Caitlyn Jenner made a video about using the ladies’ room at Trump Tower

Here are some photos of Caitlyn Jenner at the Time 100 event a few days ago. Jenner was named one of the most influential people in the world, which… we can still debate that, especially since Jenner’s interest in trans issues is almost overwhelmingly superficial. Still, I tend to give her a few points for trying, even if it is superficial. Caitlyn chose a stately Chiara Boni dress for the event, and while the dress was lovely, Cait’s hair is an absolute tragedy.

At the event, Caitlyn spoke to Time about the North Carolina “bathroom law” and she said that she’s already met with a GOP lawmakers at a think-tank about how they need to approach trans issues. She also said: “On what’s happening in North Carolina, they’re so off. They need some help. And I’m here to help.”

Meanwhile, Donald Trump said last week that he was fine with letting trans people use whatever bathroom they want to use. It was actually a decent moment for him, and he was asked specifically if he had a problem with allowing Caitlyn Jenner use the ladies’ bathroom at Trump Tower, and he said he wouldn’t have a problem with that at all. So Caitlyn took him up on his offer. She posted a video to Facebook where she is seen exiting the ladies’ room at Trump Tower and she says to the camera: “Thank you, Donald, really appreciate it. And by the way, Ted, nobody got molested.” That’s a reference to the bile Ted Cruz has been spilling.

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  1. Wiffie says:

    Next thing you know, I’ll be expected to let elephants and dolphins use my bathroom too.

    Won’t somebody please think of the children?!?


    • MC2 says:

      I like that you put the sarcasm in there just in case…….
      You know, though, there was the story last week about the man who was in love with a dolphin??? Thanks to gay marriage he will be trying to marry the dolphin & next that very dolphin will march into MY Applebees & try to use MY toilet.
      Oh yeah- “Think of the children!!!”

  2. MARKWEER says:

    The jury is still out on Caitlyn. If everything for her (& the Kardashians) didn’t involve include some sort of photo-op and clothes change I might be swayed. The situation in North Carolina is way too deep for a novice like Caitlyn to handle so she needs to tread lightly with this one as well. Help out when you can girl, but let experienced LGBQT activists in these matters take the lead

  3. aims says:

    You know, Caitlyn isn’t doing herself an favors with her affiliation with the republican party. I’m just sayin. …

    • iGotNothin says:

      Caitlyn just wants to wear the clothes…not the issues.

    • MC2 says:

      +1- She not only not doing herself favors but she is supporting a party that wants to take away her very few rights. I had a lot of hope for her coming out as trans & I still think it helps to normalize it for the average American but her support for republicans and her statements show her vapidness. She is just a tool and happy to be one if she can wear wigs & show her boobies. It is what women’s issues are about you know??? Cleavage, make-up…. and shoes!! How could I forget the shoes!!

    • Beezers says:

      Caitlyn is still just a rich white man, despite her bustline and how she dresses.

  4. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    She only cares about issues if it effects her.

    No words from her about the GOP’s treatment of gays and lesbians, of the systematic equation of trans people being pedophiles.

    Just “Thank you Mr. Trump for letting me use your bathroom!”


    Other trans indiciduals who don’t have the benefit of millions, white male privelage and celebrity have to use the bathroom too Caitlyn. Except now they have to do so terrified that one of the people from the group you want to embrace so badly might take out their gun and shoot them as one prominent lawyer for the Liberty Council proclaimed on Twitter.

    • vanessa says:

      No words about the gop’s treatment of others minorities, like hispanics, and muslims not just LGBT people ! Im am done with her and with anyone associated with that party.

  5. Talie says:

    It really irks me how people think they haven’t been in a public restroom with a trans person. Like, really? Also, stop equating someone trans as being a child molestor…it wasn’t cute when people did it decades ago for gay men either. Ignorance is astounding.

    • Lex says:

      It’s like people somehow think they’re aware what genitals people have when they meet them. Um sure, think what you want but you’re going to be wrong a bunch of the time!

      Even aside from trans people, there are a whole lot of genetic variants out there meaning people are in between, 70/30, etc.

      What someone has in their pants has absolutely no relevance in a bathroom with private stalls. And if people want to molest, why would a sign on the door stop them? They’ll enter any bathroom and molest anyway!

      This whole NC thing is ridiculous – are they checking genitals and birth certificates on the way in? I’ve met loads of trans women who look far more womanly that women I know – who is policing this ridiculous situation?

      • embertine says:

        Not to mention if a trans woman* has had lower surgery then a TSA-style patdown isn’t exactly going to resolve the issue anyway – presumably hence the idea that people have to carry around their birth certificates.

        *stating women here just because lower surgery for trans men is often more complicated

      • susiecue says:

        IKR? How would this even be monitored? Ridiculous all around.

    • susiecue says:

      Agree and you make a great point about these laws essentially equating being trans with being a molester. I’m drooling over these sensible comments. I live in the hills and my FB feed is regularly crawling with ignorance regarding this issue.

    • susanne says:

      I can’t stand the attention Cait is paying to the bathroom situation. It just perpetuates the ignorance of what being transgendered is about. The genitals are what everyone focuses on, but it’s what these folks are feeling inside that matters. No one sees my genitals (that’s a bit too personal and pretty sad)- least of all in a public restroom for women.
      I’m pissed at Cait. She could have done a lot better for trans people. She is every bit as shallow and clueless as Bruce.
      Wow. Never flamed at a celeb like this.

  6. dbahr says:

    ‘Womanhood’ is nothing more than a fetish for this person.

  7. Patricia says:

    Ugh I’m so grossed out by how she keeps saying “take a pee”. What?! I thought she was all about being a classy woman. It’s just a gross way of saying “use the bathroom”.

    I’m turned off by her in general, because she’s so superficial. But I still think she has every right to be herself. She’s a trans woman who also happens to be a very superficial, self-centered individual. That’s just the truth of who she is.

    • sauvage says:

      I wish she, instead of putting herself up as a representative of transgendered people, would just make herself a spokeswoman for narcissism. That I could buy.

  8. kris says:

    I definitely lean more to the right when it comes to fiscal issues, but when it comes to social issues I am a bleeding heart liberal. This election cycle is hard for me because none of the candidates really represent what I stand for. In my opinion, since Caitlyn transitioned way later in life, she really wants to just be herself. Unfortunately, as a rich white woman, she didn’t have to struggle for her transition, all she had to do was be honest with herself enough to do it. That’s why (in my opinion) she doesn’t really know where to fall when it comes to politics and social issues. She was a republican when she was Bruce, and she’s still one after transitioning. I have faith that she will be able to retain her personal beliefs with politics and make herself to be the beautiful trans icon that she is. I don’t let my sexual orientation, race or reproductive system determine my political allegiances, I don’t think she should be hated for not doing so either. There’s a huge middle ground between right and left.

  9. Lama Bean says:

    That wisp of hair though! LOLOLOLOL. Woooo….sigh…