Did Kristen Stewart break up with Soko & is K-Stew now seeing Stella Maxwell?


Kristen Stewart and Soko were together as of mid-to-late April. Soko and K-Stew heated up in February and March, and it was in March that we got a steady stream of Parisian and LA pap strolls, complete with hand-holding, kissing and loved-up shenanigans. It seemed strangely out of character for Kristen, but some of us thought that Soko’s hyper-emotive ways were perhaps breaking down Kristen’s perma-grumpiness. But then there were rumors of a break up, and then Kristen attended the Met Gala solo. Twitter was abuzz with rumors that Soko and K-Stew really were done. And now there are rumors that Kristen has already moved on with a hot model.

We love a new blossoming celebrity relationship, and if rumours are to be believed, we ought to get very excited about Kristen Stewart being spotted with Miley Cyrus’s ex-girlfriend Stella Maxwell. According to reports, Kristen and Stella partied together after the Met Gala on Monday night – and were spotted “leaving together”.

We’re not jumping to any conclusions here, we’re not even sure K-Stew is single. There have been reports that she and her girlfriend Soko have split, but we have zero clue.

The Met Gala would have been one majorly awkward event for K-Stew – let’s remember that her ex-fiancee was there with his new fiance, FKA twigs. Liberty Ross was also in attendance with her new husband – in 2012, Kristen was pictured snogging Liberty’s husband Rupert Sanders – while she was dating Rob.

[From Glamour]

I’m including some photos of Stella at the Met Gala below. She seems more like Leonardo DiCaprio’s type than Kristen Stewart’s type, if I’m being honest. Judging Kristen’s taste in women from Soko and Alicia Cargile, I would say that Kristen tends to go for “offbeat” ladies. Her type is “hipster.” Stella doesn’t seem like that at all. It’s more than possible Stella and Kristen are just friends. It’s also possible it was maybe just a one-time hookup. Who knows? But I do think that maybe Soko and K-Stew have already split.

Photos courtesy of Getty, WENN.

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  1. Cally says:

    No Kristen is with Alicia – there are pics of them out today. LOL she punked everyone!

  2. Woo Hoo says:

    KS is the real life version of Shane from “The L Word.”

  3. Yve says:

    Kristen looked like she was having great fun at the MET ball as per Willow Smith’s IG – she was hanging with Dakota Fanning, Zoe Kravitz, Lily Collins etc. The people who were wanting her to feel really awkward and scared must be so disappointed ^.^

    • Lex says:

      I don’t think anyone WANTED her to feel awkward, just that there would be a great chance she would feel a bit weird at times. An ex fiancée and the ex wife of a man you cheated with would do that to you.

      That said, Stella may not look it, but on IG she is pretty hipster/off beat. So I could see them hooking up.

      • Yve says:

        LOL, plenty of people wanted her to run out of there crying!

        when she left with a VS model (in whatever capacity) i was like ‘yeah girl!’

  4. DutchBlue says:

    Kristen has always gone to the Met Gala solo. Need more evidence than, they were spotted “leaving together” to believe this one.

  5. madi says:

    As ridiculous as this rumour is – seen once together, they sure must be married already and planning to adopt the whole world- at least media is treating it like they would a heterosexual couple. Hilarious still.

    Whatever is going on in her private/love life, it doesn’t seem to bother her that much. She was having major fun with Dakota Fanning at MET, was absolutely delighted to be presenting Jodi yesterday. And she’s making her directorial debut later this year as a part of a really cool project.
    I want her life.
    She looked so beautiful yesterday, I’m very excited to see what she is going to wear at Cannes. There were several very cool dresses at Chanel cruise show.

  6. vicki says:

    Stella is SUPER hipster, but for work she goes all slick and VS glam.

  7. Patricia says:

    Hmmm… That woman is completely gorgeous. Not everyone has a “type” and also “types” are bendable for a woman like that.

    It was so so great to see KStew with a smile on at the Met Gala. It made me warm up to her so much.

  8. Brit says:

    Stella dated miley cyrus last year so this is totallt believable

  9. bmore says:

    Cute, breathless, and very fevered show of support from her fans in this thread. Well done. Uh we get it, she had a blast in spite of Rob and his fiance Twigs being at the Met Ball as well. She hung with all the cool kids to show just how unaffected she is. At least that’s what it seems like some want us to believe. Who knows if true. Weird how one barely discernible smirk on the met steps has translated to Stewart being the life of the party at the Met. Lol

    As for her new rumored date. I kinda believe this. Hate to sound shallow, but she’s (supermodel) more in keeping with her previous beautiful partner (Pattinson) . Hope Cargill wasn’t just lady practice for her.

    • Yve says:

      3 years isn’t ‘lady practice’ – it’s not that hard to learn. Jeez!

      The bitterness reeks from your post. Kristen is done with the slut-shaming. Are you?

      She’s happy where she is – having fun and having flings. Getting in long term relationships from the time she was 16 doesn’t always end well. It’s a rarity. I kind of wish she’d stay single for a while but it’s her life.

      • Anname says:

        I agree that she seems to want to date around, and there is nothing wrong with that. The problem is that Kristen seems to overlap relationships or flings or whatever you want to call them. Soko posted “I hate cheaters”, and she and Kristen haven’t been seen together since. It’s not slut shaming to recognize that repeated cheating is wrong.

      • Div says:

        Soko and KStew dated for at the most two months and she posted that on SC a few weeks after they were rumored to break up and before the MetBall and right around when Lemonade came out. Before that Soko also posted on SC something about how she wanted to f*ck a man who she thought was cute. I know y’all like to paint KStew as the big bad evil, but who was she supposed to have cheated with and do you really think someone is exclusive after five or six weeks…especially when Soko was posting about wanting to f*ck other people? Not to mention it could be about anything or anyone, from Beyonce’s Lemonade which literally just came out when that was posted to admittedly KStew to something else. Repeated cheating is wrong, but automatically assuming KStew or Sienna or whoever must always be doing some great wrong because of their past is kind of messed up.

      • Anname says:

        I don’t know, I think Kristen has a distinct pattern. She overlapped Michael A and Rob, and then Rob and Alicia (with some Rupert Sanders in there too). Then she has a thing with Soko, who posted the entire thing on Snapchat. Soko claimed she loved Kristen in an interview and wasn’t interested in meeting other people at that point. She later posts “I hate cheaters” and suddenly she and Kristen aren’t together anymore. It’s not really a giant leap to put the two together. You don’t have to find Kristen evil to see that she seems to find a new guy/girl before she is done with the other.

      • Yve says:

        Who says Rob and Alicia overlapped? There is no proof of that whatsoever and if there is then please show it.

        Yeah, Soko posted that she was in love – Kristen did not. Seems to me Kristen finally had enough of the attention seeking/weirdness from Soko. It was just a fun fling for her as she had just got out of a LTR with Alicia.

        And if Soko ‘hates cheaters’ that much then why was she professing her live for Kristen 5 minutes after hooking up with her? Suddenly she’s gonna judge her for her past because she’s butthurt – whatever, fk that!

        Anyway, it’s highly likely that Kristen is back with Alicia now so obviously there was no ‘cheating’ with Soko.

      • Div says:

        Uh, there never were rumors about her and Alicia overlapping either with RPattz and the whole RPattz thing always reeked of PR anyway.

        You may not think it’s a big leap, but come on…you really think a girl who talks about wanting to f*ck other people on SC was in some super exclusive relationship after only dating for a five or six weeks? That seems far less likely to me than a reference to Lemonade considering the timing… Not to mention, as someone posted below on the gay/bi gossip blogs it seemed like they broke up during Coachella……. If you’re familiar with her interview history, Soko also mentions being in love all the time with different people…so again that honestly doesn’t add much. Not every relationship is some serious exclusive monogamous thing. It honestly seemed like a quick fling with some PR benefits… PR for Soko since her album just came out in the US when they started dating.

        Maybe they had a nasty break up despite only dating for a nanosecond, so she’s shading KStew’s past, maybe she was posting about Lemonade (which frankly seemed the most likely since she posted it right after Lemonade came out and every musician on earth was referencing it), maybe she’s talking about something entirely different, but KStew stepping out with some mystery girl or guy seems unlikely (especially considering how it almost wrecked her career in the past).

      • Yve says:

        If Rob and Kristen wee PR then they did a dreadful job of it – they never walked a red carpet together, they never PDA’d like most couples do, they never talked about each other … you do understand what PR is, don’t you?

  10. LadyWish says:

    “let’s remember that her ex-fiancé was there with his new fiancée, FKA twigs”
    Fixed it for you, Glamour.
    I have nothing to say about Kristen and her love life (other than that Stella Maxwell is gorgeous). I just hate it when people don’t get “fiancé” and “fiancée” right.

    • madi says:

      Did I miss something? I don’t think Kristen was engaged to anyone yet…

    • madi says:

      Never mind, I got it now, engaged as in according to tabloids. Always wondered where social services were watching, because according to the said tabloids, Kristen was pregnant so many times before she was of legal age, they sure must have paid her a visit or two to check on the babies. LOL.

  11. haley says:

    Ummm interesting. I think the point of this one is Kstew is making the rounds. We kept hearing this endless Soko love social media parade with paps and her IG and SC… then nothing. Then Stella or Alicia… She’s making the rounds as they say. As for Met, why would there by a prob for any of the twilight cast to be there. You barely saw Kstew in pics but people made too big of a deal that there would be drama. Looks like everyone had a blast.

  12. Div says:

    Stella is gorgeous but doesn’t seem Kristen’s type at all. That said, she is so beautiful she may “transcend” someone’s type. However, I don’t really buy this and are there even pics of them hanging out? It seems like the tabs went “two single bi girls/lesbians were in the same vicinity, they must have something going on!” At least that’s how they treat a lot of heterosexual celebrities too, so progress?

    I definitely think she and Soko broke up last month. Their relationship did seem really out of character, and Soko adores attention and KStew does not. I sort of think it was encouraged by their publicists perhaps, since Soko had an album come out in the US right when they started dating and while Soko has multiple films at Cannes, etc. she’s never crossed over to the states.

    • madi says:

      Please not again with this publicity nonsense.
      About types – the only type so far is that she has no type. Imo judging by her previous relationships.

      • Yve says:

        I can’t believe people actually believe Kristen and Rob were just for PR – like they literally lived together, spent holidays together, got dogs together, were seen at hotel resorts just the two of them… People get so wrapped up in conspiracy theories that they forget that celebs are just people – a crazy successful franchise does not need the 2 stars to date. They weren’t together when the first Twilight started the whole craziness. The PR thing is just so stupid and i honestly think most people who shout about it are rpattz fans who refuse to accept he was with her for 4 years.

    • Starkiller says:

      I frequently see this Stella person described as if she was Helen of Troy. What am I missing? Of course she’s attractive, but she’s attractive in a pretty basic way IMO. Girls who look like this are a dime a dozen in my city.

  13. GoSsip says:

    I’m pretty sure KStew and Soko broke up during Coachella weekend 1- Soko was crying on her snapchat and posting sad lyrics on Instagram about everyone being alone. I hope this Stella Maxwell rumor is true- she is gorgeous and she and KStew would be one beautiful couple! Although I think Kstew and Alicia are still on and off. When the Kstew/Soko pics first came out Alicia posted “Wrecking ball, I get it”. Ahhh the young hipster lesbian love drama!

    • Yve says:

      I think Alicia is good for Kristen. She stays out of the limelight and had her own job, she’s not benefiting from dating K career wise (Soko gained like 60k followers since she hooked up with K – it’s crazy). And she didn’t cling to K in pap pics like Soko did. That girl is so thirsty, the sex must have been very good for Kristen to be blind to how thirsty she was.

      Kristen works a lot though – it must be hard to hold down a relationship. She’s probably better off staying single or just not getting serious with anyone.

  14. abby says:

    god you kristen stewart fans are SO annoying!!! this is not a fansite for her. this is celebitchy. we like to bitch about celebs. and everytime there is some drama about her, her creepy fans show up everywhere and write those embarrassing essays about how great kristen is and what she is doing and bla bla. no not everyone likes. no not everyone thinks she is great or pretty or nice. deal with it! if you can’t stay on your fansites. and yes kristen is known to be messy. she does jump from one relationship to the next. she is a cheater and she says horrendously stupid and offensive things in interviews. so if we want to bitch about her on celebitchy we can!

  15. drnotknowitall says:

    I’m just glad she broke up with Soko. That woman is so clingy and needy.