Justin Bieber is touring and ‘already feels beat’ but ‘he’s not losing it’


Justin Bieber is tired, everyone. Like really tired. After all, it’s fairly exhausting being a zoo animal. That is why he has cut off his human interaction and is wandering off into the wilderness. After halting fan meet and greets and no longer taking photos with fans, people are starting to speculate about his well-being. This concern was given fuel when he took a barefoot lap around Boston and perched in in a tree in the same park the very next day. Sources close to Bieber say we need not worry, it’s just fatigue.

Justin Bieber’s antics have long been a source of tabloid fodder, but the “Sorry” singer’s recent erratic behavior has had many wondering: Is he okay?

Despite rumors that he is heading toward a public meltdown, a source says in the new issue of PEOPLE that the Canadian star is simply feeling the effects of a grueling tour schedule.

“Two months into it, and he already feels beat,” says the source. “He’s not losing it, though. He’s just trying to find ways to focus.”

And while a new facial tattoo (a tiny cross under his eye) and conduct on a trip to Boston last week continued to fuel speculation on his health (he was photographed walking barefoot through a park and outside his hotel one day then was later spotted sitting in a tree), the source insists he turns to nature as a source of respite.

“Visiting parks and meditating calms him,” says the source.

Contrary to a report that the tour is in jeopardy, a rep for Bieber calls the rumor “bulls—,” adding of the singer: “He’s totally fine.”

[From People]

As much as we joke, Bieber could actually be struggling. A mother who attended one of his Boston concerts told People, “He was in a glass box onstage. He was literally in a glass case of emotion. He didn’t even try. At one point he just stopped singing all together.” But at the same time, Bieber has spiraled before only to get baptized or pull out another mea culpa and everything is fine. His Purpose album is doing well and even garnered mild praise from Eric Clapton. He won his first Grammy. He’s showing up to concerts on time. Maybe he needs to take a break for a bit, but he’s scheduled through August.

I do like the returning to nature angle his mouthpiece is trying to put on this, though. When I seek out nature to soothe my mind, I drive to the ocean or hike into the hills; I don’t straddle a limb in the Boston Public Garden with headphones.

Beiber recently posted two photos of Ryan Gosling to Instagram, captioning them: “What a Beast.” Maybe he’s looking for a new role model?

Barclays night 2. #mycalvins @calvinklein

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  1. CidySmiley says:

    On one hand I feel bad for him, because being under that intense scrutiny for do long can’t be good for your mental health. But on the the hand… he invites that…

    • easi says:

      I legit want to know who his fan base is. I really don’t understand his appeal anymore.. His totally going to spiral more. If feel bad, but remember the monkey.

      • Birdix says:

        I recently saw a photo of more than a dozen of my kid’s classmates (middle schoolers) at one of his concerts. Surprising to me, because these are the “cool kids” and yet they looked really excited to be there, had dressed up, etc. so maybe 10-14 yr olds?

      • Apsutter says:

        I have an embarrassing admission here. I’m 30 and have always HAAAAAATED Bieber. He’s such a little jerk but then the last couple songs came out and I couldn’t help but like them. Sorry is catchy and then I saw the trilogy of videos he had starting with Love Yourself and I couldn’t help but love it. Cut to me going out with some ex-student employees(college age) getting a little too tipsy and yelling that ‘it’s 2016 and I freaking love biebs’ sad but true and also hilarious

      • Birdix says:

        ha! hilarious, Apsutter.

      • Myrna says:

        I’m older than you and am hooked on his 3 new songs!
        I didn’t know who was singing, but “What Do You Mean?” plays on the radio every morning on my way to work and I love it.
        And then I heard “Love Yourself” and “Sorry” and I love them, too!
        What is happening to me?

        On a more serious note…
        I feel for this kid, too.
        But he has acted like a douche more than once, so easy not to root for him.

        Of course I have no idea, but it’s got to be related to Selena.
        After all, many of his new songs – the 3 above included – are about her, no?
        And we all remember young love…the intensity…and when it goes south, it’s easy to lose yourself.

  2. NewWester says:

    Justin will announce he is taking a “break” from his career at the end of this tour(if he completes it) or by year’s end. He is saying all the right things to prepare his fans that he will be stepping away from the spotlight. Something is going whether it is substance abuse or just burnt out

  3. Wha? says:

    I’ve always hard a soft spot for Justin. People have been far too harsh. I did far worse offenses at that age and didn’t have the entire world watching and judging behind their keyboards. Everything he has done has seemed like pretty standard coming of age behavior. Some of the comments here lead me believe that 1) must people here are nerds or bookworms that didn’t have much of a social life during that time or any time in their lives or 2) simply forgot what it was like to be a 19-21 year old. Let alone the fact that he was a child star and has been treated like a commodity from a young age. Leave Justin alone! Lol. Seriously though, he is a human with feelings just like the rest of us. Come down from that high horse.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I was not a nerd, though I do love to read, so I’m probably not cool by your standards. I had lots of friends, boyfriends and a very active social life. We did things we weren’t supposed to do. But I never peed in a bucket and made the kitchen staff clean it up, or abused my pets, or ridiculed young women for being fat, or had to be physically carried to my car like a four year old because I was having a temper tantrum, or called Ann Frank a “great gal who would have been a Beibler,” or any of the other bratty things he has done at far too old an age. If you think being unkind, selfish and immature is standard, you’re just wrong. I don’t know any teenagers who act the way he does. Everybody makes mistakes, especially when they’re young. But by the teenage years, you should have a foundation of character that prevents you from repeatedly belittling others and acting out in a manner more suitable to a toddler than a teenager. He deserves the criticism he gets, and if you were worse than he is, so do you.

      • Tulip says:

        Every generation has to find a new way to rebel and thoroughly piss off and be repulsive to its parents (or older). What works in 1990 won’t work now. So maybe Wha? is just adjusting for inflation.

        I don’t think Wha? was attacking you personally. Bookworms are like any other group-they know their own social circle but are at risk for being closed off to other people’s viewpoint and experience of the world.

    • Chaucer says:

      I’ve always felt bad for him. He’s definitely a dbag, but I think he’s a product of his environment. If we flip it and say Justin was a woman, people generally would feel more compassion, I think. He reached a really high level fame at a really young age, he’s obviously being taken advantage of by his manager, his parents are super weird and MIA, his friends suck. I think we all sit back and wag our fingers about how he should know better, but he was never taught better. Boys mature at a much older age than girls do, and he’s still so young.

      Granted, he’s had a lot of people try to point out his mistakes, so while I’m sure he’s aware of it, he probably hasn’t realized the implications of his actions since he’s so far removed from anything normal.

      I used to really dislike him, but I’ve spent some time thinking about it and I just feel so bad for the kid. He’s never going to have the chance to be normal. I sincerely hope he seeks out a therapist and learns to cope, and gets rid of his team.

    • Birdix says:

      You may have a point–I posted above that my (nerdy, bookworm) kid isn’t into Bieber but the “cool” kids at her school are. That said, I was pretty wild in my teens and 20s (and remember it fondly), but still cringe at his antics. generational too, I guess.

  4. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I don’t like him at all, but if you think about it, he has never known anything but being famous and in demand. He’s probably tired of it, but under pressure to keep in there and stay relevant to the music industry whether he likes it or not. I hope he does take a break for all of our sakes, including his.

  5. Jean Grey says:

    Wasn’t Britney walking around barefoot right before her breakdown? Seems like foreshadowing to me.

  6. Donna Martin says:

    I don’t know you guys, I’m starting to get Britney Spears vibes from him. Days before the doom. Hopefully there’s someone advocating for his well being and not $$

    • Miss M says:

      I thought that too. If he is just burn out, take a hiatus. If it is substance abuse, seek treatment. And if it is mental health issues, he really needs to take care of himself now!

  7. Kate says:

    Isn’t this the curse of child stardom? You never get the chance to form an identity separate of being famous. Now he’s become an adult and his identity crisis is playing out in public. We’ve seen it many many times. I would also imagine that it would be really hard to give up the lifestyle attached to the fame even if you hate the rest of it.
    I hate making excuses for bad behavior but he seems like a little boy very lost.

    • Apsutter says:

      At this point the whole childhood curse thing is so suspect to me. For every crazy ex child star there are many that turned out perfectly fine. Basically all of the Harry Potter cast, wonder years cast, NPH, Ron Howard, That 70s show(minus scientologists), Joseph Gordon Levitt, Leo Dicaprio, Elizabeth Moss and Vincent Kartheiser, Fanning sisters, Christina applegate, Johnny Galecki and Sarah Gilbert, SJP, Dawson’s Michelle Williams, Ryan Gosling…etc etc etc.

      Not saying that the pressure cooker is the best place for kids but I’m sick of people acting like because someone was a child actor they’re doomed to a life of tragedy. It’s pretty clear that the child actors that have loving supporting families with and excellent support system usually turn out to be decent human beings that succeed. But that’s exactly how it is in the real world. Kids with a good supportive system that aren’t manipulated by the adults in their lives have the best chance of a successful life.

  8. laura says:

    While I don’t agree with many of his actions over the years, I hope he is saying these things from a sound place of mind and that people respect it. As others have said, he’s a child star, all he has known is fame. I hope this is just him wanting to take a step back and that the erratic behaviour isn’t a sign of something serious. If he just wants a break I hope people respect that. Ps I am not a belieber!

  9. Nicole says:

    I go back and forth feeling sorry for him. On one hand growing up in the spotlight and suddenly being the bread winner of your family must be rough. On the other hand he’s fortunate and has done some crappy things these last few years. Cancelling meets that people paid two grand for was terrible. Vandalism, giving neighbors grief, drag racing are all things that turned me off. And some point he has to grow up and stop being babied.

    And he needs to stop hanging out with his dad. Dude didn’t even want to raise you but now that he’s got millions it’s cool. Like no

  10. Skins says:

    I hate to say this, but I kind of agree with Clapton. His latest album is pretty good. The dude is talented, no doubt. But I think he is just being overwhelmed by the fame and adoration.

  11. Snowflake says:

    Poor, wittle baby, do you need a nap? Maybe a bottle of sizzup to stop your crying?

    Can’t stand this dbag

  12. Liz says:

    I am sick of the management for artists such as Britney, Justin Bieber, Chirs Brown ,etc., raking in money for subpar performances. They use the publics sympathy to shamelessly make money off them. Britney is a shell of the performer she once was. Peopke still pay to see her so there’s no incentive to improve. Justin Bieber needs a physical and mental break. Chris Brown sounds out of breath when he’s singing. He can’t even do choreography like he used to. People need to stop rewarding mediocre output. I used to be very supportive of Britbey but I now feel that she and her management take advantage of the public.

    • Apsutter says:

      Taking advantage of? Trust me, everyone that is going to see Britney perform knows at least some of what’s going on with her. And her performances have actually been getting better shockingly. And if you pay to see Chris Brown I have no sympathy for you. Even his fans know he’s crap now(crappy dancing, cancelling shows, showing up late etc)

  13. Pandy says:

    Public meltdown approaching! I’m making popcorn.

  14. Lbliss says:

    I think it’s common knowledge how child stars could turn out, as there are several examples to be aware of. If you are willing to put yourself in those conditions, you also should know the risks. You can’t have all the good with none of the bad. I don’t feel sorry for him. He wanted the fame and he got it, now he has to pull up his big boy pants and commit to it until the end of the tour.

    • Zip says:

      He was a young child when they started to make him famous. He never knew anything else and was never taught different. If it was you then you would not have turned out any different.
      I really don’t get these double standards on here. For some things an 17-year-old is considered a child and gets all the sympathy while for other things a then-13-year-old kid is already made responsible for his later fate as a former childstar. At that age he should have been protected from all of that.

  15. UCatwoman says:

    It would be nice if the managers, handlers, etc took the responsibility to provide their young cash cows with mental health services while they are growing up in the spotlight. They could gain a proper perspective of right and wrong and learn the tools that would help them cope while living in the spotlight. Off topic, but I really wish people on this site would learn to agree to disagree with other posters without attacking them. A difference of opinion does not necessarily indicate a lack of intelligence.

    • Lynnie says:

      But with those mental health services could come the realization that maybe they (the stars) don’t need their manager/entourage and we can’t have that!


  16. Iridescent says:

    He should not be on tour right now. He is coasting by because of his rabid fan base, in whose eyes he can do no wrong.

    Take a look at the Ticketmaster reviews. Yes, you will see a preponderance of hyperventilating fangirl reviews, but you will also see some very negative and candid reviews about what’s really going on at his concerts. He’s barely managing to phone it in.

    I looked at the reviews because I wanted to get some clue as to what could’ve led him to fire a keyboard player in his band mid-tour (about 2 weeks ago — his name is Nolan Frank). I don’t know Nolan personally, but I know of him through other acquaintances. He is a fantastic musician, and this was an opportunity of a lifetime for a him. I believe it must’ve crushed him to have to leave the tour.

    I came to the conclusion it was probably because he was too energetic and enthusiastic, and Justin (or his management) saw him as a threat. He was lip syncing better than Justin, for one thing. 😉 I guess it was a hard lesson learned (i.e., never do anything that might be perceived as upstaging the artist). But it has definitely has made me feel an intense dislike for Justin, whereas I didn’t really have much of an opinion of him one way or the other before.

  17. Ally McBeal says:

    There’s a great book called the Love Song of Jonny Valentine, which is basically literary fiction from the perspective of an eleven-year-old Bieber surrogate. It is a terrific book, and just made my heart break for the lead character. Now, whenever I see stories like these about Justin Bieber, I think of Jonny Valentine and it makes me slightly more sympathetic to him. I just think that he’s under great stress and has never been well-parented. Does that forgive his bad behavior? No – but it might explain it a little bit.

  18. Bella says:

    I unabashedly love Justin. I’m Canadian and my son is the exact same age and I cannot, NOT, feel for him. I took both my kids to see him on his first tour, he has talent but the tough business would grind any young adult down. As a Mama, I want to see him survive and succed in life.

  19. Erica_V says:

    There are far bigger stars doing much more grueling sets for a much longer stretch of tour time. If you don’t want to tour for so long, it’s easy – don’t agree to tour for so long.

    But of course that would mean a smaller paycheck…

  20. Miss Beca says:

    He needs to lie down for a while. Literally and figuratively.

  21. Amanda G says:

    He finally got his career on track and earned a small amount of respect for his new music and he’s going to piss it all away again by acting dumb. Take 5 years off and grow up. You certainly have enough money Biebs.