The Beyhive now believes that Rita Ora is the ‘Becky with the Good Hair’

Twelve hours ago, the Beyhive was focusing their outrage on Rachel Roy. They believed Rachel Roy was THE ONE. Roy was Becky With the Good Hair, according to the Beyhive-Mind. My thought was… Rachel Roy could be one of several Beckys with the Good Hair and Roy was just the one unfortunate enough to Instagram a photo caption about “good hair.” I mean, if you believe that Jay-Z cheats on Beyonce, is it that much of a stretch to believe that he has several good-hair sidepieces, to use Beyonce’s exact language? Well, the Beyhive has focused their outrage on yet another Becky candidate: Rita Ora.

The thing with Rita Ora seems somewhat convoluted, but just know… there have been rumors about Jay-Z with nearly every woman he works with, mentors or has any kind of professional connection with. Rita Ora was signed to Jay’s Roc Nation, but she filed a complaint last year, claiming that Roc Nation wasn’t properly managing her career. Roc Nation then sued Rita for breach of contract, because she’s only delivered one album in eight years when she had a contract for five albums. Roc Nation is also on the hook for the $2 million it took to “develop” her look and sound, both of which are widely believed to be “Budget Rihanna.” So… there’s a tortured history between Jay and Rita. But does that mean that she’s Becky? Or one of several Beckys?

The evidence that she’s a Becky is circumstantial – over the weekend, Rita Ora posted this on Snapchat (it was captured by a dedicated member of the Beyhive):

Rita Ora: Becky With The Good Hair! . . By now you've heard all about Beyonce's album and all the name calling that followed. Well, if you're #beyhive , then know that Rachel Roy is not "Becky with the good hair!" And no that does not exclude the possibility of Jay messing with Rachel; it just means Rachel is not as important to Jay Z as she'd like to think. . . Rita Ora is more likely to be Becky! And her picture points us in her direction. In this snapchat clip which she has deleted, Rita dons a yellow bikini embellished with lemonades! Guess whose album is named lemonade? And if you think that pendant was not intentionally flipped to look like a "J" maybe you need lesson 101 on how sidechicks roll! I don't see a twist in that chain. Rita knew what Bey's album would be called. The clues are too loud and one too may to be coincidence! . . There is a possibility that Jay is indeed in love with Rita and the bish knows her power. Too bad… Cos there aint gonna be two queen Beys! Over to you Beyhive. #lemonade #beyonce #jayz #ritaora #rachelroy #rihanna #bey #queenbey

A photo posted by THE TEA ROOM NAIJA (@thetearoomnaija) on

So messy. The Beyhive is currently swarming on Rita’s social media, flooding every photo with bee and lemon emojis. Which… I don’t know, I actually think that’s really funny. Fighting your battles with emojis is actually pretty great. And not only that, but Rita was just wandering around West Hollywood in the same Gucci outfit that Beyonce wore in the “Formation” video. Girl, you in danger!! SHUT IT DOWN, RITA.

Now… I realize that the whole point of this exercise, from Beyonce’s point of view, is to sell albums. But at some point she has to say something to her fans, right? At some point, she has to actually make a public statement asking her fans to stop going after the Beckys, right?

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  1. Kate says:

    The Beyhive needs to take a step back.

    • Jules says:

      You’d think they would get tired of being manipulated by her……..

    • Antonym says:

      This seems like a stretch, no?
      The pic is a snapchat, don’t they delete automatically?
      Did She send the pic before the release of lemonade, so how could she have known the subject matter?
      Her bra has lemons, not lemonade. I mean similar, but not the same. IDK it just seems like we’re reaching a bit here (if this pic is supposed to be ‘proof’)

      • BabyJane says:

        “The pic is a snapchat, don’t they delete automatically?”

      • Samtha says:

        Well…I don’t know. The title is based on a quote from her grandmother (which is included in the album) about how life gave her lemons, but she made lemonade. I’m also pretty sure Rita posted the snapchats (there was more than one) DURING Beyonce’s HBO special.

        It’s like she was intentionally saying she’s the one who gave Beyonce lemons. I might dismiss it as coincidence if not for the flipped “J” necklace and wearing the exact outfit as Beyonce the next day…

      • RocketMerry says:

        Well, I for one believe all these women’s trolling pictures to be part of Bey’s promotion strategy; I mean, Rita is signed with Roc Nations, Jay really needs the controversy to get as many people as possible to download from Tidal while the album is exclusive, and seriously, Rita just so happened to be watching the Lemonade premiere, get up, wear a bra with lemons that she just happened to already own and a necklace with a J and take a pic for snapchat? And the Rachel thing also seems calculated.
        I don’t know, I think Bey&Jay have always had more of an open marriage sort of arrangement, and that when his loving around gets to obvious it puts her in the spot and she needs to act accordingly. But I also think they are fine; they have their business partnership to look after, though, hence this drama right here. I’m surprised nobody is calling them out for making it do obvious, though.

      • SKF says:

        I read elsewhere that the pic in the lemons bra was posted weeks ago. Not when Beyoncé released lemonade. It’s from her lingerie line. I assume the “r” necklace is backwards because she took this photo in the mirror. Such a stretch! These fans are crazy. I also think their anger is misdirected and should be firmly aimed at Jay-Z who has likely had 100s of side-pieces.

    • Size Does Matter says:

      I wish the Beyhive would turn their energy and mad detective skillz on something important, like Game of Thrones.

      • MasterProcrastinator says:

        Not in the Beyhive, but I do detect the lemon bra peeking through that Gucci outfit which she left unbuttoned just enough. I could be wrong, but I just thought I’d throw that out there.

        Now moving on to Game of Thrones… 😉

      • JenniferJustice says:

        If her fans are so truly dismayed that Beyonce was betrayed, I wish they would direct their anger toward JayZ, the one who made the vow to be faithful, the one who takes advantage of young women starting out in the business, the one who thinks it’s cool to be all gangsta thug with women, the only one who actually betrayed Beyonce. The other women are a$$holes, but the fact is, they owe Bey nothing. It would be nice if they gave loyalty to sister women unconditionally, but it is only JayZ that owes her loyalty.

      • amy says:

        By energy you mean saying how shit the show has become? If so then agree.

    • Sarah(too) says:

      I’m waiting for them to latch onto Rihanna. If anyone can give it back to Bey, it would be RiRi. That being said, I can’t imagine caring so much about a singer’s husband’s sidepiece. Seriously? Get lives, hive.

      • Dtab says:

        My first (only only) thought was that BECKY was Rihanna….but i really couldn’t care less either way. The Beyhive needs seriously get a life…but I am sure Beyonce is loving the media around it

      • teacakes says:

        @Dtab – Becky can’t be Rihanna, for the simple reason that she doesn’t have ‘good hair’ the way Beyonce means it here.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        Neither does Rita Ora – have good hair. But then, nobody knows what Beyonce’s hair is really like and I have a suspicion it isn’t attractive due to all the wig-wearing, extensions, bleaching, etc. My guess is Beyonce is insecure about her real hair so any other women to her probably has good hair.

      • teacakes says:

        @JenniferJustice – way to give the point a wide berth, pretty much anyone reading about this scandal by now knows that ‘good hair’ is a term used to mean hair that grows naturally smooth/not as highly textured or curly as the hair of most people of black African descent. Natural Afro/textured hair is gorgeous but it’s not what people refer to when they use ‘good hair’ in this context.

        (and Rita Ora, unlike Beyonce or Rihanna, has no black ancestry – she’s white, and would be quite likely to have what is known as ‘good hair’)

        The fact that you’ve used this to project your own imaginings about the state of Beyonce’s hair, is pretty telling, in ways you probably don’t realise.

    • Fee says:

      Isn’t it weird that the last tour they were great n next album its about all his indiscretions from back then, these bees eye roll, I hope they r kids or not cause its sad that’s the future of our youth but immaturity is too tame here. Beyonce has played them well, as a woman putting the blame in the other woman as to the husband is pathetic. U forgave him? Then why the album? $$$$$$
      Beyonce is all for the black community but when was the last time
      She did something for them without promoting her music,clothes ? All these celebrities wear the right shirts,say the right words but where r they when the cameras r gone?

      • JenniferJustice says:

        Word! They use hot button issues to make themselves look good and hock their wares.

      • Naya says:

        I shouldnt engage because I know no amount of facts will erase the hate but I will anyway. Aside from their public charity work, these two give a lot quietly behind the scenes. The only reason we even hear about it is when a beneficiary tells the media.

        Heres one article about how Beyonce has over a period of years given a total of 7 million to a charity in her home town. The pastor spilled the beans.

        There are plenty of stories of Jay Z privately helping out the black families pushed out by the gentrification of Brooklyn. A lot of BLM insiders have also confirmed that Jay and Beyonce contribute significantly to the defence fund. Even before there was a fund, it was well known that they were sending bail money to release arrested protestors. But if you must pretend to have a rational reason for the hate then by all means keep peddling this bogus “opportunist” claim.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        A person can be charitable in their own right and still be opportunists for their own benefit.

      • Naya says:

        I was right, that hatred will ride to the grave. It must be so exhausting to have to carry that around especially for somebody who doesnt know you exist.

    • LeAnn Stinks says:

      All of these “fans” are twisted and use bully tactics, it is not just Beyawnce’s groupies. Look at Beiber’s fans, Swift’s fans, Gaga’s fans, etc.

      So sad…

      • Asiyah says:

        Exactly. It’s a common thing in groups. I’m a Yankees fan and I know for a fact that there’s a huge pack mentality in many Yankees fan and that’s something the team can’t control.

      • Kate says:

        They’re all unhinged.

    • HH says:

      WHY DIDN’T WE EMPLOY THE “BEYHIVE” TO FIND BIN LADEN? Had the CIA made up some story about him threatening her life, I suspect the entire war would have been over in 30 days (max).

    • HeyThere! says:

      I drank lemonade yesterday, and I have pretty good hair!!! Am I BECKY?!

    • Jib says:

      Who are these “Beyhive” people? Are they adults?? Jeez, if they are, one would think they ‘d spend some time and energy helping people who arent’ multimillionaires who have made a decision to stay with a cheating husband – you know – maybe help some people in shelters, or hospitals or something. Because to chase someone around who cheated, maybe, on someone you don’t know is not mentally healthy. And Beyonce needs to tell them to stop, too. She fosters this.

  2. Locke Lamora says:

    But if you go by that logic, Rihanna could be Becky too. Any female artist signed to Roc Nation could be Becky?
    All this Beyhive nonsense is so stupid. These are adult people, right?

    • Anett says:

      Adults? I do not think so.

    • jinni says:

      ” Good Hair” in the black community has historically meant having hair as close to the straight hair found on white people’s heads. “Becky” is slang for white girl. So by both definitions, Rihanna can’t be the good hair Becky in question.

      • Merritt says:

        Neither can Rachel Roy, she is part Indian.

      • Locke Lamora says:

        Yeah, so it isn’t Rihanna. But is Rita the only white woman signed to Roc Nation?

      • Erinn says:

        But…wouldn’t that be kind of contradicting by saying “Good Hair” you’re implying that it’s a woman who’s African American, but has super straight hair … but Becky is implying it is a white girl, so she WOULD have ‘white’ hair. Unless I guess, it could be someone with a lighter complexion, and straight hair.

        I don’t understand why the BeyHive feels the need to harass people – if J is fooling around on Bey, well that’s his and Bey’s problem. She’s the one who has to either be ‘okay’ with it, or to lay down some law on what she expects from their marriage. I can’t comprehend how a huge group of people think it’s up to them to ‘right’ the marriage issues of celebs. It’s creepy.

        And Beyonce knows what kind of a mess the hive is … at some point you need to put out some kind of statement saying ‘look guys, I’m a grownup, I can handle my own issues. You make me look bad when you go after people’.

      • Kitten says:

        You said it all Erinn.

        I like Beyonce but cannot stand her rabid fan base.

      • jinni says:

        Erinn: You can also substitute the words “white hair” for “straight hair”. Most black people know what is really meant when some says a person has “good hair” and using straight or white hair is used interchangeably to mean “good hair”. Other words that could be used are “fine hair”, “silky hair”. etc.

        @Locke: I have no idea who else is signed or associated with Roc Nation, I was just trying to point out why Rihanna could not be the Becky in question.

      • V4Real says:

        So if Becky has to be a White girl by your definition then we clearly know it’s Gwyneth Paltrow.

        Just kidding, we know Gwyn does not have good hair.

        And if it’s true that J goes after every girl that signs to Roc Nation Emeli Sande better watch out; she recently signed to J’s label.

      • Lena says:

        @merrit: yes, she’s not white But Rachel Roy always wears her hair straight, no? Couldn’t that still count though she’s not white?

      • JenniferJustice says:

        And so again, here’s strong, proud to be black Beyonce using the slang term “Becky” and “good hair” to actually mean white hair. Am I the only one who sees the hypocracy and irony in a black woman claiming to be proud of being black, saying white hair is good hair? I just don’t get the love for this fake as shit, insecure woman who stayed with her lying cheating husband, but has it in for all his mistresses and sicked her fans on them. She forgives JayZ so she says, but then writes (oops! as if!) SINGS songs hating on the women he banged. ‘Cause yeah, it’s all their fault. Poor JayZ just isn’t capable of thinking for himself. They made him do it those Jezebels. pfffft. Give me a break!

      • Hope says:

        1. Black people practically never refer to white’s hair as “good hair” it’s a term exclusively used for OTHER black people with a silkier type of hair texture which is actually often closer to indian type hair or something like Ethiopian hair if anything. In fact there’s a specific term “coolie” used in the Caribbean to refer to people with indian-y textured hair.

        2. “Good hair” doesn’t even apply to straight hair, it’s often thick just looser/wavy-ish.

        3. The type of hair whites have isn’t exclusive to them (asians, arabs, native americans have the same type of hair) just like round eyes aren’t exclusive to whites, it’s the majority among every other race other than east asians (and certain east asians actually do have round eyes like Thais…).

        I don’t think I’ve ever heard Beyonce use the term good hair before, she might not agree with it, her sister definitely seems like the type to abhor it- regardless it’s obviously being used here to express contempt not envy.

        Beyonce should do more to reign in the nutjobs in her fanbase but she actually didn’t sick anyone on Rachel, there’s was practically nothing in the lyrics to put the spotlight on anyone.

    • TyrantDestroyed says:

      I think these are teenagers trapped in adult’s bodies. The Beyhive is hilarious

      • Colette says:

        A lot of them are actually teenagers or college age.I clicked on about hundred of their IGs when they went after Rachel Roy before she made her page private.It was a lot of young women of all races and some young men.There are millions of Beyonce fans but only a few thousand are rabid fans with multiple IG pages and multiple twitter names harassing these people who believe slighted Beyonce.

    • Div says:

      Becky is slang for a white girl
      Good hair is something you hear a lot, especially in Creole communities, and it usually refers to long straight hair

      • Becks says:

        I read this yesterday. I had no idea that my name is slang for a white girl who performs a certain sex act! Lol!
        It’s on urban dictionary, ha.

      • Cricket says:

        After reading the definition of Becky on the Urban dictionary, I’m with V4Real and think this is about! Wasn’t Goop and Beyonce BFF at one time but rumors about Goop and Jay Z end it? And maybe the good hair was being sarcastic cause Goop thinks she has good hair. And Goop also quoted as saying when she fought with CM, she would just give him a.. um ‘becky’ to fix things??

        I have no idea.. but thought it was funny if the hive attack Goop – she does like bee sting facials, right?

  3. Lindy79 says:

    “But at some point she has to say something to her fans, right? At some point, she has to actually make a public statement asking her fans to stop going after the Beckys, right?”

    Lady Gaga never did/does when her fans go ape-shit on someone

    • frankie says:

      The only one i have ever seen tell her fans to stop is Rihanna

    • Ayra. says:

      I don’t even think most WOULD stop if she asked.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      No way. Lainey Gossip has Bey’s modus operandi nailed. The Bey only ever gives enought to cause a stir. She gives no more – no follow up, no elaboraton. She just leaves them hanging. It’s her thing.

  4. Talie says:

    I agree, it is hilarious the way they flood people’s instagrams with bee emojis. They did it to Kid Rock for nearly a year.

  5. Mia4s says:

    Dear Beyhive,

    A life. Get one.

    Thank you.

    Or you know maybe they could turn some of this anger on the actual married person who cheated? Oh I’m sorry, he’s a man, and it’s always the fault of the women. 🙄

  6. LadyMTL says:

    Man, I hope there are no women out there called Becky who own anything with lemons or bees on it. If they do, hide away for awhile or the Beyhive might go after you.

    Seriously, I hope Beyoncé does ask them all to calm down, because it’s freaking insane.

  7. jinni says:

    The sad thing is that Rita is loving this because she probably thinks that this will give her a platform to launch her career and finally be relevant, but even the power of Beyonce and the BeyHive can’t overcome the fact that Rita completely lacks any genuine charisma and no one really cares for her. She will continue to be a footnote in other actually famous peoples lives but never relevant on her own. Bless her simple little “I think I can” heart.

  8. MousyB says:

    This is so dumb. Not only is becky probably supposed to be multiple women jay z (or her father!) cheated with, we will likely NEVER know what happen!! Although the Carters play the media just like any other celeb, they arent Kardashians. It was one line in one song!! And there were so many other writers on each song, she didnt write it all herself, therefore its not necessarily her own story.

    Lastly, this is taking away from the fact that the album and videos were great!

    • suzysunshine says:

      Yup–one line in a song. I wish people would stop focusing on Becky and spend some time talking about the rest of the album. So much more there!

      • katy says:

        My point precisely. All this focusing on the POSSIBLE truth behind the lyrics detracts from the overall message of redemption and healing.

        Attempting to mine truth from an artist’s lyrics is laughable to me. Since when are they beholden to represent their lives 100% factually in their art?

      • katy says:

        My point precisely. All this focusing on the POSSIBLE truth behind the lyrics detracts from the overall message of redemption and healing.

        Attempting to mine truth from an artist’s lyrics is laughable to me. Since when are they beholden to represent their lives 100% factually in their art?

  9. Ninks says:

    There’s nothing more bat shit crazy than a fandom with a bee in its bonnet. (See what I did there!). Fans will stalk social media, bully anybody who dares say a single negative thing about their fave, and concoct the most elaborate conspiracy theories to twist facts they don’t like so they fit the narrative they do like. The celebs need to speak up, but they won’t and can’t because it will anger the very people that supports them.

  10. Boston Green Eyes says:

    Excuse my ignorance (I’m old!) but isn’t a Becky a white woman?

    • jinni says:

      Rita is white, she’s Albanian but likes to make herself look racially ambiguous.

      • Locke Lamora says:

        How does she make herself look racially ambiguous? She looks like a typical Albanian to me.

      • jinni says:


        If you saw pictures of her when she was young she looks white European. But when started getting a little name recognition she presented herself in a way that made look like a knock off version of Rihanna.

      • Naya says:

        Charlamagne asked her on the Big Breakfast point blank if she is styled to pass for black and she pretty much confirmed it with a comment about how she never corrects the assumption and being thought of as black gives her cred in her genre. To be fair, most white Europeans probably consider albanians PoC. And she isnt the only PoC pop star to try and exploit the ambiguity, so I really dont mind this.

      • Leo says:

        @Naya, no offense, but I’m a white European and I have never heard anyone consider Albanians POC. I’m from a mixed national background and unfortunately in most countries I’ve lived in (that usually had a large Albanian minority) people harbored some kind of prejudice against Albanians, but they were almost exclusively rooted in religious, national or economical misconceptions, never in racial ones.

      • Ji-yun says:


        “To be fair, most white Europeans probably consider albanians PoC.”

        No they don’t. Europeans (i.e. West/North Europe) don’t consider Albanians or Kosovars POC. They consider them Eastern European, alongside their Balkan neighbours such as Bosnia, Greece, Serbia, etc. Granted, there is a definite slant of that region being considered “Lesser Europeans” due to the Balkans being poorer than the North and West and the differences in religions (Orthodox Christianity and Islam), but they are still considered white.

        Most Europeans don’t consider the majority of Latin Americans, Middle Easteners or North Africans POC (for example the actors Oscar Isaac, Rami Malek and Alexander Siddig are considered white where I live in Northern Europe), so I really don’t think they’re going to single out a country actually situated in Europe as being inhabited by POC, unless they have some deeply seated nationalistic ideas, which, unfortunately, are starting to become more popular

      • Naya says:

        Interesting. My understanding was that the reason ethnic albanians were targeted for genocide in the 90s was because white supremacists in that region dont consider them white. That in addition to the muslim influence, their “blood was soiled” by miscegenation during the ottoman empire. But then I’m no expert on that part of the world. I dont want to google search this, it would probably turn up some very upsetting websites.

      • Locke Lamora says:

        The tension in the Balkans in the 90s had nothing to do with race. They even had little to do with religion.

      • Ji-yun says:

        Like Locke Lamora said, the Balkans had very little to do with religion and nothing to do with race. It was a power grab, pure and simple, that turned into a bloody free-for-all. If you can stomach it, it is worth a bit of background reading, if only to see how outright war is seemingly only a few steps away from even a settled society.

    • Div says:

      I’ve always referred to and heard Becky as a white woman. Rita is white though

  11. Div says:

    Rita’s necklace is a lowercase R that she’s worn a lot, and this “snap” was apparently before Lemonade was released on Sunday. She probably is one of Jay’s many side-pieces and frankly Becky makes more sense in relation to her (where I’m from, Becky is slang for a white girl and Roy is not white)….but this isn’t proof.

    But…the Beyhive needs to chill the f*ck out and stop harassing people on IG. I don’t think Bey should speak out though because acknowledging crazy is just going to make it worse because they’ll believe they got her attention….And before someone chimes in with they are going after Jay Z, sure they are, but it is nowhere near the level of scary hate being directed towards the women. I don’t think it helped though that the Becky was called out along with lyrics about f*cking up a bitch, dust to side chicks, and the poetry about wearing her skin…while for Jay it was more his “scars, nobody will love him like she does, and his dishonesty”…instead of “keep your f*cking d*ck in your pants”

    In the end it’s a shame this Becky sh*t is overshadowing the discussion about family cycles, southern black culture, fathers, mothers, black lives matter ,etc. but then again there’s nothing the media loves more than to go after a “fallen woman” while giving a man a pass and ignoring the far more relevant social messages.

    • jinni says:

      Roy is half white; Dutch iirc.

    • Kitten says:

      I’m not sure you can blame the media for this one. Seems like it’s more the public via social media and Bey’s fan base that are stirring up all this sh*t.
      Really, most of the comments on the threads around here haven’t been much better. The thread about Rachel Roy yesterday had 99% of commenters slamming her.

    • Lou-P Musings says:

      Wouldn’t Rita’s SnapChat picture come out backwards? Meaning her lowercase “R” necklace would be reversed if she took the picture using the feature that flips the camera so you can see what your selfie would look like prior to snapping the pic. Using that logic, then her “R” would look like a “J” because of how the camera works—not because of some secret, unrequited love for Jay Z. Did I just bust a hole in the beehive with my theory? Hope it stings.

  12. Amanda says:

    This is such nonsense. Why would you want to release music and have the conversation be about who your husband screwed and not how good your new content is?

    • Miss V says:

      It’s Beyoncé… Anything for those album sales.

    • LookyLoo says:

      To be fair, the album has a lot more than that one line. She stuffed it full of content (I’d say it’s her first work with gravitas), BUT people are focusing on this one thing.

      • Apsutter says:

        Yea this is so simplistic and annoying to me. There is so much in there of worth…the themes, the sound, the women included, the overall point of the album(especially the back half) but she makes literally ONE reference to a side chick and that’s all anyone wants to talk about. It’d be great to have a larger, substantial conversation about it.

    • Colette says:

      Why did Adele release music that made people wonder which boyfriend dumped her.How many articles were written about who is she talking about in” Someone like you” ? As someone else mentioned why did Carly Simon release”You’re so vain”? For forty years,hundreds of articles have be written about who is she talking about in that song.

      • Dhavynia says:

        Well Adele and Carly are no longer in those relationships and moved past them. There is nothing wrong about writing songs about relationships but don’t go out there and sell yourself as such a powerful woman and then stay married to a cheater. If the song is not personal, then she should stop this high school nonsense because she’s starting to act like Taylor Swift

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        Bull. Let’s stop accusing every woman who doesn’t do what we want her to do of not being powerful. That’s not only annoying it’s insulting.

        Secondly let’s also stop pretending Adele’s next album won’t be about another ex boyfriend or another set of heartbreaks…and the album after that, and the album after that.

        What Beyonce did here is something that would make Taylor shrivel into a ball before she could even try, so let’s not try to apply some arbitrary rules to what she can do with her music.

    • Jib says:

      This is the most insightful comment I’ve seen. Really? You release an album and all everyone is talking about is who your husband cheated on you with? As a woman, I find that deeply depressing. But Beyonce has to know that this is going to be the reaction of her fans – she’s media savvy. So she must want the conversation to be about that, rather than the mothers of dead young black men. Right? Maybe she’s worried about the heat she may get for this album?

      I don’t know, it just seems really stupid to want the focus on where your husband has put his genitals.

  13. Jh says:

    These two ladies are inviting the drama and obviously know what they are doing. Any attention feeds their egos.

    • jinni says:

      Exactly. They both went out of there way to make people think of them. Sure there were rumors but by their action they both subtly confirmed what many suspected, so I don’t feel sorry for either of them even though I do think the BeyHive is kind of insane. Most know by now that Beyonce has an intense fanbase, so why even bring yourself in their line of vision if you can’t deal with them.

  14. Kate says:

    That lemon bra is a collab Ora did with a designer. She was showing off lots of food related pieces. Unless the Hive thinks she knew all about Lemonade and its message months ago and had this design produced just for this moment, it’s not related.

    She probably did sleep with Jay, he was always known to go after the women he signed and nothing suggests he’s changed over the years. But seriously, there’s dozens of Becky’s out there. I guess the Hive likes to pretend Beyoncé’s only been cheated on once for some reason, but they’re wasting their time on his side pieces. There’s way too many to go after. If they actually took any of Beyonce’s feminism to heart they’d be going after Jay.

  15. Nancy says:

    Yes Boston Green Eyes a Becky is a white woman who prefers a certain sex act. I hate the term. The hive needs to back off. This he done me wrong song is affecting so many lives, Why don’t they go after Jay. Poor Rachel Ray can’t even make her ravioli she’s so upset. Too much drama for me.

    • greenmonster says:

      Yip, Becky is a term for a white woman and a woman who likes a certain sex act. Wasn’t Gwyneth Paltrow talking about that certain sex act? Something she liked to give to her ex husband after they had a fight?
      Just thought I would throw another name in the mix.

      • Nancy says:

        Lol….figures Goop would save bj’s for special occasions!

      • MC2 says:

        What an idiot…..if I did that then my husband would be picking fights with me all day just to ‘make up’.

      • Kitten says:

        *I* save BJs for special occasions.
        It’s like birthday cake, I’m not gonna be in the kitchen baking that sh*t every night, you know?

      • Cricket says:

        sorry GM, didn’t see your comment before I mentioned the Goopster and her talent.

      • aurelia says:

        I think we all know J has had multiple side pieces. Maybe even kids with them. I am convinced becky is goop. Why all of a sudden did BFF’s Gwen and Behive all of a sudden go dead air? I also remember a journalist asking why BFF’s Madonna and Goop were no longer tight. Madge said simple: she went after Guy behind my back. G is a cheater, even on brad pitt god forbid. I believe Gwenyth is a sociopath.

  16. OriginallyBlue says:

    I have no problem believing that Jay-Z cheated and that Rita was one of many sidepieces at some point. She has probably been replaced, but who cares. Why do these fans think attacking people on Instagram is going to accomplish anything. Why are they trying to fight a battle that the people involved could give less than a f*ck about.

    • Nancy says:

      OriginallyBlue: 100. But….Beyoncé knows her followers and am quite sure knew this would be their reaction…to attack. Not cool Beyoncé…

  17. Magpie says:

    Dunno, but those pics of Jay are cracking me up.

    • colleen says:

      Me too. Is that Rita Ora in the photo? (I’m so out of the loop with all of these stars these days.) The look on Jay-Z’s face…

  18. Castor & Pollux says:

    I’m with you, Amanda. Why on earth would Beyonce include this on the album? Yes, I understand it’s (possibly) her story and her journey, but she had to know the press would glob onto the cheating issue and hold on tight. I haven’t seen the special or heard the album, but it sounds like she had important things to say about issues facing African Americans, particularly the women. Why include the relationship stuff? Because she knew it would sell albums? Is Jay with her on this? A fabricated story about a marriage crisis and they’re laughing all the way to the bank? Why have I thought about this in so much detail? Help me friends, I’ve fallen into the hive and I can’t get out!

    • AlmondJoy says:

      Did you watch Lemonade? This clearly wasn’t a fabricated story. It seems she just needed to share her experience and really heal through her music… Which is what almost all artists do. I don’t think there’s even ONE out here album that doesn’t have anything to do with love, hurt or relationships.

      • Birdix says:

        I’ve been wondering what Jay’s role is in the creation of this. Has he been on board with it? Clearly it isn’t a surprise to him, but how involved is he?

      • Samtha says:

        Exactly! Plus, if you watch Lemonade, you see how her personal experiences tie in with female, particularly black female, experiences as a whole. It’s all part of the same conversation.

        I’ve always kind of disliked Beyonce, but Lemonade has changed my mind. It’s the only album in years that has made me laugh, cry, feel despair, hope, anger, joy…

        It’s so much more than this one line everyone is focused on!

      • aurelia says:

        I bet Beyonce said to J the song stays on the album. Stay ot go in this marriage but the song stays! His penance.

    • colleen says:

      … And because she seems to be extremely passive aggressive.

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      So she can never ever talk about her personal life because of the media? Buck that. If you haven’t noticed by now the new Beyonce doesn’t have two tootsie rolls to give about what you or anyone else in the media thinks.

      • Marny says:

        two tootsie rolls- this made me smile 🙂

      • Jib says:

        That’s disingenuous. Of course she cares what people and the media think, because if they all started to think poorly of her, her career would be over. Ask other women who had stellar careers making millions – Madonna, Cindy Lauper, Janet Jackson, Debbie Harry – how getting disliked or ignored worked out for them.

        To sell records and sell yourself, one has to care what the media and people think or you’re kaput.

  19. Mar says:

    There is way more then one Becky.

  20. M says:

    Oh Ora is intentionally inserting herself into the drama because no-one is paying her any attention. That being said I’m sure she was a side piece and when he dumped her she started the ridiculous Roc Nation lawsuit.

    The Beyhive do need to back off, but only because they’re playing into what she wants.

  21. NewWester says:

    This whole “Who is Becky with the good hair?” business reminds me of Carly Simon when she recorded the song “You’re So Vain”
    For years(decades) people wondered what man she was singing about. It made for good gossip and the song was a major hit. If social media/Internet (and a version of Carlyhive) was around at the time, I could see the same uproar going on with that song.
    I can see this going on for years.

    • Kitten says:

      Thank god social media didn’t exist back then.

    • mytake says:

      HA! Great comparison. Have you ever seen the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode about revealing the “You’re So Vain” name?

  22. AlmondJoy says:

    Same thing I said in the other post… There’s so much more to talk about and to extract from Lemonade than trying to figure out who Becky With the Long Hair is. Let’s go a little deeper.

    • frankie says:

      Honestly she stayed with him so she okay with this what else is there left to say

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:


    • iGotNothin says:

      If everyone went a little deeper they would have to discuss the true story within Lemonade… the pain, struggle, strength, and beauty of being a black woman. No one wants to hear that. So why not overshadow that beautiful message with petty nonsense?

      EVERY media outlet was running the story of Rachel Roy the next day. What wasn’t a national story? Black excellence. It’s selective hearing on a massive level, and we allow it. We feed it. We embrace it. And every single time, we shoot ourselves in the foot.

      • AlmondJoy says:

        EXACTLY. Zero’s mention of the black excellence that was featured.

      • suzysunshine says:

        Oh my gosh–exactly. I keep looking for the mainstream media to tap into the artistic excellence of the visual album. But I get nothin, nada, zip. Makes me sad.

    • Samtha says:

      Yes! I wish Celebitchy would start another post just for discussion of Lemonade. It’s a true work of art, not just an album.

      • AlmondJoy says:

        That would be awesome! And only people that have actually seen it would be allowed to comment lol

      • suzysunshine says:

        You read my mind!! Can’t believe the number of comments from people who haven’t seen it or draw a conclusion about from ONE line in the entire piece. I get the gossip aspect, but Lemonade is so much more than that. Full disclosure–I’m not a member of the Beyhive. I just appreciate artists working their art.

    • Magnoliarose says:

      I’m getting tired of this aspect to be sure. We will never get a firm confirmation nor do we deserve one. He cheated and she forgave him. That is the fact but nothing more.

    • Jib says:

      The media is lazy. They are always going to go for the easy story, the flashy one. You think they will take time to discuss dead young black men and white privilege when Beyonce gave them, on a silver platter, this line that they can make hay of? Never!!

      So while her album may be great, and I haven’t listened/watched, so I can’t say, although I did love her Formation performance, she isn’t stupid and had to know that this is where the focus would be. And she is the one responsible for that, no one else.

  23. Kimbers says:

    Jay is the man slut we’ve all known for years
    Beyonce is the new Taylor Swift
    Rita is still irrelevant in music
    Becky is just one side piece jay played with out of how many???
    Beehives still got nothing on the books this week so they got plenty of time to perry mason this sh*t

    I think i have this mess of a publicity stunt dotted and crossed…i only hope becky ends up being goopy paltrow bc they all used to be friends with each other years ago and that picture in my mind is hilarious!!

  24. Luca76 says:

    ‘ At some point, she has to actually make a public statement asking her fans to stop going after the Becky’

    At some point she’s going to have to ask her husband to keep it in his pants and stop going after them too.

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      If she didn’t release a public statement when the police were going after her she’s not going to run and release a statement because of Internet gossip hounds and the Beyhive.

  25. Castor & Pollux says:

    AlmondJoy, since I haven’t seen the special I’ll need some guidance, but I’m with you on changing the discourse. What parts of the album appealed to you? What made you think? Did anything make you sad, angry, happy, joyful, hopeful? This goes out to anyone who listened to Lemonade. What should we take away from it?

    • suzysunshine says:

      Here are some articles that have been written about it, and has a couple of really good pieces about it. It’s thought provoking at the very least and worthy of discussion beyond Becky and good hair. When you look at the entirety of the album, the thought that went into it and the incredible talent that collaborated on it–it’s hard to imagine that Beyonce is talking about one desperate to be relevant side-chick. Yeah Beyonce holds a masters in media manipulation–but this isn’t Kardashian level crap. She’s trying to elevate the conversation–and I give her credit for that.

    • iGotNothin says:

      ***I’m going to insert my opinion here***

      The imagery was stunning. Obvious yet cryptic. Beautiful. Heartbreaking.

      The music moved almost seamlessly through various emotions. You felt every step through the healing process. You heard the desperation in the denial. The bitterness in the anger. The defiance in apathy. The softness in forgiveness. The strength in redemption. (I know I missed some but those were key points for me where the transitions were wonderful).

      It gave life to any and every woman that has ever moved through these stages in a relationship. It’s easy to talk about leaving. It’s easy to dream that life could be better… be different. But what if that’s not what you want? What if you want it to work? What if he wants it to work? There’s always a conversation about strength in moving on. What about strength in staying? Working together to figure it out? There’s a place for that too.

      And the best part was that she continued the conversation within Formation without having to revisit it. There has been such an uptick in conversation surrounding black women — their struggle, their strength — so it’s so amazing to see it on screen and not moved to the background for grinding on the floor and catchy choreography. *** I almost lost it when Michael Brown’s mom (correct me if I’m wrong) dropped that tear.***

    • AlmondJoy says:

      Castor and Pollux, thanks for asking. Along with what everyone else has said, here’s the comment I made when Lemondade first aired:

      It was intriguing, perplexing, powerful and I absolutely loved it.

      I loved seeing her get revenge on Jay and airing out all his dirt (Although I kinda wish she’d leave him.) It was interesting to see how her father and Jay have similarities and the strong love she has for both.

      I loved seeing Serena, Zendaya, Quevenzhane, Amandla, Chloe and Halle, Blue Ivy… Young black women who have been targeted by racism and nasty comments online or in person for simply daring to be black and excellent. That song was somewhat of an ode to black women.

      Loved the songs featuring Jack White and Kendrick.

      It was heartbreaking to see the mothers of the slain young black men.

      Needless to say, I finally gave in and downloaded Tidal 😩 I’ll probably cancel after the free month trial is over lol… But many of those songs were very touching and I wanted to hear them again.

      Here is my comment from this morning on the first Rachel Roy post:

      I find it very bothersome that with all that was revealed and highlighted during Lemonade, Rachel Roy is now the focus. We’ll never know for sure who Becky With the Good Hair is. What we do know is that it was ONE line probably used as a metaphor for the other woman, and one who’s existence made Bey feel as if she wasn’t good enough or less than a woman.

      Idc about Rachel. Idc about Rita. Let’s talk about the mothers of the slain young black men being dressed as queens. Let’s talk about family and how it can be broken. Lets talk about how your own relationship sometimes ends up being the same as the relationship you saw firsthand as a child. Let’s talk about celebrating the beauty of those who usually aren’t celebrated.

      This Rachel Roy stuff is pretty insignificant when you look at the bigger picture and what Beyonce was really trying to reveal here.

    • Veronica says:

      Starting this with the disclaimer that I’m a white woman, so my opinion is pretty low tier as far as her message goes…but I think it’s honestly one of her best albums to date, if not her best. The music is good. The message is good. The STORY is good. This is an album with an actual narrative woven into it, a woman faced with the betrayal of a partner she loves and going through the emotional journey of anger, grief, vindication, catharsis, and then forgiveness. Layered over top of that is the intrinsic experience of a black woman trying to make it work, trying to succeed in a world that is against them in so many ways. It’s powerful and very moving, and I think it’s surprisingly artistic for a performer traditionally better known for catchy summer jams and pop music. I think it really shows the evolution of Beyonce as an artist, one with an increasingly powerful and important voice in media culture.

  26. Felice. says:

    The lyrics said “good hair.”

  27. M.A.F. says:

    You know darn well there will no statement from Beyonce. And even if she did, they won’t stop. I just find all of this hilarious, to see grown adults act like children while throwing emojis at each other.

  28. MiniMe says:

    I have a feeling Beyoncé & Jay are just sitting back and laughing at all this. With one line from a song, look at all the press and chatter over Bey’s new album!

    I think the whole album is as fake as Kim Ks ass. They’ve taken inspiration from today’s culture of scripted reality shows and used it to create an album, and now are using social media & Beys insane fan base to promote it. Marketing genius if you ask me.

    • suzysunshine says:

      Seriously, you gotta watch it before making a comment like that–there is nothing on Lemonade that is based on the culture of scripted reality shows. Beyond Beyonce, the artists (songwriters, poets, dancers etc) who collaborated on Lemonade are legit artists in the community. None of them, as far as I know has been or done a reality show. They’ve been quietly working on their art trying to raise the cultural discourse beyond the crap everyone seems to want to talk about.

  29. Brittney says:

    Every story is focusing on that necklace. Has no one ever taken a selfie before?! The camera flips the image. It’s a lower case “r”. She wears it regularly.

    Apparently she also posted pictures in similar bras with other food shapes.

    She even slammed a radio host for disrespecting Beyoncé by asking about the hookup.

    God, I would hate to be a woman with any amount of fame. Even if she IS doing this all on purpose, the “evidence” doesn’t hold up at all.

  30. Amanda G says:

    What do the hive expect to accomplish by posting emojis on random pages? And why aren’t they doing it to JAY Z!!! The one who is actually married to B?? It’s annoying how “the other women” get all the hatred while the man gets a fraction of it.

    • Ayra. says:

      does even Jay Z have an Instagram? I have seen quite a few comments about Jay, so I’ll give them that.

    • AlmondJoy says:

      Jay doesn’t have an ig page. But as I mentioned yesterday, there are TONS of posts of people talking and about him, how stupid he is what they would like to do to him.

  31. you guys….

    becky = white / european girl (non black/asian/latino/poc girl)
    Goodhair = silky straight, wavey, curly NON KINK hair type (this is a awful phrase which highlight colorism and such….BUT THAT ALLLLL black people have heard at some point)

    It’s not rihanna, it’s not any other little lightskin light poc chicki shoved in our face by media…. it could be Rita as in ,….. rita as mixed, latin, black, native america looking as she can get IS TECHNICALLY eastern/central european Albania or such (black people would call that white…is it actually white prob not). It is definitely a ify white girl who has this type of hair but could look kinda black or ethnic but in reality probably is just other-looking european (like say italian, greek, ALBANIAN, or something)

    interestingly enough Rachel is indian (india) and white (dutch) and just took on the a very very ethnic look almost like latino or biracial black……sooo idk if beyonce would know that…. hmmmm

    • Lambda says:

      There’s no such thing as other-looking European. Albanians are white. That’s like superimposing colorism issues on a continent that does not have that tradition.

      • Starkiller says:

        If there’s no such thing as “other European”, maybe you’d care to explain why my boyfriend (of Greek and Italian ancestry) gets pulled aside for “enhanced screening” 9 out of 10 times we fly (and yes, many of those times have been in Europe). Yes, it’s true that Europe doesn’t have the issues that “some places” do, but it’s naive and disingenuous to pretend the whole continent is some post-racial utopia.

      • Lambda says:

        When your boyfriend gets pulled over or aside in Europe, on the street and not in airports, maybe you’ll have a better argument. Or is it that he’s targeted in American airports? As it is, Europe is showing presently that it has plenty issues with race and I have no illusions about that. Yet historically one’s complexion had little to do with differentiation, which was mostly based on ethno-religious-economic lines. I can’t recall any concept, discourse, story etc. that would differentiate between various shades of white there. That’s a colonial legacy.

      • Kitten says:

        My mom is a 70 year old white woman and she’s been pulled aside multiple times in international airports. Hell, my 90 year old gpa (RIP) was pulled aside in an airport while he was in a freakin wheelchair.

  32. Lambda says:

    I have flashes of ‘I’m Spartacus’, ‘No, I’m Spartacus’ with this Becky situation.

  33. Jayna says:

    I think Team Jayonce are in full force for buzz and hype and these other women are all in their plan. Sell those records.

  34. I do not get this rubbish at all. Seriously, her fans are going after her husbands lovers? Why the hell aren’t they going after her husband if they need so desperately to attack someone? And Bey can go throw herself of a cliff knowing full well she’s not going to leave but being perfectly happy to use this personal trash to make more money. If they really gave a crap about each other this would be privately taken care of in counseling, or she could leave the prick. This is Kardashian low.

  35. Sansa says:

    This is a mess. My 2 cents 1) Jay-Z is a huge douche who thinks of Beyoncce as HIS wife he is not divorcing her, but being her Husband he will still do whatever he likes when he likes 2) Beyoncé feels trapped and should leave him but can’t find the strength to go she probably does love him (proving money can’t buy you love). She made this album film where it could lead to what she really wants but is afraid of, divorce. Jay -Z is the worst I always hoped Rhina has nothing to do with him and any women who get into it with him has to be blind and thirsty. I really hope this implodes and Beyoncé gets away from this guy for good and finds someone who respects her instead of just buying her things and treating her like a sex doll object.

  36. flybaby says:

    Why can’t people see this for what it is? Woman are perfectly capable of writing music that is not literally biographical. Beyonce can write a song about cheating without currently being cheated on. Mwn are not questioned about their lyrics like this because its understood they are being creative and can use fictional scenarios. But women? Nooooo never, if it came out of her pretty little head it must have literally happened the way she says.

    • me says:

      She put out a song called “single ladies” AFTER getting married. People need to chill. I do think Beyonce is using all this “drama” in her favor though. It’s helping sell albums !

  37. me says:

    The Beyhive needs it’s own reality show. I want to know who these people are. Do they have lives? Would they murder for Beyonce? Scary stuff.

  38. Freddy Spaghetti says:

    She already co-wrote a song about Jay and Rhianna, Ring the Alarm. As for Lemonade, it is, imo, Taylor Swift level stuff (the famous people cameos, the co-written songs, the guy I love has done me wrong) but with outstanding production values. It’s easily one of the most visual stunning things I’ve seen.

    • PrincessMe says:

      OMG, I was reading through your comment and I saw “it is, imo, Taylor Swift” and I started laughing so hard because I thought you were about to say TS is Becky. Thanks for the healthy morning laugh.

    • suzysunshine says:

      Visually stunning, yes–go a little deeper–Taylor Swift it isn’t–not by a long shot. For starters Taylor hasn’t used a legit and well regarded poet (Warsan Shire) to underscore any of her work. That’s just one example small example of the caliber of people Beyonce collaborated with on this.

  39. Ruyana says:

    #1. Beyonce chooses to stay with JayZ even though she has ample proof he’s a cheating dog. #2. Why blame the random woman JayZ nails when he’s the one who is married and cannot keep it in his own pants.

  40. Raven says:

    It’s probably no one and all you fools who keep discussing it, beyhive or no, are being punk’d.

  41. kri says:

    If we called all the Becky’s Jay has been with, we would need to put up a new cell tower. I’m sure that there are more than B1 and B2. The question is…where is Jay? Probably working at the Country Time Lemonade factory by now, I should think. After all, he is the one who married Beyonce. He took the vows. It’s a no good woman who knowingly cheats with a taken man, but the taken man is the true dog. Drag all the suspected Becky’s all you want, Beyhive. But please set a place for Jay.

  42. drnotknowitall says:

    Is every idiot no talent b list starlet now going to be posting lemon covered selfies just to get into the news? Uh oh, here comes the Ks and their entire lemonade stand. Just for being this tacky these women need to be removed from the sisterhood.

  43. TOPgirl says:

    Has any one stopped to think that perhaps Beyonce is referring to her other self…like maybe Jay z only likes her dressed up as a woman with long blonde hair rather than seeing her with her natural hair?? There’s always that possibility that there is no other woman. EVER.

    Anyway, Beyonce likes starting wars and then sits back in her mansion and laugh so hard as money rolls in. Think about that ya’ll.

  44. JRenee says:

    All of the comments about what strong, proud to be Black women should do/say/feel THERE IS NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL.
    I don’t follow Beyonce, bee hive, honeycombs, lemonade stands etc. but whatever she did still have foljs buzzing and speculating. I wouldn’t think that I should tell someone to end their marriage either.
    Just wow

  45. reg says:

    The only people dkwnloading Beownce horrible music is her roach hive.
    Rita Ora is a regularin threesomes with Bowence and Jayz, Bowence
    Uses strap on. And Rachel Roy will go along with any story for a buck.
    that is your tea for today.

  46. Anare says:

    Beyoncé is beautiful talented and has the means and ability to work with top musicians writers and producers to crank out some really great tunes. Instead she drops a messy load that reads like a high school burn book. Not impressed! 😴

  47. Bridgeport says:

    Love that picture with Ora looming behind them. Beyonce’s “bitch is right behind me, isn’t she?” [SAY CHEESE!!] expression is almost as hysterical as Jay’s “ohhhhhhhhhhhh shit” face.

  48. J-Who says:

    what a bunch of f*cking children. they all need to grow up.

  49. babs says:

    I think its Gwyneth Paltrow. I remember a blind about her and Jay Z a while back. She has good hair.