Why was Joshua Jackson shirtless & does Diane Kruger look pregnant?


This is possibly Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson’s strangest pap stroll ever. Joshua and Diane were spotted in LA late Friday, and Fame/Flynet says they “stopped by a friend’s house…Joshua wasn’t wearing a shirt and Diane was covering her face as they left the friend’s house.” Was there some sort of emergency where Joshua literally had to give a friend the shirt off his back? Or does Joshua just wander around LA shirtless, wearing only sneakers and light-wash jeans? Does Diane look embarrassed because Joshua is so uncouth? Or is she covering her face because she doesn’t want anyone to notice what appears to be a small baby bump? WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THESE PHOTOS?

There have been so many rumors about Joshua and Diane over the past five months or so. Last December, Diane was allegedly (!!) making out with Norman Reedus in a dive bar in New York, a story which certainly seemed to have legs. Crash-cut to two weeks ago, when Reedus and Kruger were trying to promote their film in New York and they looked very, very awkward with each other… and they took pains to avoid each other. So, what can we say? Joshua and Diane are still together. And Joshua looks fine without his shirt. He’s not crazy-buff, but yes, I would hit it. I like that he looks a little bit soft.

Last thing – Diane did an interview with a blog called The New Potato – you can read the full interview here. It’s just lifestyle/diet/skincare stuff, but some of her answers were interesting. Her five closet staples are: “Jeans, tanks, ballet flats, a Chanel bag and cool boots.” Her refrigerator staples: “Water, Rosé, butter, and cheese.”




Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. AlmondJoy says:

    🤔 very odd indeed.

    • lena says:

      Girls on GFY (gofugyourself.com ) say that Josh and Diane “are broken up but he agreed to keep up appearances for her VERY occasionally until some distance was put between her and the cheating, at which point they could pretend they broke up for other reasons.”

      There´s also a blind item about it on blindgossip.com.

      Diane attended all “Sky” premieres without Josh and at Jason Wu´s wedding few weeks ago she was also solo.

      • AlmondJoy says:

        Interesting! And strange. Do you think she’s preggo?

      • swak says:

        Didn’t she just recently move in with him? It would be odd that they are broken up.

      • Div says:

        I don’t know tho…there have been rumors for years that he gets around and both of them have insinuated at one point that they had some sort of open thing. Then again, even open relationships have “rules” and maybe she broke them?

      • lena says:

        I think that Josh and Diane are separated and are playing the usual PR game, putting up a united front for the media and fans.

        No, Diane is not pregnant.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why, though? What would be the point? Is she really such a big star that the fact that she cheated would affect her career all that much? Genuine question… Or maybe it’s that she isn’t famous enough, and the public wouldn’t forgive her as easily as if she were, for example, Julia Roberts…?

      • Talie says:

        BG also had an item that she was pregnant too…so who knows! Frankly, I think she and Josh had an open relationship, but she got caught out and it probably made things tense for a bit.

      • lena says:

        @Anonymous, BG gives a reason why:

        “This film actress’ long-time relationship went up in flames… and it’s all her fault. Why? She had an affair!

        Time to announce the split, right?

        Not so fast!

        If they did so now, it would confirm the affair, and it would make her look bad. Right now the affair is a rumor. Announcing a breakup puts it in the history books as a cause. As an actress about to hit a milestone birthday, she can’t afford that kind of hit to her reputation.

        So there is going to be a bit of a quiet stall. She is moving out and is spending her time overseeing the renovations on her new place. They both have very light work schedules this year. They will stay low like this until announcing a breakup won’t look like it’s the direct result of cheating.”

      • lena says:

        @Talie, BG said that Kruger wants a baby, not that she is pregnant.
        She drinks all the time, then complains on her IG that she´s hungover- she is not pregnant.

      • Mrs. Odie says:

        The BG that everyone thinks is them claims the man has nothing on his schedule for the rest of the year, but surely Joshua Jackson is shooting season 3 of The Affair?

      • lena says:

        BG: “Place your bets for this couple for the next year: Breakup? Wedding? Baby?”

        There won´t be wedding or babies for Josh and Diane. Not this year, not the next year.
        I agree with GFY-moderators (gofugyourself.com ) who say that Josh and Diane are broken up and putting up an appearance with these pap strolls and baby rumors.

    • Jayne says:

      There are other photos of them out for a walk and he has his shirt on. Plus, other photos of Diane out at lunch all on the same day. The photos are at the Daily Mail.

      It could be their residence and the pap guy didn’t know.

  2. what's inside says:

    Looks hot and preggers to me.

  3. lena says:

    Diane Kruger was photographed wearing a cropped top this week and her tummy was flat (pics are on DailyMail).

    Just few days ago Diane posted on IG a pic of herself drinking Casamigos Tequila. A couple of weeks ago she was at Jason Wu wedding, got drunk and a crowd of men were throwing her in the air -for fun (pics and videos are on IG). She is not pregnant.

    • OrigialTessa says:

      She’s fooled me a lot in the past. I think she just gets a case of the bloats from time to time and she’s so slim, it’s easy to mistake for a baby.

  4. Wiffie says:

    You know what? I’ll say it.

    I’d totally hit Joshua Jackson. He looks hot. I like them furry and a bit soft though… 😊

  5. Palar says:

    I think she was covering her face to get the sun out if her eyes and yes she looks preggers. Not Blake preggers, but preggers.

    • Louise177 says:

      Agree that it looks like Diane is shielding her eyes from the sun. When people try to avoid the paps they actually obstruct their face or put their head down. I doubt she’s pregnant. More likely the angle and just how the dress falls.

  6. babyonboard says:

    Josh and Diane always go every year to coachella, but they skipped this year.

    VERy odd, very very odd.

    Maybe baby needs some rest?

    • Jayne says:

      I guess this is what happens when they go to the same event each year. People just expect it and when they don’t it’s like some thing is up when it isn’t. They have had a lot of other events happening over the last few weeks.

    • lisa2 says:

      I don’t follow them; but I as someone that is looking at pictures noticed too that they haven’t been at a lot of RC together. They were that couple that were at every event together; then it nothing.

  7. Dragonlady sakura says:

    It’s probably a breakfast baby. Diane is tiny as is, so it looks like she might be preggers, but I’m guessing is not. 😏

  8. khaveman says:

    He looks really cute there – love the hair. She is totes pregnant.

  9. skipper says:

    I laughed so hard at this article and the pictures. They would seem like simple pictures but once you dissect them there are so many questions. I’m also on cough syrup (not recreationally) so I have bubble head too. This is kind of awesome.

  10. Nancy says:

    Good, stay with Joshua and have his baby. This will leave Daryl….Norman Reedus a single man.

  11. freddy k says:

    Must be hot up there in dem hills.

    Dianne so annoys me. Maybe she’s trying to make Reedus jealous??
    Get over it Dianne – cause Norman moved on ages ago. Pathetic.

  12. Jayna says:

    She looks pregnant to me, not bloated. If true, I guess that makeup sex after humiliating him was pretty powerful. LOL

    • Jayne says:

      They had the LA showing for her movie ‘Sky’ the night before and had an after party for it. Pictures on her IG show her drinking. So, I doubt she is pregnant.

      • tmc says:

        thank you for leading me to look at her Instagram because she has the *best* cat!!! 🙂 (ps dont we all tho? but hers is xtra cute tuxedo cat.)

    • jess says:

      Joshua was with DIane at the LA showing of her movie KSY the other night

  13. CF98 says:

    She’s not pregnant like others say she was seen drinking Tequila (if she were pregnant that’s not exactly a good idea)

    I also think they broke up but had an open relationship and I guess she broke the parameters.

    They lasted longer than most marriages.

  14. mytake says:

    Imma guess a fanny pack full of ayahuasca under the dress — and a hallucinogen-fueled walk to 7-11 for snacks. No?

  15. Tj says:

    Diane is pregnant.
    This will be Norman Reedus second child.

  16. ella says:

    Uggh we can’t seriously criticize the media’s beauty standards and then yell “PREGNANT!!” every time a woman’s stomach isn’t completely flat.

  17. Andrea says:

    Am I the only one who is most disturbed that his underwear is showing? Buy some jeans that fit!!

    • Magnoliarose says:

      No you are not. It’s an ugly look. Ew.

      • Susie 1of 3 says:

        Almost to Justin Bieber standards. A shirt would have covered the whole mess and he wouldn’t have that I’m too wasted to get dressed look.

  18. siri says:

    Looks like she called the paps, and he looks sooo exited about it. This is not a couple in love…I think they are not together anymore. Not pregnant, just bloated. She has looked like this before:


    Perhaps they had an open relationship, but I think that whole Norman thing was too embarrassing for him, whether true, or not.

    • CF98 says:

      They had an open relationship Josh was never exactly celibate when Diane wasn’t around he was discreet though.

    • Jayne says:

      Diane always calls the paps. Diane is not pregnant she said so on her IG. They are still together it seems and haven’t broken up. It’s been rumoured for a while that they have an open relationship of sorts, with rumoured incidents on both sides. This isn’t the first time that Diane has been caught publicly.

  19. Magnoliarose says:

    I don’t think she’s pregnant.
    No I wouldn’t hit that. I have never found him remotely sexy. If I ever would have he’s killed all possibilities with this pic.

    • Karen says:

      Exactly………never understood the hype for him. He looks bloated most of the time.

  20. PJ says:

    Mmm…Pacey looks good from the side!

    I never really “got” this couple before, but now that I’m a 32 year old single who has no particular desire to wed and is tired of dating duds, I have to say, I kind of long for what I assume is the type of relationship Josh & Diane have. One where you are so comfortable with one another and seamlessly intertwined in each other’s loves that sometimes you’re more just like platonic good pals, other times you’re passionate and couple-y but all the while there is such a trust and comfort level there that you inherently KNOW that person will be there for you, around and in your life no matter what. That kind of unspoken loyalty and love only comes with enduring a lot of ups and downs together over a lot of time. Maybe Norman was a “down” moment. (If it’s true.)

  21. Pineapple says:

    I think they def had an open relationship as many have already pointed out. I have no clue whether they’ve broken up or not but open relationships are pointless. No change, constant temptation to try the rest of the chocolate box.

  22. Marisa says:

    To me, she just looks like she has a burrito baby. Josh is usually attractive, but these pics just make him look like a homeless guy that’s photobombing Diane. Unfortunate pics.

  23. CooCooCatchoo says:

    Yep, she looks pregnant to me. Probably 6 or 7 months by the looks of it ❤️ Congrats, you crazy kids!

  24. anna says:

    He put a baby in her right then and there..

  25. ellie says:

    Well, it could be Norman Reedus’s baby… I always thought that they could not have babies for some reason….

  26. Tredd says:

    She’s too vain/starving to be pregnant. I think she’s getting the Annette Benning Pouch.
    I.E. drinks like a fish.

  27. lena says:

    Diane Kruger herself said yesterday on her IG that she is NOT pregnant:
    16 hours ago
    I’m not pregnant, please stop spreading silly rumors.