of ammunition, AND distracting you from your work. A gift that keeps on giving!

      • Sixer says:

        I think favouritestestestestEST. That much! If only because he provoked so much mockery from my fellow Britishers on Twitter this morning that I didn’t feel like the only miserable naysayer!

    • LAK says:

      I can not believe he is reporting on her corgis. REALLY!?!?!?!

    • notasugarhere says:

      The poor dogs who have to wait in rank order to be fed are unaware of the idea of status? I think these dogs know more about it than most canines.

  61. Karyn says:

    Oh I’m going to grow into duty….sometime. Don’t want to be burdened at the moment. Dear God, this guy needs some very good PR people and some serious media training. And some more carefully chosen interviews – better still – no interviews – just some very meaningful visits to all his charities. And some good speeches.