Yolanda Foster slams Rebecca Romijn for dissing her daughter, Gigi Hadid

Last week, model/actress Rebecca Romijn was asked in an interview with Entertainment Tonight for her thoughts about “The new generation of models such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, who are more famous for their social media presence than their runway experience.” Romijn, 43, did not mince words and said that there’s been no evidence that “followers translates to revenue,” that “legitimate fashion people can’t stand” the trend and that she hates that “social media stars are now the supermodels in fashion. They are not true supermodels.” To be clear, ET named Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid as examples of Instagram models, not Rebecca, but Rebecca ran with it.

Now Yolanda Foster, herself a former model (I guess, although I never heard of her until Real Housewives of Beverly Hills), is defending her daughter, Gigi Hadid. The thing is, Rebecca apologized on Twitter to both Kendall and Gigi, and told them not to believe the clickbait and Yolanda went after her and made it personal anyway.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 11.25.10 AM

I wish ET Online would make the audio and/or video available online for this interview. Their lead-in question specifically named Kendall and Gigi and then Rebecca responded in general terms about social media stars. If ET’s journalist did phrase the question as reported, it wasn’t clickbait they were just reporting what Rebecca said. Still, that was lame of Yolanda to make it personal like that. Yolanda responded to more tweeted allegations, specifically that Gigi and Kendall were the beneficiaries of nepotism, and that she shouldn’t go after Rebecca because she said her words were misrepresented.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 11.30.25 AM

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 11.30.41 AM

The way Yolanda words this makes it sound like she saw Rebecca’s interview, but I can’t verify that because there are no clips available online that I can find. Yolanda should have let it go, it’s absolutely the case that her daughters have benefitted from her wealth and connections (and fame) but she had to make a stink. Fighting with people is the entire basis of her career so she’s got to keep it up no matter what. That’s another unfortunate result of social media, people who become famous for arguing. At least the Instagram models are contributing something. (Ok, the jury is still out on that but you know what I mean.)

Rebecca Romijn during an appearance on CBS's 'The Late Late Show' with James Corden

ELLE Women in TV Event

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  1. SilkyMalice says:

    Oh, have a seat Yolanda. I get defending your kid, but enough is enough.

    • JudyK says:

      Thank you. Yes, zip it, Yolanda. Geez.

    • Sarah(too) says:

      Yep. And then calling them “children.” These two haven’t been real “children” since they were about 12. If that.

    • Bluebear says:

      Please chill on the advertisements. Seriously. Now we have to close a link covering the bottom of ever single picture? Your ads are starting to infringe on our ability to enjoy your work.

      • Crystal says:

        Couldn’t agree more!! The amount of advertising on this site is getting out of hand!

    • ladysussex says:

      She’s addicted to fame, and since daily publicising her illness has been unpopular, she’s gotta count on her “children” for her daily dose of attention.

  2. Nancy says:

    Don’t publically diss someone’s child and not expect a reaction. My thoughts on Rebecca are who leaves John Stamos for the fat kid in Stand By Me?

    • Original Kay says:

      Was that a joke? Because at the time the “fat kid” was just that, a kid.

      I know I am going to regret this, but what an awful thing to say about a kid, joke or not.

      No need to reply Nancy, it won’t make any difference, even if you try the very lame “joke” answer.

      • Nancy says:

        Kay: Sorry I have to reply. My sense of humor isn’t always appreciated. I get it. But I’m a child lover, regardless of size, I have two of my own. That’s all I got, that little boy turned into a handsome man and married Rebecca. Just another manic Monday….sorry for hurt feelings.

      • pc popo says:

        @Original Kay– chill, ffs! Unless you’re Jerry O’Connell’s mum there is no reason to get this rattled on a Monday a.m. over nothing. It’s amazing as a society how outraged and offended we let ourselves become over the most harmless nonsense on the interwebs. Honestly, are a former child actors former weight issues that triggering to you?

        Don’t worry tho, it’s early. I’m sure you will have countless more opportunities today to have your delicate sensibilities soiled. Good luck! 🙂

      • Kimbers says:

        I’d leave a less then sober uncle Jesse for a man who has the braiding skills of jerry any day!!!! 🙂

      • Anna says:

        It’s not about it being “triggering”. I’m pretty sure she was talking about the fact that someone referred to a child with such a negative term so easily. For a lot of children and teens weight issues are a really touchy subject and people know that so why refer to someone as just the “fat kid”?

      • Melissa says:

        It was also twenty years ago. People get their knickers in a twist about ANYTHING. Good Lord.

      • teacakes says:

        @Melissa – I just find it ironic that the commenter who claims Yolanda was justified in her crazy because someone was “dissing” her 21 year old “child”, can in the same breath turn around and make a joke dissing a long-ago actual child for being “fat”.

        I think it’s fair to call out hypocrisy where we see it.

      • BackstageBitchy says:

        Jerry o’connell’s character, Vern, was characterized almost entirely by his being fat and awkward. It would be difficult to find another way to describe that character. You might say that’s a flaw in the film, that the Vern character wasn’t well-developed or given much to do throughout the film.
        But for someone to notice that the character was heavy doesn’t mean that person’s a jerk, it means the person has eyeballs and ears…

      • JenniferJustice says:

        This. O’Connell’s characer that we can’t even rememer the name, was simply the “fat kid” in that group of kids. His entire reason for being in the movie was because he was fat, got teased for it, was sensitive, had an inferiority complex, etc. He was suppose to be sorry, the consomate fat kid. For all we know, he gained weight for that role. I don’t think he feels sorry for himself or cares about his weight as a child.

        P.S. I hear O’Connell is next in line for Live with Kelly. Seriously. Good look to the guy who got thin and married one of the hottest ladies in Tinsel Town.

    • swak says:

      She didn’t name Kendall and Gigi, Entertainment Tonight did and they did it as examples. Rominj was making a statement about the general trend of social media models and did not name Kendall and Gigi specifically. So it is on Yolanda that it was taken personally.

      • JudyK says:

        That seems to be Yolanda’s calling…she’s the one making mountains out of molehills, ALWAYS. Just. Stop.

    • teacakes says:

      She didn’t diss “someone’s child”, she made a general statement in response to a question.

      And when said “child” is 21 years old and a public figure in her own right, Mommy Dearest’s tantrum is a far greater embarrassment to her than whatever Rebecca said in the first place.

      • ladysussex says:

        Yeah, I think if you’re old enough to pose nude on the cover of magazines, you’re old enough not to need your mommy to twitter fight for you.

      • MC2 says:

        Yeah- I’ve noticed when it’s fitting they are adults or “grew up a lot faster because they were in the lime light so at 14 they are more like 20 in normal years” and when it’s fitting they are helpless & naive children. I don’t really care either way on this particular subject but you can’t have your cake and eat it to.

    • JustJen says:

      I may have snorted coffee at that one LMAO!!

    • Tifygodess24 says:

      Do you really believe that Gigi and Kendall would be models if it wasn’t for their families, money and connections? No- they are both very pretty but also average girls you see every single day in the mall in most major cities. This is why people get annoyed because they never ever admit to their privilege and go on acting like they received no benefit because of it. “Oh it’s all hard work”. Bullsh*t. As far as I’m concerned she didn’t diss them, not to mention she didn’t even name them outright. And these kids are adults. I see defending your daughter but this isn’t the fight to pick.

      • Pinky says:

        Exactly. And what do they do, pray tell? The truth is, there is no such thing as a supermodel any longer. Those days are long gone. The nineties createth and the nineties taketh away. These girls might be models, but super they are not. Let them find their own modifier.


      • Anna says:

        They might be print models, but not runway models. I wonder what ET really said because if they called Gigi and Kendall “Instagram models” then they’re really off. Cause that’s not what an Instagram model is. They’re models on Instagram but that’s not the same as being an Instagram model lol

      • Moneypenny says:

        Exactly. There are much prettier girls who are better girls on Top Model and they don’t get anywhere. Not saying they don’t work hard now, but they didn’t have to work hard to get their breaks.

      • Ms. Blake says:

        Spot on!

    • Bridget says:

      Don’t go into a career that involves constantly being judged publicly if you can’t handle it. Gigi Hadid is beautiful, but let’s get real – she wouldn’t be nearly as successful as she is without her father’s insane wealth and connections.

    • Susan says:

      Uncle Jessie is hot and aging incredibly well but I hear he’s quite high maintenance and hard to live with. I’ve dated those kinds of boys and trust me a fat kid is better! Lol.

      • Snowflake says:

        Yep and they’ll appreciate you more. A hot guy expects you to worship him, jmo.

  3. vanessa says:

    they didn’t benefit from Nepotism ? Sure Jan

  4. Diana says:

    Gigi is gorgeous but she along with Cara, Kendall etc… have their career being bought for them lbr.

  5. paolanqar says:

    The only reason Gigi and Kendall got where they are is only due to their family connections.
    I’m not saying Gigi is no material model but so are thousands of girls and only a few are lucky enough to be born in families that count in the business.
    Now sit down and stop blind-defending your kid.

    • Nancy says:

      Their name got them in the door but they have to do the work. Kate Hudson, Emma Roberts, Colin Hanks are all products of nepotism. It’s just the way it goes in their business. I actually think Gigi is pretty, she probably would have made it without the name.

      • vauvert says:

        Uhm, yes they have to do the work – very highly paid work that any other pretty girl with no benefit of family connections would dearly love to have. I’m sorry, but do they deserve a pat on the back fro showing up for a modelling gig??

      • paolanqar says:

        In my opinion she doesn’t have that thing that makes beautiful girls High Fashion supermodels.
        Her eyes are dead and she is just average if compared to Kate Moss, Naomi or Cindy Crawford despite their current age.

      • Dani says:

        Out of everyone mentioned, Colin Hanks is pretty talented, you can’t deny that.

      • Nancy says:

        That’s what I’m saying Dani. Who knows if he would have been let in the door without Tom as his father. Sometimes the offspring are actually talented. Then we have Dakota Johnson. lol. Can’t win em all….

      • Locke Lamora says:

        But the thing that’s infuriating is the fact that they act like they did it all by themselves. We all know that connections play a huge part in every industry, but why must they act like they had no help?
        The only celebrity kids who I remember admitting that their father opened doors for them were the Gleeson brothers.

      • Bridget says:

        Actually, Rebecca made a very valid point: these girls are hired a lot because they make the argument that their social media followings make them a more valuable hire – BUT there isn’t necessarily data that supports this, not to mention that their social media status is a direct relation to their privileged status. They aren’t necessarily “doing the work”, they just have agents that sell them well.

    • Magnoliarose says:

      They are models created by nepotism and access. Period. Yolanda is ridiculous.

  6. Lex says:

    No parents involved?! Gigi’s godfather is like the CEO of Guess. There’s even an episode of KUWTK that shows Kris Jenner specifically making calls because Kendall wanted to become a model. I would be half as bothered by these two clueless girls if they would just admit how they got where they are. They are the definition of nepotism.

    • MC2 says:

      I also remember the episode of KUWTK where Kim wanted Kendall to model & set up the gigs and then Kendall threw a fit like a typical 14 yr-old getting pushed to do something they don’t want to.

  7. Sumodo1 says:

    I saw the interview with Rebecca. She was very thoughtful in her response to the question. The answer was not mean-spirited or vitriolic. She responded as a veteran model.

  8. anniefannie says:

    Even if RR wasn’t specifically targeting Gigi or Kendall it was still criticism of their ilk. To me it smacks of jealousy of aging out models. Regardless of how they got there, theses girls do appear to capitalize on their connections but who wouldn’t ?

    • Locke Lamora says:

      But the problem is that they won’t admit it. #Noparentsinvolved? Please .

      • anniefannie says:

        I tend to give Mothers a pass when defending their children as it’s almost a primal response but this criticism seems to be a running theme surrounding these girls but really, would that be a smart career move? They’re both beautiful girls and I think it’s difficult to dispute they’re competent models.

    • claire says:

      I don’t think think it’s jealousy. It’s just factual, mixed with nostalgia for the higher standards of what was characterized as a supermodel. These basic average girls who lumber down a runway are no where in the same class as supermodels. Everyone thinks this.

      • Erinn says:

        I think it’s more defensive than jealous. It comes off as being defensive that times are changing and that things are happening differently than they did before. She’s unimpressed that someone can grab so much attention by way of social media- something she didn’t have to propel her career.

        If “everyone” thought that – why are they still getting the jobs? Someone is hiring them. Yeah, there’s a differences in modeling between the 90’s and now. Just as there was a big difference between models in the 70’s and 90’s.

        Things change – people need to either roll with it.

      • Kitten says:

        And the thing is, the interviewer was the one who name-dropped Gigi and Kendall. If you look at RR’s quote in its entirety, she’s making a general statement about IG “models” or young women and men who aren’t walking the catwalk or working in the fashion industry, but manage to make a name for themselves through social media–or at least that’s how I interpreted it.

        “No one has proven yet that numbers of followers translates to revenue. So it is frustrating. I know a lot of people — legitimate fashion people — can’t stand it. Hate it that these, you know, social media stars are now the supermodels in fashion. They are not true supermodels. And the thing is, I have always looked to Vogue magazine to lead the way, not be a follower. I rely on Vogue to set the standard, not follow what everybody else is doing. So I have been disappointed that fashion magazines have been supporting this trend of social media stars to set our style standards. But it will change; fashion always does.”

      • claire says:

        The social media thing isn’t even my issue. If someone is fantastic and high quality, then who cares how they first got attention – whether it’s from putting themselves out there via social media to get noticed, or whether they were noticed by a scout while just walking down the street. That’s not really the issue for me and I think a lot of people, social media is just the scapegoat in this conversation. It’s that the families and media are hyping this, are buying this and trying to force it on us and it’s ridiculous. People in the industry are calling it out for good reason. They simply are not supermodel quality unless we are greatly lowering the standards. They’ve got dead eyes, no real “it” factor or aura, they have terrible framework in their walk, they lumber and trip over themselves down the runway. Seriously. Gigi’s walk is made fun of all the time because it’s sooooo bad. If you take these two off the runway, by themselves, and see their pics, you get how basic they are. Gigi has a little bit more interestingness in the face than Kendall, but still. Look at Kendall’s WHCD photos on the red carpet. Boring. Bland. Basic. They’re getting this treatment because of their names and families. Not because they have what it takes.

    • Bridget says:

      Can we stop blowing off women’s opinions as “jealousy”? Rebecca gave a reasoned, thought out response to a question.

      • Tifygodess24 says:

        Bridget , Exactly! I am so sick of this juvenile response – “well she/they/he is just jealous” anytime someone gives criticism. Its just plain ridiculous.

      • Magnoliarose says:

        Yep. It’s old and usually used by people who can’t accept criticism or articulate a valid response.

    • dagdag says:

      These women capitalize on their connections, that is understood.

      „ But who wouldn´t“ is a different subject. Not everyone is addicted to fame, regardless of their profession or job.

      The problem are the fashion houses who are luxury houses and yet use the popularity of realty tv fame hungry starlets or their families to sell products who pretend to be exclusive only to a very wealthy or good doing type of clientel.

      Realty tv is still considered trash and yet this luxury houses leverage their image.

      I am just wondering, looking at the fans from Kylie up to Kim, they seem to be mainly underaged teens and very young women who don´t seem to be able to purchase the products their stars are selling, maybe cosmetics or sunglasses. I guess, time will tell.

  9. Kris says:

    OMG – she looks so dead in the first picture. Like a plastic doll. This is actually really sad.

  10. Talie says:

    Yolanda is insane. Like, she has lost her mind over the past few years with all her issues.

  11. teacakes says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Gigi is gorgeous but Yolanda can have a whole stadium full of seats if she thinks extreme nepotism wasn’t involved in getting these social media models to a place where their social media follower count gets to noteworthy levels.

    And sure, for Kendal, you can say #noparentsinvolved all you like but what about the superstar brother-in-law, eh? Don’t think we haven’t noticed that she didn’t book a single high fashion job until he married into the Klan.

  12. magnolia says:

    Why isn’t Yolanda wearing a bra in the first pic? attention starved?

  13. Kitten says:

    I detected ZERO lies in Romijn’s statements so I don’t get what the issue is.

    • Erinn says:

      My issue with her statements was more or less that her complaints are useless. The technology wasn’t there in the 90’s. If it was I’d be prepared to put money on it that she’d be posting herself all over IG as well.

      If someone is getting a ton of likes and followers and it’s not as ‘successful’ as ‘real’ models then why does it bother her? If they’re using social media to promote themselves, what does it matter?


      It’s not hurting her. If the industry is so bitter about it – then they need to stop hiring the girls that they supposedly don’t even like.

      • perplexed says:

        Runway experience was cited though, so I thought that criticism was fair.

        Runway doesn’t appear to be outdated, so I did think there was substance to that statement in terms of the “supermodel” label. She didn’t say she didn’t think they were not successful — just simply that she didn’t consider them to be supermodels. I don’t even think she said that they weren’t models, but that they she didn’t they should have the term “supermodel” attached to them as a label that distinguishes them from other models. I didn’t think her “diss” was really that harsh — she just said she didn’t think they should be put into that special rarefied category of “supermodel”, not that their careers were completely invalid.

        I thought she was talking about modelling from a more technical standpoint than anything else, so I don’t see why the social media models should be THAT offended. Maybe the slight criticism hurts, but I didn’t think what she said was so horrible. Maybe they can use what she said and learn from it (i.e. get more runway experience and learn the more technical aspects to become better models — and now I never thought I’d talk about modelling in terms of technical skill).

      • claire says:

        I don’t’ think it’s an issue of not being liked. They can be models, be liked, be successful and still not deserve the term supermodel.
        Which they don’t.

      • Kitten says:

        Honestly, it’s not an issue that I care enough to waste time arguing about. I didn’t think what she said was a big deal, and I actually am one of the few people around here who thinks Kendall is gorgeous and looks like a model. Gigi is also quite pretty and I have no trouble seeing her as a runway model.

        But I do think that there’s a difference between someone who works in the fashion industry as a model and some suburban chick who has made a name for herself by posting fancy-filtered selfies all day. I thought that was the point RR was making.

        Again, it’s not that big of a deal.

    • Magnoliarose says:

      Yolanda is the type to create drama out of nothing. It’s stupid. The whole “outrage” is an attention grab.

      • Kitten says:

        That’s what it feels like. Like RR wasn’t even talking about her daughter at all, rather making a general statement, but she decided to make it all about her.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I think to Yolanda, her children ARE extensions of her own ego. They are models because she was (allegedly) a model, they get it from her. They are beautiful because she is beautiful, they get it from her. I think their careers are more important to her than to her children. So of course, any criticism of them is terribly insulting to her.

      • Magnoliarose says:

        Very good points as usual. She does seem to overly personalize everything about them.

  14. perplexed says:

    ““The new generation of models such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, who are more famous for their social media presence than their runway experience.””

    I don’t know who said this – ET or Rebecca — but it sounds substantive. It references “experience” rather than someone’s looks, personality, or connections. So I think this criticism, whoever said it, is fair. Sounds no different than a critique of a business executive because of the mention of “experience.”

  15. JustJen says:

    Dear lord…that last pic with Gigi and the bangs??? Was she attacked with scissors or did she choose that “look”? My daughter’s Barbie dolls had better hair cuts.

  16. HK9 says:

    While I love Yolanda, she needs to shut it. If her parents didn’t have all the contacts that they have, Gigi would have to work a hell of a lot harder for those opportunities. Rebecca is allowed to have an opinion.

  17. Neelyo says:

    Never engage with a Real Housewife, there is nothing too small or petty for them to turn into a war.

    When will these trashy people and their progeny go away???

  18. Clare says:

    No parents involved?
    Oooookay Yolanda.
    The woman is delusional and needs to take several seats.

  19. Lucy says:

    I’d be so embarrassed if I were Gigi…

  20. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    Holy eye roll. Of course their parents’ reality tv careers brought followers more readily. And those social media followers meant exposure, and more exposure means more demand, therefore some opportunity.

    That said, had IG/ Snapchat, et cetera been around when Romijn’s career was in its fledgling stage, of course she would have exploited that opportunity, and if she ever argued otherwise it would be disingenuous, in my opinion.

    In any case, the whole to-do is just silly, because Romijn didn’t start the smack talk, and clarified the context of the comment.

  21. Elle says:

    Rebecca never questioned how successful they are, or how much they make. She questioned how legitimate they are in what they do.
    Btw I completely agree with her. I can’t wait those Milli Vanilli models to go away. The charisma void brunette and the swollen blonde.


    @Nancy, John Stamos is a gross, irresponsible asswipe that drives under the influence. He’s also admitted to raping a girl. His creepy ass should be in jail: gawker.com/034511/stamos-a-thin-line-between-love-and-rape

    Female celebrities get raked over the coals for the silliest things. It makes me mad that this creep’s reputation remains untainted.

  23. RJ says:

    “Supermodels” were the established faces of couture and beauty lines, not serviceably pretty girls who post pictures of themselves on social media. Simply liking to have your picture taken (constantly) doesn’t even make you a model, let alone a “super” one.

    Are we to believe that “mom’s a former model and dad’s a squillionaire” didn’t have a THING to do with Gigi’s opportunities? Please, Yolanda. Go eat an almond.

    They’re never going to stop instigating these petty squabbles between women until the women stop falling for it.

  24. Kimbers says:

    Becca got a point. Dont watch housewife fakality. Dont know Yolanda. Her defending her daughter isnt a mom protecting her cub bc what becca said isn’t crazy. It’s someone who loves drama bc they dont have much going on without it. Tons of people think this and only teenz believe gigi to be a supermodel and most of those kids cant afford a jelly bean or cast projects.

  25. perplexed says:

    I’ve seen ordinary people on Facebook refer to themselves as models. It’s kind of odd. They’re not Cindy Crawford’s height.

  26. Jayna says:

    Kendall is bland to me.

    And Gigi is a great model, but got a huge push from her parents. The non-Gigi, poor Bella, wasn’t getting much attention. All of a sudden, I noticed a massive push getting her put in DailyMail and other places. It was obviously now trying to give the second daughter some momentum, who didn’t have it like Gigi, the golden child. It worked. But I don’t think Bella is a great model either. There’s nothing interesting she gives the camera. Great models had that something they could turn on for the camera and catwalks.

    • Locke Lamora says:

      I actually think that they’re both decent models. Gigi is perfect for VS type stuff, and Bella has a really interesting face, she looks good in couture shows. They’re not great, but not terrible like Kendall.

      The only nepotism model who I think has that “it” is Cara. In photographs at least. Too bad for her it doesn’t translate to film because she’s so bland in motion.

      • Susan says:

        Agreed. And perhaps I’m showing my age or lack of “style” but OMG I just don’t get the appeal of Cara. I just don’t see it at all.

      • Clairej says:

        Yes I love Cara as a model. But as an actress it’s cringeworthy

  27. Guest says:

    Who cares if she said Jenner or Hadid names or not. What she’s is saying is 100 percent true. Not only that but she can say whatever she wants to.
    I don’t see it as her being jealous or putting down the girls. Its just what is true and what isn’t.
    That fact that Yolanda rather agrue about it seems stupid.
    If she just said “yes ,I helped my daughter get where she is but, she works hard ”
    I would have no problem with that. Gigi is beautiful in my opinion but is just Boring and seems not to have much of a personality.Kendell is pretty but is equally boring.
    Would these girl have made it without family connections? No.
    Do I think there is anything wrong with taking advantage of the privileges they have? No.
    However, I have a problem with pretending like you worked so hard to get where your at, when you didn’t.

  28. Bobo says:

    I know I am in the minority here, but I think Gigi is extremely overrated. I do not find her attractive.

    • Brea says:

      I think Kendall is a lot prettier. Gigi looks like a frog and doesn’t have the right body for high fashion modeling…plus her runway walk is embarrassing.

      I know Kendall benefitted from nepotism as well and she doesn’t have the “it” factor that would have made her a model w/o connections but she’s not bad at what she does.

  29. Heat says:

    So, having a cell phone with a decent camera and the ability to pull a mannequin-like blank stare makes you a super-model nowadays.

  30. Magnoliarose says:

    Obviously she struck a nerve. We all know these girls had publicists, money and connections to help them even before the career. I don’t equate this to actors or musicians exactly because yes the door opens, but it does at least take an actual active talent to sustain it.
    I’m a mother too and I think she is absurd. I will defend my children if it’s warranted but when they are adults I would expect them to have their own voices and ability to speak for themselves. I can’t stand parents who are overly defensive and can’t take home truths about their children.
    Her juvenile attack on Romijn’s career when hers was a joke is incredible. How about comparing yourself to Rebecca since you both had to work in the old system.

  31. Harryg says:

    I really hate hashtags. Kendall has an annoying face. Bella has a whole new face, this freaks me out.

  32. Murphy says:

    Yolanda is the worst.

    Oh and Bella and Gigi and Kendall ARE NOT CHILDREN.

  33. nikkisixx says:

    Um have a Yankee stadium full of seats Yolanda. Kendall and Gigi get paid millions to take photos, travel the world, go to parties and work runways. There’s not even a strict diet they have to conform to simply because they were already popular before they decided to model. I’m sure no person would turn down the opportunity to work that “hard.” Kendall has one face for every photoshoot, and Gigi walks like shes concentrating on getting from point A to point B without overworking her brain. Also, considering Yolanda’s questionable career as being a “model” for rich arab clients, she shouldn’t be putting down someone else’s work. This lady is trying hard to be a Kris Jenner in the making.

  34. lola says:

    Looking at kendall and GIGI photos in comparison with RR, it is clear who’s the winner. modeling is not about perfect beauty or measurement only its about interesting models that not only capture the design with their body but with personality and Presence.

    To call Gigi or Kendall super models as most media do is really an insult to fashion industry.

    GIGI and Kendall might be very pretty or beautiful but they are so bland. MEH

    Proof is here within this article .. RR with an age of almost both of them combined her image eclipsed them immensely.

    They are Models of repeat until we believe .

    • claire says:

      I think Jourdan Dunn is one of the few who is inching towards that supermodel moniker. Put the Jenner girls or Gigi next to her and they look like basic mall models.

  35. perplexed says:

    Can social media models get out of bed for less than 10 000 dollars a day? If they can’t, I don’t know if they count as supermodels.

  36. Cat says:

    Calvin Klein (the designer) said he would not have picked Kendall Jenner to front his campaigns. Gave pretty much the same reasons as Rebecca did, also got a vibe that he really doesn’t care for that family (shocking, right). Vogue creative director (former model herself) said that Gigi and Kendall’s fame annoyed her initially but she finds them to be quite good at modeling. But for Yolanda to say ”no parents involved” is simply laughable, oh and so ironic in this case.

  37. Joh says:

    Gigi has gone very far with very little
    She is A very very lucky gir.
    We were just discussing this topic using the guy shooting Burberry ads on his cell phone because of his social media presence (Victoria Beckems son?)
    Trained talented photos can not find work but kids of the 1% can?

  38. caitlinK says:

    Yolanda has a severe allergy to the truth and a gaping, insatiable need for attention. She claims she has “Chronic Lyme disease” (a disease which does not officially exist) and that her two younger children suffer from it, as well—though she always gives a different date of diagnosis, and claims that one of the symptoms is frequently “losing 60% of my brain.” She also repeatedly suffers from “brain swelling” due to Lyme, according to Yolanda–a serious medical condition which requires brain surgery, in reality, but just long naps to be alleviated for Yolanda (somehow.) She has not “done been able to do anything” (including reading, writing, driving, and even walking) for 3 whole years (or wait, for 4?) EXCEPT (magically) when she is filming the Real Housewives. Then she can write blogs, post selfies, bike around Amsterdam and vigorously jog around Beverly Hills–as well as jet off to New York and other countries to watch her children model and help them settle into million dollar apartments. She’s just an outright pathological liar and complete attention whore. For her to put down Rebecca and her impressive career in her combative lie about her children having reached where they are purely due to “hard work” shows just what a bitter, mean spirited and delusional woman Yolanda is. Rebecca’s 100% right, and Yolanda cannot cope w the truth–any truth.

    • Tourmaline says:

      Amen. Yolanda is a total piece of work and a pathological liar, and all I can say is that David Foster must be SO relieved that he is out of her life. Plus she has put her two younger children on the Munchausen by proxy plan and is shoving substances of unknown provenance down their throats, and into their veins, due to their completely fictitious “Chronic Lyme”. For the daughter who is not Gigi and does not have Gigi-level success, it is a convenient excuse for a host of behaviors including driving drunk.

      Team Rebecca all da way

      • Caz says:

        Apparently Yolanda wanted a family reality show & David didn’t want to participate. The level of self promotion she is now doing is spectacularly desperate. Nepotism & delusions are strong with her. Team Rebecca too.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      @caitlink and Tourmaline
      I don’t like Yolanda, either, but that’s no reason for you to spread false information about chronic Lyme disease. It most certainly does “officially exist” as my husband has been treated for it for twenty years. It took a few very stupid doctors years to admit it existed because their egos wouldn’t allow them to admit they were wrong, in spite of the fact that hundreds of thousands of people were experiencing the same effects of returning symptoms after being “cured” of Lyme. It’s a terrible, debilitating illness and not only do victims of it suffer from their symptoms, they suffer from cruel and ignorant people who know nothing about it claiming they are not even sick.

      • Tourmaline says:

        @GNAT –i was saying that Yolanda’s children’s chronic Lyme is completely fictitious. I was not taking a position that there is no such disease. But I don’t believe for one second that her kids have it. IMO it’s part of her crazed attention seeking pattern of behavior that she wants to portray them as ill.
        I think Yo does a disservice to anyone with Lyme with her ignorant proclamations.

      • Magnoliarose says:

        Progressive doctors take huge risks trying to bring this issue forward. It is very real and my deepest sympathies to your husband. To be told there is nothing wrong when you know something is, can be a nightmare. CL can destroy a person’s life and it should be recognized so no one suffers. Idk about Yolanda’s claims but when it’s true it’s horrible.

  39. Marianne says:

    I’m sure Gigi and Kendall do work hard….but theres no doubt that they got to where they are today because of connections.

  40. Emily says:

    Born on third and they think they hit a triple. I detest 2nd generation Hollywood.

  41. Daws says:

    Rebecca tweeted to Gigi and Kendall that she didn’t talk smack and thinks they’re beautiful and amazing…so, where is Yolanda’s apology? Yolanda tries to portray herself as this wholesome, wise person but there’s venom in them veins. Can’t stand her.

  42. Yoya says:

    I do think Gigi and Kendall are very mediocre, particulary Kendall. Being a supermodel used to mean there was something stunning about you. I’d even say that Bella has more of a supermodel quality than Gigi or Kendall do. And I don’t think Kendall would be a “supermodel” without Kim K – no way in hell.