Kirsten Dunst in floral Gucci at Cannes’ opening night: fabulous or too flowery?


Kirsten Dunst is a member of this year’s Cannes Film Festival jury, and if her first few looks are any indication, we might be in for a historic fashion run from Kiki. After stunning in her custom-made Dior (in butter yellow) at the photocall yesterday, Dunst wore this striking Gucci gown at the opening night premiere of Café Society. On another woman, I probably would have hated this. I mean, the dress is basically just a series of giant applique flowers. But on Kiki, it really works.



Here’s a good example of how a floral print can go wrong: this is Frederique Bel and she’s wearing Zuhair Murad Resort 2016. I get the concept of the dress, but at the end of the day, the flowers look too harsh and cartoony.


Naomi Watts in Armani Privé, with a bold, multi-gem statement necklace. I really like the lilac shade on Naomi, and while I will defend her right to wear a colorful and rich-looking necklace, does anyone else think the dress would have been better served with a simple white-diamond necklace?



Susan Sarandon in Saint Laurent. The suit is fine, but I HATE the buttoned-up look on men and women. The only reason to button the top button is if you’re wearing a tie.


For those of you obsessed with Li Bingbing, here she is in Stephane Rolland Couture.

Bonus Mads Mikkelsen! He’s on the jury too. He looks hot in this photo.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, Getty, Pacific Coast News and WENN.

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  1. Locke Lamora says:

    I love Susan’s look. And I LOVE the buttoned up look. Especially on women. And women in men’s suits always look cool.
    Kiki’s dress is ugly.
    Naomi would look better without a necklace, but the dress is too juvenile anyway. It would look good on Kiernan Shipka or someine that age.

    • tegteg says:

      Sarandon looks like a BOSS. She is wearing the hell out of that suit.

    • Kitten says:

      Yes I LOVE Naomi’s dress but the necklace is just too much. She’s so freaking beautiful though.

      I don’t mind Kiki’s dress. Not my style at all but somehow it works on her.

      • Taxi says:

        I prefer colored stones. Big diamond necklaces are too formal for anything but black tie evening, unless you inherited it from a titled ancestor.

  2. Marny says:

    Kirsten’s makeup is too heavy, in my opinion. Sarandon looks killer

  3. Jacqueline says:

    It looks like Dunst has been shot multiple times. The flowers look like wounds. Nope, nope, nope.

  4. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Hmm. When I saw the headline or tag line or whatever it’s called, I couldn’t wait to see the dress because you almost can’t get “too flowery” for me, but I don’t love this dress so much. I almost do, but don’t. She got it so perfect yesterday, though.

    I cannot stand women in men’s suits like Susan Sarandon, good God people have been doing that for as long as I can remember, thinking its new and cool and it just looks so dumb.

  5. Lucy2 says:

    Kirsten’s looks like something Cate Blanchett would wear- I think she makes it work.
    Don’t care for the other floral but the rest look fine.

  6. teatimeiscoming says:

    Mads looks fantastic, and Kirsten is doing the dresses right in these recent photos.

    • tiny martian says:

      Love Mads!

      And normally I would hate the dress Kirsten is wearing, but I think she looks absolutely fabulous here. Mature, elegant, polished, but still with that quirky Kiki vibe. Mind you, I kind of love the other floral dress as well, there’s a kitschy Mexican folk art feel to it that I appreciate. And I think Naomi looks gorgeous, as she frequently does, but think a plain diamond necklace would have been too predictable, so I’m happy with the purple. That’s all I’ve got!

  7. bgea says:

    Re: Suit Jackets – One would never button the bottom and not the top button. It is the bottom button that one leaves unbuttoned (unless it’s a double-breasted suit).

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      There’s a little saying if you have three single buttons – middle ever, bottom whether, top never, or something like that? Meaning you always button the middle, never the top and the bottom depends.

  8. Megan says:

    Why is Kiki wearing my mom’s nightgown?

  9. Aiobhan says:

    I find the new designer at Gucci to be hit or miss but this dress fits well and looks lovely against her skin.

    I like that Kirsten is getting more work. I remember when they were trying to make her the next big thing back in the early 00s and it was annoying. She has blossomed into a fine actress. Peggy and Hanzee where the best parts of season 2 of Fargo.

    • teacakes says:

      I know, I was super irritated by her circa Spiderman but my irritation was totally dispelled by the memory of The Virgin Suicides (and also, surprisingly, by her performance in the otherwise-maudlin Mona Lisa Smile – forgettable movie, but she was far from).

      I’ve been a fan ever since, and I’m so happy to see her getting the critical plaudits now.

      • tiny martian says:

        My sentiments exactly, teacakes. Plus, I thought she was absolutely fantastic in Melancholia as well.

        Kirsten’s definitely got the chops, she proved that way back when she was a little girl in that “Interview With a Vampire” movie, where she outacted both Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt by a mile. So nice to see her receiving some respect!

      • teacakes says:

        @tiny martian – she’s that rare actress who is equally good at comedy and drama – her teen comedies like Drop Dead Gorgeous, Bring It On etc, hold up amazingly well even today.

        And those were roles that needed her to be blond and perky so she could so easily have come off as vapid, but somehow she just doesn’t – there’s a warmth and believability to her that just lifts those movies to their full potential.

    • Taxi says:

      I loved Kiki in Cat’s Meow, with Edward Hermann, supposedly based on a real incident with Marion Davies & William Randolph Hearst.

  10. CornyBlue says:

    This looks absolutely lovely. I am so glad Kiki is one of the few child actors who could successfully transition

    • teacakes says:

      Weirdly, child actors who DON’T get their big break in kiddy material seem to turn out a-ok. Kiki, Natalie Portman, Scarjo, SMG…. all thriving as adults.

      They may be occasionally annoying but they don’t come off as damaged by early exposure to Hollywood.

  11. jess1632 says:

    That Mads M. guy looks like he needs a cloth or something. He always looks so sweaty to me which is a major turn off-just bring some wipes Mads

  12. Jayna says:

    Kirsten’s gown looks too old for her, the style of it.

    Li is breathtaking in her black-and-white gown on the red carpet

  13. Zapp Brannigan says:

    Mads looks like he is overheating, maybe takings his pants off would help.

  14. Christina says:

    i love it – she looks elegant.

  15. Kristen says:

    Kirsten Dunst can do no wrong for me. Love her.

    Naomi’s dress and necklace are both pretty, but too matchy-matchy to be worn together, IMO.

  16. Josefina says:

    Naomi’s dress reminds me of Rugrats. I can’t decide if I hate or love what Kirsten is wearing.

  17. littlemissnaughty says:

    I love every single outfit here and that yellow dress Kiki wore yesterday? I died a little it was so gorgeous.

    • tiny martian says:

      Oh yes, I agree. That yellow dress was to die for! It was like something Grace Kelly would have worn back during her Hitchcock days.

      • byland says:

        That’s exactly what I thought of when I saw it, too. The silhouette was straight out of Rear Window or To Catch a Thief.

      • teacakes says:

        She has the perfect figure for dresses like that one. It was pure Hitchcock heroine.

  18. D says:

    Mads Mikkelsen looks good enough to eat 😉

  19. QQ says:

    the YASSSSSSSSSSSSS hiss I just had here behind Li Bing bing MAMA LIIIVES!! The Asian Ladies bring the dresses harrrd!

    Actually I Love Susan Sarandon entire look and Kiki’s dress

    • byland says:

      Li Bing Bing’s gown fulfills the part of me that adheres to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ belief that wearing white and black is incorrect. It should be black and white, as in black on top, white on bottom. She thought, and I agree, that wearing white on top and black on bottom made women look like waitresses. Flip it and it’s chic.

      Also, I love the sleek top with the folded collar (I almost always love a dramatic collar) with the beautiful, large, flowing skirt. The styling helps too, as it doesn’t distract from how beautiful the gown and her face are.

  20. Grant says:

    Kirsten’s dress is hideous. Much prefer Frederique Bel’s.

  21. JenniferJustice says:

    I guess I’m in the minority, but I like KiKi’s dress. Even though the flowers are a bit much, the dress looks good on her.

    I don’t think Susan Serandon looks good in that suit. It’s blande it’s been way played. I also tend to feel Diane Keaton slayed this style and it’s her’s and her’s alone. Anybody else doing it is a copy cat.

    I like that Murad dress even with the cartoonish flowers. The cut is beautiful and perfect. Maybe not red flowers on black background but more subtle colors would have been better.

    Naomi is my girl crush. She can do no wrong.

  22. teacakes says:

    Kiki’s dress is A++++, DAMN the woman knows how to dress! It could look ridiculous on anyone else but somehow on her it’s both unconventional and romantic.

    Say what you will about her, she’s never basic on the red carpet. And she knows how to bring it.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I do agree that she pulls the dress off, though it’s not my favorite, but I just about fell over yesterday – that yellow dress. So beautiful.

  23. We Are All Made Of Stars says:

    I like the Frederica lady’s dress. Just take it in as a whole instead of looking at all the individual pieces. Anybody else or just me?

  24. Eveil says:

    Prefer her in the yellow dress. The large flowers are rather hideous. Agree that Li’s dress looked fabulous. Loved it.

  25. KiddVicious says:

    I like all of the outfits. And I like that Susan is wearing flats. At Caanes. Isn’t that a no-no?

    While I like Frederique Bel’s dress, I think it would look better short. Cut a few feet, and the flowers, off the bottom.

  26. Pants says:

    If you cut the sleeves of Kirsten’s dress, I think it would be phenomenal.

  27. Magnoliarose says:

    I want to like Kirsten’s dress more than I do but I feel it needs a more statuesque person. Still she mixes it up and I like that. Nothing boring here. That flower tragedy dress on the other woman is not good. Naomi looks great but that’s the wrong necklace.

    • teacakes says:

      I actually feel like that dress makes Kirsten look taller, which is funny because I know she’s short.

  28. Tig says:

    I would have liked Kiki’s dress more if the flowers were left off the bottom of the dress- but love the color.
    I loved that necklace on Naomi- c’mon, if you don’t bling out at Cannes, what’s the point?

  29. Ari says:

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS MADS been following this all week its amazing that he is over there and its been pictures galore lfasdjfkaljal

  30. Minxx says:

    It’s a demanding dress and Kiki ss wearing the hell out of it. So far, she’s knocking it out of the park in Cannes – the yellow dress was fabulous too. Susan looks great, I like Naomi’s colourful necklace, it brings some fun to a rather basic lavender gown. And Mads.. sigh.. he can do no wrong. He can even sweat a bit. 😉

    • Alarmjaguar says:

      I really love the way the flowers are sparkling in the second shot – I bet it looked beautiful in motion!

  31. SM says:

    I am only here for Mads. Yes!!!!

  32. Kate says:

    Kiki looks amazing lately. She looks happy and confident. Those are the best accessories.

  33. Anare says:

    Kirsten Dunst looks fabulous in that gown. Love it! Love her hair and make up too. Perfection.

  34. what's inside says:

    Li looks like a Queen, the rest not so much. Mads looks like he needs a shower and a different tailor.

  35. jammypants says:

    Kiki is gorgeous.

  36. The rat McGee says:

    detracts from her good looks – far too busy a dress.